The Business Trip (Would You Sleep With a Co-Worker?)

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This week’s Wet Wednesdays is a collaborative effort of sorts between Southern Lady In DC and yours truly, NWSO. Enjoy!

I’ve had this thing for Marcus for some time now. He’s tall, muscular and just exudes confidence from every pore of his body. I did mention his body, right? Well, he’s also super sweet and is a complete gentleman. As far as I can tell Marcus is the perfect man. The only problem is he’s also my co-worker.

Normally I believe a man should take the lead, but Marcus was moving too slow. A sister was tired of touching herself. Thinking about him. Imaging his hand in place of my own. Caressing my body. Stimulating my clit. Making me quiver.

This nightly ritual was becoming too much for me. I wanted him. No, no, I needed him and I was willing to do anything in my power to get him.

My opportunity finally came when I was assigned to do an out of town business proposal. As head of the project, I was in charge of selecting someone to assist me on this overnight getaway.

Of course, I chose Marcus.

There were too many watching eyes at the office. Too many limiting rules of conduct to act. Beyond stateliness I’d be free to act on every impulse and desire I’ve had about this man. This was my opportunity to finally go after what I wanted without any fear of judgment from anybody except Marcus and there’s no way he could resist me.

I was going to rock his world.

Following a day of meetings and presentations, Marcus and I stopped by a local restaurant to grab something to eat. Conversation was great, but I couldn’t stop staring at his juicy lips. I just wanted to reach across the table and kiss him. But I kept my cool.

And waited.

When Marcus and I returned to the hotel, we took the elevator up to the eight floor and he walked me to my room.

“Are you tired,” I asked.

“No, not at all,” he said. “Why, what’s up?”

“I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something.”

“Okay, that sounds like a plan. Your room or mine?”

“Yours. I have to freshen up real quick, so I’ll be by in a few. What room are you in again?”

“Room 817.”

“Okay, see you in a few.”

I jumped in the shower and started to get ready. First, I rubbed cocoa butter on my skin to keep my legs smooth and sexy. Then, I popped the tags off the Victoria’s Secret come-fuck-me set I picked up last night. I sprayed on a light layer of perfume that I knew would make him stand still and take me all in.

After I checked myself in the full-length mirror, I threw on a pair of sweats and a wifebeater. What? I was only going to his room to “watch movies,” I couldn’t make myself that obvious. LOL.

I knocked on Marcus’ door and waited anxiously for him to open it. When he did, I saw he had switched into some sweats as well.

“I see we have matching outfits,” I said.

Looking down to take in my ensemble, he replied, “Yeah, I guess we do.”

Marcus welcomed me in and I took a seat on his king sized bed. He turned on the TV and flicked through the channels before stopping at some movie. Neither of us were really watching; we were too busy talking and enjoying the mini bar to pay it much mind.

As the liquor started to take its effect on me, I finally mustered up the courage to make my move. After lying by Marcus’ side for the past hour and exchanging glances, I leaned in and kissed him.

He kissed me back.

It was long, sweet, stimulating and so worth the wait.

Marcus’ hands went stealth under my shirt, grazing my pointed nipples poking through the lace of my bra. In one move my shirt went over my head and on to the floor.

I can’t remember how he got my bottoms off.

I was too intoxicated by the passionate kisses and Marcus’ scent by then to recall clearly. What did it matter, anyway? I was about to turn my fantasies into orgasmic reality.

Just then Marcus leapt off the bed. He looked at me with those dreamy eyes and licked his lips. He pulled off his shirt and revealed his muscular frame to me for the first time. Who knew he was hiding all of this manliness up under those stuffy dress shirts and ties?

I refused to wait any longer for him.

For this.

I sat up and pulled down Marcus’ boxers to reveal the most outstanding dick I had ever seen. It was perfectly manicured to accentuate his length and chocolate skin. It was more, much more, than I imagined and it was all mine for the taking.


I positioned myself on the edge of the bed so my lips could greet him. A droplet of pre-cum was on the tip of his dick and I licked it up.

