Do All Black Men Want White Women? (Tiger’s Jungle Fever)

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White Vixen

Week before last, I finally buckled under the pressure and wrote a blog about Tiger Woods. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tired of waking up to more “shocking scandal” about the former all-American golfer. Yet, like a train wreck, I sometimes find myself unable to look away.

Still, my plan was to walk away from the topic for the foreseeable future, but then I received an email from one of my new readers.

Hey, NWSO, I stumbled upon a status update on FaceBook yesterday that read: ‘FRIEND’S NAME is disappointed at the way the media, golfers, and random people are approaching Tiger Wood’s situation.’

I had thoughts but none were definitive enough to add my two cents, so I said nothing. I shrugged my shoulders and carried on with my own business. During my digression from my finals work, I stumbled upon a Tiger Woods article where someone’s response surprisingly moved me; I usually eschew this type of rhetoric altogether for fear of becoming the “angry Black woman.” I gave her a chance, though, and I’m glad I did. Here’s what she wrote:

“Whenever a professional man, Black or White falls, no Black woman is ever behind it but whenever a professional Black man falls, check out who is normally behind it. Always White women.

Look what marrying one did to O.J.—jail. Look how sex with one for one night told lies on Kobe and almost sent him to jail. [NFL player] Steve McNair never lived to tell his tales because she wiped out his tail. Now who was swinging the famous golf club that has put Tiger’s life that his Black dad built in this mess? A White woman who Tiger gave a life, a name and face. Tell me that his dad is not turning in his grave to see his son give up what made him for a White woman?

Lionel Richie cheated on his Black wife with a White woman and married her. He had to give up his career because of her jealous insecurities. He was miserable and went back to what made him—singing. She left him because she could not stand what she did to a Black woman happening to her.

Elin cheated with Tiger on his ex so it is karma. White women are aggressive ‘knicker swingers’ and controlling! Was anyone crying poor Mrs. McNair? Nope! The Kardashians will be doing a take two—more idiots down soon. NFL player [Richard] Jefferson from the Nets made the wisest decision of his life. So did Will Smith, Denzel, Obama, Sam Jackson and few others.”

I didn’t care much for the comment until the commenter wrote: “Was anyone crying poor Mrs. McNair? Nope!” It made me think about Michael Jordan’s wife, and even Shaq’s wife (Okay, so Shaq doesn’t have a squeaky clean image but you get my drift). Does anyone cry for Black women? The only concrete thing that came to my mind was: Could it be that this whole Tiger Woods media tirade is because he cheated on a **insert dramatic pause** White woman? It’s like, How dare Tiger cheat on an educated White woman?!!!

Sorry this is so long but I had to share with someone I thought could actually deliver some type of meaningful insight.

Oh, boy, where do I begin?

I kind of see what the commenter was trying to say, but I feel like she was way off base with her initial argument. First, the claim that every tragedy to befall successful Black men is the fault of White women is preposterous. I have two words to dead that argument—Robin Givens.

I don’t know the sister personally or the dynamics of her bedroom, but I’ll be damned if Robin didn’t appear that she ran Mike Tyson through the wringer. Sure he had/has a whole bunch of personal issues that can’t be blamed solely on Robin, but it didn’t look like this Black woman helped raise him up.

Secondly, maybe I’m just overly sensitive but the whole marrying “one” reeks of a racist undertone to me. Actually O.J.’s incarceration had nothing to do with his marriage to Nicole Brown-Simpson or her murder (I won’t even get into the if he did it conundrum), he went to jail for stealing football memorabilia years after his former White wife had passed. Sure, some could argue it was payback for him getting acquitted for Nicole’s murder, but that’s a very weak argument.

As for Kobe, he wanted to do it in the butt with a sidepiece that just happened to be White. Shoot, you don’t think if a 6’6” basketball player tried to ram it up your rear uninvited a Black woman wouldn’t rat him out because of some unspoken cultural bond? GTFOH!

Steve McNair just happened to be dealing with a psycho chick that shot him in his sleep, I doubt her skin color had anything to do with her mental state and whatever lies he was feeding her. Besides that, the chick’s name was Sahel Kazemi, which sounds more Middle Eastern than “White” to me. (I tried to confirm her ethnicity but got tired of devoting energy to uncovering something that in the end won’t really matter because they’re both dead).

