She Liked Being Choked

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Okay, maybe I’m late on this, but I recently started to discover that there are quite a few woman out there that are into choking during sex. Yes, I said choking. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I’m talking about women of color.

Just last week my homegirl Stacy was telling me about how she and her beau enjoy a little aggressive neck play. Last year, I briefly dealt with a sister who confessed that when my hands briefly grasped her neck during the act of making love one hot night, that it really turned her on. The first time this unique fetish came to my attention, though, was about a few years back.

Her name was Nicole, she was a slim shorty I had met through a mutual friend and we’d chitchat on the phone every now and again. She was cool and seemed innocent enough, but during one flirtatious conversation she confessed, “I like being choked.”

“Excuse, me?”

“I like when a guy chokes me during sex.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Nah, it really turns me on. What, you’ve never choked a girl before?”

“Hell, nah.”

“Wow. You should try it, you just might like it.”

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Boo. Don’t be a spoiled sport.”

“Whatever, I ain’t trying to get caught out there like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I start choking you and then you call the cops on me, like, ‘Oh, Mr. Police Man, he attacked me…’ Sounds like a setup to me and I ain’t going out like that.”

“You’re silly. I’d never do that to you.”

“Uh huh.”

“I’m serious. Truthfully, I’m getting wet just thinking about you choking me now.”

“Oh, really… That’s, uh, interesting, but I still ain’t choking you.”


FLASH FORWARD a few months. Nicole was bored or something and decided to troop all the way from Brooklyn to come check me in Queens. I had cooked earlier so I made her plate of food when she got there. After that we watched a movie, talked and listened to music. As it got later, we both started to get tired. I looked at the clock and it was about 1:30am and I asked, “Do you want me to call you a cab?”

“Is there one nearby?”

“Yeah, right up the block. It usually takes like 15 minutes.”

“Okay… You know what, though? I’m too tired to hop in a cab right now, I’ll just catch one in the morning.”

“Uh, sure, no problem.”

Nicole goes to the bathroom to freshen up, while I head to my bedroom to change into my nightclothes. I scrounge around my drawers for a pair of sweats and a T-shirt for Nicole to sleep in, but I soon discover that that won’t be necessary.

Moments later, Nicole steps into the room wearing a long, form-fitting nightie. I still have no idea where the hell that come from. (Seriously, do women carry everything in their handbags?) Wherever the nightie came from really didn’t matter, because clearly this was a woman with a plan.

After a little more talking, we finally headed to bed and Nicole laid her head on my chest. A few minutes later, I leaned in for a kiss and it was on—even though she fronted for a bit. (Fellas, don’t you hate that?) So we’re making out and feeling each other up, yada, yada, yada. After a healthy dose of foreplay, I look down at her and ask, “Are you sure?”

Nicole nodded in agreeance and I reached for my stash of condoms. Soon after I started to slowly ravage her body, I got a flashback of our phone conversation from months earlier, where Nicole confessed that she liked being choked. She actually brought it up a few times since then, and I’m all about trying my best to please whoever I’m with, so I figured why not give it a try.

I rolled Nicole on top of me so I’d have the freedom to let my hands explore her body and test the limits of her choking fetish. First, I worked my hands up her ample hips and slowly glided them up her torso, grasping her firm B cups. After I’d had my fun with her perky casaba melons (sorry, I watched Coming to America the other day) I eased my hands up to the bottom of her neckline. Still gyrating on top of me, Nicole moaned the instant my fingertips grazed her throat. I rubbed my thumb gently across the front of her neck as my other fingers slowly coiled around the back and I drew her closer to me. She opened her eyes and whispered, “Don’t stop.” Based on the way she was thrusting herself even harder on top of me, I was more than willing to oblige.

Although I had never choked someone before, I already knew not to take things too far. Somehow, it all just came naturally to me. I exerted enough power in my grasp to convey my dominance over her, but still managed to maintain my gentle touch. The combination was euphoric for Nicole as her moans got louder and more intense. Her overall reaction excited me to the point that I couldn’t take this lying down anymore. I grabbed Nicole by her slim waist, lifted her off my engorged manhood and tossed her to the side. I slapped her on the ass and she instinctively knew right then what I wanted.

