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Hit it hard from the back….”

—R. Kelly, title track TP-2.com

Oh, that Robert. Only the incomparable R. Kelly could set off an album with such a bold and direct statement. Just six seconds into the first track no less. As direct and crass as that line may be, it’s always been the perfect theme music for any wild sexcade.

See, if I’m in the mood to put in some aggressive work in the bedroom, I gotta mess with my man R. Kelly. I’m sorry, TP-2.com in particular is a dangerous album to have on repeat in the company of a ready, willing and able female. Forget his pee-pee problems and underage dalliances for a moment (I know it’s hard for some but bare with me), the brother makes some good fuckin’ music. And I do mean fuckin’.

While Kellz sets the tone perfectly from the opening refrain (“Hit it hard from the back….”) I don’t even start this album from track one—I’ll save that for the finale when the CD comes back around on auto-repeat for that one. I always start TP-2.com off with track four, “The Greatest Sex.” That’s my own personal foreplay anthem right there. Not only is it a well-written ode to your perfect lover, as a late December Baby I take pride in Rob’s reference to a Capricorn being the one that will dwell inside of your walls and fish your body all night. All I gotta say is this album has some definite baby-making music on it and, in my humble opinion, no other Kellz album has matched up to those standards thus far. TP.3 Reloaded was atrocious, but I do have an advance copy of Kelly’s next album, 12 Play: 4th Quarter, and it’s a problem—and I mean that in a good way.

Now don’t think me a hardcore bedroom bully type, because that’s not my style on the regular but we all know we have those days, and those albums, that you just wanna do the do raw and uncut. So that’s not to say that I can’t set the mood for a passionate and tender night as well. Back in the day, I used to set it off on a much tamer side with my man Joe’s 1997 album, All That I Am. (Most folks remember Joe for his smash single, “Don’t Wanna Be a Player,” which was featured on this album). My ex and I would rock out to that album religiously, and whenever I popped that bad boy in the CD player, she knew what was about to go down—me, her, the sheets and maybe a few walls. All That I Am just perfectly captured where I was in my life at that particular time. Prior to meeting my then-girlfriend, I was a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places and all the wrong waists. So tracks like “All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do),” “How Soon,” “Good Girls,” and “No One Else Comes Close” would definitely get me in the proper mood for making love not fuckin’.

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve found it harder to find one specific album I can play from back to front that can capture my aggressive mood or my tender side. So I’ve resorted to making my own personal iTunes playlists dubbed the “Bunz Mixx,” which contains key tracks like Jodeci’s “Feenin’,” Keyshia Cole’s “Love,” Carl Thomas’ “Special Lady,” Ne-Yo’s “Say It” and Michael Jackson’s “The Lady in My Life,” among a host of other old school and new school bedroom classics, to get the job done when I’m in a particularly frisky mood.

But now it’s time for a little role reversal. Since I’m going on this 30-day fast and will be abstaining from sex, alcohol, and any other temptations, I’ll need to live vicariously through y’all for the next few weeks. (30 in 30 begins this Tuesday, September 2, 2008) Being that this is a long weekend and I figure someone, somewhere reading this will be getting some over the next three days; I was just wondering if folks had the same issues finding a solid album to get it on to nowadays? What albums do you use to set it off? If you don’t have a complete album, what songs will definitely get you in the mood to say, hit it hard from the back…?

30 Blogs in 30 Days starts this Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008

No sex, no liquor, no food, just 30 days of blogs… Be there for the journey…
  • anonymous

    Raheem Devaughn- Love Behind the Melody

    front to back, each song/spoken word is dope. classic, best album of the year imo. peep it when you can. i don’t even BUY cds but i was forced to cop this.

    Stand out tracks:
    Energy ft Big Boi

    customer is the perfect fuckin track on this

  • anonymous

    Usher – The Confessions Album

    Beyonce- Speechless

    Pretty Ricky- Juicy

    Dru Hill- How Can I Love U Tonight? (Don’t come! Baby please wait for me, just think how wet were gonna be.) Wow


  • http://ifuxwitit.blogspot.com/ Janee TMB

    Sade – Love Deluxe or Lover’s Rock
    Robin Thicke – Evolution
    Outkast – Funky Ride (just put it on repeat, trust me)

  • http://nwso.net Naked With Socks On

    Raheem Devaughn? really? I’ve heard of the kid but not to familiar with him, i’ll have to check that out when this 30 in 30 is over ;)

    You should also check Van Hunt out, he got a few joints on his album too

  • Anonymous

    Um, “Hit you from the back” off of Rick Ross’ “Port of Miami.” It aint PC or even cute, but damned if it aint a panty dropper.

