Does Size Matter? (What Women Say Behind Men’s Backs)

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Last week I reached out to my male think tank to see what men love about women’s bodies—booty or breasts? The results were very interesting, to say the least.

Early on, though, some of the female readers made a request: “I hope you do one for us…like long tongue or long dick, lol…”

I’m always up for a battle of the sexes so turning the tables on the fellas was definitely something I was interested in doing. However, tongue vs. dick just didn’t seem to be the right analogy for the T&A Q&A.

I ruffled through my thoughts about the right poll for my female think tank and it came to me when I was flipping through channels and happened upon Juwanna Mann (probably on BET SMH). I doubt many folks have seen this B-movie or remember much of the plot, but the lead character got banned from the NBA and winds up dressing in drag to make money in the women’s league.

There was this one scene in particular where Juwanna (the guy in drag) and her/his teammates were in a hotel room having “girl talk” when the conversation turned to men. Basically, Juwanna, who again was really a guy, was getting to be a fly on the wall for a no holds barred convo on the male species.

A bunch of things women found sexy and pet peeves were revealed, including stuff like why men never call when they say they will. In an attempt to keep up, Juwanna tried to chime in:

“And what about when some men like to brag about the size of their manhood? When we know it ain’t the size of the boat, baby, but the motion of the ocean… Can I get a hallelujah?”


“What you talking about, Juwanna,” someone finally responded. “The size of the boat don’t matter? I want the Titanic.”

“You got that right,” the rest of the girls chimed in.

We’ve all heard that same saying before and, for the most part, a lot of men believe it. Shoot, I’m an average man and I make it do what it do.

But wait, do I?

If there was any truth to that Juwanna Mann scene and women want the Titanic, then my luxury yacht might not be enough. **Kanye shrug** At least I don’t have a tugboat.

At any rate, I’ve never had any complaints—at least not to my face—but it got me to wondering: Does size really matter?

I hit up my female think tank and got another interesting mix of answers…

“Yes, size matters—a lot. But it’s not length that matters (as much) as it is girth. I mean, don’t get me wrong, and excuse my being blunt, but a dude with a super short but really thick one won’t do either… I think I’ve said enough.”

“Yes, size matters. I have been blessed to have blessed brothers in my life. Once you’re used to 7″ and better a smaller man just doesn’t do it for you anymore. I remember breaking up with a Mandingo and going to an ‘avi’ (average sized bro). When I looked at it I immediately thought about what I was missing! Not that the sex sucked, but I was disappointed. No disrespect to the small men, I just like what I like. Nice, thick, sexy chocolate that’s 7″ or better, please. Also, a big dick will have you doing things for no reason, like, ‘Why did I just serve him breakfast in bed? Oh, yeah, ’cause he swinging, baby!’ LOL Big guys aren’t all good in bed but automatically they feel better. Smaller guys are better for anal and might be better at oral. So if anything you can exploit each person’s talent.”

“Some well-endowed men don’t know how to use what they’ve got and some smaller than average men know how to make up for it. BUT at the end of the day, if a man is too small, anatomically speaking, there are spots within a woman’s body he just can’t reach. *Womp, womp* Which leads me to my next related point; good sex DOES matter in a relationship. Anyone who says otherwise has never been in a relationship with bad sex. Period.”

“Whatever woman says it’s not about the size of the boat but about the motion in ocean is 1) Loves her dude to death, 2) Had a dude that had some dope tongue game or 3) Was with a dude that really wasn’t THAT tiny so he got a pass made possible by 1 and 2. Now, to be clear, I was one of those who talked the motion in the ocean foolishness, too, UNTIL I got a brotha with size and then thought to myself: ‘What the fuck was I thinking?!’ Like the saying goes, ‘Once you go Black you can never go back.’ Well, once you go big, it’s super-size me from then on.”

CLICK HERE to continue reading more honesty from the ladies…

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  • I’m Just Saying

    Size matters most of the time. Recently broke up with the perfect “good on paper” guy (reasons why for another post) who had a short and thin penis. In the back of my mind, I knew there was a slight chance I’d cheat if presented with a better option. And I’m similar to Ms. Soft and Pink, I need love for sex to feel good.

