Here Comes the Panty Raider (Pause For Big Draws)

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Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of one of my good friends who we’ll just call Triple T (The Truth Teller). She hit me up about doing a post on a very interesting topic but I figured it’d be better to hear it from a woman’s perspective. So Triple T stepped up and delivered a guest blog. Check it out and let her know your thoughts. I’ll speak my piece at the end. Enjoy.


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“Naked With Grannies On”

Where do I begin?

Well, I was texting with a “friend” one afternoon and at some point in the exchange we started slipping and sliding down memory lane (no pun intended). This led to a discussion about our one and only night together.

How did our friendship become more? That’s a totally separate blog. Let’s stay focused on the matter at hand.

Anyway, he asked me if I remember “that night.”

“Yeah, I do. It was actually a total surprise to me, that it went down like that,” I texted back.

With all honesty, I never expected to take it there with this particular friend, but I wasn’t mad at the experience at all.

He wrote back, “I was surprised by that night as well. You surprised me with something else, too.”

Curious about what he meant by that, I inquired.

His response, “I gotta be honest, those big panties you had on threw me the hell off. I was like, ‘What is her sexy ass doing with those granny panties on?!” But the sex was the bomb.”

I nearly spit the water I was drinking out on my desk when I read that. Oh, no he didn’t say I had on “granny” panties.

In my defense, the night in question wasn’t the same night we got down. He was referencing a time when he stopped by unannounced just to say “hi.” It was a Saturday. One of my designated domestic days. I was wearing sweats, a wife beater, had my hair in a ponytail and I had on bikini briefs—not grannies.

I was getting down and dirty, sweeping, mopping, washing and scrubbing, and he happened to catch a glimpse of my panty line. I wasn’t Vickie’s Secret and King magazine photo shoot ready. Sue me.

My actual response to his “granny panties” accusation was, “It’s my sexy ass and I’ll cover it how I choose.”

Now, I understand that every man wants a mental picture of a nice, plump, sexy rump scantly clad in some lace or mesh see-through panties. I get that the sight of a panty line might just throw the whole fantasy off. However, my dear boys, do you expect us to walk around 24/7 with a string up our ass?

Sheesh, can my ass crack get a day off?

I had one significant other who preferred that I only wear “cheekies,” which, for the clueless guys, is something between a thong and boy shorts. He was a fanatic about those and only wanted to see me in cheekies, which I was happy to oblige.

Needless to say, I’ve evolved since my friend’s “stop by and say hi” episode. Now it’s a G-string or thong 90-percent of the time, because I choose to stay sexy for my damn self. I don’t have the opportunity to do it for others often enough, but I have no problem or complaints when it comes time to turn a man on and get him up.

My “friend” just happened to catch me off guard on a down day, but never again. Now I stay sexy no matter the occasion—cleaning, shopping, jogging, sleeping or whatever—so no man catches me with my pants down. Actually… maybe he will. LOL.


For those fellas who need to be educated on the plethora of ass cover options available for the ladies these days, here’s a quick list (with image links) of the different types of panties: bikinis, boy shorts, cheekies, hip huggers and V-strings. There’s plenty more but this is a good start.


Ladies, what’s your panty style of choice when you’re expecting male company? Do you always make sure your bra and panties match when you leave the house? Have you ever gotten caught out there by a guy in “granny” panties? Would you stop a guy from going all the way if you didn’t have on some fly panties? Can the right pair of underwear make you feel sexier? When you buy underwear, are you thinking sex appeal or comfort? Are you pro thong/G-string or do you refuse to wear them unless absolutely necessary? How long did it take you to get used to wearing one? Fellas, how important is a woman’s underwear to you? Would you be turned off by granny panties? Do you have a preference for what kind of panties your lady wears? Do you care about panty lines on a woman? Would you ever wear male lingerie for your girl? Why or why not? Or do you have “special boxers” that you pull out?

Speak your piece…


  • Amazing

    This is funny, I’d prefer string bikinis myself, but from what I heard guys seem to love the boy shorts… go figure. I always make sure I match when I’m with a guy which would usually be a thong and bra or a lacey bikini

  • sohoissooverated

    If its someone special I will always wear a matching set or something real sexy.

    And guys regular bikini panties are not granny panties. Granny panties are loose and droop at the booty, therefore giving you that saggy granny booty look.

    Guys please understand that we like wearing thongs and boyshorts just as much as you like seeing us in them. However, a nice pair of snug fitting bikini panties are so comfortable and are actually sexy.

    Side dish- Victoria Secret panties are just not the ish anymore….Ladies step up to Calvin Klein(not that expensive) Cosabella and Aerie by Aeropostale. You will never go back to Victoria Secret after that..Trust

    Great Post!

  • LolitaBaby

    This is kinda funny lol

    I personally don’t give a damn bout what he thinks of my underwear, unless it’s a surprise gift for him. My high school boyfriends have seen me wearing GREAT-granny panties, which I guess makes me blush a little lol but you’re absolutely right- it’s MINE and I’ll cover it how I choose.

    Actually, a couple of weeks ago I was told that I had on granny panties…I had on some Vicky’s bikinis! My college friends used to say I always wear granny panties too. But I CANNOT help it if my ass doesn’t bust out the sides of my bikini underwear. I like for my “girlie” to have some breathing room, and prevent things like yeast infections, which I’m already genetically prone to (yes, I went there). If my panties aren’t comfortable, it will be a problem.

