What Men Love About Women (Ass Men vs. Breast Men)

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Chick with booty out

They say all men really care about is T&A. That may or may not be the case, but most men do have a preference when it comes to the tempting T and amazing A. I for one am an ass man and I have no qualms about pronouncing that.

Cue Sir Mix-A-Lot: “I like big butts and I can not lie…

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a nice pair of perky breasts (because I oh so do) but I’m a self-professed booty hawker by nature. In fact, when it comes to my future-wife’s physical attributes a little junk in the trunk is an absolute given—that an head. Of course I’m looking for more from a prospective spouse than her “assets,” but I just can’t see myself spending my forever-ever with a woman that could be a body double for SpongeBob SquarePants.

I’m just saying.

Back in college I remember having a conversation with my man Trevor about my affinity for booty and he revealed that he was all about breasts. He actually had a pretty good argument as to why he was a diehard breast man. He said something to the effect of, “I have a butt and legs of my own, but I don’t have breasts.”

As hard as it is to argue with that logic, I’m still all about the booty. At the same time I’m not that vain where I’d totally dismiss a woman for lacking in her backing, because I’ve dealt with a woman or two that weren’t bootylicious—but even then they at least had a little somethin’-somethin’ to deal with.

With that in mind, I tend to be a bit of a chameleon when it comes to women. If you’re top heavy, I’ll cherish your chesticles. If you have amazing legs, I’ll bow down to your gams. If you’re a pretty chick, then I’ll just admire your beauty. Like one of my boys once told me, “As long as a woman has two out of three—ass, face or tits—I can deal with her.”

But am I alone in my booty appreciation? Probably not, but I decided to reach out to a few of my male friends for a T&A Q&A. I wanted to know how other men felt about females’ bodies and which curve got them riled up. As expected, my boys held nothing back and kept it all the way real.

“I’m an ass man, but more specifically a lower body man. I definitely subscribe to Kanye’s ‘she got an ass that can swallow up a G-string/And on top, two bee stings’ line. I don’t know what it is about a woman with a nice ass and thighs but I’ve just always preferred it. I think it’s something about the curves.”

“I’m a breast man. I was an ass man initially, but the last woman I was serious with converted me. I used to like the ass because I could check it out as the woman was walking away without looking like a perv. But I think the breasts are more versatile in terms of what you can do with them, and that’s worth the constant distraction of having to keep eye contact with a woman who’s got so much there.”

“I’ll always be an ass man. It doesn’t have to be a fat or wide ass. Sometimes the ass can reflect the chick’s personality. Certain chicks who know they have a fat ass have more swag, and certain chicks don’t know they have a fat ass, so they don’t realize the power they have with that ass. You can also dress up or dress down the ass, there’s a lot you can do with it. With breasts, women TRY to be as tasteful as possible, but it takes a lot more. A low-cut shirt looks less tasteful than some tight jeans in my opinion.”

“Ass man. Pause! I love curves. More for the imagination with a booty. The different shapes and sizes.”

“I’m a man who appreciates and prefers a woman’s ‘fluffy’ over the size of her rack. When I was younger it was the opposite, mostly because I think since birth men are attracted to breasts, but once I hit my teens, the booty became more appealing. I feel the booty is a woman’s sexist body part. It’s enduring, seductive and gives her a certain confidence that a woman with breast and no ass doesn’t have. Although I love a nice size—it doesn’t have to be Buffy status—fluffy, when it comes to courting a woman, for me, it begins and ends with her face. She can have the best booty on the planet, but if she’s not attractive I have no interest. At the end of the day, I still need to look in my woman’s eyes and think she’s one of the Lord’s best creations. So, over the booty and breast, how a woman looks is the most important trait that I’m attracted to. She can be thin and not too shapely, but because I’m that much attracted and in love with her beauty I will pursue that woman at all cost.”

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  • Anon

    HA! This is cute. I hope you do one for us…like long tongue or long dick, lol…

    I measure at 38-(28-31)-43
    The middle fluctuates from season to season, but it’s basically under control.

    I have always had more attention for my ass, but when I had my daughter, I went from a C to a D and that was all she wrote. I know how nuts you guys are about shapes bc I hear it ALL THE TIME…

    “Yo ma, you got a fatty” ; “damn baby, i’d like to lay on them pillows” it’s disgusting on the one hand and a itsy bitsy self esteem boost on the other ;-)

    If I must say so I am actually a little into my own ass. I like the way it looks in jeans and in my pencil skirts. Sort of a naughty secretary look. The only issue is when I am at functions and don’t want to really give off the “round the way fillet” look because of my job…but what can you do!

