Slippery When Wet (Female Ejaculations)

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The other day I decided to have an adult conversation about oral sex on the site and that’s exactly what I got. A bunch of commenters went in offering tips, suggestions and all sorts of freaky ish revolving around the oral arts. (And people say what I write is TMI). It was all good, clean grown folk fun and we need as many distractions as possible in a recession. During the course of the dialogue, a side conversation got started between a few people about female ejaculation or what some label “squirting.” This was actually a topic I was thinking about covering at some point, and since the doors already been opened, I figure there’s no better time than the present.

My first experience with a “squirter” was way back in my college days. There was this girl that I was hanging out with through much of the summer and one day she invited me over to the house. One thing led to another, and we got it on. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything out of the norm, just my regular NWSO deep stroke, when shorty started squirming underneath me. No big deal I thought, she’s about to cum. To my surprise, this was no normal orgasm. She moaned increasingly in anticipation of the volcano that was about to erupt from her loins and came like I don’t know what. I mean I could hear this distinct squishing sound as I continued to thrust inside of her and by time we were done both me and the bed were soaked in her fluids.

In retrospect, it was a great experience and accomplishment, but at the time I was scared shitless that I had “broke” something. “Are you okay,” I asked anxiously.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding assuredly. “It scares guys but that’s just how I cum. It doesn’t always happen but I guess you hit that spot.”

Needless to say, shorty and I engaged in physical acts for a while after that and I kept finding that spot. It got to a point where I knew exactly what position to put her in to make her pipes burst and she knew it was on whenever I laid a towel down on the bed before we got it on. Sorry, I enjoyed her juices saturating my stomach, but I wasn’t trying to fuck up my sheets and mattress every time she got a super wet nut. If ever she squirted unintentionally, I made sure she got the wet spot in the bed. It’s her mess, she might as well lay in it. LOL. I kid, I kid.

Aside from this other chick I put it on one drunk night; that was my only “squirter.” But there was this one girl that I almost took to that special place but she was just too scared to go there. She and I had been dealing with each other for a minute and knew each other’s bodies pretty well. There’d be these times where we were going at it and she’d be like, “Ans, I have pee.”

“No you don’t,” I’d bark back.

“Yes, I do. I really have to go.”

“Trust me, it’s not pee. You’re gonna have the most intense orgasm of your life.”

“No, no, I can’t take it,” she’d yelp. “I have to pee.”

“Okay, then pee,” I’d smirk, while riding her harder. “Just let it go, I don’t care.”

“No, I can’t, I’ll mess up your bed. I have to pee.”

“Fine, suit yourself,” I’d say before finally releasing her from my sexual vice grip. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Every time without fail, she’d go to bathroom but never could get a drop of pee to come out. She’d return to the bedroom later to continue what we were doing, but she’d never get that special tingle back again. I’d always tell her, “You were this close to ecstasy.” Oh, well, her loss.

Fellas, have any of you ever been with a squirter? How did you respond the first time it happened? Ladies, are you a squirter? How did you discover how to reach that sexual plateau? Was it more about the partner you were with at the time or where you were mentally? Were you scared the first time it happened? Is squirting way more intense than a normal orgasm? Can a female that has control over her ejaculation do it on demand or do you need to be in a special zone? Do you have to use the towel technique to save your mattress and avoid sleeping in the wet spot?

Speak your piece…


Since people seemed to have a lot of questions about this topic last time, I figured I’d try to provide a little information about this hard to reach phenomenon. According to the articles I Googled, female ejaculatory fluid is NOT urine. In fact, the urinary tract in men and women normally shuts down during sexual intercourse making that very unlikely. Researchers have found that the female ejaculate is basically the same chemical composition as semen—minus the sperm. The key to achieving this pleasure principle is finding and stimulating the ever-elusive G-Spot.

  • Not every woman can easily ejaculate, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work as you expect. In saying this, every woman has the biological anatomy to ejaculate—so it is possible, in theory. It may be more difficult for some because of her physical makeup: weak pelvic floor muscles, inability to properly relax, etc. It takes practice to perfect this trick and learn how to relax properly and go with the flow, so to speak. It is also not a bad idea for your girl to practice this on her own—then she can get the gist of it without feeling shy about the whole pee thing.”

Video advice

Part 1

Part 2

And those looking for NSFW (not safe for work material) Google for a few sample videos of a female squirting about three-feet in the air. NOTE: NWSO does not co-sign or endorse any of the information and material found on said site.

Happy hunting, kids and as always, please, strap up.

Respectfully yours,



  • yes

    I don’t squirt. That would freak me out.

