Men That Cross Their Legs Like Girls (Does He Look Gay?)

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Gay Leg Cross

On my way to the city the other day, I transferred at 14th Street to catch the R train. Since I was only going a few stops, I posted up by the door and didn’t make the frantic rush for a seat that the other commuters were.

From the corner of my eye, though, I spotted one exceptionally fast individual descend upon a vacant seat to my right and promptly crossed their legs. I thought this chick’s feet must really be tired, but I glanced over and to my disgust surprise, she was actually a he.

It was a tall, pale White dude that looked like he fell out of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine. He was dressed in black skinny jeans that resembled leggings more than anything else (I know they’re in vogue with the kids now); an old school Fonzarelli zippered leather; slicked back hair with a part on the side; and had a clean-cut baby-face. Homie looked like Ponyboy or Soda from The Outsiders.

Although his style was a bit suspect I actually don’t think this James Dean wannabe played for the other team because he didn’t have “gay lips” (click here). However, the way he crossed his leg over like a chick didn’t help his heterosexual case any.

I’m sorry, but when most men cross their legs it’s the heel on knee position not this thigh over thigh move Fonzie was doing. Not to brag or boast or anything, but my nuts hang too low for all that. I know it might save space, but crossing my legs like that is not comfortable—at all. I call it the nutcracker position.

Now I totally understand why women cross their legs like that; they wear skirts and dresses and need to hide the goods from any horny eyes trying to sneak a peak. But a man? With his legs crossed like a girl? Nah, homie, it makes you look like you squat when you pee (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Not to generalize but it seems like only non-Black and gay men cross their legs like that. I’m not saying that you can tell a man’s race or sexual preferences by how he sits, but back when I wrote about how men of color hate sitting next to each other for fear of looking gay, I hypothesized that spreading your legs out was a way to keep other men out of your personal space.

I think the same would go for the standard male ankle to knee leg cross. Having your foot up like that is a definite bacdafucup sign in tight spaces. The more compact thigh over thigh leg cross, however, would create less distance between the man next to you and thus signal your willingness for man-to-man contact. Okay, maybe not, but sitting with your legs crossed like a girl is still a no-no in most guys’ book.

What do you think of men who cross their legs thigh over thigh? Does it make them look more feminine? What about guys rockin’ skinny jeans; are you into that look or think it’s a bit suspect? Ladies, would you actually prefer men sit with their legs crossed thigh over thigh so there’d be more room when you try to sit down? Do you hate to see a man take up more space than he needs on a public bench? Do you think male sitting habits differ by race? Are non-Black men more likely to sit thigh over thigh? Fellas, have you ever paid attention to how much space you take up when you sit down? Do you hate when another man tries to sit down next you? Would you have the same reaction if it was a woman? How do you cross your legs—thigh over thigh or ankle to knee?

Speak your piece…

Gay Men holding hands

  • Skye Blue

    What do you think of men who cross their legs thigh over thigh?

    Not sure if I think anything beyond that’s odd, but I always make note of it when it happens.

    Does it make them look more feminine?

    Yes, though I don’t think it always means they are gay.

    What about guys rockin’ skinny jeans; are you into that look or think it’s a bit suspect?

    The whole skinny jeans thing drives me nuts. A lot of the young boys wearing them now do look suspect to me – especially the ones who actually wear girls jeans (yep I’ve seen that) to get the jeans extra tight.

    Ladies, would you actually prefer men sit with their legs crossed thigh over thigh so there’d be more room when you try to sit down?


    Do you hate to see a man take up more space than he needs on a public bench?

    Don’t hate it, but again notice it and think it’s a bit inconsiderate.

    Do you think male sitting habits differ by race?
    Are non-Black men more likely to sit thigh over thigh?

    No and No.

    This is an interesting subject and now that I think about it, the fact that I actually take note of men sitting with their legs crossed thigh over thigh means that I don’t think it is ‘normal’. That said, I don’t think this type of sitting is a definite sign that a man is gay. I know a few ‘artsy’ guys who are definitely straight, who comfortably sit that way.

  • Anonymous

    I love men that cross their legs….sexy period. It’s so old school classic…don’t make men like that anymore.

