Morning Monologue: Day 22 (Happy Innergize Day) 64/90

0 Posted by - September 23, 2008 - 30 in 30 Pt 2, News & Current Events

Good morning,

So I found out this morning that today is Innergize Day. Yeah, like you, I was wondering what the heck is “Innergize Day?” Well, according to the informative anchorman on my boob tube, it’s a day where you focus on your inner-self. It’s a day that’s all about you. You’re supposed to take care of you, do good things for yourself, spend time for yourself, get to know yourself, get a massage, and cleanse your spirit—all in an effort to make positive “innergy” that will result in positive outward energy.

Yeah, I never heard of this either, but according to the list of bizarre, crazy, silly, unknown holidays & observances, September 23, 2008 is in fact Innergize Day. Now I tried to Google this to find more info and specifics, but there really isn’t much out there about this obscure holiday. All I could find is the date it’s celebrated, a few Innergize Day cards, and a couple of self-help programs that incorporate this “innergizing” philosophy. So I’m left to believe that this isn’t some new thing and has been around for a little while; but how come nobody every told me about Innergize Day? This sounds way more positive and beneficial than random holidays like Flag Day.

It’s so crazy to me that I’d discover this holiday during my fast, when I’m all about positive innergy and energy. Some might call it fate. Others might call it a coincidence. Even more might call it silly. Well, I’ll just call it Innergize Day and get to celebrating. Hopefully, everyone reading this will join me in thinking and being positive, not just today but every day.

Happy Innergize Day! Spread the word.

If you haven’t already, check this post. It seems fitting for today. (Oh, and before Carl says anything PAUSE on the message in card below). 

Check back in at noon for the second post for today as the 30-day blog marathon continues… There’s only eight days and 26 blogs left…
  • JessyRod

    who knew such a day existed? maaaaaaan, listen here innergize day should be celebrated EVERY DAY just like you said. anywho…can’t wait to hear how the rest of it went for ya!

  • Michelle

    I am the founder of Innergize Day. Thanks for writing about it even though you weren’t clear on its purpose. Innergize Day has been around for quite a while. The goal is to get people to put aside time for themselves on a dail basis. I am trying to get people to start with a day a year then move on to a day month then a day week, etc. Everyone needs to pause and take time for themselves. Women are notorious for putting others first and themselves last. Taking 15 minutes a day can make a difference in your health, energy, outlook and more. Even Oprah has finally come to recognize this. Thanks for the forum…