Michelle Obama Gotta Big Ol' Butt (Oh, Yeah!!)

0 Posted by - July 6, 2008 - Funny/Humor

Feminist be damned, I’ma speak the truth on this one: Obama’s baby (mama) got back. (Yup, I said it and I meant it.) I peeped it from the corner of my eye a long time ago during one of the early debates/conventions, but I thought it was an illusion, a figment of my imagination.


“Nah, the potential next First Lady can’t be holdin’ like that,” I thought to myself. But then, during another Obama victory speech, I had another sighting. Michelle sauntered out and gave her boo a hug and I was like, “I tauwght I taw a booty, Barack.” Low and behold, “I did, I did.”

Sufferin suckatash, Mrs. Obama got her some lovely lady lumps in them pants suits. SMH. Go ‘head, Barack, I ain’t mad at ya.

Now I held my tongue on this topic for a while for fear of offending anyone and a backlash from the sisters, but you know what; what’s so wrong with the potential First Lady having a lil junk in the trunk? A lil cushion for the potential presidential pushin’ after a hard campaign?

(Even Stevie Wonder seen that!)

Absolutely nothing. Not a gotdamn thing at all. So I say hail to the chief and the thickness of his life partner. So the PRESIDENTIAL MILF AWARD 2008 goes to Michelle Obama:

Now let me cease and desist before the damn Secret Service shut my freshly minted blog down….

But fellas chime in on this one, don’t Michelle got a lil junk in her trunk?????

  • http://www.gangstarrgirl.com/ Soopa Starr

    No you didn’t. You a fool for this one, LOL. I can’t hate though, Mrs. Obama is type fly.

  • http://ketchums.blogspot.com/ Ketchums

    Wow, I didn’t even realize it. Good lookin’ out…

  • Kitty Hawk in ‘Extra Swank’


  • heywood jablowmee

    Now how about find us some pics showing some leg, panty line, oh and of course in a bikini or swinsuit… Michelle is F-ing HAWT!!! She totally smokes Cindy McSame with her old lady ass, outta the water.

  • http://stabz.blogspot.com aNON

    She’s a hot tamale for sure any1 saying she isn’t a straight up jealous!

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  • David

    Total doll. I’m a buttman and she can hang.

  • http://www.therexreport.com StephenRex

    What a fat ass.

  • Kristen

    LeAve the presidents wife alone.

  • greengringo2003

    Now, Dat’s an A$$ da size o’ Kansa$$ !!

  • one and done, 2012

    thats one big ol a$$. You could land Airforce 1 on that! Poor Bama probably gets his skinny ol a$$ swallowed up by that big fat a$$


    For a bitty, she’s a bit thick, but nothing crazy.

    I’ve seen thicker on smaller.

    If you’ve seen Jada Pinkett you know what I mean.

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  • jane blow

    The main thing to remember is our president has access to some thick ass booty! No stress allowed when you can hold on to those big buns! Michelle Obama isn’t Buffy or KiToy built, but she def’nitely has some junk in the trunk!

  • riley

    Stop it thats not funny

  • leon

    she has disgusting wide f…ing butt!

  • Bball

    Kristen I love michelles round ass. I like any woman with a round ass

  • yeah

    que buen trasero tiene michelle
    ojala que pongan mas fotos de su culo porque esta resabrosa

    y que chinge su madre barak

  • Osbro

    Lets cut to the chase. She has a big ol FAT butt!!

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  • matt hooper

    You men need to get out more. MaMaBama has a butt the size of a Smart Car. Her thighs look like a giant side of beef like Rocky use to beat in the movie. She has breasts like a rolled up tube sock. Yuck. She is lecturing kids about Snickers Bars ? You shittin’ me ?

  • Fahid-al-Khumah, Seattle

    Just because she’s a fat-ass, doesn’t mean she’s not a good person.  The only thing I don’t like about big-fat people is that they consume too much food, raising the cost of food for the rest of us.  Have a little respect for the first lady, will ya?