In regards to the “point” about Tiger; once again, I see no merit as to what race has to do with Elin swinging a club at her cheating husband. In case you missed it, the man has over a dozen mistresses; I think a Black woman, or any woman for that matter, would swing a lot more than a gulf club at his head. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Elin actually had a modeling career before getting with Tiger, so not is sure that he gave her a “life, name and face.” And last I checked, (Okay, I didn’t check) Tiger’s father was alive and kicking so I doubt he’s doing any rolling around in graves any time soon. Not to mention Tiger’s pops is an African American/Native American/Chinese man that married a Thai/Dutch/Chinese woman, so I doubt he’d be that upset about his son getting with a White woman.


I won’t even waste any more time poking holes in the comment, but I will say this: Yes, we (Americans) live in a society that revolves around race; but damn, does everything have to be about Black and White?

Yeah, Tiger cheated and all of the women were Caucasian, but would things be drastically different if there were a few, or all, chocolate bunnies in the mix? I doubt it. He’d still be an undiagnosed sex addict (seriously, it sounds like dude is a sexaholic) that stepped out on his wife. I don’t see how the skin color of the women changes anything, like if he was being a whore with Black women that would make things better.


Seriously, people, race is only as big as you make it. With that said, the reader who pulled this quote does did raise an interesting point in that the media probably wouldn’t be in such an uproar if the powerful Black man wasn’t “ruining” a precious White woman. Throughout American history, White women have traditionally been put up on a pedestal, while Black women were pushed to the side—only to be secretly lusted after in the shadows.

I have no problem with the idea of Black love, just like I have no problem with White, Yellow, Green love. I don’t care if the world’s greatest golfer or Tyrone from down the block fell in love with a White woman or not—truthfully, it’s none of my business—as long as they honor each other and their vows I’m with it. The problem here is Tiger did none of that.

What did you think about the quote the reader pulled and the views expressed in it? Do you think that every time a Black man goes down it’s the fault of a White woman? Do you feel that some Black women always want to blame their man troubles on women of different races? Ladies, do you take it as a personal insult when a successful Black man marries/dates outside the race? Why? Do some of you really feel that Black men view White women as the ultimate trophy and the sisters are consolation prizes? Why do you think American culture is so focused on race? At the end of the day, shouldn’t people be more outraged about Tiger’s cheating than by the color of the women he cheated with and married?

Speak your piece…

Fellow blogger ABelleInBrooklyn did a similar post just yesterday.


  • Maurice Garland

    a wise (drunk, shit talkin friend) man told me theres three things black men cant get away with in this country…

    Killing white women (O.J.)
    Making white women cry (Kanye)
    And fooling white people (Tiger)

  • mizze

    I think that the reader had some points- it does seem that blk men who are in the limelight and got caught straying in the limelight was behind a white woman..thats just the way it played out. But I dont think that this is true for EVERY situation. Some people feel that just because some of the biggest names in the light are dating white women- ALL of them are dating white women. And that is just not true!!

    I do feel that a lot of blk women tend to blame not findin a good man on other races- but the thing is they feel that the only good mann is a black man.. that is their own fault for limiting themselves to only one race. Where in the bible did god say he created a multitude of races just for them to be secluded to themselves!?!??!?! I have no problem dating outside my race because I love MEN and good men come in all shades, races and skin tones.

    I take it personal when athletes or famous men date only white women ONLY if they started dating white women when they got big!! I mean, at the end of the day, you are attracted to who you are attracted to because NO black woman comes down on a white man that only dates black women- that aint right. that is hypocriticial. At the end of the day, I am me- I can only worry about things going on in my life and what I feel is best for me…and i feel that everyone has the god given right to do what they like for them. Tiger is tiger- we ALL knew he liked white women so what was the big shock?? I would have been more surprised if he was hookin up with TeNiqua from the southside..

  • EmotionalFUnk

    Every time a black man goes down it is not a white women fault. Some back women do seem to want to blame white chicks for every thing. They need to get over it I think and no I don’t feel insulted when a black man dated/marries a non black. As a matter of fact they guy I’m dating hasn’t dated a black women in years until me and it sure doesn’t bother me at all. At least I know I’m not dealing with some racist bigot who has to blame the white man/woman for everything and actually knows how and does judge people on an individual basis rather than the color of their skin.