    At this point, pretty much all my underwear are cute, no matter how they fit. And yes, I threw out all my granny panties. I NEVER EVER wear thongs anymore, only boyshorts, cheekies, bikinies, and hip huggers. When I’m getting dressed or when I’m just chillin naked at home, I think I’m cute and sexy in whatever underwear I’m wearing, and if the guy disagrees…he must be blind LOL

  • da ThRONe

    As a man what does it matter? I like a lil of everything im easily turned-on. But if I had to choose I dig the boy shorts the most(not quite sure why there named that)

  • brendadc

    This article was too funny! I’m more of a bikini/boy shorts girl myself. However, I’ll never forget one guy friend of mine who would tease wanting to see me in some Victoria’s Secret undies. I’ll admit it – I’m cheap and think Victoria’s Secret is overpriced, so I was like, forget that! I can get more undies for a cheaper price at Target! Sure enough, he complimented me on a pair of undies I was wearing — from Target! However, I do make an exception for Calvin Klein (like sohoissooverated mentioned) — I like those undies so I’ll spend my dough on those!

  • Jazzy

    I pick comfort over sexy any day. If he cares more about the packaging than the gift, then he won’t be unwrapping anything.

    I didn’t know they were called “cheekies” but I love wearing those. Very comfortable. And V-strings are also more comfortable to me than boy shorts & hip huggers.

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    umm…I don’t wear panties. If I do, I wear lace cheekies :)

    • bakspinr

      …you are the most interesting woman in the world…

  • da ThRONe


    You like to get straight to business huh?

  • Jenn

    Comfort over sex appeal any day, but with today’s styles you can now have both.

    I’ve got them all, but cheekies are my fave because they make my cheeks look more round and pronounced, if that makes any sense. They’re also more comfortable than thongs. I’m not really a fan of the floss. Whatever style they are, I try to get the cotton ones, because they help the goodies breathe. That’s important.

    I can’t be bothered with making sure my bra and panties match every single time, but if I know that he is coming through (no pun intended), I’ll try to at least coordinate, even though I know he doesn’t give a damn. It’s all ending up on the floor in 2.5 seconds, anyway.

    My friend knows this dude who believes that women’s bras and panties must ALWAYS match and that mismatching is wrong. My theory is that he’s only slept with women who each have tried impress him on that one encounter, so he must think that’s how all women get down. Again, I can’t be bothered!

  • da ThRONe

    I missed that “male lingerie”! What the hell is male lingerie NWSO?

  • da ThRONe


    If a dude is about to tap that and he comes to a screeching halt because your bra dont match your panties I wont question dude sexuality in the first place!

  • NWSO

    @Da ThRONe

    Male lingerie is just what it is. Like fancy boxers or dudes with the silk pajama pants and robes. A chick bought be some see through boxers out of Frederick’s of Hollywood one time. Then there’s those bikini briefs with the animal faces, like an elephant or whatever and it’s up to the man to fill out the trunk. I ain’t never messed with those, but to each his/her own.

    Just playing devil’s advocate

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ Tron
    I don’t like panty lines of any kind.

  • da ThRONe


    So how is that different than any other underwear? But to answer that question its yes. One of my exes(I refer to her as that bitch) ask me to wear a g-string from fredricks and I did it cause that was my baby*But dont tell anybody*


    Hey you save money that way! Pantyless females are so sexy.

  • Neska

    i like the cheeky and hipsters, however some companys fale to realize that some women have asses and they dont fit. I love how they look on me and dont show under jeans. I must admit, i had an unexpected encounter and the first thing that came to ma mind was “wait am i wearin cute panties?”, I’m serious. I made sure next time they were on point and he appreciated them. Cute and comfy high majority of the time

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    ThRONe…you are bitter, lol

  • Me again

    I can’t even front… i fell off a bit since me and my man been together for 4 yrs. I recently started getting back to what he loves now which is black thongs or boy shorts on a reg basis. I got comfortable but .. I’m back. hes a keeper. :)

  • Anonymous

    Boyshorts and “cheekies” (never knew they were called that) all day. They are comfortable and accentuate my behind just the right way.

    While I do own a couple of thongs I highly dislike wearing them. Only a man could have invented this modern form of torture.

    Unless an outfit requires me to do otherwise, I always wear matching bra and panty – just in case I get into an accident and have to be stripped down to my undies at the ER. Don’t ask me why I always have that scenario in the back of my mind, I just do.

    As far as men are concerned I have yet to meet a man who really – I mean TRULY – appreciates sexy lingerie. None of the men I have dealt with ever paid any kind of attention to what I was wearing. As long as it came off fast enough, they were delighted. *shrugs*

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    I’m a boy shorts and granny panties gal all the way. I like to feel all of my ass covered. I pick comfort over style any day. And the right boy short leaves no panty lines; and though I’m not into sexy underwear, I think they’re so sexy.

    I hate thongs and g-strings. I don’t find them sexy at all. It’s gross when women wear them with see-through clothing and you can see the telltale signs as they walk. Yuck. Maybe it’s a guy thing. And I heard there’s a chafing factor with thongs and g-strings. Never wore one, don’t ever, ever plan to. I’d rather go pantyless than wear one of those god-awful things.

  • Jazzy

    General note:

    Anyone who has a “chafing” problem with thongs/g-strings/v-strings doesn’t know her correct size. Just like most women don’t know their correct bra size.

    (especially @ DistinguishedGentlewoman)

  • Jazzy

    Another general note:

    To the women who pick comfort over sexy, get with the lacy cheekies. The right pair feels like you’re not wearing any underwear (which is an alternative I often choose) and there’s no pantyline even under the most form-fitting outfit (unlike a thong). Of course, this is all out the window if you buy pairs that are too small for you.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    I prefer boy shorts…no thongs…I seriously feel like I have a wedgy all freaking day long..

    My favorite panties to wear to a “session” says “boys are like panties….you have to change them daily”…lmao.Great conversation starter.

    But ask me what color underwear dude was wearing…I only care about what’s in the damn underwear.And I bet a $1 Million he won’t remember the shape or color of my panties either.((except for the ones with phrases)).

    I never match bra and panties.And I most definitely don’t spend a lot of money on items that are covered 99% of the time.Victoria Secret is expensive when you factor how many bras and panties we use weekly.

