Do You Have Big Girl Tendencies? (The Fat Factor)

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Before I even dig into this one, let me toss out a little disclaimer. The views expressed in this blog post are all in good clean fun. My intentions are not to offend or upset anyone, just to speak the truth as I see it. Still, I feel this one might ruffle a few feathers, so I apologize in advance if this peek into how some men think rubs you the wrong way. Now that’s out of the way, leave your sensitivity at the door and read on.

There’s a common belief among most people that if you want to know how gracefully someone is going to age, just take a look at his or her parents. Although not a fool-proof guideline, it’s a rule that’s served me well over the years. The same goes for a philosophy my boys and I came up with a while ago to determine a woman’s girth growth potential. What we affectionately refer to as Big Girl Tendencies.

PLEASE NOTE: These traits can also be found in men and is known as BBT (Big Belly Tendencies) or big bellyitis.

You’re probably asking yourself, what exactly are “Big Girl Tendencies?” Well, let me break it down for you. Basically, Big Girl Tendencies, or BGT for short, are when a petite or average woman displays a probable propensity for becoming a “big girl.” I don’t mean big as in adult, but Roseanne Barr big.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a “big girl,” because NWSO got love for the plus-sized sisters. In case you missed it, I actually did a whole “Ode to the Big Girl” a while back that you can read HERE. As far as BGT, though, I’m just keeping it real sexist.

We’ve long established that men are visual creatures. Because of this flaw, my species has been known to pass up on a good woman who’s a size 16 in favor of a skinny bitch broad that’s a size 3. But fellas let me warn you, just because that girl on your arm can hula hoop with a Cheerio today doesn’t mean she can do the same 10 years from now. That’s why you should always make sure you’re settling down with substance not style, because today’s skinny Minnie could be tomorrow’s big Bertha. No offense to anyone named Bertha, but hopefully you get my point that not everyone is as open-minded as they should about shifting dress sizes.

As vain as it may be, some men do think about women’s weight. Maybe not now, but at some point. While your male companion might not call it BGT, he’s probably using a similar future weight assessment to size you up. The sad part is, many women don’t even know they suffer from BGT. Don’t worry, your boy NWSO has got you covered.

Below are a few key signs of BGT that both men and women need to look out for. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may in fact have Big Girl Tendencies. Answering yes, however, doesn’t mean you’ll definitely become a “big girl” it just suggests that you may be carrying the BGT gene. My years of personal bullshit research has shown that slow metabolism and lack of physical activity play large roles in the development of full-blown big girlism. Now on to the warning signs.

1) Do you eat a lot of fast food, like Mickey Dees, Taco Bell, etc. two or more times a week?
Then you may have BGT.

2) Do you tend to order large portions of fatty food when you go out to eat, like an appetizer, steak & ribs combo with fries, dessert and a milkshake?
Then you may have BGT.

3) Do you tend eat heavy meals or junk food late at night, like past 1am on a consistent basis?
Then you may have BGT.

4) Do you sit around the house often and sleep most of your weekends away, and the most strenuous thing you do is your nails?
Then you may have BGT.

5) Do you constantly talk about food and have the numbers for your local Dominos and Chinese spot memorized?
Then you may have BGT.

This has been a PSA brought to you by NWSO in conjunction with the BGSG (Big Girl Support Group). For more info, go to your local gym and work it on out.

Do you think it’s possible to tell someone’s future weight based on his or her eating habits? Do you think our society puts unnecessary pressure on women to lose weight? Do you feel that men get a free pass when it comes to weight, while women get scrutinized? Do the official size charts, which were made generations ago, reflect the realities of people today? Have you ever come across someone who was overweight but biased against other heavy people? How important is weight to you in terms of dating? Do you think you have or know someone that has BGT or BBT?

Speak your piece…


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  • da ThRONe

    I dont do big gals!

  • Aqua

    There should be a “Too Fat So She Can’t Get Half” clause that annuls marriages on the basis of obscene “widening.” Why penalize the salad eating party for the others love of extra value meals? Just saying.