  • http://www.gangstarrgirl.com GangStarr Girl

    I have a lot of male friends and often get caught in the middle of these conversations, which are preety funny. But the thing is, men front like “I’m an ass man,” “I’m a breast man” when really y’all just like vag and will take what you can get in terms of assets. I’ve seen sooooo many self-proclaimed [insert-body-part -here-adamantly-men] chasing the total opposite of what they claim they love and when called out, what do you do? You find some excuse as to why you contradicted yourselves (“She has a pretty face,” “I like her legs” etc). Riiiight.

    And NWSO – You forgot to credit me. *Clears throat* Don’t act like you didn’t get the term “SpongeBob” (aka n’asatall) straight from my “Gangstarrpedia” section!

    P.S. Let’s not forget the “SpongeBob” you once had a jones for Mr. “Booty Hawker.” *rolls neck* Mmmhh

  • Ra-El

    I find this funny, interesting… Maybe a tad bit offensive, but… You caught me on a good day.

    I’ve met more men that are into ass, but perhaps its because I have ass *shrugs* I’ve always had hips, thighs & ass. Even at a young age. I only wear a b-cup, so I always say that what I lack up there, I more than make up for with the rest, lol.

    I don’t know why men always say “men are visual”… Wtf are we? We’re visual, too.

  • mizze

    I have a little booty..its not nothin major but it def aint no Spongebob.. I’m a full C small D cup so my chest isn’t over the top huge..I’m very porportioned so I’m happy with that.. I know its th internet and I won’t meet nobody on here but I really don’t feel the need to lie.. I have talked to guys who proclaim to be all about the ass but they have no problem gettin with me so I think that its a preference for a lot but if they meet a girl who they are feelin they won’t care about it too much

    Men prefer what they prefer.. Its all good.. I am very confident with myself and how I look so that is how I make up for it.. Zoe Saldana said it best “I have no tits, no ass, a big nose..and I can still go home with the hottest guy in the room”. Its all about confidence..I think men find a confident woman sexy! No man wants a woman who sits and nitpicks herself apart.

    Of course men treat you differently when you got the goodies out! They are more aggressive and sometimes cqn be a little bit more disrespectful thinkin you “easy”..but its all good..I love attention but I have been hit on with sweats and a wife beater..lol..

  • http://spinsterstravels.wordpress.com/ Spinster

    The men’s answers aren’t surprising at all.

    The woman in the 1st photo, her body is SICK. We need to switch bodies. :-|

  • mizze

    Thank you @ Ra-El.. That’s why I don’t get offended because women talk about all that stuff too so if chicks come in here gettin all defensive then there is some serious hypocrisy goin on

  • Shay from LAShay from…

    Both ;)

  • SaveMe

    I have alot of male friends that want to get laid. It does not matter to them. Which is part of the reason why I am a single female. I am looking for a guy that wants my mind as well as my boby

    • Oli_opu

      will u give me a chance to love you….008801198212253

    • Eric

      All men wants sex first the mind stuff comes after.

  • lola289

    lol… One thing I learned in 7th grade… “all guys want is 2 tits and a split!” Soooo true. No matter what the size its all the same… ;>

  • What Lola Wants

    Nope, not surprised at all. I’m a big ass – small chest (B-cup) lady and have always received attention b/c of that. So much to where it used to make me uncomfortable when I was younger – when I was in high school, I was a virgin and pretty much a goody-two-shoes but the guys used to SWEAR I was fucking b/c of the size of my ass… didn’t know sex made your ass spread, lol!

  • What Lola Wants

    Uh oh, was editing my comment and guess I took too long to finish :-O

    Anyway, the rest of the comment was that I love my body and appreciate the attention, as long as it doesn’t get disrespectful. “Yo ma, you got a fatty!” is not cute nor flattering. Us women love seeing your eyes pop out of your head and your tongues wag when we walk by, but just keep the comments and looks respectful, ya know?

  • http://msblackmanbriefing.wordpress.com CB

    These guys answers are hilarious…growing up I was a stick figure and went right past A, B, and C when I got to college…over the yrs it’s hilarious that I feel like my top half is getting smaller and I’m getting more attention for the back end…not that I’m complaining.

    I have just enough in both areas where I’m content and can hold my own.

    There are plenty of women like Buffy where I think their “assets” don’t even look natural, and if you can set a beer on it, sorry but that just looks out of proportion with most of the rest of their bodies.

