Boobie Traps (Why Men Can't Stop Staring at Your Breasts)

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Diddy caught in a "boobie trap"

Diddy caught in a "boobie trap"


Week before last I went to my homegirl Tina’s birthday party at this spot in Brooklyn. Me and my man Todd were posted up at the bar when our friend Wendy popped up (and out). As soon as I turned around to greet her, all I could see were her breasts, which where right at eye level and on full display thanks to her buttoned down button-up blouse. Since Wendy is like a sexy stepsister to me—fly as hell but too cool to go there with—I immediately raised my hand to shield the view of her fun bags and demanded she cover them up.

“What are you talking about, Ans,” she chuckled. “They’re just titties.”

“Yes, I know, but we don’t need to be looking at your breasts right now,” I replied. “So put them away.”


“I’m not gonna fall into your boobie trap.”

“What the hell is a boobie trap?”

“Those,” I said, pointing at her chest.

A “boobie trap” is what I call a woman’s cleavage when she leaves it exposed. See, men are visual creatures and by nature we’re drawn to shapely women—especially to their, uh, frontal chest region. Maybe it’s something in our genetic makeup or that we’re just horn balls, but men like breasts and we look at them every chance we get. Half the time we don’t even know we’re doing it—it’s just an uncontrollable reflex.

I’ll be the first to confess that I’ve caught myself absentmindedly looking at a woman’s chest. I’ll never leer in a psycho, perverted kinda way, but my eyes tend to get drawn to just about 12 inches below a women’s eye level on a regular bases. I’m not trying to objectify you, degrade you or disrespect you, so when I find myself falling into a boobie trap I try my best to get out of it as soon as possible, like I did with Wendy.

As much as Wendy wants to play innocent, she knew exactly what she was doing when she put that shirt on and decided not to do those last few buttons. Because any woman rockin’ a low-cut blouse with a shiny necklace nestled oh so gently between her soft and supple bosoms (drool) knows that men’s eyes are gonna make a beeline straight to her cleavage. It’s even worst for top-heavy women wearing something revealing, because both men and women are probably gonna sneak a peak. There’s nothing wrong with looking, it’s just a matter of not being too disrespectful. Look but don’t touch. Stare but don’t leer. We mean no harm (well, most of us). One quick glance and we’ll be gone. But it’s like a Lays potato chip, sometimes you can’t have just one…peak. But that’s when you get…

By the boss’ wife (uh-oh)
By your best friend’s sister (sorry)
By the girl across from you on the train/bus/plane, et al. (My bad)
By the practically every damn woman (oops)

Fellas, I know we like to think we’re slick when we try to grab a quick glance, but we will always get caught. Women have some sort of built in radar that let’s them know when we’re looking at their girls. Some will make their disgust quite obvious, while others just ignore it because they’ve become immune to it. But that doesn’t mean that she didn’t catch you, homie. We’re just not as slick as we think we are.

Sometimes guys try to fight the natural instinct to look, which winds up being the most awkward thing in the world. That’s when a guy stares directly into a woman’s eyes as he’s talking to her to let her know his eyes are not wandering. Or, we do the complete opposite and look everywhere but below eye level. We’ll be looking at the top of your head or straight up at the ceiling. By time the conversation is over, we’ll know how many light bulbs are in every room. The goal is to do anything to stop from looking down, but if it’s a long conversation, you’re doomed to fail. The urge to look at a woman’s chest is just too strong. (Yes, it really is). Breasts aren’t going anywhere any time soon (Thank God), and as long as women keep setting their boobie traps, men are gonna get caught looking. Happy hunting, ladies.

Ladies, how often do you catch men looking at your chest? Are you flattered by it or disgusted? Does it depend on who’s falling into your boobie trap? Any women willing to admit to wearing low-cut tops just to get attention? Do some women use their boobie traps to get things out of men? How funny is it when you catch a guy trying not to stare but you know he wants to? Fellas, what joy do you get out of looking at a nice pair of boobies? How awkward is it for you when you try not to stare?

Speak your piece…


  • Miss Cocoa Luv

    I’m only commenting because I love that tshirt.

    We already know my arrangement with the girls. They only come out if they’ve been on their best behavior.

  • The Intellect

    Well as a female living with extra large breasts (36 H to be exact) I can finally say that I like my breasts and don’t really care if you look, just don’t touch.

    A friend of mine had to really break it down when I used to get offended and angry when guys would stare at my breast. He told me straight up “No matter what you wear, guys are gonna stare at your chest. You’re wearing a turtle neck and I still can’t help myself. THERE JUST THAT BIG!!!” So I got over it and now I have perfected the breast-staring radar and I can tell when they are being looked at.

    But the real question is how many women stare at each other’s breast? I know I am guilty of this ; )

  • litabia

    @ The Intellegent

    Yeah I am guilty as a female for looking at women’s breast and butt’s. If they’re big I’m going to look…why? Because they are huge and my eyes are blocked by this massive amount of titties and/or ass. But me I comment like damn you got some big ass titties, or her ass hella big. [No homo]

    Now, to switch it up. When guys wear basketball short or pants with no support pants underneath, sweats, or linen pants, and I can definitely see the inprint of his package I find myself in a zone, zone right on his package and I try to stop staring but my eyes, oh my eyes have a mund of their on and don’t let it be a nice package. I start wondering things I don’t need to wonder and it seems that guys like that shit so they start messing with you for real. Okay…its late, I’m done on that note.

  • sohoissooverated

    36 H really!! U need to lend me a cup!

    Im a member of the itty bitty titty committee so push up bras do wonders.