  • Spinster

    I’ve always said that there is a 300 pound girl inside of me waiting to burst out. I LOVE food. However, I’m kinda careful for health reasons so there but for the grace…..

  • Preachy P

    This topic is SO FUNNY to me, because I recently became re-acquainted with some old High School girlfriends, that were the attention hogging Skinny Girls THEN and have now become nothing less than fat, lazy SLOBS :( However, my story is just the opposite. I was heavy & discouraged as a youth, from being overfed and underactive. I became disgusted after graduation & more concious of my weight and have kept my “chunk” under control ever since (10 years now). I must’ve made them feel really bad because now they want to “talk Gym” whenever we socialize….(Yeah Right….Uh Huh). It’s sad and also funny at the same time.

  • Manhattan Chic

    @ da throne…. big girls probably don’t do you.

    every big girl is not sloppy and nasty as some people perceive… just like smaller women, some are tall, ugly, pretty, mean, nice etc. judgemental people annoy me because you all have types but i’m sure you have met someone that took your breath away that isn’t your type. i happen to know a lot of big sisters that can put the smaller ones to shame so don’t sleep on us.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    rotfl…funny post.There is such a huge difference between Africa and America when it comes to attraction to “chubby” women.I saw Femi Kuti perform the other night and ALL of his back-up dancers had chubby stomachs…no 6 pack abs …and they had way more energy than I do.And they had no problems with displaying their “rolls” on stage.And I bet a million buck every dude in there was wishing he could get a piece of that African ass..I mean tummy.

    But like everything else…once you hit the sack..unless the chick is borderline obese…a man just wants the pussy.And some fellows probably don’t care about the obesity either.He knows she’s gonna be home when he wants some.

    Do you think it’s possible to tell someone’s future weight based on his or her eating habits?
    nope…I go through a McDs phase and then I go through a salad phase.I’m 15lbs over my normal weight but I fluctuate back and forth.Can’t date the pot belly dude though…no thanks.

    Do you think our society puts unnecessary pressure on women to lose weight?
    not any more…if you look past the magazines and tv shows most women aren’t skinny.I do not wanna look like I’m starving.A little fat is alright in my book.

    Do you feel that men get a free pass when it comes to weight, while women get scrutinized?
    Men do get a free pass.Cause I see some brothers that I’m like “are you fucking serious?And they have mad swagger with their beer bellies.Not sexy at all.But they don’t have to worry too much about finding a woman.Plenty women desperate to be with somebody…anybody.

    Do the official size charts, which were made generations ago, reflect the realities of people today?

    Have you ever come across someone who was overweight but biased against other heavy people?
    Nope.Only have a few heavyset friends and an overweight cousin…but she’s been that way her entire life…from a child.She has very little self-confidence but she avoids using the word “fat”.

    How important is weight to you in terms of dating?
    I need a man that can fuck me 3 rounds without going into convulsions and coughing spasms.I like a man that’s fit.Not ridonkeylously muscular…just fit and active.

    Do you think you have or know someone that has BGT or BBT?
    I think I might settle into a chubby body later on in life and still be sexy.Keep in mind because the person is “chubby” doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy.I’ve seen some plus sized ladies that would draw attention away from you hit a certain age…like the 40s…it’s less of an issue to try to be skinny.

  • da ThRONe

    @Manhattan Chic

    Its a personal choice(even though Jill Scott could get get). Im not saying I would never date a “plus size girl” ,but Im just not sexually attracted to them. If I meet a girl with BGT’s and she blows up Im not just going bail. At the same time if the sexually attraction is gone the relationship does change and to act like it doesnt is being naive!

    If I dont turn somebody on for whatever reason I respect there wishes and move on.

