DAY 27: Celebrity Crush (Res) 80/90

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I have to thank my homegirl GANGSTARRGIRL for reminding me of Res’ beauty, but I’ve had a celebrity crush on her for years. For those that don’t know, Res (born Shareese Renée Ballard) is a Philly singer who mixes elements of rock and soul. Her debut album, How I Do, dropped in 2001 to little fanfare but still she’s had my heart ever since.

Well, my heart and my eyes. Despite being a talented vocalist, Res has never been able to get mainstream radio love besides “GOLDEN BOYS,” her sole underground hit with the bohemian set (written by SANTOGOLD). Aside from that record, most people would probably know her more for her ultra sexy modeling campaign with Ecko from a few years back than her music. It’s okay, Res, you’ll always have me to feign over you.

I mean look at her, she’s got the washboard stomach, dreamy come-hither eyes, the sexiest pouty mouth created, a beautiful mahogany complexion, all topped off with flowing multi-color locks (NAKED FACT: I have a thing for natural hair). Yeah, so while most folks might not have a clue who she is, Ms. Res definitely makes it into my celebrity eye candy list.

Although I’ll admit that I know more about Res’ looks than I do her lyrics (sorry, babe, please forgive me) I am pleased to hear that she’s once again doing things on the musical front. Not only is she part of the new rap/R&B duo Idle Warship with Talib Kweli, but she’s moved out to Cali and been doing her thing on the independent scene. She just dropped her sophomore album Black. Girls. Rock. online and constantly puts out music on her MYSPACE page, including her new single “There’s No Way” (video below).

Good to hear my baby is back on track. Maybe she’ll make her way back East to come sing for me, or better yet, surprise me by rockin’ a stunning outfit like the one below for our first date. ?

Hey, Res, if you’re reading, call me…

Sincerely yours,

Your biggest fan, Naked



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  • Chris

    Ah, yes. Res is my girl. I met her back when she was going to Temple and Santi… er, SANTOGOLD as she’s now known, introduced me to her.

  • Naked With Socks On

    Oh, word, C,

    Tell her to holla then…. I stalked.. I mean requested her on MySpace and she never hit me back…LOL

    THAT WAS A JOKE PEOPLE…We laugh and move on


  • Naked With Socks On


    Sadly, I agree with you regarding the lace outfit and under normal circumstances any woman wearing something like that would be ridiculed by me for the fashion faux pas. BUT, I know she wore it for me and I understand. So Res gets a one day fun pass like the ones they give at Great Adventures. Ya know?

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    Totally know where you’re coming from. For me it’s Maxwell. Long hair, short hair, braids, Afro, blow-out, whatever. He’s weird like me, can sing his ass off, and damn is he fine. Everything he touches is golden. Even his stuff with Sweetback. And Embrya is one of the sexiest albums ever. “Whenever Wherever Whatever” indeed.

    Saw him perform at the Apollo a few years ago, almost lost my drawers. Wish I could somehow get into his sold-out show in NYC next month.

  • anonymous

    She has a white boyfriend if I’m not mistaken.. I was crushed..

  • Gangstarr Girl

    That lace outfit she’s wearing in that last pic is wild suspect. lol

  • AA

    So I guess you’ll be going here: Res

    10-31-2008 20:00 at The Blue Note in NYC
    , NYC,
    Cost: $20

    Intimate Club…Intimate Performance…I suggest you buy your tickets EARLY…it will sell out…it’s New York!

    I wish D’Angelo (circa 2001) would come back to me ::sigh::

  • aa

    OMFG, i just saw a post on another blog of a new song by Q-TIp and noneother than my hubby, D-mothereffin-Angelo …did I speak him into existence or is your blog good luck?!?? I can’t call it