Do Men Respect Women That Swallow? (Deep Throat Divas)

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Dear NWSO,

I recently came across your blogs and I must say they are amazing!!! You’re an excellent writer and very entertaining—even the one’s that don’t have anything to do with sex! :) LOL.

My questions is a kinda personal one, but I’m an open gal and not ashamed of anything. I was just wondering if you had any tips for me as far as… **whispering** oral sex! I’m going to Vegas with my BF next week and I’m pretty good at it (or so he says) but I have this crazy fear of… **looks around** swallowing!!!

OMG! For some reason I just can’t do it. Whenever I’m giving, if I feel like he’s about to cum, I’ll get on top and “finish him off” that way, but then I feel bad like I want him to be completely satisfied with my oral. IDK I just freak out at the thought of him cumming in my mouth.

It’s not something that he’s asked me to do or anything like that, I’ve just been thinking about it. Any advice you can give me about this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A Good Girl Gone Bad

Peace sis,

I must say that you’ve posed a very interesting, uhm, question as I’ve never… **looks around** sucked a dick and I’ve never **whispering** swallowed. LOL.

With all seriousness, though, for the type of oral sex tips you’re looking for I’m not well-versed in “how to” aspects but I know a thing or to about “how” good it feels when a woman does it right. I actually did a post a while back on oral sex and how to tell your partner if their head game is on point or not.

It was called “Bad Head (Uhm, It’s Not Working, Boo).” The post got a lot of comments but one in particular stands out. It came from one of my regular readers, PauletteBangalGirl, who schooled the ladies in graphic detail about her oral artistry. You can CLICK HERE to read the post and comments, but here’s an outtake of Paulette’s personal tips:

1. Have a clean dick—make dude take a shower.

2. Learn what makes him hard. Lick his nipples, whisper in his ear how you’re gonna fuck the life out of him; even tell him you wanna have a threesome. Whatever makes him hard—tell him!

3. Lick his dick like it’s a lollipop and make sure you look him in the eyes and moan.

4. Suck the head only and lick the slit where he pees (this is why you need a clean dick). The slit is very sensitive and surprisingly has a wide opening.

5. Put ALL of his dick in your mouth and let the head touch the back of your throat but make sure you’re comfortable or you will gag. While it’s there, squeeze your throat muscles a few times—Dude will lose his mind.

6. I’ve also found the underside of the penis is very sensitive. Lick away. [NWSO INTERJECTS: This is oh so true.]

7. You can also masturbate him with the head in your mouth. Move your tongue around in circles around the tip and use your free hand to stroke his dick up and down.

8. Sorry, I can’t reveal all my goddamn hard-earned techniques. LMAO. I’ve never had a man complain about my techniques. You’ll know you’re doing a great job when you look up and he says, “What the fuck!!!!!”

A lot of female readers commended Paulette on her tips, but one girl who definitely knew what she was doing told me the best advice she ever got on giving a guy head was from asking a gay man. It sounded weird at first, but when she broke it down it really made sense.

A gay man is someone that’s had his dick sucked and has also sucked one as well, so he knows both sides (no pun intended). At the end of the day, though, that’s more of an FYI on technique than an answer to your specific question about swallowing.

Personally, I love when a woman swallows. From my experience it makes for a more enjoyable and intense release. She’s working you to orgasm the entire time with constant lubrication all the way through, as opposed to a woman that’ll just jerk you off when your about to cum (with dry ass hands LOL) or those that jump back as soon as you moan, “I’m about to come, baby.” (Coming soon).

With an absence of lubrication on the young lady’s part for the final stretch, I wind up with what I like to call a “hollow nut.” That’s when a man cums but because there’s no friction he doesn’t actually orgasm. It’s more like a mini-orgasm.

Boo. Hiss. Hiss.

Here’s the thing, though, when it comes to sex or anything in life for that matter, you should only do what you want to do. Your BF isn’t asking you to swallow so there’s no pressure from him at all. This seems like your own internal conflict. You want to do it yet it kinda grosses you out. I say do what feels right when it feels right.

Like I said early, I’ve never sucked a dick (duh!) but I imagine it’s much like eating pussy and a girl comes in your mouth. It might sound “icky” but if you’re enjoying what you’re doing it won’t really matter. I figure the only way for you to swallow is to work your way up to it. You enjoy giving head then keep sucking your man off and let it do what it do.

Wait, I actually have a question: Have you let him cum in your mouth before and it’s just the act of swallowing that you haven’t been able to do? I’m just curious. If it’s just cumming in the mouth and not swallowing, then that’s perfectly fine with me. LOL. The act of swallowing doesn’t effect my orgasm as much as a woman providing proper lubrication to until my sexual eruption—in her mouth.

I can’t front, though, a woman that actually swallows and shows that she enjoys you that much is a major turn on. If this is something really want to do and experience with your man, it’ll happen when you feel comfortable enough to. Please don’t do it if you really don’t want to or still feel “icky” about it.

If it’s something you’re really interested in doing one day I suggest you take baby step and work your way up to it. Maybe you taste him after he cums next time to see what it’s like. Then, you can muster up the courage to let him cum in your mouth and eventually get to the whole swallowing level. Or maybe you never get comfortable with the idea of swallowing or and both of you are fine with that. You are riding him out to get him off, so I figure he’s satisfied either way.

One thing, though, there’s nothing worse than a woman giving head and letting him cum in her mouth only to open your eyes and see this disgusted look on her face or she immediately dashes to the bathroom to spit your man milk out. It’s like, “Damn, do I disgust you that much?” LOL.

Whatever the case, it really ruins the mood.

Imagine a man eating you out then running away to wash his face 1.5 seconds later. How would you feel? So it all goes back to comfort. Do what feels right for you.

Also, I’ve heard from women that men all taste different, so that may be a huge factor in your tolerance to swallowing. If he has a bad diet it’ll be obvious in his semen. No lie. I’ve had a girl take note of my varying flavors before based on the day. Salty semen after a fish dinner or bitter cum after a night of drinking.