Switching to all fours, Nicole arched her back like a cat in heat. I fiddled with her wetness and then eased myself back inside of her. Once situated, I reached out for her neck and pulled her closer to me. With my right hand wrapped tightly around her throat and my left fondling her nether region, I gnawed at the exposed portion of her neck. With each thrust I made, I squeezed at her neck even harder, always mindful of not hurting her. The only pain she would feel from me tonight would be pleasurable. The more pressure I applied to her throat, the harder she threw it back on me until her legs began to quiver and I felt her walls tightening around me. I held out for as long as I could until finally we both climaxed at the same time.

When it was all said and done, I collapsed right next to Nicole on the bed. Taking a minute to catch our breaths, we laid there for a moment in the afterglow. Finally, Nicole broke the silence with a giggle.

“What’s so funny,” I queried.

“I thought you said you didn’t like choking?”

“I didn’t, but then I tried it and I think I like it.”


Have any of you ever tried choking during sex? How did you like it? How’d you even find out that it was pleasurable? If you haven’t ever done it before, would you ever try it? Why or why not? What’s the freakiest thing a partner suggested you try in the bedroom?

Speak your piece….

  • Naked With Socks On

    Feel you 100% but it’s NOT about actually squeezing someone’s neck so they can’t breathe or feel like their suffocating. Not in my experience at least. It’s more about the eroticism of SLIGHT pressure around the neck or a light but firm grasp of someone’s neck.

    to each his/her own… i ain’t trying to really choke someone for real, for real

  • Naked With Socks On

    Ms. S.

    This was a minute ago and was Nicole’s thing not mine… Not like I’m running around like Wayne Brady choking chicks.. LOL

    and I know Nicole ain’t the only one into this… Watch someone fess up

  • Aliya

    i think some of the people with negative comments are imagining “turn blue in the face” type of choking when thats not really what most people are into. True, some people are into serious choking (which is dangerous), but most people that are into it are just applying pressure…you can breathe and theres no danger of passing out/dying.

    I realized I liked it when i noticed that i usually hold my breath before i orgasm…too much info, i know lol. But just like theres hard core dominatrix type whips n chains..theres also the more gentle versions: tying someone up with silk rope, or being spanked(lightly) or being more commanding in bed. Theres a spectrum, people. Chill out.

  • Naked With Socks On

    Rape fantasy? Nah, I don’t play those games. Have too many friends that rape was more of a reality than a fantasy…

    But what you said is true, trust is key to any and everything along the freaky lines like this

  • DorchestersDaughter

    I’m not gonna lie, it SOUNDS intriguing…but I can’t get over the thought of a man’s hands wrapped around my neck. That can’t be good, can’t be

  • Ms. S

    Intriguing? Shit sounds dangerous! You keep messing around and you’re going to kill someone.

    She turned you into a monster!! Can you really resist not choking the next woman??

  • Anonymous

    Aw,some folks are so innocent. Vanilla sex is boring as hell (for me anyway) Choking is awesome. So is gettin slapped and tied up. But a dude really needs to know what he’s doing. Its def not to the point where you can’t breathe or the man is hurting you. Its all about being man handled and dominated and the feeling of submission.

  • Ms. S

    Innocent? Not quite.

    I just know how people can lose their senses during sex. Not going to lie. That is what makes it fun. But trying to have too much fun can have serious repricussions… especially when the line of “what is going too far” has been blurred.

    Spanking and a little rope or blindfold… Fine. Choking. Hell no.

    But to each their own.

  • Anonymous

    i was talking about Mr. NWSO when I mentioned innocence. Such a novice he is when it comes to this but its cute. Nothing is for everyone, we all know that. But, the older you get, the more you need to do to maintain the spice.