  • Litabia

    I guess I have BGT because I do all the things that you listed and what’s the bigger shock…I can’t gain weight to save my life. Everybody tell me to wait until I get older and my metabolism slows down. These are the same people that told me to wait until I have kids and it’s hard to shed the pounds. I eat everything in sight, some things are not necessarily nutritional, and still skin and effin bones…I love bigger/fat guys and all my friends are fat. This lady told me that I’m attracted to fat people because of my inability to gain weight. I don’t know but I think if the woman is comfortable with her size or the thought that one day she will bigger than she is in her 20’s because her mom is humongous than the man should love his wife no matter what and visa versa. Just don’t get sloppy with it.

  • Tiq

    I like a girl with some meat on her. But some women look unhealthy. Some look like they’re really stuffed into their clothes. I can’t rock with that.

  • eleeaune

    Funny Post, lol.

    If you can get past the physical ( not completely or what is the point) health should be the question. The mate could be a stick but still pass away before their time. If you’re thinking of being with the person, you’ll probably stay plus/minus a few pounds as long as it doesnt spiral out of control. 10 lbs in 10 days is a problem…10 lbs over the course of time you’ve known them…talk it out and hit the gym together.

    But generally speaking “to each his own” tends to sum it all up.

  • EmotionalFunk

    @Manhattan Chic that was too funny, lol.

    But I don’t date out of shape men at all. Before I get called shallow let me say I’m not fat I’ve always been slim but I’m in my dirty thirties now and I’m fit as hell so if your not trying to be fit for life like me so you can live better I’m not signing up to push your wheelchair. Oh the BMI doesn’t reflect me I don’t know if they are out dated but I’m tall, slim and weigh more that it says I should. It just doesn’t account for people who are fit and have more muscle mass than fat, I wish it did though. I dated a guy with BBT once he was always buggin saying sideways stuff about my need to fatten up and going to the gym. He’s gone now.

    I think men do get a bit of a pass when it come to weight (not from me though) it seems that a chubby guy or fat guy is considered cuddly, but a woman is just fat. Anyways I do think you can tell what a person weight is going to be like if you look at their lifestyle and eating habits. I know I can and also yes I have so seen over weight biased against skinny/slender/fit whatever you want to call it girls. I’ve experienced many times. I call it “fatitude”, it usually rears it ugly head in the workplace when the big girls decide to be mean and evil just because you don’t want to partake in devouring everything in site with them. I hate fatitude, lol.

  • Peajez

    Im a bbw and I just recently felt this need to start working out and yeah I’ve lost weight but I did it because of my health. Im a vain bbw, Ive never been small, Im from the south where eveything is fried… I have friends of all shapes and sizes and colors and I sometimes shock them when i pull the finest guy in the room. I have to say its really not about size, it’s about confidence and how you carry yourself. Ive always been told im pretty, my father always told me I was pretty so to be honest I never thought otherwise. I love the post because I have a friend who’s about 110 and she actually gross me out when she eats, she def has big girls tendencies but thin as a toothpick. Sometimes people are just blessed with great genes, but nevertheless, great post! And nah, Im not upset with the post at all, everyone can have their own opinions =)

  • Elle

    Do you think it’s possible to tell someone’s future weight based on his or her eating habits?
    – Not at all. I found that more than eating habits genetics play a role in people’s current and future weight. My best friend is a tall, skinny chick who eats like a 7-headed, pregnant rhino and doesn’t gain one pound. Why? Skinny mom, skinny dad, skinny grandma, skinny grandpa … you see where I’m going with this.

    Do you think our society puts unnecessary pressure on women to lose weight?
    – Oftentimes, yes. Obesity is a problem and a threat to people’s health. But expecting everybody to be a size 0 when you can be just as healthy (if not more) as a size 10 is taking it way too far. Weight in general is a very innaccurate measurement of health. Instead, they should look at everyone’s lab results and overall health status (joints etc.)

    Do you feel that men get a free pass when it comes to weight, while women get scrutinized?
    – Absolutely. There are tons (no pun intended, or did I?) of overweight male entertainers while there is only a handful of female ones. Go figure.