For the most part I’ve been told I taste pretty sweet. I guess that’s all the cranberry juice and water I drink, and trying to eat pretty healthy overall. If your BF is a fast food eater, chances are he might have funky spunk.

All in all I hope that helped answer your question. If not, you can also CLICK HERE to read my boy BlogXilla’s “Ultimate Guide to Making a Guy Blow From a BJ.” Aside from that, I’m sure some of my more experienced female readers will have some more specific tips for you.

Enjoy your trip; I’m sure your lucky bastard BF will. LOL

Are you willing to pleasure the person you’re in a committed relationship with orally? Do you think that there’s still a stigma attached to giving head? What about the act of swallowing? Ladies, are you one of those women that will only do something like that your husband? Or are you completely turned off by the idea of a man cumming in your mouth? Fellas, do you appreciate a woman that swallows? Am I the only one that thinks swallowing amplifies the experience? Are there guys that are actually turned off by swallowing or head in general? Would you have less respect for a woman that swallows too soon? Does anyone else have any tips for Good Girl Gone Bad on her question?

Speak your piece…

sucking on straw

  • mizze

    I think you were dead on about the “if he aint trippin over it, dont feel you have to do it”.. I really dont like swallowing because I just dont like it.. Thats just me.. But my man LOVES when a female swallows so what I do is keeping giving him head until he is about to cum.. i still keep sucking but soon as I feel that he is starting to cum in my mouth I slightly push the cum back out of my mouth, in between the back and and forth motion, very gently so it doesnt interrupt his orgasm.. It spills in your mouth a little but it comes back out and drips down your mouth so it looks like he just exploded ALL in your mouth and I found that he likes that too. I think it was more about the NOT spittin it back out then ACTUALLY swallowing. BUT you gotta do it right or its going to either make you choke or your teeth are going to scrape along his dick and that will his whole “finale”

    I think that head is a MUST in most relationships.. maybe I am wrong but I think Im right lol.. I think that a female not giving head is like finding out virgins still exist..its rare but it is out there.. you know? I LOVE it.. I absolutely love giving and receiving! I cant stand females who want to get head but refuse to dish it out- just like i hate when men talk about how they dont like goin down but they constantly saying the chick they wit gotta go down. I think there USED to be a stigma but I think that has pretty much gone out the window now-a-days

  • da ThRONe

    I have said this before once I cum what you do with it is your business. But the whole “its gross” or “its icky” things is so Jr. High. Its semen it would hurt(unless your that chick thats allergic to her lover). If your going down already then Im sure he wont trip if he pops off in your mouth. For me the head is so incomplete without the follow through!

  • Anon

    Ummm, I never could swallow…and I am (or so I’ve been told) pretty darn good. (remember the chocolate pudding) But, I really just can’t do it…I’ve tried. Not sexy. I’m glad my dude isn’t interested in that now, whew….

    The tips were great! I have incorporated pretty much all of them…she didn’t mention anything about mints or halls – they add a little extra bang for the buck to the experience. *try Listerine strips, they are easier to navigate in the mouth*

  • Sam Sharpe

    Do we appreciate a woman who swallows?

    In a word:


    It’s not something I expect all the time, but when it happens you better believe I feel good. I feel like a king. I feel grateful.

    And one more thing. Any man who doesn’t appreciate or respect you after you share any kind of intimacy/kink, didn’t really appreciate you or respect you in the first place.

  • Anonymiss

    Well, I just had an experience with a guy I talk haven’t known for no longer than 6 months and I let him bust in my mouth.It was unexpected and I didn’t mind.I didn’t swallow, but I slurped it back up and played with it.We both enjoyed it.We still talk and nothing has changed.I love giving head and I’m all about pleasing and we both not looking for relationships (even though I do think he is in one from what I just found out) so it worked out the way it was nothing more or nothing less.

  • MissMe83

    HAHAHA this is funny!! Umm so I will just say this. I don’t really understand chicks who let dude cum in their mouth, but won’t swallow. Then again it’s not something for me to get. IMO, if it’s in your mouth, why not swallow it? B/c truth is if you can’t stand the taste, you wouldn’t let him cum in your mouth. ESPECIALLY if it’s a regular boo…then you KNOW what his jizz tastes like.

    Oddly enough I have a friend who SAYS she doesn’t give head. I mean honestly, it’s hard for me to believe. Hell I was giving head before I was giving up the tail!! Someone who doesn’t give head (male or female) needs to open up their sexuality. Of course that’s just my opinon.

    To Good Girl Gone Bad…umm there’s not an issue between you and your BF. He’s not complaining about it, then ain’t nothing broke! If you just want to show him something different in the bedroom, then go get a Karma Sutra book and work it out on the regular.

    • aaronName

      That makes no sense. Real men use a girl like that cos she’ll do anything. Whores usually swallow. Its kinda gross doenst make me wanna go again hense cum breath. Respect a girl who swallows? Funny

  • MsDe

    OMG this question/letter came from my bff (CDH)!! lmao We have been talking about this ever since I did the whole “swallowed” thing with my Guy. it was my first time (swallowing not head lol) and honestly it wasn’t plan i was just so into what i was doing, pleasing him..and before i knew it he tensed up straight as a board shaking like he was having a seizure then BAM! it happen it wasn’t bad at all…i know he was extra turn on! he was like “were it go??!!!” then i whispered in his ear “i swallowed it…all” wooooo the events following those words!!! my body is still aching from the pipe laying he put on me and it was about two months ago!!! I enjoyed it and he did too i could tell by the paralzyed state he was in for about five mins. after i “educated” him oh so well! lmao but your advice NWSO was good advice for her…I told her most of the same things (people just don’t listen!!!) I guess she needed to hear it from more than one person. Baby steps grasshopper!

