R.I.P. Big Pun (Was He Better Than Biggie?)

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“I just lost a hundred pounds, I’m tryin’ to live, I ain’t goin’ nowhere, I’m stayin’ alive, baby…”

—Big Pun, “It’s So Hard,” 2000

Damn, it’s hard to believe but today marks nine years since Christopher “Big Pun” Rios passed away. As the first solo Latino rap artists to go platinum, Pun has his place in the history books but I’m not sure if he always gets his props. Son was a beast on the mic, crafting timeless hits like “Still Not a Player,” “Twinz (Deep Cover 98),” “100%” and “It’s So Hard.” As a fellow portly performer that was lyrically sharp and charismatic, he helped fill a void that had been left vacant after Biggie died.

While I don’t have as crisp a memory about Pun’s passing as I do of the Notorious B.I.G.’s, that doesn’t mean I respect the man’s talents. In fact, I was debating with my boys the other day that Pun may have actually been a better pound-for-pound lyricist than Biggie. Yeah, I’m from Brooklyn and I said it.

True, Big flipped the script with Life After Death, which is one of the best double-albums in hip-hop, and even gave Bone Thugs-N-Harmony a run for their style on “Notorious Thugs,” but Pun had some sick bars. Tell me heads wasn’t hitting rewind when he spit, “Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didn’t do diddily,” on “Twinz.”

Then of course there’s his monstrous verse on “The Dream Shatterer”: “Ayo, I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team/Your squadron’ll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden/I’m carvin’ my initials on your forehead/So every night before bed you see the ‘BP’ shine off the board head/Reverse that, I curse at the first wack nigga with the worst rap/Cause he ain’t worth jack/Hit him with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap/Make his whole body jerk back, watch the Earth crack/Hand him his purse back/I’m the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull/Master the flow, niggas be swearin’ I’m blacker than coal/Like Nat King, I be rappin’ and tongues packin’/The ones, magnums, cannons and Gatling guns/It’s Big Pun! The one and only son of Tony… Montana/You ain’t promised manana in the rotten manzana/C’mon pana we be mob rhymers/Feel the marijuana, snake bite, anaconda/A man of honor wouldn’t wanna try to match my persona/Sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like Nirvana/Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna/Go try to find another rhymer with my kinda grammar.”

On top of all the lyrical clinics he delivered, Pun—like Biggie—could also craft hit records. I always wished we could have heard the both of them on a track together, but unfortunately they didn’t share the spotlight while they both were alive. My real dream was to have them do an album together and call it Twin Towers. Could you imagine those two going back and forth for a full LP? Guaranteed classic material and maybe then we would have been able to see who was better.

So what do you guys think; was Pun a better lyricist than Biggie? I’m not talking hit records and radio singles, but actual lyrical ability. Who was nicer with words on the mic? Why do you think people overlook Pun sometimes? Would Pun have been as successful if Biggie didn’t pave the way for him? Would you have liked to hear these two on a record together? Is it unfair to even compare these two because Pun didn’t have as much material as Big?

Speak your piece…





  • Anonymous

    From the Boogie, loved Pun, but in a word. NO. He was great, but not Biggie great.

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  • http://www.anthonytaurus.com Anthony Taurus

    Whooooooooooaaaa… BIG PUN IS THE MAN.. and I think they were at least equal. As Mo’nique would categorize me, I am a Blacktino lol. Born and raised in the Bronx. I remember what it was back in the day. Hip Hop wasn’t so damn racist as whites, spanish, and black folks were all in it together – taggin, breakin, rappin, and gettin arrested, together. But, Hip Hop turned into this almost “blacks only” affair or something. I blame Vanilla Ice for whites gettin excommunicated tho lol. But, spanish folks weren’t gettin their due respect for a long time.

    Pun, along with Fat Joe and that whole Terror squad, came on the scene and broke them walls down a bit. But, even then they still weren’t gettin that play even today. The only spanish dude rappin are doin it in Spanish in Puerto Rico. In the end, it really all amounts to marketing and appeal ya know. I think if they battled, which seems to be a forgotten skill these days, it would go on forever. They were that nice.