  • Elle

    Not surprised at all. Boys will be boys.

    I think I have to agree with Gangstarr Girl: at the end of the day men care about coochie. Point blank. Or much like Katt Williams said: flat chest, no booty, stretch marks…they gonn’ hit it.

    I definitely must disagree with Mr.Jiggly. Playing with my breasts does not get me off, matter of fact it doesn’t do much to me at all. Now getting my ass rubbed, grabbed etc…..wooohooo….totally different story.

    • Anonymousblackswinger

      Not all guys are this way..most may be but I am one of the few that I have to have some chemistry to have sex with someone….sorry to burst your stereotype…

    • Fuck Asses!… wait no

      Really? I hate having my butt touched and I should like it ’cause all I really have going for me is my booty and wide hips. Idk, I don’t find anything at all sexual about it nor do I like anal sex. I always think of all the poop that needs to come out or all the hairy gay men fucking butts out there too… just weird and not sexy/hot/good dirty. I’d rather have my breasts slapped, groped, nipples pinched or bitten or licked. I’m sorry, but touching my ass is like touching my tummy or my feet. Sensitive and a lil ticklish, sure. But when a guy grabs my breasts and plays with my nipples, it’s like an electrical current is connected between that and something else. Ass was designed for one purpose, defecation. Okay, and maybe cushioning as well. And probably also to turn on our ancient ancestors who fucked from behind and hadn’t learned how to grow vegetables or build a house yet. Wild, uncivilized men who hadn’t learned evolved sex techniques and just had sex for the sake of procreation. Because the truth is doggy style is the oldest and most boring position of all.

      Breasts are fucking cool, they have like multi purposes and shit. They prevent your babies from starving, the left one protects your heart, they serve as secondary sexual organs, they get you free stuff and sometimes out of getting speeding citations (if you have something bigger than my mosquito bites, that is). Butts are just generally less clean than the titties and you can apply the same logic to breast-men as you can to ass-men, but with more disturbing results IMO. Maybe butt men were born with poop in their mouths and that’s why they get turned on by getting their dicks as close to it as possible?

      Also, boobs don’t accidentally fart during sex. Fuck, boobs don’t even fart at all. I think that’s a very important point that people miss out on…

      • me again

        ass-men as you can to breast men* ’cause everyone gets turned on by statements that make sense

  • neex

    Happy to be blessed in both areas, because of this men usually respond to either or both. I’m not the kind to dress provocatively but I guess its difficult to conceal my “assets” so I’ve received compliments as well as unwanted comments quite a few times – thank goodness for headphones!

    I agree with the others though, boys will be boys and their likes will vary depending on the women they meet, which is more or less what most of the guys said – they’ll compromise one for the other.

    I also agree with Elle – I find the whole boob thing a bit annoying – it doesn’t do much for me. But the booty…hmmmmmm

  • helliifiknow

    @Mr. Jiggly:

    Please give me a call.

    I have no ass to speak of and never did. While age has taken it’s toll on the girls for their size, they are still pretty perky. I gets no complaints.

  • capricorn

    Mr. Stay-Fluff speaks the truth.

    Before I had my daughter, I had C cups. Now they are a middle B. :( (while nursing, they got up to a D!!! LOVED IT!!) Always got compliments on my chest.

    My ass has been attracting comments since I was TEN. (I am now 33). I feel its lost some of its luster, but *shrug*.

    I am a breast girl. If he can lick, flick, squeeze them just right…. *whoosh*.. panties come OFF.

    • drea

      I’m sorry but you’ve been getting compliments since you were ten? That’s mad creepy like who compliments a ten yr old girl on her ass? Gross! I have a big ass and have since I was a kid b/c of genetics from my mom but I got compliments on it when I was in high school/college, not when I was a little girl!

  • ThatChickNik

    LMAO!! This was TOO funny! Moreover, I loved how many of them deviated from the specific question by expressing that they are ultimately attracted to other attributes of women (smile, eyes, etc.). Good post!!

  • Teezie

    I have been blessed to have both. But I get more attention from my breasts I was a “D” in high school and now a “DD!” And these puppy won’t stop growing.

    I’m not surprised by those answers. I have heard them all my life. I have no complaints when I show off my assets. I don’t go out much but when I do ……………. most of my conversations are done to my breast! And not my face.

  • http://www.dondivamag.com j starr

    I love this topic, yet I feel if you asked different races you’d get different answers.