  • stacy

    I won’t front when this dude I was dealing with mentioned it me I thought it was ridiculous. Once I tried it though I was hooked. I think some things sound worse than they are. Like when someone told me that sticking a finger in my ass during sex felt good, or that kissing someone right after they eat you out is a turn on….the list goes on. they sound crazy but in reality are very pleasureable at least to some. everything is not for everybody though.
    The choking is more like he is controlling u by grabbing your neck. it is not a full out choke to stop you from breathing. It is the best when the female is on top too. it is no worsr than having your hair pulled or your ass smacked. I love those too. lol

    • stranglergirl

      can i strangle u

  • VirgoVida

    ooooooohhhhh, such a steamy topic! my first time being choked went a little something like this….my friend and I were in the bed, he just asked me to come and lay down with him after watching a movie. we’re good friends that have had an on and off again relationship thing going on. currently we were off. so, i didn’t want any sex to go down with him. But he can’t seem to just lay next to me without trying to cross over my border, so we got into a little tussle. not a fight, he had control over me, but he wasn’t hurting me. he had me pinned, and he was kissing me, but i kept saying ok, let’s stop. But as soon as i was almost up and out of the bed, he grabbed me back with such force, that i fell back on top of him and he wrapped one arm around my waist, and the other arm around my neck. i couldn’t move. It was caveman-esque. and it completely turned me on. when a man commands for you to do something, not in a harmful way, but in a strong “I got you baby, you’re safe with me” kind of way, it’s the best.

  • trubian

    Well, I was introduced –by accident, i think?— to the art of choking while stroking decade ago. It was an immediate turn on and I continue to utilize it sometimes, not every episode, but once in a while to change things up –similar to anal sex. Just be aware that you not all females ar down with choking while poking.

  • crystal

    this one was lil steamy (squirms in my seat).

    thanks for the mid-day pick me up…

  • Mike D

    I think if anything it’s a demonstration of trust in a relationship. Although I read “Rising Sun” by Michael Crichton a while back and choking doesn’t go so well in that one. I think the fans like the sex talk NWSO!

  • Anonymous

    For me the neck is an erogenous zone. I love being sucked and bitten on my neck. The harder the better.

    They say that with choking, the lack of air is what makes the climax so intense. Guys do it all the time when they hang from ceilings and choke themselves while masturbating. Sadly, it has led to death on many occasions.

    I’m just afraid of something like choking getting out of hand. I guess it’s all about doing this kind of thing with someone you trust. And having a safety word that means “stop.” Truth be told, I have this rape fantasy that got completely out of hand on two separate occasions. Once I was making out with this dude, and whispered in his ear, “Rape me. Please, rape me.” Things got hot and heavy, and I will admit I was sooooo turned on. But then it started getting a bit rough, and I wanted to stop. But he was so into it he didn’t want to turn back; he wanted to take it to the finish line. It took me crying for him to finally calm down and get back to reality.

    The second time, I had confessed my rape fantasy to a second boyfriend during one late-night phone sex session. The next time we got together, he held me down and tried to force himself inside of me, all the while reciting my words back to me.

    The moral of the story: Know who you’re dealing with before you get started with something you may not be able to undo.

  • R. H.

    Wow. This sounds straight out of a love novel that abstinent women go crazy for.

    But uh, I think I like to be the one doing the choking. Don’t know about the other way around. How do men feel about that?

  • William H

    I have to applaud you with this post, many women don’t know they like it until is done. Funny thing is I just did it last night. It all started with me was, I think I remember my ex and I was beefin’ over pettness with another guy or something. Long story short we had make up sex, and it was just so intense, and usually when I joke, ladies its not a rough a thing, its kinda like you grabbing ya lil nephew from walking in the street, you’ll know he doesn’t mean no harm. its been done on top with her legs wrapped around ya shoulder and lookin in her eyes lettin her know you mean no harm….but back to the story when we was done…what she say “what made u choke me”? I’m like “iont know, I just felt like it was good to do lol….she says “I looooved it”..that ended up being one of our best times…..

    I kinda like choking during oral though, sometime you gotta let em know who’s boss lol. But yeah ladies that never had it done wouldn’t understand its something that’s random, but trust you’ll love it if he hittin’ it right and he jus random do it…lol

    Greeeeeat topic homie! This why you my favorite male blogger..I jus seen this on my sk and haddd to respond asap…good sh**

  • dom

    This post is…On Point!I think I need a cig or something!

    This has been creeping into my mind alot lately. Although I never tried it, I fantasize about it all the time. I think it sounds fun, I just have to find a person I really trust to get down like that.

    Again, nice post. Wheeeewwwww!

  • anonymous

    Wow, I can say I enjoyed this post, NWSO! Never tried the choking thing but now u got me curious…And the rape fantasy thing….ughh don’t think I would be able to try that…A lil’ too scary for me, lol!