  • spachic

    I’m with Shay no panties is def the way to go…I only wear them for extra-curricular activities I even hate pajamas so basically naked works better for me…lol!

    BTW those boyshorts are REALLY cute where can I get them?

  • Sunny Dee

    This is a funny post. I always thought g-strings were the ONLY sexy panties and I wore boy shorts around the house and just when I felt like wearing something different. Then one day a friend of mine happened to stop by when I was doing laundry. A pair of my boy shorts were right on top and he got real excited asking me about if I wore boy shorts. I told him just to be comfortable, feeling a little embarrassed by being caught. Turns out some men have a thing for boy shorts and he certainly does! Now I have found a new sort of sexy and my favorite are white lace boy shorts!

  • Latsyrc41

    I went from wearing nothing to wearing mens boxers and now it’s grannies mostly. I’m more into my top half :) so I usually buy whatever is comfy and coordinates with the beautiful bras I wear. No thongs ever. I might have to try the cheekies tho!

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    I honestly don’t buy underwear with a man in mind.Comfort is first and foremost. After all…who fucks with underwear on?…its coming off anyway.

    I can’t do the nudity thing since I wear a lot of jeans.The friction would probably hurt my delicate parts.But I see how that would work in areas that are hot/warm all year long.

  • Brandon St. Randy

    Boy shorts are great for the optical illusion of making a woman who’s really not working with that much back there appear to have something going on. doesn’t forgive n’assatall completely, but if it’s borderline, it helps. Nothing worse than being able to see the entire string on a thong. Blech!

  • Illusion

    Boy shorts are great for the optical illusion of making a woman who’s really not working with that much back there appear to have something going on.

    ^^^ The reason you will ONLY catch me in BOY SHORTS

  • sweetsexxybrown

    Great post Truth Teller. I’ve been wearing thongs since I was 15. (I’m 32 now). Around my mid 20’s I got bored with them. Plus I just think it’s unnatural to wear those things everyday. (as I was just young and dumb) Now, I’m more of a boy shorts, bikini briefs, cheekies kinda lady. I like Ms Kitty to breathe and be as free as possible. The only time I wear them now is if 1) I’m wearing something that requires “no panty lines”, 2) I just want to feel sexxy or 3) if it’s apart of a lingerie set.

    I have never been caught in granny panties because I don’t wear them. (unless you are talking about bikini briefs) I immediately take off my panties and bra when I get home plus I sleep nude. If I were at my man’s, please believe…unless I have my period, the underwear are usually something he likes or none at all.

    Right now my favorite panties are lace cheekies.
    For your viewing pleasure:

  • meazyneezy

    dam dude first blog ive read thats pointless had to be the woman saying this you had to get the male point on this to see why it mattered to him does it matter what panties she has on just take them off and start working on the goods as long as it smellls good

  • Ms.Trecie

    I prefer boy shorts….enough coverage without the granny look. I used to play volleyball in high school and we wore the short spandex shorts, that required a thong….so I am not a fan of thongs AT ALL. I am either in boyshorts or hipsters….nothing else. I never knew men were so crazy about boyshorts until I stayed the night with my ex and I sleep in boyshorts and a a-shirt…..he went wild! Claimed he loved that more than lingerie! So…….

    I have every color boyshort possible…nude, white, black, pink, coral, stripped,polka dots, lace, cut outs…..LOL!

  • Just me

    ok, I used to only wear thongs or nothing at all but now im past my early twenties and work in a professional office and sometimes thongs just dont do it in dress pants. Thongs are still cool but i love my boy shorts. I have much A** so when i wear boy shorts my booty cheeks kinda do the hanging out thing at the bottom. It makes me feel sexy (and a little naughty) and the guys seem to like it.

  • Just me

    oh i forgot-granny panties never!

  • NWSO


    To each his/her own.

    Perhaps you haven’t learned/experienced the value of a nice pair of undies. All I gotta say is wait until tomorrow’s Wet Wednesdays post. Maybe then it’ll make more sense… maybe not.


  • NWSO

    @ Spac Chic

    no idea, i just found em on Google.


  • Just me

    @spac chic-if you are talking about the pink pair at the top of the page Victoria’s makes some in the Very Sexy collection that look just like that.

  • NWSO

    @Just Me

    I think she meant the pair in the link with the Afro chick silhouette. There’s links to panty examples for fellas towards end of post

    But I could be wrong

  • Cerebrally_Orgasmic

    Lol..I’ve never even heard of “cheekies”..sounds nice..I have to get myself some..I usually only wear grannies around the house during my comfy cozy days…

  • Just me

    @NWSO and Spac Chic-Did a little google search and the pink panties with the afro are from black nerds network.

  • Jazzy

    Ms.Trecie, I think I know you….

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Granny panties make me think of a woman on her period (ALL of y’all keep a few granny type panties in the back of the draw for THOSE days) or just some wayy up on the thigh, old lady joints that have ZERO sex appeal. Personally, I think a woman in boy shorts is sexy as hell. Thongs and G strings are cool too, but you have to be confident to wear them comfortably and not LOOK self conscious…… But when it’s all said and done: I could give a-flip whether my babies shyt matches, or looks sexy…..bcuz I’m taking them joints off and kicking them to the floor, under the covers, in the back seat…where ever they will be out of the way…Now if we’re hangin out, doin some public arena shyt, then sexy comes in handy…..But on the: Meet me when I get off work days….ta-hell with that noise….I’m on grunt time and it ain’t makin no never mind whether you have any on and if they got lace, silk or cotton…I will say there have been reports of women having some NEW female problems related to constant thong wear, tight jeans, skinny jeans…..I dunno what’s what, but if it’s not health impacting, do the sexy shyt on the regular for yourself AND the rest of the men of the world…lol

  • kimkim

    Ha! Very funny post. My preference are bikinis and boy shorts (cotton, lace, whatever). If I remember to do it, the bra & panties match but it’s never been a big deal. Thongs are the devil and reserved for days when I run out of all of my other underwear and/or have to wear them bc of an outfit (though that’s hardly even now since so many styles are seamless).

