The 2008 Booty Olympics

Over the past two weeks we’ve all been captivated by the 2008 Summer Olympics. While everyone was clamoring over the historic gold medal run of USA swimmer Michael Phelps, who will go down as the greatest Olympian of all time—well, until someone breaks his record—I was captivated by a few other sports. Namely women’s volleyball, women’s track & field, women’s gymnastics, and women’s basketball, to name a few. These women all made great strides for their respective countries and sports that I take great note of, but I think they should also be honored for something else—bringing together some of the finest gluteus maximums the world has to offer. LOL.

Being that today is the final night of the Olympics I thought it right (well, amusing actually) to present the 2008 Booty Olympics and pay tribute to the primetime rumps worthy of gold, silver and bronze booty medals. DISCLAIMER: This is of course all in jest and not meant to take anything away from the many skilled ladies from all over the world or their achievements on the field/court/pool, but I am a guy at the end of the day and Booty Hawkin’* is in my blood. So without further ado I present some of the best international booty the world has to offer.


USA beach volleyball player Elaine Youngs has a respectable showing for this Bronze Booty Medal.

The Netherlands Merel Mooren rises to the occasion for this Bronze Booty Medal win.

Not much to see here, folks, Rachel won a Bronze Booty Medal by default.

The Serbian women’s indoor volleyball team could have snagged a Silver Booty Medal, but player #5 knocked them out of the competition with her weak showing. Better luck next time, ladies.

China’s Wang Fei gets a Bronze Booty Medal here. Why, some might ask. Call it home court advantage, I guess.


CLICK HERE for Silver Medal Winners…

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