Have You Ever Had a Blind Date Nightmare?

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Today we’re going to try something a little bit different. In case you missed the memo HERE, NakedWithSocksOn.com isn’t just about me and my perspective. I’d like to believe I’ve built a little online community where we all get to talk/write about different things and share our experiences together. Well, since day one I’ve left the door open for any reader to take the reigns as a guest blogger for the day (at my discretion of course) and finally someone stepped up to the plate. A relatively new blogger by the name of Tiffany (read her blog HERE) submitted a hilarious story about a blind date nightmare called “My Date With Larry Lunchmeat” that she wanted to share with the NWSO fam. I’m sure some of y’all out there can relate. So Tiffany is a guest in my homepage for the day (I deserve a break for once, right?), treat her with the same respect you would me. I’ll speak my piece at the end…


“My Date with Larry Lunchmeat”

Once upon two Saturdays ago, I decided that I would visit one of the many social networking websites in which I am a member. What can I say? I was bored and was looking for a little cerebral stimulation.

Anywhooo, I was checkin’ my messages when what to my wondering eyes did appear? Why, it was the IM window telling me that some unsuspecting gentleman wanted a piece of my time right then and there. I noticed his picture and was neither impressed nor revolted. That could be a good thing, right? I mean, one doesn’t have to look like Reggie Bush in order to have decent, stimulating conversation, right? (Although that would be a MAJOR perk). I decided to go for it.

Our conversation started off basic: name, age, blah, blah, blah. You know, typical stuff. Nothing earth shattering. I decided to check out his profile page while we were in the heated throes of IMing. Larry (not his real name) had a few pictures available for a woman’s viewing pleasure. Since we lived in the same area, he asked me if I would like to accompany him out for that evening. Uh, don’t think so Mr. Eager McBeaver!

After a few more minutes I told him that I would have to bid him adieu. He revealed to me that he would like to continue the convo later on and he gave me his number. A couple of hours later, I decided to give Larry a buzz. We proceeded to dish on various subjects: kids, marriage, so on and so forth. I’m assuming by this time he was feeling a little more daring because he proceeded to ask me out for the night AGAIN. I mean, you got to give it to the guy. He was persistent, if nothing else. I thought “what the H-E-double hockey sticks? I’ll give it a shot.” What’s the worst that could happen? I could end up sliced and diced in a food processor since I’m about to go out with a man I barely know. But hey! There’s nothing like a potential crazed serial killer to add a little spice to the weekend! (Editor’s Note: NWSO shakes his head in disbelief).

After pouring over the cinema’s mundane selections we finally decided on one. Since I wasn’t crazy about the idea of this guy knowing where I lay my head at night, I decided to meet him outside of his home. As I am finally ready for this impromptu date, I curiously begin to wonder: “Is this guy going to be the same gentleman that I saw in those pics or will it end up being his cousin Jaheim from Philly?” Way to think positive girl! I arrive at Larry’s humble abode. My heart is pumping above the legal limit. I ring the doorbell…

(Jaws theme song playing in background)…

I fluff out my hair…

(Music louder now)…

Tapping my foot…

(He opens the door slowly)…


(Collective sigh).

I want to cry. I want to run back to my car. I’m even willing to tell this guy that I have a serious case of the Hershey squirts just to get out of this date. What’s the prob you ask? Let’s just say that he looks very similar to this fictitious name that I have given him. However, I decided to just go for it since: (a) I kinda wanted to see this movie anyway and wasn’t going to have to pay. (b) Was looking kinda cute with a side helping of scrumptious.

The ride to the theatre was pleasant enough while the sounds of Lil Wayne and Drake provided our background. In the middle of the flick, my date asked if he could hold my hand. C’mon dude, are you serious? I sucked in a serious gust of air and mumbled incoherently. Well, then he wants to lay his head all up on my shoulder! I’m like, “Sorry, Tito, but this isn’t that kind of party.” We headed back to the house so that I could get to my car, QUICKLY. By this time, I’ve had it. I did my charity work for the month. He had the conversational skills of a fichus plant. He was overly critical of my “dark” nail polish. Once the car stops, I almost twisted my ankle trying to get out. I think that his radar picked up on the fact that I was turned off by both his personality AND his looks. He gingerly asked if I was going to come in for a minute or just go home.

Okay, now my stomach is screaming “toilet, please.” I swallowed the huge lump in my throat and agreed that I would come in for a minute. Curse me and my gelatin heart!!! After about 15 minutes, I told him that I needed to leave. You’ll never guess what came next. Well, maybe you can. He tried to… (fanning my hand in front of my face) KISS ME!!! Needless to say, I declined as politely as possible. I mean, I know he’s a man and the whole fragile ego thing. Thankfully, I managed to escape with most of my sanity in tact.



NWSO’s two cents.

First of all, Tiffany, I don’t know why in the hell you went out with some random dude off the Internet, you couldn’t have been that bored. Ladies (and gents), I advise you not to go out with strangers—especially ones you’ve known for less than a day. That’s how one of my good friends wound up getting raped. While this story turned out mad funny and I appreciate it, I’m just glad to hear you didn’t actually end up being Larry’s lunchmeat.

Have you ever gone on a blind date? How did you “meet” the person? How’d the first face-to-face encounter turn out? Would you go out with someone you met online after only knowing to them for a few hours? What would you do if you showed up at the person’s crib (or wherever y’all met) and they weren’t attractive to you? Would you still give them a shot or make an excuse to cancel? Would you ever go on a blind date if a friend set it up? Why or why not? Any blind date horror stories you want to share?

Speak your piece…


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  • Deeny

    Yeah, homegirl was bugging for meeting up with this guy that she only knew for a day…..bad move. Although, I will say this—-trying out different methods of meeting people can be productive ONLY if both parties are mature enough to realize the importance of getting to know each other and don’t take offense to any cautious efforts of the other party.

    People are crazy…..bottom line. If u meet someone thru the net then u are put in a position where all u have to go on is WHAT THEY TELL U. It it can all be a fabrication, or it can be truth—-or even a mixture both. But u have no real resource to verify info on the type of person they are at all. So taking the time to get to know them before u do something like going to their home is essential! I would understand going to grab a few drinks convo—-it allows u to see how this person behaves in a social setting as opposed to a movie where there is no convo and awkard forms of affectiion might be attemped (ex. homey tryin to hold hands…wtf?) That is definately a no-no.

  • July

    Lmao! I feel you Tiffany, sometimes you just think what the heck, whats the worst that could happen? I have landed up on many horror dates that have made me (temporarily) retire from the dating game all cause of boredom and a what the heck attitude. Great choice for a guest blog.

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  • http://lovealwayssunny.wordpress.com Sunny Dee

    I didn’t quite go blind date off the internet but I have had some really horrible dates either due to being set up or I’ve gone out with a guy that made a really nice friend but in no way would make a good boyfriend. It’s a horrifying situation and it always makes me think of that scene from The Breakup when Jennifer Aniston leaves her date on an emergency and the friend is boredly saving her on the other line.

  • shrtymack332000

    xcuse me ladies but i must admit that there are crazy situation on a blind-date but i like to view my friends and conversate and keep it as real as possible to them so when they see the pic then the know that i’m genuine ,and also if we make phone converstation i ask for them to set up a meet and greet session before we take it any further so tat way if the person or persons don’t like what they see they haveanoption to the rule.

  • Ms Philadelphia

    Well… I dont think it was safe practice to meet a guy off the internet and ride in a car with him , or go into his home… Other than that, what is the difference between meeting a guy in a bar, a book store or a supermarket and the internet really? They are all people you dont know, but take CAUTION measures to get to know.
    Before the internet became so readily available predetors where finding victims in other places besides a chat site. (So nothing is really “safe”)

    My words of advice.. Drive your own car. Meet at a well populated location. Text the license plate, interary and phone number to a friend. Never be alone with him/her until you are VERY sure/familiar.

    I have had a few blind dates… and most ended the same… disastrous/no follow up… Like meeting a guy at applebee’s then going bowling the same night… man did he turn out obnoxious!