    But, I tell you this much. I never bought a BIGGIE album until that compilation shit came out. But, I got all of Big Pun’s albums the day they dropped and then some like that Violator album where he had the closing verse on one Heavyweights. He comes out the gate SWINGING. “Ayo fuck you, fuck ya whole crew for breathing, fuck ya mother, ya father, ya kids, for nooo reason!” Pun had appeal to me! So, in my biased opinion, Puerto Rican Chris was better than the Black Chris LOL.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    I still think Pun could have brought it to BIG on the mic. Pun appears to be falling into the same trap that Big feel into with debates about him being better than Pac, Pac just had way more material out there and still to this day, so folks have more to reference for Pac than for Big. Same situation here, Biggie may have had two albums as well, but he had maaaaaaddd guests verses while Pun had less.

    And you’re right, the game would definitely be different if both or even one of them were still here.

    [Big Pun]
    Yo, yo, champagne on the rocks
    pour on the fort knox lazura
    shark salad with cabbage
    pork chops and applesauce
    twin connection, disrepect watch your body cave in
    pump the shotty guagin, hit the shorty while he potty training
    i ain’t playing, i’m truly the worst
    simply the first to get his whole body fully reversed
    uzi it hurts, leave you double-dead
    i’ma a bubble-head, i never listen to nothing my mother said
    ay yo i hold niggas ransom for money
    like johhny handsome
    been sonning niggas for so long
    i think i got a grandson
    my passion is money, a stash and a honey
    that won’t ask questions but will blast anybody
    thats my kind of girl, kinda of world i want to live in
    not a cell or a prison or in hell’s armageddon
    just a little ghetto
    where my niggas control the middle
    we know the riddles of life where others know only a little

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    I’m all for the debate, anyone’s free to pull out lyrical quotes to plead their case.

  • Mark B. Esquire

    Simply put, both were ill…real ill! However only one was ill with no pen or paper. I always wonder what would happen if both were still around, would the game have be saturated by ‘bling rap’? Would we have been ‘over’ Big? Would Pun have made all his bread and hit Miami and chill out like Fat Joe tends to do? Who knows…I know this though, to date lyrically speaking, nobody was eating Bigs food. He rapped with a sense of complexity, street ish, and marketability. He was thinking ‘BIG’ picture with every rhyme. With that said I leave with this B.I.G. Quote: “This goes out for those that choose to use/Disrespectful views on the King of NY/Fuck that, why try, throw bleach in your eye/Now ya Braille in it, stash that light shit, or scalin it/Conscience of ya nonsense in eighty-eight Sold more powder than Johnson and Johnson/Tote steel like Bronson, vigilante/You wanna get on son, you need to ask me/Ain’t no other king in this rap thing/They siblings, nothing but my chil’ren/One shot, they disappearin/Its ill when, MC’s used to be on cruddy shit/Took home, Ready to Die, listened, studied shit/Now they on some money shit, successful out the blue/They light weight, fragilly, my nine milly make the white shake, thats why my money never funny/And you still recoupin, stupid”

  • GoodieGabor

    Pun was ill. His flow and his pen were ridiculous. Better than Biggie? I would have to say Yes.

  • RobtheMusicEd

    Being Puerto Rican man I absolutely love Pun. I remember the day he passed and Angie MartineZ debuted “Its So Hard.” I broke down and cried when he says “I just lost 100 lbs, I’m tryna live.”
    It was sad.
    There will never be another Pun.
    That being said- I don’t believe he was better than BIG.
    While he did expiriment more with his flow and use more vocab, BIG just made the simplest shit sound so complex.

  • http://www.sacriligious.ning.com Sac Riligious

    Thats hard…For me I would have to say they both took the lyrical game to a whole notha level but style goes to biggie and wordplay goes to pun..Thats just how it is..What Happened to ‘toe to Toe’ and Super Lyrical…Yall puttin up commerce..Nuff Said

  • Hakim

    I don’t like pitting legends against one another.. We should appreciate both emcees for what they brought to the game.. Biggie and Pun both died at what seemed to be the pinnacle of the rap game.. It’s an interesting thought to imagine what the game would be like if they were still living, but they are not and we are.. They’ve left us enough to understand the difference between a rapper, emcee and lyricist.. Both were all of the above which is rare in today’s game.. Because of my particular background and growth I prefer Biggie but damn I wish they could have recorded together.. That would have been BIG!!!

  • Joink!