    I have NEVER had anybody pause bc of the underwear I had on-though I have had to check a few who had on too small or holey boxers (like seriously, go to Walmart and Target and buy some more. No need for you to look like you’re wearing your lil brother’s shorts from 1985, lol).

    Haven’t ran across a man that truly appreciated lingerie so I hardly ever bought it (though that sentiment is changing bc I like being sexy for ME) If I do get a request, its for a basic t-shirt and boy shorts (what is with the fascination with those now? Is it because of a song or something?) or nothing at all.

    Never heard of cheekies. Not sure if the links above are SFW so I’ll check them out later.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ DC Man with a plan…..EXACTLY…lmao.I’m not spending $30 on a bra with another $10 on matching panties so dude rips that ish off in a heated moment.

    Actually now I think about it…I take a shower before I have sex so the only thing I’m wearing when I enter the room is pubic hair ((nicely lace)).

  • Cali

    I have to somewhat agree with DC Man. Now I don’t have granny panties but I do wear full underwear when my friend comes to visit every month. And that’s automatically known. If those are on that means I’m on. But just on my day to day basis I wear thongs, thongs, and more thongs. I do try to wear sets and have my things matching daily. Because you never know what you might run up on during your day. So always be prepared. And on the days I feel my stuff needs to breath or I need a break from thongs I go completely bucket naked, nothing! And those type of days are the best.

  • LaLa

    Mostly boy shorts with a couple of thongs here and there. Boy shorts are comfy and cute.

  • ChiChi

    I’m a BBW and I have nassatall, so no thongs for me. Either I’m wearing my “grannie panties” or I’m nekkid as the day I was born. No in betweens. LOL

  • arlene

    funny post. Personally, i HATE visible panty lines (VPL) so i rock the thongs. most comfy pair are the mesh ones from the PINK collection. I rock the boyshorts during that time or special request.

  • da ThRONe

    Call me a big horn dog but I like panty lines. Anything that reminds me there is something down there is a plus.

  • moonstarz

    I wear grannies at the gym and if I have to wear a pad during my monthly and then that’s only overnight. Otherwise I wear thongs, boyshorts, cheekies etc. If I want a break, I sleep with nothing on at night.

    I don’t have to always match during the day, I don’t really care too much but for male company, always matching.

  • AGK

    What’s your panty style of choice when you’re expecting male company?

    Usually a V-string of some kinf, or the cheekies brought up above. Love those!

    Do you always make sure your bra and panties match when you leave the house?

    90% of the time, yes. I just like feeling gd with myself, even if noone will eventually see :P

    Have you ever gotten caught out there by a guy in “granny” panties?

    Noe, cuz i dont have any. Or maybe i do have a pair or two, but it’s only for “those” days. TMI, i know ;P

    Would you stop a guy from going all the way if you didn’t have on some fly panties?

    As i said before, i dont have any of those… But if it was 2go down n i had on one of those pairs, i’d probably stop him, go 2the bathroom, get butt naked n come back that way. I know he’d enjoy ;P Hee hee

    Can the right pair of underwear make you feel sexier?

    Of course. There’s nothing better than underwear that shows off the girls or my behind the way i like. If i like it, he’ll love it ;)

    When you buy underwear, are you thinking sex appeal or comfort?

    It depends on the time of the day or on what i’m thinkin about doing. I normally wont wear a g-string while in the house, i’ll prefer sth like boy shorts or sth similar. But i own both kinds n use them properly :)

    Are you pro thong/G-string or do you refuse to wear them unless absolutely necessary?

    Haha, of course, i like those. It’s the most discreet thing ever, so it’s needed @some points.

    How long did it take you to get used to wearing one?

    Not that long, maybe a couple days. It’s not that big of a deal anyways, u should try. LMAO, i joke!

    Nice post tho ;D

  • ChuckDonald

    I like them biggggggg and red, just like santas bag. I love to jump in, head 1st. You could find so much in there… ahhhh, bush, lips, ahhhhh..

    Those low cut brazilian thongs & G’s were the sh!+… I loved those things, until those cotton boy shorts come out. it accentuate the glutes, hips, lips, and for $3.99 you can get 1 from conway. So move it ladies, get boy shorts and get confortable.

  • da ThRONe

    Can we stop with the pad talk ladies there are men here too thanks!

  • MizzRenea

    I definately do ever match lol. I know i’m bad but its usually black or white or nude up top and whatever color or not i choose down below. As for my type of panties, boy shorts for sure. I swear i have every color, design and fabric out there…….thongs are only for a special special occasion because i dont like them all that much. As for when men come over. Its either boy shorts or nothing. I like going commando if i can.

    And as for MEN see i’m picky about what they wear too…..Tighty whiteys is a DEFINATE NO. I will get up put my clothes on and leave almost off jump if you are wearing the mans “grandpa undies” lol….. I almost get turned off when its boxer briefs lol its just something about keepin it all tight down there doesnt do it for me. BOXERS please…. lol

  • moonstarz

    A man mentioned periods so…

    It comes with the territory.

  • ChuckDonald

    Really No boxer briefs :-( I like them… we only have 2 options, boxers or boxer briefs…

  • MizzRenea

    da thorne – babe your a man and i’m sure have had plenty of women and you dont feel comfortable talking about periods????? Honey its nature and if we didnt have them YOU WOULDNT BE HERE :)

  • Ms.Trecie


    How do you think you know me? Where are you from?

  • spachic

    @NWSO yep I did
    @Just Me….thanx girl!

  • NWSO

    @Da ThRONe

    This is just for you
    A sister displays what bikini briefs are and why they are NOT Grannies.