  • Sir Esq

    Nothing better in the world, not a mandatory thing for me but a definite plus. Got Milk? You don’t??? You will soon…UuuuuugggaaBbbbuhhhlllllufaahh. Tadaaaa…now that’s vitamin D.(Apologies for my candor folks)

  • Jamila J

    Well I’m a young girl and at this point in my life I think swallowing is disgusting. Maybe as I get older that will change.

  • Dewan W. Gibson

    Of course it’s great when a woman swallows or holds my edible lotion in her mouth, but it also freaks me out when a woman likes it TOO MUCH. Some women slurp it down like its some sort of magical potion that can invigorate them from the inside out and even say “uhmmm” as if they’re drinking Kool-aid with juuuussst the right amount of sugar.

    That’s great at first, but three seconds after my orgasm ends I’ll look at her and think “Damn, you nasty ass…I need to take u in for a throat culture or something, no telling what u got.” Then days later I’ll log onto Redtube, call her back and repeat the process.

    With that said, I’d have a hard time holding it down with a girl who shows love for cum early on in the dating process. I know that’s judgmental and makes little sense, but I can’t stop thinking “Damn, you nasty ass…”

    • Show him you love him

      Its be because you know you are eating discusting food and don’t shower ofte . One word you know that yourself is dirty the girl don’t know that and she do that to show that she really like you but if she knes what you know Then she would think ewswwwwww

  • MsDe

    lmao! @ sir esq

  • LittleMissStrange

    Ive been waiting for a post like this!

    YES YES YES! I can, I do, and damnit I rock!

    Its a power kick, you are the ultimate, I Am Woman and Ill make ya toes curl baby! Swallowing just adds to that feeling and saves time, you can just get down to business.

    One go round, boy didnt lock his knees and broke the closet door…ha! Boo He-Man, Ive got the power!

    I think the one thing is the taste that kills it for some chicks. It does catch me off guard, depending on what the hell my BF ate. My best friend (who is gay, and my BJ guru) says fruit or something sweet helps in that dept and plenty of H20 works or that flavored lube, one you like the taste of and it will mask the taste.

    If ur allergic like the past post…..damn, Im so sorry.

    Its not so bad, its just protein, makes ya hair grow I guess (I dont know). I think every girl should give it the ol college try before throwing in the towel.

  • LittleMissStrange

    Just read Dewan’s comment…

    I thought we were talking about a relationship..not Girl Friday. You rolling with fluid so you still have to be safe.

    That being said, those chicks with the ‘cold sores’ that never seem to go away…I think the same thing.

  • 100K

    i like head when im about to nut and after. I love being swallowed.

  • Elle

    LoL…I guess I’m too old for swallowing vs. not swallowing being an issue still. Like most things, it all gets better with experience.
    There is nothing like a man with a funny look on his face saying “Wow what was that? My mind just went blank!”

  • Ms.Nikki

    If more people swallowed, there would be less bad ass kids running around. I’m all for the movement. Swallow it!

  • NWSO


    SMH why you dry snitching on your BFF. She’s still anonymous but you pointing fingers like “Chug, Chug, Chug!!”


  • BMW2K

    LOL @ Ms. Nickki. “If more people swallowed, there would be less bad ass kids running around. I’m all for the movement. ”

    Power to the people!!!!

  • shor5ty1

    I would have to say that it ain’t nothing wrong with swallowing. It ain’t nothing like looking at a man face when you do it I promise it will be priceless. Plus if he is the kind of bf that can be knocked down only to get up again, you are 9/10 get served so good you gone wonder why you hadn’t swallowed sooner.

    Another thing I wouldn’t suggest you tell the bf that way if you back out he won’t know what he was missing out on. I know that we (women) tend to over think things like you are doing now and especially since it is gone be your first time. But I say when you get the feeling next time go for it!! Good Luck.

  • -rizle

    Thx for the post. We all need some refresher tips to make sure we r on top of our game. Great advice! I’m sure her bf will be a happy man whether she swallows or not. Oh yeah don’t forget the nuts!! :)

  • NYC Neef

    @Ms.Nikki I think you need to put that on a t-shirt…..

    But swallowing is how I stay committed.

  • Its me!!

    yea ms. De why you putting people on blast!! ugh!!! all this advice was great!!! Although it was an unsuccessful week in that dept. it was very successful in others so there’s no complaining from me…. but i’m not giving up hope just yet! ;) thanks everyone!

  • AmpGeez

    Swallowing is optional

  • Rastaman

    BIG UP!! to all the Swallows, you all truly understand that good sex is about pleasure, yours and your partners. All you other simps, you all need to woman the F–up.

    So, my guess is that the responses here are primarily by those who do MC.

    I am surprised so many ladies on here admit to swallowing and enjoying it because I have come across a good percentage of women who do not have a clue how to speak into the microphone.

    I know you think you do because the boy you with lost his freaking mind when all you did was put his fudgesicle in your mouth and BAM it was milkshake. I believe some of you all probably swallow because it was such a damn surprise!!

    As for all you ladies who don’t swallow or who drop the microphone at the first sign of BOOM, as NWSO asked: how would you feel if I stepped away at the first sign of you shivering. Having been with a few female squirters, I can tell you that nothing blows the other person mind as much as attacking with gusto after they nutted. Afterall good sex is all about blowing the mind.

    P.S. Dewan, hate to say it but projecting your own insecurities onto your partner is what fucks up sex for so many people. It is ok if it makes you uncomfortable but why does she have a problem if she does enjoy it?

  • That Guy

    I’ve never had a girl not swallow…

    I don’t think I would mind per se if she didnt, as long as it doesnt end up on my sheets or distrub my moment..