  • Deka

    dude you got to put on some oven mits next time

  • fayemi

    Hmmmm…interesting posts and comments lately.

  • This Bug

    What a fine piece of writing. It’s official. I’m following. For the record- This Bug likes a little choke action herself. There is a delicate balance that not every man has the talent for.

  • Anonymous

    umm.. in all honesty i love it. i guess i was introduced not on purpose but through a series of sexual excapades that got crazier and crazier. my ex has got to be my best sex. i met him when i was 17 and he was 21. we tried so much stuff mainly cuz i was just as freaky as he was and i TRUST him. he always said that i was so freaky that i scared him sometimes so one day we got into a post sex romp and he said he’d bite me. and when he did.. if felt so good i caught the automatic ogasm. so i told him to bite harder and harder until he got scared and stopped. but that’s where i realized i loved neck pressure. so skip to nearly a year later. we’d broken up and hadn’t had sex together for nearly 8 months. so when we did hook up again the sex was like a long awaited freak fest. he had me pinned down wit his hand around my neck and gave me the sexy stroke.. UGH.. damn that boi. but needless to say i was lovin it.

  • Radiance

    I feel like there is nothing more pleasurable then a mans strong hands. If they touch your neck just right that feeling can be sooo Euphoric, same thing with the waist, hips and booty meat! Personally I like it rough! I just aint trynna be tied up or nothing like that!

  • Wisdom Body

    You know what, love, I think that it is a bit scary; however, also erotic. I can see how it would get your girl off. When you choke her your overpowering her. Her life is in your hands but your being gentle and banging her correctly at the same time. I have a homeboy that chokes his women out when rocking it. He is a thug ass dude though (very aggressive-like), so I don’t know what that is like for his girl(lol). I know a young woman that got put in the choke hold while dancing at the club and she loved it (the dude was a stranger too). That’s what I call a freak. However, i’ll think about it, for future use.

  • Erica

    It’s not about actually choking until you can’t breathe. For me, it’s just about the man taking control. When I’m having sex, i like to be dominated. i like for a man to tell me what to do…turn over, gimme some ass, suck my dick etc. and choking is just another way for him to exert more dominance over me. JMO don’t knock it till u try it! just like you said the morre pressure you put, the more she threw it back. it’s definitely a turn on!

    Try it!

  • AGK

    *blushes n then raises hand*

    Uuummm, yea i’ve tried it too…
    But i trusted him, knew him for a long ass time.
    Actually he initiated it, since he saw i was kinda into the rough part of the intercourse.

    So, after the hair pulling, spankin etc etc he put his hand on my neck, thought he’d try sth new.
    I didnt really resist, since it felt good, so he just started smiling, with his sexy ass. Lol

    Ok, thanx 4gettin me heated, i really aprreciate the flashback visuals. Haha

    It’s just a lil sth for the freakier ppl 2try, if used right, it can be a gd thing!

  • AGK

    Btw, Erica knows what it’s all about fellas. LOL

  • Just-a-black-girl

    Hmmm, I’m liking the sound of this…*blushes* Thanks for sharing….

  • da ThRONe

    Gotta admit Im not sure if its classify as choking or not but I love putting my hands around a girls neck during sex. Like a pitcher its just a extra pitch you use to change up so the batter dont get use to you. Im olny aggressive towards female in the bedroom and this is the prefect example of that aggressiveness!

  • moonstarz

    I was just talking about this with one of my male friends recently. Good topic! As for me, I’m all for it!

  • ChicagoPeach

    I got my guy to choke me for the first time a few weeks ago; he was a bit apprehensive at first, but after doing so he actually was turned on himself…YUM!

  • Ms. Madison

    The first time I felt his hands around my throat, I said WTF? Then came an intense sense of pleasure that rivaled anything else. To allow a person to do this involves the greatest amount of trust. Even with my hand planted on his wrist he could take me 5 minutes before God snatches me in a nanosecond. A chokehold makes me feel like I’m floating, euphoric comes to mind.

  • Ms. Royalty

    One of the first people I ever had sex with choked me a few years ago. When it happened, I wasn’t even so much concentrated on what he was doing just how it felt. Flash forward an hour or two and I’m like, “he choked me”. Even more, I’m thinking about how much I liked it.

