Pretty Toes Were Made For Sucking (Freaky Foot Fetish)

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Frank the-entertainer sucking

Her name was Sonya. We had been dating for almost a year so it was normal for us to spend time at each other’s home. It was just a regular Wednesday night at my place watching TV when she stretched her long legs across the couch and on to my lap. I thought nothing of it at first, but I had no idea what was to come.

Sonya always knew how to turn me on. But tonight was something different.

As I sat on my side of the couch watching TV I felt Sonya’s foot graze against my crotch. At first I thought it was an accident, but then it happened again.

This time more direct.

Sonya slowly outlined my rapidly expanding cock with her big toe through my jeans. I glanced over at her and we caught eyes.

She gave me that “look.”

Playing coy, I returned my gaze to the screen, while Sonya continued caressing my dick with her feet.

It didn’t take long for me to get fully erect.

This made it easier for Sonya to hone in on the head of my penis, which she massaged tenderly with her big toe. I have no idea how one woman could develop such nimble dexterity with her toes and at that moment it didn’t matter.

She was giving me a hand job—with her foot.

With my head cocked back against the couch cushion, I just laid back and enjoyed this unique yet stimulating experience until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I snapped out of my euphoric daze and immediately pounced on Sonya. I was completely and utterly turned on by her—and her nimble feet—and I kissed her.




As my tongue traced the inner workings of her mouth several times over, my hands explored her enticing body. I cupped her breasts with my right hand. She moaned as I worked my way down her stomach and into her jeans.

I undid the top button and unzipped her. She was wet before my fingers even arrived at her pulsating clit. I spent the next several minutes letting my fingertips soak up her flavor until I got a cramp in my hand from my awkward position.

I released her mouth from my embrace just so I could lick her love juices off my hands.

“How does it taste,” Sonya whispered.

“Damn good, baby,” I replied without hesitation.

I outlined her lips with what was left of her on my fingers and slowly sopped every drop back up.

I rose up and began tugging on Sonya’s jeans. She saw I was having difficulty getting the skin tight fabric over her luscious hips and raised her waist to the ceiling to give me better leverage.

In one move her jeans and panties were down past her knees and over her delicate feet one leg at a time. I lifted my T-shirt up and over my shoulders and let it join the rest of Sonya’s clothing, which had been scattered aimlessly throughout my apartment.

I planted my knees on the floor and immediately parted Sonya’s legs so I could quench my thirst. I tickled her mahogany thighs with my tongue before pouncing on that succulent clit of hers.

I licked.

I slurped.

I twirled.

I sucked.

I swallowed.

I came up for air.

Only to dive right back in.

couple playing footsy

Once I had my fill of foreplay, I was ready for the main course. I reached for my discarded jeans and pulled a condom out of my side pocket. After everything was in place, my eyes caught Sonya’s lustful gaze and she gave me that “look” once more, signaling me to come closer so that I could deliver to her everything that she wanted.

All that she desired.

I eased myself inside of her. Slowly, our bodies became one as our hips collided again and again.

Once I had weakened her walls to my liking I proceeded to really lay my dick game down.

I knew exactly how Sonya liked it and I planned to deliver C.O.D. (Cock on Demand).

I hoisted both of her legs into the air and braced myself on the back of her inner thighs so that I could find a deeper perch in her pussy.

It was a position we had both enjoyed a hundred times before, but something was different. As I watched Sonya’s eyes roll in the back of her head with each powerful thrust I noticed her perfectly pretty feet orbiting either side of me.

It was in that moment I realized how sexy Sonya’s feet were.

I don’t know what came over me, but I was suddenly overcome with a strong desire to suck Sonya’s toes.

That’s exactly what I did.

I leaned to my right and pounced on Sonya’s big toe. Her eyes opened wide and she squealed in shock and excitement. I gave each toe the same delicate attention she had shown my cock some 30 minutes earlier

All while maintaining my stroke the entire time.

I had never sucked a toe before but it felt second nature. The attention to Sonya’s feet seemed to heighten the experience for her. The more she moaned, the more I sucked and fucked.

Before she knew it I was sucking on both her big toes at the same time.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “I’m about to cum.”

I responded with action rather than words.

My succulent lips and mouth continued exploring the uncharted nooks of Sonya’s feet, while I delivered that dick—her dick—to her G spot with force, power, confidence and deliberate deliverance.

Sonya’s walled rippled around my dick as she came, releasing her juices on the cushion of my couch. I followed suit with an eruption of my own, but my focus remained on my latest discovery—Sonya’s succulent feet.

As the pace of my stroke slowed to squeeze out the last few drops of ecstasy, I traced the arch of Sonya’s left foot with my tongue.