    Do the official size charts, which were made generations ago, reflect the realities of people today?
    – Not at all. Not just weightwise. Also as far as height is concerned. And don’t let me get started on shoe sizes.

    Have you ever come across someone who was overweight but biased against other heavy people?
    – Not that I can think of, but I know they exist. Makes no sense … but I guess I don’t have to understand everything.

    How important is weight to you in terms of dating?
    – So far it hasn’t been important to me. I have dated “everything” between Snoop-skinny and B.I.G-fat and it never made a difference. What weighs in more when dating, is a person’s lifestyle. I prefer to date people I have as many things in common with as possible – and that includes eating habits, work out style etc. Extremes are not for me. I wouldn’t want to sit at the dinner table with a health nut who eats nothing but egg whites and drinks wheat juice. However, a man who deep fries everything isn’t for me either. Moderation is key. I love food, good food and drink. I refuse to starve myself to fit into a mold society thinks everybody should fit into. Yet and still, I am very health conscious which means I work out regularly and put a lot of emphasize on a healthy diet. Somebody who is d’accord with that is who I want to date. Weight has nothing to do with that.

    Do you think you have or know someone that has BGT or BBT?
    – LoL I am a size 12, so that makes me a big girl. And if I look at my ancestors I figure this will never change. Instead of wanting to be “light” I much rather be healthy. I’ll never be slim or athletic. But I can make sure I remain toned and firm. I’ll never be able to solely survive off water and salad. But I can make sure to eat lots of veggies, fruits, organic products and so on.

    It’s all good. There is a place in this world for each and every one of us.

  • Eva

    Oh wow

    My name is Eva and I have Big Girl Tendencies!

    “Hi Eva”

    *hugs all around*

    Thanks for the heads up Socks, the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem, I have to nip this in the bud double quick time!

    However, judging by my parents I have youthful, slim genes, (lucky me!) so I’m not too worried

    (first time poster – but yours is the first blog I read when my vaio boots up – love it!)

  • slimdog millionaire

    Offended? Upset? I’m offended by all the fat, nasty cellulite laden belly & leg rolls I have to see every day! The nausea begins at plump; no such thing as pleasant, just ask the heart and lungs.

    Yuck…fat, nastry greedy. Put the honey BBQ chicken wings down and have some pride and consideration for the poor chairs under ass.

    And “big” is not a euphemism for fat.

  • Soulyn

    Yes, I have BGT. That’s why I works it on out. Every now and then the big girl inside wants to free herself. I let her loose for a few days…she always wants the same thing…(Gloria’s- Trini spot in BK). I know my limits, though. And will not hesitate to hit the gym.

    How important is weight to you in terms of dating?

    Very important. If I’m working out and you’re not, something is wrong. I can’t do the pot belly. And health is very important. I plan on being around for as long as I can help it. So if my SO wants to live as long as I plan, then he better get it together.

  • meazyneezy

    why am i getting this feeling that people are running out of things to write about big girl tendencies come on before this was techno cheating wtf smh

  • moonstarz

    I talk about food a lot b/c I’m a foodie. I love good gourmet and various types of cuisine.

    I dropped all the weight within a year after I gave birth so I have it covered.

    @Soulyn Gloria’s on Nostrand?

  • cherishb

    I do think that society in america puts more on women about their weight then men. I also think you can’t look at someone and go damn their gonna be fat in ten years because circumstances can change a persons eating habit. I am a big girl who actually is biased to some big people and it is because I went from being a real high weight to a not so high weight and they way some big people breath that shit annoys me like wtf man get your ass on a treadmill and walk that shit out.Just to hear that heavy breathing is nasty to me. Weight did factor when I was dating when I was younger because I liked line me football size so they had to be somewhat healthy and chunky.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Size, up to a reasonable point, and reasonable will differ for each of us, isn’t as important IMO as being HEALTHY at whatever size you are. There are legions of men who LOVE 44-DDs and there are numerous women who can make 220 lbs look sexy as hell! Queen Latifah has ALWAYS been sexy to me, and Monique is a cutie who wears her shyt real sexy like…..And I think big gurls try harder, so they can definitely get there freak on..
    Men do tend to get a pass and part of it is male ego and confidence. Men with a belly still think they’re entitled to get the sexy azz chick and since we’re socialized to be confident….it carries over, even as our bellies hang-ova….lol…..Just as some women have said they can’t be with a big belly guy….there are men who will not give a heavy woman any play either, but fortunately, there are OTHERS……so no matter your size, Do you, strive to be healthy and don’t put up with B/s from ppl who don’t find you their type……

