What If Someone Spit On You? (The Ultimate Disrespect)

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I have a confession to make: I’m a reality TV junkie. I’m talking about the real trashy, I’m-lookin’-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places kind. It’s my little bit of escape from life stresses. I’ve been with my new cable provider for over two years and the only channel I know by heart is VH1, which reigns supreme with their Celeb-Reality lineup.

I was searching the Web earlier in the week and came across a Bossip headline that caught my eye: “Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn Spits on One of Her Roommates & Gets Away With It!!!

I won’t even front like I’ve never seen the show before. I don’t watch it religiously, but I happened to come across it late last year while flipping through channels. If memory serves me correct, I saw a bunch of girls running around a house in their panties and hey, I’m a guy, so I stuck around for a bit.

At any rate, I was familiar with the Natalie chick from the Bossip story because she stood out and reminded me of that old McDonald’s character Mac Tonight.

Here’s a refresher clip for the young’n’s.

Despite Natalie’s big chin, she’s still a cute chick and I’d Chris Brown that (read: hit it). But that’s neither here nor there. Based on the headline, it was clear that she had done the unimaginable and spat on a roommate. I watched the clip and couldn’t believe that the chick that got spit on did nothing. Yeah, she hopped up out the bed to talk smack, but that’s all she did—talk.

I’m sorry, but spitting on someone is the ultimate form of disrespect. You spit on things that are beneath you, like the street, so to hock one on another human being is a major sign of contempt. But ol’ girl just laid there and took it, while Natalie got to remain in the house without any kind of reprimand.

A few days later, I was sitting on the couch watching Real World: Washington, DC and some chick spit on the Black dude, Ty, during a drunken, sexual tension fueled spat (no pun intended). He wound up pinning her against the wall and “jokingly” called her a bitch before the other roommates separated them.

Is spitting the new reality trend or something? If so, I’m surprised ass whoppin’s on TV aren’t on the rise. Maybe it’s the cameras that are making people punk out on retaliating, but id be the first one to respond like Tiffany “New York” Pollard did when fellow Flavor of Love contestant “Pumpkin” spit on her after getting eliminated. New York was not having it and snatched that chick up with the quickness. Or maybe that’s just me.

What would you do if someone spit on you? Would you retaliate or turn the other cheek? Do you think spitting on someone is the ultimate form of disrespect? Does it actually show someone’s cowardice by resorting to such a weak action? Have you ever been spit on? Do you think that the people above didn’t respond because they were on TV? Should Natalie have been kicked out of the Bad Girls Club house for spitting like they do for physical violence? Are you a reality TV junkie too? What’s the most disrespectful thing that someone has ever done to you?

Speak your piece…


  • Roz

    I’m about the peace, but spit…on my face…hmmmmmm!! If I didn’t beat a B$%^& like it was the last thing in life I might ever do, it’s only because lots of prays have already gone up for me to stay blessed and jailhouse free LOL Wow, I would hope that the grace of God would catch me before the L.A. in me makes it do what it do!!!

  • Avah Royal

    I wish a bitch would!

    That is all.

  • http://www.steamywindows.wordpress.com Jamila J

    I would be like New York. You don’t spit on me. You spit on the ground, toilet, etc. Plus if it were my face I would go crazy b/c that’s just wrong. Ppl that spit on others deserve a good beat down. End of story

  • da ThRONe

    Not cool no way no how. You spit on me be prepared to rumble. Unless its in bed then it all good! :D

  • The Mean Black Girl

    What would you do if someone spit on you?

    No lie, if someone spit on me…I’d Fuck them up so decent. I’d smack the demon that possessed them to do it right the hell outta their ass!!

    Would you retaliate or turn the other cheek?

    You must not know my moms…I would have to do something in order to be invited to Christmas dinner. You know how back in the day you couldn’t come in the house until you fought a fair one; so I’d be throwing hands.

    Do you think spitting on someone is the ultimate form of disrespect?
    I think spitting on someone is even lower than the ultimate form of disrespect. Its like openly slapping someone’s momma…You just don’t do that. ALSO it hits me with flashbacks to the Civil Right era…Boooooooooy….I wish someone would.

    Does it actually show someone’s cowardice by resorting to such a weak action?
    It shows that someone clearly has no regard for anyone.

    Have you ever been spit on?

    Hell no, because Bitches know better. CMD, Drty Jrz all day!

    Do you think that the people above didn’t respond because they were on TV?