    Doesn’t matter when a guy looks just don’t do it in an obvious way or stareeeee.

  • Ms. Niki

    I LOVE my breast just like The Intellect and have learned to cherish them regardless of how big they are. Look don’t touch. A man can stare at them all day…just make sure you’re paying equal attention to my face or I will lose interest in you (if i’m on a date with you). Random dudes…you can look all you want but FYI….it’s not appealing for you to comment on them…

    LOL The Intellect…I too am guilty of this…I think we tend to do this because we are constantly comparing ourselves to other women.

  • Avah Royal

    I love my breast. I catch men looking all the time. There once was a time when I tried to reveal them every chance I got but I’m past that. Don’t trip! LOL I still bring the girls out every now and then.
    One of the reasons I hide the girls is because of the the creepy stares I got. I just don’t like that kind of attention any more. Well I never liked the creepy kind… :-)
    It’s so funny when some men get caught cuz they have that “Am I in trouble” look on their face. I’m not bothered by it anymore. It is what it is.

  • Simone

    LMAO…I luv my 36dd and they are the perfect size so I show them. Well my cleavage anyway. I do not get offended when someone looks at them, if i didn’t want people to look I’ll cover it up. I like to see men drool, stare and my chest might just raise some. Sometimes during a conversation, and a male stares i am wicked enough just to make him uncomfortable so i let them know that my face is above my chest – while secretly laughing my ass off inside.
    So do i like the attention? yea but respect the no touching rule.

    lol @ lithabia
    I get caught sometimes looking at the front of men pants cause i wanna see something print. Guilty as charged. What can I say, a sista is curious. If i get caught do i care? Not really, im human. I don’t touch unless me and that person is sexually active.

  • k-Love

    It makes me no difference, my girls are up front and center, so I am used to the glares from males and females. I have a nice set and proud of it. Some women pay thousands of dollars to have what I have, and most men pay thousands of dollars to see what we have. The human body is a beautiful thing we have to learn to enjoy it. The body is the most amazing form of art. But like alcohol, you must handle Responsibly. I wear my girls out proudly, not to many shirts cover them completely unless its a turtleneck and even then depending on the color the stand out like 2 casaba melons.

    @ litabia

    I watch men all the time. I can’t help it. No matter what he’s wearing my eyes drop a full 2 to 3 feet away from his face. Some times I can even tell if it leans right or sways left. Such a masuline and handsome peice of equipment. So you are not alone.

    And men you aren’t the only one’s getting cheap thrills from eyeballing the opposite sex. We do it do to.

  • da ThRONe

    I love the female body and I dont make any apologies for it ,but being that I dont wanna disrespect anybody I try hard to resist “boobie traps”. Its just so difficult its like they have a magnet in there shirts.

    I feel better knowing that ladies put there girls in “the fashion show” for the very purpose of being viewed. This is why I dont understand women who get upset when they’re the ones putting them all in your face.

    I think the worst part of having a roaming eye is when the eye candy is “jail bait”. I feel so dirty after checking out a youngin ,but its the same thing were the more I try not to look the more awkward it is.

  • YoungJay

    I always get caught in the damn Boobie Trap while riding the train to and from work. I have techniques to avoid like 1) Putting my cheek in my palm and Closing my eyes 2) Counting the gum stains on the floor or 3) Playing Brickbreaker on my phone till my stop. Somehow none of these work 100% and i always get caught lol…Thankfully I have never gotten the disgusted look back from the women, just the casual acknowledgement that they caught me

    Damn You Boobie Trap, Damn You!!

  • Just ME HC

    I definately have just gotten to the point where i get used to it. I have had big boobs (DD by 6th grade) my entire life. My nickname growing up ways boobs, my everyone from my friends at school to my sisters and my family. It doesnt bother me, my friends give me shit on occasions because they get in the way. It just part of life. God obviously wanted me to be blessed in that area! Men always comment, i think its funny when i catch them staring, honestly i’ll usually come up with something funny or ask them what color my eyes are just to break the ice. Then they make a joke about them or wanna ask a question and i’m very open. As long as your not groping me then i dont mind looking. I mean shit if we all wanted to walk around invisible it would be no fun.

    And for the record i do check out guys packages, when working out or playin ball or whatever the case might be if you see something there your going to look. If your checkin out a man, do you ever wonder what they look like naked??? I know men do it all the time and yes me A FEMALE does it too lol………… He’s tall, skinny okay so big or little lol me and the girls try to guess haha….

  • Tee

    ‘The Boobie Trap’ .. lol .. thats hilarious ..

    I remember being younger and praying for the breasts that my mom and aunts had .. because i was flat chested until i was 15 .. then one day i woke up and was carrying 40Fs .. LOL ..

    At first I had to get used to the attention the ‘girls’ would get .. but over the years you get used to the stares and I just ignore them ..