    Rap nerd discussion..in IN.
    I must agree that Pun often gets overlooked when discussing lyrical ability. His wordplay was the sickest. in a time when people like Pun and Canibus and others like them were really experimenting with how to fill dense and clever wordplay into still relatable and understandable flows, Pun was up there for sure. As far as overall star-power and charisma, Biggie had him beat. But im saying for having the odds against you being a big, unattractive rap dude, Pun was in there. He put in work. Capital Punishment was the best of his albums and i STAYED hitting rewind to really “catch” the flow.

    “Flawless victory, yall niggas cant to shit to me/
    lyrically, physically, hypothetically realisitically/
    im the epitmome of catching wreck/
    snatch you when you cash your check/
    smash you when you pass,
    then jack you for your f**kin Lex/
    nothin less than the best if the squad did it/
    hard headed niggaz better beware, and fear like God said it”

    “Don’t f**k around and catch a rude awakenin’/
    My crew’s basically waitin’ patiently for you to move your patrons in/
    Then we’ll surround you/
    form Desert Storm and pound you
    Look around you,/
    Terror Squad’s everywhere like Soundview /
    The Boogie Down do it like nobody, who are we? /
    The foundation, you’re facin’ a whole army…”


    OH HELL TO THE NAHHH! I am a female “blacktino” and I liked both Big Pun and Biggie. I seriously doubt they can be comparable…..period.

    “I got 7 mac11’s about 8 38’s, 9 9’s, 10 mac10’s, the shits never end. You can’t touch my riches even if u had mc hammer and them 3-57 bitches.
    Biggie Smalls, the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht, the 2 weed spots, the 2 hot glots, thats how i got the weed spot…I shot dread in the head took the bread and the lamb spread. little gotti got the shottie to your body so dont resist or u might miss Christmas. i tote guns i make number ones. i give mc’s the runs drippin when i throw my clip in the a.K. i slay from faraway everybody hit the D.E.C.K. my slow flows remarkable. peace to mateyo, now we spoke weed like tony montana sniffed the yeyo, thats crazy blunts phat L’s. my budget sales from the avenue to jail cells Oh my god I droppin shit like a pigeon. i hope you’re listening, smacking babies at they christening”

    That freestyle above along with the flow of the beat was the absolute hottest thing I have heard since. Love Big Pun but Biggie is forever #1 to me

  • Blast-Fu

    Had to chime in…wordplay, metaphors, delivery. nuff said…
    Ay-yo my murderous rap verbal attack is actual fact
    Tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats
    Half a you lack the magical dap of tragical rap
    That tackles you back and shackles
    and laughs at you
    That’s…the mathematical madness I’m on,
    the savage, the strong
    The marriage, a bond of havoc and song
    This massacre’s on as if Picasso laced you
    There’s lotsa hateful skeletons locked
    in the closet of my castle of Grayskull
    I pass’em at grade school,
    that’s why I have to debate you
    My raps are like Capel, slashin’ your face, you
    That’s how a master degrades you
    I’m battlin’ Jesus (hay-soos)
    if he passes through my label
    I’m snatchin’ his halo
    God I pray that you send my father back as an angel
    Language is fatal and it’s hypnotizin’
    I’m only emphasizin’,
    I’m still all about business and enterprisin’
    I’m super lyrical, with brain- booster chemicals
    I choose the tentacles inside of my mental projectable

    Just call me baby Jesus cuz lately
    niggaz be praisin’ me
    Just for the way I blaze the beat crazily,
    tape to CD lasery
    It pays to be amazingly flavory
    Gaze into my rhymes that basically hypnotize you occasionally

    (haha just reading that back made me feel cool!)

    Verdict? Wordplay, Flow: Pun…
    Overall Swag and Appeal: B.I.G

  • http://antistat.blogspot.com carlitomachete

    I’m with Sac…

    Always difficult to compare when styles are so different (and tastes so subjective). I mean, shit, back in 91, I’d be debating mu’fuckas in the dayroom for HOURS that Cube wasn’t as good at INTRICATE wordplay as G-Rap, and yet, cats weren’t hearing it.

    No knock to anybody outside NY ‘cuz the Hip Hop Nation is now a Universe, but the arguments tended to go THAT route: anybody from the 5 boros agreed that G-Rap’s wordplay was not to be fucked with, everybody outside thought we were crazy.