    I was blessed with both. So when I am dating a guy I have to ask him which kinda man he is. More recently because of who I am with and what he does with them in the bedroom I’m obsessed with my breasts. Usually though when I’m in jeans or a skirt I know men are checking out the back pack. Lol.

    In my opinion a fatty is nothing without round hips and nice thighs. That to me is the tri-fecta. The trinity, if you will.

    At the end of the day though the biggest compliments are the ones directed to my eyes, my smile, my beauty in general and overall demeanor than just an isolated body Part.

    Better yet, compliment my intelligence :)

  • DC Man With a Plan

    Yo, Saveme…WE do want you for your mind–just not FIRST! @ Ra-El…..Even though we “caught you on a good day” I don’t see how any woman can catch a ‘tude’ about sexual references to a woman’s body. We sell everything from cars to soap using mostly women’s bodies as a backdrop. It doesn’t make it ‘right’ but it damn sure is normal and therefore acceptable, especially if done in good taste. And the gazillions of dollars and time women spend primping and tryin to be “cute” isn’t for the benefit of the girl down the hall–it’s for attention, or at least some degree of being noticed by MEN. A nice proportioned azz is smoking, IMO. You can dress it up, make it perky, get that bounce going. THERE is nothing like a sista, that has that not exaggerated bounce, but side to side, rhythmic bounce. That shyt is sexy. Stop traffic sexy. Breasts can’t do that unless you virtually put them bad boys out to the nipple. Azz is kinda subtle, which is ALWAYS more sexy. And you can see a nice azz when a woman is still; when she’s walking; when she’s sitting. Azz and thighs go together and work in tandem. Breasts are cool. Breasts are more likely to sag; to need surgical attention as a woman get’s older. Azz can be bangin for decades. Not so with breasts, especially after kids. But when it’s all said and done…Women are just a wonderful addition to the human race!

  • greatmimzy

    Yeah not surprised nor offended by the panel’s comments. (BTW I love when you refer to your “think tank”, lol) Anywho, I must say and agree with previous statements, a man may have a preference but as long as you’re a WOMAN (and he’s into women) he will find something he likes about ya. I, myself, am blessed on top (44 DD) so the twins always get mad love and I got a lil sumthin in the back. But like in one of your previous post I commented on (I think Fall ’08), there seems to be conflict (sometimes, not all) when you are built nicely and being taken seriously. Guys love the Buffie or Cherokee body, but IMO a lot don’t marry those body types. What are some thoughts on that. (And I’m not knocking any woman we are ALL beautiful creatures) Nice post, as always!

  • Rastaman

    “I like big butts and I cannot lie” let me amend that, I like a woman with a shapely behind. I am no breast man but I can appreciate a nice pair, had an ex who indeed had perfect breast, 36C and shaped like tear drops. Another amendment, I like nice looking women…I was told a long time ago that every woman is beautiful in her own way and as a man I have come to greatly appreciate that beauty.

    But left to my own devices, I am a butt and thigh man, I have dated more than a few women with bee stung tits but “noassatall” I will admit will be very difficult for me to overlook, no matter how personable. There something about hourglass hips, curyy butt cheeks and them meaty thighs that make a shiver go up my spine, everytime she walks by. I am such a connesieur that I was able to ID women walking ahead of me on the street by their ass, NO JOKE!!

    Regarding what you can do with breast, I use to think the same thing too but I have encountered women who orgasm from getting their breast licked…the lady with the teardrops was the first and another lady was alos just as gifted. So the ultimate for an ass man who has learned to appreciate breast(s) is all the blessed women out here, rocking that natural T&A, you know who you are, just know I see you and I am coming….

  • P-la

    No, I’m not surprised by some of the men’s answers. However, I now realize that men are so visual and highly selective about our lady lumps.

    As for me, no, I’m not a SpongeBob candidate. I’ve been blessed to have both T & A. NTL, I have a few friends that do not have both. The latest thing one friend has done to compensate for her lacking A is to buy a pair of booty panties.

    Yes, I have found that some men will treat you differently when you show off your assets. But, I’ve noticed that a SMILE and a cute figure goes a long way these days.

  • mizze

    Lol @ these comments..i

    @DC Man With a Plan: you must aint seen the aases I have on older woman..them bad boys drop too!! I’m sorry..lol..no, not as much as tits but trust I’ve seen some that make me praise GOD my butt isn’t THAT big but you do have a point!! THAT’S also why I’m glad I aint got no DD’s either..lol

    I agree wit the other people too cuz a man will say that want a Beyonce bitch but be walkin down the street with Chanel Iman, still.a pretty girl but their bodies are completely different!!