  • randomgirl

    i first experienced this in college. I thought I had to pee but he wouldn’t stop so I finally just let go of the tense feeling and it happened. He was upset because he thought i pissed on him. Obviously we both weren’t that experienced with it. By senior year I was well aware of my super powers . Needless to say it is hot to death mind blowing orgasm, however I don’t do it all the time or with everyone. I save it for my “wild out sessions” and only with a dude I know can handle my flow. (pun intended). One time it was so intense I swear I had convulsions and was on the brink of dehydration.

    Those of us with the gift know how and when to use it.

  • New Money

    I’ve only ever been able to do it with one guy.

    God, i miss that guy.


  • VOD

    Off-topic: The corbis picture is fucking hilarious!

    No comments otherwise, will just keep on reading…..

  • lady may

    Bravo on this topic, NWSO. To answer your questions- I am a proud squirter. I discovered this amazing feat at 17 years old while showing myself some love- so to speak. It wasn’t until years later when I was engaged in intercourse that I found this could be achieved with another person in the room. As far as being able to do it “on demand” I can still make it happen by myself. There happens to be no need since my man is equipped with a wicked tongue game. It also happens through penetration but mostly from the back. Before we got intimate- I warned him that I can explode like Old Faithful. It didn’t scare him but rather turned him on. We still lay the towel down because NO ONE likes the wet spot. And what a wet spot it is ! Wait, was that TMI?

    Btw, I have to second VOD’s kudos. Great pics!

  • sohoissooverated

    Lol I had my first squirt when the R.Kelly song Imma Flirt came out and it was an inside joke everytime when my bf and I said Imma Squirt. Lol.

    We do the towel technique cuz it gets messy.

    And I still 2 this day think im peeing SMH

  • K-Love

    I have always needed a towel during sex. At 16 I was caught in the act with my boyfriend, we tried to play it off and act as if we doing nothing until we noticed the wet spot the moment his mother walked into the room. She automatically knew what we were doing, and she was pissed. He on the other hand was so happy that He could not even lie to her anymore, and I was so embarrassed because it looked like I pee’d in the bed. From then on out it has been smooth sailing. Never have I gave a man a ruff ride. And it can happen numerous times. I myself am not satisfied with only one, I always aim high, cumming at least 3-4 times. (Big ups to my average brothers puttin in work). And this may be TMI, but when my man pulls out right when im cumming he enjoys the waterworks. Sometimes i get more distance than him. Its a beautiful feeling. Its not just an orgasm when you are a squirter, Its a party and my mans penis is always invited. For those who have not mastered the squirt, you have no idea what you are missing. I advise you to get those Kegel muscles to work. Test drive yourself till the point you can’t take anymore. If you are mentally already at that point you will enjoy every sexcapade. If you push you body to the limit, the man is only a tool. Not like that, but he is only a tool. Ladies learn and love your body, you will be surprised at what heights your body can reach…

  • LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

    I’m just dying from the pics. LOL

  • atowncalledbeatdown

    I had a “squirter” once…whoa…hot shit

    @ randomgirl and K-Love….uh…er…um…How do I say….?


  • Shay

    I can, but only by myself. The first time it happened I was freaked out because I had never felt anything so powerful. I thought that I was going to urinate, but then I was like fuck it, this feels to good. Needless to say, it was every where, lol. After the first time, I did it over and over again. :) I made a video tape and showed it to my man at the time and he was livid that I never let it happened with him. For some reason I can’t. I guess mentally I won’t let myself.

  • goddessjaz

    K-Love, randomgirl, and lady may, you’re my idols, lol!

    I appreciate NWSO for bringing this up. A while back, a couple of friends and I did a screening of this film called Divine Nectar about female ejaculation. It turned into a male vs. female discussion/battle of sexuality when it was supposed to be educational and a way to expand the mind with new and different perspectives. Sigh.

    The film is aesthetically cheesy but the overall message is good: that female ejaculation is an expression of divine feminine energy and has physical and emotional healing properties for both men and women. Female ejaculation gets a bad rap like it’s some parlor trick freak show, thanks to much male-directed porn. But it take skills and muscle control for women to be able to ejaculate like that, and is another manifestation of the power of the female body.

    I can see how as a teen this would freak someone out but now as an adult, what a gift! More reasons why women shouldn’t be afraid to explore their bodies and unlock its mysteries.