  • da ThRONe

    Friends of Dorothy all of them! LOL

    Im with you my balls dont agree with the folding. My balls are blue enough as it is! *oops TMI* LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I think it’s gay and very unattractive I would never date a man who crosses his legs thigh over thigh I would feel very uncomfortable thinking he not ready to come out of the closet yet and he might give me some type of decease. “Scarey”

    • Surprise! I’m Straight.

      “Black/African American men and women were also highly affected and were estimated to have an HIV incidence rate that was almost 8 times as high as the incidence rate among whites.” US Statistics on HIV contraction.

      Does the higher rate of HIV in Black/African American people excuse past (or present!) fears and racism that black people were all/mostly/commonly “diseased”? No.

      So don’t use the same discriminatory logic against gay people.

    • Smart Ass

      Isn’t that sweet.

  • ShoesEqualAmore

    Reminds me of “Michael Corleone” aka The Godfather. I don’t think it makes them gay its just their preference. Skinny jeans on the other hand I think it has to be rather uncomfortable and any many over the age of 18 has serious issues.

  • crystal g.

    My grandfather always crossed his legs like that… i never thought of it as being gay; just another thing that made him different.

  • crystal g.

    and the skinny legs trend is fine. I’ve seen pictures back n the 60’s and 70’s where guys would wear nut huggers; now thats disturbing… but at least nowadays you cant see the inprint of the guy’s balls and banana.

  • Elle

    Lmao and here I thought I was the only one who thought this looks gay. I don’t know why but it looks wrong.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with race or ethnicity though. I have seen men of all colors, shapes and races sit with their legs crossed like that. Shoot, Will Smith crosses his legs like a woman :|

    I once put my foot in my mouth when I told my ex that I thought men who sit in this manner look gay and he replied that he does it sometimes. Ooops! I know he has never done it in front of me because I know damn well I would have noticed it.

    I’m with Skye Blue though. It may look feminine or gay but it doesn’t mean these men are homosexual or “soft”. It’s probably comfortable for them. Who knows. Odd yes. Dealbreaker no.


    @Crystal g. My grandfather does this also!!! When I asked him about it, he told me it was to show off the socks because back in his day that’s how you showed your wealth and sophistication to the ladies.

    I don’t think crossing your legs is gay, because just as men cross their legs there are some women who couldn’t close theirs if their life depended on it. I think its a comfort thing, if you feel more comfortable crossing do it, if not don’t.

  • Shequita

    You can’t tell his sexuality but you can tell how small his dyck is!! Men do take up alot of damn space when they sit, but then again so do my hips…so sit how u want lets just pray there’s room for you stretchin out your legs like you workin with the biggest Boa known to man!!

    • Smart Ass

      So basically, you are saying unless a guy is being a total prick about how he sits, that just means his shlong is big?

  • Opinionated

    This whole conversation is kinda sad, shallow and homophobic.


  • Shequita

    Yea the skinny legged jeans back in the day were to show the women/girls what you were workin with…now a days its just to go along with the rock star/white boy trend. I kinda like fitted jeans rather then saggin off ya azz or the jeans so tight you look like your auditioning for the next Peter Pan!!

  • Shequita

    @ Opinionated

    your name suits you well!

  • ibeblunt

    I think crossing your legs thigh over knee makes you SUSPECT.

    However, if a dude let’s his shoe dangle off his toes, I think we got a problem.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    @ Opinionated…..You’re probably correct in stating there is a degree of shallowness, coupled with what can be construed as homophobia present in some of the responses to this topic, but the people in THIS world have never been perfect. I think it appropriate to know that no matter what color, race or religion, WE as Americans make jokes about ery’body! And if nothing else, that’s at least being consistent. I have never understood how men could do the thigh-over thigh sitting. I have seen esteemed persons such as former Sec of State, Colin Powell sit like that and I have never heard his sexuality questioned, so there are notable persons who manage to sit in that manner. Maybe in some circles it’s a sign of wealth and class? I think the prevailing attitude among most men of most ethnic groups is that it’s uncomfortable and not a good manly look. Let’s not get all uptight about the little things. Just as it’s funny and strange to see a woman sitting with her legs agap–even when she has on pants, it’s just as peculiar to see a man sitting in this manner. It is what it is. It doesn’t mean he’s gay, but IF he were to be….You wouldn’t find it AS surprising……..

  • NWSO

    @The Me Tree

    Yup, 5’9″. It’s just uncomfortable and feels awkward. LOL


    For the record, the gay lips post wasn’t me it was my homegirl and her theory, I just posted the audio because it was so crazy.

