Morning Monologue: Day 17 (Jamie Foxx > Terrence Howard & Wayne Brady) 49/90

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Good morning,

Funny enough, this Morning Monologue begins last night. Right before I went to sleep, I flicked on the TV to see what was on and caught the end of Terrence Howard performing on Late Show with David Letterman. Of course the accomplished actor was not actually acting but singing. I believe it’s common knowledge by now that the talented Mr. Howard (who briefly studied chemical engineering at Pratt Institute) has added another entry to his resume by dropping an album, Shine Through It. Before drifting off to sleep, I thought to myself, uh, interesting, but he’s no Jamie Foxx.


This morning I woke up and did a little research on Terence’s musical career and discovered that his album actually came out on September 2. I didn’t even know that, and apparently only 20,000 people knew or cared to know it was in stores thus far. Honestly, I’m not surprised, based on the above performance I feel like Terrence is just an okay singer and he takes himself way too seriously. When I see him behind the mic (pause) I feel like he’s playing another character, well, he plays the same character, and that character is usually a douche bag. Watching a douche bag on screen is one thing, but buying an album so you can listen to a douche bag is a whole other thing. I say none of this as a knock to Terrence’s skills, because I enjoy him as an actor and maybe some folks like his brand of music (20,000 at least), but he gives off a weird vibe sometimes that I just can’t rock with.

That’s in sharp contrast from someone like Jamie Foxx, who also made the transition from actor to singer (Technically, he sang before, but he didn’t blow in that field until after he made his mark in Hollywood). Jamie is someone that people like, he has personality (a good one) and connects with audience on screen and on stage. Yeah, folks balked at him initially (1994’s Peep This sold 152,000) but the man turned around and cranked out some hits in 2005 with his double platinum sophomore album, Unpredictable. The same thing happened to Eddie Murphy, who released a panned musical body of work in the mid 80s only to get an Oscar nomination for his contribution to the 2006 musical, Dream Girls. Perhaps Terrence will brick now only to explode as a singer years later. Sorry, I doubt it.

But you know who might actually have a chance? Good ol’ Wayne Brady. His album, A Long Time Coming, actually came out this week (didn’t know that either). While he’s often gotten flack in the African-American community for being a little Uncle Tom-ish, I still think dude is talented and the singing he’s done in comedy bits has been pretty good. Now I haven’t heard a single for the album or seen a video, but mainstream America loves this dude so he might find some success. If not, will Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch? LOL. Damn, I miss Dave Chappelle.

What do y’all think about Terrence, Jamie and Wayne as singers? Who’s better? Who between Wayne and Terrence do you think has a better shot at success?

Speak ya piece…

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  • William

    Hated Jamie Foxx’s album, because it was so formulaic. He seemed like he was trying so hard to keep up with what was going on that he didn’t infuse enough of his personality into the music. Still talented, though.

  • Janee TMB

    Terrence needs a LOT more practice, and even then — still might not be enough.

    Wayne Brady rocks my world. I actually really like what I’ve heard from him so far.

  • chocopina

    i’ve seen wayne brady’s show at the venetian hotel in las vegas. its sort of a variety act – mix of jokes, skits, songs, audience participation. its pretty damn good and folks must like cuz it was sold out the 1st two nights i tried to go.

    i’m not really feeling terrence and his conked hair. but a lot of chicks dig him.

    jamie has come a long way since his attempts at a singing career in the 90’s (anyone remember bedsprings?). and eddie…well all i can say is party all the time was one of my guilty pleasure songs of the 80’s. how could i not love it – he had rick james on the song!

  • Zavi

    One of my fav Dave Chappelle moments, “Dave you making me nervous…”. Wayne Brady has a special place in my heart for that skit. Where did that mic come from ?

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    I totally agree with the statement that there’s something off about Terrence. There’s just something about that brother that rubs me the wrong way. I have tried to like him, but… I can’t explain it. And the arrogance, O My God!!!!!!!! And yes, the album is garbage. He just said on Wendy Williams that it took him six days to do the album. It shows. We got several copies for free at my job, and it sat for days on the giveaway table.

    Jamie is fab–stand-up, singing, acting. F-A-B.

    Wayne is way too “Yes, Massa, I’s Comin’, Massa” for my taste.

  • Hope2Star

    HELL NO!! to Terrence Howard and his slickback hair!!! He’s an amazing actor and a decent musician but his off screen persona (real self) is just too weird (baby wipes???) I can’t imagine him have anything real to say or sing about. As for Jamie Foxx I will cosign with William. And I don’t know much about Wayne Brady outside of the Dave Chappelle Skit and “Who’s Line is it Anyway” but he seems like a nice guy who is talented so I may have to go have a listen in Barnes and Noble.