  • Eruptress Indeed

    i discovered my waters of life technique during self play…i could actually see it squirt out.. it felt so good that i couldnt be scared. When i had the same experience while receriving oral pleasure i was afraid old boy would be turned off.. but alas he was not (whew)…he’s the only one 2 this day that can do that to me…my other experiences unfortunatly havent been an Orka splash moment.. Sexually i have squirted and the men ive been with love it as much as i do..cant squirt on demand to mark my territory though…

  • Edward Madux

    F@#king up the bed and floor IS NOT SEXY. That said, I’ll take that stay (inside)


  • sweet art

    It took me a while to become comfortable with the niagra between my legs, but I did grow very comfortable with it. I mistakenly thought it was an experience that happened occasionally and not unpleasantly and would become easily annoyed with lovers who expected that they could make me rain any time they pleased and shut shit down quickly because maybe I was selfish with my special skill. Then came the ex who couldn’t miss… I could be feeling blissfully in love or cussing mad or even half asleep and hoping it would be over fast and well brother just had the gift. It was almost infuriating how well matched we were in that way and how ridiculously poorly matched in others… After him I began to recognize a certain pattern- the longer I was with a partner the less I squirted in the classic gushy sense, although I am told I am far wetter than average all the time I have theories that mostly boil down to I am easily bored. Somehow familiarity seemed to gum up the waterworks. The present man seems to be a keeper, not just because he is well into year two and still batting 1.000, but because the more I know, the more I love.

  • LL

    Nope, never been one of those….

  • NWSO

    @Righteous Mama,

    Nope, I ain’t touting anything. LOL. Just providing a service for the people. :P

  • righteous mama

    HILARIOUS PICS! That has only happened 2 me once. I wouldn’t say I was scared but i did feel confused. The sensation was so unfamiliar I didn’t know what the hell was happening to me. Yes, you have to go with it goes down. NWSO, are you touting yourself as an expert g-spot finder??

    Seriously tho…cool info! There are too many people (men and women) out there who are so unaware of their own bodies and sex in general.

  • Ameretta


    A topic right up my alley!

    I wrote in the previous topic about oral sex, J-Tall and myself had an indepth conversation about it…read about it in the previous post but I have one thing to say:

    Hi! My name is Ameretta & I am a squirter!

    Hi Ameretta!

    “Hello Group!”

    NWSO you never disappoint me!

  • Shay

    @ K-Love…I am right there with you. They are like Lays chips, “can’t have just one.” But I think I broke a record or something, because I came 21 times in one day and after that I had a non-stop sensation to pee but nothing would come out, lol. I was scared and I thought I might have to go to urgent care :) I felt like such a perv, but it was the best feeling in the world!

  • Indescribable

    This is very interesting. I have a situation. HELP!! Everyone please feel free to comment or advise…
    Question: I am not sure I am a squirter b/c I can guarantee that I have never had an orgasm. The problem is I am so wet from the jump that my partner feels less compelled to put in the necessary work and assumes that I have been satisfied b/c everything is soaked.
    I have stopped having sex for the last almost 4 years b/c I am tired of being unsatisfied. I bought a Rabbit and figured if I could get myself there, then I could explain to my next “special” friend how to get the job done right. Still to no avail… It’s like a reach the edge of the cliff and can never force myself to jump. Any guiding words???

  • Simone

    Shoot, I could relate. I am ashamed to say, that that I have faked in the past and only realized that I was cheating myself all along. I think I have been close a few times during intercourse, but I am not completely sure. I know i felt more than the usual with my ex but nothin’ earth shattering, i am still not sure. Masturbating does something for me and in the end all i feel is frustration. I too want to fully experience complete satisfaction. Why is it so much easier for men rather than women? I only just found out about squirting a few months ago through a group discussion. I then started browsing on the internet looking for information, reading books, watching porn just to see what it looked like. Sometimes i wonder if my expectations are set to high for my partner. I practice my kiegals but i need to learn to relax and too me it’s just hard relaxing and contracting my walls around the penis at the same time.
    **sighs** one day, one day.

  • MikeD

    The photos on this post are great! I think maybe you should add photo editor to the resume soon sir. Really, stellar work, way to go above and beyond, the girl splashing her face, hilarious!!

  • NWSO


    Really, dude, what;s the difference. Join the rest of the class and enjoy… lol

  • NWSO

    Thanx for the pressure Ebony. LOL

    How is someone supposed to perform with that kinda pressure “the average woman has only had 8 orgasms by the time she’s 30″ Sheeesh, so much for lucky number 7

  • GVG

    In what world are we where everyone is a squirter? I’m not saying I got a super dick and after reading this I may be sure of it, but I have never reached the magical land where all ladies squirt and have PhD’s in headology. Going to start a black planet account and make friends with some lesbians. BRB

    Once again, I miss those facebook comment walls. :(

  • Sydnei

    Well…. when i first squirted it was during oral pleasure and i fell right to sleep after. A few yrs later i was playing w/ my rabbit in doggystyle and i could feel this build up of release and bam… it happened again. So, i tried to do it in other positions but it didnt work. I went and purchased a clit stimulator only – and o boy did it work!!! Its my favorite toy still to this day. I can control my squirting at times. More recently i was having sex in doggy style and i squirted which was the 1st time i ever did it w/ one in me…. it felt like heaven. i must admit that i have to be 100% relaxed in order to squirt.