    As for this one, I’m just doing what I do and giving y’all my observations. Just as the post was written, I was on train saw dude and thought how he was sitting was suspect and wondered if others felt the same and here you have it for your Monday morning reading pleasure.

    Also, I wrote/said I didn’t think dude was gay, but his choice of sitting posture was. Just think he had a unique fashion sense

  • The Me Tree

    My 6’6″ pops crosses his legs all the way and so does his 6’3″ son (me). His 11 year old (my brother) is amazed that we can get our legs over; his are not long enough. I wonder if the cat who wrote this column is 5’9″ (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and his legs don’t reach all the way over without him catching a cramp or something cuz lifting this long ass leg onto my knee instead of all the way over is only a guarantee that my foot is gonna fall asleep.

    As for looking gay, I hate that phrase (I’m a loud, ghetto actor) but them skinny jeans are like Sisqo’s tongue ring–sorry B but I’m with everyone else on this one. Either that or you look like you’re poor and wearing your sisters jeans today. Either way, that’s not a good look (Chris…I mean, first beating up a girl, now this? Isn’t all that Michael Jackson in you enough suspicion?)

    About not wanting to touch dudes leg-to-leg on the train, I think that since I grew up regularly kissing my dad until I was like 12 (and then it got a little suspect to me, especially in public), a relatively rare thing among black people in Brooklyn, I don’t see the big damn deal with innocuous man-on-man contact–I’ve even been known to HUG members of my band…I hope the girls in the audience don’t think we’re gay because we’re hyped after we ROCKED IT. How do these cats deal with rush hour traffic on the 4 train? It never occurs to me that people consider men kissing other men just by them sitting next to each other; I don’t think it occurs to many women either. How come no one thinks it’s weird that the MEN are so concerned about this thing no one thought of until your dumb ass brought it up? (that’s not a dart at anyone specific)
    I see it as commentary on the continued Pussification of the American Male juxtaposed with the the homoerotic gangsta culture that escaped from prison with untied laces and sagging pants. Check my evidence:
    1. Ni**as got plenty heart and plenty mouth when they outnumber a dude 6-to-1 but accidnetally bump a dude in the club when his mans is on the other side of the place, it’s all apologies and civilized behavior.
    2. Nowadays ni**as don’t fight, they shoot. Are they trying to save face or their manicures.?
    3. Ni**as don’t dance cuz they don’t want to sweat out their gear or their waves. And when they do dance, it is comprised of NOT touching a girl who does all the movement while he 2 steps and looks disinterested, preening for other dudes to look at (and any more expression is on the way to gay). But usually they just stand around watching other people have fun. (“My ni**as don’t dance/we just pull up our pants…lean in/lean out”/You wit’ ya mens/what’s that about)
    4. Girls have always rolled to the club 6 deep; how come the dude that came in with them (and bought the drinks they didn’t want from you) gets questioned by the ni**a who came in with 6 other ni**as and is going to breakfast with 5 of them after harassing my girl’s friends all night?
    5. HOw come ni**as don’t get shot but they put bullet wound stickers on their ride? F**k John Wayne, there’s nothing masculine about getting shot but apparently decorating your car like a 3rd grader’s diary is OK?
    6. Wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a kevlar vest on it? C’mon son, you put that heavy shit on your thin ass chest, would you even be able to stand up?
    7. I thought the song was diamonds are a GIRLS best friend.
    8. How come little ni**as carry brushes for their waves as often as women carry combs for their weaves? What part of the game is that?

    Ni**as been playing I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I with the gay community for so long that it’s no wonder here in Williamsburg, there are so many fine sisters out at the bars and cafes with white boys in skinny jeans and crossed legs.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    laughing at Anonymous with the old School classic comment…….How old school are you talkin? Are you talking back in the old days b4 women could work outside the home and be appreciated and treated equally? b4 women had the right to vote and run for office? Back in the day when a man could go upside a woman’s head and the law was on his side, bcuz a woman was HIS property? You’re probably not going back that far. How about back in the day when little black kids started looking like mixed, bi-racial kids bcuz massa was slippin out to the slave shack to get a lil chocolate love? Not that far either? huh! The real old school classical days was back in the day when MEN had a side piece, but women couldn’t–unless they were loose women. lol….NOW that’s a classic for your-azz!
    Old school “good old day” references always make me wonder for WHOM was it good…I THANK God they don’t make men like that anymore….But it is a Classic something or other……

  • The Me Tree

    @DC I said all that shit but you’re right, i’m not as surprised…

  • Potato w/ Jive

    I’m sensing a pattern here, Ans. Your “theories” on recognizing the gays is kinda suspect. Gay Lips, sitting with legs crossed.