    But the creative name deserves kudos…lol!

  • http://girlshesgottahaveit.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    Tiffany is bold, because most sensible young women today wouldn’t even go as far to consider meeting a stranger off the Internet and going out with him on the same day. That’s dangerous by all means, and she should be thankful that nothing happened to her. I know that there are just as many crazies in person as there are online, but I’ve always felt like you should be extra cautious when a computer is involved.

    I’ve never been on a blind date, and I’m not opposed to it either. I’d like to think that my friends know me well enough to find a suitable guy for me to potentially date. But if he did turn out to be an ug-mug, I’d thug it out and finish the date. Hurting a man’s feelings is not my favorite thing to do, unless he was being a jerk and acting a fool, because then he’d deserve it. I’d wait until after the date to call (from a restricted #, probably) and tell him that it’s not going to work out.

  • Elle

    Lmaooooo … Yea, I have had my fair share of these same kind of encounters in the past.

    Once, I was a victim of the “fake pic posse” and was utterly shocked when dude looked nothing like his pic. We had been emailing and talking on the phone for a couple of weeks before we decided to meet. In all this time, he didn’t consider it necessary to come out with the truth. “Oh well” I thought “He is nice nonetheless. Let me not hold this against him just yet.” The nice part of me stayed and honestly planned to enjoy the date when Fake Frank didn’t hold the door open for me. That was it. This lack of manners killed the final, itty, bitty chance he had been given.
    Yes, Da Throne, I know you’ll be pulling the emancipation card on me – but I’m sorry. When I walk behind you, you shouldn’t let the door shut in my face. No matter if you are man, woman, friend, lover, stranger. It’s a matter of common courtesy.
    On top of his caveman behaviour, the convo was lame and I don’t think I have ever looked at my watch this often. When using the restroom, I actually considered climbing out of the window and driving away. If he hadn’t held the parking card, I think I would have really pulled that off.

    My second “blind date” experience started out quite similar to Tiffany’s. He had contacted me on a social networking site, was new in town and wanted to explore the city a little that same evening. I was bored and figured “What the heck, why not? If it is my destiny to die by the hands of serial killer, so be it.” I guess I have to add the info that ol’ boy was a pro balla and I wanted to see what the hype was all about. His pics were his pics. He was a true gentleman. And I actually caught myself laughing quite often. So the date itself wasn’t a bad one at all. The turn off came afterwards when he sent me text messages and his grammar/spelling were horrible. Call me an elitist or whatever you like but bad spelling is a major turn off for me. So a handful of text messages later I came to the conclusion that I’d have to ignore him from this point on because he fulfilled the cliche of the hot but dull athlete.

    No more blind dates for me. And I would definitely not let my friends set me up with anybody. They don’t know how to pick out good guys for themselves. How on earth would they suddenly be able to pick one for me. Not likely.

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    It wasn’t really a blind date, we had met once before. My friend D invited her friend Michael to come along with us to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. After the parade, I get a call from D telling me that her friend really dug me and that she gave him my number. To tell the truth, I hadn’t even noticed homeboy, but on the strength of him knowing D, I figured he was good people and gave her the okay. That same night, I get a call from Michael. He’s a little weird on the phone, but I chalk it up to him being shy. We talk off and on for a few days, then he stops calling.

    Fast-forward to Thanksgiving night, I get a call from Michael. We exchange a few pleasantries and agree to meet up the day after Thanksgiving to go ice skating in Central Park. A lightbulb must have flashed in the back of my head, because instead of giving him my address, I agree to meet him at the magazine stand near the subway station. The night of, I get to the magazine stand early—a rarity for me, being that I’m always late for everything. I wait for about half hour, no Michael. I finally give up and head back home.

    A few hours after I get home, the phone rings and it’s Michael.

    Michael: Hi, how are you?
    Me: How am I? Where the heck were you? I thought we were supposed to meet at the magazine stand?
    Michael: Yeah, I was there. I saw you waiting for me. You were wearing…
    Me:You saw me waiting for you? So why didn’t you come over to me?
    Michael: Because I wanted to watch you. I love watching you. I love the way you move. You’re a freak aren’t you?
    Me: Say what? You love watching me? Are you out of your mind? You know what, good-bye.

    I was so angry, not only because I was stood up, but also because I felt the dude was playing games with me. After hanging up the phone, I call D to explain what happened.

    D: Oh, he must be off his meds.
    Me: He must be what?
    D: Off his meds. Michael is schizophrenic. He had just come out of the hospital a few days before the parade. He does so well when he’s on his meds, so he must have stopped taking them.
    Me: Say what? You gave my number to a dude that just came out of a mental institution? Are you buggin’?
    D: Well, he seemed okay. And he said he really liked you. So I didn’t see anything wrong
    Me: Never again. You hear me. Don’t ever do that to me again. Bye.

    I never heard from Michael after that night. Thank God.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    We have JOKE time in full effect 2day…lmao..Tiffany,tiffany, tiffany, maybe you shoulda called this one: Tiffany lunch-head…….But for real, I must echo the words of a few others: It’s okay to be bold and spontaneous but don’t ACT desperate by going out with a dude you only chatted with and spoke to for part of a day. That just isn’t smooth. And ALWAYS meet in a well lit, public place and let a friend know where you’re going and who you’re with. Elle is STILL my virtual boo cuz she demands a dude open doors and what not..I’m down with that, sis, it’s the minumum courteousy you should expect from a man……@ Distinguished…Dang, your friend could be called a lunch-head too. Dude just out of the pycho ward and she gives him YOUR number? Wow, that’s wayy outta line, but evidently your good peeps cuz I’d still be PISSED behind some friggin B/S like that….As a man, trust me when I say I expect to meet a woman just as I stated: In a well lit, public place bcuz CRAZY goes both ways…lol………I have not done a real blind date though I have met several women I met on the internet AFTER we chatted on the phone and via Im’ing and found enuff interest to wanna meet, but that typically takes several weeks before I wanna meet you. Over time, you can findout if a person can put a coherent sentence together, if they can talk at different times of day and night and whether they can hold a conversation. Fortunately, all of the women I have met look like their pictures, cuz I sho-hate when the pic and the REAL don’t match…..lol..I give you ladies prop for giving a guy a chance when he’s playing the fake photo game or the: this is what I looked like back in “82” drama.
    And the moral of the story is: just like you shouldn’t go food shopping when you’re hungry…don’t go chatting on-line when you’re bored!!

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Thinkin of spontaneous hook-ups…..I recall hearing of a web site called something like: quickie fling…A caller spoke of it back in the day when Monique had her show. Seems they have rules and ery’thing about how you don’t kiss, don’t call and don’t plan to get together EVER again…..I was like: huh? I understand spontaneity…but that sounds like some bizarre, I have a death wish or am REALLY, really desperate…or tripping….or into fetishes that are wayyy off the scale type ish……….Far be it for me to judge, (but I do and will bcuz I’m socialized to do so as an American) but that’s not me…then again, when I went to Jamaica….uhmm, that was “different” cuz what happens in Vegas, Jamaica, the DR……U know the drill, stuff you do ” away ” from home are “acceptable” bcuz you’re AWAY…..Yeah, double standards make life SOOO much more difficult.

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    This is Tiff ya’ll..Lol…Man, I appreciate everyone’s helpful and sound advice…I DID provide my fam and friends with Mr. Lunchmeat’s vitals:home address, cell & home ph no’s…well, u get the idea…I probably should have turned around at the door when I saw that he looked like a cross between a llama and a platypus, but hey, I’m an active member of PETA..what can I say? J/P…Anyway, if I lived in area that offered something a little more arousing than cow tipping and corn shucking I could have engaged in those activities…but the wild, wild web is about the best we sassy sistas can do round these parts..yee haw!!

