Do You Ever Question Your Religion?

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During the course of last week’s discussion about virginity, a smaller conversation got started about religion, which always seems to be a hot button subject open for debate and conflicting opinion. It reminded me of an interview where rapper Ja Rule said he didn’t believe in religion. About a year and a half ago I got the chance to sit down with Ja and ask him about that. Raised a Jehovah’s Witness, Ja explained to me what he meant by that statement. “I’m not a religious person at all,” he began. “Not into religion. I think religion is bullshit, but I’m a real spiritual person. I’m more into my one on one thing with God. I believe it’s a higher power.”

I understood exactly what Ja was saying because I have a very similar outlook. My grandfather (R.I.P.) was an extremely religious man, and while he was only alive for the first 10 years of my life, he made sure that I had a strong connection with God. Plus, I attended Catholic school for 12 years. However, when my grandfather passed away, my adherence to religious practices he instilled in me began to wane a bit. My daily conversations with God began to dwindle. I didn’t pray before consuming every meal. I stopped attending church weekly. I didn’t get down on bended knee before closing my eyes each night. It wasn’t that I believed any less, it’s just I’m no longer following any set religion. That’s why I consider myself more “spiritual” than anything else.

Just the other day I had a conversation with my homegirl Robyn and the question of my religious beliefs came up. I said, “I’m spiritual, not religious.” Robyn is one of those friends that’s always up for a debate, so she pressed me about my unique response. I continued, “I don’t subscribe to a specific religion or follow a set doctrine. I take note of a Higher Power and try to live my life as just as possible. I pray on occasion and respect all the things that people consider religious and holy, but I just choose to walk down my own separate and distinct path. So I’m spiritual by nature, but not religious in the normal sense.”

In retrospect, though, I’m not sure if that’s necessarily true. Like I said earlier, I don’t pray or attend church regularly. I’ll mumble, “Thank you Lord for this food in Jesus’ name, Amen,” before dinner, but most times it just feels like I’m mindlessly reciting random words. It’s kinda like when a kid says their ABCs, strictly autopilot with not much thinking. Over the course of the past year and change, I’ve gone to church a few times but I never feel “worthy” enough to receive the Holy Sacrament. (In fact, I wrote about that feeling HERE when I partook in Ramadan last year).

Sure, I believe in God, but that’s because I was raised to. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that blindly believing in something solely based on faith or believing in something that cannot be analyzed and dissected with research and notes goes against everything my rational mind would do on a normal day. But, in essence, the basis of religion is faith. The Bible? No disrespect and I say this with the utmost respect, but it’s a book with no author, no footnotes and no solid point of origin. It’s been altered, changed, translated and retranslated (i.e. King James) over the centuries but in spite of all that the Good Book and other religious texts (i.e. the Koran, Torah, et. al) are highly revered by those that believe—and those that believe, believe strongly. Some may call that “irrational” or “myth,” but others call that “faith.”

Ja Rule had an interesting take on this. He said, “To me, the Bible is stories. Not necessarily true facts of things that happened. I think some of the stories are facts. I think they’re good for life, when you read the Bible. Stories that you read in the Bible you can take for life and kinda [equate] them to things that are going on in your life and you can make good sense of it. But sometimes people take things in the Bible too literal. You know, people get too serious with religion and faith and belief. You can have faith and believe in a lot of things—but it’s hard for me to believe in man. For me, faith is that. Faith and belief, it’s just what it is. You may never see, you may never touch, but you gotta believe.”

It’s hard to believe that I could be so in tune with a rapper on this subject, but apparently I am. Ja basically echoed my earlier sentiment about people believing simply because that’s what they were taught. Maybe it’s “fear,” but I’d much rather believe in a Higher Power and discover there isn’t one than to not believe at all and find out that I was completely and utterly wrong. In case of the latter, I’d be subjected to an eternity of damnation, which could have been avoided had I simply had a little faith. Although I have and probably will sin again—I’m not perfect, I’d like to believe that I am a good person. So I’d hate to reach the end of my life and meet God at the pearly gates only for Him/Her to say, “Close, but not close enough, Ans. Go see the guy in the red suit downstairs.”