    Why so interested in what appears gay and what does not appear gay? Why the interest is figuring out if a dude is gay or not. Dare i say you seem FAR more interested than even a gay guy would be about these issues. Just saying.

    I say, having the conversation doesnt further acceptance or tolerance. Its kinda half-assed way of starting a respectful dialogue.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    @ The Me Tree…that’ll be $125 you owe me, bcuz evidently you’re using this as a therapy session! Yikes! Were those all random thoughts–or have you had this on your mind for a minute? U sho had a lot to share and say in a highly accusatory and aggressive manner interspersed with enuff details to make it APPEAR, I guess, that at 6’3″ you are NOT to be played with. Ans, the author of this forum, initiates many thought provoking commentaries that more OFTEN than not, depict MAIN STREAM Black male thought. Main stream being the key word–so it’s NEVA gonna be all inclusive but it is main stream, IMO. He has his pic and video blogs on a few previous blogs so it would be easy for you to peek his look, height, general siz were you willing to spend more than a minute on the page. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the N word, so I do not apply your comments to myself or my partners. I’m assuming you go to places where YOU find those type of ppl. And far be it for me to think “birds of a feather…..flock together…but I don’t run into those types at the clubs and venues I attend. Maybe it’s the biz your in. Maybe not.
    I do appreciate the angle about height. I can see how a longer legged man may find that more comfortable and easier to pull off..Why U gotta hassle us 5′ 9″ brothers anyways?

  • DC Man With a Plan

    @ Potato w/jive…..YOU sure seem to have a good memory about what NWSO has covered relevent to said topic of gays…….I’m just sayin. Some of those I forgot about–until you cataloged them all together! Maybe you’re memory is better, but then again, I doubt you even commented on all of those blogs–maybe you were in invisible “watching” mode for some of those, but AT least you remembered! You got anything else you wanna share about gay thought?

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Nah i mean i hear all that but the overall conversation we are having is this really strange one, where we point and say that’s gay…or is it?….no wait…THATS gay or is it?

    Just seems like a big homophobe party where we all joke about whats masculine and not masculine and then quickly, to cover our OWN tracks, say something like, not that there’s anything wrong with that, chuckle chuckle wink wink.

    I just think its still partially bashing what APPEARS to be gay and frankly its kinda juvenile compared to other topics we discuss.

  • da ThRONe

    Clearly you cant tell a person sexual perference by their lips or how they sit. I was under the impression this was a funny post not mean spirited. There are alot of ole school habits that would be considered “Gay” now thats was the norm just 15 20 or so year ago. Im not that young that I cant remember grown ass men in spandex shorts.

    I wouldnt call it homophobic simpily because even if you are gay there isnt anything wrong with it. Thats your business.

  • Shequita

    LMAO@ The Me Tree…….WOW!!!

  • The Me Tree

    somebody said the legs crossed thing to me friday night. then i observed all the other “suspect” shit around me that is in real life no more an indication of (homo)sexuality than crossed legs or 360 waves. then this post; i couldn’t keep my mouth shut…i went in a little hard, i know. But it seems like the “classic Man” that someone referenced earlier died with the Gentleman (maybe they were the same dude all along) leaving the poseurs, the homophobes and intelligent people like on the sidelines giggling (haze makes u giggle sometimes) at the rampant hypocrisy. disagree if u want; i’m guilty of at least 3 of my own examples sometimes. don’t run from the light! (i be buggin…)

    lmao @ grown men in spandex who ain’t wrestling the rock…matter fact lmao at them cats too

    ans, i thought this was a repost (u do know me personally: j’s cousin) and i would have left out the 5’9″ comment if i knew u authored it. or at least said 5’8″.

  • Elle

    Am I the only one drooling over the thought of a 6’6 or 6’3 guy?

    *looking around*

    I think The Me Tree is on to something as far as height/ long legs are concerned. The men who I have seen sit with their legs crossed in said manner were all tall.