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Cerebally Orgasmic? Damn…I wanna take you out NOW too….lol. I feel ya, Tiff. Sometimes what we do to make the best of our living situations seem unwise or riskier to peeps in more populous places……When you say ” cow tippin ” I’m thinkn you probably gotta go a whole county over to find peeps nobody in your briar patch knows…lol….I have been in some desolate places so I can feel ya…..

  • Elle

    Amen!@ DC’s moral of the story


  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    You should probably read this post if you haven’t already

    @Distinguished G

    LMAO. That is straight up hilarity at it’s finest. I would have killed my friend for some dumb shit like that. SMH til it hurts.

  • http://thedivasthoughts.com/ Tee aka The Diva’s Thoughts

    That was a funny story. Be a bit more careful in the future Tiffany but that was mad funny! lol

  • http://twitter.com/iriediva Irie Diva

    i can understand the boredom led to the date part but i think u were kinda crazy your dang self for still going into his house after! esp when you were so over it

  • BK

    So the blind date “disaster” was that his looks weren’t up to par? Id say that way less disaster than annoyance. I was expecting drunk confessions, nude streaking, maybe a hospital visit.

    Shame on you though. You saw his pic, decided to go for it. Dater beware…

  • nik1908

    Well mine wasn’t a blind date per say, but a new guy. I invited him out to this concert at chastain park that I had tickets to ($70 ickets mind you). Now the concert was in the middle of the summer so I was fly in my little sun dress and sandals, early. Dude shows up in a jean suit with boots on….I was like are you serious? I could have let the fashion faux pas slide but dude had me waiting on him for like 30 minutes. Then he pulls up sweating and rambling about taking care of some business. So then he proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t even like the artist that we came to see. I’m like “dude you could have told me this before I wasted this ticket on you”. So we are sitting there and he is rambling about having to make his money and how the man has kept him down all the while sweating like a roasting pig. Nows it was warm but not that hot! Then he runs out to make a call and it started drizzling. I had an umbrella and was not gonna miss one of my favorite artists (India.Arie) for a little rain. He comes back and keeps complaining and asking me if we could leave and go somewhere else. Finally he got up to take another call and I sent him a text telling him to go ahead and leave and I would be fine. He sent me a message back saying that was fine but could he get some suga first! I wanted to go slam off but I didn’t. I sat there and enjoyed the show (with a few friends that moved down and sat with me after they witnessed the date from hell),praying to God that he was gone and I would never hear from him again.

  • Latsyrc41

    Tiffany, I’m really glad everything turned out ok (meaning that you came to no harm).

    I agree with others I guess, I probably wouldn’t have met up with someone after one conversation, but I get where you’re coming from. Boredom has made me do some “interesting” things too.

    As far my blind date experience goes, I’ve had a couple of dates within the last year. Both with guys I met on the internet.

    The first one turned out well. We had talked for several months before we finally decided to meet. It went ok offline for a while, but we turned out to be…um…sexually incompatible.

    The second one was a little more risky (I went to his house for our first meeting, after talking for a month or so). I had almost the exact same “what’s the worse that could happen…” thoughts as Tiffany. I crossed my fingers that he wasn’t a serial killer.

    He was smaller than I pictured him and a lot paler. :-) I thought he was cute tho. Anyway, after about an hour of chit chatting, he was all over me. I was wholly unprepared for that. I wasn’t scared and didn’t feel threatened, but I was surprised.

    It got a extremely hot for a first meeting, after all he was still technically a stranger (what was I thinking?). The night ended with embarrassment on both sides and we never spoke to each other again.

    I don’t know if I’d do the internet thing again.

  • Latsyrc41



    Good thing you thought ahead and didn’t have him come to your house! Wow.

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    @ BK
    Yes, I saw his pics pre-hell date, BUT the photos really didnt look all that bad. The prob was the pics had to have been at least 5-10 years old. You know when you gain weight, it can REALLY make you look almost like a totally diff person. His pics were SO not current.

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    LMAO..Girl, what’s life w/o a little risk, right??

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    LMAO..Gurl, I was over here laughin so hard at your story that I just about gave myself a golden shower!!! J/p..Especially the part about the jean suit and boots…I bet he thought he was lookin good like steak on a plate!!

  • sweetsexxybrown

    Now that’s a funny story Tiffany. Luckily, everything turned out ok (your safety). I’m assuming this was your 1st experience with the internet. You DEFINITELY must have some parameters, rules/regulations, and or procedures set up for internet dating. I have definitely had my share of the sites (Black People Meet, MATCH, BP, etc.) I’ve met some crazies and I also met my ex, and I met a J.O. and then some more crazies. There are two dates that stick out the most though

    1)Dude who asked me to go to dinner and then wanted me to pay for it. (luckily mama ain’t raised no fool, I had my own money) But the funny part was that he had the nerve to try and kiss me at the end of the date! I quickly pushed him away and waved goodbye as he got in the cab. Now to all of you who want to call me out for expecting dude to pay…stop it. Yeah, if he asked me to go, he should pay. Plus, I’m more traditional in some parts of dating. Paying for dinner is one of them. (doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pay if you wanted to go dutch…but I expect dutch at the level of we just met…there’s been a few phone calls…I don’t even know your favorite color yet…or maybe in Tiffany’s case, I only knew him for one day,lol. Kiddin’ Tiffany, I couldn’t let that one pass)

    2) Then there was Ballerina Dude. We went on a date to a coffee shop and he was cool. He ordered our coffee and then I went to find us a spot to chat. I turned to see where he was from our seats and he is standing in 5th position. WTH? He wasn’t a dancer. He was a Real Estate Agent. He wasn’t standing in the slooth footed one foot in front of the other pose. He was in FULL POSE 5th position. My old dance teacher would’ve been so proud of him,lol. I did continue the date. I obliged him for another date as I thought maybe I was making all of this up in my mind….but I couldn’t get the pose out of my mind still. I was too busy thinking if I should introduce him to some of my gay male friends.

    One of my coworkers said to me, “Girl, you need to leave those men on the sites alone. It seems like something is wrong with all of them on there.” I was a bit offended as I was on there and nothing was “wrong” with me. But, I can’t lie, I haven’t had any luck with the sites. Just funny stories. No regrets. Just stories to tell my grandkids one day.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    Hold up there are no way you can test a person craziness. No rapist and killer says “Hey Im a rapist and a killer” you can talk to them for months and never know. Some people know them for years and years and never know. So based on that logic no female should ever date.

    We are so paranoid as people she has a better chance of dying in the car ride over there!

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    So… what was the embarrassment for both of you?


    What the hell is “5th position”? At first I thought u were talking about he was hard, but I didn’t take ballet so no idea what 5th position is.

    @Da ThRONe

    You always gotta take it to the extreme. lol

  • sweetsexxybrown

    Lol. The best way I can describe it is if you stand up straight. Back erect, chest sticking out. Both legs are very tight together but the toes of your left foot are pointing towards the left while the heel of your right foot is parallel to your left foot. (your right heel would be directly in front of the toes on your left foot. Therefore the toes on the right foot are pointing to the right). Now, I think that’s 5th…if it’s not 5th, its one of the basic Ballet positions. Either way, no one should be standing like that waiting for coffee unless they are practicing/stretching or something. I especially don’t expect a man to stand like that unless he’s a dancer,lol!!!

  • Latsyrc41

    LOL…right there with you.


    Well, he was new to my area and wanted someone to hang out with. When we were talking online, it was mostly platonic with a little flirting here and there (it did get a little explicit a couple of times, but harmless conversational stuff). But, meeting for the first time shouldn’t have turned into Freaknic 2009.

    I think HE was embarrassed because he was sooo out of control (he was in a kind of frenzy…LOL…and it was contagious). He apologized over and over. He felt like he had taken advantage of me.

    And I was embarrassed that I let a stranger do all sorts of freaky things to me (usually not my style).