  • mizze

    Lol @ these comments..i

    @DC Man With a Plan: you must aint seen the aases I have on older woman..them bad boys drop too!! I’m sorry..lol..no, not as much as tits but trust I’ve seen some that make me praise GOD my butt isn’t THAT big but you do have a point!! THAT’S also why I’m glad I aint got no DD’s either..lol

    I agree wit the other people too cuz a man will say that want a Beyonce bitch but be walkin down the street with Chanel Iman, still.a pretty girl but their bodies are completely different!! That’s because she has a vagina!!

  • http://sleep-is-the-cousin-of-death.blogspot.com/ Tunde

    i like both but if i had to choose i would say that i’m an ass man over a titty man. i would like proportion. the ass doesn’t even have to be that big but i would like for it to be well defined. as far as breasts as long as they are nice looking all i need is a mouthful.

  • http://www.deejayceo.com DJ CEO

    Personally I am a whatever her best asset is kind of man. But then also you appreciate an ass more or tits more depending on the situation. I mean if you are hittin from the back breast don’t mean shit. You want a phat ass. But if she’s riding you, those breasts are right there. You want some bounce.

  • The Duchess

    I am perfectly proportioned in both departments :)

  • Ozymandius

    Coochie is all good, but in a less-than-attractive package, forgettaboutit.

    Personally, I can’t hit up what I’m not attracted to, I’d probably throw up (on her) :P

    -Proud Member of the No Fatties Organization (NFO)

    • 6″1/2

      Douche lol NFO???

  • Soulyn

    I luv me a breast man. The feeling of having them sucked, bitten, licked; ooooh turns me on. Smacking my ass doesn’t do it for me.

  • Amber

    I agree with Spinster about the first pic that girls body is SICK!

    I have always received attention because of my ass. I am very happy with it!

    When I work out my emphasis is to lift it but NEVER to make it hard (soft to the touch always).

    FYI: Many women don’t get off with breast manipulation its actually a small percent

  • menluvmysmile

    Not suprsied at all, from the responses. I just love what I have, but of course I would prefer to have an ass with some ‘weight on it’ but you just gotta work with what you have, and I do!

    I agree with what Elle says about men just wanting the cooch, so true!

    Either way very cute post!

  • pre-med

    I love my body… But I know that my best assets are my ass, thighs, and my smile.. And I don’t care what non of these men tell you they like.. If any of them saw a women walking with a big ass.. They’ll find her attractive.. Maybe not enough to approach her.. But still attractive..

  • Anonymous

    Haha this is a great post, especially for me because I have DDs and not much booty. I’ve always wondered if the guys who were attracted to me just couldn’t deal with the fact that I am lacking a little in the butt area, but I also have never gotten complaints. Even though I don’t have much booty I still like it to be smacked and my tatas to get played with. So, basically, whether you are a T or A man, I prefer for mine to get equal attention.

  • Gemini

    I have a Bigg Butt Hips and Legs to match. Small waist (depending on the week of the month. LOL!) Thank GOD for the the A-Line dress!

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Not to jock, but dude. Who IS that in the first pic? I will propose today.

  • da ThRONe

    I was at the casino(all nite last nite but thats neither here nor there) but they had this waitress a sista and her breast was just trying to bust out of her outfit. Very distracting for the record. Her ass wasnt bad either. But for a man who would invest more in bottom assets than top ones I was hypnotize by this womens breast. I try not to be a “typical guy” but she was so turning me on and I felt helpless to resist(not that I was trying hard).

    And Im with Potato ole girl in that pic is so my everything! lol Ofcourse thats only if she has a great personailty.

  • da ThRONe

    Call me a freak but I love to bite booties. It’s a hard decision. I guess I lean more toward what the girl Im dealing with has. Im a survivor and I make the best out of every situation. Right now I would just take a women period she doesnt have to be stack just not obese.

  • Shay from L.A.

    I like to bite it too!

  • Shay from L.A.

    Girls, not boys!

  • http://www.dondivamag.com j starr

    What do bi/ lesbians prefer? Curious to know what those sans penis think of other women?

    I know my answer…. :)

  • DC Man With a Plan

    I ain’t madatcha at ALL, Pre-med…lol Toot that damn horn! And yeah, I’m with Dathrone and potato w/Jive; that lady in the top pic…..THAT’s the kinda azz I’m talkn bout! Well proportioned, Not too, too out of ordinary but sexy and tight! She can get it for SHO and have me HAPPY to bring my check str8 home and be ready to do chores and shyt!