  • Soulyn


    Yep!! off da hook. I crave their buss up.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Elle…..Hell yeah baby, there is a place for everyone and You sound like you need to be at MY place…….go on, with your badd self. Size 12 is just what I’m talkin about…….but I like what you said and the way you stated it….Extremes aren’t good for me either, whether it be one who is a REAL Vegan (how come so many vegetarians are heavier than you would expect of persons who eat sea-food and poultry, but no meat?) or someone who eats fried snicker bars and ice cream (WTF is THAT about)…Off topic, but: what is it about shoe sizes, Elle, that ruffles your feathers? U one of them Big footed heifers? lmao…..Are there any cool things associated with women who have big feet–as is the case for men? I wear size 12’s baby…got big hands too! <——smiling………

  • Kwana AKA OrangeStar AKA Phoenix7

    BALANCE…. moderation eating healthier meals more often and exercise consistently including weight/resistance training are the keys to avoiding Big girl or boy tendencies………fitness is for life

  • Brandon St. Randy

    You can kinda tell. Even back in college, there were a lot of cute girls with a lot of T&A who everyone knew were “one donut away.” That donut has since made its presence known. A lot of the thick brick house chicks in their 20’s turn into McMansions into their 30’s and damn near warehouses in their 40’s, but a lot of that is just a function of their activity level. My mom’s 60 and still very slim because she walks every day and plays tennis. All my Aunties are bigger because they’re much more sedentary. I know a lot of girls don’t work out because dudes like their “thickness” now, but gravity’s a-comin.

    Admittedly, I’m mad fatist. I just can’t do bellies. I know some cute skinny girls with a little pot and that shit doesn’t work for me. To each their own, but

    “Fat ass turn to flab, titties turn to teardrops”
    -Big Boi-

    Also, it’s perfectly fine for a man to get good and fat. It’s a sign of prosperity and good living. Yes, it’s a double standard. Throw it in the bucket with all the other double standards.

  • TaiTai

    Ohhhboy…NWSO you don’ went and did it!!

    I concur with most of what Elle and Paulette said. Its about moderation and confort wtih self. And I’m no size 0 (12-16, depending on what I’m wearing…damn these Southern-fed breasts, hips and thighs! LOL) but I’ll be damned if I date a man with moobies cause I’m not Scarlett Johanssen! (I HATE that shit. Just cause I’m thick don’t mean I want a sloppy mofo; get thy azz to the gym, mister!)

    I’m like half foodie, half workout nut…LOL. I love to eat different kinds of food and try different wines, but I know that with my family history, I gotta stay on Kanye’s Workout Plan. I got BGT, but you keep it under countrol. I work out at least 4x a week…Yoga, Pilates (gotta stay flexible in my old age, LOL) Kickboxing and weights are all in the routine.

    What kills me tho–and you sorta addressd it in this post–is this society’s obsession with weight and some of the stereotypes that come with it. Like, I get on a scale and my doctor (a skinny short Jewish lady) tells me I’m supposed to weight 156?!?! WTF?!? Nevermind that I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, and my waist is only half and inch over what they say is healthy (doing desk crunches as we SPEAK). Meanwhile, this skinchy ho over here got all kinda health issues and eats like a trash compactor! Shame on it all!

