Experience Making Love To Me (Like You Mean It)

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This week’s Wet Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of regular commenter Shay From L.A. Here, she flexes a little bit of her erotic writing skills for your reading pleasure. As always, anyone interested in submitting a guest blog of their own on any topic, feel free to hit me directly at NakedWithSocksOn@gmail.com.

“Experience Making Love to Me”

Feel my lips gently nibbling on your earlobe, my breath as I whisper, “I want you.” Smell the scent of my perfume as it lingers on my skin. Taste my mouth as we kiss. Feel the softness of my lips, my yielding tongue.

Experience my soft, gentle kisses on your neck, your shoulders, and your chest. Relax and enjoy as I kiss your arms, inside your elbows, the palms of your hands. Maintain eye contact with me as I suck each and every one of your fingers.

Relinquish control as I massage your back. Feel the cool sensation as I leave wet kisses on your spine. Feel my breasts crushed against your back as I press every inch of our bodies together.

Breathe deeply.

Inhale the aroma of the candles, the oil I use to massage you, my arousal as my passion builds for you. Turn over and face me. Tingle with anticipation as my hands move slowly up the fronts of your legs, your thighs.

Ache with need as my mouth kisses and licks your torso, carefully avoiding your erection with the exception of my hot breath. I want you, to describe the sensation to me as I lick and gently suck your balls. Tell me how it feels as I lick the head of your dick and make it glisten.

Watch me as I swallow you, lick you, suck you, stroke you, blow your mind. Scream out my name as I bring you to the verge of orgasm and stop. Feel the head of your dick, deep in the back of my throat while my wet, hot lips, tongue, and mouth envelop you entirely.

Experience the need to have me, be inside of me, to fuck me.

Look at me.

Notice every detail of my body, my bedroom eyes, my full lips, my tiny ears, my small shoulders, my long arms and fingers.

…the swell of my breasts slowly rising and falling, the contrast of my nipples, my small waist and full hips, my smooth, long, brown legs and tiny ankles.

…the high arch of my foot and my perfectly pedicured toes.

Make me need you.

Press your body onto mine, laying your weight upon me. Whisper all the naughty things you want to do. Kiss me passionately, long, hard and wet.

Let me know that you want me, all of me, and only me. Feel my passion for you build as you fondle and caress my breasts, pinching my nipples, cupping them in your hands.

Watch my excitement build as you lower you mouth to my breasts nursing them like a baby, sucking them like a man hungry with desire. Lick them all over. Use your tongue like a sensual paintbrush.

Feel the heat from between my legs.

Spread them.

Examine that part of me that makes me a woman. Notice how aroused I become at even the most gentle stimulation. Touch me softly and watch me writhe in pleasure.

Spread my lips apart.

Feel my wetness flow.

Smell my sex, natural and sweet. Invade me with your fingers. Manipulate that vacant and slippery space with skill. Make me give you my surrender. Invade me with your tongue. Taste me, eat me, lick me, suck me.

And then…

Calmly reassure me of your love. Look deeply into my eyes and let me know that everything will be fine, that you will take care of me, that I don’t need to be afraid. And with the hunger of a starving man, the thrill of the first time…

Penetrate me.

Close your eyes and feel our bodies become one. Experience my gift to you.

Make love to me.






…your dick up inside me over and over again. Make me scream with pleasure and ecstasy divine. Fuck me until our bodies are glistening with sweat. Feel my pussy grab you and pull you deep inside of me. Tell me how tight and wet and hot I am and how good my pussy makes you feel.



Experience the addiction of pleasure overtake your body.

And then…

My dear, sweet lover, fill me with your seed, that which makes me whole.

Don’t move…

Don’t move…


Just enjoy the experience of making love to me.

Have you ever experienced a love like that before? Speak your piece…


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  • http://thoughtsof100k.blogspot.com 100K


  • CNN

    Go Shay!!! :-)

  • http://girlshesgottahaveit.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    Have you ever experienced a love like that before? This is the only love I know.

    Go, girl! Kudos.

  • http://myspace.com/nexus_da_underdawg da ThRONe

    Honey Dust-Sweet HoneySuckle

    Thats all I have to say about this blog

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    @ Da ThRONe

    What does any of that even mean? lol

  • http://myspace.com/kobe81fan Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    Thank you 100K, CNN and Jennifer.

    Tron you suck!

  • SweetNectar

    that was intense. and to the question; no i haven’t experienced a love like that before. i wish. but i haven’t but in due time, i hope i will. (:

  • Manhattan Chic

    dopeness ;)

  • sweet shani

    Very nice. This type of sex reminds me of my ex…..too bad he is an ex now, oh well *sigh* :)

  • Sam

    Great piece SHAY!!! :-)
    Have yet to experience this, but man oh man when I do lol I’ll think of this post.
    Excellent work! :-)

  • Latsyrc41


  • Sweetness

    You’re making me miss my college sweetheart. I’ve never had that type of connection with anyone but him. I think we were soul-mates. The one that got away…SMH.

  • Rae

    I wish, i wish, i wish, i wish. oh how i wish for that first time…

  • MizzRenea

    Very nice girl……

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    DAMN, shortee…THAT was da-bomb…..I stopped smoking three years ago…but 2day, I’m going outside with the smokers, pucker my lips up like I’m holdin one…and just EXHALE! DAMN, that was smooth…….I know you do a lil this and that, buterah……..How far is L.A from DC?

  • Kat

    Shay thank you for sharing.That’s definitelt the type of loving we all deserve,all the time.And if we aren’t,I’m sur your story will inspire some folks to get to it.