    I’ve got no problem with black love either however I happen to think that is the dumbest term ever. forget black love…I’m just down with love.

    As far as being outraged with Tiger Woods cheating I’m not. I could care less its not as if he’s any relation to me. Just as he could care less as to what I do too.

    I do think American culture is so obsessed with race (black and white specifically) because of slavery and our trials and constant struggle here but someone else’s past is not my past so I don’t see why so many of us blacks have to adopt what happened to someone else in the past and make it our own pain just because we are the same color. That is just mentally unhealthy. I say not only let it go but don’t pick it up!

    • DION


      • QuoteMan

        Dude, that line of thinking is weak – very weak.

      • Jfelix2

        dude you are a piece of shit. i guess you would say that to your mother that raised. liking white women just because of that is discrediting your own. you piece of shit, i guess your mother is a tool and something you look down on too hey? didn’t think of it like that.

      • Pinklady30

        Your an idiot!! This is why some black women feel the way they do because there are dumbass black men like you that say stupid things like this!! A women of any race is going to treat a man of any race right if he deserves it and is a REAL MAN. You shouldn’t need a women to make you “feel” like a man if you were one. Your a self hating boy who doesn’t know any better and let color-struck ignorance hit him upside the head becoming dizzy with white “stars” I feel sorry for ANY women who actually chooses to be with you. I’m just saying. And btw I’m a Irish/Italian women. Go figure.

  • N2Deep

    I don’t believe I could fall for a white woman myself, but the more I think about this subject I can see why some end up with them. I believe we get fooled by their actions.

    There are more white woman who are extremely submissive to their husbands than black women. Black woman are strong and demand respect as well as equality and independence. This is how our young black women are taught and raised. There is nothing wrong with that until this black man makes it to the “Professional” level where his total concentration and effort is for his job. Anything extra in his relationship can take away from his work and that could make him lose what he has worked for.

    In one hand you have this beautiful black woman who is naturally demanding and competitive for your time and respect. Her time is hers and the sex depends on what she feels like. Most black women want to be treated as equal rather than be submissive.

    In the other hand you have this white woman who is submissive and does what she needs to do to keep this man happy. Sex on demand, food prepared, doing whatever to keep stress away. They are looking for respect through their man not really just on their own. Some have kids some don’t but they are taught that if you marry a man that takes care of you then you take care of him. Be submissive and stack your money. If he messes up bad enough he has to pay because you are dependent.

    This is just my observation. Please think about it cause I’m not saying it’s right but I have dated all black women. My relationships varied but sometimes the women were too independent or not wanting to be lead. That kept us from going far because trying to compromise all the time is hard.

    I slept with two white women in my life. The reason it ended up being two is because the one I was sleeping with was having her monthly, so she brought a friend to take care of me! That was many years back but just something I don’t think too many black women would do.

    I truly believe Tigers wife knew a lot but said if it got out that she’s getting out. You are the most famous guy in the world but you just freely leave yourself out like that!!! I Don’t think so

  • N2Deep

    Just wanted to add that my statement above doesn’t apply to every situation. There are some black women that are happy to be submissive in their relationships and still be strong and respected.

  • anonymous

    I think this blog missed the point entirely. The point of the initial email was to bring attention to the media’s fascination with Successful, Famous, Professional Black men who cheat on women outside of their race. THIS IS NOT ABOUT TIGER!!! WHO CARES ABOUT TIGER? I DON’T!

    The media devotes a disproportionate amount of attention on Black men who cheat on women of other races. I would go as far to say that it is intended to deter women of other races from dating them. Can one person please site a situation similar to Tiger’s where the celebrities wife was black?

    This is clearly a race issue—In no way do I believe that everything else is. Maybe I should have said that first. I’m disappointed that we are underming the role that race assumes within our society. Race is a determinant of many factors: stress, hypertension, abortion, unemployment, incarceration, and now HIV/AIDS for young black women. We don’t have to have a chip on our shoulder but we certainly don’t need to be naive. It doesn’t help.

    Thanks again NWSO for the post.