But is belief based on fear true faith? Or is religion just a fear-based system created to keep us all in check? Because without the moral fabric of religion and the possible retaliation for “bad” behavior; we’d probably exist in a world of total chaos and anarchy. Instincts and impulses would rule and there’d be no sense of self-restraint. It would be Sodom & Gomorrah all over again. A nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t wanna live there—especially on Judgment Day. But if fear of a fiery afterlife in the pits of hell is all that keeps my “faith” in check, then how true is my “faith/belief” in the first place?

So am I religious? Am I spiritual? Or am I just a heathen trying to skate by on a few good acts/gestures? Shit, I mean, shoot…. I dunno. When I do pray it’s not just because I want something. God has bestowed a lot of blessing upon me that I am very grateful for and try my best to stop and take time out to say thank you. I do send prayers out for the continued health of my family and friends. I do acknowledge the fact that I have more than a lot of other people and I try to share with others when I can (maybe I could do it more). But I know I also am a sinner and I ask for guidance in staying on the right path. Sure, I’m bound to sway and drift off course from time to time, but at least I try, right? I am after all only human, and only God can judge me.


So what’s your take on organized religion? Do you believe everything that your religion promotes or do you only practice some of its tenets? What religion do you currently practice? Is that the same one you were raised under or did you switch religions as you got older? If so, what do you practice now? Do you consider yourself more “spiritual” than religious?” What is your definition of “spirituality?” How do you feel/respond to people that attack others based on their religious beliefs? Do you feel that atheists have the right to not believe in a Higher Power? How do you rationalize any conflicting accounts in a religious text or between different faiths? Have recent church scandals weakened your faith in organized religion? Do you feel religion is just man’s way of explaining the world? Could you date someone that didn’t have a relationship with God?

Speak your piece…and please be respectful


  • Toy

    I’ve questioned, but didn’t need answers to get me back on track. I don’t know if I can explain the way spirituality makes me feel and maybe that’s the reason I wanted answers. I found it hard to believe something that wasn’t tangible. I realized that the only things I can believe are the small, seemingly impossible miracles in my life and the way I feel when I pray, when I’m in church and when I think about God. I’ve come to the conclusion that following this path isn’t easy, but will be worth it.

  • Anonymous

    i think questioning religion and also converting to others is a lack of faith in what your originally believe in. I am christian. Like you I have not gone to church in who knows how long. I never really liked it except for the sermon and some of the singing. I only like old school gospel hymms lol. I guess i could go long with you in the sense of being more spiritual but unlike you (and please realize i am not knocking your or anyone else’s beliefs) i woul never particpate in any other religion or relgious practices outside of christanity. It could be close minded but like i said earlier if i honestly believe in my heart of hearts in God and Jesus Christ I would not test my faith in anything else. Whether it be ramadan or hanukkah. And i dont expect anyone who is muslin or jewish or any other religion to be apart of easter, christmas or lent. i dont knock anyone elses but mine although im not in church evey sunday is pretty set. I love god. we talk mulitple times a day lol. and i read my bible, which was written by multiple authors and had multiple translations so there are all kinds of perspectives going on. But i see it as a guide or map. I dont have to follow it 100% to the letter cause we all know stuff contradicts itself especially between the old and new testements. i get the gist of eing a good person, the commandments, and having God in my life. In my close to 30 years on this earth i cant ever remember questioning my religion. I probably didnt want to go to church lol but I didnt question god at all…ever

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    No comment.

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    How weird is this. I was thinking about this very subject just last Friday while listening to Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts.”