    I think they didn’t respond because they weren’t going to anyway; cameras or not. Its just not in their nature–clearly not “Bad Girl” material though.

    Should Natalie have been kicked out of the Bad Girls Club house for spitting like they do for physical violence?
    Yea Jay Leno’s Love Child needs to kick rocks!!!

    Are you a reality TV junkie too?

    I like all of the stuff that comes on Bravo! Those shows are hittin!!

  • BMW2K

    Ditto @ Avah Royal

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  • capricorn

    Aw hell no. You spit at me, we are fighting. PERIOD.

    The only spitting I do is . . .well.. . ;)

    I am Capricorn, and I am a recovering reality show junkie. I can’t turn off the Kardashians.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    I understand the concept that fighting is a last resort, and that something as simple as being spit upon, shouldn’t cause you to lose your cool bcuz it demonstrates that the other person has issues……..Play cricket sounds HERE………But ohhh, HELL naw, U spit on ME, and it’s on and poppin! No matter what your size, or the location we are in, you spit on me–I’m going to use my LAST bit of strength to whoop that azz. I know about turning the other cheek–I just never have been able to DO IT. Test me if you wanna. Screw that noise. I’m not saved enuff, holy enuff or whateva it takes to allow that. Spitting is the worst thing you can do outside of actually hitting me. Talk shyt, U might get away with that. spit on me: play time is ova!

  • chinadahl

    I can’t believe you even asked that question! As you can see from posters’ responses, spitting is the ultimate deal breaker, for even the most peaceful of people.

    That’s the most personal of insults. A b*&$h (or a man) spit on me, you might as well be slapping my mother, doggin’ my family and stomping on my ancestors! It’s going DOWN!!!!!!!!

  • Shequita

    THE ULTIMATE……………I couldn’t walk away from that, not attall!….it would be some furniture movin or something!! My feet got spit on by some man at a party, never in my face.

  • Gemini


  • Ty

    I really hope chicks don’t think that spitting is the new cute thing to do. I will beat a bitch down like a dog in the street if she spit on me. A few years ago I actually had a fight (yes I’m a grown woman) with this white man outside of Buddahkan in Manhattan for trying to spit on me over a cab. I don’t know what he thought but I tried to stomp his head into the ground. Now I’m not a big girl (5’6 145) but he caught it that night! I bet he’ll think twice before disrespecting another black girl! Homie don’t play that! (LOL)

  • Momof3

    All I can say is GOD help anyone that even fixes their mouth to even look like they’re about to spit on me or anyone I hold dear to my heart… And yes spitting is a punk move… If you’re that pissed just hit them..

  • Anonymous

    Spitting is the new ish to do on reality tv because contractually they can’t hit each other.

    Spitting is degrading. All I have to say is I wish a bish would…lol

  • Anonymous

    I would smacktheshitouttathatbitch.com

  • da ThRONe

    Two quick quotes

    “A man that has nothing worth dying for has no reason to live.” – M.L.K.

    “I dont know what you will do for your respect but I will die for mines” – T.I.

    In our culture its the lowest form of disrespect. I would sooner turn the other cheek from a slap than spit.

  • Tasha

    I wish somebody would so something to disguising and fail to me. I’d do worse then Miss New York did cause that just one thing i would never tolerate. I would of took one of those dang camaras and flung it at her and be more then happy to pack my things and leave cause they would be no way i could continue to be around someone so disrespectful.

    But I do love the reality shows, its taken me a min to admit that, but i can’t help it, its so addictive, its my guilty pleasure lol.

    I do think that people that spit on other people are very cowardly, to me its like if your going to stoop to that level you might as well throw garbage on them lol

    the girl off the bad girls club no i don’t think that she should of been kicked off because even though she spit on the girl, the girl still didn’t do anything, which i think was very stupid. I also think that the reason why these people don’t do anything is because they are one tv, and i think that wack because its suppose to be a reality show so its like do what you would normally do if you didn’t have the camaras in front of you, cause sh*t i know i wouldn’t give a damn about them if someone was to do that to me.

    The most disrespectful thing that someone has done to me was a guy did spit on me, we were young but thats not an excuse. He was standing on a latter when he did it. so i pushed him off of it and hit him over and over again with a baseball bat until his parents came out the house.

  • Shak

    If someone spat on me I already know that I would be arrested for assault (although I think spitting is considered assault as well, so in that case it would be self defense).