  • anonymous

    Also….Can anyone identify any of Eric Benet’s mistresses? Shaq? If so, you likely learned about it from a black media outlet. Somehow…we know the names, professions, physical characteristics, and ages of Tiger’s mistresses. We don’t have this data on famous black men who have cheated on famous black women. In fact when McNair died the emphasis was placed on his mistress not on his wife.

  • AmakaCamille

    just in terms of fact checking: Tiger Woods father died in 2006 from cancer. & Elin was a NANNY, definitely was not a “working” model.

    And “Anonymous’ is right. I think you kind of missed the point. This is about media attention and hysteria. I felt the phrasing problematic as well, but that seems to be the biggest point

    Shaq has cheated on Shaunie probably more times than Tiger has on Elin–but nobody cares about that. I think a lot of that has to do with his image as a squeaky clean GOLF player, one that tries to de-emphasize his Blackness (that whole special ass Cablinasian ish) and yet gets caught up doing some of the most stereotypical Black men type behavior

    There is something about “violating” white women that is true when we look at media coverage and public reaction. I think Maurice Garland is right on that point. I mean that Taylor Swift girl is getting damn Grammy Nominations cause Kanye made her cry.

    And another thing, how was Robin Givens “the fall of” Mike Tyson. He was beating her ass! He was the fall to himself. The worst thing to happen to Mike was the death of his trainer/father figure. He didn’t have no one to put him in check after that. I agree that Robin is a mess, but shes not the fall of his career! Maybe he shouldn’t have raped that woman SMH.

  • lishia

    So, this is my first time commenting on any of the posts on this site and it is one I feel like my friends and I discuss far too much. As the product of an interracial relationship (white father, black mother), it is unfortunate that we are all so hung up on the racial makeup of other people’s relationships.

    Tiger’s downfall cannot be attributed to his white wife, it can be attributed to his lack of morals in regards to his marriage. I do believe that in part of the fascination with Tiger is that he has a beautiful white wife and how dare he cheat on her but it is also due to the fact that there are 13 or more women claiming to be his mistress. There is the race component but it isn’t the only factor.

    Do I believe that black women tend to overreact with black men dating outside of their race? Hell yeah. I have friends who cover their eyes when they see a black man and a white woman together and they know that I am a product of a interracial relationship! It is sad to read that some people are perpetuating the same stereotypes that black women are trying to overcome in the media, that our personalities cannot be as varied as white women in relationships. It shouldn’t come as a news flash that white women and black women act the same in relationships but we only focus on the differences (racial makeup) rather than the similarities.

    Thanks NWSO for the post, in the last 3 days, I have become addicted to your blog and all of the comments!

  • AmakaCamille

    Do you think that every time a Black man goes down it’s the fault of a White woman? Nope its usually his fault. Getting caught up in stupid behavior.

    Do you feel that some Black women always want to blame their man troubles on women of different races? Sometimes this is def the case. Other times it isn’t. I think it can be very frustrating to be a Black woman (least married women on the entire PLANET) and sometimes you wanna blame something obvious for this unfortunate circumstance

    Ladies, do you take it as a personal insult when a successful Black man marries/dates outside the race? Why? I don’t but it honestly makes me sad sometimes. I love seeing beautiful Black couples at any socioeconomic status.

    Do some of you really feel that Black men view White women as the ultimate trophy and the sisters are consolation prizes? DUH. Not all Black men, but come on, some still see white girls as trophies. Not only do they define Western beauty standards (which cultures across the globe try to emulate by skin bleaching and other ridiculous means) but there are so many stereotypes about how white women take care of their man and etc.

    Why do you think American culture is so focused on race? Because this country was founded on racism. Because racial inequity is still prevalent in this country. Because no matter what bullshit the media says, we are NOT “post racial”.

    At the end of the day, shouldn’t people be more outraged about Tiger’s cheating than by the color of the women he cheated with and married?
    We shouldn’t be outraged at all. Non-famous people have the same issues we all do.

    Lets be outraged that we’re sending more troops to Afghanistan. Or that some cities (like Deitroit) have over 30% unemployment…..come on y’all

    okay sorry for all of the comments lol. fin.