  • RFB.

    im a bbw and boy shorts & cheeks work just finee. i honestly don’t one even one pair of grannys. just not my style. i tried the whole commando thing and it wasn’t for me. i felt so EXPOSED lol. and if a man is really pressed about my bra and panties not matching he can exit stage left.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Omg….rotfl…those red and black panties at the top of blog are Size 98-100…I saw them @ for $19.98. I’m a size 5. That would fit my ass x 20…lmao.

  • da ThRONe


    You think I have had plenty of woman? Thank you! rotflmao!

  • da ThRONe


    I thought that was a designer garbage bag!

  • Jazzy



  • Holly Page

    Cute post! I think pretty panties can make you feel more sexy, but sometimes just plain cotton ones can be really sexy, too, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

    It does suck to be caught up in an unexpected hook up, only to have to run through a mental checklist: do I have on cute panties? did I shave my legs? is my toenail polish still chipped? The sex is much better when the guy finds you sexy no matter what, and let’s you know it.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Weeeeeeellllll….my sexiness is magnified by my nudity.lmao.Never heard a man say “omg…I’ve been dying to fuck pink frilly panties”. Thank goodness…cause I hate fluffy frilly things. Nothing worst than a woman with a perfect matching set of underwear and an unattractive body once the underwear comes off.

    Not all men who are sexy clothed turn out to be sexy once the clothes come off.Never wanna experience that again.

    @ Da Throne…I would love to see u take those size 98 panties off with your teeth.rotflmbao

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    As long as I look good naked, that’s all that matters. No need to dress it up with pointless accessories. Butt Naked with baby oil, butt naked with baby oil. LOL :)

  • Ms P

    LOL!!! I never ever wear granny panties. I also rarely wear thongs or g-strings. I only wear those if I know someone is on the way over & I am greeting him at the door. That way I know I won’t have them on too long! I love boy shorts & string bikinis. Never tried the cheekies but I will get some! And I agree with someone about buying lingerie @ Tar-Jay!! I have some really cute sets from there. I also love for my panties & bras to match. I like to feel sexy just because…:)

  • Litabia

    I wear boy shorts for the most part because they make my butt look nice. I like to look sexy for my man. What-ever he likes I’ll model, strip, what ever. I’ve got caught slipping but I really didn’t care…as long as my ass and coochie is clean I think that’s all that matter.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Lmao @ Shay

    I’m more of a naked with shea butter type of

  • Spinster

    For me, the “special” underwear are only for when an outfit looks ridiculous with regular underwear. IF there were a man around, maybe the “special” underwear could be worn for him too. Only tried “special” underwear for the first time ever about 4 years ago and was strongly against wearing them for a few reasons before trying them. Now, not so much, but the occasions are few and far between.

    Besides that, regular underwear for me. What that is, is between me myself and I. :-)

  • Jenn Perez

    NWSO you really know how to pick TOpics when people are trying to get their Education on!LOL!!

    I love thongs~ mostly cuz I always have a wedgie with underwear!! (TRUe story!!) BUT You have to be careful when wearing thongs~ with dresses that can fly up .. Quick story.. I had a dress on w/ a thong and of course, the wind blew and my dresss flew up. One of my good guy friends said “damn Jennie, you have a nice azz but its white as hell!” hahha.. SInce then, I usually wear full booty grabbing underwear~ which can also be sexy. Nice silky calvin klein underwears are comfy and sexy … thongs for girls like me that dont have a huge dunk but just enough dunk to back it up~!!! thongs accentuate the butt where big panties dont.. Grannies for that time of the month with the huge Overnight pad with wings (DA throne ~~ I threw that Pad part in Just for you!LOL!).. Vickie’s secret’s Very Sexy thongs for those nights you just want to sit on his face! ROF
    But really, as long as your pumpum isnt sweaty, i don’t think guys would mind!
    for men.. i prefer briefs ~ see all that junk bunchedup in the middle YUM! Don’t do that silk shit cuz it makes your balls sweat and its NOT sexxy.. please shave or trim your privates.. and ’tis better to give (head) than to receive!

  • da ThRONe


    I would need elephant tusk to get those things off! lol

    @Jenn Perez

    Oh thanks I just love hearing about ladies menstrual cycles and pads and all that good stuff!

    @paulette & Shay

    How about naked with nothing on. Baby oil and shea butter mess with my taste buds! ;)

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Rotfl @ elephant tusks.

    I don’t lotion the lickable parts.

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    No! I need the oil for the muscle definition in my legs!

  • msnyc

    My choice is thong or nothing. However I can relate to the granny panties issue…its kinda like being caught without a wax!

  • Jenn Perez

    Msnyc.. wax?? like the entire thing or bikini line.. OUCH!

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @Jenn Perez


  • Jenn Perez

    OMG you are one TOUGH Female!! I will definitely try it maybe this month.. afer a few cosmos and maybe a little hazyness!

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ Jenn

    I recommend starting out with a simple bikini wax, and then progressively move to a full Bikini/Brazilian/Playboy. It all depends on your man. Some men prefer a little hair down there so you remain looking like a woman and not a little girl.

  • Mimi in the OC

    I do a little bit of everything, it’s a mood/circumstance thing:
    – When I go out, typically a V-string.
    – On a daily basis, to school and work, cheekies, bikinis or V-strings whatever feels right and depending on what I am wearing.
    – When I go to bed, I like sleeping topless with some boy shorts and every now and then naked, just to feel free from everything!

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    I’ve never had a wax…don’t paint my nails…don’t coordinate bra and panties…never had any complaints in the 17 years of being sexually active.

    Question for the men…Do you really care about those little details??

    Not to say they aren’t valid for the women that do those things.Just curious if guys actually notice the difference between a woman who does and who doesn’t.

  • spachic

    @ my waxing ladies three words…Laser Hair Removal…I am always good!!!

  • MzVirgo

    I don’t like panty lines, so I wear thongs. But I read somewhere that wearing thongs for too long is not healthy for the va-jay-jay, so sometimes I will rock the bikini cut panties.