It was delicious.

I wanted to savor every moment of this so I teased him with my tongue.

Licking then stopping.

Sucking then stopping.

Then, I got a little more serious with him. I massaged his balls with my left hand as I stroked his saliva-soaked shaft with my right.

Marcus’ body was tense.

His breathing was deep.

He did not know it yet, but he was in for the deep throat of his life.

No gag reflexes.

No mercy.

As I moved my mouth up and down his dick, Marcus ran his hands through my hair, guiding me through each stroke. He was gentle, yet forceful. Just how I liked it.

The room was quiet.

Except for his moans and the sweet sucking sounds every time I released his dick from my jaw only to take all in once again.

Before I could finish Marcus lifted me to my feet and pushed me back onto the bed.

We kissed.


I loved the way his lips felt against mine, and how his uninhibited tongue searched for every drop of his fluids that I had kidnapped with my mouth.

As Marcus kissed me, his hands caressed my back and made their way to my bra.

He unhooked my straps.

One by one.

His lips and tongue navigated their way across my body as if they were guided by MapQuest. He just knew where to go without being told.

He paid extra attention to my rock hard nipples. While Marcus sucked on my breasts, his hands traveled down to my soaked panties. He gently played with my pussy, while his lips explored the other regions of my body.


Marcus worked his tongue down my stomach and to my belly button. Then, he bypassed my waiting pussy and traveled across my thighs down to my feet. As my eyes rolled back in my head with excitement, I realized that Marcus’ body wasn’t the thing only thing that was amazing.

I was ready for Marcus to slide inside of me but he had other plans.


Much to my frustration, he leapt out of the bed once again. From there he took me by my ankles and pulled me towards him in one swift motion until my legs rested on his shoulders.

They felt like they belonged there.

Marcus cupped my ass with his hands and buried his tongue deep inside my pussy.

He sucked.

He nibbled.

He licked.

He lapped.

He made figure 8’s with his tongue.

All I could see were the insides of my eyelids but the slurping sounds of Marcus enjoying me made my body quiver. My mouth went dry as I moaned in ecstasy and draped my arms around his head.

Without skipping a beat, Marcus hoisted me up into the air and let my naked body slide down his. I saw my juices all over his face.

It excited me.

I licked and kissed it clean.

He placed me back on the bed and grabbed a condom from his wallet before inching towards me, until his body was hovering over mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist and braced myself anxiously for his hardness to be within me.


He entered.

Our synchronized breathing was rugged and choppy.

Marcus hit spots I didn’t even know I had.

After receiving all of his pleasure, I wanted to share in the fun. As much as I enjoyed his seductive stroke, I wanted to give just as much as I received.

“Let me ride you,” I whispered.

Marcus flipped over onto his back and I mounted him. I started with a slow up and down motion just to tease him before I made figure 8’s of my own.

He grabbed my waist with his gentle yet powerful hands, while I placed mine on his chest so I could steady myself as I worked that dick.

I felt his body tremble as I rode him harder and choked his dick with the walls of my tight pussy.

Marcus wanted control back and took it.

He flipped me back over onto my back before I could even protest—not that I would have anyway.

We found a new rhythm.

He molded my pussy to his liking, making it contour to the curve of his dick. I purred in excitement and dug my nails into his back as Marcus and I came together.

Wanting the moment to last as long as possible, we rode the final waves of pleasure to orgasm heaven.

He kissed me.


Then collapsed on the bed next to me.

I kissed Marcus softly on his lips.

Then his chest.

Then the inside of his thighs.

Then his dick.

I wanted to taste him again and I did. I licked off all remnants of myself from his satisfied dick with my tongue.

Marcus griped the sheets and moaned, as I brought him to euphoria once more.

When I was done I kissed my way back up his body and rested on his chest.

We stayed in each other’s arms until morning, when we were forced to return back to reality after living out a dream.


