Morning Monologue Day 15 (Can DVRs Save Relationships?) 43/90

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Good morning,

How are you fine people today? Probably still sleeping, but while most of y’all catch some Zs, I’ll focus on maintaining my same good mood from yesterday’s Evening Epilogue. Today’s off to a good start as well thanx (that’s how I like to spell it) to an early morning chuckle from my local newscaster.

Interestingly enough, I woke up and flicked on my favorite news channel to hear a report that said that DVR (digital video recorder) technology has the potential to save a relationship. Now I’ll admit that I was late to get on the whole DVR thing, just copping one last year, but I had no idea they could do all that. LOL. I mean, I know they can freeze and even rewind live TV, but save my (non-existent) relationship? Really? I need to go check for that button on my remote ASAP.

According to a study conducted in July, about 80% of the over 1,000 DVR owners in the U.S., Italy and Australia polled said they couldn’t live without the technology. In fact, the DVR was ranked the third most indispensible household item, coming in right behind the washing machine and microwave, respectively. American participants specifically said the DVR was their most important piece of technology other than their cell phones. Okay, all that is well and dandy; but what the hell does that have to do with saving relationships?

Well, with all this recording going on and ability to stop live TV people apparently have more time to spend with their family and loved ones because they’re limited to watching new shows only when programmers air them. (I remember this thing called the VCR having the ability to record shows, too, but I guess that wasn’t as impactful as the live TV thing **shrugs**).

According to the study, the DVRs true relationship-saving grace is that couples no longer fight over who’s going to watch what show. A guy can watch the game live, while his girl records 90210, Desperate Housewives or whatever it is you gals watch now that Sex in the City is done (thank, God). So this leads to less arguments and less stressful home environments, but most importantly is the ability for people not to be tied to the couch as they were on the VCRs watch, because DVR can tape multiple programs—his and hers—at the same time. In fact, 79% of the people surveyed said that just having a DVR around made their relationship better.

Hmmm, I’m really not too sure about all this. I mean, if a TV or device for your TV is what’s making your relationship better, doesn’t that signify that there’s another problem there? Sure, you might not talk as much because you’re too busy watching the game of soap operas, but is TV really that much more important than your real reality and relationship? If so, that’s kinda sad. I mean, I used to be a real heavy TV buff, now I just watch a few key shows. Honestly, I’ve actually watched the least amount of TV lately and my DVR cue is backlogged with stuff I haven’t watched since February and I’m not even in a relationship. I really can’t call it.

What do you guys think: Can DVR save your relationship? Is this study just a bunch of BS? Or does anything that makes people spend more time with their families a good look?

Speak ya piece…

We at the midway point now, only 15 more days left in the 30-day blog marathon so stay tuned as we proceed to give you what you need with a second new post at noon…
  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    To DVR or not to DVR? it’s just a campaign slogan, and yet another way to get money out of our pockets. A DVR is not the cure all for relationship woes, my friend. only two people can save a relationship; you have to want to spend time together. someone once told me that if someone is into you they will make time for you no matter what. (For me, no game or TV show can compare to a great convo with my man.) if someone continuously finds excuses and distractions that keep them away from their family or partner, then they really don’t want to be there to begin with.

  • fayemi

    Who the hell argues over what TV shows to watch?! Oh wait, I did have an ex once that liked to watch those Twilight Zone marathons on the sci-channel that drove me crazy. I mean I entertained it once or twice but after a while, its all they’re the SAME episodes dude come on. I think some of these studies are some BS, kinda like the McCain-Obama polls. lol

  • caribeza

    Funny thing, it’s the little things that we don’t consider important will drive a lot of relationships that could work into the ground. It’s problematic for people to admit to themselves that the things they think of as too petty to make a huge fuss about are really important to them.

    I think DVR works like a wingman in a bar. You know your best friend or not :)…that takes the pressure of the pack of girls so you can just get to that one girl.

    The DVR frees us from being tied to the evil TV, the show that we just cannot miss, and to misquote your blog below it “frees your eyes” so your mind can relax.

    And after you realize that your DVR is 98% full and you haven’t watched the shows you previously couldn’t do without for several months, you realize they aren’t as important as you thought they were.

    So to summarize my rambling and get back to the main point.. yes I do think DVR’s can fix the small things that may turn out to be big things… and “save” that relationship. One less petty thing to squabble over and internalize.

    As for me, I loves! my DVR :D Even though it’s 98% full and I’m going to have to delete stuff I have no intention of watching but still want to keep.

    Hmmm at least I have not sunk to the point of buying a DVD recorder to tape the stuff that has been on my DVR for almost a yr and I still haven’t watched it and still cannot bear to part with.

    Ah well…