  • dared1

    My bra and panties are always matching regardless. I dont have a preference to which type I wear. I hate panty lines as well so i will wear a thong if I think they will show. I feel sexiest in lacy boy shorts.

  • da ThRONe


    Everywhere on a chick body is lickable and dont you forget that!

  • Seattlesfinest

    Nice post…. lol

    When I know that I am going to be gettin’ cozy with my honey, I dress it up. Keep in mind that I always match, but when I am able to, I will definitely wear what I knooooooow he likes. My choice is always thongs.

    Panties and bras MUST always match. I repeat…Panties and bras MUST always match. This goes with the whole concept of mom always preaching to us (from the time when we were just crumb-snatchers) that we always had to wear clean underwear just in case we were ever in an accident. In this case, we must match just in case the honey wants to get a lil’ cozy unexpectedly. If the panties do not match the bra then you might as well just go to the door buck-nekked. It is a huge turn on to some men that they do match and can throw them off if they do not. And worst case scenario…at minimum, if they do not match then please, please, please have, at least, the same shades of color for both.

    Yes…the right pair of panties does make me feel sexier. Honestly, I would never be caught dead in anything slightly resembling granny-panties. No way…no how.

    Now, I will entertain myself with a pair of boy-shorts once in a while. But why for? My jeans, shorts, pants, etc. are already covering my cheeks. The boy-shorts are not offering anything that I want or need.

    I buy some panties (thongs) for comfort. YES…comfort. I’ve been wearing thongs for so long that it does not bug me that they are creeping up behind. lol But, for the most part, the panties for intimacy are fully functional (aka sexy, easily accessible, etc.) for the moment.

    I have nothing against g-strings…I just prefer thongs. Personal preference. I have loved wearing thongs since the first time I slipped a pair on.

    Oh…and men…Ick. Icky. Ugh…Please do not even joke about wearing a g-string around me. I find this a huge turn off and will laugh my way back out the door before it even gets hot between us. (Sorry…)

    I work out in the gym 6 days a week and 3 times a week with a male trainer. We have had numerous conversations about what people (both men and women) wear under their clothing. Dang… my boy even called me out on wearing thongs. lol (Punk! Who knew my own trainer was checking me out. lol)

    Moral of the story…We all do it. We either wonder and/or watch to see what others are wearing. I would never be caught dead with any type of granny-panty line. I’ll keep my cheeks nicely rounded and showing only a thong line thank you. ;-)

  • litrisha

    I heard a comic say that they could care less if the panties and bra match, then he said he wouldn’t care if it was a slingshot he wouldn’t notice because all they want is the ***** anyway.
    I personally believe in Thongs and G-Strings but only when necessary. I like to stay comfortable 90% of the time, because you can’t wear those Thongs and G-Strings everyday……and ladies you know what I’m talking about. Matching Bra and Panties, I believe in that too, but again only when necessary.
    All in all ladies don’t just dress up for a man, do it for yourself, and make yourself feel good……a man doesn’t always have to be around for you to feel sexy. Man or NO Man, I will do it for me and only me.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    In response to Paulettes question: I did an informal poll in my office (about 8 dudes 23-30) and NOBODY was concerned about panties matching, or whether or not they were this type or that…….Personally, when I’m on the subway, @ the store or walking down the street I’m ALWAYS checking out the ladies….Some panty lines (As DaThrone stated) look sexy and it’s good to see in some instances bcuz it makes you wonder–how that body looks with the pants off, or the skirt down around her ankles. A sista with AZZ is sexy with a panty line. A sista with itty-bitty azz, but who knows how to sashay can Rock the thongs or boy shorts and make that shyt look delicious….. Visual shyt is great for women I’m not involved with…..AND on the random occassions when my baby-girl wanna tease me, b4 she pleases me..Yeah, a sexy panty and bra set can clinch the deal and make the sexy REALLY, REALLY hot…but I’m not tryn to go through that more than once in a while…lol……On the regular, my attitude is: SHO me the nakedness, turn on some tunes and lets get to work!!! So yeah, Paulette, 90% of the time, give me a clean body and nakendess AND we good to go! What I do FIND memorable are great stockings….Especially give me some fishnets….something with unique lines or designs…….THAT shyt is sexy and trumps panty/bra set ery’time!!!! Sexy stockings I remember…

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ DC MAN

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fishnets.

    I went to see Jill Scott in concert and Raheem DaVaughn opened for her. After his set, he and his background singers were in the lobby and when I went to the restroom, they started singing “Fishnets, black pantyhose, big legs, showin through the holes!” LMAO!

  • Jenn Perez

    ! Shay.!!! i will start small ~ sounds good to me!! But i like being Bald down there (the better to see him!!LOL!) and I haven’t been.. um.. boned since April but Im a big girl and can do me!haha!!
    I am definitely interested in waxing but I hate hate hate pain ~ I don’t even know what Possessed me to have not one but TWO children (the Penis did it !!LOL!) But I will try it !! I live in Fla. so its beach time every weekend and the shaving gets tedious!!

  • Righteous Mama

    Oh this is hilarious! I admit to spending too much money on lingerie. But it’s more for me than for my guy. I would never rock my grannies to a dudes house. But I don’t really have many pair of those. But yes ALL ladies to have some. LOL! They are just comfortable. I have lots of thongs only because they come with the corsets I like to buy.
    And I do prefer that my bra and panties match. I know most men don’t care what you wear because they plan to take it off anyway but I do it FOR ME. It makes me feel good. Going pantyless in the summer under a dress or skirt is def a must. I do it every chance I get! It just feels good.

    I really appreciate the women who proudly say they don’t give a hell, they’re sticking with their grannies whether a dude likes it or not. Y’all funny!