    I’m with Ja 100%. I was raised Catholic, but at some point in my young adult life, I made a decision to no longer believe in organized religion. I’m a spiritual person who love and respect the Father, and prefer to have a personal relationship with Him rather than “worship” in a man-made building designated, by man, to be a “place of worship,” or live my life solely by a book written, analyzed, and interpreted my man. God is in my heart, and that’s what counts. Not how many times I walk up the steps to a brick building with a cross in its yard to put money in a collection plate of an institution that is part of one of the richest cooperations in the world. Or duck my hand in holy water and genuflect toward an altar, made by man, before I take my seat to listen to a man preach about his religion’s interpretations of the Word. I think that as long as I have a personal relationship with Him, that’s all that matters. I try my hardest to live a righteous life, thank Him daily for my many blessings, and ask His forgiveness for my sins in the privacy of my own home.

    But while I don’t believe in organized religion and no longer attend church, I do respect individuals’ need and desire to attend church and believe in what and whom they choose to believe in—or not believe in. I respect the church because it is the vessel at which I learned a lot about the wonders of the Father. And for that I’m grateful. My decision to stop attending church was because I realized that for me it was a farce. For me it seems like the Catholic church wants us to believe that worshipping a priest, a building, and the symbols of that priest and building means worshipping God. And for me that is just not the case.

    I respect all forms of worship, even those I don’t necessarily agree with. I even respect the “non-believers.” I don’t understand someone not believing in a Higher Power, but it’s not for me to judge, and I respect their choice.

    But I don’t think I can date a person who is not spiritual and who doesn’t have a relationship with God. Nor can I date religious fanatics and anyone who is overly critical of other religions and set out to attack anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.

  • knappi

    I had written out a whole sermon but this is what God put on my heart to say:

    PRAY. No one is stopping you from getting on your knees and talking to God. Pray often and daily. People spend 8 hours of the day at work but won’t spend 1 hour with God. Then they get mad at religion for not awnsering their question. That’s not fair cause you’re not holding up your end of the bargain.

    If you pray, God will give you the awnsers you need about religion, life, etc. You just have to be quiet and listen…

  • da ThRONe

    The idea that anyone group of people know everything is the silly shit I ever heard of. Who really chooses there religion? Thats right its forced on you just like slavery was forced on black people. They forced us to do more than pick cotton and clean there houses they forced there beliefs on us.

    If you just stop and actually think about it any logically person should see straight through religions.

  • Litabia

    I’m with shay (from L.A)…I’m Monica from Oakland and I have no comment.

  • Beth

    I dont understand why people dont believe in God after a loved one dies. Just because they can’t deal with death dosen’t mean there isn’t a God. What do you want God to do make everyone Immortal.

  • Beth

    @ DaThrone…….your argument is “Silly” and weak. Religion has existed longer than slavery. Any logical person could see that there is extensive historical and archaeological evidence, which proves that the events and people in the bible existed.Your parents may force you to participate in religious practices, but your beliefs are an individual choice your parents can’t truly control. Read this book about this atheist guy that wanted to prove Jesus wrong, but ended up believing in God. It’s called the case for christ. Thanks, and I hope I didn’t come off too strong, but I am really passionate about God.

  • ML

    No Comment.

  • Elle

    Organized religion is a scam in my opinion. The Bible hasn’t been faxed to us by God – its contents have been negotiated by the men in power at that time in order to ensure their position and to keep the people quiet. If more people studied history as opposed to religion they’d understand the dynamics behind it. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that grown ups in the year 2009 can believe that God snapped his magical fingers and all life on earth was created. I’m a realist, I believe in science and in proof. Religion is based on theories. So it aint for me. But that’s just me. I don’t care what others do or believe. Live and let live is what I believe in above all.

    I’m not the type of person who follows movements period because I have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what society/family/the norm expects from me.

    At best, there is something like Karma out there – although then that would mean that Karma is sleeping on the job because the “bad ones” are getting away with too much BS if you ask me.

    If people believe in God, that’s absolutely fine with me. Whatever suits them best. What I hate though is when they try to make me out as a lost soul and feel the need to save me. That really irks me. Many very religious people lack the necessary amount of tolerance that it takes to accept different lifestyles. I never heard of an Atheist knocking on people’s doors to convince them of his/her beliefs. The other way around happens all the time though and I find it disrespectful.

    Oh the funniest thing to me is that some religious people always seem to think that Atheist = Satanist. Where the fuck did that come from? If somebody doesn’t believe in God why would he/she believe in the Devil?!?! Makes no sense whatsoever.