  • Mumzz

    I had a squirter once when i was 19, I went down on the lady , she was 27, she showed me the basics ( i was still a novice @ cunninglingus). I got a lil fingering action in, the pelvic region was swiveling she was sounding like a wounded animal, i was all into it didn’t heed the warning, and her legs locked up around my head ( she damn near suffocated me) and she blasted my face like a high powered super soaker. i kid you not my face was dripping like i dunked my head in water. Messed her own sheets and all that. I freaked out at the time not knowing what she was capable of doing. It had me traumatized for a while, but when i learned that some women can do that, i learned to love that part of intimacy.

  • Sydnei


  • Ebony

    I have done it once or twice but since I have gotten older it takes longer (an hour or so). So, the man usually can’t hang long enough to get me there. There are usually a few things that must be stimulated or stroked (beside the clitoris and the g-spot) 1. you give her your undivided attention. 2. make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 3. Tell her how much she turns you on. and finally you must keep this statistic in mind…The average woman has only had 8 orgasms by the time she is 30…let alone multiple or gushers!!!!

  • Sydnei

    well im not at 30 and i cant even count the f orgasm ive had… lucky me – hell, im about to get one in right now im feeling a little frustrated. lmao!

  • Cherry

    I am a squirter and it usually occurs for me when I am in a particular mental state, its not necessary what the guy is doing.

    I can also tell you it does not feel like you are about to pee, if a girl tells you she feels like she has to go to the bathroom, please let her go. Seriously it does not feel like you need to pee.

    The first time it happend to me I was shocked like what the heck? LOL and the second time I thought the condom broke and it was the guy’s ejaculation but it was not, it was me. As we became more familar with the situation, we would put a towel down on the bed :-)

  • SultryKisses

    I read all of your blog and subsequent comments and felt compelled to put my own “two cents” in. I am also a squirter. I’m an older woman and believe me the stories are true, women do peak sexually in their 40’s. With that being said, I’ll tell you this…I was involved in a 6 year relationship with a much younger man who was an excellent lover. This particular man was the first man who was able to make me squirt and found it very much a turn on. The only set back is it can be a little messy. Here is something I firmly believe, if you are squirmish about sex and all the fluids that come along with the act, you’ll NEVER be good at it. Relax people and enjoy one another, only then will you truly have an ENJOYABLE experience in every sense of the word.

  • Deb

    Yes , I am one of the lucky ones. Women are capable of enjoying 3 types of orgasms…Clitoral, vaginal and paraurethral. Sometimes we may have a combination of the above types during climax and then we are in total heaven. The easiest way to “learn” to ejaculate paraurethrally, is to stimulate the area above the G spot when getting close to orgasm. The area will feel like a protrusion. That is the paraurethral gland filled with fluid. Stroke it firmly and rub across it energetically, then enjoy the rush, the soak or the squirt. It all depends on how the partner (or one’s self) positions the object of penetration. Practice makes perfect. Education is the key.

  • randomgirl

    all this technical talk is taking the sexy outta sex LOL. Most people don’t squirt, and those who do, don’t necessarily do it all the time. It is cool to have regular orgasms too, so guys don’t stress it. If if happens it happens.
    @NWSO—8 o’s in life? Wow startling! And sad LMAO.

  • purpledee aka miss2conceited

    well i have always need a towel before,during and after sex. I mean I didn’t get the name MISS WET WET for nothing.LOL. But Iam definitely a squirter never have I never…. not squirted each time I orgasm I hit my man with the splash waterfall… U KNOW.. so to all my men handling yo business enjoy the super SOAK.

  • BigSexy

    I am also a proud squirter. I first found out by myself around 20 yrs old. I thought I had pee’d in my bed. The first time it happened with a guy he flipped out, thought I had pee’d in his bed. I tried telling him what happened but he wasn’t hearing it. After being apart for a lil over a year, he called me to say sorry because he had his second experience with a squirter. Not every man can do that for me. It is a wonderful feeling….one that will truely make you fall asleep with your thumb in your mouth, lol!!!

  • Fat Face

    The first time I squirted I thought I had to pee but the guy being like nwso wouldn’t let me up so, he slept in the super soaked wet spot, he didn’t mind. The next time the guy told me that it was like a tsunami and a waterfall mix, picture that but what can I say except practice does make prefect and the more you practice the longer and stronger they become. Because the first time I was I was 18 now I’m 21 plus.