    PS: I respect all the women I deal with, otherwise I wouldn’t be respecting my self.. What we do and how we do it has nothing to do with my level of respect.. That”d be like her not respecting me for eating her out or licking toes… What I wont respect her for is swallowing 3 different dudes juice in the same week

    Happy Friday

  • litabia

    I just have one piece of advice for ‘good girl gone bad,’ swallowing is not as bad as the thought of it but make sure, like NWSO said he is eating fruit and has a good diet because you can definitely taste it. I used to make my ex drink pineapple juice because it would make it sweeter. So pineapple juice, mango, peaches will make you devour your man whole.

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ NWSO…I was quite shocked to see myself quoted in this but it’s all good.lmao

    Generally I do not allow the guy to end our session with an orgasm during oral.I want intercourse to be the grand finale so I never allow him to cum in my mouth.

    I figure I can’t say no if a guy asks for it cause I expect him to give me oral and come into contact with my bodily fluids.Has to be reciprocated if it’s requested.It’s a decision that should be mutual.If he wants to cum in my mouth…go head baby.As long as I can cum in yours ;-)

  • capricorn

    Wow. If he’s swallowing mine, and I tend to *gush* (was that TMI?), then I can swallow his.

    I’ll admit it: when I was first learning how to rock the mike, I NEVER swallowed. I always spit it out, lol! As I got older, and the teachers got better ;) , I started swallowing, using hands, making noise, etc. It really depends on the guy and the mood for me.

    I say do what works for you and your partner. And always be willing to try something different, as long as you both are comfortable doing so.

  • EyezSmiley

    First off, love, love, love this post! Now down to business…

    I do swallow but I feel like “why wouldnt you??”. if your into the act and your in a relationship that you actually want to be in, go for it! lol. If your mans juice doesnt taste the greatest then help him change it!

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  • MsDe


    LMAO thats ALL I been saying!!! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!! but no I just knew it was her when i was reading the post…we cool tho I told her I commented!
    @ its me…awww hursh don’t be a cosigner lol

  • Private Dancer

    Now y’all know on a day like this we all wish we were cuddled up somewhere- swallowing, not swallowing. But mos def getting it in. Woo wee, I think I am having a “Wet Wednesday” reaction to this blog today. ;)

  • da ThRONe

    :P <– *waiting for Paulette to bust 1st so I can get mines* LMAO!

  • mamilove

    I’m still surprised at men and women that freak out over bodily fluids during sex. It’s like saying you want to go swimming but not get wet? Isn’t the act of sex about pleasing a person and being pleased?

    Well I always swallow, my husband loves it. I usually give him head as a precursor to sex, then after intercourse, he likes to pull it out, get a lilttle bit more head and then cum in my mouth. I have seen his toes curl and once he drooled on my chest. I was like dang that must feel good. He said it felt so good he couldn’t believe it. I know how it feels when I cum when he’s going down on me and it’s pretty messy so returning the favor doesn’t bother me. I’m saying sperm is the yummiest thing to swallow but it’s that bad really.

    One tip I’d give ladies aside from swallowing is to really act like you love giving head, moan as you slurp and suck like it’s the best thing you’ve licked, quiet head is sooo boring. I was told by a gay man! LOL

  • da ThRONe


    If things dont work between you and your husband can I have next?

  • Dewan W. Gibson


    “P.S. Dewan, hate to say it but projecting your own insecurities onto your partner is what fucks up sex for so many people. It is ok if it makes you uncomfortable but why does she have a problem if she does enjoy it?”

    Nah she doesn’t have the problem; I have a problem with her act. I’m sure guys would line up to be with “that girl,” but to me its just a bit of a post-coital turn off. This came up in a previous conversation with friends and they clowned the hell out of me lol, so I know my view is a bit abnormal. Well shit, I guess everyone has their turn-ons and turn-offs.

  • Elle

    Don’t be jinxing people’s marriages like that!

  • da ThRONe

    @ Dewan

    True about turn-ons and turn-offs ,but how can you be turned on and off by the same act?

    How can you say “I love skeeting in a chicks mouth” then turn around and say “But it turns me off after”?

  • BMW2K

    @ mamilove

    Amen and halleluyeer!!!

    @ Dewan – I can see your point though. I gotta admit, it always turned me off when guys even talked about oral early in process. All I could think of was damn – where else has your tongue been? and do you discriminate or just do everybody? WTH? SMH.

  • Rastaman

    @Dewan, I would probably clown you too!1

    But I am glad you understand that it is your issue not hers. The fact is there are many people who share your kind of hang-ups.

    Makes me always think about the jamaican girls I would rub-a-dub at the reggae parties back in the day, exchanging sweat. But would stop dancing when a slow jam came on because they did not know me like that. LOL!!

    Life is full of inconsistencies.

  • AmpGeez

    I’ve never had a girl not swallow…
    You lie…or your semen tastes like strawberry Kool Ade

  • *sOuTherNcOmFoRt*

    There just comes a point in time in a woman’s life where she’s gotta WOMAN UP: GO HARD or GO HOME. There are a lot of women out there that don’t care of you’re in a relationship! They are looking for any weakness in the structure of your relationship! And believe or not, not giving head or not being good at it can be used as a point of entry for any random chick; and swallowing may be that one secret weapon you have to use against the slut army. This is my philosophy: keep his belly full and his nuts empty! Girl swallow and get up and make him some greens, cornbread and neckbones! It worked for me! Me and the b/f are GOOD! Just a little southern fried advice!

  • LuxxeKitty

    I concur with the poster above that mentioned if he isn’t complaining, why bother. On the other hand, if it is something you really want to try, I suggest relaxing your tongue and jaw. What do I mean? Exactly what I said. If you are a beginner, these tips should help you owt.

    When he is about to come:
    *Open your mouth real wide.
    *Make sure your tongue is stretched and hanging outside of your mouth while he is inside of your mouth.
    *Allow him to go in as far as he can. A relaxed jaw and tongue is key here.
    *Lastly: look into his eyes while its happening.

    That’s basically the method for if don’t want to taste him or you’re just getting used to swallowing. It allows the ‘SeaMen’ to travel without hitting the tastebuds. Barely feel it.