    Admittedly the ‘girls’ have worked in my favor more times than not .. lol

  • Goodie

    I don’t have this problem. LOL

  • BreastLuva

    They should have some kinda accessory that lays in beetween the breast like a rhinestone or somethin..You know how dem hindis be havin a stone on dey third eye….Tatez…I sure luuu me some tatez…See ‘Elixir Toniq’ on Its a song I heard from Sac Riligious…Now dats a Manswer

  • Seriously, No Seriously

    I don’t have a problem with it until men make a comment about my nipples being hard…..ur headlights are on, are you cold? now that kinda pisses me off, look at them I have no problem b/c I know they are out there in front extending from my body. Some days further out depending on the shirt I wear but don’t comment on them especially if we are not intimate with each other.

    yeah I stare at men’s thrid member all the time I don’t care who you are. You can not be my type whatsoever but i will look down to try to see what you’re working with. Hey I love the third member what can I say LOL

  • Mimi in the OC

    hahahaha this is hilarious. The funniest part I think is that guys check every kind of breasts regardless. Let me explain.
    I have small breasts, enough so that you can see they’re there, but far far away from the eye catching cleavage. So when I throw on my little push up bra (yeah I said it) I really don’t expect to turn heads (A cup), I am just trying to do my thing for the most part. So when I started realizing men do check your breasts out regardless, I thought that was hilarious, I guess they can’t help it. I
    On the other hand, as much as I think it can be “acceptable” for a guy to look at breasts, because they’re in the front, I find it quite disturbing when I’m walking and suddenly turn around…to find out that some guy is checking my booty out (sometimes intentionally stopped for that purpose) while I’m walking away. Is there a booty-trap as well?

  • Mimi in the OC

    And yeah I do check men out and other females breasts as well.
    Since I have small ones, I love seeing big ones ;-D The way I see it is that I enjoy beauty in all its forms. When I like the way a lady’s dressed or the way she looks, I will tell her and compliment her (and no I don’t have bi tendencies).
    For a guy I will definitely check him out, I’m not that much into checking the package or wondering how big it is, I like nice legs, big shoulders, smooth skin and most of all I love seeing it in a suit! I live in the heart of OC so I don’t see too many BP in general, so when I see a good looking Black Man I will check him out shamelessly haha.

  • Chocopina

    i used to hate the twins. they were partly to blame for the demise of my athletic career – how many women athletes have big boobies? i can’t think of any. and by big i mean at least a D cup. big booties yes, big boobies no. i was really sad about that.

    that and it costs like two arms and a leg to find appropriate support for them. and support that doesn’t feel like putting a bullet proof vest or medieval armor. sheesh! i spend more on bras than i do on clothes!

    but then i discovered the twins had magical powers. they could give shirts a wonderful shape and mesmerize men.

    me and twins are alright now, sometimes i still wish they were a little smaller, but i know there are worse things out there to complain about.

  • lady may

    I often catch men glancing at my chest but it doesn’t bother me at all. Especially since I used to bartend and displaying them came with the territory. Besides that- I have never worn anything revealing to get anything out of men- but I’m not unaccustomed to the sneak-a-peaks since I understand that they are very visual creatures. At times I catch them checking out the entire package (quite the hourglass over here- and I mean that in the most modest way) but I do not feel objectified unless they do it in a disrespectful manner.

  • helovesme


  • Glorious Red

    It doesn’t bother me should a guy look at my breast. Just don’t try having a conversation with them, look me in my eyes and talk. LOL!

    I never thought I had enough breasts to demand what I wanted from someone. I use my butt for that. I know that will get attention rather than my chest. Bend and snap!

    Not too long ago, a guy told me that my breasts looked firm. I guess I should thank him for it instead of him stating they looked like they sag! ;)

  • Elle

    I don’t notice when guys look at my boobies. But’s that not so much because they are huge and everybody looks at them so I got used to it. Because they are average. When I’m out and about, I’m in my own zone and do not look at people. I notice they are there but they don’t really exist in my own little universe. So yea, I couldn’t care less. Stare if you wanna.

    My mom is very topheavy – to say the least – and has always had an issue with stares, comments or grabbers. The grabs and comments aside, I think some of it stems from being insecure and self concious more than it does from people actually staring obvious enough for her to notice.

    Oh yea, an women do stare too. I have fallen into some “booty traps” myself. Guys in BBall shorts *drool* …. R Kelly in Boxershorts plus a wind machine – HELLOOOO who wouldn’t stare (and rewind to watch it in slow motion).

  • da ThRONe

    I feel so used! Im never wearing basketball shorts ever again! LOL

  • P.Lynn

    Coming from a woman who is a B34-cup, I throw on the push up anyways because it make them look good. However I only bring them out when I’m going out or going to see my babe just because he loves the view. Men fall into the trap I guess because they can’t help it. My problem is that I’m too short. Guys can just look down into my clevage without me knowing.
    I call my girls Betty and Benita, so one time I caught a guy gawking at them, I told him Betty and Benita don’t want you ok. He looked away. I laughed about it. I can’t really get upset because it’s where babies feed and they love them too. I always thought that the men that stare at breast alot were breast fed as a baby. They have this connection to them.
    I’m not sure who mentioned the athletic comment on breast but I have been there done that. I noticed that when I started being athletic in dance classes, my girl stopped growing. I come from a family of big chested women and I am glad to lack the back pains they endure. After I stopped ballet dancing my chest got a bit bigger. Whew did I notice the change. I don’t care too much for guys falling into Booty traps. I look at guys butts too. Nice muscular and shapely butts on a man is a turn on. When they look at me it’s normal I just don’t understand when guys are trying to look underneath our asses, I’m like dag what you looking for when they tilt their heads. It’s so funny to me.

    I myself am a Mr. Floppy watcher, and damn I think guys know what they are doing when they have on the sweat pants and shorts. I never get caught looking though.

  • P.Lynn

    Lol. @ throne. No baby we love the view just like you love yours. We gotta get our kicks too. ;)

  • 4n6

    Best Blog EVER!!!