  • da ThRONe

    LOL @ Shay from S.F.

    for clearing the air on the booties she bites!

  • Kwana AKA OrangeStar AKA Phoenix7

    LLS, your friends are crazy!!!!

  • SassyNoLA

    i have a normal sized ass and huge breasts. luckily, the girls don’t overwhelm my frame cause i’m tall (5’11). however, i would definitely shift proportions to even things out. i’m already saving for my breast lift and that’s not okay in my early twenties. lol.

    might be a souther thing, but men in the south like beautiful women period. whatever you got on you that’s beautiful, they will fall in love with and obsess over. but the general hierarchy for southern men seems to be: face, breasts, hair, ass. ass is very much appreciated but i think it’s last on the list because it’s so ubiquitous in the south- it’s all the redbeans and rice and cornbread i think.

  • neo the one

    i like both…. ass looks good… feels good…. but i like to play w/breasts…. maybe my moms didn’t breast feed me or something…. size doesnt matter in breasts but booty does…. a big booty is like a guady pair of rims on a car… crazy but thats just me….

  • TaiTai

    LOL @ this ENTIRE post and the comments!
    Eve said it–“oohs and aahs, 5’7, thick in the thighs”…that’s me. I’ve got a very healthy rack too. I find that the attention I get is regional; up North the “dirty pillows” get all the love. But when I lived down South, my azz and thighs were what dudes were checking for. Oddly enuf, my ass isn’t really “big” by southern standards, but dudes in the midwest and east cost cats find my ass plenty big. *shrug*
    I would ask the readers about ratio tho; like, is a big ass still impressive if girl gotta gut? At what point does the tummy negate the ass and/or the tittays? Is there a formula? LOL
    Is 46-32-48 okay?

  • pre*med

    @ DC man with a plan.. Confidence is key baby!!
    @ da throne.. You are too funny.. Get your own blog!!

  • Righteous Mama

    Men. So funny. I’m definitely one of those ladies who can have an orgasm from licking the breasts alone. lol. Only had one ex that understood it and gave it to me regularly without me having to explain or ask. Once he realized it, he worked it. That’s the only thing he was really good at though. damn.

    @ Tai-tai 46-32-48. Lawd, girl! LOL.

    Ans, between the aliases you gave your friends and their candid comments, I got a good laugh today. Thanks.

  • da ThRONe

    Damn with you ladies are talking about I love it to have my nipples worked. I dont know about the big O but it sure helps in getting me there. In case any ladies want to get some of this pent up frustration! ;)

  • Just Beautiful

    I got 2 outta three and ass aint one of them. I’m not flat as hell but I aint Kim Kardashian either. You can get two scoops though. I am a 38 D. I used to be a life guard and all I ever got/get from admirers was/is,”Damn, you got some pretty ass titties.” So maybe I got ass too! Next to my smile, they’re the prettiest things on me if I do say so myself. No complaints (at least not to my face.)

  • Mimi in the OC

    Definitely in the Face and Ass department (34 – 24 – 40) with the classic hips/thighs/small waist combination. Yeah I guess you just wanna work with what you got.
    Although I hated having small Teetays when I was younger (I’m over it now, no surgery for me)

  • Kaizen

    Enjoyed this one…
    Definitely do one for us ladies…what’s more important big dick or nice tongue.

  • da ThRONe


    Now thats just nasty! LOL :P

  • http://nwso.net NWSO

    LOL @ the fellas tryna holla at the woman in the first photo.

    Sorry, guys I have no idea who she is, I just found her on the Internet. lol

  • http://perdita-thelostmusings.blogspot.com/ Perdita

    I have a big ass and have gotten a lot of attention with it, and my breast were a nice B cup for the longest until recently now I am a D. Love your think tank!

  • Artivist

    LOL. Men… Gotta love them!

  • http://thisbugslife-in-words.blogspot.com/ This Bug

    “You can also dress up or dress down the ass, there’s a lot you can do with it.” LM(ASS)O. Mr. Personality had me rolling- perhaps because it was such a sincere statement. But actually, I have to say that I’ve seen a really big ass dressed up in a long gown & she was so voluptuous that she failed in the elegance department- but I’m not a dude so I can only give a (fashion conscious) hetero woman’s perspective. I’m sure she drove alot of brothers wild that night- but it just looked awkward.