    LMAO @sweetsexxybrown

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    2 Dathrone…while it is true you can’t necessarily “test” for craziness, you surely can sense and feel somethin isn’t right with a person right off the dribble AND people who don’t know you, unlike people who are used to you and easily dismiss your eccentric ways, may get the “vibe” you ain’t right even though your friends and family think you’re normal, or at least what they perceive to be YOUR normal…..Regardless, it is better to stick with a tried and true formula, imperfect as it may be, than to go off on some new shyt and wind up on the evening news. I’m all for doin you, but there is a degree of reasonableness that has to be accounted for….@ latsryc41…. I’m waiting to hear the embarrassing thing too. Let me guess: He couldn’t get it up…and you bit him givin head! lol…yeah, you gotta give an explanation or we ALL gonna fill in those blanks………

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe


    Everybody just jumped on her for taking a chance. Im just saying sometimes we let the media and movie driven fear tactics effect our mindset. Were afaird of everything no matter how unlikely it is to happen.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kobe81fan Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ ThRONE

    I’m thinking the same thing. Meeting someone online is no different than meeting someone while running errands or at a night club. The only difference is that you know what they actually look like. Just because you meet someone while you’re out, doesn’t take away from the possibility of them being nuts.

  • Soulyn

    This is sooo hilarious. Distinguished…I would still be mad to this day if one of my friends did some ish like that to me. A mental institution? Are you serious? But wait, this part is crazy funny- Michael: Because I wanted to watch you. I love watching you. I love the way you move. You’re a freak aren’t you? Who says that….

    Anyhoo, I’ve had my share of blind dates. No horror stories here. When I think about the dumb ish my friends and I did in the past, I am lucky. Way back when, I met guys from chat lines, chat rooms, dating sites, and probably out of desperation met them after the very first time we spoke. Nothing came out of those encounters.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    @DC Man w/a plan

    So what do you suggest? What is the proper way to date online? I had a female that refused to meet me because we met online. We IMed back and forward for months. I even bump into her on Bourbon St. for Essense weekend and she still refuse to go anywhere with me. I thought that was ultra silly. We even did the webcam thing. But she had 1 bad experience and it ruined her ability to date online. She meant a dude months after we started chatting (in person) and she went on a date with him. I was thinking whats the difference you have known him less time then you known me ,but she had no answers we stop keeping in touch sometime later.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Dathrone and Shay……I hear what you’re saying, but we’re talking about advice for women since THEY encounter more assaults in the dating game, than men do……..I find it cool to take a risk and go on a date with someone new, whether you met them on line or at CVS…no problem there, but now when you compound that issue by driving in their car and then going into THEIR house….That’s where you’re letting things get outta hand. Date rapes happen….people get shyt put in their drinks all the time…..I’m not saying be paranoid, but be reasonable. Also, I trulty believe, you can play with dangerous elements over and over and over again and encounter no problems, escape unharmed, no injury, it’s all good….but if you keep tempting fate, sooner than later, your azz is gonna get GOT! and that ain’t CUTE at all….then you got one of those SAD azz tales to tell….or memories that haunt you…then a regular fella like me approach her….and she don’t trust nobody…is fearful of every man and we have another lost soul……..bottom line: if it feels good and ” right to you ” do the damn thing……….I’m just sayin, for my comfort…draw the line some where…..have something you won’t do…or know what you think is going too far on a first date and then stick by your guns……

  • http://www.brandonsaintrandy.wordpress.com Brandon St. Randy

    So in college, I agree to hook my boy up with my girlfriend’s sister. I never met her, but my GF is really cute, so….. WRONG! This chick is like 6’2″, 250 with a big square head and a strong back and looks nothing like my GF. I still don’t believe they’re full blood sisters. Like my jaw hit the floor when I saw her. My boy was shell-shocked. Dude is pissed the whole night, so I tell my GF that I’m tired, so after the movie, we should just call it a night. As we dropped him off, he goes around to Sasquatch’s side of the car and knocks on her window. She rolls it down, he holds his palm out and goes, “that’ll be $7.25″

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    I give the sista props for sharing her story bcuz I’m sure she knew there were going to be some supportive and not so supportive comments as well as some laughter…….folks wonderin what she looks like (cuz ugly people do REALLY crazy shyt)….I checked her site–tried to respond to your blog but that got too complicated…lol…and she’s a cutie on duty, so she has no reason to be desperate….lol….but anyways, I respect her for giving of herself to get a good convo started. Everything isn’t for everyone. What I might do, another may find objectionable or even lame….butterah, I’ma be here for a minute…and I hope each of us can say the same. There is something for every taste and someone for ery’body–THANK God! i’m not into tatoo’s, piercings…….but folks do that shyt all day long and others seek those who do it. Cool with me. As long as you not spending my money or slowin down my flow–do yo-thang……Take all the risks you can think of, because if nothing else, you can be the poster child for parents and other adults when they say: See, look at so and so; that’s why I tell you not to do that type of shyt…look at what happened to XXXXXXX…….lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/kobe81fan Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ DC Man

    What it all boils down to is common sense…

    Whether I meet a man online or at CVS, I always suggest that the first date/meeting is a cup of coffee, tea, smoothie…something simple . I drive my truck and I will meet him at the agreed upon spot. That way if I’m not feeling him or vice versa at the most we have only wasted an hour or two and a few bucks.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    @DC Man w/a plan

    I agree that she should not have gone in dude house! But I think you should take the same precautions everytime you date whomever you date or where ever you met them. I just know some many people who front on online dating like its some cyber death-trap.

  • litrisha

    I can honestly say that I’ve met a couple of people off the internet……and both instances were not good. I don’t mind online dating but I will take my time before I get to start meeting and calling folks. I would never go to someone’s house though, it would have to be DAYLIGHT AND IN PUBLIC.
    All in all it’s much easier to meet someone in a grocery store, church, concert, etc. because you already seen that person….yeah blind dates are something else!

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Brandon…THAT was funny as HELL!!!! why you gotta call lil biggie Sasquatch? U are sooo wrong…….I just got finished sayn there is someone for ery’body…well, for the most part ..@ Dathrone…I feel ya, internet dating is a cool, good thing as long as you do your due diligence. I have had MUCH success with internet honies….haven’t run into a horror story yet…and I have dated several women I met on line…have several others that are good friends to this day, so I’m good with internet dating….My screening process works very well, so don’t give up on it, ladies….well, SOME of you might wanna give up on it…lmao

  • Mimi in the OC

    Okay LMAO @ Tiff

    I have done quite a couple of blind dates, but never at my house or his house, just public spots. Amusingly, they weren’t the worst dates. My worst dates, here are two samples:

    I played basketball in high school and 2 years in college, now in Grad School it’s not my focus. However, I play about three times a week on an open playground in the OC area, which is where I met two of the lamest dudes ever.

    Dude #1: The dude had been trying to talk to me for a while, in his early 40s probably but nothing special about him, just ok. This was around Valentine’s day and I had just moved to a new apartment with my roommates (a couple). Dude #1 asks me if I am doing anything on V-Day, I say no, so he offers to take me out. At this point, I know I have no plans and nothing’s gonna come up. Knowing that I’ll be bored outta my mind and giving in to the V-Day Frenzie I say, why not. Dude #1 shows up at my house with some roses…nice right? No…he probably picked them in some garden, cause the thorns cut my fingers. Dude #1 fashion statement is “I am going fishing”. I can’t really explain what he’s wearing, but it looked like a fishing attire to me. I tell myself “Mimi try to be open minded”, right? Dude #1 was articulate though, which is why I had accepted the date in the first place. So we decide to chill a bit at my new empty place before heading out. We talk, and I find out dude #1 is separated and has 2 kids from 2 different baby mamas…RED FLAG. Now we’re about to head out. My new apartment complex is very strict on parking and his car got towed…I drive him to the towing place and guess what? Dude #1 has no money…No credit card, not enough cash. Now I don’t want Mr. Fisherman staying over at my house while waiting someone comes help him out…Yeah I paid the damn 300$ to have him get his car and get the F outta my place. He’s thankful and will pay me back…I saw him a couple of times at the Basketball court and never got my money back (and I did ask, although I hate asking for my own money to a grown man). The guy even had the damn nerve a couple of months later after never paying me back to come tell me he’ll give me a check if we go out to dinner…SPEECHLESS