    As for me, I do not suck nor do I swallow non-bf’s. It may seem odd, but oral symbolizes a very intimate connection to me and I’d rather not have that with certain individuals. Matter of fact, I enjoy the act in itself; its one of my favorite parts of the evening. To swallow is to finish and I’m such a cunning linguist [seewhatididthere?].

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t swallow because it hurts my stomach. I tried it a couple times to see if it was just a freak accident or something but no apparently my body does not like semen.
    So I just do what many women have mentioned here and I just let them cum in my mouth but let it flow back out on my mouth. I haven’t had any complaints and the guy gets the follow through and I don’t have to lay in pain the rest of the night:)

  • 3g

    I can attest my g/f blew my mind when she did it to me bc she was so gangsta about it. We had went out drinking that night and I was tipsy plus I had taken some sinus medicine. I thought it was dream she came and just went to work drained me cleaned me up then left like a thief in the night. She later told me she did it on purpose. And we still together.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    Mizze is MY heroine; She has a wonderful method that proves as long as you can make it “look” like you swallowed, YOU hittin on all cylinders. And props to my gurl Paulette for the tips she was quoted as giving (but not her live follow-up…lol) As the post indicates, there ain’t nothing sexy about a woman runnin to the bathroom like she has a mouth full of poison to spit out….smdh….But then again, you gotta give good to get good. The bottom line is no one should be pressured or made to feel obligated to do something their not comfortable with and if that can’t be respected, you know you’re definitely with the wrong person. And Dewan, yeah, you’re view is def abnormal. U like getting but then U think ol’girl is nasty? lmao… U are sooo wrong. U should be banned from receiving anymore head!!! U the one make it hard (lol) for the next fella…smdh…..

  • paulette-BAJAN-gal

    @ DC Man With a Plan….I have no problem with swallowing I just like my man to bust that nut somewhere else.Oral is foreplay for me…not the destination.

    And no Lusty Throne…you ain’t got next.lmao.Y’all are hilarious.

  • peepanson

    I would like to talk on the issue of Transgender and Transsexuality. why do people try to treat this
    subject like it dont exsist? im here to tell you that it does. im a black male age 56, all through my child
    hood, i was faced with this issue. i didnt come face
    to face completely with it until a few years ago. it
    came on me so hard and fast, until the only thing that i could think of was suicide, to help ease the
    pain, torture, madness, and mental breakdown. you are fighting with the woman inside of you, that wants to control you and your body forever?

  • peepanson

    The dangerous and sad part, is that parents have
    young kids and teenagers, that need help in knowing what they are dealing with and why. so
    that they wont be destroyed or losted in the end
    parents refuses these kids help, because they refuses to accept reality that their child maynot be
    in their right body? The fault is not that child,you
    can sit back and think that this monster is’nt in your family, or can’t get into it? please be assured
    that it’s happening to someone everyday.

  • peepanson

    please let me leave you with this fact, i do’nt want
    people to get the wrong idea. (im only speaking about myself), im not gay, homosexual, or bi-sex
    ual. nor do i parade around like the people you see
    on Jerry Springer, in fact you could be around an
    intelligent Transgender or Transsexual, all of your life, and never know what or who they are, until
    they tell you. i take complete pride in myself,and i
    don’t mind letting people know that im a woman
    living in a mans body. Im john walton of peepanson 12-11-2009 @ 10;10PM.

  • ice cold heart

    @ a good girl gone bad

    think nwso said it best lucky bastard.
    i mean when a man eat out a women we are want drinking all her juicy and shit so i mean shit go head and swallow his shit i mean ur damn near there if he is a pre cum so go head and take the rest of his kids its just protein! i think women should just do it. just make sure he is clean like nwso said and i mean i hope yall have been dating for a while. if you have then do it! if he dont you after that then u can come my way! i mean how long yall been dating! if i may ask!

  • ice cold heart

    O an one more thing my sis told one of my exs this! “The only reason why i have one child is cuz i chose not to swallow him that time”

  • NWSO


    yes “acting” or at least appearing to enjoy it is a definite plus. Sometimes just a woman’s moans or exaggerated slurps during the act can pull the trigger. just a matter of expressing how much you enjoy the act and the guy.

    No one wants a lazy head giver. But like the late great Bernie Mac said, “I ain’t gonna stop ya cause you gotta learn somehow—practice.” or something like that.


  • NWSO


    I actually touched on transgender issues a little in an old post, which you can check out here:

    Might not be everything you’re looking for in a discussion but was a start.

    I’ve also touched on suicide as well, which you can peep here:

    The archives are thick, feel free to use the search engine for various possible topics.

  • guttaman

    if im swallowing her juices then hell yeah she shouldnt mind swallowing mines!
    its funny cuz my girlfriend just brought this subject up to me out the blue (maybe she ran up on this site too)
    ive never brought it up cuz honestly its not a big deal.
    but it wuld be a hott experience.

  • MsSunshine

    I love watching my man get off when I take. Never swallow though, spit it back on him when necessary.

  • mizze

    @DC Man With A Plan

    hahhahahhahahha.. thanks!!! Just something I learned how to do because Im not big on swallowing but I know he likes it when I swallow (I think its just a mental thing lol) so I just started doing it that way to compromise so he still enjoys every part of it because its something we both enjoy =)

  • jomer

    I love to get my cum all on the tongue of my lover and I have to admit that you feel cheated when your partner does enjoy the satisfaction of swallowing your juice. I enjoy eating pussy and that means all the extra that pops out is all part of a job well done, so I take pride in tasting and drinking down the protein longevity juice. So, lovers please have and drink it down most of the times. Not all the times but don’t waste my cum cause for certain I can do that all by myself.

  • Siante J

    I don’t see anything wrong if you’re comfy with it and he’s comfy. But I’m swallowing (and I’ve swallowed and been swallowed) and you ain’t, yet when I’m tired and you push me to swallow, something is seriously wrong with that picture.