    Now let’s get down to brASS tacks…I’m not surprised by answers on here nor am I a Sponge Bob candidate. As it turns out- I have a pretty even figure 8. Below is just slightly bigger than up top.

    But ladies need to know their bodies and understand what clothing compliments them. Or else they will be treated differently. Not so much because of proportions but how its displayed. I remember your past post about women with bigger asses getting less respect- and sadly it’s true to some extent. It boils down to how you carry yourself. Also, it was mentioned above that a woman with extra junk back there may have more swag. That may not be necessarily true unless constant sexual advances and enough “GOTDAM GIRL!!!” comments actually swells the head bigger than the booty.

    BOTTOMline…everyone has their preference and that’s cool.

    Great post. I got some laughs.

  • http://metanotherfrog.com/category/sam-sharpe/ Sam Sharpe

    LOL @ Mr. By the Numbers, a 7 with a nice ass is still a just a 7….

    I’m a legs and ass man myself. And not just one kind of booty. As long as it has a nice little shape and isn’t flat like a pancake I’m cool.

    The legs and the ass are the foundation. Breasts are like a cherry on top of a sundae–not necessary, but a fun addition.

  • and she used to be the sweetest girl.

    i’m seventeen and i still have a while to GROW. right now i’m in a 32D. i want little boobies though. i can’t wear what i want too because i don’t want EVERYBODY to stare at my boobs. i want a big ass too. lol.



  • AGK

    39.5 – 30 – 41 , thank you God for blessing me with both. Lol

  • Anonymous

    This post has surely made my nite with all the different responses that I have read…me personally don’t feel like my ass is as big as I would like it to be, but I guess it depends the shape as well and the preference of whose lookn…I feel as long as u have a hand/mouth full ur good to go. Im just thankful to have a lil bit of everything…breast, thick thighs, and ass….as far as one stimulating me more than the other that depends on the person which whom I’m dealing with…I luv for my breast to be licked, sucked, bitten, massaged gently as well as my ass slapped with some authority…all of those and more will definitely get me off, but not everyone has the same touch….

  • shor5ty1

    i feel ya on that 100%

  • BMW2K

    Hella funny. LMAO

  • artsyheartsy

    I have DDDs and a fabulous ass. I love them both but can say in my observation most black men are all about ass but ain’t mad at the added bonus of a nice rack… Annoyingly they often express these preferences with not much grace and tact…

  • http://www.youngbrothas.com YB

    You cant lose either way…

  • wasabi29

    I really wish I have an ass. But I’m Asian, nothing much I can do about it. We weren’t genetically modified for the whole ‘coke bottle’ body. I’m just thankful that I have a nice pair of rack above. I’ve got a nice pair up there, thick thighs , a little tummy but when it comes to ass, a little bit flat.


    The things I’d do to get Kim K’s body.

  • DC Cookies

    If we are talking about all black men here, then no, I am not surprised by their answers. The majority of the answers chose ass.

    I have been appreciated for the ass and tits because I am proportional. I compensate for my lack of “big ol booty” with 34 DD’s.

    Men treat me the same. No different.

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  • Suzy

    I find the whole boob thing a bit overated – it doesn’t do much for me.. I have DDDs But the booty…hmmmmmm.. I love my booty to be rubbed smacked etc….

  • Whatsamattayou

    I get the most attention from foreign, older black males only and white males of all ages. The 20/30 year old black males don’t seem to care much for me which I find funny. I always see them gawking at the booty-ful ladies only. I’m a 5’7 extremely flexible-LOL Yoga addict with an athletic slim frame similar to Jada Pinkett-Smith and Zoe Saldana with humble sized B cups. I get called out for having a small derriere sometimes but I’m not going to love myself any less and run out to get silicone shots so I can’t sit down for 3 months lol

  • http://el_sobreviviente_polo@hotmail.com josue

    look mami just be ya self thank God for what he gave you and of coorse be careful to not show too much around the guys cuz we will always say something,even if you dont got a ass.. feel me?

  • Lukbuk

    @greatmimzy: My perfect woman (i.e., wifey) is one with a banging trifecta (ass, hips & thighs) but who doesn’t know how banging her body is or doesn’t fully understand its impact. Most women with banging bodies have had their personalities shaped by all the attention they’ve gotten on the come up, which just ruins the personality & her wifey potential (unless a brother is mad superficial). When I see a woman who aint trying to hard to show off her body, and yet it still screams at me…thats a potential wifey. We all know that the booty will hook you, but the personality will keep you in the game for the long haul.

