#43 She Peed Standing Up (Female Urination Device)

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It never ceases to amaze me what actually get patented these days. After unearthing products that were foolish (the Snuggie), silly (the breast pillow) and intriguing (the iPod vibrator) I think I may have come across one that tops them all.

My latest discover is simply called Go Girl, which is a female urination device that allows a woman to pee standing up. Yes, you really did just read that.

Basically it’s a funnel made of medical grade silicon that lets women urinate like a man by placing the device over her vagina when making a tinkle. The urine travels down the shaft of the product and out the unique tip into the toilet. They suggest practicing at home in the shower a few first before actually taking your Go Girl out for a real-world test. We don’t want any spillage now do we, ladies?

According to the official site, Go Girl is germ resistant and easy to clean so you can reuse it repeatedly with no worries. It comes with a reusable and compact tube that you can carry your Go Girl around in your purse or pocket. If you don’t like the idea of lugging it around all night, the product is totally biodegradable so you can toss it in the trash with no worries.

As silly as it sound, this might actually be a good idea. Not that I’d have a clue what it’s like for y’all, but I’m sure it’s not comfortable for women hovering over public toilets or port-a-potties when you’re out. With a Go Girl handy, though, you can avoid all the potential germs and muscle strain by peeing straight on like the guys do. It could also come in handy on a long road trip. Then again, what do I know. When I told my homegirl about this, she said, “I like the fact that I have to squat, it makes me feel like a lady.”

According to CNN, Go Girl founder/president Sarah Dillon is selling about 40,000 of these female urination devices a week. Going for $6.99 a pop (or $18.99 for a three-pack), the Go Girl has become quite profitable for Dillon whose product tagline is “Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.”

Peep the links below for more details or how to get one for yourself, as well as other Go Girl products. I need to go invent something. I can’t write anymore about this thing without cracking up. That and the fact that the cover for Ciara’s single “Go Girl” features her squatting (see last image). I’m done. **Dies**

What is Go Girl?
How do I use it?
FAQ on Go Girl.
Go Girl on Twitter.
Buy Go Girl.

What do you think of this product? Is it a great idea or a waste of seven bucks? Would you try it out if you got it for free? Would you bug out if you were in a public bathroom and saw another woman’s feet facing the other direction under the stall? Would you feel funny carrying this thing around after you’ve used it? Fellas, what would you think if you caught your girl peeing standing up?

Speak your piece…


  • GV1584

    LOL @ Ciara’s cover!! But um…I’m gonna have to agree with your homegirl; I would rather squat and feel like a lady than use one of those things! And eww..I don’t really trust that they are germ resistant so I would not want to be carrying that thing around. If you’ve been squatting for long enough you will have perfected the art! lol

    The ONLY time I can see that coming in handy is when and if you go camping/hiking and after my one camping experience that’s not something I’ll ever do again by choice, so no thanks to Go Girl!

    Did that lady in the video just say ‘now I can pee in the alley’?!?!…ok this product just takes away all lady like qualities!

  • alysia Christiani

    The army actually uses a similar device for women in combat..

    (see last few paragraphs on the last page of this article http://tinyurl.com/mlk2d9)


    i haven’t been in too many situations where i’d need it myself ( i do recall a road trip with 2 other girlfriends where we ended up squatting behind someones barn) but i have friends with little girls who might like to use this for trips to public bathrooms. I myself have held my 5 yr old niece in a sitting position in mid-air (no easy feat especially if you don’t get to the gym on the regular) to use a public toilet cuz even with a seat cover the place was just too nasty to allow her sit down and pee.

  • Elle

    As much as I envied the boys for being able to pee standing as a little girl, I would not get a Go Girl.

    1. It would be too weird for me.
    2. My aim sucks.
    3. How does that work in the winter time with pants and coats and all that jazz on. I mean I don’t see how I can be standing over the toilet seat with my pants down to my ankle and them not getting in the way or getting dirty on the (public) bathroom floor.


  • http://itsjustgoldie.com goldie

    The times when this would come in handy is during outtings. Outtings involve drinking. I feel like I’d be the one to get piddle all over the place cus I’m trying to get my ‘Go Girl’ onto my girlybits.

    I’d rather squat.

    I wouldn’t mind any of my buddies using this, but I’d be a bit apprehensive of the stuff they put in and out of their bag. No pee-sprinkled lip gloss please.

    When I was pregnant, I gave up hopping in and out of the shower. It was a little dangerous. It took some practice (like… mental re-wiring!) to ok myself to pee standing up. I could imagine this thing takes practice.

  • ~C

    I actually saw this on television about a week ago. I told my sister about it and she made a pretty good point…ladies don’t have the same ability to use pressure to pee like men do, so it’s just going to dribble all over the place. And peeing in the shower allows us to spread our legs to make sure its placed properly, how the hell can we do that when we have a tight pair of jeans on?? Someone will fuck around and fall over when she loses her balance…pants all down around her ankles and pee everywhere! LOL She’ll wish she had squatted then!

    I’m sorry I just don’t think its very practical…one little mistake and its all over… literally.

  • Mz. Ashley

    lol this is crazy. I’d try it.