    • Tom

      Just because it’s assault doesn’t make it self defense to hit somene. Just might end up with two charges of assault one each

  • Question??????????

    Anonymous wrote

    I would smacktheshitouttathatbitch.com

    Nuff Said and I second that shit!!!!!

  • Shay

    I do agree with the fact that spitting is the most disrespectful form of action someone could towards another. Knowing myself, I would go crazy and try to kill that person (j/k??) I did a blog about this a couple months ago when my sister’s baby father spit on her after a court hearing one day. Her reflex was to start beating him with her umbrella but her best friend stopped her. I honestly don’t think anyone could’ve stopped me. ughhh

  • Rastaman

    I believe in the law they have a term for that:
    “Death through mis-adventure” or I as would coin it “negligent suicide”.

    I am a pretty low key dude most of the times and on a rational level, there is very little that someone spittle could do to harm me but I did grow up in the streets and so I would have to bring the pain. I am just saying Yo!!

    Reminds me of a late family friend, one of his drinking buddies thought it was funny to splash a little of his urine his way as a joke in the bathroom. As I recall the offender ended up with a couple a broken ribs and a painful reminder of what not to do in the men’s room.

  • scorpio temptress

    If A Bish spat on me I would beat a bish like she stole something, called my mama a bitch and kicked my dog. I’m a peaceful person but spitiing thats a effin deal breaker

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Wow that Natalie chick is repulsive yo. No way around it. I dunno Ans, how you find a chick like that remotely attractive. Maybe in a photo as in, without hearing her open her mouth. I wouldnt hit it, but if she came at me like this, id HIT IT. (in the REAL Chris Brown sense)

    That chick need help. She’ll end up in jail or dead when she encounters a person that not havin it.

  • b.better

    I would have crushed her. No bull

    Spitting on someone is the ULTIMATE disrespect and not responding, just shows the other person they could treat you any kind of way…… Like Avah Royal said I wish a bitch would…smh

  • Sketch

    1. Those girls probably (and a good number of other shows) have contracts that say if they fight they could get kicked off the show.

    2. I could never go on a show like that, mainly because I would get kicked off.

  • jersey*girl

    I would have stomped her manly ass in the ground… You can call me whatever you like.. But your nasty ass spit is like physical contact.. But she knew who to spit on… She not that slow

  • Elle

    Hm, I don’t fight. So I guess I wouldn’t do anything at that very moment. But please trust that there will be repercussions in the worst way. I have no qualms about paying a “hitman” :|

  • Anger Management

    OHH HAYOL NAW!! *just saw the title and now going back to read the actual post*

  • Anger Management

    ***after reading the post*** I wish a bish would spit on me!! I’m so riled up from the thought of someone forming their lips to spit on me I need to take a walk and cool off. Enjoy your weekend everybody!

  • Tiffany

    ROFL!!! I can’t even front, normally I am the voice of reason, but with this post I can say that I am real ignorant! I have spit on various people ex boyfriends, chicks I was fighting. I mean I know that it is the ultimate sign of disrespect and that is why I did it. Now, I don’t just go around spitting on people, but there are occasions where you have just had it up to here and that is the best way to get the point across.

    If it was ever done to me, that is another story!! In the words of Slim Thug, I would “Break them off real bad.” I think reality tv has defintely given people kohunas to think that won’t be any consequences and repercussions, but at the end people know who and who not to spit on.

    LOL great one.

  • http://authenticqueenspeex.blogspot.com/ AuthenticQueen

    What would I do?? Well, once I came too from blacking out (ahem Chris Brown style) I would most likely find whoever it was looking up at from a heap on the ground and begging me to stop… but you know who knows.. As with potentially finding out somebody has cheated on me, I cannot make any guarantees about my actions. Though I generally try to will myself toward the calm solution… that’s certainly not my instinct. It’s something I’ve groomed myself to do over time… Anything is possible…. Spitting on people is just freaking RUDE!! Like, really.

  • Classic Ruby

    The end of Rastaman’s story- “the offender ended up with a couple of broken ribs and a painful reminder of what not to do in the mens room” still has me ROFLMAO…priceless!