  • cherryl

    i am both – religious and spiritual.

    i talk to god, jesus, the universe, every day. i was raised catholic, with a southern baptist grandma and was nearly converted, but i thought that shit was scary.

    i because a muslim, but thought salat 5 times a day was a bit much, so i dipped…on to the next and became a NOIer, then 5%er.

    then a buddhist. a daoist. whatever was clever.

    i’m a religion ho. jumping from this one to that one, but never staying with one long enough to get serious and make it last.


    I recently had a near death experience, and now i am 100% convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is something after this life waiting for us, whether it is reincarnation or heaven, hell, etc.

    some people say it’s just the chemicals that are released in your brain when u are about to die, that put you in a state of euphoria….a nirvana…that eases your transition to the other side & it makes you have delusions and visions until you are at the point where you don’t know if you are alive or dead.

    is that what happened to me?

    maybe. because i was on death’s door with the knob turning!

    So, i guess like you, i am staying on the safe side by believing in god/dess, and living my life to the best of his/her goals for me, putting my life in his/her hands, praying, meditating, etc.

    I guess i have made my own religion – one where i can attend a church, mosque, temple and find/feel the spiritual essence in all those places, without one being “better” than the other.

    Today, I see myself as a spiritual rover and rambler, a tumbleweed, picking up the things that are helping to improve my life on a day to day basis.

    And loving people as i wish to be loved and treated – no matter who they are. And accepting our lord jesus christ as my personal savior in the midst of it, because i truly believe jesus is the only reason i still walk this earth.

  • DJ Ghost

    This subject gets me in trouble all the time… I don’t follow any one religion – I dabble in all religions because they are all fascinating … at the end of the day: we are all following the same thing by different names – a Most High Being that eventually all of us will have to answer to. All religions have some truth to them and some have fables… think about it – the Bible was either designed to keep control over a group of people or it’s a blue print for the future. I feel it may be a little of both.

    I am spiritual, not religious. I found a book in my father’s belongings (who was a deacon at his church and a sabbath school instructor – I call them Black Jews). In this book it broke down the bible into portions: Law, prophecy, songs, and History. I am sure to follow the books that spell out law and pay attention to the books that describe prophecy. At the end of the day – all the book says is love one another, don’t judge, don’t be spiteful, and treat others as you want to be treated. Who needs religion to explain that to you?

    I think it is possible to be spiritual and religious at the same time – but those solely stuck on religion haven’t reached the self-actualization they need to be a complete person. They need direction. I think being spiritual is the final plane. I have a great relationship with God: I know this because he hears and answers my prayers in due time. And I can’t quote you scriptures out of the bible…so I couldn’t be all THAT bad.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Anyone that believes in a Judgement Day and that “He” (why not she?) is gonna meet you at some pearly white gates are religious.Cause those are things that were invented to passify people.

    I don’t believe in the Bible because science have proven that immaculate conception is impossible and most religions are built on the premise that the Virgin Mary gave birth to the Son of God Jesus Christ.Which did not happen.She gave birth to somebody’s son…we will probably never know who his real father was.God was not of flesh and blood therefore he had no sperm to procreate.

    And if any educated person followed the timeline of the Bible they would know it was translated from many languages…we know what happens when we pass info along a chain of people…things get added and subtracted.And more importantly the Vatican is known to have chapters that were never released to the public.

    But the main reason I am not religious…I am a woman.I refuse to cater to the ignorant belief that I am lesser than a man and my main lot in life is to be a mother and wife.Show me one religion that doesn’t elevate the fake premise that a man is the better sex.There is none.

    I know whatever created all this that is life is on some next level shit…I don’t think it’s human cause we are too self centered to have consideration for each and every element that needs to exist to make life possible.

    I kinda believe in a reincarnation of the spirit within us….that invisible thing that gives us consciousness.But I think when we die ….we die.Cause noone has ever died and returned to prove us that there is a heaven or hell.