    I can’t lie, I haven’t dated a woman with a size less then 38DD. There’s just something a full chest that sets me off. Especially if her size is accentuated by her figure and fashion. Blazer, blouse, pencil skirt and heals, tummy flat enough not to take any attention away from her physical wealth… Oh yes…

  • litabia

    @ P. Lynn

    I didn’t breast feed and my son (he’s only three) is mesmerized by breast. He feels up all my big breasted friends. I think it’s encoded in a male’s DNA…LOL ;)

  • Ameretta


    I have no boobs that needed to be stared at! I’m a 34b!!! So I guess I’m a member of the itty bitty tetta committee!!

    But my problem is not my front package…it’s the back…I have 44 inch hips..I always catch men staring at my bumper! Even in sweats it’s still poking out there!!!

    But I’m with litabia I always watch men to see if they have a great package!!!!!!!!

    OOO espcially after watching a game of street ball! I love to look at the print of their private members!! That it self is a game!!

  • Maine

    I am an official breast man! aka a motor-boating-son-of a *beep* lol. Nah I love some breasts, but I never got into staring at them, at most a quick glance. I would have to say the reason being that I escape the booby trap is when I was a kid, moms use to walk around the crib topless, when she was making the trek from bedroom to bathroom, the shiite would piss me off, but as I got older I got over it, so since I got used to seeing breasts at a fairly young age, I never felt the need to gawk at them.

  • Lady Love

    I definitely think men aren’t only looking at size (I am a 36D). For some men it is shape, color, and most importantly presentation. I am cool with the looks now because even my best male friends are like “Damn, (insert name)!”

    I have had some bad experiences though. Once on the train, this perv took a pic. I was totally caught off guard b/c I assumed he was playing a game on his phone. It wasn’t until I saw the little camera flash and realized the camera was pointed directly at me that I knew. I was pissed!! Recently, at a visit to the dentist, neither the old Jewish dentist nor his slightly younger assistant would look at my face when giving me the results of my x-rays. Needless to say, I was a bit annoyed.

    Note to the fellas: Don’t be obvious. If they are covered but still noticeable it means, she isn’t looking for the unncessary attention. Sneak a respectful peek and give her a break from the gawking.

  • YoungJay


    You need to do a post on the “Booty Trap”. I doesnt matter how hard you try, or how respectful you are – you see a woman with nice hips walking towards you, you def are gonna take a peek after she walks by. Some are more covert than others but we all fall into that trap.

  • NWSO


    You are referring to the art of “booty hawkin'” which I referenced many a time on here… LOL

    Not sure if i dedicated a full post to it, i have to check the archives.

  • YoungJay

    @ NWSO

    You never seem to amaze with your terms….with your permission I am using the term “booty hawkin” from now on lmao

  • NWSO

    @ YoungJay

    No problem, good sir, just be sure to tell em where you got it and tell em to check in on the site. HA!

  • goddessjaz

    NWSO, you always find the best pics. Not on the red carpet, Puff…that’s where all the cameras are!

    flaunt what you’ve got as long as you know what comes with the territory. i look too, it’s human!

    it sucked as a pre-teen when you get breasts first and that becomes the topic of interest for all the boys. it used to make me so uncomfortable that i would wear baggy sweatshirts to hide them. as an adult, it took me a minute to get comfortable with them but then you realize that less-endowed women would literally kill for your set…so you gotta rock out with what you have while you have it. they are a blessing! and once they start to sag…not so cute.

  • da ThRONe

    @Lady Love

    I think its different in a professional manor I would keep my mind on the task and not get caught in any boobie trap. In my personal life is a whole other story(aside from dude taking pics) I fell like if a dude isnt bothering you and you dont bring attention to it it’ll go over smoothly. Things could be worst nobody could look at you ever so it wouldnt kill ladies to be easy.


    Boobie and Booty are in the same family. I think I speak for NWSO when I say there are interchangeable. This post could have easely said “Booty Traps”(Why men cant stop staring at your ass) and the feeling would have been the exact same.

  • crystal

    i like breasts. i like mine. i like other women’s. and i’m not gonna say “no homo” or “i don’t have bisexual tendencies” either cause i think that’s a silly disclaimer.

    can i ask what the fascination is with hard nipples? mine stand at attention often and i get lots of attention because of it. i dont’ mind it so much though. i wear padded bras and such and try to be conscious of it when going to work but casually i usually let the girls rock (pun unintended but i’ll take it).

  • Relentless Aaron

    I’ll the the 14th to say that I LOVE BREASTS. I love how they are shaped when they’re in shape. I love the thick ones, the small ones, the pointed ones, with large nipples, and with eraser heads. But loving them is also knowing them. I know how to treat them, caress them, and everything else that goes with the meal. Did I not say I LOVE BREASTS!? So, if I get caught out there looking at your breasts, it’s probably the butt-end of my toe-to-head assessment of your entire body, ladies. Now, if you catch me on a busy day, and i happen to be focused on business or my craft, your breasts wouldn’t get the time of day. But, while we’re on the subject I need to say again I LOVE BREASTS.

  • da ThRONe

    Fellas I got this one!LOL


    The reason why dudes get excited about stiff nipples is because we link it to females being ready for sex.(I know men are so simple)

  • chinadahl

    My problem is… nipples! I’m a 36C, but even when I cover my cleavage, my nipples are always like “Hello Frisco!!!” even when I am not remotely aroused. You can see them through my bras and shirts almost always.

    It’s embarrassing, cuz I’ll be walking around like la-di-da-di-da-di-da, smiling, having a nice day, and then suddenly get the meanest cut of the eyes from a woman. She looks at my chest, then looks away from me disgusted. But I really cannot help it, and most of the time, have no idea it’s happening.