    And I also feel that society’s really hard on black folks. (Now, I realize so many black people like to use the “I’m not fat, I’m thick” approach, and that is trully a hot mess…boocake when you WADDLE, you are no longer thick, okay?!?!)
    We have a higher propensity for diet related illneseses, so we have the most work to do to get down to a “healthy” size. My issue is, there’s no way you can tell me that what healthy for Becky at her height and age is the same for me. Like, Becky doesn’t have the Black Woman’s Physiology. Breast, hips, thighs, butt…it may shrink, but its not going away completely. And if you can tell someone’s ethnicity from their bones, doesn’t it stand to reason that we should have differnt charts for the differnt ethnic makeups??

    Society also isn’t consistent…look at the tabloids! They talked bad about Nicole Richie when she was thick, and Lindsay Lohan had to have fake boobs cause she had some body; now they are hollering cause they are too thin! And I don’t see anyone telling Beyonce or Serena that they are too “bootylicious”; you can’t tell me those to are their “recommended wieght”!
    I guess in the end, if it looks good, it works; if it don’t, fix it!!
    *steppin off soapbox*

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @DC Man…deep fried Oreo cookies.Avoided them for years cause it just sounded real nasty….tried it last summer…ORGASMIC!!!!

  • boomsilent

    sorry…no big girls for me…i am pretty sexually repulsed by them…i like em short and figured, or tall skinny with a little rump rump.

    some years back there was an oprah show with dudes who were repulsed by their fat wives to the point where they were verbally abusive. the wives were supposedly so “sad” they started eating everything in sight. Dr. Phil was like, “yall full of shit, stop eating”.

    I can understand where the dudes are coming from without agreeing with their methods. I could not imagine being in such a situation, and you have to walk the streets day in and out with all these similac child’s and beautiful grown women around the place. That’s just brutal.

    im actually scared to death about my (potential) wifey turning big…i am so unattracted to big-ums that i would have to end the relationship.

    To each is certainly its own.

  • Optical_Illusion

    The smallest I’ve ever been is a size 8. The largest, a size 24. Now a size 12 and keeping it.

    I stopped worrying if a man was satisfied with me and got satisfied with myself. I love food and cooking, but don’t overindulge. I’m just one those people that look at a piece of cheesecake and gain five pounds. I came out of my mother large, so that’s just kind of who I am. We’re always ready to accept someone is naturally skinny and can’t gain a pound, but refuse to believe some of us are born with that THICK gene that turns salads into fat.

    Men definitely get a pass when it comes to their weight, but they shouldn’t. Ultimately it’s about what’s going on in the heart and mind, but personally I am not attracted to man boobs or a nukka with hips bigger than mine. The big belly beer syndrome is not a good look either. Wrestling with a nukka does not produce orgasms, so I stay away from the ones I have to get a running start in order to straddle. However, there are times you fall for who you fall for. Some of my Kings look DELICIOUS BIG-N-TALL. Rick Ross is one sexy ass fat mofo.

    You can’t knock a person for liking what they like. There were men that loved me large and there were some that thought it was disgusting. And that’s cool because there were some that couldn’t get the time of day from me. Do people treat me differently smaller? No. Because I don’t treat myself any differently. I’m comfortable in my skin and can’t imagine me any other way. No matter how small I get, I’m still a big girl in my heart.

    @Manhattan Chic

    I know that’s right!!!!!!

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    lmao….It still sounds real nasty….But now you have me wondering…..I might have to taste one on a sneak tip! But I’m glad you can vouch that it ain’t nasty…I trust your opinion cuz you kinda smooth like that…..:)

  • Nana Ataa

    As a registered dietitian who is also a big girl, this is is a topic of conversation that comes up for me all of the time. It used to bother me that I wasn’t as tiny like 98% of most dietitians/nutritionists that you see in the media (white women), until my clients and patients started telling me that they trust and follow my nutrition counseling and information more because I’m not skinny, I’m out there working just as hard as they are to keep my weight in check, and I look good/healthy doing it.