    *wipes drool off*

  • DC Man With a Plan

    Now we can do the group hug!! I can happily say brotha “The Me Tree” and potato/w jive handle dialogue well and have what I consider a proper disposition for what we do up in here….welcome. And watchout for Elle….She was just a minute all ova Young J…Now U got her drooling…smdh….make-up your mind, woman….i’m NOt jealous. for real…nope, not at all. I’m standing tall for the 5′ 9″ brothers. 2010 is gonna be our YEAR!

  • Elle

    Elle is harmless … completely harmless. Plus she is still all over Jay. And she apparently likes talking about herself in the third person.

    Nothing wrong with 5’9. It comes in extremely handy in some situations.

  • da ThRONe

    For the record Im 5’9 and 3/4! :P

  • M A R C R OO S E L E R

    @opinionated: agreed

    Also I cross like the individual stated in the blog. I have been mistaken as homo for that, and I love to dance etc. So once again agreed with opinionated.

    Obama crosses the same way, Lincoln, MLK Jr., Malcolm X.

    My point in pointing these men out (oh, not at the lincoln memorial he doesn’t), is that at one point I used to do the what NWSO stated as being the manlier of crossings. But I was in a circle of friends who were considered scholarly and astute. And then I noticed the more regal and well spoken males crossed snugly and the men who were more concerned with their masculinity were the ones pointing the fingers at others who weren’t worried about theirs.

    Question now is, why did it matter to you NWSO or others the way he sat?

    • Surprise! I’m Straight

      Agreed with this and with @Opinionated

  • Living Fly on a Dime

    Though the way someone sits has nothing to do with their sexuality, I have to admit I do side eye a man who sits the way I would.

    The ankle to knee leg cross is sexy.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    @ Macrooseler: See, here we go again. Just as the dust settles and we’re all dancin in the streets, another shot is fired. So I SUPPOSE one could assume the litany of names you dropped is an indication that persons of elegance and dignity are the ones for whom leg crossing is an ART? Would one also be able to conclude that the list of men of substance not included–is likely longer? From which one could extrapolate that there are more men of substance who do not cross at the thigh than ones who do? Yeah, whateva. We could ask WHY one notices any number of minor flaws, quirks and other types of observations and come up with numerous responses and explanations. The point is, as people we see, listen and observe things in our environment, if for no other reason than they’re there. Dude puts out a blog 6 days a week. How many subjects can YOU come up with day in and day out, without repeating yourself or making ppl drop out bcuz you’re boring them? Giving ppl opportunities to expand their thought horizons, read the opinions of others when they’re not guarded, not being PC, raw and un-pretty as the world often is? We often notice that which is different. Doesn’t mean it’s “not good” just different. Blonde black woman; dude with cat-eyes; woman with 44DDD’s–they’re STILL only breasts, right? Michael Jackson’s skin tone. Different stands out and gets commented on. You see 20 dudes on a train and only ONE has his legs crossed thigh to thigh……Different. Men out of the closet stand out bcuz MOST stay in. Different stands out just bcuz it does.

  • Hersheys Kiss

    I agree with Da Throne…my boys hang too low for that. To me it does make a man look more feminine, but does not mean he’s gay. Now it irks me when anyone takes up too much space on a subway or train or bench. Right now I can’t stand the skinny jeans…I’m skinny and that is not something I would want to wear. Now to each his own. To me skinny jeans are for women only…no offense

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Ending the previous beef for a second. Here’s a sidebar, but still relevant. I got little cousins, and along with nuff new slang i gotta get down with, i gotta listen to these little punks, call things gay. And not even in a sexual context. They use gay like wack, or corny. “That song’s gay”…”That [most likely hetero old lady walking slowly in front of us] is gay!”

    Like my man on SNL “Oooooooo weeeee, what up with that?”

    Usually i gotta breff them a little about it. The same way i curb that mess when they try to slide a “my nigga here” and “that nigga there.” FYI these kids arent even black. Maybe im over thinking it. Maybe calling someone gay, is similar to telling someone they “throw like a girl” and no ladies ever have beef with that. What yall think?

  • da ThRONe

    @Potato w/Jive

    I always use the word “gay” the same way with no reference to sexual preference. And I use the word “nigga” with no racial reference. I would never deny the power of words ,but they only have the power we give them.

  • NWSO

    @Potato w/ Jive

    hey, man, the juvenile begets the mature. one paves the way for the other and they are forever linked.