  • MsKaos

    In theory this is a great idea but in practice seems like a hassle. Much easier to just squat for a couple of minutes than trying to fit this cup and tube over my ladyparts and then still ending up with urine on myself! I’ll pass! And carrying it around in my purse after use is just gross!

  • Melly Mel

    Pee like a lady? Seriously? Can there really be a dainty way to pee? FYI: Not all cultures pee from the standing position.

  • Avah Royal

    I immediately thought back to the days when my girls and I would go out drinking and have to pee ALL the time. Almost Anywhere! lol

    Yea, made me think it was practical for like .053 seconds. Then realized that I don’t do that much anymore and I rather squat and know I’m not going to get it on me then use some ridiculous device and end up pissy drunk (literally), and mad.

    It is funny though…

  • http://stylistiic.com/blackbook theeBAM

    people were actually slanging these, well a “knock off” version of these at Pride, this past june.

    its never been that serious. lol

  • Sjean_7

    I think its a great invention, especially when you get ipsy at the club. But, on the other hand who’s gonna remember they brought it wit them? and any wayz, where would u store such a thing when u r out? Do u carry it like a tampon? LMAO

  • Just-a-black-girl

    Interesting….I’d definitely give it a go, lol!!!

  • Money Grip

    This device is old. I remember seeing it in a Hustler or Penthouse from the mid 1970s. Basically, sounds like some dude or dudette ran across their Dad’s stash and decided to reinvent the idea…. I’d be interested to hear what some women have to say about the product…

  • Money Grip

    Oh yeah, in my opinion, this product looks like nothing more than a rubber funnel… LOL

  • Mandy

    I think it’s a great idea (and have thought so since I first heard about this years ago), not for everyday use, but for those times when there’s no bathroom available (I’ve experienced this traveling locally and internationally). I don’t see anything ladylike about squatting and urinating in public. I am undecided as to whether or not I would want to reuse it though. Lack of bathroom also means lack of washing facilities.

  • Ms Philadelphia

    Did you look this up from the link I sent you or did you read about this before I sent you that email?

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    @Ms Philadelphia

    I guess so, I forgot who had sent me the link. i had just put it in a list of possible topics. thanx

  • http://itsjustgoldie.com goldie

    After the post: I was at a restaurant that required squatting (and nose covering. *blorf!*) and I thought, “I could (maybe) use the ‘You Go Girl.'”

    I felt shame for almost rationalizing this product. With it’s ridiculous name.

    Though: squatting takes less time than whipping this out, using it, cleaning it up, putting it back.

  • Anonymous

    It seems unsanitary…

    If I have to go to the bathoom I have to position myself.. reposition myself while trying to get the “Go Girl” Sounds like a mess to me

  • Anonymous

    I went on the website today because I was curious and they also sell lip balm…….what lips is it for?! ridiculous!!!

  • da ThRONe

    I dont have a vagina but if this thing work why would anybody be opposed to it?

  • Cali

    This is a damn shame. I would never spend money trying this junk out or not even for the hell of it. People will do anything to make money. Now here we are women been on this earth since Adam& Eve and now at 2009 they wanna come out with a urination device for women. We haven’t had one or needed one n all this time so what makes them think we would need it now. Just ridiculous! This device reminds of that damn snuggie a waste of time. Like what is the purpose. The snuggie is a damn robe put on backwards, wit the back still open. So u still freezing ur ass off. And now the urination device, helps u urinating but u still have to pull pants down, wipe, and all that stuff so what’s the difference. This is stupid & a waste of time. “Just telln it like it is”.

  • Spinster

    Comical product.

    I’ve heard of little girls trying to do that without a device, due to curiosity about why boys can stand up and urinate and girls can’t.

  • JustanotherJane

    I have one of these. I LOVE IT. I am not opposed to squatting, and it *might* be quicker when I’m way out where it’s private, but in a filthy bathroom or in a tight camping space… this thing rocks!!! I have used it several times with bootcut jeans on and never dripped, don’t have to wipe (it might be tmi, but you just pull it up against your body after you are done and you don’t need to wipe– you’re dry), and the GOGIRl just dries itself- it drips dry. I keep it in a baggie in my purse and after I use it just rinse it out in the sink later at home. If I need to I put it in another baggie but HONEST, my purse never smells bad, and there are no drips to be had. I can whip it out, pee, and put the thing back in my purse/backpack/pocket dry as fast as you please. And, I am VERY lady-like. Being a lady has NOTHING to do with how you go to the restroom, as long as you respect people and laws around you. ; )

  • da ThRONe

    JustanotherJane sounds like she has stock in “Go Girl” LOL

  • PandaBear

    I don’t have the GoGirl, but I do have another device with basically the same principle. It’s totally awesome and I love it. I go on a lot of road trips and I like hiking and camping so getting one was perfect for me. I decided to get one when I had to drive 6 hours from vegas to san diego and had a bad cough and was drinking a lot of water and had to pee literally every 20 minutes, if you’ve ever done that drive you know it’s not easy to find a bathroom. Since I got one I don’t even worry about finding a bathroom it’s so easy to just pull it out unzip my pants and take a pis. I’ve been stuck in traffic and used it on the side of the road, I used it camping and all the girls I was with were jealous cause they had to squat, it just makes life easier. It does take some practice and mental concentration to teach yourself to pee standing up it uses a different muscle group. I say try it before you shoot down the idea.