    Dude #2: Another guy from the BBall court. He had been trying to talk to me for a while too. Considering my current poor dating life and bored outta my mind once again, I agree to watch a NBA Playoff game at his house, he’s having a BBQ and I watch all playoff games anyways, so why not? Dude #2 was not attractive IMO, but once again I told myself “Mimi don’t be shallow”. I get to his house: Well he lives with his brother and the house looks like a wreck. “Now Mimi get over your materialistic considerations”. I get in there and we sit on the couch…I spent almost the entire game by myself, he had apparently nothing to say and was always looking for an excuse to go somewhere else. Dude #2 asks me if I have something to drink…like water. “Come on man, you invite a girl over and you don’t even have soda or OJ WTF?” Then the BBQ is finally ready, he brings me a cold sausage on a plate with a bun and some ketchup. “Dude you can’t even microwave it”. He seemed rather proud of his performance. When he finally sat down, he did ask me one question about myself “So what are you going to school for?” and let me know that he was from Brazil (It sure didn’t look like it in IMO). Now although I love BBall I couldn’t stay one more minute at his house, I mumbled an excuse and left at the end of the 3rd quarter. Now the best part, as I am leaving he walks me back to my car and we’re saying bye. I was going for a semi-hug and dude #2 has the damn nerve to put a wet kiss on my cheek…SPEECHLESS…I left. NO GAME, NO LOOKS, total waste of my time. WTH was I thinking? Judge a book by its cover.

    Conclusion: I am never going on a date with any BBall dude from that court again or any court period?


    I can relate with Tiffany re: the “gelatin heart”…..my friends yell at me all the time 4 it

    Oh well, u live and u learn

  • brendadc

    Now you got me curious about how Larry Lunchmeat looks! However, I would advise against meeting a guy at his place and riding in his car when you’ve just met him. Actually I’ve met quite a few guys online. One responded to me via Craigslist one Friday night and we met up (note: we drove separate vehicles) at a club and had a good time. We even had a late meal at some late night Chinese spot. I would say he’s the exception. I remember meeting one guy off a dating site at a local restaurant. Not only did he look 10 years older than his picture, but he had a gold tooth (I don’t understand the reason anyone has a gold tooth, period — sorry!), one of those really tight t-shirts that’s so tight you can see his heart beat, and oh, he forgot to mention he has kids. Okay! That was the last time I saw or spoke to him!

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    i had to look it up. lol

    here http://dance.about.com/od/stepsandmoves/ss/Ballet_Five_5.htm

  • LondonChick

    Tiffany – girl you are crazy! We’re in the noughties hun and unfortunately all people ain’t good people. Glad to hear that you came away physically unscathed – but guess you’ll need some time to get over the mental trauma :-). Why do men always try to lips you when its so obvious that you’re not feeling them?

    Props to you for taking a chance though. I have a similar meet a stranger and stay at his crib story (another time maybe), but all is good – I have made the bestest friend in the world! and am glad I did something completely out of my comfort zone and took a chance.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    @Brandon St. Randy

    lol. the ugly friend/sister is the worst.


    lmao too

    damn, stay off the court or start playing indoors.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    @London Chick

    I hate kissing chick unless I really like them(or sexing them lol)

  • http://www.myspace.com/kobe81fan Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ da ThRONe

    Boo on you…I no longer have a cyber-crush on you. I LOVE TO KISS. Hahahaha

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe


    I’ll make an exception for you ofcourse! Its not that I hate kissing I just dont like kissing just any old body.

  • MorehouseMan

    I dated a girl I met online. We met on a social networking site and decided to meet after a few weeks of chatting or whatever. I think I may have been a little naive because I didn’t go into it with the intent of dating her. As far as I was concerned, she was just cool peoples. We ended up dating for about a year and a half before some mess went down and I had to let her go….. long story.

    As far as letting someone else hook me up… no way no how, no sir, no ma’am. In the words of Mike Singletary, “Can’t do it”. First of all, I’m a grown man, so if I see a young lady that I’m diggin’ I will make that move and put forth the effort to get to know her on my own. Secondly, there are very few people that know me well enough to pick out a woman for me (VERY few). But most importantly, I just can’t stand to have a bunch of people in my personal business. “Oh yeah, I introduced them” or “Yeah, we gonna hook him up with so and so” or “So when you gonna step to so and so?”. Nah, can’t deal with that. Mind ya own bee’s wax.

  • Mark from Maryland

    Glad nothing bad happened to you but it seems you might have gotten the Karmic date you deserved.
    You found him interesting enough early in the day to call him later and accept his invite after the second request in the same day. But later you endured poor conversation from the same guy. Maybe he was nervous about dealing with this chick from the internet he met earlier that day.
    Because you were bored and wanted to see a free movie you risked going to a strangers home and hanging out with a guy that gave you the squirts.
    You even risked going back to his home a second time after he made advances on you twice in the movie theatre, and all of this for a free movie, and because you looked kind of cute with a side of scrumptous.lol
    And all this was charity work, what charity were you representing, sounds like he did all the giving.lol
    What kind of tragic date is it to go out with a nice guy you don’t find attractive who treats you to a nice evening because they are trying to get to know you.
    It was a bad match for sure but no a horrible blind date. I think he got the worst of it from your story.
    Did i mention i’m glad he didn’t attack you while you were enjoying your free movie and looking scrumptous. Be more careful and be nice to the people who are nice to you.
    This guy is only a bad guy in the story because you didn’t find him attractive if you did everything else would have been all good and you might have stayed for breakfast.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    @Mark from Maryland

    Good point Im surpized I missed that. Ladies today feeling a sense of entitlement for no good reason. She wanted a free show and maybe a meal but dont wanna hold hands. Shame on you Tiff!

  • Jenn Perez

    OMG.. Tiffany..DC man with the Comedic Plan.. You guys have me ROLLING!!!

    I didnt have a blind date but it might as well have been! I like older guys.. and I have a coworker from another department who I thought was very attractive.. 41yrs old..no children, home, car and seemed pretty cool. We went on a date~ OMG he was THE Lamest guy ever. NO convo skills, none, nada ZILCH.. 5 cosmo’s later, i was talking my Ass off! No kiss, one capuccino and some more food later I drove my behind home. He asked me out on a few dates ~ he was so so very nice and sweet but totally WACK. I spent most of the time talking (which is fine by me) but after the first date I told him that I wasn’t looking for anything but he insisted on us ‘hanging out’ ..maybe a older man needed a younger woman as a date for his ego? not sure?? But i tell you, no matter how attractive one is, personality (well atleast to me) makes a HUGE difference at how you look at them afterwards. My ex was not the most handsome guy (except for the sexy green eyes and caramel skin) but he was great company~ Funny, witty, retarded (in a non-pill taking way) .. and THAT made him look and feel so much better.
    BUT on the flip side.. about 8yrs ago I went on a date with a Client from another department where I was working in at the time. We went to dinner a few times, he was nice enough. I was about 21ish, he was almost 30. He seemed like he made a good name in the company and traveled from his home in ATL. Well he came down a times for a couple of months and everytime we would go out. Nice restaurants..walks..nice guy. WELL on our LAST of the dates, we walk down the beach and he kisses me. Well we kiss (and some garlic got stuck inhis teeth YUCK) well he like almost breaks my spine and then yells.. or shall I say MOANS..
    DAMN DAMN BABY DAMN.. U Spanish Fukng WOMEN.. Walks away tugging at his pants…. YUP premature um BLEEP.. So he wants me to go to the hotel with him ~ BIG fat Spanish NO! Big Turn off. But he was cool with it and instead we went to get some drinks at this spot by the beach. He had a few henneys in him and began telling me that he always ‘comes quick’ when he likes a girl and he found that when he fks a HOOKER before his date, he is much calmer and lasts MUCH longer in bed! At this point I just want to RUN but i remain calm! So we talk bla bla..and he takes me home. He was due back in ATL the next morning so he calls my house ( i didnt have a cell phone then) and I dont pick up. .WELL doesnt MR Psycho call my house around 3AM (mind you, i lived w/ my parents then!) . I was just getting home and happened to pick up the phone before the Bears woke up (LOL) and he was Straight TRIPPIN on the phone ” Girl You know ive beeen burning you up .. burning you up ALl damn nite.. where have u been. Ive been on the phone with the airlines trying to get a flight out there.. i whitepage’d your phone number..do u live at ***” and ALL This crazy shit! So, being the idiot that I am I blurted” What had happened was i had to take my dad to the hospital” . .then he was all Sympathetic “Oh girl..oh baby girl.. im so sorry..is he ok… oh girl.. hey..do you think you can FAX me your dad’s DISCHARGE paperwork so that i can ensure you were where you said you were!!” So I hung UP! left the phone off the hook so it wouldnt ring anymore! A week later, he sent me flowers.. then a letter..with a proposal of us to move together…AND to tell me that he lived with his grandma but we could move out and rent some furniture.. a couple more letters later and he went back down to my company. Gave me the cold evil I hate u biabia eye.. but walked around my office every chance he got.. then the account ws dropped and I was relieved!

