Morning Monologue Day 20 (The Homestretch) 58/90

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Good morning,

Welcome to the homestretch. Not to get cocky, but once the sun sets today I’ll be in the single digit countdown to my fast’s end. I can’t believe that I’m two-thirds of the way done already. I was looking through my archives for the month yesterday and some things I thought happened just last week were actually two weeks ago. Just goes to show you (or me) how time is all relative.

While part of me is happy about the prospect of my fast almost being over so I can return to my “freedom,” there’s another side that already misses it. I mean, you do anything long enough and you’re bound to get used to it. Waking up each day with a mission brings focus to your day. Now I believe that one shouldn’t lose focus just because your mission is (or almost) complete. I already spoke/wrote on the fact that I set goals for each day and an acceptable number of things to be checked off, so staying focused isn’t so much of an issue for me, but the fast just magnified that. I had to say no to a lot of things and operate under a difficult time frame, but I’ve been able to do it for 20 days; so what’s another 10?

Some say the last leg of the fast is the easiest. You’ve already fallen into your routine and your body has adjusted. Also, the deeper you get into the fast, the sun rises later and sets earlier, so there are less restricted hours. I don’t find myself rushing through breakfast as much now or chasing the sun as I like to say. But nothing’s really easy about drastic changes in one’s schedule. It’s just a matter of discipline and structure. Luckily I have both in abundance. On that note, I’m out so I can get cracking on some of the things on today’s agenda.

Before I go, though, I did want to bring this up. I was watching The Insider Weekend earlier today and they did a two-minute segment on Gov. Sarah Palin’s big secrets. Apparently they spoke to Palin’s two best friends to get all the dirt. Juicy stuff like, Palin shops at Nordstrom but also surfs the sale racks. In fact, she’s so frugal that she once gave someone a birthday card and didn’t sign it, just so that person could reuse it and save trees. Aww, how special. There was also this big juicy tidbit about her being a fiend for Mac makeup. Riveting.

I’m sure you sense my sarcasm. I’m saying; that is what passes for news these days? Those are some of the big secrets about Sarah Palin? I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t wait for the debates and when we get back to the real issues.

I’m off my soapbox for now. In a minute.

Check back later for the next post in the 30-day blog marathon..
  • janee TMB

    Palin sucks ass…

    Congrats on reaching the homestretch.

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    you had me until i scrolled down and saw that god-awful picture of that hot mess from Arizona. Let’s hope we don’t have to watch that creature for eight more years.

    congrats on your reaching single digits.

  • anonymous

    i mean alaska. the a’s had me confused.