    So unfortunately, my auto-reaction to men looking at my breasts has always been embarrassment, cuz I’m paranoid about my nipples, which have a mind of their own.

  • mz.tig09

    well…i have been top heavy since puberty! i have seen the stares and glances and how old, grown, and younger men than me look and can’t put their eyes back in their head. since i am currently a 46E, i just got used to the stares and glances… honestly it makes me giggle a bit. ; )

  • Paul Chinnery

    First of all, Hi Chinadahl.
    Whatchu doin later.

    Okay. I really dont understand why women would get disgusted by men looking. I have female friends that actually dress their double d’s and over down if they work in an office or something. Thats just because other women hate on them and they get looked at as a floozy. Understandable.
    But if your out and you have your boobs nice and oiled up with a crucifix charm lodged between them, whaddaya except. Its human nature.

    If had a porn star shlomg and I wore linen pants and women wanna look…. Be my guest! Look until your heart is content. and if you wanna comment on it, be my guest. Whats the big deal?

    I mean cmon… really.

  • CChery

    Dude, you’re right. It’s almost impossible to not look and it gets so obvious and awkward. The crazy thing is for me, it usually has nothing to do with attraction. There could be a fat ugly woman there and if her breast is showing, I may look. I may find it disgusting, but I’ll look nonetheless.

  • Sharday C.

    I know for myself if Im going out I like to show off the girls, lol. Im top-heavy so its kinda funny when I catch guys looking. It doesnt bother me as much now as much as it did growing up. I work at a daycare and the little boys try to cop a feel when we hold them for whatever reason. I guess it starts early. :-)

  • VirgoVida

    I just wanna say kudos to all the ladies that admitted that they check the package out! Me and the girlz at work should really be construction workers, becuase they’re always commenting on who looks like he’s “workin with a monsta” or a “dud”. We call it crotch-watchin fellas…..CROTCH-WATCHIN! :)

  • isis

    Ok I’m mad late and haven’t read all the comments just yet but ima lay my two cents on ya. First, back in my dancing (get your minds out the gutta) hell of skinny, almost crackish days, I wore a 34A ie itty bitty teeny winny not at all tigo bitties. So NOW, post dancing years, I have embraced my full B cups and everyone in a while will show the girls off a bit (nothing skanky) but hell…why not? Tasteful, clean, sexy.

    Its human nature to take a few peaks with opposite and same sex (though not so much with the fellas, you can’t be lookin at another dude like that) But if I see a dude…nice arms, eyes, lips, smile, whatever, I’m peakin. Ladies, nice booty, boobs, legs, whatever, I’m peakin also BUT staring is NEVER ok…it’s just not polite and kinda skeevy. I will say that it does make me feel uncomfy when my the showing of my assets around the homeboy/brother types makes them feel uncomfy (I fee like I’m doing something wrong) but of these days the crew IS going to take a group vacay and I will be out on the beach in what might possibly be a teeny wheeny bikini soooo what you gonna do then? Its a beach!what else am I suppose to have on? (Excuse any typos, commenting on the run)

  • NWSO


    If there’s a beach with scantily clad women, friend or foe, they’ll probably be some booty hawkin’ and boobie trappin’ a going on.


  • Soul2Soul_02

    I’m like Isis also hella late. By now I’m use to men staring at my breast. I was in the 4th grade wearing a C-cup and now I’m a DDD borderline F cup. Its hard to cover the girls at time and I do get mad when i’m talking to men and they stare. Staring bothers me but peeping and trying not to get caught is fine.

    Lol my friend say once your’re passed a C cup you have titties not breast.

  • Spinster

    I look at other women’s breasts. I’m heterosexual but sometimes when they’re just…… out there…… I can’t help it.

    My old co-worker’s breasts are so huge. I was always too scared to ask her what size they were. But everyone at our old job, men and women alike, tried their best not to look. But it was so hard not to. Maybe she’s a J cup? (Not sure what a J cup looks like though.)

    As for mine…… IBTC.

  • Emily

    I am a 46C and feel really flattered when a man sneaks a peak. I don’t like the full out stare, but a peak is kinda nice. I don’t wear a bra unless it is some kind of emergency, wedding, funeral, etc. so I guess I am kinda asking for it too. I keep them nice and tan and it makes me feel good when a man notices. Maybe it is because I am a BBW and recently widowed. I am just now beginning to notice that they get attention sometimes. I like it so far.

  • DragonFly

    I have no problem at all with men staring. It’s natural. I too have been a DD most of my life. The only comments have are:

    1. don’t comment. that’s when it gets uncomfortable. Once had a guy look at me and then look at one of his friends and say “damn, them Motha**ckas are beautiful”. Yes, he did! I was so embarrassed, especially since so many folks (male and female) were in ear shot.

    2. It’s gross when it’s somebody who should just not be looking and they’re obvious about it (you dad’s friend, your boss or male coworker, some really old man your grandpa’s age).

    Otherwise, do what you do. We all look at one another for so many reasons, male and female. Oh, about the booty (I have a good amount of that too) i hate when I pass someone I know and unexpectedly turn back in their direction to find them staring outright. Awkward!

  • Sydnie

    As another woman with really large breasts I don’t mind when people (men or women) look. I dress tastefully and classy, but no matter what, people will see them. When people apologize for looking, or accidentally grazing past them I tell them “No problem. They’re there.”