    With the B.I.G. vs Pun argument, the lines tend to be based on race, unfortunately. I’m with Taurus; all that being excluded shit would get me and the crew hella frustrated, but I’d take my frustrations out on the mic, battlin’ cats from all 16 Shades to prove the point that Hip Hop really knows no color. (Dare I say, I was nice with mines. Ask around. lol)

    Anyway… I’d always had my own internal categorizing method(s) for MCs (too complicated to get into here), and even my own categories would sometimes overlap. In simplest terms, I’d felt that although Big and Pun played in the same content/thematic sandbox, one was using shovels and the other using rakes.

    Let’s not belabor the metaphor, so suffice it to say that while Pun used a lot of words to illustrate some incredible images, Big did the opposite. Each one’s wordplay was just as important to its creator, but they approached their rhyme-writing from opposite ends of the poetic spectrum.

    And by the way, with ALL due respect to B.I.G.’s legacy (@ Mark) a lot is made of his method for crafting rhymes without pen and paper (same as with Jay-Z), but don’t get it twisted: He may not have been jotting his lines down, but he was otherwise recording them as reference and then building on each line for the next and so on. (It’s good to have that much time in the studio, dig me?) Otherwise, we’d have to believe he was FREESTYLING every single song he made, and again, no dis, not only have I NOT heard him or anyone in his camp make that claim, but even if I did, I would’ve had to see that shit for myself.

    My vote as to who’s “better”: I have none. Their styles were too different. But for MY tastes, based on how the material they put out spoke to MY sensibilities and life experience, I get more out of Biggie than I do out of Pun.

  • Tracs

    I hope you’re good at ducking cuz i am throwing tomatoes, Naked. I’m sorry. Pun was a good rapper but he did not show the versatility that Big had. Notice I said show, not have. Who knows what could’ve been or what he had under his hat that he didn’t get to pull out. So going based on what I’ve heard. Biggie gave it all & is one of the few rappers I wondered how he would grow & get better than he already was. No comparison as far as I’m concerned. BIG.

  • Warren G

    wit ma sicamore style more sicca than yours. What!!
    What you gonna do/when big papa come for you.
    BIGGIE SMALLS!!!!!!!
    I would never speak of another while k speak of Christopher “Frank White” Wallace.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    @Da Butcha,

    What are you talking about? The whole 4th paragraph of my post is the first verse from “Dream Shatterer” It’s exhibit B of my argument.

    SMH @ blog skimmers




  • DJ CEO

    Great question. Easy Answer. No. Pun was grea without question. Wish both of them were around to do music together. But B.I.G was beyond great. He was phenomenal. The way he applied his personality to his raps and his humor was bar none. I mean come on, who else could say “Oh Woe Is Me” on a rap record?

  • Khalid Salaam

    I’ve said for years that Pun was simply a lyrical machine. His writing ability was really, actually, legitimately on some next level shit. And coupled with his flow made him a legend imo. Pun is top 15 all-time but better than Biggie? I would say no. Biggie’s ability to manifest comedy of out ghetto tragedies (ex. his verse on “Get Money”, “Gimmie The Loot” ,etc) without actually making it goofy or corny was brilliant. Plus he was a sick writer in his own right and should be given props for writing stuff for Kim and whomever else he ghost-wrote for. Plus Big made mood music. Like whatever he was feeling he made you feel it too. His words had a psychological angle to them that i would say Pun’s didnt. However and in Pun’s defense, I will say this though. BIG doesn’t have any jewels like Pun did. On songs like Capital Punishment (the title traack not the album) and “Punish Me” he showed a versatility that Big never could. He made grown man music while Biggie in many ways was still on some young shit. Its a close no doubt.

  • Young Wes

    Thank GOD someone brought up this topic. I thought I was the only one who thought Pun was the greatest MC in history. Dont get me wrong….Biggie is up there. But the opening verse on Dream Shatterer is unquestionably the greatest in rap history. Pun didn’t do as much in terms of bringing NYC back like Biggie did…but if you just listen to the words and the stuff said by pun, you can’t deny he is the greatest…and lets not forget about Eminem. Im not even a fan of Eminem…but i have to admit he is top 3 all time. Biggie is loved so much because the media refuses to let him go. Pun died and u havent heard shit about it since.

  • da ThRONe

    God im so happy i was born in time 2 understand how important this debate is!