    End of the day, just a snippet from my mind during one of my travels. Clearly it’s something some folks think just never discussed

  • NWSO

    @The Me Tree

    i think i deciphered your code and know who you are in the real world. no prob, homie, i ain’t take none of this personal

  • NWSO

    @M A R C R OO S E L E R

    Doesn’t matter to me how ol boy sits or anyone else, i simply made an observation about how he sat on the train. Like I wrote/said it was very dramatic and caught my peripheral attention. But I also said/wrote that i didn’t think he was gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that—Seinfeld reference not mine)

  • Anonymous

    @ Potato, for the record, I don’t beef. I just keep shyt goin to claim my ground or until I get tired or no longer wanna play and then I drop it like a turd exploring gravity. Lmao… I do feel what you’re sayin bcuz I too have heard youngun’s use the word “gay” interchangeable with the meaning for lame or weird. FAIL is another. I guess each group gets to make their own short hand slang that adults shake their head about and lament the speaking skills of the next generation–while convenienttly forgetting how we may have butchered the language in another day and still, the english language has survived!

  • copy

    To me, the legs crossed at the ankle for men looks extremely European. When I was a little younger I thought it was gay looking but now it’s whatever to me. Don’t front, you never crossed your legs at the ankle, feet kicked up on the ottoman?

    Skinny jeans, I wear ‘em. Not “skin tight” but damn near. I like clothing with character and what I think looks good on me. Some weird fitting True Religion jeans is a no go, but my pair of APC’s that are slowly breaking in to fit me are a green light.

    BTW, I am not gay. And when people find out what profession I’m in and where I work they usually are really surprised of the incongruency of what they thought I was and do.

  • Alexandria

    Well if men sitting with their legs crossed is a sign of being gay, then there are a lot of men around me who are gay, including my own dad and my dad is not gay. I’ve even seen President Obama sitting with his legs crossed in a photo.

    I honestly think it is a generational thing because I can name off the top of my head at least 15 to 20 men, family friends, from church, etc who sit cross legged and they are in their late 30’s and up. How can a guy sit crossed legged when his pants are so low? I can only imagine that that would be uncomfortable. I am 22 and I am nowhere near being old fashion, but that really is a pet peeve of mine when guys do that. I can see what your boxers look later.

    Homosexuality is so much more prevalent today than it’s ever been before. That, and the fact that people lead double lives aka DL. Nowadays, people are quick to point out something as being gay, whether they mean sexually or not. It’s just to sign of the times I guess. Who knows what will be thought to be gay next.

    I asked my mom what she thought about this and she said she also would not assume a guy is gay from him sitting with his legs crossed.

  • sweetsexxybrown

    Obviously one can’t tell a sexuality from the way one sits. But one would assume ‘gay’ is the diagnosis. I don’t particularly have a problem with a man crossing his legs as long as I’ve seen him do both ‘crosses’. I remember times my father did it. I remember episodes of the Cosby Show when Cliff did it (and I’m sure he wasn’t told to cross his legs,lol. I do think we’ve become a little too homophobic as a society. But we have to understand as a human there are traits that a man and woman have individually and traits that we share. I think crossing the legs is one of them.

    As for the skinny jeans on the men…I’m SO AGAINST IT!!!! Let your love below breathe!!! Also looks too feminine. Plus I don’t want to see your ‘business’ screamin for help. Just believe certain fashions should not be shared by both sexes.

  • copy

    We are way too homophobic, especially black society (or whatever the hell it’s called). This DL non-sense is way too out of control where many black women think that from the way a black guy (or what have you) sits, walks, and talks makes him on the DL. Let’s stop with that nonsense.

  • Nay77

    My husband crossess his legs the same way, when he did it the first time when we were dating it just didn’t look right. I brought it up and he said there is nothing wrong with it and showed me pictures where President Obama is crossing his legs the same way. I think you will find the older generation of men doing this and I have learned to overlook it.

  • Full of Fire

    ummm… why every time theres a post about “gay” are there a bunch of posts talkin about furthering tolerance and acceptance…what if i dont wanna be tolerant or acceptant.. i mean i have nothing against homosexuality but i think everyone needs to stop pushing their agenda off on others…when there is a discussion about fat, ugly or angry people noone gives a damn about tolerance so ughhhh….THIS IS A BLOG…stop gettin personally offended…

    and personally i feel it all depends on the dudes swagger but i highly doubt i’d be attracted to a man that sits like me even though i have older men in my family who do this as well…

  • BMW2K

    I think it is a height thing. Most of the men in my family are over 6ft, and many of them sit this way. For them to sit ankle to knee would require their kneed to take up half the couch or bump the chair arm etc. Particularly on a subway. It would be really rude to take up more than one seat. Oddly enough, the gay relative I have does not sit this way, and dresses thugged out.