  • P. Lynn

    I guess I have been a “lil squirt” when I pleasured myself and since I started getting the pleasure of fellatio. My last encounter with being a lil squirt was hilarious bc I never know I’m doing it until we are ready to sleep and we laying in a wet spot, but last time my Mello Fellow went down on me it was great and getting to the climax he has on me and was like Ooh..Are you squirting me? I said oops sorry, and continued his feast…sorry thats very detailed. Lol. Squirting only happens when a female “comes hard”, thats what I call it. I come hard only if the stroke is grand and the tongue keeps on flicking, the squirt will happen.

  • neesee

    first off, love the topic…..

    big sexy… i agree with the wonderful feeling and will make you fall asleep with your thumb in your mouth…lmao

    i didn’t know i could squirt till i was late 20’s. i always thought it was incredible and wanted to learn to do it. finally meeting a particular man who was very open minded and taught me to relax my mind and explore different options and levels was i able to squirt. what a crazy sensation to wrap your mind around. i also thought i had too pee at first, but once i let it go and experienced it….omg, i cant get enough……. best place to be in life is in that subspace from intense sex/love making and squirting over and over again…. totally soak the bed!!! :) and i don’t know about your other women, but if my nipples get pinched hard while i am about to blow…. ah helll its alll over… niagra falls isn’t so grand…. lol

  • Nextasy

    I am a squirter and let me tell you it is the best orgasm ever. You will sleep well. It does depend on who you are with because the guy has to hit that spot continuously well. Yes, I can make myself squirt too.

  • lo

    well i have never came while having sex. i mean, it all feels great and i am soaked the whole time but i just cant nut lol. the only time i have ever came (other than from self play) was one time when my friend was performing oral sex. so ive just cum to realize dat i may not ever nut and to just enjoy the sex itself.

  • AliyeSexy

    I am not a squirter. But one of my friends is. In fact it is very difficult for me to have an orgasm during sex because I think it is usuallly vaginal and when I masturbate it is clitoral which is easy but does not give as much pleasure as vaginal. Maybe 8 times till 30 is true. I think for me it would be more than 8 less than 20 I guess but I think it will change after 30 because as I get older I enjoy and want sex more.

  • Beezie35

    I experienced that with my ex gf. I always knew that the g-spot was the place to be and right out of high school while she was a virgin, I ued to finger her and she would squirt so when we finally had sex, I would get her in missionary but thrust upwards and sure enough, she would squirt and if I finished before she did, she would rush to the bathroom and let it go. All u gotta do is thrust upwards to try to hit the g spot and they love it.

  • Simone

    Okay, now i am jealous. I am reading everyone’s post and hell, I wanna squirt too. I want to experience that ultimate orgasm. In two more years I will be 30 and haven’t had that experience yet…..**pouting**. lol

  • juicyb030381

    I am very familiar with the feeling of having to pee but it actually is the beginning of an orgasm. I have reservations of letting go….and this is why; me and a friend were engaged in oral. He was pleasing me. i felt like i had to pee so i asked him to stop and he wouldn’t. i had heard about the pee feeling actually being apart of the orgasm but i still felt as though i had to pee. I asked him to stop again but he didn’t. So i decided to let go hoping i would have the best orgasm of my life. Only to find out, yes, i had to pee. I let go and he was getting excited cause of all the moister untill he realized the moister was piss. I absolutely saturated his mattress and was so embarrassed. the moral to this story, i rather be safe than sorry or embarrassed for that matter.

  • ms get it right

    I’m a squirter on occassion….It all depends on the partner I’m with. I was so scared my first time it happened only because I really did think that I was peeing on him and when it was over he to;d me that it wasn’t pee, so I was like “Will you marry me?” j/k…. But seriously I was like any man that could take me there has to be someone special, and BIG. I haven’t had very many parteners that could take me there and when I do find one I’m in ecstasy, pure undeniable ecstasy.

  • GVG

    Socks, I was joking. However, those photo avators would be great right about now.

    P.S. trust that I’m sit at the head of the class with my marble notebook and #2 pencil out

  • Naye

    Adjust your mental. If you relate, relax and prepare to release you can squirt upon request. There has to be a willingness for your partner to have you aroused enough to heighten the levels of ecstacy. If he is in tune and in touch with your
    body he can make you have a phaletra of climaxes. He has to be able to sex talk while he’s sounding good he’s making it feel good. Most importantly two lovers have to be on the same level and the boundaries of passion are endless. Exploration of the erotic zones are the best teachers.

  • BrookylnGirl

    Until about a year ago when my friend sent me a video of some females squrting, I thought it was weird. I had discovered that I was a squirter but was kinda embarrased. Then about two months ago I was talking to one of my guy friends and we somehow got on the topic of sex and he asked me if I squirted. When I said yes, he got hella excited. I had no idea guys loved that kinda thing…

    Also, NWSO, big ups to you for posting on the most interesting topics.