    If i hear another song about cranking something or another “im gangsta but i love my woman” song i might puke 4real!

    with that said as nice as Pun was Biggie just had a stupid range and he’s story were more like motion pictures

    Who the fuck this/ paging me @ 5:46/
    in morning/ crack a dawning/now im yarning/
    wipe the cole out my eye/see whos this paging me and why/its my nigga prop/from the barber shop/ told me he was @ the gambling spot/ and heard the intrecal plot/ niggas wanna stick me like fly paper/ neighbor/ slow down love please chill drop the caper/
    Warning is a classic and 1 of my all time great songs

  • Fat Face

    Pun was better than biggie handz down… Biggie was good TRUE… but, Pun was PHENOMENIAL. He his and will forever be one of the greatest rappers next to PAC. They had something that no other rapper can compare. The only difference about big and pun is you always hear bout big but, you neva hear bout pun. Both of em hell, all three of em deserve their props. Because they all brought something to the rap game and yes, I think pun would have succeeded without big or anyone else paving the way. He was the first solo latino rapper EVER to platinum. I believe he had as much material as big but he’s not noticed because what? He wasn’t talking bout flippin hoes and makin money? That’s crazy. I am so glad you brought up this forum topic in dedication to pun so people can hear and remember and realize he may be gone but never, ever forgotten. Those who never heard pun can have a new sound in rap music a latino sound because wanted to inspire the world through his music. Any struggles or difficulties in life you’ll see with him as well as with the other two men I mentioned above that they were human too and had struggles like me but, they came from dirt and at least showed that you can do anything you set your mind to…

  • Shyne

    Hm Im a fan of BIG and PUN but personally prefer to give my vote to Pun man listen to that on Twinz and Im not talking bout that Italy thing but about that that he pushed all of his verses in this song the same as the Italy thing

  • da ThRONe

    Im sorry did dude say refer 2 Biggie as good? And then Pun Phenomenial? Its important 2 state that music is a matter of opinions! But come on man 2 call Biggie good is an understatement if there ever was 1! 2 albums both 5 mic records. Big had all the punch lines, wordplay, and flow of a Pun but had mad range. Me and my bitch next 2 Meth and Mary was the best hip-hop love song i heard! And suicidual thoughts was so deep i just didnt get that kinda depth from Pun. And when skills and flows are close i go 2 range and depth and thats where Biggie takes the lead 2 me

  • BacardiRu

    Pun was the illest. And “Punish Me” was also one of the greatest love songs ever made. It wasn’t that lovey-dovey shit, it was a real ass story, that a lot of us are familiar with. Pun was gonna take it to a whole nother level. I’m still sad to this day that he’s gone, and I still have an original Capital Punishment CD. I never bought a Biggie CD…



  • whaat

    I have to say that Big Pun takes the lead for me. Big Pun was/is and will 4ever be the greatest that ever touched the mic. His flow/lyrics are just too incredible and songs like Dream Shatterer, Punish Me, Twinz, Leatherface, Off Wit His Head etc. proves it all. I love Biggie too hes my 2nd right after Pun. But Pun was lyrically better and his flow was slighty better. Dont forget that Pun was 500 pounds but still could rap smoother/faster/hotter than anyone, plus he was versatile like Biggie too. He told stories like Biggie too, just listen to “Fast Money” but he just didn’t have a long enough carreer to prove it to many more people. RIP PUN AND BIG 2 REAL KINGS OF NY/RAP!

    But Puns 4ever GOAT to me!!


    In terms of pure lyrical skill, Pun was edgier than BIG, it’s just that BIG knew how to flow over his bars so that the syncopation was perfect.

    Pun didn’t have the voice that BIG did.

    I suppose it depends on what you valued more, the style or substance.

    As an outsider from the West, I don’t favor either, but that’s my opinion.

    In terms of Pun’s weight, he just never took his health seriously.

    Fat Joe is headed for that same fate.

    Joey Crack certain victim of a fatal heart attack.

    I respect the Puerto Ricans, but I’d take Kid Frost over any of them when it comes to street cred.