Have you ever been attracted to someone you worked with? Would you act on those feelings or keep them to yourself for fear of losing your job? Have you ever had an office affair? Did you get caught? Have you ever had sex at work? Could you work in the same office space as an ex? Why is there more of a negative stigma associated with women who sleep with a co-worker than men who do the same thing? Does it make a difference if the person you’re sleeping with is a higher up? Do you think office romances can actually work or are they doomed to fail?

Speak your piece…


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  • Abina

    Currently attracted to someone I work with, but I doubt it’ll ever lead to something like this. LOL

    I wonder what the days back at the office was like for her and Marcus. Also, did they ever hook up again?

    Good post.

  • TC

    I was 20 and started with a 41 year old Milf, Desperate Housewife type for around 7 months. I was 3 months older than her son, used to be in there knocking the headboard against his room…

    LMFAO! Oh shit, that’s wild ain’t it?

    Everybody I told was like “Oh she schooling you, showing you the ropes…” but truthfully, it wasn’t like that. I had it under control. No Inkwell going on my end lol

  • da ThRONe

    Yes I have been attracted to someone I work with. No I would not act on it. I do not eat where I shit!

  • Elle

    Nah, never been attracted to anyone I worked with and I worked around nothing but males. I’m way too picky – go figure.

    Even if solely based on looks somebody get’s a longer stare from me, if I work with him chances are he displays behaviour I find unattractive. So that scratches the whole thing from the get go. Besides, I don’t shit where I eat and I’m not into casual sex.

    Tons of reasons I wouldn’t end up in the above scenario.

    Nobody is THAT hot for me to overlook everything and just go for it.

    Either I’m a prude or I’m not easily impressed. Or both. Who knows.

    For clarification: is the above story based on something that actually happened? Or are we talking fiction here?

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    A few years ago, I had a Marcus. He’s intelligent, world smart, a great conversationalist, funny, and has a beautiful chocolate “map.” One hot summer night I was feeling him so badly my friend had to drag me out of the house at 3 a.m. to cool me off. But no matter how many hints I threw at him, he never bit. So when I finally realized he would never be into me, I turned my attention on Tony.

  • Ms. Nikki

    I would love to hear the story from Marcus point of view.

  • Mz. Ashley

    wow!!! I love these stories! Def. gonna miss Wet Wednesday’s…but it will be worth it cuz we get 2 post a day!!! YAY!!! I have never been attracted with someone i work with. Well i am lying…right now there is a couple of older men up here that i am attracted too but they are all married and plus i have a man. I dont do the married men thing….thats just wrong.

  • Mello

    I’ve had sex with an co-worker and it’s an uncomfortable feeling and it was even more awkward cause she sat right by me so you really couldn’t make any moves or do anything cause she was watching…….it probably would of been different if she sat on the other side of the building……Working in Corp America you come across a lot of beautiful women and it’s hard to turn down, but gotta give it a second thought on how it’s going to play out afterwards….32 year old me would think first, but 23 year old me would go for it with no questions asked….

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    I cosign with Ms. Nikki. Would love to hear Marcus’ side.

  • NWSO


    Why does it matter if it’s fact or fiction? Whenever I write fiction people automatically assume it’s real anyway, so what’s the difference? Does it change your feelings towards the piece? Just curious.

    @Ms Nikki & Distinguished

    So are y’all saying you didn’t like the piece? Do you not want to hear female perspectives? Like ever on WW (while it lasts)? I’m confused about the outcry for Marcus’ perspective.

  • YoungJay

    Never had any hot coworkers that made me go “Hmmm”…and its prob better that way when I hear all my boys horror stories!

  • That Guy

    Good Post.

    I don’t recommend office fiascos as a true professional, but I remember while doing some wall street internships that it was the norm that something would jumpoff between the internee’s. Something about the stress and working with highly driven, intelligent and attractive people. I think it was more the thrill and proximity than “true” feelings and we all knew that we were out in 10 weeks so what the heck. Thats what youth is for. I know way to many horror stories of adults getting caught up in the office and with all the HR drama of sexual harassment and extortion, I’d keep it low. Now to be completely honest, White people do it all the time, most work to date and have not as many issues… its a double standard, I know.