  • artsyheartsy

    I know many who are spiritual but not religious. That is me for sure. My childhood was spent outside of church but with a HUGE focus on ethics and commitment to service to my people. My mother started going to church at some point but didn’t make me and my brother join her so I generally didn’t. I was an announced agnostic from 10 till my early 20s when I gradually began to recognize the power of Spirit in my life not spirits but The One/Creator/Divine. I pray, I read spiritual texts, I have kept altars and lit candles and participated in rituals alone and with others and at various points craved a spiritual community but am deeply repelled by dogma and evangelism and suspicious of what I percieve as the judgmental nature of most organized religious groups I have encountered. That said I adopt bits and pieces of lots of traditions (I celebrate everybody’s New Year!) and am a sort of Metaphysical/African traditionalist/Buddhist freelancer not a religion exactly but lots and lots of Spirit.

  • Lonias

    I was baptised Catholic, went to Catholic schools K-12, and always had questions about the traditions, sacraments and contradictions that I was almost always afraid to ask out loud. When I went to college, I discovered that there are people who take God (and the Bible) at His Word and believe it literally. I started to develop my own personal relationship with Him through my own discovery. This was the best way for me, so that no “man” can lay claim to what they taught me. Several years later, I joined a church of my own volition for the first time. As a result of some very unfortunate events, I am no longer a member there, or anywhere else. I explain all of this background to say that the difference for me between religion and spirituality (or by my definition: “my personal relationship with God”) is that it all comes down to who we are trying to please. Traditions, doctrines and rote practices are all outward displays of supposed devotion to God. Here’s the thing: it’s all for “man” to see. God is concerned about the heart. He wants us to follow Him, worship Him for who He Is, and since He is Omniscient, He doesn’t need us to prove it by genuflect. God actually frees us from religion and the “Old Law” in the New Testament, but what do we do? We split off into God knows how many denominations, loosely organized according to the “Old Law”. Now I am not saying church, its doctrines and/or practices are bad, and I will join a church again. What I am saying, though, is that I choose to be a God-pleaser and a me-pleaser, NOT a people-pleaser.

  • jay1

    whatever gets you through the day.

  • Soulyn

    Great topic.

    I am a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism- chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Of course this wasn’t always what I believed. My grandparents were Angelican, so I had to attend church every Sunday. Once I came to the states and began making my own choices, Buddhism seemed logical, and made more sense to me. The responsibility for one’s life really drew me to the practice.

    Could you date someone that didn’t have a relationship with God? Sure I can. I don’t have a relationship with God, therefore I can’t expect that from anyone else. I just hope my beliefs are respected and accepted. I’ve dated men with different beliefs. I’m ususally the open minded one, accepting their religion.

  • EmotionalFunk

    Organized religion (sounds like some kinda gang ,lol) is not my thing. I was raised Muslim, attended catholic school for a few years and became a christian @ 26 for a year. I did the last one mainly for the benefits like the awesome church activities and friends, lol. I left a year later…I never really believed. Then said I was spiritual for a sec ’cause that was the “hot” word everyone was throwing around.
    I’m an Atheist, I don’t believe in god. The thing is I’m smart and too rational. I could not continue to turn a blind eye to obvious contradictions and things that I know to be nonsense, so I left it alone. I know for a fact that I don’t need to have a religion or fear of a spiritual entity in order to treat each human being well. So I don’t have any conflicts to rationalize with religious texts. I never have been rocked by a church scandal either. EVERYONE on this earth is human and will make mistakes so I think it just irrational when a person leaves their religion of choice because of a scandal. They wanted to leave anyway and just got their excuse. Like when someone waits for their S/O to do something so they end their relationship with them…same thing.

    I can’t really answer the question about would I person who doesn’t believe in god because that’s me! However, once I was seeing an atheist but I had to dump his ass quickly! Shit all he could do was be all crazy fanatical about how ridiculous religious people were and yada, yada, yada…..ugh and he was a lawyer so he could argue. Lol, I had to go I’m not down with all that crazy fanatical ish on anything. I think you have to let people do them and just get along with everyone who wants to get along with you.