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    @Jenn Perez

    Too bad everybody cant be perfect like me! A stand up comic trapped in a male model body! LMAO.

    I always wondered about crazy ass people. Do they really think people think being stalked is sexy? I cant believe he asked you to fax your dad discharge papers. I still laughing @ that one.

    Why do women dig older dudes? I prefer to date somebody my age. I dont do to much older or younger. I cant imagine dating a 19 or 20 year old i’ll pass!

  • latsyrc41

    @Jenn Perez
    “…he found that when he fks a HOOKER before his date, he is much calmer and lasts MUCH longer in bed!”

    WTF?!!!! LMAO

  • sweetsexxybrown

    @NWSO-that was the position!!!!

  • Ms P

    LMBAO @ Tiffany, Sweetsexybrown & Jenn Perez!!! What in da hell?? ROTFL! Thank you all for my best laughs today. I could tell you all some horror stories about my blind dates. Hell, I could tell you a story about someone I met at work. He was the new guy & he asked me out on his 2nd day at work. The first & only time I dated someone at work. We talked on the phone a couple of times & he sounded like a nice guy. I agreed to go out to dinner with him the next day. Well at dinner, in the middle of a conversation about basketball,he tells me the first time he saw me he wanted to lick my ass!! WTH??? I am no prude but how did we go from talking about basketball to that? Then he proceeds to tell me all the things he wants to do to me. Ok, we don’t really know each other. We haven’t even flirted with each other. This fool just jumps right in. Boy,bye! Then at the end of the meal when the waiter brings the check he looks at me & asks if I got it? Awww helllll nawwww! Then he says well you can get it next time. Boy, there is NO next time!! So you see crazy folks are not just on the internet sites!! LOL. And yes, we still work together. We don’t talk about that date ever.

    But I do date from the internet. I only talk to men who have pics showing & pray that is actually them! Not talking to the ones without pics. You can see me so i should be able to see you too. I talk to them a few times because after 1 or 2 conversations I can weed out the real fools. If I agree to meet someone, I drive my own car & we meet at a public place. I also have a girlfriend who is on the same site & she has their profile, name & # and any other info I can give her. I also tell them what I have done just in case a psycho has gotten past my “security” measures!! If he is a wacko who intends me harm, first of all he will have to drag me out of a public place. Second, he knows someone knows who he is & how to find him. Tiffany, please don’t go to anyone else’s home girlfriend. I don’t care if you are the only 2 in the damn state, meet in the next state where there are some people around!! LOL. Be safe,girlfriend! But that is a funny story though!

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    Thanks gurl for applauding my efforts!! ‘Preciate ya!!
    @Mark from Maryland
    Thanks for your point of view, but I’m afraid it’s inaccurate. You see, the date wasnt necessarily bad because of how he looked . Keep in mind that as soon as he opened the door I could have ran screaming for the hills right then. As I stated HE was the one who was being dishonest by posting pics of himself that were obviously taken back when Reagan was in offiice. IMO, that is straight up LYING. Yet and still I pressed on REGARDLESS of what my motives were. Secondly, the date was bad, because he was critical. Why would you ask someone that you just met why they wear their nail polish so dark?? Are u serious? You have no better convo than that? He then commented about how tiny my purse was. Damn dude. He had diarrhea of the mouth and needed to shut the HELL up about that. Thirdly, the date was a joke because he made a comment that made him sound SUPER cheap. Not frugal, but CHEAP. This guy is military, so he gets a discount on the tix. When the sales clerk gives him the tix at the window he says “well, I guess 6.50/ a person isnt THAT bad!!!” Oh, my Becky!!!! Trust. I am FAR from superficial..Next time ask more probing ?’s Mark b4 you make assumptions..lol.

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    This post was meant to be FUN guys not a public service announcement about the dangers of internet dating!!!! C’mon yall!! Lighten up!!! Dance naked to your fav song!! Drink mojitos!! I didnt take this date seriously..neither should some of you!!!

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    Now you know when you come to NWSO you gonna get some serious spin. lol

    But my “two cents” did want to steer the discussion partly in that direction. Shoot you got more comments today then I did yesterday. I think they like you more.

    I QUIT!!!


  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    It has been a TRUE honor to be a guest blogger on this site. Thanks again for this most marvelous opportunity. I have enjoyed ALL the comments. The fact that these fellow sockheads actually care is truly touching. Excuse me while I go blow my nose!! (Running dramatically from the computer while the tears fall).

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Lmao…funny stories..

    I had 2 dates with guys I met on Myspace.We did the AIM thing with texting and messages for weeks before we even met up.

    DUDE #1 was beautiful and very successful.Pics matched.Great conversation.We went on 2 excellent dates.He actually lived a distance from me…picked me up at my house…dropped me back home after the dates.Our vibe was awesome.Meandered into amazing sex …overnighters at his house.Then the shit hit the fan…dude found out I was making more money than him and dropped me like a hot cake.Prob 4 months after we met on Myspace. ((Unfortunately now I don’t even mention what I make…at all.))

    DUDE #2 We had photography in common.Hit it off right away.He was in college studying art.His photos were amazing.He seemed like a very progressive black man.Said all the ish I wanted to hear.We talked non-stop for weeks.I’m not even gonna lie…we were vibing so strong over the phone we skipped the whole movie/dinner thing and just planned a fuck session.

    But when I showed up @ his house dude was butt ugly…his pics kinda sorta looked like him but he looked like he was over-dosing on the donuts or something.Like Tiffany…I was stuck in a rut…only thing though we had hit it off connection wise.And the brother’s studio was “AWWWWW”…his artwork was museum type ish.Yeah…so I fucked dude cause his artwork was diesel.And the sex ((protected of course)) was great.But that was gonna be the 1st and last time.Dude was not my type physically.

    Then….his pregnant girlfriend called me a week later at 5am in the morning to find out who the fuck I was.It was a wrap.

    I saw dude in Brooklyn a month ago and he attempted to say hi to me.I told him to move along and pretend he doesn’t know me.As adventurous as I am…no internet dating for me.nada.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Btw…timeframe for both was about 3 years ago…I met dude #1 1st so since he actually was a nice guy …I figured my chances of meeting another nice guy was pretty good.I just figured I would skip the whole salary convo next time around.

    I no longer have a Myspace profile….lmao.

  • Hope2Star

    you all are too funny…ROFLMBAO

  • Mimi in the OC

    @NWSO: Good stuff with the guest. LMAO. Yay for more random/funny topics in the future (coupled with a serious take-away point of course), I was smiling very hard at my laptop in class today (trying to not ROTF).