    Yes, I am most definitely a reality TV junkie, but I generally go for all the “of love” shows…you know, flavor of love, rock of love, a shot at love, real chance of love….and their spin-off shows. I also do Top Model and anything performance/competition based, if it can hold my attention….I’m not even ashamed you see, because I have standards. I REFUSE to ever lower myself to watching the Bachelor, or stupidity like Survivor :-p

    hahahahha…once, in high school, this chick spit AT me. It never actually touched anything of me, but just the IDEA that that was her intention…wow…I can still remember the fury I felt….all I can remember doing is grabbing her by her hair slamming her face into the ground, rolling her over making sure she was looking in my eyes as I spit DIRECTLY IN HER FACE. The rest is a blur, but she didn’t come back to school for a few weeks, and when she did not only was she kissing ass BIG TIME, she was the most respectful person…I guess those scars kept her in check.

    I’m like DaThrone, I could walk away from a slap FAR more easily than spit…and someone slapping me in the face is a true inspiration for lighting the beast within me. I am a HUGE respect person, and I don’t disrespect people so I don’t expect anyone to disrespect me. I DARE someone to spit at me now that I’m older and wiser…because now I have the experience to make sure I maximize pain will minimizing my physical exertion… just saying BRING IT BITCHES!!!

  • shor5ty1

    If someone ever spit on me… I don’t think you would be able to pull me off they ass. I’m not one to look for trouble but some shit u just don’t do and that is definatlely one of them.

  • AnG

    I would black a bitch’s eye before her saliva even touched any part of my body. I don’t play that, nu uh, not one bit. If my mama caught me on TV lettin’ someone spit on me, she’d take it back to middle school with her old addage “either you beat them, or I beat you.” ’nuff said lol.

  • Tim

    My uncle in prison never taught me sh*t but one thing, never let anyone spit on you. So if someone that low on the totem pole was so adamant about spitting, then I knew anyone spitting on me deserves and *ss whooping.

  • Ms P

    I would be the LAST person that fool ever, ever spit on…

    And I must admit, I watch most of those trashy reality shows. It is my guilty pleasure…

  • http://www.chellbellz.com Chellbellz

    As soon as I saw it I thought to myself, I hope the White girl gets up and gives her a Proper Asswhooping. I never fight, but if anybody spit on me…I can tell you it would be WW III in here.

    I remember being on the Metro Bus, the Bus Driver didn’t stop for someone who was too far away from the bus stop. It was snowing real bad, and the man ran to the next station. He gets on the bus…and all we hear him doing is preparing his spit. We all thought he was sick or something…He gets off the bust, spits all this shit on the bus driver…the driver didn’t do anything but keep driving. the man got off the bus and kept walking….I couldn’t believe it…

  • Artivist

    This entire post made me laugh until I cried. The truth is if someone spit on me, I would slap them until my hand hurt. In New York state, spitting on someone is considered assault, and it definitely should be considered as such. Thanks for the laugh.

  • M.L.

    If some one spit on me, Pray to God that i seriously don’t hurt that person. To me it is the most disrepectufl thing you could do. But nobody has ever and will never spit on me.

  • Anonymous

    I actually watched that episode of bad girls club (i luv reality tv) and matalie spit on that girl bcuz she threw her stuff out the window I personally would have clocked her one but if someone spits on me that ass is mine

  • SaveMe

    I am a peaceful person and it takes alot to get me to off on a person but if someone had the balls to do that. I woulld call the police and let the cops deal with the person. A night in jail would go a long ways in teaching that person a leason.

  • sanqura

    I witnessed my younger sister spit on my brother and he restrained him self quite well. But I looked my sister dead on and told her if she EVER spit on me like she did our brother, she would be one DEAD BITCH!!! Dont get me wrong, I love my sister, but I would beat the living hell out of her and keep it moving. So you know what I would do to stranger if I would inflict pain and death upon my sister, and I love her!!
    Spitting on someone is the ultimate no- no… period!!!

  • da ThRONe

    Damn remind me never to piss Elle off!

    Hitman? Really?

    She’s going all Marvin Harrison on people.

  • skye

    No discussions, just a straight up fight/beat down!!!

    I generally keep my cool in most situations, but if u want to see me lose my gotdam mind u will spit on me. What?! Spit.On.me?!

  • Elle

    @Da ThRONe

    A boss never touches work ;)


    I don’t intend to get my hands dirty on some spitting b*tch.

  • da ThRONe


    Yes Ma’am!

  • bogart4017

    I carry bail money so i don’t mind dusting my knuckles off on anybody that shoots their dna my way.

  • http://perdita-thelostmusings.blogspot.com/ Perdita

    Hope you felt like dying today.