    I’m comfortable with my breasts and know now more than ever that I will always have them. Up until last year I was a 36H and after losing a lot of weight I’m down to 30G. I literally only lost a cup size so I know the girls are here to stay. I think they make other people more nervous than me. Besides gawking, people make jokes or even ask to see them and it seems like its just their way of making themselves more comfortable about it. But I’ve got a newsflash: you just seem dumb and there have got to be better ways to deal with it.

  • Double A

    lol all my life, I’ve dealt with it. Not necessarily good or bad, just comes with the territory. I remember when “Throw Some D’s” first came out, and I would be at clubs, and men would some how believe that was the new pick up line for me… Umm come again? I don’t conciously use my “boobie trap” but they are there, and I firmly believe if you have them, you can flaunt them…tastefully, which I believe I do, so blah to all the haters lol

  • Skizzaz

    WOW! First, I’d like to say thank you to all the women who have NO problem with looking, you help me keep my sanity and I’m forever indebted to you all. Second, I noticed that you all have the no touch rule. I’m curious…did this come about from EXPERIENCE? As in, have random men walked up like, “WOW! TITIES! Don’t mind if I do” and grabbed a handful?

    And Finally, thanks to this blog, I will be wearing alot more package visibility friendly pants from now on. Lets take the guessing game out of this song and dance we call dating.

    No Matter Where You Go, There You Are…

    • Anonymous

      Just try and be respectful, some women really don’t like being stared at.

  • IBTC member

    DDD’s or any biggums are just saggy and the nips point south. Big booties are better than big boobs

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that, people should stop envying women carrying sacks of potatoes on their chests.


    I absolutely LOVE my breasts! I am 44 years old and my breasts stand straight up and have never sagged and my nipples are always hard. I have never had any surgery and hopefully I never will. Men are always looking at my breasts (my boss especially) and I love it. Just look but don’t touch.

  • Jamie1886

    Lol. Well, I was in church, YES church. And I saw an old friend. I walked up to him and he gave me a hug, and we begin to talk, and within 5 seconds from that hug he was staring at my “boobie traps” as if they were on display at Wal-mart! lol. I mean, I got upset, but then i had to remember that this is NOT the first time he’s done it , but he makes it so obvious that hes trying not to look, that he glances and looks away, then glances back, then looks away, but never looks me in my face. lol.

    But im not a boobie bigamist, so who cares. Men and women will stare, just as well as i catch a glimpse of men in their gym shorts lol. yup…GUILTY…..

  • Ru-Sel

    …Thought I would finally chime in on one of your blogs… I didn’t realize it was a trap but a friend of mine explained to me (male friend) so I would have some perception. I am guilty. I don’t mind having the girls looked, they like to bask. To add to that, I have not so small nipples that try to reach out and touch people, sometimes draws more eyes which can be a little awkward.

    That’s my peace

  • Rasta74

    I am a 36D and looks and stares have never bothered me, except for this one time: I have a pinch nerve in the middle of my back right where the bra strap is. On this particular day my back was bothering me so I didn’t wear my bra to work. A few hours into my shift I was called into one of my supervisor’s office. It was brought to my attention that not wearing proper undergarments was a violation of the dresscode! The supervisor told me that someone had complained about my violation. So I stuck out my chest as far as I could and said “IS IT REALLY THAT OBVIOUS?” the (female)supervisor struggled to not bust out laughing but politely asked me to please wear a bra next time I report to work. Here’s the part of the incident that got on my nerves: though my sly questioning techniques the supervisor told me who complained. It was this other FEMALE supervisor who is nothing but a disgusting puke!yes, she was hatin on me. Oh well. I told all of my friends about what happened during my lunch break and they thought it was hilarious. The moral of this story is there’s nothing wrong with falling for the boobie trap as long as your not hatin!!! Play on, playa!

  • Em

    I don’t mind if I get a few stares, but like every other female, the gawkers bother me. Like, dude they’re just breasts damn. I thought once men have sen once they’ve seen them all, but I guess I’m wrong.

    Also, yea I look at other women’s breasts. I know I’m not gay or curious or anything, but I love my own, so I appreciate other women’s. ok that sounds kinda gay. lmaooo

    And hell yea I check men’s junk. That I absolutely cannot help. I concentrate hard on making eye contact, but the moment a guy pulls out his cellphone or glances away, my eyes definitely go DOOOOWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN!!

  • Ayanna

    I used to always set my booby traps! At some point though, it got old (except for the club, lol). The attention at some point was irritating and less pleasurable than degrading.

  • Neska

    my mom used to tell me to turn off my high beams anytime a shirt was fit too close lol. now i don’t have to wear closed shirts or low cut shirts, the twins are just there and always get attention, some wanted, some i could do without, and yes we do have a built in radar!

  • MsTerry

    Ok, so I must be in the minority. I’m dating a man that refuses to acknowledge the girls. He says it’s because he’s a butt man. I’ve never heard of such a thing! You can be a butt-man and still love the boobies. This might be a deal breaker (different blog).

  • Anonymous

    I fell for the boobie trap in a club!!! i was all good I was buying drinks and staring at those things!!! Then her Girldfriend came to got to the Club!!not only was I mad but felt CHeated!!!that a boobie trap

  • get lost

    I actually HATE, HATE, HATE, when men look at my chest. I get it when I’m driving, shopping, one stupid man ran his car up over a curb and did quite a bit of damage to it when I was standing outside an auto repair shop talking to the owner about my own car repairs. I get even more frustrated when I confide my frustrations to other women about it and they say something total unempathetic like oh, I wish I had THAT problem! Well, I for one do not WANT the problem and have thought very seriously about breast reduction just hate the down time and the years it will take to pay for it. How would men feel if I went around staring at their crotch? Please, if there is any one else that hates this as well PLEASE BLOG!