  • brook

    MY TWO SKEETS (cents)!

    swallowing is sexy-to me.

    swallowing is so surreal that you do not have to do it all the time but some sexapades demand your game be flawless. and you all know what im talking about so i say it again.








    not gross, not nasty, not disgusting, its just the illest finisher in the game. so ladies, swallow. we love it not like it. just remember to keep playing wit our phallus after the nut. it’s even iller!
    now im out.

    brook aka my two skeets! ;)

  • Malia

    >>And believe or not, not giving head or not being good at it can be used as a point of entry for any random chick; and swallowing may be that one secret weapon you have to use against the slut army. <<

    If a man's gonna cheat, he's gonna cheat. Swallowing, giving good head, swinging from the chandeliers, just to keep a dude faithful is lame and desperate. Do it because you want it. I wish people would stop giving women that bad advice. Got a lot of young girls wilding out trying to keep a lame from looking elsewhere.

  • YoungJay

    Are you willing to pleasure the person you’re in a committed relationship with orally?
    Hells Yes!! It’s a part of the experience…I love to eat

    Do you think that there’s still a stigma attached to giving head?
    Not for anyone who’s mentally mature enough to e having sex in the first place

    What about the act of swallowing?
    I do not shy away when the lady I’m with erupts

    Fellas, do you appreciate a woman that swallows?
    It’s definitely a plus

    Am I the only one that thinks swallowing amplifies the experience?
    U and the rest of us

    If I ever make it across the pond there will be two very satisfied people in Germany ; )

  • uhmmmm.

    i did not get put on to sucking dick til i was 27 and dating a 19yo. i always felt like ihad to give head to a man that i was going to commit to either in a long term marriage or relationship.

    the 19yo wasnt having it. one day he insisted that i suck his dick and volunteered to teach me how. as he stood against my apt. wall coaching me and guiding me, it was awkward at first (esp. b/c he had a big, long dick) but then i started to realize that i ACTUALLY got pleasure while giving him head.

    everytime after that i wanted to suck his dick and very soon after my first lesson, i started allowing him to cum in my mouth–and that pleased me even more. to the point where i got EXTREMELY wet and even orgasm’d myself.

    next, i started collecting and watching porn just to add some dimension to my head game. when i became more comfortable i began to experiment with things that i would think up and improvise on my own.

    after the 19yo, i did not indiscriminately give every man i was with head. i would have to watch and observe his hygiene habits and more importantly, he had to be just as sexually open as i was. although 100% of men like and probably demand head i would guess 50% of men love to eat pussy–the other 50 do it b/c they feel obliged and it tends to be horrible and very similar-feeling to a gyn exam.

    12 years later…after the 19yo, i never have sex with my husband without sucking his dick. i always ask him (rhetorically) where he wants to cum b/c i LOOOOOOVVVE to hear him tell me he wants to cum in my mouth. 100% of the time he cums in my mouth and 80% of the time i like to swallow.

    i love giving head so much that there are so many times where i dont even want penetration i just want the comfort of sucking on my husband’s dick and feeling his cum in my mouth.

  • Elle

    *blank stare at Jay*

    You’ve been across the pond already. So errrrr…..

    We’ll see if you can walk the walk…latest point in time should I really move to the US.

  • b.better

    *advice* stop thinking about it so much, when your sucking your man off don’t think “oh sh*t he’s gonna cum in my mouth”…think about how much your pleasing him and how much fun your having.

    I personally looooove giving my man head, its such a turn on for me to turn him on, hearing the oooh’s and the aaaah’s. I dunno I’m weird I’m a pleaser and so is he so we get off on getting each other off…makes sense?

  • Big Tim

    Man…. I’m currently getting bad head and it’s really frustrating. Mainly because i tried to do something different when dating and tried not to focus soley on looks. (Yes, i know, thats being shallow but at least i recognized it!) So i’m dating a woman who has a great personality, but she has average looks and her sex game is subpar and her head game is even worse. I appreciate the attempts but once i feel her teeth, i’m extremely turned off. She also can’t put it all the way in her mouth. I was selfish and just tried pushing her head down further but she didn’t like that technique. I’m really not sure what to do. We’ve been messing around for 6 months. Any Advice? I guess i could just tell her but that seems messed up to say that her sex and head game is wizack!!!

  • keisha brown

    Are you willing to pleasure the person you’re in a committed relationship with orally?
    -yes. its a key part of my sexual toolbox

    Do you think that there’s still a stigma attached to giving head?
    -nope. supahead and the song gettin some (head) i think took care of that. (and others)

    What about the act of swallowing?
    -like someone earlier had said: when i was younger i wouldn’t swallow and ran away to dispose. then i came to realize that it’s rude, a pain in the toe (if it’s dark and not your house) and a lil disrespectful. plus i slowly but surely started to learn that swallowing the juice add that much more for the dude.

    Ladies, are you one of those women that will only do something like that your husband?
    -nope. i love givin head. i love the power of knowing that my tongue and lips can do ALL that to a dude and more.

    Or are you completely turned off by the idea of a man cumming in your mouth?
    -i take it as a personal challenge when im givin head and a dude DOESNT cum in my mouth. i keep bumpin into dudes who tell me: i dont cum from oral. I just tell them they haven’t recieved the gift from me.

    I agree with the diet thing – fruit juices does make it taste sweeter. if it’s the taste she cant get past – perhaps introducings edible oils or foods (to go back to a recent NWSO post). When his whipped cream mixes with the other whipped cream….priceless and tasty! ; )

  • keisha brown

    @ big tim: while I appreciate you trying to make it work, realistically sex is a big part of a relationship. and unless you are willing to have a frank/open discussion with her – I’d say walk away. Why compromise on a relationship when there could be a girl out there for you that has a great personality and will sex you the you want?