    Now that I think about it, it was good for me, it was the first time I “experienced” a women not originating from the north american, good times.

    ….thinking going back to school might not be a bad idea.

  • binibabi


    Would also be interested in this story from Marcus’s pov. Loved the piece, but curious: did he know she was into him; did he know this was gonna go down when she chose him to go on the trip? Or was this whole thing a surprise to him? Was he planning to put it on her the whole time? Or did he just go with the flow?

  • binibabi

    Love your blog BTW. I rarely comment; I usually just lurk. lol

  • NWSO

    @That Guy

    Yo, you never hollered back at me for your 10,000th comment Tee.

    What’s good?!?!

  • NWSO


    It’s not my story (I just edited it) so have no idea what’s up with Marcus. Sometimes a story is just what it is though. It had a beginning and it had an ending, it’s up for the reader to fill in their own holes (no pun).

    I will say this, though, the mark of a good story is that you care what happens to the characters, so kudos to Southern Lady

  • Ms. Phat Booty

    Great story!

    I’ve never had an office romance however I am open to giving it a try.

    @ NWSO I prefer the read stories from the male point of view since I always hear stories from a woman’s perspective.

  • CB

    I dated a colleague who eventually became my man… I wouldn’t go after someone who worked in my same department or group, but if he’s in another area of the company I say why not?

    And yes I’ve done the sex at work in a conference room…not too late into the evening either, maybe 6-ish or so… the idea of getting caught made it more exciting.

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Good work, Southern Lady, and NWSO on the editing tip. I feel you dude, one Wet Wed ladies talkin about wanting to hear a woman’s voice…now u present one–and they talkin about hearing the male perspective…WTF@#@#$?? Can’t win for losing, but that’s life with WOMEN, go figure….Any how, it’s all still good. And WTF is up with all the wondering about whether or not it’s a true story? Hey ladies, I work in DC..You wanna make it real–holla at yo-boy..WE can do THIS! lmao……Personally, I don’t even want to date a person that works in my building, never mind on my floor or for my company. I think you need some space from your bun-bun or significant other…Give me some time to miss yo-azz…lol…so I can appreciate you more next time I see you. I gotta see you EVERY day? and we’re not married? DAMN……….lol……I….can’t…..breathe!!!!

  • Kwana AKA OrangeStar AKA Phoenix7

    Have you ever been attracted to someone you worked with?
    not really
    Would you act on those feelings or keep them to yourself for fear of losing your job?
    potential for too much drama, never sh*t where you eat has alwasy been my motto since I was 22
    Have you ever had an office affair?
    Did you get caught?
    Have you ever had sex at work?
    Could you work in the same office space as an ex? wouldn’t want to
    Why is there more of a negative stigma associated with women who sleep with a co-worker than men who do the same thing?
    double standards by most
    Does it make a difference if the person you’re sleeping with is a higher up?
    yes makes it messier
    Do you think office romances can actually work or are they doomed to fail?

  • Avah Royal

    @ DC Man with a Plan… bun-bun? Hilarious.

    Yes, I’ve been attracted to someone I work wit, but I wouldn’t act on them bc i’m not sinlge. Now the single me probably woulndt either bc my career is much more importan than some booty! I can say though I would probably engage in something cautiously if I thought there might REALLY be something there. ave

    I’ve had a sexual relationship with someone at my job before, I was about 19 though a worked in a large hospital. We didn’t get caught and all was cool. Yea I had sex at work before. Lol. I actually wasn’t on the clock that day I came to give my booty buddy some!

  • Avah Royal

    Oppsie for all the typos that’s what happen when you’re at work posting from ya iPhone lol!

  • Southern Lady in DC

    Thank you for your feedback & love that you giving me. It is all appreciated.

  • JoeBmore

    I was attracted to this chick at work. She just exuded sexiness. Every time I was around her. I just could stop myself from thinking about her naked. I was just so paranoid about sexual harassment. That I never said anything.

    I got promoted to another department, and I haven’t seen her in months.