  • N2Deep

    I disagree with that it is clearly a race issue. The Tiger situation was a Tiger issue. Tiger is the most famous professional athelete in a sport that was probably the most prejudice of all sports but he is so respected by his peers and everyone in the world of golf that the media was begging for any dirt. He openly admitted he was not “Black” but still had respect from all races.

    Lets be real. The story broke and everyone had all these pictures and proof from times and places that they were hoping for a story. I admit the media is a bastard at times but tell me that if the media had an idea that Mrs. woods didn’t have a clue? The club doesn’t come flying after the first incident!!

    I’ll give you two instances. Bill Cosby admitted cheating but his wife stood strong. What about Shar Jackson? Does that name ring a bell? She wasn’t married but she was more famous at the time than her baby daddy, Kevin Federline (Mr. Brittany Spears). She stood strong and didn’t blast to the press.

    The medias mouth was watering and overflowing with possibilities but they couldn’t prove anything and still can’t unless they have more help from those involved. The shame of it all is that they are hurting the millions of kids who looked up to Tiger.

    Every man falls short but instead of building we destroy in order to prove what we already know that every man falls short!!

  • da ThRONe

    Yeah there is something to this! When black celebs mess have issues with black woman the media doesnt make a huge deal(if they make a deal at all). But if a black celeb does something to a white female it over blown.

    Case in point Ben Rothlisberger(a white QB for last year superbowl champs for those who may not know) is dealing with a civil case for rape allegations. It isnt nearly as covered as Kobe rape allegations were.

    I think the media purposely focus on interracial(black guy white girl) stories because there is already a certain unease with interracial dating so it will get more attention then black on black issues. And even in some cases with white on white issues. Im certain that when the media execs pick the topics to discuss its going through their minds.

  • da ThRONe


    Micheal Jordan was the biggest athlete at his time and it was well known that he ran around on his wife yet it never got this much coverage. Now there might have never been the it moment(it being the crash) but there were enough issues and the gambling but it was never news enough.

    Also A-Rod is a huge star who was photographed with a stripper while married. And his “indiscretion” never got covered like “Cheetah” Woods. Is this all a huge coincidence? I think not.

  • da ThRONe

    I will say what others are pointing out. I dont think the guest bloger is saying white females are the downfall of black men. Anybody who cheats especially in the fashion in which “Cheetah” did is their own downfall. I think the guest bloger is talking about the coverage and attention paid to it by the media when its black guy white gal.

    The media named the O.J. trial “The trial of the century”. The question is if Nicole Brown was brown would it still have been the “Trial of the century”? IMO I say hell no.

  • anonymous

    I am the “guest blogger” and I intended to bring attention to the biases within the media; I am pleased that others recognize that. The blog stirred up emotion within me. I am dying for Black Men to understand the role that race and sex play within this society. Maybe it would help us to communicate with one another better.

    AmakaCamille was right about Robin Given’s; Tyson beat her! Yesterday, it was Rihanna. Some how Rihanna situation was connected to the Trini woman in the video. ? What? THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT RIHANNA HIT CHRIS.

  • anonymous

    I am the “guest blogger” and I intended to bring attention to the biases within the media; I am pleased that others recognize that. The blog stirred up emotion within me. I am dying for Black Men to understand the role that race and sex play within this society. Maybe it would help us to communicate with one another better.

    AmakaCamille was right about Robin Given’s; Tyson beat her! Yesterday, it was Rihanna. Some how Rihanna situation was connected to the Trini woman in the video. ? What? THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT RIHANNA HIT CHRIS- AT ALL. Somehow a linkage was created. Somehow, the 14 year old girl on the sex tape with R. Kelly “wanted it.” Black women aren’t submissive etc etc.

    NWSO, i’ve been reading your blogs regularly and I am a fan. I would really like to see you challenge yourself a bit more with regard to sexism within the Black community and how it is echoed throughout society at large. It is creating a steel wall between black men and black women. By and by. Through and through.

  • N2Deep

    @guest Blogger

    I’m not sure if it was my comment on black women not beig submissive but if you ask the average young black woman about being submissive I bet they all have a certain line they will not cross because it takes from their strength. So, I will still have to say Black Women aren’t as submissive as white women.