    For cd’s all the way through Maxwell’s “Umbria” gets the job done. Its mostly sweet but when the beat picks up you can get a nice lil rhythm going…

    Damn, I cant wait to get off work!

  • http://nwso.net Naked With Socks On

    anon 10:17,

    You can’t wait to get off work, you lucky fucker… literally.


    wrap it up, kids

  • Kai

    In college, my front to back album was Chico deBarge (Long Time No See)…these days, I too have an itunes playlist called “Get it Poppin” which includes (to name a few)
    Bed – J Holiday
    plenty of jodeci (you can’t go wrong)
    It Seems Like You’re Ready – R. Kelly (Naked, you are right on with R Kelly!)
    a few Jagged Edge songs, and though I’m not a huge Ne-yo fan, I do love that song “Mirror”

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03436998771299604848 Gangstarr Girl

    OMG YE! Raheem DeVaughn is the truth! BOTH albums.

  • anonymous

    try…Jagged Edge their last album I believe it is called “Baby Making Music” as a female that CD always gets me there with my man

  • Junior Mint

    Raheem IS the truth… But my votes are with Maxwell’s first album…Oldie but goodie.

    You know when the music ends..and then 15 minutes later…comes BACK? Oh its perfect..its like..you were just napping from the first session…and now..i present to you the sequel… perfect! Let’s get it on girl! Plenty of times that last song gets things going once again. I KNOW people know what im talking about!

    I also would look into the new Al Green. Pleasantly surprised. the original baby-maker musician!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00000119302984422535 Zen Fit Chick

    what about Avant, Ginuwine, Mr. Gaye (his name requires respect)oh and D’Angelo….

    Just discovered your blog thru my friend. Loves it!


  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    UUUUMMMMMM. I cosign on Maxwell’s Embrya. Put the entire album on replay and enjoy…

    Maxwell’s “Whenever Wherever Whatever”

    “International Lover”
    “Rip Pop Goes the Zipper”
    “Do Me Baby” (his version is much more erotic than Me’Lisa Morgan’s)

    Cassandra Wilson’s “You Move Me”

    Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, (especially “Us and Them”)

    Enigma’s “The Principles of Lust” and “Sadness Part 1″

    The Family’s “Desire”

  • anonymous

    Van Hunt and Maxwell…yeah that would do it for me. Check out that new J*Davey album too. It ain’t neo soul but it’s sexy as hell.

    You shoulda never announced you’ll be abstaining from sex. Don’t you know that’s when all the freaks come out?! Just for kicks I may have to send you porno clips and nasty pictures just to make it interesting. No sex includes no masterbating! Check your inbox! lol

  • http://nwso.net Naked With Socks On

    *****blank stare****

    What in the hell?!?!?!

    “Yay, thoughIi walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…”

  • Caribeza

    For me.. for hardcore sex .. dancehall reggae pieces like Lady Saw – Backshot, Richie Stephen – “Magnet” and others that I put on a playlist… For slow mmmmm mmmm sex the stuff like Mad Cobra’s “Flex… time to have sex” or some Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing” will always set the vibe for me :).

  • http://nwso.net Naked With Socks On


    That’s funny, I ALMOST lost my virginity to Mad Cobra’s “Flex”.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16349262297067858063 Caribeza

    /grin :D

  • http://twitter.com/deeny Deeny

    I would have to say a back to front baby makin album would be Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be”. It has those i’m about to make ur eyes roll back but first lemme get it ready joints like “It’s Alright” (“let the telephooooone ring, it’s about to get physical….just u and me, on a late night creep, plan on making u moan….”)…….yes sir…..and then there’s those sexy ass grooves like “This Luv” (something about that beat that does it for me)….album is dope!

    But I must say, my “get the draws” playlist is poppin’. Here are a few selections—don’t say I never gave u nothin :)

    Sweet Love – 112 (wanna hold ur body close, u on top of me, can u feel it?—-amen lol)

    Adore – Prince (I mean come on, that’s a classic)

    Wednesday Lover – Jagged Edge (has that feel good 90s vibe but still very sexy)

    Say It – Ne-yo (I think u mentioned it already but I had to “say it” again lo. this song is the personification of sexy—whew!)

    Year of the Lover – Lloyd (on his Lessons In Love Album, it’s a banger and the album is very underated)

    Who Knows – Musiq (he did such a good job making the first time 2 ppl sexin sound so good lol)

    Imagine That – R. Kelly (he embrassed his inner Prince on this one and provided a build up and a climax to follow along with…nice)

    1st Time – Lil’ Mo (yes, Lil’ Mo….this joint right here is VERY serious…female artists don’t always bring the sexy on joints but she sure did!)

  • yomama3

    im goin to say. R.kellly, Silk, the new trey songz cd, marques houston, adina howard and etc