  • Soulyn

    I meant Anglican.

  • Amber

    Anyone read the book “The Shack”?

    Its been on the best seller list for months…

    The Shack talks about God and what He means in your life versus the insitution of church (and how that is not the most important thing in your life). Its written in story form about a man and his struggle after a serial killer attacks his young daughter. Very good book!!!

  • Naturally_Pretti

    Great stuff!!!

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your beliefs.

  • reginaslim

    As for me, I was brought up in a Baptist church but once I was able to make a decision for myself regarding religion, I would say that I have definitely swayed away from any organized religion. Honestly, I believe that all these existing denominations divide us rather than serve the purpose they were intended to. I classify myself as spiritual as well and believe that you can see the God in everyone. I have a personal relationship with God and live my life seeking to become the extraordinary person he intended me to be. Overly religious fanatics scare me and I would not marry any of the two extremes although I do respect their belief. On occasion, I do attend church and believe that its purpose is meant solely to encourage my walk with God. At times, I admit that I do get turned-off from church because of the way that some of these pastors/priests and so called Men of God live their life, but then again we are all human and I am not following Man. BE BLESSED all!!

  • Sistagirl

    @ Amber.

    You are right! I have read “The Shack” and it is a great book! It is also an eye opener…i’m not very religious myself, but i am spiritual!

  • chocopina

    i believe in a higher power, but i choose not to subscribe to any one religion.

    i could babble on and on about why i feel this way but i will say that in my experience and in the research and information that i have come across man usually corrupts religion. there are many instances of man changing customs, holidays, traditions, etc of a religion to benefit a select group of people to make money, gain power, gain followers, etc. in my opinion once that has happened what once was true and just is now tainted and corrupt.

    also i am of mixed heritage (hence my handle) and i have often wondered if the people of the part of the world where each of my parent’s ancestors originated were practicing some sort of spiritual relationship with a higher power(s) for hundreds of years, how could that be wrong? who is to say that one religion is superior or more correct than another? i think there are many paths to the same destination. not one superior to another, just different.

    i also did my master’s thesis on concepts and beliefs of heaven and hell in religions so i’d like to think i’ve done a lot of reading regarding religion. but you know i could be wrong, lol. what i set out to prove was that people are more alike than different on a macro level. i wanted to use religion as a measure because countless conflicts and wars have been fought in the name of religion which to me is silly because a lot of religions have similar beliefs, just different practices.

    so again, i do believe in a higher power i just choose for my journey and practice to be one on one.

  • Latsyrc41

    @NWSO The “napkin” graphic is great!

    @jay1 I concur

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    One of the MAIN things NWSO said is BE respectful! So the way BETH came @ Da Throne was not respectful. Evidently, BETH, U need to work on your “ let he that is free of sin, cast the first stone “ component of being a Christian. There are suicide bombers in Iraq, among other places, that would strongly tell you your belief system is wrong–and they’re willing to die to prove they have “faith” their beliefs are correct. The willingness to die for what you believe shouldn’t be construed as “proof” though it’s a strong indicator that there are other opinions and ‘”beliefs” that are strongly held by MANY. Christian belief has gone thru a period where stoning and other actions we NOW would consider barbaric were common place–and by the way, what denomination was that? Are you a Baptist, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic or OTHER? And how many of US Christians, trace our history back to a period that conveniently over looks the period when CATHOLICS were the only Christians? Kinda strange, even if you go to a non-denominational church, how MANY different takes there are on being ” Christian.” And just in case you think Muslims all think alike, look no further than Iraq, where we can read news reports of the constant challenges the Islamic faith has between it’s two major religious sects, which are the Sunni and shi’a sects. And just in case you conveniently think Christian’s have no beefs…think about how many non-Catholics don’t even consider Catholics as being “Christians” yet King James back in the day, said other wise. And think about peeps who bomb abortion clinics becuz they and their Christian “God” are against abortion…or against drinking alcohol..or against gays..or blacks..or…Yeah, U get the picture.
    Me, I’m an ever evolving Christian and I BELIEVE “Gods ways, are not like ours “……I …I don’t think GOD will punish every non-Christian…..Hey, Muslims bend their knees 5 times a day in worship, so they pass part of the “ every knee shall bend test “…… And when you wish death and destruction on others–what kind of God are you praying to then? How about praying for God to “ Bless America “ instead of Bless the World? Do you pray for God to “bless our troops” and assume everyone else is out enemy? So we’re the only ones God loves? We’re The only ones on the GOOD team? A friendly country today, could be our enemy tomorrow—and then do we HATE them instantly, or what? Remember Vietnam…They were once our enemy, now we’re importing fish and other thangs from there…..And you believe WHAT again?