    Then one day I was entering the building from the parking lot. I see her, and she was at least 6 months pregnant. We shared a smile, but I still have some slight regret. But then again. I can understand wow she got pregnant. She still looks fine. lol

  • Rastaman

    Sex witha co-worker was probably one of my most exhilirating experience, I was about 26 and she was what is called a MILF nowadays. 38 with 2 kids. It was pretty great for the short period of time it occured although I could not get used to her hanging out at my cube for so long in the day especially since she did not really work in my area.

    The sex was off the chain though, definitely learned somethings and was a complete departure from many of the young girls I had dated to that point. Every young man should experience an older sexually experienced partner his future partners and wives will be greatful for it for sure.

  • brendadc

    It was the norm for coworkers to hook up at my old job! A lot of them are married now or still together! I did hook up with one of my coworkers off and on for about four years. The sex was great and we were considering something
    long-term, but I was ready to move on career wise. I ended up moving out of state so that was that. We still keep in touch though.

  • Anonymous

    This story makes me want to re consider traveling for business with a certain co worker..So to answer the question “Have you ever been interested in a co worker?” Yes, I have but have always kept it professional and never acted on anything. Of course I always have my fantasies..

  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    I thought the post was fine. But when you said it was a collaboration, I thought it would be a he say/she say piece. I want to hear what Maaaaaaaaaa-cus has to say.

  • Potato w Jive

    i never understood the meaning of “don’t eat where you shit” I mean, i kinda do but i both shit AND eat both at home AND work. How do it know?

    Anyone have a clue what that phrase really means?

  • NWSO


    It’s a collaboration a sense that I added the NWSO touch throughout the piece in an attempt to satisfy readers such as yourself that miss my voice in some of the guest blogs.

    Follow up question, so if I had written this and the lead character was a female, would you still feel the same as in it not being the male perspective, even when a man wrote it?

    Just playing devil’s advocate

  • NWSO

    @Potato w/Jive

    I believe it means literally shitting and eating in the same space, not just proximity. Like you wouldn’t shit on your dining table and then have a turkey sandwich with the hot pile right next to you. So it’s like if work is where you eat (make money) why would you then shit (screw a co-worker) and ruin your meal and ability to eat regularly.

    Or something like that… lol

  • AGK


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  • distinguishedgentlewoman

    Um, ya got me. But like I said, when you said it was a collabo my brain was prepared for a two-sided story. You’re a tease, Mr. NWSO.

    And even if you had written in the female’s voice, I would still want to hear what the male character had to say about his coworker tryst.

    BTW: Will miss Wet, Wild, & Wicked Wednesdays. I hope it doesn’t go into retirement. But looking forward to “30 in 30.”

  • ladyaj

    i’ve had sex with a co-worker & now i regret it. it was 6 years ago & to this day i still regret it. i was newly divorced & craving attention. he gave it to me & what ever else i craved. he gave me the standard “i’m not happy in my marriage & we’re about to be divorced” crap. i fell for it for a little while & finally got myself together.
    we don’t work in the same department anymore so that helps. but whenever i do see him it gives me the creeps & i wonder to myself “what the hell was i thinking?”…definitley wouldn’t reccommend it or do it again!

  • litrisha

    Ok Ans I really just skimmed through the “Wet Wednesdays” post, and frankly I suggest you start reliving that into a pornographic way…..LOL I will be the first one in line to buy it! Think about it….LOL

    This is a good blog….love it!
    Ok I don’t feel that people should work together and play together because it’s just too much controversy and confusion and drama. I’ve flirted with a guy that was at my previous job temporarily so I say that he doesn’t really count since he was a Temp…LOL Anyway I would flirt with him and he would willingly flirt back and one day we caught ourselves kissing in the hallway…boy was that a RUSH!!!! After they laid him off we continued our little rendezvous, but he had issues and he broke it off which was cool with me because I didn’t want to be part of the whole drama thing he had on his end.
    I would never work at the same place with my significant other….I’m too jealous for that and I would probably end up BLOWING THE WHOLE PLACE UP!!!! LOL

  • NWSO


    You lost me on the “start reliving that into a pornographic way.”