  • Kwana AKA OrangeStar AKA Phoenix7

    Nice ….altho making love is a lost art *sigh*
    I really don’t want to hear a nucca screaming tho……LMAO……..

  • Kat

    Shay thank you for sharing.That’s definitely the type of loving we all deserve,all the time.And if we aren’t,I’m sur your story will inspire some folks to get to it.

  • msladysoul

    So yea.. I had to stop about mid way through. My husband is on business this week and this is certainly not what I need right now, lol.

    Can we move Wet Wednesday to Friday this week? lol

  • MamiLove

    This is nice, woke me up bright and early.

  • sweetsexxybrown

    Alright Shay, very nice post! Your thoughts = my experiences. This is how I experience sex.(With the exception of the slow/fast screw up against the wall,lol) I’ve been blessed to only experience that kind of sex. The art of lovemaking! Yeeessss!!! Slow, steady, intense, connecting.Unselfish. Becoming one with the person. Knowing the things that drives them wild. Long, deep, strokes.Passionate. Intentional movements. Uninhibited. My ex was a master at lovemaking. Guaranteed orgasm every time and I have to say I even cried once. Oooooh, that dick was good!!! Well thank you Shay for gettin’ me all excited and “reminiscant” on my way to work! Its too late to turn around and go home. Looks
    like I’ll be closing my office door when I get in to put out this fire! Happy Wet Wednesday!

  • http://www.intromagonline.com aaviana

    That’s what I am talking about. Yes, that is the best sex! More people need to be able to say what they want and how they like it! You are gonna make me finish my book on that note!

  • Peajez

    Great job girl!!! Ans, baby, watch-out! Lmao. And yes I have experienced that type of love making before and it was just as passionate as described… Oh the days

  • soulfulbbw


  • Avah Royal

    Great job Shay. I cant wait to get off and go home to my honey so I can experience a love like this!

  • dolphin

    Use your tongue like a sensual paintbrush. That is sweet. I am your sexual artist let me paint orgasmic spectrum of colors upon your body…

  • JaeMuah

    I’ll experience this someday, EVERYDAY!

  • mamacotten

    shay, i am inspired….

  • tidalwave

    The experience is certainly unforgettable and once you’ve had it nothing else will do..

    Great job Shay!!

  • Soulyn

    Good job!! I’m awaiting the right man to experience this.

  • Liz

    I enjoyed this soooo much, this was soo awesome!!! Good job, I’m going through this experience now and it is EVERYTHING like you just described. I wouldn’t trade this kind of sex for anything at all, there’s nothing better! Now i can’t wait to see my man! Kudos Shay!!!!

  • TaiTai

    Get it Ms. Shay!! Kudos and job well done!!

  • http://familyofcooks.wordpress.com anisha

    explicit and tasteful… delish.!.it read like a song… that was honey in paper… good work… !

  • Mz. VooDoo

    Ok….that’s what I’m talking about. Slow, steady, hard, deep..and the list goes on. Keep up the good work, Shay. You have a gift..

  • Hammer

    wow shay!!

  • LolitaBaby

    THIS is the reason why I am now celibate lol I want this, everything you described, the intimacy, the unity, the physical intensity-but I want to give my gift to THE ONE that deserves it.
    I’ve had this before, but the relationship didn’t work out. At this point, I want someone who makes me feel this way when he’s penetrating me AND when he’s just holding me on a lazy Sunday…releasing myself to the one that is enough of EVERYTHING to have it

  • southernladyindc

    Well done. No I have never experienced love making like that…I am starting to doubt that it exist

  • Shay from L.A. (Los Angeles)

    @ NWSO re: daTRONe’s comment

    Honey Dust and Sweet Honey Suckle, are names of an edible body powder produced by a brand named Kama Sutra. The powders come with a feather duster and one would lightly dust the fragrant powder on the body parts in which they want to “enhance” the flavor. I use it daily for the fragrance and especially when I know it’s about to go down :) It makes the vagina taste sweet, so I have been told, ok, ok, ok… I’m lying. I know from firsthand experience.

    @ Everyone
    Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

    Also, there seems to be a common thread regarding exes being the best lovers… Flashback to Arsenio Hall’s long finger “Things that make you go Hummmm” Why is that? I am in the same boat!

  • Tomika


  • *Doon*

    BEAUTIFUL…that’s all I have to say..

  • litrisha

    You GO GIRL……Well done, now if that shit can just come to life with my ass! LOL

    Any volunteers…..??????

  • DragonFly

    Oh my, yes…I have experienced this…and miss doing so.

    A rare type of lovemaking…

    Not a good thing for a single sista to read late at night…lol. Mercy please…

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    @ Shay from La

    Thanx for the info ;)

  • pjwill

    Thats what its all about !!!

  • Spinster


  • Neska

    that’s the kind of lovin i want

  • nekka

    dang girl. i’m at work way over the other site of the earth, in korea. i have read this over & over, i’m scared to get up ‘cos i think i have wet my chair ooh, i’m at the office.
    will loooove to have something like dis…

    keep on writing. if u don’t mind, can i send dis to my husband. i have been wanting to tell him how i feel and what i want him to do to me and me him. this is just perfecccct!

  • camille

    spoken from a true woman,

    • Henrykenny

      would love to fucf you on line

  • Cristina

    This is just what I want!!!!!!!

  • average

    eh…it was ok

  • Nancy

    Wow. I haven’t yet, but damn I can’t wait.

  • Alex_ktorides

    If I ever experienced ANYTHING remotely similar to that, I’d be in absolute heaven and I certainly wouldn’t forget it

  • Reina

    And this is why I only sleep with hippies :)

  • sam

    2 hearts as 1

  • Nick Gwinn

    You should definitely think about getting a new hobby, that was weird.