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    @ jay1:

    I cosign. I was raised Catholic, but now prefer to just have a spiritual relationship with God; my dad was Anglican and switched to Catholicism; my great-grandmother practiced Catholicism and Hinduism; some of my cousins are Seven Day Adventists; some are dedicated Muslims; some Rastafarians; and others I’m convinced are spawns of and dedicated worshippers of the Devil. So you’re absolutely right: “Whatever gets you through the day.”

  • Wishful Thinker

    Ans, I’ve been following your blog for a minute now and I knew today I had to comment.

    Now I love The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit with my WHOLE being! I would be lying if I said I have never doubted my faith. I have seen and been through many things in my short 19 years that made me question my faith. But I’ve also witnessed miracles that strengthed my faith.

    I think a problem our country as a whole has is that we equate going to some building, whether it be a chapel, mosque or temple with our relationship with a higher being.

    I go to church just about every sunday but I know that going to church doesn’t mean I’ll get into heaven. It is my personal relationship with Christ that is going to determine how I’ll spend the rest of eternity.

    Will people disagree with me, of course they will. Will I scream at them, curse them, and/or tell them they are going to hell, NO. I’m not here to make people understand why I believe what I do. I think we need to be able to agree to disagree which

  • SingleMama

    For me, I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that Jesus was born through a virgin birth. And that Jesus died for everyone’s sins on the cross. I believe it’s not about the religion it’s about your relationship. I believe everyone everywhere is given the opportunity to know God (i.e nature). I believe prayer and going to church are necessary and it’s not a religious ‘thing.’ God reveals himself through prayer and when we come together it allows us to utilize the gifts He gave us. I believe these things not because I was raised a certain way but because it’s what I believe in my mind, heart and soul.

  • Gina

    I believe in God 100%, but I don’t feel the need to go to church every Sunday to prove that. If your relationship is between you and God, why does it matter if you’re invovled in a church? God knows whats in my heart and I’m not a bad person so I have no worries. So I agree, I am more spirtual than religious.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    How can a woman hold the Bible in her hand and trust a faith that denies her the right to be who she wants to be?? Women weren’t even “allowed” to be pastor/preachers until recently.

    Muslim and rastafarian women have to cover themselves.To prove what exactly??

    Common sense tells me no virgin can give birth…it tells me that the first woman wasn’t made from the ribs of a man.Education taught me that books are manifestations of a man’s desires.So the man that sat down and coined the Bible did it for his desire to create a fantasy that made him feel “whole’ and “chosen”.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t even matter.We are all born one day and we die another.No matter what religion you practice.

    So many assumptions are made with religion.And a lot of people are throwing common sense out of the window.I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.There are things I believed so strongly and was later shown or proven it wasn’t what I thought…and I admitted my mistakes.Why is Christianity and the whole lot of religions so “hellbent” on defending falsehoods??

    We are human beings…not fictional characters.Noone can walk on water…part oceans with a stick….turn water into wine.It’s pure fiction.

    If preachers were the gateway to God…do that ish for free…be a part of the working class like the rest of your “followers”.Pool resources and pull your community out of poverty.Extend a lending hand to ALL of your fellowmen.Stop creating wars cause you are the “chosen”…stop telling me what I need to do with MY body as a woman.

    The list would go on forever.The more I trust in self and respect my fellowmen…the richer my life is.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    I am a spiritual pe