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t hate it more. You are put in the position of observing someone feel lust, a very intimate and personal experience that shouldn’t be forced on anyone. Its like having a porn mag strapped to your body, which you may not want. You may not want to be forced to see yourself in terms of what someone else you don’t know or care about wants in the sack. You may just want to go about your business without getting hard-on’s rubbed on you metaphorically. I think more people need to understand parts-obsession is fetishistic and an invasion of personal space.

  • Girlontheroad

    I love my breast and at school (12th grade) I wore a push up bra witch made them like two cups bigger and a really low v neck and guys started at me all day! I said I was horrified but really i loved it

  • anotherchick

    So I searched “why are my eyes drawn to boobs” on google, and when I came across this page I felt sooooo much better about my freakish urge to check out other girls’ boobs. I am a girl but constantly check out other girls’ boobs (and guy’s packages). Just knowing that other girls do the same make me feel way less worried about my behavior. It probably stems from some boob envy, as I am as flat as a pancake and at 23, they aren’t going to get any bigger!

  • Tiara

    I love my “ladies”! I’ve been waiting for the since I was a little girl, so when I got to high school and they started to “stand up and be accounted for” I was MORE than just excited. When I was still a kid I’d wear low ass tops because I knew dudes, so close to their adolescence, would have to look. Then I went through a phase of wearing shirts that said things and more dudes were looking than ever! It took me a while to realize that shirts that say shit give men an out while staring at your boobs.. “yeah, youre REAL interested in what Oscar the Grouch has to say so long as its across my boobs”. Also, @anotherchick I look at other girls boobs…and sometime compare them to mine. I blame being the only girl in a house full of men! As an adult (23) I now realize that they look REGARDLESS of whats on or not on your shirt. REGARDLESS of what kind of shirt youre wearing. REGARDLESS of if theyre big or small. They

  • Justsomeperson

    Well I’m a guy, a teenager actually. But I don’t feel the need to stare at a girl’s chest. Things I think are really attractive are:

    A girl’s voice, should be light and pleasing to the ear. If you have a really nice voice I could listen to it all day :)

    A girl’s face, if you look really good then that is of course a big turn-on. Especially if you have a white smile that says “I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

    A girl’s hair, it doesn’t really matter what style you have as long as it suits you (Oh and I love necks too, very sexy :])

    I guess there’s two types of attraction.. sexual attraction and falling in love with someone. If you have a really sexy body then men could become sexually attracted to you. But if you just look good and quite essentially if you are a sweet girl then I guess men could fall in love with you (at least I could) :)

    And well of course a girl’s chest or butt can be a turn on but for me a girl doesn’t really need them to be attractive. Oh and I think that shyness is really attractive too. Not as in afraid to go and talk to someone but I mean not showing off your assets.

  • Mariee

    first i would like to say im jealous :(
    second, i barely started reading these blogs and have the need to comment at least one
    im a 34B & have been flat chested most of my life
    i don’t think i have a “boobie-trap” lol & even if i TRY to set a boobie-trap its hard work (padded-bra, low cut shirts, etc.) but i do got a big booty so guys stare at my butt a lot it gets awkward but all my friends keep telling me to be proud, but im not gonna lie i like the attention

  • marfree

    Fellow guys,

    I bet you can’t beat this.

    1. Start with no sex for 10 months, actually i broke up with my woman and haven’t found the right one. If you have a woman and have been holding out for this long, you’ve already beat me.

    2. Join a masters swim club, mine is mostly women.

    3. introduce yourself to every one on your team, shaking their hand, refraining from looking 10 degrees down. Well, i am human, an animal, gods little creatures, whatever. fact is i took a look, ok, i did it!

    4. either jump in the pool and high tail your set or get chased off by the titty police.

    Why is it such a sin? What would Darwin say?



  • JadaJay

    Of course we do it on purpose sometimes.And I mean i dont really care about staring i try and take it as a compliment until it gets to the point of okay you’re staring right down my shirt its like back off. As far as catching people stare im known for telling them to just look because it gets annoying and awkward when people try to fight it. Two days ago one of my friends kept glancing and looking away at them but he just couldnt stop looking so i stopped him midsentence and told him to just look because it was obvious he wanted to. LOL. And he did of course.

    And i agree with “litbia.” Men are not innocent basketball shorts kill me!!!! Especially at the track and the gym. Its too much to handle lol

  • Maranda Lambert

    I dont care if guys i am dating want to see my boobies!

  • BMW2K

    LOL @ NWSO

    I can not believe you actually penned a blog on looking at a woman’s tits. LOL

    I go with what my grandmother says as she reaches into her bra and she pulls out her money (or hand sanitizer or mid morning snack) from beneath the girls. “Honey, I love my nanny jugs – they are the only two sukas I can trust” ROFL but still SMDH

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  • ronnie@!@

    i catch boys looking all the time im only in the 6th grade/one day i was talking to my best friend that i new sence preschool was triying to stop looking at my cheast but could not stop so i tolled him just look dont so enbersing!!!!!!!!!!

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  • idownloadwarez

    I dont know if its just me but for some reason i stare at their heads. I keep my eyes at head level. Laugh out loud I have probably been playing too many FPS games.