    @Paulette-BAJAN-Gal: That’s why I want a dude who makes more money than me. Not because I want/need his money, so that such an issue never/hardly comes along (obviously anybody can lose their job though). As much as most men say they’re fine with it (of course there are many exceptions), and we’re talking feminism, equality in the workplace between genders, reality? Most dudes can’t handle a woman who makes more. IMO.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ Mimi in the OC

    Dude was very successful in his own right.Owned his own house…brand new car…has a prominent position at his job.I was thinking this ish was too good to be true…I met him on Myspace…what luck.And he knew I owned my own biz.But yeah…I’ve never met a man that’s comfortable with that either.Even though I pay for dates half of the time.It was like his ego was hurt.Why?…I am clueless.and he deleted his profile after the “disappearing act”.We run into each other now and again but we say hi and keep it moving.

    Funny also….I ran into both dudes randomly offline after the Myspace stuff.I would rather a face to face intro…no internet love affairs.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    wow……I’m with NWSO, Mimi needs to STOP dating outdoor b-ballers cuz that REALLY ain’t working for you, though I think you get partial fault for the parking fiasco. If you have a visitor at your complex and you know they tow at the drop of a hat–U supposed to check with your guests and make sure they’re parked in a legitimate spot or give them your guest parking pass. @Paulette, only weak brothers worry about a woman making more than them…now if you’re THROWING it up in a man’s face–as in, look Mofo, I make more money than you ever will, so HERE’s how this is goin down…naw, that ain’t helpful……..But I doubt you do that. I don’t really see how income comes up when you’re dating, other than in a generic way cuz that ain’t what impresses me. As long as you’re able to afford the life style you’re livin–you cool with me. I know lots of people make more than me…and many more make less. whateva, it’s what you do with what you got that counts……
    @ Tiff….come on Boo. There were MANY positive comments and indications that almost everyone was empathetic, cuz the truth be told: MOST of us have done something embarrassing, foolish, stupid or just plain dangerous–and lived to tell about it, though many of us are taking it to the grave…lol…….So far be it for anyone to really throw any rocks cuz we all are living in glass houses. I thought Marks comments were a little harsh…..but maybe his sarcasm made it SEEM more harsh…anywho, I said previously you were a good soldier for representing that which most of us try to forget………and you brought out many tales of triumph and tribulation. So props to you Tiff. I’ll take you to the movies anytime…….lol

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ Cerebrally orgasmic …at least you are grown enough to talk about it out loud.Some folks are so busy trying to pretend to be goody too shoes that they trip over the ish trailing out their closets.

    I remember the Blackplanet days…webcam affairs were quite common.lmao

    @ DC Man with a plan…there has to come a point where you have the “how much do you make?” convo.Its unavoidable.Especially if the dating is heading towards a relationship…which I thought we were.And the brother was successful…very driven.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ paulette……lol….Really? I would expect having the ” how much do you make convo ” can be as simple as it is when you talk to colleagues at work…Rarely, does anyone give exact figures…something in the ballpark is typically all it takes…and that coupled with what one gathers from a persons clothing style, vacation choices, restaurants visited, shows attended etc,. you can get a GREAT picture of how someone is livin….I can’t say I know how much either of the last two ladies I dated made, but both were home owners, though one made it clear she struggled on the regular…the other paid for her daughters wedding…took regular vacations and worked at many high paying positions, so I got the picture without getting detailed specifics that one had it goin on while the other needed a second and third job! Now, if we’re going to BLEND households, HELL yeah, we need to share tax information, savings rate, debt ratio and ALL of that shyt. But just cuz we “lookin” like we might decide to be exclusive..naw, I just need to know you can pay your bills and save a dime for tomorrow…….But I personally have no problem talkin about pay cuz I’m in that top 10 percent….but I think the clues you get about peep as you observe them are more telling than anything else. I dated this sista last summer….we were going to take a trip to atlantic City…she wanted to rent a car…she had a Lex, own home, etc,……..I paid for the hotel, she was gonna get the car..WE step up to the counter…Her card is declined! Ouch…WTF? And it was HER idea to rent a car cuz I was planning to drive my SUV….So I end up paying for the car too….not an impressive moment, but shyt happens and I didn’t hold it against her…she eventually paid me back with her gambling winnings in AC…but she didn’t trip, wasn’t embarrassed…and I was like: -1…and counting…lol

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @DC Man with a plan….lmao.That is funny.As far as assuming by the way I dress…I’m a starving artist…and I’mma leave it like that…lmao. I don’t own a house or a car…and I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I’ve been called bohemian quite often.

    Some people live a very lavish lifestyle and are living paycheck to paycheck.Some people live a modest lifestyle and have money in the bank.

    For future reference…I will pay for the 2nd date.As far as telling dude what I make…”enough to get by”…lmao.

  • http://www.fortysomethingandfabulous.blogspot.com Forty Something

    This is some risky business going on with girlfriend… First of all I dont do the blind date thing too risky and I am not one for hiding my feeling if a situation is not to my liking…

    I do frequent some of the dating sites but my rule of thumb is we have to converse several times before deciding on meeting up…

    and when we do decide to meet up it’s never a date its just a meet and greet section…

    I usually pick a public spot out in the open… I ask him what he will be wearing so when I get there I will be able to identify him….. just case the picture that he sent to me is not really him….. I never let them know what I will be wearing…..

    I normally get to the location a few minutes ahead of time and find a good spot not too far way and stand and watch out for him…

    While I am standing from a distance he will not see me and at that point I can get to check him out…..

    If he is not my type… I keep it moving…..he will never hear from me again….

    However if his appearance is pleasing and he not talking to himself or twitching uncontrollable …lol..than I will walk over and introduce myself…..

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    Thanks 4 saying that..one thing about me is that my life is a story and I don’t mind sharing!! Thanks for reading and commenting…
    @Dc Man with a Plan
    I just might have to take you up on that movie offer!! Lol..

  • Cali

    Yeah, Oh girl was trippen. You never go out with a guy you meet the same day. That jut seems to desperate to me. She should have taken her time with things.
    But I have the story from HELL! So my friends hook me up on a blind date with this guy that is a co-worker of one of my friends. We exchange numbers, talk, and set a date to go out. I heard that he was very handsome and independent. So I’m all for it. The day of our date I go and get my hair done, hands and feet done, a body massage, and buy a bad ass dress with some stilletoes. So i’m feeln good and looking good and ready for the date. So I met him at this wonderful restaurant. (The BoatHouse, always my favorite) When I get there and sit down at our table I notice how FINE this man is, but all he seems to care about are my feet. Now I have always heard of people with a fetish but not this bad. Let me tell you all thatI was looking the shit, with my titties all plumped up in my dress, my long legs out, and all he worried about that whole night was my damn feet. I got up from the table to go over and catch a look at the great sunset view, and this fool told me to come sit back down and rest my feet. He even told me to prop them up on the chair next to us so the blood wouldn’t rush to my feet. I mean I admire and appreciate the fact that he liked my feet but DAMN! So finally the waiter comes with our food and we began eating. Right when I take my first bite he picks my foot up from underneath the table, slide my shoe off, and began rubbing it. It was nice, but really at the table in a restaurant where were eating dinner with a room full of people. The icing on the cake is when he moved in closer to me at the table and asked me with the straightest face I’ve ever seen if he could nut on my toes later on that night. I almost died.All, hell the shit had hit the fan. I politely excused myself from the table to go to the bathroom, and escorted my damn self right out the door to my car. Brother had a serious foot fetish. That was the blind date from hell. That’s sad that all that fine, good looking man gone to waste over a FETISH!