    I agree MJ was the biggest but the sport of basketball had already had Black Stars. Golf still had issues recently about clubs having minority members. I know that there are plenty Bigots that want Tiger to fall hard because there are no other Minority threats to the game of golf. And we know who really controls the media!! Its like pool when the white ball knocks the black ball in the game is over and you win if the white ball stays on the table.

    Racism and sexism play a role but there are plenty other factors that need to be addressed as well. We have to teach our kids importance of love and relationships. We have courses in history and sex education but neither teaches how to use it in real life. Racism and sexism doesn’t look the same as it did years ago.

  • da ThRONe


    My point is simply that race plays a factor when the media is reporting to us what we as a nation should care about.

    In all honesty “Cheetah” Woods shouldnt be any more famous to the average person than Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon(Nascar) or Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus(golfer). But being the Black golfer is news and it made him more marketable so then ran with it. The bottomline is most people could careless about golf(especially before Woods) yet and still Tiger Woods is a household name. Why because the media forced him on you without you even knowing. Most people of color identify with him just because in their minds he wasnt white and was dominating a white event. Not even knowing that he identifies with white people. All it takes sometimes is a hook and for Tiger being black was the hook. Despite the fact that he would rather embrace another culture. The media built him off of race why wouldnt they tear him down for the same reason? Im all but sure if Tiger was into asian women this wouldnt even be a big deal. It would have simply went down as a one person car wreck and would have been swept under the rug IMO.

  • anonymous

    N2Deep, I can only speak for myself; I am submissive to a point. I absolutely was not refering to your prior post- at all. I am referring to people who believe that strength and submission are atonymous.

  • Ozymandius

    I agree with their race not meaning anything. Tiger has tried long and hard to make sure he wasnt the black guy, but his position is understandable because america has the race thing so f’ed up. Black is (gulp), BAD in this country. Whoop, there it is.

    In the meantime, here’s a couple of DUH’s:

    America is racist.

    The press is a bitch.

    Tiger is a moron, who just happened to love that while flesh.


    I’m always entertained by how the simplest things are overlooked by so many. Those little hoe-ass-tricks were all sleeping with a married man, and they came crowing to the press when the snoops finally saw a light at the end of the scandal tunnel. I CANT WAIT to see what Essence writes about all them little white girls, but do know this- they all hoes, ALL of them. Just like the smart ladies know, a guy is only going to be able to do what you let him. So where are the LADIES crying foul over all these chicks who drop thier draws for a chance with a star? They making all yall independence/strength talk seem like a load of ‘le crap’, and making it harder for yall to find these “good guys”. What a joke.

    Interesting enough, i met a dude of West Indian descent (ok, he’s trini!) who told me he wrote off sisters years ago, for the “typical” things we all hear about- drama, refusal to pay for a date, and lack of competition to other women who actually liek to take care of their men.(hey hey now, thats what HE said). While I think he took it to an extreme, some of his other complaints had merit. Some dudes are just like that, they are not interested in fighting for position with a woman because she is “strong”. I think sometimes “strong” is confused with simply just being a little “beeyacch”, but whatever. Many dudes, just wanna chill with a cool girl that will look out for them JUST BECAUSE. Cant fault a man for that, right?

  • Anonymous

    its true…The black man doesn’t have to be famous or rich….The black men like white women cause they can get ova on things,but us sisters aint gonna tolerate it….Ever year more black men get with white women.They act like its nothing’!!!!

  • NWSO


    We try to keep it classy here, what does the “white devil” talk really add to the conversation/discussion? Think it takes away more than anything. Really, what does white devil mean anyway? Is that supposed to lump all folks of white decent into one ungodly creature devoid of individuality and free thinking to just be a human being? Are there Black devils? Brown devils?

    End of the day, we’re all human beings no matter the color so if there is white devils then there damn sure are Black ones.


  • fuckwhitedevils

    who gives a fuck about white women….

    thats all….

  • NWSO


    Dude, you just dropped a whole bunch of stereotypes. DC Man beat me to the punch but I believe the sister in yesterday’s blog entry was of color and no offense to her but she clearly wasn’t a strong Black woman.

    I’d really like to see you step to a White woman and tell her that she and all of women that look like her are submissive and weak. Pretty sure by end of day you’ll have a sore cheek and crotch from getting slapped and kicked in the groin.