  • Disgusted

    I think it is DISGUSTING the way that women even wear the low-cut tops with HALF their boobs hanging out even in an OFFICE atmosphere! You did NOT see that even back in the 90's! That was NOT professional dress! I can't stand it. I'm a woman, and it just disgusts me. To me, that is the equivalent of a guy wearing a shirt halfway open to see the hairy chest–IN AN OFFICE! That's just NOT done! Imagine anyone in your office doing that! How would guys like to see THAT every day (unles you are gay) OR see guys wearing pants in an office that showed all the way down to reveal the top part of the you-know what??? Is that going to be next??? I just think that it should be banned! Maybe some of the Pentacostals, Amish, and even devout Muslims have the right idea. This might be American–but it's getting way to GROSS for me!!!

  • Teddy

    You are just a PRUDE…"Disgusted"…Get over it! If women want to have ALL of their boobs out in the office, it doesn't bother me. Matter of fact…why don't we all just go NAKED to the office! What a great day that would be!! :>)

  • Geraldine

    Oh HELL no!! There are many people at my office I would NEVER want to see naked! barf!

  • Love

    Hmmmm! Enjoyed all the minds on this blog.

    I'm happy it's not I alone that glances on Tits. It's of sincerity a hard fight in a man to decide to swap his eyes off a glorified flesh which he finds quite fascinating. Ladies gotta indulge we men in this, as we can't sometimes bear it looking off boobs. Boobs staring is almost a normal day activity in most men, its a part of us. Of course! We all are humans, blood and flesh, we have feelings, God made us to appreciate.

    I jst feel, there should be moderation in our gazing……..

  • stareingharder

    I would love to grope your oversized breasts.

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  • LLR

    LOL it’s hilarious seeing a guy try his hardest not to look, he’ll stare so intensely into my eyes, it’s kind of freaky

  • ssss

    If u cant change it then let us enjoy, we r not going to harm u..n just give a smile to us while stairing ur boobs..u’ll also enjoi it

  • Chris

     I just want to make
    it clear that yes it is possible to stop looking. Our actions are just that,
    our actions. We are not robots that can not override our programming. I just
    want to say that it is like playing dodge ball every day each day. That is
    ridiculously annoying. And the women who complain must ask themselves if they
    themselves dress provocatively when they go outside when they are in a
    relationship because they contribute to this. I would imagine if I just dangled
    my penis out of my pants people who look regardless if they liked that sort of
    thing or not because it stands out. Now staring is up to the person. The more I
    try to stop this sort of eye candy impulse the more I realize how bizarre our
    society really is. No matter the temperature or occasion you will see women
    walking around wearing scantily clad apparel. Now ask yourself something, does
    it really matter if an article of clothing is denim or cotton shorts or not if
    it covers the same percentage of your flesh as a pair of underwear? Or if your
    clothes are so form fitting it looks like near body paint? If you ask me the
    drug dealer is just as much to blame as the drug addict. If you are at the
    beach are you not wearing intimate clothing? Are women not wearing bras
    designed as casual dress, come on people wake up. Women, as just as easily to
    blame as the culprits for this crime as the guys are guilty for looking. I see women
    in the office wearing form fitting skirts, form fitting black or grey dress
    pants where the buttocks are clearly defined and you want to be treated like
    equals And not sexual objects?  You go to
    church, school, college, and it’s all the same thing. What a joke! Wear clothes
    people and cover your bodies, quit wearing make up like glamour models and
    watch how little guys notice or are no longer tempted to look. So to all the
    guys out there getting bashed for responding to the life time of Hippocratic brainwashing
    you have received, try to be respectful to your girls but realize they are not
    free of hypocrisy and blame for soliciting this response. To all the women out
    there Dress like a guy, and you will be treated like a guy. Dress like a guy
    and you will have no more whistles , double takes, heads turning, cat calls,
    Nada, zip, zilch, nothing, zero because truth be told women in there natural
    state dressed conservatively are not attractive. Maybe you can say beautiful or
    pretty or what ever, but not (ATTRACT-TIVE). They will not attract attention. If
    you dress like your in the bed room you get what you give.

  • Chris

    Just look at the picture for this discussion topic. puff daddy is looking at the woman why? because she is showing her flesh and triggering his natural response to look. Does calling a dress formal wear negate that it only covers the same percentage of flesh as a bra? if she wore a dress exposing no skin or form the way puff daddy is dressed then she could have merit to the argument that men are pigs but she is soliciting the looks by her choice of dress. women dress provokes attention.

  • AppleSmasher

    I’ll admit that I’m a guy who falls for both traps every now and then, mostly booty traps. Maybe it’s just because I’m a man and I have all of that testosterone a’flowin’ or whatever. I think maybe the girls don’t like it in particular because when they catch you looking they might assume you think she’s easy or something. Again, I’m a guy and the workings of the female mind are beyond my comprehension. Often I catch myself staring while spacing out, then I look around and see if anyone noticed. Or when I’m just moving my eyes around and they happen to spy a nice one, I try to look away because I’m trying to be respectful, but often she turns around before I have time to react.

  • Divya

    Though I am a woman unconsiciously I look into the other womens breasts. I catch hold of this problem recently. Unknowingly I am starring at other womens breasts. They also feel awkward and think me in different way. My view has totally changed. I am trying to get out of this problem soon. 

  • Freakier_darkali

    boobs are fantastic! I love my boobs and don’t mind people looking but not ogling or touching,  that is perverted. It makes me feel attractive and I don’t see the harm in that. I even check out other girls boobs myself – boobs are just fascinating!

  • Bigsitch2

    It’s peek.

  • Moorkan Ettadi

    Its so hard not to fall into a boobie trap.