    Personal preference is so subjective, and it will always be…to each his/her own. It takes a strong person to like and be attracted to a body type that is not ‘ideal’ by American standards.

    There are plenty of celebs who have Big Girl Tendencies…Beyonce, Janet, Tyra, Alicia Keyes – to name a few. Halle, because she has Type I diabetes, will probably never be a big girl, no matter how many kids she has, or what she does. It’s the nature of her chronic disease.

    But in terms of physiological evidence, the following is true of most humans, like it or not:
    1. Everyone’s metabolism decreases as we age. If you don’t eat less and exercise more as you get older – Welcome to the Big Girl Club!
    2. As you get older, you lose muscle mass. Even if you weigh the same at 50 yrs of age, as you did at 30, more than likely you will look heavier and may have to wear a larger size, because you aren’t as muscular (i.e. you have less lean body mass).
    3. While genetics can be an unchangeable factor, enivornmental factors like food selection, eating, lifestyle and exercise behaviors are usually a greater indicator of whether or not a person with BGT will actually get big or not. And all of these behaviors start during childhood.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    @ Tai-tai…you make some good and solid points, ….but now you need to calm the F*ck down….You act like this blog subject is about YOU! Anyways, you’re right, Becky and keisha should have different standards bcuz they sho have different bodies, though a lot of Becky’s are starting to get a little rump, some kinda way……..and I agree with optical Ill….Man boobs are definetly a sign you ova due for a gym membership!

  • jenda


    I answered yes to all your questions*, and basically every woman in my family is either obese, overweight, or has been at least a healthy dose of overweight in their adult life.

    *all except the fast food, that’s about once a month. I do eat a lot of “bad for you” foods, tuscan bread I bake myself, cheeses and olives and wine and curries.

    Am I fat? Eh, I’m a little chubby these days, but that’s environmental (severe injury preventing exercise and I’m still eating). Soon as I’m healed I know the weight will come off as I have an awesome metabolism and I love to move.

    Before that however… I was no size 3, but my perfect hourglass size 10 self never got any complaints. Where I come from, size 10 is pretty small and people tell me I’m tiny all the time. You know why? Because it is tiny. I could still sit in a child sized armchair and share some clothes with my then 7 year old son as a size 10. In a pinch I can still wear my son’s tee shirts and hoodies. Nobody can front like a person who can sit in a child’s chair and wear a little kid’s clothes without stretching them out is nasty-big.

    As for the comments about bodies changing as a woman ages… So does a man! Should we insist on a prenup based on whether he goes bald? We get it all if your balls get too wrinkled. You grow a pot, you don’t get a lot. ;) See, we can play that too.

  • Latsyrc41

    Full Figure Potential

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Dang, Nana…Now you showin why I like nurses…soundin all official and fact filled…..U talk like that in bed? … Knowledge is ALWAYS sexy…worki it out, mama….let me find out U workin with a lil somethin-somethin…..See, though you said you’re a big gurl, U sound sexy……Confidence and knowledge presented with some smoothness……..that shyt is SEXY!

  • Nana Ataa

    @ DC – thank you for the compliment…I just love what I do, I speak on what I know, and I’m always willing to learn more…It’s a good look that has always worked!

  • Optical_Illusion


    Am I the only one on the face of the planet, NOT registered with FaceBook?

    Not registered and don’t want to be, am I still invited??? And if so, how do I Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît?

  • NWSO

    @ Optical

    Yeah, everyone is invited that can make it. I just did on FB because it was easier to send emails to folks that way. If you not on FB it’s cool, just show up the rsvp just helps with the head count is all

  • A. Jarrell

    Funny post. At first I didn’t take it seriously. I’ve never sat down and marked off the items on the list, but they do go through my mind when I’m dating someone. I find myself subconsciously studying her eating habits and making mental notes.

    But, I could never figure this one out: she orders a lot of food, like appetizer, entree, dessert, but doesn’t finish it all at the restaurant. Does this girl have BGT, NWSO?