    Yeah, what you wrote is the STEREOTYPE but why would that one hold true while other ones like all Black men are dogs, in jail and uneducated be false (i.e. Barack)?

    Can’t have one stereotype be true and then have the one about yourself be false, unless you fit the bill of Black male stereotype. No shots, just saying.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    Did you ladies read yesterday’s blog? I would bet dollars to donuts it was written by a Black woman bcuz of the terms and phrases used. Anyways, it did NOT show Black woman as paragons of good judgement, virtue or “strength.” Didn’t show the strong black woman y’all actin like is the only type out here. This whole white woman are weaker, more submissive, yada-yada is as much a stereotype as is the notion that all black women are strong and independant. Did you see Precious? Was Moniques character, the welfare fraud who allowed her daughter to get raped, real strong to you? Anyways, back to the real world. As Da Throne and others have pointed out, the media loves hyping any issue that deals with the betrayal of a white wife. As far as MJ’s wife or Steve Mcnairs wife–if THEY had made noise, they too, could have kept their spouses situation in the press, but those women of character chose to keep it private and personal. For those who think white men don’ty make the press, do you remember a guy named Bill Clinton? How about the Gov of SC? How about John Edwards? Did those white guys get a pass?

  • NWSO

    @anonymous (the guest blogger)

    Well, I focused in on the woman you quoted as that’s what struck a chord with me more than anything, especially since a lot of her arguing points were off base, IMO. How can you take her argument serious when she’s blaming ALL White women for the detriment of Black males? Her whole tone (not yours) just threw me for a loop that the other point you were trying to make was overshadowed.

    And it is about Tiger to some degree either way, he was what led that woman to comment and he is a black male celeb that fits into the discussion that you want to have.

    Now, I never or don’t deny that race is important in America, but I don’t automatically jump at the race card anytime someone Black and White is in the media. People seem to forget that Tiger is one of the most famous and recognizable men in the world. To my knowledge, he’s the first athlete to earn a billion dollars. That puts him in a Bill Gates level, and I’m sure if Gates had a string of side pieces likr Tiger the media would be all over it too.

    The reason being, especially for Tiger, is because it’s not expected. He was painted out to be this perfect gentleman so this is just juicy gossip that the media is eating up. Picture if it came out that the White Pope was smashing the homies left and right, that wouldn’t be news or it would get swept under the rug because he was White? Doubt it. Tiger is uber famous and he got dirt on his name, so the media is pouncing.

    Shaq? Come on, are we surprised he cheated? I wasn’t, and maybe if Tiger wasn’t out there Shaq would be getting more press for his mess, because he was just as grimy if not more because he was messing with other married women of other NBA players and at least one dancer.

    I honestly don’t think this is CLEARLY a race issue, only because people want it to be. It’s a cheating ass celebrity issue who doesn’t respect the values of marriage. When I heard the news break, I was like damn Tiger cheated? Damn Tiger cheated with random groupies and not even some women of notoriety or class? Damn, a porn star? Damn, that’s crazy, THEN after all that I though oh word, all the women were White. Oh well.

    The bigger issue for me personally, is one that I mentioned in passing, but no one has addressed, it sounds to me like Tiger is a SEXAHOLIC. No one seems to look at his behavior as that of a sick person who needs some help.

    What’s up with that?

    ***Pick a name, it’d be easier to communicate. LOL

  • DC Man With a Plan

    And for the record, Tiger Woods was actually caught a few years ago slingin his wood, but it was NOT reported bcuz he agreed to do an exclusive interview with a magazine. So yeah, there was a cover-up and Tiger WAS given a deal and had the chance to keep it on the low-low, but NAW, he didn’t take the hint. He didn’t stop dealing with chicks that can’t keep their mouth shut. Anyways, U wanna read something more fair about Tiger? Read the article titled ” Heres Truth Behind the Tiger Woods Scandal” by Jason Whitlock, dated 17 Dec on Fox Sports. Jason is a deep and serious brotha…and I’m sure you’ll have a different perspective after you read his article…..

  • NWSO

    @Amakacamille & @Liz

    Aiight cool, thanx for the head sup on Tiger’s pops passing. I wrote in the moment and was unaware of that fact, but my bigger point in that section was that as an interracial man that married an interracial woman I doubt that he’d be rolling in his grave