  • jay1

    i’ve experienced this. with some girls its definitley piss but with other girls its something different.

    it’s a mysterious place down there.

  • Alyzaea

    Im a squirter and always have been. I am a very sexual person and love to have fun. So when I play I have to have towels too. So as far back as I can remember I was doing that already

  • dutchess

    yes I do squirt often and I make myself do it with my husbands help of course.He puts in the labor and i play with myself and then” woop there it is” it doesn’t feel too different to me you just feel and hear ALOT and feel ALOT of fluid everywhere. I didn’t know at first that I was doing it until my husband started making faces and talking crazy and shit because I could’nt see it until he told me, now everytime we do it he always tells me to “make it rain for Daddy” lol

  • Shamika B. Sanders

    Well, I’m inspired by your honesty lol. I squirt only on occassion though, like if its reall good. One of my nicknames from my Honey BUnches was Squirtle lmao

  • Fat Face

    Simone… When you meet that guy who knows all the right spots and how to hit those spots trust and believe you won’t want him to stop and he won’t want to stop cauz, it’s a pure delight, and he will say “make it rain for daddy”. But, I believe those stats are wrong cauz its been more than eight times for me before I reached thirty.

  • Super_Sunshine

    Wow I remember the first time I’ve ever squirted and boy did it feel like WOW! I found this out 2 years ago when I was with my ex-girlfriend. I was kind of embarrassed at first but she didn’t have any problems with it (she was actually excited that it happened) and she told me that it happens to some girls. Squirting is a much more intense feeling than a regular orgasm because we feel it everywhere on our bodies: from head to toe. As far as control, I can usually control it but my boyfriend is way better at making it happen because he already knows my body. I never knew that a man can make this happen too until I met him. And about the towel thing…we always have one in handy (:

  • da ThRONe

    I like 2 think my orally im pretty skilled but i have never had a girl skeet skeet yet or even heard any of my boys say anything and if it wasnt for porn. (Thank you Ms Jada Fire) I wouldnt have seen it i guess i gotta get my tongue game up! lol

    Off the subject NWSO how do u get your pic up instead of that generic ass avatar?

  • da ThRONe

    Quick question lady skeeters! From where does this fluid leave your body the same place you guys urinate from?

  • da ThRONe

    I tried and it not working for me so i guess im stuck with this “ON” symbol for an avatar! lol

  • Miss H.

    The very first time I realized I was a “squirter” was last year. I was talking to this man, who was 13 years my senior and we hit it off on many levels mentally as well as sexually. We were watching a porn that was showing only women squirting all over the place like they were emptying out all of their fluids out since they were born. I was stunned and intrigued that there were women who could do this. He turned to me and said “I want to make you do that”. I started chuckling. “There’s no way I can do that”, I responded.
    “Well, you wanna see if you can?” He said in his sexy baritone.
    “I ain’t neva scared!”
    So after a few intense moments of heavily petting and kissing, his hand traveled down to “little miss muffet” and he expertly teased and massaged. Within the next minute he got me in a rhythm with his damn fingers (and I’m not big on fingering). I was getting real, real hot and excited and I started to shiver. It was crazy. Then I had that overwhelming feeling that I was about to make the orgasm of a lifetime. I got up off his lap and squatted and let out a moan so loud and long and proceeded to squirt all over my floor. It lasted for about 12 seconds. By the time I was done all I could say was “Shit!” I wanted to pass out immediately after that, it wiped me out. What a great memory that was.

  • NWSO

    I’m really starting to wonder if this “squirting” is like dude’s who wear “Magnums” cause the odds say women learning how to squirt is pretty rare, takes a lot of time to gain that comfort, but every woman on here is claiming to squirt. Did you all find this post or something? LOL

    I’m just saying…

  • growninsc

    Yes I am a squirter always have been and this is why I am nick named WET WET………..

  • likeable_me

    Crack Me Up!!!! I am not a Squirter alas, I am a pee-er. Can’t help it, sometimes it’s just that good I have to go.

  • da ThRONe

    Yeah i hear NWSO im feeling bad because none of my chicks squirting 4 me! This blog make it sound common! lol

  • da ThRONe

    Now I gotta add making a lady squirt 2 my bucket list. Inbetween seeing Rome and that threesome i been waiting on! lol

  • sedi_sedi

    To my surprise I found out that I was a major squirter 2 years ago. I was with my kids father and ex-husband for 12 years and it was good but after we parted ways I started seeing my now man and the first time I was on top and all the sudden this massive rush and flow…. I didnt realize that it was going to be that wet. I knew exactly what it was as I had the amazing feeling with it…..
    This man hits that spot everytime. Its crazy as long as I was with my ex I would have thought beings we was together forvever I would have felt this sensation before. NOPE!!! How its amazing LOL!!!