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Paulette…Ok, here we go being literal again .DON’T hurt me, I dig you and think you’re a smooth azz woman…….I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so I’m not gonna say clothing can always indicate whether or not a woman buys at Anne Taylors or the upscale second hand store, but MOST of y’all, tryin to look fly and cute almost every time you leave the house…..I can find the sexi in bohemian garb and give you credit for talking like a thrifty, earth friendly person who likely has money in the bank bcuz you’re not wasting it on B/S…….and I know many peeps who live beyond their means so I know exactly what that looks like. despite you claiming to be a starvin artist, one way or another you chased ol’boy away bcuz he couldn’t handle the fact that your cash was longer than his…..That of course, is his problem. He is the one missing out on a smart and sexy sista with lots of sexual energy to please her man. U stay at it, sis cuz I’m sure the man of your dreams is out there, tryin to get at you.
    @ forty something….you’re kinda funny, doin the pre-stalkin thing. It is likely reasonable, but it seems cheesy to accept a date and then let your observations determine whether or not you present yourself to your date. I’m sure you would HATE to know someone did that to you, whether it was bcuz they didn’t like your look (though U may be cute as heck, just not HIS type) or maybe he thought U was gonna be HIGH maint? I wouldn’t cancel a date on the spot THOUGH I do understand if you look NOTHING like your pic and Yo-azz is uglee…U probably deserve to be dissed, other than that, I’d go thru with the date, bcuz for me, by the time I decide to meet you…I’m feeling some general connection that you could at least be a friend, if not a lover. U can be ugly and be my friend…lol……and dinner is a reasonable price to pay for the opportunity to check a person out…see them in the light…listen to their in person convo…..as many say: treat others as you’d like to be treated…..Ugly people need love too…and friends!….lol

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Rotfl @ “ugly people need love too…and friends”…lmao

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    Hey fam,
    I did forget to mention that “Larry” is still calling asking for another opportunity to showcase his super mack capabilities…Lol..Isnt life grand??

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Men will call for years…somehow “no” sounds like “maybe one day”. You should tell “Larry” the truth.poor fellow probably thinks he’s “too much for you”…that’s why you’re acting so timid.lmao

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    laughing @ Paulette…Yeah well, U said dude # 2 was butt-ugly but bcuz you had that vibe goin, you still broke him off nicely and felt the sex was da-bomb. You have provided testimony that ugly peeps gotta try harder and CAN in some instances, do the damn thing better than the average bugah-bear…….but who-da thought he’d be the one to two time someone! Go figger….bcuz for real, with the nice studio bennie and good sex too….seems like you’d still be bangin him, were it not for that 5 am call……lmao

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ DC…I told him to turn the lights off…that helps a lot when you sleep with an ugly person.That was the only time.When I saw him I had already made up my mind.

    Phone call from future baby mama didn’t matter really.my mind was already made up.I’m shallow babe..I want a beautiful black man walking next to me…and I want to turn on the lights without cringing every time.

    I didn’t wanna hurt the man’s feelings.plus…the sex was the least I could’ve gotten …everyone else got a movie and popcorn.I’m just sayin…shit happens.

  • Latsyrc41

    @Dc Man with a Plan
    I agree “I’d go thru with the date, bcuz for me, by the time I decide to meet you…I’m feeling some general connection that you could at least be a friend, if not a lover.”

    Is there anything redeeming about him that would make you want to even be friends with him? Just curious. I mean even if the physical attraction isn’t there, if he’s a nice guy…maybe he’d be happy with a friendship.

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    After I saw him for the first time and realized the physical attraction DFEINITELY wasnt there, the thought did occur to me tht maybe we cld just be buds…but then gurl , he had the NERVE..the cajones…to ask me to loan him some $$$$$!!!! WHAT??!!!! Can u believe this Bozo? I guess that’s why he didnt offer to buy me any popcorn or soda at the movies..lol..

  • DC Man with a plan

    I had to come back for a night cap….and Paulette provided several opportunities for me to LMAO….That statement ” I made him turn the lights off….bcuz that helps when you sleep with ugly people….HAS me dying ova here…then Tiff talking bout Larry lunch box is still callin, tryn to get his mack on…to which Paulette replied: men will call for years…somehow thinkin “NO” means maybe…again, some funny azz shyt……I have to agree with something Tiff said earlier…Dude is CHEAP…he sounds like the type of meat-head who thinks a movie or a meal means he gotta hit…That’s a true po-man’s concept and a lame azz, sorry azz, man/boyz thought process. It sucks when a man can’t take a clue and leave well enuff alone. When a woman repels when you move in for a kiss….somethins REAL wrong and she just ain’t the one for you…Why you gotta make things worse by making her treat you unkind, and tell your azz str8, no chaser: U couldn’t hit this if you had the LAST dyck in America……some dudes are truly lunch boxes………and act like they all privileged…like you CAN’T turn their azz down. What a clown! But thanks for the laughs……..

  • latsyrc41


    LMAO!!! Ok…I was tryna help dude out a little.


  • DC Man with a plan

    @ Tiff…You gotta be lying, right? Dude DID not try to hit you up for a loan, right? U just pilin on tryin to make him look real ill, right? Cuz that’s some low down, I think I’m Denzel/Will Smith/Tyrese all wrapped up in one body type of BULLSHYT. Are U kidding me? What are they feeding the dudes out your way? Cuz this one is sho-full of bull! Pride alone should keep a man from hittin up HIS woman, never mind an unknown woman–for money. But this fool…wearing the Kings crown for the uglies…approaching you like that? Damnnnnnn………….U might need to get a restraining order against this fool…cuz he got REAL problems….I’m all for self love and believing in ones self…but to-hell with that noise…He acts like he’s convinced he’s handsome and got it goin on…lmao…sheesh, some peoples kids…..run tiff, run…..change your number…move to another town…….HIDE yourself…..:)

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    Lol…very well said….This situation is mad funny but sad all rolled up into one burrito…what’s even sadder, is that some women would hve given him the $ cuz their rationale is a piece of a man is better than no man…smh..so they wld do whatever it took to mke sure that he continued to cll and come around…so not me…

  • http://sistasnstickystilettos.blogspot.com Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    But what’s even more weird to me is that he told me that he doesnt like my attitude but he clls and texts non stop!!! Told him to go bungee jump w/o a cord..

  • Jenn Perez

    @ Da Throne and latsyrc41

    WHO are YOU telling!! And you shouldve seen how casually he mentioned fuckink Hookers! And when he slid that “fax me the discharge papers in” i had a BLANK moment and then WATDAfuk!! But lemme tell you.. I still laugh at that shyt now!! talk about Unreal!!

  • Cameron

    I read every entry that is ever published on this website but never comment on them. I figured that I would comment now.

    This past Monday, had the DATE FROM HELL. From him bringing his friend along to rushing the date so he could go to a shoe store.

    1. He showed up on time. (1 BROWNIE POINT)
    2. He brings his friend. (Not go to on the date with us but to meet up with some girl he knows out here.) (-1 POINT)
    3. My date asks how long the date is going to take because he’s going to the gym around 9 p.m. (-2 POINTS) FYI, he showed up at 6:55 p.m. &he lives about 30-45 minutes away.
    4. I have to drop off his friend so he can meet up with the girl. (-3 POINTS)
    5. We finally get to the restaurant. (+1 POINT)
    6. While the hostess is walking us to our table, his phone rings and he answers. When we sit down, he’s on the phone for about 5 minutes (-4 POINTS)
    7. Then he starts texting on his other phone. (FYI, he has two phones. He’s a business man.) (-5 POINTS) <—— I told him that was beyond rude to be on his phone at the dinner table so, he turned it on silent. It continued to light up & he continued to pay attention to it. UGH.
    8. Conversation over dinner was decent. (+1.5 POINTS)
    9. We were at the restaurant for 30 minutes. (-6 POINTS)
    10. He REALLY rushed dinner to go to a shoe store & we stayed in the shoe store for about 45 minutes. (-7 POINTS)
    11. His boy and the girl met us there.
    12. His boy walked the girl to her car & took about 30 minutes to come back to meet up with us.
    13. I dropped my date and his boy back at his (my date’s car) which was parked in front of my house.
    14. My date texted me 2 days after our date saying “Hey. What are you up to? I had you on my mind.” <—— WTF? Are you serious? You were beyond rude at dinner and you just text me like everything is fine. GET OUTTA HERE!

    My question is: Is This the Worst Date Ever?

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    WOW. that’s crazy. but the point system was HILARIOUS i might need to do a blog like that. lol