  • kittykat_meow

    My boyfriend is 6’5 and he prefers to cross his legs (like a figure 4) and he had me look up on the internet if crossing your legs is a “gay thing” to do. Honestly, I believe if you’re comfortable with yourself and your sexuality rather than other people’s opinions, then it doesn’t matter. I find it very sexy, especially when he’s is shaved, smelling good with cologne and he only has his boxers on. MEOW!!!! :P

  • Smartass

    Actually its a way of showing proper……ug whats the word? In the business world men did it so they were showing off their balls. Wear a suit & sit down…it shows em if u gotem. I dont cross my legs because its very uncomfortable but some guys can & its basically same concept as a woman doing it.

  • bogart4017

    I can’t cross my legs thigh ov3er thigh. My foot falls asleep.
    The only people i see wearing skinny jeans out my way are white sk8r bois.

  • Jan

    I find all of this really funny but intresting to read! I think it’s a (sub)culture-thing. In some sense you could say the US is a more masculine-society than Europe – if that is a good thing…well I’m not sure.

    I’m European (Belgian) myself, 21years old, I always kiss my older male familymembers (father, uncles, grandfathers,…). May that be in public or in closed familycircle – actually everyone does it exept Muslim-immigrants. I find that really strange because it’s normal in their culture, in Iran or Pakistan you even can see guys walking hand-in-hand as a sign of friendship.

    To the how-do-you-sit part; Well I think it’s a subculture thing. All of the old men I encountered in my life sat with their legs crossed.
    Our Kings, prime ministers, presidents, journalists, CEO’s, my professors,… all sit this way.
    I remember once when I was 15 or 16, me and my friends were at our typical hang-out bar and I sat cross-legged not thinking about it and a friend mentioned it as being ‘weird’.
    What he actually meant was “weird for our age” – ’cause in your teens you need to be like “I’m the man”. Nowadays – 5 or 6 years later – we just sit like we want to.

    But what I also want to add is that I think the cross-legged sitting position in fact is a sign of class and maturity. Sorry, but I just can’t imagine a man who has some position to hold high sits like somekind of peasant or dockworker with their heel on their knee.

  • ForDating

    I also think that it looks kinda gey but I know some of my straight friends who sometimes sit like that. So I don’t think it indicates that a man is gay, however more gay men sit like that than straight men.

  • Ms. Parker

    I see men cross their legs and I don’t see anything gay about it at all.

  • Siante J

    That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever read in my life.

  • horny gay man

    im so horny i love men their so hot i love their big juicy cocks

  • Lokoumi

    I am married, I cross my legs thigh over thigh and I wear slim-fit mens jeans all the time (perfect waist, tightish around the thigh/groin and looser around the ankle). I am 6.2 and slim. I have great looking long feminine legs that are shaved on occasion just because I like the look and feel. I do notce both men and women looking at them and I have no issues with that.

  • Austinsmerchant2

    you have to be skinny. then it doesn’t hurt at all.

  • H1487
  • Isaac Abraham

    Actually Mr. Masculinity, Your boys would sit too high if you cannot cross your legs thigh to knee. Common sense, that is, if your not overweight.

  • Surprise! I’m Straight.

    A lot of the comments here and honestly the overall tone of this post are homophobic. It shows a mild but consistent negative attitude toward people who either are or are perceived to be gay (“suspect” as many of you have so charmingly phrased it).

    Sidenote: for gay men who are never perceived as being “feminine”, continually linking that sexual orientation with femininity is possibly very offensive. Not all gay men are “feminine” and not all “feminine” men are gay.

  • Smart Ass

    Yup, cause whenever you cross your legs like a woman it’s cause your gay. Not because it is more comfortable or anything. Nope, gay.

  • johny

    I like crossing my legs because it is comfortable, but I am not gay. I have noticed though, that when I wear boxers, it is very uncomfortable. I only sit with my legs crossed when I wear ” tighty wighty’s” or whatever you want to call them.