  • Big Tim

    Keisha Brown, I was really thinking that. I was trying to shake this whole “Shallow tag”. I agree, sex is a big part of a relationship and most times it’s used to cover up many faults. I was also going to try and be frank with her, so I will post how that goes. Thanks for the advice!

  • Treez

    I dont swallow because I used to really like to swallow but then I had that “horror” moment when I swallowed and threw up over every thing!! I actually liked it before then though and maybe I felt that way because I found out later on that the guy had a extensive drug habit but since then have not swallowed since and I really did like it but am scared now…..

  • Anonymous

    yes ,it dose

  • Sweetsassykel

    Swallowing…I do it. I liove making my man feel good. I love the way a man tastes and the look on his face is always worth it.

  • menluvmysmile

    Are you willing to pleasure the person you’re in a committed relationship with orally?

    I think and feel its essential, to be able to give and receive pleasure in this way.

    Do you think that there’s still a stigma attached to giving head?

    For some women I think it can be, however if you are secure in your sexuality then really it shouldn’t be an issue period.

    What about the act of swallowing?
    I don’t see anything wrong with it, sex isn’t supposed to be polite, its messy and sloppy (which is half the fun, plus you know that it was a good session when its messy like that). However I feel its a females preference .

    Ladies, are you one of those women that will only do something like that your husband?

    Or are you completely turned off by the idea of a man cumming in your mouth?
    Nope not at all isn’t that a sign of a good bj completed?

    Am I the only one that thinks swallowing amplifies the experience?
    No you are not the only one who thinks the act of swallowing a man’s cum amplifies the experience. I truly agree with you, there’s something about the whole aspect of sharing eachothers juices!

    Does anyone else have any tips for Good Girl Gone Bad on her question?
    Perhaps having him cum in his hand or on your chest and you having th chance to taste his juices might take some of the fear of having him cum in your mouth. This might lessen the fear of the not knowing the taste and perhaps heighten you enjoying it and him wholehartedly.

    One piece of advice just don’t let him cum in your eyes! ;)

  • Just-a-black-girl

    @big tim – maybe you could watch some porn together, spice things up a bit. It might inspire her to be a bit more creative as well. Good Luck!

  • GreenEyes

    I just wanna say I love giving head and I’ve been told a time or 2 that I’m awesome! I believe in order to be good at you have to enjoy it yourself! It turns me on to know that he is enjoying it. When it comes to swallowing…I’m all for it, I think it makes it more intense for him.

  • naturaldreamer

    Spitters are quitters! Swallow that shit! Lmao

  • Siantej

    LOL @ ^^

  • Mz. Kim

    I’m 29yrs old, and I been with the same man for 8yrs, and he never cum in my month. I give head on a daily basis, and I think I’m good at it or am I. When I ask my man if it feels good he say yes, when I ask him If he like it he say yes, is he lying to make me feel better. I have made other men cum by giving head in the past, but this is my further husband, and I dnt understand what is wrong. Should I be worry?

  • NWSO

    @Mz. Kim

    I don’t think anything is “wrong” per say. It sounds more like an ego thing for you. You want feel that you can make him nut, but honestly, some guys don’t cum from head or not all the time, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good or he doesn’t like it. All you can do is take him at his word that he enjoys it, but just like sex it can feel good throughout not just at the end, so if he likes it, you should love it

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with swallowing as long as you don’t gag on the cum. But ladies, please reserve that special treat for a man with whom you are in a committed relationship. Don’t just let any man that you freak cum all in your mouth.

  • Mz. Kim


  • Anonymous

    My husband and I have been married for 4 years and when I first met him I thought is was something I would never do. But the first night we sleep together and I was blowing him I went to pull away and he held my head there until he was all finished cumming at first I didn’t know what to think. But with time when I’m blowing him know I cum myself when he is cumming in my mouth. I wouldn’t have it any other way know. He wouldn’t let me stop even if I wanted to. Sex and fucking him is something every girl would try to take him if they had him even one night.

    He is my King and I give him a blowjob everyday like he wants. I would never stop pleaseing him.
    Yes, the cum is good for us women I checked.

  • NWSO


    Good to hear you guys got married and learned to mutually enjoy it. But at first that forcing your head down part seemed a bit like a red flag when I read it, like mouth rape.

    Again, glad that worked out for y’all and him :)

  • thesongwriter29

    well me being who i am i love it i mean im a curious person by nature and i will try it once and if i like it i will continue my boyfriend goes crazy off my head game and i dont see anything wrong with swallowing because when your mate is giving you head his swallowing your nut so really whats the the issue but to each its own i rather do it then have another woman do it for me

  • richp74

    @ thesongwriter29

    I appreciate your candid response. I am faithful to my gf of two years and give here great head anytime she wants usually without her asking for it because I love her and love to please her. She used to give me sub-par head but with earnest efforts – so for me it was always very much appreciated even though she would never let me cum in her mouth or swallow. She 98/100 times cums in my mouth which I don’t mind. But now, she rarely and I do mean rarely returns the favor (the last time was more than four months ago). I complain but it doesn’t help. For me it’s beginning to interfer with my feelings for her. As I am not being satisfied. She will have intercourse with me and I do cum that way but no more bj. I asked her about it and she told me ‘she doesn’t feel like it’. Now I am beginning to suspect that she is trying to discourage me in hopes that I will simply give up on her and find some one new. For certain I’m frustrated but not ready to give up hope. Any ideas?

  • keisha brown

    @richp74: she might be bored (yes, females can get bored sexually too!) or not feeling you are handling your business outside the bedroom. more times, sex for women is psychological. there is likely something else going on.

    but it also sounds like she was never reciprocal from the beginngin and you stayed nonetheless, so she is probably figuring that she can get by.

    if your relationship is important enough – the lines of communication need to open. once resentment starts settling’s hard to remove.
    good luck!

  • da ThRONe


    I co-sign with Keisha. I been there where a female gives her all at one point and slowly just lose interest. Its best you discuss this asap and get your answer. So you can make an informed decision about where to go next. But usually this is a sign that shes is displeased some where (weither its warranted or not) and ready to move on.