  • Lukbuk

    At the end of the day, just like women do, men adjust to their options. If a brother’s portfolio aint too strong, he could love ass as much as I do, and he will be dating Ms. Spongebob…talking about how “she’s so cool, though.” What worries me is that I only used to have to worry about competition from the brothers, but nowadays, a nice ass passes by and old, young, white and even Asian dudes are turning to get a 2nd look. J-Lo, Beyonce, etc. done opened the floodgates. To me it’s a no-brainer…the lower half is where femininity is defined. The girls I date couldn’t possibly ever be confused for men. As long as I’ll have the option, I’ll have a bubble close by.

  • GuitarBoy

    Haha, I LOVE titties! I like a girl with a nice ass, but the problem with an ass is that it’s either 100% perfect, or its unacceptable. Tits are always hott.

  • SweetTemptation

    My I’m a 38DD and I have an ample booty that came from working out. So being someone who’s got the best of both worlds I think T&A work well as a tandem and I can’t imagine how any man or woman would prefer one over the other.

  • Shana

    Well I have a bigg but nd is well shaped nd juicy nd no saggy buh I also hav boobs too not small at all buh not huge nd I noticed that my butt gets wayyy more attention then my breast ^^

  • missa

    34C-23-33 i’ve never gotten any complaints, personally i like it rougher on my tits and light spankings on my ass. I like both to be teased too. But, i am more of a tit chick myself. They are fun to watch get hard, stop and make her beg for more, stick your face in them, theyre soft, easier and less taboo to suck, plus it shows a chick’s personality depending on how she flaunts them.

  • Person McExisting

    i am a boobs man. i mean, it’s their ass… they take a sh!t from there, dude! i was in a dance lesson today, and all the girls had to wear revealing, strapless dresses. really? REALLY?!

  • Yaya

    lol yeah I heard it all my life as well….so I don’t take offense….men tell me that they are ass man and then be mesmerized by my Gs….Ladies we knw what it is …thats why we flaunt it

  • Yaya

    lol yeah I heard it all my life as well….so I don’t take offense….men tell me that they are ass man and then be mesmerized by my Gs….Ladies we knw what it is …thats why we flaunt it

  • Shiva

    For me its all about hip to waist ratio. My Ideal women physically: Alice Eve (actress), Sofi A. & Katie Fey (nude models @ Met-Art), and Scarlett Johansson….big boobs yet still quite thin. No rolls, just the uber feminine body.

    I’m also into feet…emma stone and isla fisher are two good examples of how I like em.

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  • http://twitter.com/SonjaTierney Sonja Pixie Tierney

    My guy is an ass man all the way, ass and legs! But he’s not shallow. I have some killer legs but not so much a nice backside. It’s not unshapely, just not a lot to it. :/ (I’m a jew, lol) I’m a super sized titty chick….. My guy doesn’t even go for breast meat… LOL how did I score my sexy ass black man!? I guess you love who you love bc believe me, I never liked a black guy before him and he never liked a chick with such big titties and almost no booty…. Joke was on us. Been together since 2010 & still going strong. :)

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  • danny

    i like the ass, thighs, legs then breasts lastly because any woman can have a nice pair of breasts with no ass and i won’t be interested but it’s much more difficult to have a nice ass/legs. the chest doesn’t matter to me. don’t get me wrong, i love breasts but they aren’t the very first thing i look at. actually the smile is very first then eyes,hair then i’ll check out the walk, ass, legs mmmmm breasts are way last. personality sets it all anyways….. but if we’re talking a woman just walking by without speaking, then yes, it’s definately her walk, her ass in a pair of tight jeans, her legs, thighs ,mmmmmm

  • Anonymousblackswinger

    It doesnt matter to me I like proportion, and the physical can only get you so far, I have delayed ejaculation, it’s going to take a lot more than just the physical. There has to be some chemistry….

  • plummer

    if my women dont give me her ass hole were done right there .

  • shineonme

    I blessed with both nice ass and a pair of perky boobs. my boobs is not huge not tiny either, I like them the way it is.

  • Anonymous

    Well I have always felt small chested (parcially has to do bc my breast are flat)even though I’m a c now I was always a b growing up.The reason I went up a size was because of my sweet tooth.Never the less I’ve always had a nice ass or so I’ve been praised about its nice I suppose but Ive heard men who are into breast have mommy issues if so what does it mean when they are into buttocks?