Am I Too Old For Hickies? (It’s Just a Love-Bite, Baby)


If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll already know that I had a pretty long week but I made it through to blog another day. During the course of my tri-borough trek from Brooklyn to Queens to Brooklyn to Manhattan and back to Brooklyn—which started at 5am mind you—I got the opportunity to people watch.

One thing about working from home now is that I don’t get to observe people in action as much as when I was commuting back and forth to a 9-to-5. It was in those 45-60 minutes of travel time that some of my ideas came to me (Remember Brooklyn Shabba?). On Wednesday, one of those people that inspire an idea just walked onto the train and sat down right across from me.

I was going on four hours of sleep and trying to catch some shut eye in between train stops. I forget where I was along the line when he got on, but there he was and there it was. Is that a…? No, it couldn’t be.

I rubbed the cold from my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, and sure enough I was. This grown ass man was sitting across from me in a black wifebeater with bright purple hickies on his chest. Word to Little Shawn.

I couldn’t believe it. Dude had grey hairs in his beard and looked to have at least four decades of age in his face, but there he was like a junior high all-star showing off his passion mark necklace.

By the smug and cocky look on this man’s face, it was clear that you couldn’t tell him nothin’. He got some last night (or a few nights ago) and was damn proud of it. I’m not knockin’ homie’s hustle, but isn’t he a bit too old for hickies?

Then again, maybe he couldn’t help it. I’ve never purposely set out to give a woman a love-bite, but during the course of my travels a few have been discovered the morning after (whoops!). Some sisters just have sensitive blood vessels and lighter skin than yours truly and unfortunately I can’t relate. As a dark skinned brother, I’ve never been able to get hickies. Trust me, people back in the day have tried to no avail but I always gave them an A+ for effort.

Maybe homeboy, who was a light skinned Spanish fella, just bruises easily. Even still, I got the sense that he got off on having hickies on his chest. I mean, it was a hot day in the city but it wasn’t that hot to be wearing a low-cut wifebeater. I just think he wanted to show folks that he still got it in. Or maybe he didn’t even realize he was flashing his passion marks (doubt it).

Whatever the case, his lady friend sure did a number on his chest from what I could tell. (I wasn’t staring or anything but the purple spots stood out against his pale skin). She may have just been caught up in the moment, or she could be someone that literally likes to mark her territory. That was cool in high school, but I figure there comes a point where you grow out of that and realize hickies just suck.

How old is too old to be having hickies? Have you ever “accidentally” gotten or given a hickie as an adult? Were you upset, embarrassed or didn’t care? What would you do if your kid came home with a hickie? Would your reaction change depending on whether it was your son or daughter? Why or why not? Did you ever get in trouble with your parents for having a hickie? When was the last time you got a hickie? How hard was it for you to remove? Do you remember your first hickie?

Speak your piece…

How to get rid of a hickie PLUS video instructions.


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