    The first Latino rapper……

  • izzo

    “I’m not talking hit records and radio singles, but actual lyrical ability”

    you just answered your own question

  • http://vicelounge.com tai (vicelounge)

    biggie vs pun:

    biggie because he was a better storyteller and, unfortunately, we have more material to work with.

    kinda like penny hardaway vs jordan. penny was a beast but we never able to see or realize his full potential because of horrible injuries that robbed him, and the fans, of fulfillment.

    sounds wack, but sometimes luck/blessings play a part. we can argue potential all day, and they look very similar but the amount amazing quotables and hit records lean to B.I.G.

    sidebar: tupac and biggie are not burdened by material. tupac made TOO much music, a lot of it ok. he could NEVER be wack or mediocre but because he had so much he watered down his body of work. biggie’s camp was selective, so we only heard the many bangers.

    -tai allen

  • robert

    I believe that Big Pun was better than Biggie. I like them both, but Pun had the release of the tongue twists down. And “if” only if they were alive to date the rapp world would most likely be different.How cool would be if Biggie Pun and Eminem could have done a song together?……..

    But that has nothing to with this. I am saying Chris Rios “Big Punisher”(Big Moon Dawg) was better than Biggie. Agian not discrediting Biggie, but Pun was the better lyricallist.He told stories differently then Biggie. Buttom line BIG PUNISHER 4EVER.
    R.I.P to both performers. Oh p.s. I wanna see a biopic ’bout Pun.

  • john

    ok i will forever listen to both artists,but Big Punisher was the greatest mcee ever to hold a mic. “Still Not A Player” “Dream Shatterer” “What You Gonna Do” “Momma” ect. Pun did alot more stuff, but they just ain’t releasin’ it. They don’t want to ruin his legacy.
    Speakin’ of legacy…. “The Legacy Of Big Pun”, had DMX,Method,Snoop ect all sayin’ nobody has been able to touch Big Pun as far as his release and lyrics.
    And robert is right, they do need to make a biopic ’bout Pun. They comin’ out wit’ a 2pac biopic. Why does Big Pun not get his props?Y is he over looked? Anybody get the Big Pun The Nicest from amazon? Some unreleased tracks by Pun w/guests. Pun has alot of unreleased tracks, as i said b’4. There are tracks w/remy,Next,Naughty by nature, and some unreleased solo tracks, that’s not even on the market. But you have to find’em on a ligal download site.
    Pun was the best ever to do it. He will forever be remembered. R.I.P Chris Rios “Big Pun”

  • Menority

    Yo Big Pun was the best hip hop artist in those times.

    I will never forget you Big Pun here in Puerto Rico we got your heart…

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  • Yavnik

    Just wanted to say, they were about to record togethor. Fat Joe showed biggie some of puns songs, and biggie said he was dope and he would definatley record with him. Two weeks later biggie was shot dead. There’s an interview with pun, where he is saying he will do a duet with biggie at heavens gates.

  • Yavnik

    Just wanted to say, they were about to record togethor. Fat Joe showed biggie some of puns songs, and biggie said he was dope and he would definatley record with him. Two weeks later biggie was shot dead. There’s an interview with pun, where he is saying he will do a duet with biggie at heavens gates.

  • Blondetesteban

    i agree is a tought debate is like saying dat jay z was better lirically them eminem  but no way.big pun was a lirical genious with word play freestyle  and everything. biggie smalls was a master of story telling but pun would have done the same. u never listen to you aint  killer?? try to buy his unrelaese tracks . endengered species the punisher. and yeah baby was ok.. is all opinion. biggie- and pun to me were both sick.

  • Blondetesteban

    i agree is a tought debate is like saying dat jay z was better lirically them eminem  but no way.big pun was a lirical genious with word play freestyle  and everything. biggie smalls was a master of story telling but pun would have done the same. u never listen to you aint  killer?? try to buy his unrelaese tracks . endengered species the punisher. and yeah baby was ok.. is all opinion. biggie- and pun to me were both sick.

  • Blondetesteban

    i hate when people only give props to biggie and pac?? like come on get of their dicks.. ok yes biggie and pun were legend of the great but it was probly other great mc. like pun kool g rap and others dat were dope to.

  • Harpsichord123

    At Least Big Pun had intelligence-Biggie looked almost as good as Fat Albert, was almost as smart as Dumb Donald, and almost as easy to put with as what the American flag which means the same thing to me as the Confederate flag is to a proud Native American Muslim. The one I love was of course TUPAC! The one I REALLY love is GIL SCOTT HERON! I wish lil Kim would wake up and move on. She was too good for Biggie.