  • La-La

    I have always worn thongs or g-strings or nothing at all,panty lines are unladylike and i refuse to have them, i am a lingerie junkie so i have lots of garters, stockings, corsets, and they come with crotch-less thongs and such. i do own some big draws tho!! my bra always matches my panties. i’d rather be naked up in fishnets, sexy top, 6inch heels and a trench coat! but hey that’s just me!

  • Spinster

    With all this talk about pantylines and such, how did women in the past deal with it? Did they even care? And unless it looks totally ridiculous, why should we care now? :-|

    Just curious.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ Spinster…its a marketing ploy.The more women believe men really care about matching bras and panties the more they are willing to spend.Victoria Secrets is making a pretty penny selling the myth. Their underwear is well made and pretty but the price tag is pretty ridiculous on some items.For something that’s looked at for but the few minutes we put it on and off.

    The best panties I ever bought were from China dozen assorted colors for $12.

    You’re right…it shouldn’t matter.But with the amount of tv shows and magazines and blogs ((including the current Wet Wednesdays on here)) highlighting frilly, lacy lingerie…women will keep spending.

    Like DC Man said…if its about pleasing your man…he loves you and your body…not your underwear.

  • Seattlesfinest

    NO…It’s not just a “marketing ploy” when a woman wants to wear matching bra and panties. Did you ever hear about feeling good about yourself and what you wear? I always match because it is a small something that contributes to how I feel about myself and feeling sexy. And I do have a man who likes it when women match both bra and panties. And I do have a man who is a visual person that likes when I take the extra time to wear the frillies, sexy outfits, stockings, anklets, or whatever it is I choose to wear because it shows that I care about his needs too instead of just mine.

    I do have to clown about the comment made which states “…but the few minutes we put it on and off.” What? do you only wear your bra and panties for just a few seconds in the day? Then why are you even bothering to purchase them? Why not go buck nekked under your clothes instead of just wearing your bra and panties for a few seconds of your day? You crack me up. lol

  • Spinster

    I’m inclined to agree with paulette. This is a male-dominated society, so for the most part, whatever they like is expressed through different means (media, advertising, etc.). If women (THINK they) know what men want, they go right out and get it. It’s been told that men like lingerie, so women invest in it. (Just my opinion.)

    Funny thing though – the men I know don’t really care. Yeah, they love the different shapes and cuts of underwear, but in the end they told me that they’ll be ripping that shit off and that’s it’s usually unnecessary to even bother wearing it. :-|

    Small disclosure – I got some nice things for my ex. Not only are the tags still on the items, but the one thing I wore (camisole and shorts) pretty much got ripped off. :-| What a waste of money. Since the stuff has never been worn, I might give it away.

  • staffonsgirl

    Bikini Bottoms!

  • NWSO


    Well, way back when women didn’t wear skintight clothes. They wore those big ass dresses that spread out 5-feet from their body and long flowy skirts etc. So really panty line issues are a modern day issue with skinny jeans and, gasp, women in pants. Remember back in the day it wasn’t even lady-like to wear pants.

    just my 2 cents to that part of discussion

  • Spinster

    NWSO – let’s not forget the disco days though. Platform shoes, skintight clothes, etc. And even now with the skinny jeans, lines don’t often show. Jeans are usually made of heavy material.

    Eh, just wondering aloud is all.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Paulette brings up an interesting line of thought about our male dominated society putting out an expectation of what men like–so women can spend money trying to provide that which men are supposed to like. Though Seattle’s finest and other ladies have stated they wear matching this and that for their own pleasure as much as that of their man’s….It’s kinda interesting to wonder: What have you EVER told your man you like to see him in? Pretty much limited to boxers or briefs when it comes to men’s under wear. kinda funny that men don’t have as many choices as women…OR is it the way things are supposed to be, at least in a male dominated society? I have never had a woman say: only wear the silk boxers…or wear briefs…..and make sure your t-shirt of wife beater matches your draws! Naw, I have never personally had that one stated to me. A lot of men are still only wearing white Tee’s and undies, as if they don’t know they can get draws in different colors…lol…..So, yeah, I can SEE how once again…women are getting screwed…getting the ” you do the pleasing…men do the receiving……As a man, I benefit from that mind-set (and secretly, I LOVE that y’all do SO much to cater to us)….but I also like balance and think women come up on the short end of the stick in so many ways when it comes to expectations regarding fashion and visual expectations,etc,. 3-6 inch heels REALLY aren’t good for your calves in the long run, but I like seeing ya in them…I don’t know if thongs are good for a woman’s health over time or not…but I like those too……hair, nails, make-up…boob jobs…butt lifts…..And what does a man need to do? Very little when compared to the list of shyt a woman is trained and socialized to accept and view as NORMAL……I don’t know, Seattles Finest, if you would come to SEE all of these things as normal…IF women ruled the world in an appreciable way form BC thru 2day……

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ DC Man with a plan….so true…I’ve never cared what undies a man long as he has a decent sized dick…it’s all good…lol

    But on the real…what he wears on top of those drawers matters as much as what we wear on top of our panties.Our visual taste are very judgemental to what you wear.I am honestly not interested in dating or talking to a man that is showing off his underwear for the world to see ie dudes that wear their pants hanging off their ass.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Paulette…lmao…u had me ROLLIN! 12 pair for 12 bucks–and assorted colors too! like whoa…u my kinda shortee………Did they have the days of the week on them too?

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Nope…no days of the week…lmao.But I get $2.99 panties at Conways.Women own an average of at least 30 panties….at least.Do the math on how much the price tag gets when you add a matching bra.lmao.I own maybe 7 bras…mostly black…goes with every color.

    There’s no way I’m spending all that money to match every freaking panty.especially since i don’t even have a mate…even then…we fucking naked anyways.

  • da ThRONe


    What a decent size dick?