She flinched.

“Stop, that tickles,” she shrieked.

“I guess I should never suck your toes again then,” I smirked.

“Oh, no, we definitely have to try that again.”

“As long as you do that thing with your foot again, I’m down for whatever.”

“You got it,” she smiled.

“Then you can definitely get it.”


Are you into sucking toes or getting your own sucked? If so, how did you discover this foot fetish? Has a lover ever been turned off by your obsession with feet? Would you entertain your lover’s request for sucking his or feet if it really wasn’t you’re thing? How important are pretty feet to you in a mate? Fellas, have you ever been turned on by a woman’s “toe cleavage” or show game? What is it about a woman’s feet or shoes that are such a turn on? Do men tend to get a pass on having jacked up feet? Are you open to trying something new in the bedroom at least once?

Speak your piece…


  • Deeny

    Well I have experienced my toes being in a man’s mouth a couple of times, and I must say, I enjoyed it! At first, I was a lilttle squirmish and it tickled quite a bit, but I would say about 30 secs into it – WOA! It kinda feels like sticking ur toes in a bowl full of warm jello, but more intense. They say we have several nerve endings in our feet so having someone lick, suck, and caress ur toes in a strategic, yet sensual way creates an amzazing sensation. I think ppl need to take time and really try new things and explore our bodies. Not for nothing… makes “cumming” take on so many different phases, intensitiess, etc. Especially as a woman, it can lead us to orgasm in ways that we never thought possible!

  • mizzeboni

    well, i have heard it said that getting your toes sucked is the equivalent to a man getting his d**k sucked…now, experiencing toe sucking, if the saying is true then i see why men are so into getting head. I LOVE having my toes sucked to be perfectly honest. I dont know why, for real. Its just that feeling you get, its like a part of the foreplay.

    I agree with Deeny..i mean, I have been with my man for 4 years (not long to some, but seeing that I am only 22, that speaks volumes lol) and the sex is amazing but their are times when it can feel routine so we always try different things and that is how the toe sucking came into play.

    Its not the easiest thing for women to reach their “peak” (some women do very easily..lucky hoes) so its always nice when he does things that turn me on and get me very ready cuz its SOOOOOO much easier for me to have an orgasm if he does

    • robins

      I think this post is old now but i just found out, at the age of 31, that toe sucking is definitely my thing! It’s the quickest way to get me turned on and turned up. So much my thing, that now thinking about it makes me want to call my bf immediately. We just figured this out last night and today I took a trip to the salon and got my feet done LOL I see tons of pedicures and pretty nails in my future.

  • Elle

    Toe sucking does nothing for me. What’s next? I’m supposed to be turned on by someone sucking on my pinky too? It takes a little more than that to get me going.

    I’ve done a lot of kinky ish and I am more than likely going to do even kinkier stuff in the future. But I do not see myself ever sucking on a man’s toes. Don’t see the point plus – let’s face it – other than clipping their nails men don’t really take that much care of their feet. So yea .. sawry :|

  • da ThRONe


  • DC Man With a Plan

    Props to you brotha Ans bcuz you make that shyt sound like da-bomb! the ladies should thank you bcuz many of them will likely benefit from this Wet Wed edition. Of course, thunder-storm Elle tried to rain on your parade, but we’re moving onward and forward all the same…lol…Actually, I’m not really, really into toe sucking unless them joints JUST came outta some bath water…U can’t walk across the floor and pop them joints in my mouth. ooops, my badd….I’m doin that thunderstorm thing I just accused Elle of doing…lol…..I don’t get the toe fetish. I like a woman’s feet bcuz their attached to her legs…lol….And while a good pair of shoes can set off a woman’s legs and give her whole look added sexiness, I’m not into feet–but I will notice if they’re busted lookin…lol…And that, is not a pretty thing, but I can’t say I wouldn’t hit it bcuz a woman’s feet are a little un-sexy…….

  • MsTrecie

    I first got my toes sucked last January…the feeling is amazing….fellas should definitely try it. I have never heard the ‘equivalent to getting a dick sucked’, but I must agree, I see why fellas love fellatio if that is true.

    Now, I can’t see myself sucking a man’s toe…a majority of men do not participate in the upkeep that women do of their feet. We get pedicures and take pride in our feet…plus most male’s feet are tattered and bruised by the activities they participate in (read: sports)…an unappealing foot ruins the whole moment!

  • Kwana AKA OrangeStar AKA Phoenix7

    My first boyfriend had a foot fetish, and yes he did suck my toes on occasion, it was turn on….

    Would I do that to a man… HELL NO… as far as a dudes feet long as he doesn’t have hooves and they ain’t cornchip funky, its all good, and jive irrelavent….