  • rwifey

    its disrespectful during sex as well! just depends on whether or not you are ok with humiliation in the sense

  • neo the one

    What would you do if someone spit on you?
    Honestly…. idk…. all i know is i may black out and come through surrounded in blood… spitting is the modern day form of challenging someone to a duel.. back in the day you smacked someone with a glove, went outside, got on your horse and dueled it out… @ the end of the day one us had to go!! (die.)

    Would you retaliate or turn the other cheek? um… yuuup!!!
    Do you think spitting on someone is the ultimate form of disrespect?
    read above…

    Does it actually show someone’s cowardice by resorting to such a weak action?
    I dont know if they knew how to respond of if thats thier genuwine response… or thinking of legal ramifications… but i know my mind wouldn’t be on any of that…

    Have you ever been spit on?

    Yep… as a kid… needless we were rumbling…

    Do you think that the people above didn’t respond because they were on TV?


    Should Natalie have been kicked out of the Bad Girls Club house for spitting like they do for physical violence?
    hells yea….

    Are you a reality TV junkie too?
    no i had my fill…..

    What’s the most disrespectful thing that someone has ever done to you?

    spit… thats the worst… the ultimate

  • jersey*girl

    Ok so now I’m like addicted to bad girl club… Them hoes are entertaining.. But anywho… The girl Kate.. That got spit on.. Spit on someone else.. At least that’s what the commercials lead to.. These girls are only doing this for the sake of TV. Them broads know that if they were dealing with someone in the street they would have been on the news as the drink girl who her shit rocked cause she spit on someone..

  • jersey*girl


  • http://www.youngbrothas.com YB

    Damn I remember when Tupac did that coming out of court, and the media’s reaction to him.

    As for the topic, if someone spits on you, you spit back, hit back, etc. You cant allow that to happen and not react.

  • J. Spiegel

    Spit in my face, and that’s a death sentence! No Question about it.

  • Simone

    Ultimate form of disrespect. Also, I must say that in that Bad Girls Club show, the girl Natalie spit on (Kate) actually spits on someone else in the next couple of episodes!! Kate spits on Kendra who retaliates by repeatedly spitting back in Kate’s face. I guess for reality TV it is a way to get to someone without hitting them and getting kicked off (meaning less publicity/money etc for you).

  • Unnamed

    I actually had my ex spit in my face and I’m a fighter. I would normally knock the bitch out, throw my drink in their face, throw a chair at them, you name it…. but in this situation I was just SO shocked that someone I loved did such a low thing to me, all I could do was turn my back to them. No physical altercation or anything, I just turned away. Thats how hurt and shocked I was.

  • http://nelietatravellingadventures.blogspot.com Nelieta Mishchenko

    I cannot begin to understand why someone would spit in another person´s face. That is so low and shows signs of disrespect. In fact I think it shows that the person in front of you means nothing. Such a bad thing to do. No excuse!

  • sweetnlow69

    o.k…I am looking for some answers..I am recently seeimg this guy..and the sex is awesome. We have discovered things about each other during sex. There are a few things I have realized that he does I really enjoy, but the other night we were in the moment. He was sitting on the couch and i was giving him oral and he was getting very into it…we both were.. he grabbed my face and was kissing me, so there was some passionate making out in the mist of it all, but all of a sudden he was kissing me then told me to open my mouth and I did and he blew a wad of spit in my mouth..I mean I am pretty wild and kinky and like the smacking in the face during all this but spitting in my mouth???…I never had that done to me before..later that night I texted him,.. sooo the whole spitting in the mouth thing??,,was that because my mouth was dry?..he said no that just means ur my B***h!…I dont really know what to think?..I just said to him..Oh is that ur way of marking me as ur territory?..lol…his response..LOL,,what do u all think of that???

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, it sounds like he watches too much porn and in his world that’s “sexy”. Everyone has their own kinky fetishes. The main thing is how you feel about it, if you take it as disrespectful let him know and no harm no foul, simple mistake in the heat of the passion. But if you’re into it and it actually turns you on then hey you may have found your new thing. But whatever way you go, please go with your true feelings on it and not do something that makes you feel dirty because he likes it.

      Spitting in the mouth wouldn’t fly for me, but if you like it, I love it.

  • Don Mansfield Jr

    When I was a senior in high school, I did spit on this bully because he wouldn’t stop bullying me no matter what, and then he punched me in the mouth and called me a GDSOB. I finally saw the rage on his face. Since then, I told my best friend about that and he got into an obsession with spitting (such as changing words to songs like “spit spit, spit spit spit”).