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ least 7 inches…not more than 9 inches.Contrary to popular belief a huge dick is not that pleasurable.I had a 9 incher that was painful…and I’m sure it was 9inches soft.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Well, dudes wearing their pants hanging off their azz have to be what, 16? Surely, no grown azz man is walkin around with that fake azz, jail house style of dress? I dislike it immensely. While urban youth typically come up with some innovative, leading edge shyt, that pseudo-style is WACK and I hate it. Last week I saw a lil tyke who could not have been more than 4…wearing his pants like that. He could barely walk correctly……..I know there are “men” who want to act and look youthful, but THAT’s one style no MAN need copy. I find it embarrassing to witness young boyz walking around with name brand draws showing like THAT means something…and I have to wonder what teen girls think of it…I hope they don’t find it fashionable………as if a black man doesn’t have enuff to contend with, this generation wants to introduce stuff that is totally without merit…..ALL generations of young men find something their elders find distasteful as a form of rebellion…..untied shoes, ties with no collar shirts….but this shyt, straight from the prisons where guys did it to “show” they were the bytch…this one can’t be turned around and made into something cool….Naw, this one gonna go down as WACK for ever…kinda like Hammer pants–but worse!

  • da ThRONe


    Now I gotta go find a ruler! lol

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ DC Man…unfortunately I see young girls and grown women walking down the street holding the hands of these guys…younger and older.grown azz men are doing it.They never hit on me so I’ve never had a chance to talk to a fellow with his pants hanging off his ass.I get the feeling though he wouldn’t be able to answer my questions.He would prob mumble “it’s jus a style”.

    @ Da Throne…please report the number you get…the correct one.lmao

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    And I can assure you the average man has NO where near 30 pair of draws..Your man is pushing the limits if he has 14………..I keeps two weeks worth, cuz I might get lazy with laundry but 30? Hell naw………Dudes don’t talk about this subject too often…but I’ve heard women talk about their man…and MOST dudes comin up short on draws… we not tryin to put a whole lot of money, time or energy into something that goes unseen for the most part…and when they are seen, often it’s in a darkened environment…..often they’re getting kicked off with abandon…Naw, I’m not putting a lot into this area…Keep em clean and free of rips and tears and we good! So yeah, I go through periodically and throw away the border line ones…but that’s about ALL I’m doin…….But I have colors and silks…

  • da ThRONe

    @paulette 3.7 inches fully aroused! So you want this? LMAO!!!!!

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    3.7 inches??…no wonder you ain’t getting no pussy.lmao

  • da ThRONe


    I have a really great smile though!

  • NWSO

    @ DC Man

    I beg to differ (slightly) I keeps more than 14 cause I put of doing laundry. And draws are the main reason you do laundry. So I’ve invested in three packs here and there to extend laundry days. So maybe I’ve accumulated 3-4 weeks worth. Then you got your super-thick boxers which are reserved strictly for winter time so that’s deads a few for the summer months. No woman wants salty nuts. lol

  • Gethsemia

    I like the hip huggers and the boy shorts. It’s kind of hard for me to find anything that matches because i’m two differant sizes. I buy my bras from Lane bryant and get everything else from target or wal mart.

  • CKissxox

    I told my man I was wearing tighty whiteys and he said “Damn, I bet that’s sexy as hell.” Go figure…

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    Question…I’ve never seen a man in thongs in does his balls stay in?? He has to tuck it in the lil front piece of fabric??

  • Spinster

    I have a gay friend who said that man thongs work pretty much like women’s thongs. They probably gotta tuck more in though, like you mentioned.

  • chicken all the time

    how about just a buck necked silky pj and no pantys at all or just the pantys that tie on the side, you just pull the type and they come right off, easy comfort easy access baby

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Paulette…I don’t know how the man thongs work…But if you gotta ” tuck” anything in…That’s a “No-GO” right off the dribble……MEN, do not tuck shyt in, unless you’re crossing over…lol…and since you happily work with 7-9 MY kinda woman, cuz I can get in where I fit in with those measurements…and not EVEN have to lie…..lmao

  • Anonymous

    ohhh cheekies all the way…comfy and sexy,well my opinion anyways :) granny panties for lazy ass days when NOBODY i repeat nobody will see em, i def think matchin bra n panties are a good thing,men are visual right?give them somethin to look at before u start the show….usually do the matchin pair just for myself too.,its nice knowin that even when ur not all done up theres still somethin good underneath,makes me feel sexy

  • thecynicmyth

    Boy shorts all the way! You can’t beat em, they’re the best of both worlds. Sexy an comfy/casual. Me, exemplified. ^.^
    I’ve never worn a thong a day in my life. I refuse. I draw a line at how far I’m willing to inconvenience myself in the name of what society has decided is sexy. If it’s not comfy, I’m probably not wearin it. Heels are an obvious exception, but even then, it’s rare and far between that you’ll catch me in some heels. Back to the topic at hand though, no man should ever wear a thong. lmao. UNACCEPTABLE…like, as in, never O.K.
    ..and lmao @ paulette an Da throne

  • ? ?

    Only One word to characterize such a great post “WOW” that was a very interesting read and i think the lingerie is the product of human intelligence

  • ? ?

    Only One word to characterize such a great post “WOW” that was a very interesting read and i think the lingerie is the product of human intelligence

  • The Wanderer

    I believe that single women must wear what they please. When in a relationship you can both discuss what is a turn on and what you are willing to try out as a couple with adequate amounts of trust. Now I am not very turned on by thongs. They give too much away. Granny panties are far better. Boy shorts take the cake though with the standard panty a close second. I think that nice colors and fabrics are very appealing for both us the guys and the girls. I try to always rub the gal through her panties. I almost always only aim for sex with a girl that I am willing to give head to. I just love doing it, so cute panties to make her more inviting are always a nice touch. As for men dressing in lingerie, it is not for me. I won’t diss the men who enjoy that but it is a little too open minded for my taste. I would however agree to a certain pair of boxers that can add humor haha. Now, pantie lines are absolutely normal and not something i factor in at all.