  • MzT

    Discovered i was a squirter about 5 years ago.. and damn when that guy took me there i was totally outdone.. The first time it happened, i was scared as hell.. the protection i put down, didnt do isht.. When Bre’ opened that gate it didnt close.. After having sexual relations with him for about 6 months i had to replace my matress.. Now im doubly protected with that, i have plastic on the bottom, and a matress guard on top. I rarely wet the bed now!! Funny story, i met and was with my ex for almost 9 years.. our sex, i thought was the bomb, ALWAYS enjoyed it.. We broke up and about 4/5 months later i met the guy that showed me what i was capable of.. Anywho long story short, i ended up giving my ex some memory/pity sex.. (ewwwwww) about a year after we broke up.. and i started squirting and dude was like “ure pissing on me.. and i be damned if it didnt scare him and he could no longer perform… not that i minded, i could no longer feel him once i started squirting.. Hence my fetish for BIG things.. I know im biased and perhaps ruined, but if a guy isnt hung aint no play going on here.. i dont care how good your oral skills are.. I like the intensity of the squirting orgasm and it can only be achieved if the guy can get to that spot.. itty bittys dont have that capability..
    Recently saw myself squirt for the 1st time, had never seen it happen.. have felt it and had to clean the mess up afterwards, but never saw it.. needless to say that is now my FAVORITE video in my porn collection..
    ..the only issue i have is that when i “am getting some head” i can cum, but i cant orgasm (there is a difference).. I think its because i have this fear of drowning my partner.. :(
    need a man with goggles that can breath thru a straw!!!!
    NWSO thanks for the blog, and thanks to all u posters had me rolling this morning when i was reading..

  • Boo

    I squirt all the time, but this one time I had a guy go down on me and of course I busted, he jumped out of my bed and ran into the bathroom screaming you pi$$ed on me you pi$$ed on me, all i could do was laugh and try to explain what happened, he didn’t believe me, needless to say I never saw him again. Most guys I have been with love it, and come back for more! the feeling is so intense and I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I just found out I was a squirter, I had been with my kid’s father for ten years and when we broke up I started dealing wit this dude and all hell broke lose. I thought my kid’s father was the best but I found out that there’s someone alot better. Man he makes it rain!!!!

  • just me

    Hello all…I have never had the pleasure of squirting; but now realize that I am missing out. I am going to put forth an effort to push my body to the limit the next time in indulge. I am in search of my hidden treasure.

  • GAPeachez

    Shocking at first but after that you try to reach that point everytime even though sometimes u cant. but when you do its like, “D@mn, do it again please!.” . its truely a gift to have. i love it and the men love it too. great topic.

  • 2-plz-u

    ok talk about learning something new lol i am the female who swore she had to use the bathroom lol this is halarious and to make it even worse i have never had an Orgasm before now i know why smh so sad i always stopped him before i would gett here and ran off to the bathroom lol THANK YOU for this info now imma go into the corner and put on the dunce hat cause i feel rather stupid right now LOL

  • Ms. Mpho

    This is such an interesting topic. I myself have never squirted, but I have a couple times gotten to the point where I thought I was going to pee on myself and made the individual get up. I personally prefer head over intercourse 9 to But now that I know that I may have been missing out on the best orgasm ever I just may have to just keep going and find out what happens.

  • Michele

    I did not know that this could happen until I was in a relationship with this guy. It is blissful but sad to say he was the only one who could make me squirt and we are no longer together.

  • Tracs

    How could I have missed this. OK. First time squirting scared the crap of me. It was only my second time having sex ever. My legs buckled & I was totally embarassed because I thought for sure I just wet the be right in front of my boyfriend ( who mind you it was only his second time. We lost tour virginity together). It didn;t feel like peeing though & the liquid was clear. Beginner’s luck…never happened again. If you know this brother…AK..tall dark & too hot to hold. He’s a great guy & one hell of a lover even at that young age. LOL

  • RED

    Wow, to those of you that have never had an orgasm dont feel bad. There is a large percentage of women who never have. My suggestion? Oral, but let the man know there is no need to be licking down by the hole. (this will come later) lol. Just tell him to concentrate on the clit. If you have an inny clit he will need to pull the lips back to expose just the clit. This is a guaranteed orgasm. Also remember alot involves the mind. Make sure you feel sexy. My method to suirting is once you get that first orgasm, tell him to not stop keep licking, and if he can capture the clip between his lips and suck it thats even better. It will feel like u have to pee, but just relax ur muscles and let ur body do what it does. Happy cuming! hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

    RED that’s exactly right!!