    Now, I’m pretty much uninhibited during sex. I’ll try pretty much everything. I know a lot of people aren’t like that, so I like to feel a person out before I tell them all of the things I like that could be considered weird. But when I come across that person who I trust enough to choke me, it’s always a wonderful feeling. It’s even better during rough sex. Makes me want some now…

  • BADbrownbunny

    The only thing I’d like to CHOKE is my new X Boo Boo.

    He was seen by my best friend grabbing his Baby Mama’s Ass. The same Baby Mama he don’t like…..The same Baby Mama he asked me if it’s cool that she live there for a few when her new man bust her butt.

    I didn’t even tell him I knew I just put my skates on……..

  • BADbrownbunny

    I know off topic – OOOppps but I had to tell someone ;.)

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Damn……..I have been involved in a little freakiness, but NOT this one…NOW, I’ma have to see how my baby-girl responds to a lil pressure at the neck since she too, likes it rough. But it’s also good to read experienced ppl comment that it’s not really choking, but dominating and applying restraing pressure but not paralyzing pressue. Whew…glad I read this…I’da been on the news for choking a woman until she turned BLUE…and when a brown skinned honey turns blue…THAT can NOT be good!

  • Anonymous

    I’m speechless. The post is crazy sexy and refreshingly honest . I’m into being choked and pretty aggressive dom sex. I love a man who takes that sort of control and can handle my assertiveness in turn.

    *slight smile*

  • XxXLady

    OMG!!!! I hate when I’m “engaging” with a guy (in any sort of way) and he say’s the 3 words I despise the most: “Are you sure?” I mean like what do guys (or girls) be thinking when they ask that question? It’s like…ugh never mind!!

    But anyway let me finish reading this entry…

  • XxXLady

    Okay, wow! Honestly, when you I read “She Liked Being Choked” I really thought you meant she would be sucking your d*ck and you’d try to fight her tonsils, and choke (make her gag) that way…but okay!!

    Hell, “If you like it, I love it!”

  • NWSO


    That kinda chocking sounds like it might lead to blowing chunks. (coming soon)

  • Nicole

    Absolutely love it. As long as the guy doesn’t get TOO aggressive with it…because then it goes from being sexy to…..scary!! Lol. I once told a guy I liked to be choked and he literally choked the ish out of me and I couldn’t breath. Not hot.

  • Phelisha

    The last guy that I was having sex with put his hands gently up around my neck. It honestly sent chills through me. He asked me if I liked it and I told him to do it again. I absolutely love it..

  • Amanda

    You had me hooked at “She Liked Being Choked”

  • SweetSexyThang

    This story turned me on for real! I use to mess with this younger cat (I was in my early 20’s) and he was actually the first and unfortunately the last person that choked me. I have to admit, it is absolutely a turn on. People don’t understand that in the heat of passion I wasn’t getting choked to were I couldn’t breathe (Hell naw) but just to feel his big hands slightly grasping my neck was the ish. I mentioned it to another partner,and maybe its the way I said it scared him LOL.

  • Anonymous

    This isnt anything new or shocking to me. personally, i love being choked. im one of those women who get turned on when my man treats me like a “whore” in the bedroom. lol call me names i would otherwise be offended by, choke me, toss me around, slap me up. the whole 9. when I was less experienced I would have thought this was insane but i guess I got with the right guy and i’ll admit he turned me completely OUT.

  • Jbea4

    I love it. Seriously love it. Like Erica said, there’s nothing better than being dominated in a “I got you baby, your safe with me” way. Geez. So damn Hot!
    My first time being choked was when my hubby did it accidentally, during doggy, and it sent me crazy. It makes you feel light headed, like your flying, absolute euphoria. Its better than any drug.
    And I also want to clarify, that in my experience, it is absolutely not choking in the scary serial killer, i cant breath, kind of way. More a firm but gentle pressure to the blood flow. If you cant breath youve gone too far, if you black out youve gone too far. If your guy is attentive and observant, he’ll know how far to take it. Rough sex does not imply a lack of gentleness.

  • Jbea4

    Sorry, I misquoted, it wasn’t Erica, it was someone anonymous I think. Anyway, my point remains the same. HOT SHIT. Try it!

  • dave

    weirdest thing I was asked is wether she could cut me, and do some “blood play” i was like fuck no! that was weird