    Maybe I’m slow today but what do you mean?

  • Dc Man with a Plan

    Yo, Ans, that was a funny azz clarification for potato w/jive… steamin pile…lmao…U got issues…..And Litrisha gets PROPS for owning hers…Her thoughts are EXACTLY why you shouldn’t fu*k around at work…some innocent comment, or some woman speaking to you and unconciously touches your arm or some generic flirtatiatious shyt gets over-heard by your Boo, even if you deflected it or ignored it–and all of a sudden, your BOO got an attitude at the job. Now U pissed too and ery’body tryin to stay outta y’alls way and lookin at you side ways like: they need to handle this shyt at the HOUSE, not the work place…Yeah, it’s ALMOST inevitable there is gonna be some tension and B/S when two ppl work and date. Hell, it’s hard enuff for some ppl not to bring their relationship crama from home to work as it is, never mind a situation where he and she work in the sam flippin office….IMO, there are FEW ppl who can be THAT professional and that focused. Jealousy abounds. My baby girl sees me after work somedays and she’s like: who you goin to work lookin all sexy for….and though she says it jokingly, behind the joke is the attitude of a jealous woman–and she freely admits she’s the jealous type. And fellas, imagine a Mgr from HQ or a vendor comes to your facility, and they checking out your baby-girl…and she all smiling cuz she’s a nice person…and one of your trouble maker colleagues says: Damn, your baby-gurl was smilin all in dudes grill, like she’s single or something….U know there are many ppl that can start some shyt on the job…NAW, work and dating don’t mix well at all!

  • 100K

    Nope. I would if I left the job and had that attraction.

  • sankore

    Yes,yes,yes I am guilty for having an on the job fling. But DAMN it was worth it. I used to work in this hospital and dude had just been hired. I had never seen any male species as fine as he was. He had a dark chocolate brown complexion with a pair of beautiful white teeth with a killer smile and a banging ass body. Dude had this Barry White type voice that just made me weak all over!. We finally hooked up a few times and it was the best I ever had to this day. Damn just thinking about him makes me feel all tingly and wet inside, DAMN ummm ummm. When you are young you take chances, but I sure as hell wouldnt pull any shit like that now.

  • litrisha


    Ok I’m saying you should turn it into a porno….LOL Forget reading about it, I want to watch it!!!!
    Name the Porno “Wet Wednesdays” LOL

  • litrisha


    Yep I’m WAY too jealous for the whole “working together thing”, it would be much better to just come home to you…..

  • NWSO


    How bout you shoot your interpretations and send me the footage and I’ll do all the editing.


  • da ThRONe

    @DC Man

    I worked at the same place as my girl before. Im not jealous and I dont do jealous chicks. Its not cute at all matter fact its down right annoying. I have never cheated on a girl and never will. I dont wanna hear anybody shit(even if I was a cheater). I would date somebody I work with if we are together and have an understanding already. I would not have a fling though. I would befriend them and get to know them better.

  • Elle


    Well, it would make a difference because ol’ girl sucked a dude off and got dicked down without protection. So aside from the co-worker aspect, that’s not cute.

    Real life = no go.

    Fiction = no biggie.

  • NWSO

    @ Elle

    Not completely true, no protection for the oral but:

    “He placed me back on the bed and grabbed a CONDOM from his wallet before inching towards me, until his body was hovering over mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist and braced myself anxiously for his hardness to be within me.”

  • Spinster

    Naw, don’t think so. The lines might get too blurry and could affect my work. You know the saying “bros before hoes”? Well for me it’s “Money over honey”. :-|

  • Ms. Nikki

    No, that’s not it. You know how you always want to know what the other person is thinking you know. Like was he wanting her too? Does he lust after her?

  • NWSO

    @ Ms. Nikki

    Well, that’s where the reader’s imagination comes in. You can’t always get the full story in a short story. Where’s the fun in that?