    I didn’t discover I was a squirter until my 30’s.

    Orgasm’s were great but now they’re amazing! :)

  • Fat Face

    No NWSO…. It’s not like the men who wear magnums, @ least mine isn’t but you’re trying to make it seem that us women that do squirt havta be lying or something cauz its rare… Every woman on here is not a squirter and they’ve said it. Look @ likeable_me, she’s a pee-er as well as some of the others so yeah, it might be only a handful but, don’t think it strange or that rare. All it takes is being comfortable, knowing your body, and the right man.

  • NWSO

    @ Fat Face,

    Nah you misread me. I was partly kidding, but i was just saying how it’s bugged out how every other woman that commented is saying she’s a squirter when most women have yet to achieve that point. SO was just commenting at how this cluster of squirters managed to all converge on this post at the same time. Figured it’d be a smaller amount commenting.

  • CKissxox

    OMG! I’ve had that pee feeling and I’ll always change positions or stop. Next times I’ll ride it out and see wahat happens.

    **wish me luck**

  • Thoroughbread

    wow…up until i know i never knew what that was. I really thought i had to pee. I think only once I let it go and I did think i peed on myself WOW I’m glad to know it was just a nut. It did feel hella good though.

  • single23

    being able to squirt is not really about who you are with, its more of a mental thing. we are so able to think ourselves out of the moment, and sometimes it about our partner but sometimes its just in the moment. squirting is great, its so wonderful, but if you hold it in and let the pressure continue to build until you really can’t do anything else but cum, talk about multiple orgasms. you’ve never lived until you’ve been cumming for more than an hour! lol

  • Ms. Phat Booty

    I too are one of those women who never reached a full orgasm. I think I experienced it once or twice with my toy rabbit. I had summer fling several years ago who almost got me almost there a few times but I didn’t quite get there. (Damn KAL had me open!) I believe that I had that about to pee feeling as well and I held back. I enjoy making my man cum however it is frustrating that I do not cum. I’m turning 35 soon and I am on a mission to experience full orgasms on a regular. I hate not being fully satisfied after sex.

    My question is, how do you have this conversation with your man? Men, how would you take it if your woman told you this?

  • da ThRONe

    @Ms. Phat Booty

    Well that all depends on how much I care about you!lol

    Na seriously any dude worth fucking in the first place will be just as concerned about your orgasms as his own. If I am doing something wrong I would wanna be the first to know.

    You ladies should be more vocal about what works for you. No two females like the samething.

    My advice would be to just ask him to do whatever it is that gets you there. But it sounds like you need to allow yourself to get there!

  • NWSO

    @Ms. Phat Booty

    If you and your partner can’t talk openly about everything, then why are they your partner? He should be wanting to please you in every way just as much as you want to please him. Don’t go down his throat that something is off, but make suggestions, why don’t we try this. I like it when you do this. It hurts when you do that. Damn, I was about to have the best orgasm of my life but you stopped doing that. You can even try to suggest during the act, BUT from my own personal experience it’s a fine line between direction and distraction.

  • Ms. Phat Booty

    Thanks guys, I will give your suggestions a try. My man is on the shy side and does not feel comfortable talking about sex which drives me insane.

  • NWSO

    @Ms. Phat Booty

    if he’s not comfortable talking about it, maybe he shouldn’t be doing it then. LOL

    It’s like I don’t want to study for the test I have to take, then how are you supposed to pass? SMH

  • Msjaded

    I discovered I was a squirter about 8 years ago..I was 22 years old and with an ex who was 10 years my senior . So much experience and he knew how to touch me like no other. The first time it happened I was hooked. I can squirt on my own which is good thing since I am in a sexless marriage

  • Expert

    So I have found the easiest way to make a girl squirt with my current girlfriend it doesn’t take but 30 seconds Stick your index and middle fingers in towards her belly button untill you find the g spot play with it for a second and then pull back out put your index finger in just past your fingernail and very fastly shake it left to right and she will squirt very soon but be prepared to get wet ;)

  • Keisha

    this blog and comments were AWESOME! lol

    i too discovered my abilities by accident, with an ex (*moment of silence) who couldn’t believe i had been neglected orally and made it his mission in life to satify me that way. this was in my early twenties.

    sex for women is 90% psychological. when our minds are at ease and we aren’t worried about the looks/sounds/smells of things, our bodies are able to let go. literally.. ;)

  • ayla

    This only works for me with penetration. But man can I do it!

  • Rahnie

    I haven’t squirted often but the times that I have my man really enjoys it. He loves when he hits that spot! It doesn’t come gushing like what you see in the movies……

  • Greased Babes

    All ladies that have the magical powers of squirting should be worshiped!