  • LyRiK

    One of the greatest feelings of foreplay, much better when there’s some penetration. I don’t think I could suck a dudes toes, but anything is possible. Truthfully I’ve only met one guy whose ever had pretty feet (The first person to ever suck my toes). I know guys that have foot fetishes, and they’re always talking about sucking toes, mostly they are the “experienced” that aim to please….

  • YoungJay

    If it drives my lady wild I’m down to do anything!!!

  • Reecie

    I’m extremely ticklish so I enjoy it, but I’m fine without it–not that big of a deal. I have pretty feet though, so I’ve met men that have wanted to suck them off GP. its cool. going down the arch and in between the toes will make me squirm the most! I’m SO ticklish its annoying sometimes! I’ve never sucked a man’s toes before but I would if they were clean and not raggedy looking. lol

  • Momof3

    OMG! I LOVE to have my toes sucked! It’s a very intimate thing though so I wouldn’t advise guys to suck just any chicks toes. And you can’t do it too often or it’ll get old. It’s soo much better when the hubbs does it and I don’t expect it you know? We stumbled upon it one day during foreplay outside of our old HS(oh the memories)… And lets just say we couldn’t make it home to finish… My husband and I could tell some stories lol…

    I’ve never returned the favor and frankly I’d look at him with the side eye if he ever asked me to… But I am down for just about everything else… Oh and YES men get a pass… My guy has the WORST feet, well not worst cause his best friends is a thousand times worse. But they’re bad all the same…

  • CB

    I’ve had my toes sucked, which I can concur with the other ladies feels great. It’s just a different nerve ending getting some attention and when you combine it with another form of foreplay it feels even better.

    I have sucked my man’s toes before too and he finds it to be a turn on as well. I agree that we need to be coming out the shower when we do this though. Not trying to suck on some smelly toes just like I wouldn’t give head to sweaty balls (sorry I digress). But as long as nails are clipped and feet are clean I say go for it. It’s always good to try something different.

  • Shequita

    Yes and yes…we both like it!

  • Jason

    I gonna be honest i think i got sudden onset of niplexia because I replace toes with nipples in you blog. Well, nipples with toppings. I know it was wrong but some how I keep going from her feet to her breast. I mean her big “nipple” against my cock seems pretty hot. (maybe a new wet Wednesday, nipple tricks.) I don’t know how to suck on toes. But if a HOT lady or ladies (two or more ladies are always better with J E L L O) would like for me to practice on their breast, you are welcome to follow me on twitter.

  • moonstarz


    I felt uncomfortable the first time someone put their mouth on my feet. It did feel good, but it grosses me out.

    My aversion to feet is so bad that I couldn’t even read the blog today.

  • single handed

    i read elle’s comments…and i used to feel that way. but it was something different with my current man. and it might have to do with the combination of stroke and toe sucking that drove me crazy.

    and i guess it all depends on the type of men you deal with. my man takes care of his feet so they’re suckable…even though i dont know if a man would really like their toes sucked.

  • Avah Royal

    I never thought I’d like having my toes sucked until it happened.

    I was really surprised that I enjoyed. Too bad that was with em last boyfriend. This boyfriend, will not have that lol

  • Elle

    *mental note: Jay is down to do anything that drives his lady wild.*

    You know you done set yourself up now, don’t you?!

    *elbows DC* WTF you mean I’m thunder-storming on Ans’ parade? I merely stated my opinion, Mr. Ew-I-Dont-Suck-Toes-Either!!!


  • Mz. Ashley

    lol Avah Royal took the words out of my mouth! My ex LOVED to suck my toes, it was weird at first, but then it started to feel soooo good! The man i have now, he has kissed my feet while we do our thing, but def. not suck it! LOL

  • pre-med

    NWSO… you wrong for this!!!

  • YoungJay

    lol @ Elle…Ain’t no shame in my game : )




  • thatsme

    I’ve had a foot fetish for as long as i can remember, i finally opened up after 2 years of being married and my wife loves it. We usually like to do different things in bed and while playing sex dice my wife had to suck my toe, at 1st i thought she wouldnt do it….but i must say that feeling is like no other

  • Siantej

    They gotta look good. ANd I’ve sucked toes, men and womens. When they clean and well kept, I”M A SLAVE TO SUCKING THEM HARD.

  • NWSO

    lol. good question.

  • David

    I think toe sucking can be alright. I have found an interest in it and love staring at womens feet.

  • Robert Serrins

    i need a woman who wants a man to suck her toes’ that picture is a turn on 

  • Crash

    I love to suck my feet

  • mantas

    I love sucking toes, its so fun and sensual.