  • hrlickandsuck

    I fancy lots of my co-workers but never do anything about it however one little greek beauty I had my eye on and on her last day of work I made sure we went for a meal. I wanted her but she was resisting or so it seemed.. anyway that afternoon we fucked our brains out for 6 whole days at her flat it was glorious. we still see ecah other despite her moving back to Greece as she pops over to London regular. She’s the best fuck I ever had and even better she likes looking at porn especially as I am fucking her doggy style. lol

    No one knew about us and we’ve seen each other for a year now, she was over in March and I fucked her in on the back seat of my car as she got off the plane with a wet pussy and no panties lovely.

  • Elle

    Oops, my bad. I didn’t remember reading the condom part. Or I simply assumed since she sucked him dry without protection the rest was done this way as well.

  • P.Lynn

    wow I loved the story….had my own wet wed yesterday and it was amazing….Sychronized cumming is the best, and getting it from the back while he pulls my face towards his to kiss me and conceal my loud moans. Just Blissful. I love it.

  • Ms. Nikki

    @ NWSO
    Aww hush!

  • neo the one

    sounded like a black novel to me…. graphic, epic. everything you could of wanted…. but

    Have you ever been attracted to someone you worked with?

    who hasn’t?

    Would you act on those feelings or keep them to yourself for fear of losing your job?

    depends on the senario…. so many moving parts….

    Have you ever had an office affair?

    unfortunately no lol

    Did you get caught? Have you ever had sex at work?

    Could you work in the same office space as an ex?

    depends on the terms on of the relationship ending

    Why is there more of a negative stigma associated with women who sleep with a co-worker than men who do the same thing?

    that men rule the world mentality…. shit it dont matter to me….

    Does it make a difference if the person you’re sleeping with is a higher up?

    parameters always make a diff

    Do you think office romances can actually work or are they doomed to fail?

    they can in ideal situations… not too many though…

  • cc

    I was in a situation like this.I liked a co worker brought it to his attention.He seemed interested .Played cool guy and girl went by his place one day it was all cool.3 visits that followed was an experience I cant forget.I made sure nobody at work knows we talk outside work.I dont know if he told anyone Fortunately we stopped doing it before it became a conflict of interest.For me it was a fantasy.I dont know why he took my offer.Yes we both single.I dont know what i would have done if he had said no..

  • LondonChick

    I worked with a guy for ages and there was definitely mutual attraction and respect, but we always maintained our professionalism and were strictly work colleagues. I’ve moved onto another job, he’s been promoted; We’re both single and still in touch with one another. But I think we both missed our opportunity.

  • rh

    I also worked at a company where dating each other was the norm. I hooked up with one co worker and regretted it. However, years later, I fell in love with a co worker. We have been married for almost 6 years.

    We never had sex at work and no one figured that we were together until we told them.


    I once had an affair with one of my clients but that’s the closest I came to this scenario.

    She wasn’t getting anything from hubby, so she turned to me for something new.

    I showed her the basics of anal sex, took that anal virginity bareback with some lube and made it a regular lunch-time event.

    Once you break a girl down like that, she’ll always see you as a sexual liberator, esp if you take the booty!

    Disregard what women say, it’s the ass that gets them twisted……..they don’t know how to deal with it once they’ve had that anal orgasm.

    It’s a kind of ownership that supersedes marriage…..

  • undressingHER

    I’ve never f*cked a coworker while actually working with her. One super thick girl and I got together a year after I quit working at one job though and she did her damn thing.

  • NWSO


    Bareback (especially anal) is not the move in 2009, homie or 1909..

    Peep this old post on the booty highway


    NWSO: I’m Latino and we tend to go for the booty by nature! The woman was a pale Greek woman who wanted to dip in the mocha because homeboy wasn’t keeping her tight white tamed.

    I took her at face value when she said that she’d been faithful to her husband of ten years until she met me. Was I taking my life in my hands? Surely. It was probably the most reckless shit I’ve done in my thirty two years.

    When all is said and done, I just chalk it up to a momentary lapse of sanity, something Pac would have done…