  • HelloImVita

    I think swallowing is disgusting. For me to do it is if the guy deserves it. And I always pondered would a guy kiss a girl on the lips afterwards?? hmmmm.

  • myztikal

    well i love ta swallow it makes men crazy and they beg for more if you do it right u will never even taste it. when u feel him bout ta nut then just deep throat it and it will go right down ur throat.

  • Kool Like Dat

    Swallowing is definitely a plus; a huge turn on for most fellas, myself included. More important though is a woman who gives head as if she isn’t concerned about semen in her mouth or better yet welcomes it. After you’ve been w/ a woman who is unihibited and eager to please, it’s frustrating to be w/ one who is squeamish about semen.

    @HelloImVita – a guy that appreciates a job well done (pun intended) would certainly kiss a girl on the lips afterward! You wouldn’t kiss a man after he went down on you?

  • HelloImVita

    @Kool Like Dat

    Yes I would kiss a guy afterwards …. And you do have a point there.=] good point

  • Tazmancometh

    My wife and I have been married for 17 years and she gives me head and she enjoys it very much. She never wanted to swallow my semen at first because of the taste but after changing my diet recently she now enjoys to swallow my semen which is a great feeling for the both of us. I appreciate and respect her when she did not swallow and when she does swallow. When she doesn’t swallow she normally lets my load go over her face. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when she swallows my cum because I also swallow her juices. She is now starting to deep throat my cock to sometimes avoid the taste of the semen and like most women it is getting through the gag reflex which as they say, practice makes perfect. She also now realizes the health benefits of swallowing semen. She tries very much to please my needs and vice versa and maybe that is why we are still happily married.

  • SML

    Do you think that there’s still a stigma attached to giving head?

    The older I get the more I feel there isn’t a stigma attached to it. However, I’ve never given head to someone I wasn’t in a serious relationship with. I feel that it is something you do to please your man. I’m not saying it will never happen in a one night stand or someone I’m just sleeping with, but as of now I haven’t felt comfortable.

    Are you willing to pleasure the person you’re in a committed relationship with orally?

    Right now I’m in a (complicated) relationship, but I’ve never been more in love with this man. All I want to do is pleasure him.

    What about the act of swallowing? Ladies, are you one of those women that will only do something like that your husband? Or are you completely turned off by the idea of a man cumming in your mouth?

    If the man I’m currently with asks or hints it I probably will do it because I want to please him. Of-course, its because he pleases me too. So yes I would consider it. Again, I would of never considered it a year ago.

    I don’t have any tips, but I do suggest reading the book Tickle His Pickle!!! LOL Seriously, worth the read.

  • Leroysteve48

    Ive had numerous hot partners. Some of the hottest and most turn on as a partner who wanted what we call a protien shake to drink.Being humorous while a beautiful gal is sucking on your cock becomes much more difficult if she truly deep throats then gags down 6 to 8 huge cumshots. It is the greatest pleasure a woman can offer a man. In case youre interested and youre an adventurous girl, if your guy stays super hard offer him your clean rectum to inseminate. He will worship you. 

  • CollegeHawtee

    I’ve left every girl that doesn’t swallow, and I always cum last.

  • Katie Brown

    i dont think a man respects a woman who does anything sexual on a casual level. he just wants what he wants. i wouldnt suck a mans dick if he wasnt MY man. but on another note, there is a big difference between not respecting someone and disrespecting someone

  • Pingback: Is A Gal Who Doesn’t Swallow, Wifeable? (Ask NWSO)()

  • Daileymissy

    Dayuuum….loving these blogs ahhahha!! I love giving my man head and i swallow everytime. Maybe its because i love him, that i want to spoil him as much as possible, but its two sided, i sit on his face just as often ahahhaha! Or maybe it makes me feel like the mother f-ing queen when i can make him squirm, yell obscenities, and scream my name…not to mention how i get off on that….:)P i love his taste….

  • jerachine

  • Sherikaboyd021

    whats the big deal with oral sex and men dont you know if a girl doesnt want to perform oral  would you pressure her or love her regardless

  • Patrick

    I don’t think that any man would ever say he doesn’t like a woman who swallows, that’s the best  feeling you can ever get from a woman, showing her acceptance or love for you.
    I personally prefer to have a partner who enjoys it too, which really feels great.

  • Haji Abdull

     I say yes I will love you more!!! Only young dude (under 20) or men with childlike or womanbased minds would be offended by a woman that swallows

    #spitters are quitters

  • Milfletcher

    Personally I love to swallow. I hate any and all things sticky suck as lollypops and cotton candy. But there is no better feeling than bringing a man to the point where he cannot control himself and explodes in your mouth. It is definitely an acquired taste and in my younger years I didn’t care to give head much less taste cum. But now I absolutely love giving (and receiving lol) oral sex.

  • Justhavefun

    Try sucking on your man in the shower. That way you can try a little swallowing but still discreetly spit it out if you’re really not into it. Also, the added sensation of streaming water will help dilute the taste and give your mouth a rinse if needed. It also makes for easy cleanup. Flavoured lube is also helpful or play with things like whipping cream and chocolate sauce. Pretty soon swallowing will be less intimidating. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy each other!

  • Anonymous

    I always swallow, and I love it! I like to taste how pleased my man is with my performance. He is always turned on when I swallow, not to mention that it usually ends up with him returning the favor. Win-Win situation as far as I’m concerned.

  • Liz

    I won’t swallow for just anybody, only if I really care about the guy. It’s about making him feel happy and like you would do anything for him. Why give an amazing BJ only to flake out at the end? I’d rather finish strong, it’s a bonus for him and makes you memorable. As long as he doesn’t taste nasty it doesn’t bother me at all.

  • subgur79

    I actually always swallow. Easy clean up and highly erotic for me and him. I’d hate to see it go to waste