    Kinda separate note, an old boyfriend told me vaginas are different sizes (at age ~30). Never occurred to me. Guess there is such a thing as goldi-cocks. Just the right fit from one person.


    • Man pov

      You can’t imagine what it feels like to be so helpless. To be the one missing out on being a man. To want to die because your a punch line in a shitty joke made by the world. Most guys wont leave a woman just because she has small tits or a flat ass. Its unfair that we get jusged in suxh a fassion yet i understand the need for pleasure ao i cant be mad at wonen for being who they are. I can only be mad that not all men are born to accommodate the average woman. We all know the truth about what women want. We need to work together the world as a whole to find an answer as to how we can fix the problem. I don’t understand why the top scientist and great thinkers haven’t put more effort into finding a way to make all men equal in the nether region. The world needs an uprising to address the issue and demand answers. As opposed to breeding out average guys by natural selection

      • Silvia

        Breeding by natural selection, lol! If I like you, I like you. If I feel good around you, it’s because I feel at ease and and happy and really if I’m in love, I’m just happy to be with the guy. So the sex wi be pleasing because we are naked and we love each other.

  • Spinster

    That Rihanna picture is fucking hilarious.

    Nothing else to say, will be lurking. :-|

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    I am a self-proclaimed size queen!!

    Once you go big, you can no longer deal with a twig!

    I have had a MAGNUM XL (mouth watering now) and I haven’t been right ever since. Meaning, no one is ever BIG ENOUGH.

    I don’t care about oral sex, I wan’t a BIG STICK and not the popcicle.

    • Blurrrr

      Gods gift to the earth? You ain’t my fuckin gift!

    • Blurrrr

      Gods gift to the earth? You ain’t my fuckin gift!

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    What would you do if you found the perfect man in every way except he wasn’t packing anything worthwhile down below?

    I met a guy that gave me THE BEST head EVER!

    When we finally had sex… yeah, let’s just say that I stopped talking to him and his teeny weeny :(

    • The_Dude

      Wonder if dudes are thinking your tit is smaller than the other, or that your pussy is so stretched out nobody wants to have sex with you because it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or fucking a glass of water? Seems too many women are ungrateful. Honestly it doesn't matter in the long run. If you like dying alone keep complaining.

      • Yepp

        Hahahaha damn! I have never heard the glass of water one before. Thats kind of fuckin funny.

      • Yepp

        She sounds like a stupid filthy whore.

        • Silvia

          Rather, she is who she is and has a different opinion.

      • little john

        What a scum bag,,,and i am i guy. I get it actually. And when women finally start telling the truth,,,men call them whores or sluts…..thats crazy. Its the one thing men cant buy lol,,,cause they can buy new hair, new cars,,,better erections with viagra,,,even plastic surgery for fat or face,,,buut you cant buy a bigger dick!!!!! Which means this guy prob has one. lmao,,,Hey secretly all women want a 5.5 inch dick,,,,really, trust me, wink, wink, lmao,,,and those that try dick enhancement thru surgery,,,,good luck,,,most dont work anymore,,,and look bad. These women will not die alone,,,,they will mate with men with bigger cocks than you,,and their offspring will also be hung…in other words,,thier son will have a bigger dick than you,,,by the time he is only 14…:)

    • Kissygirljenny

      I agree with you.  I like a guy with a lot to offer!  I am a white girl, but I am turned on by the nice bulge i always see in black mens pants!  Makes me drool, but when i am with my white boyfriend, i dont look.  (Love ya, black guys!!!)

      • Mlouanchi

        even white men are big. you white women go after blacks because u are desperate, and are not attrative to white men. u must have a black wall tunnel down there. i do not want u near me.

      • Don Dressel

        not all black guys are big as you think! My black friends have told me this but on the other hand I hear black women are a much better fuck then white women how about that?

    • thefuckingtruth

      the only reason you are even alloud to think like this is that simply men havent created our standard of a “real” women. imagine if guys just said peice out to you because you have love handles i wish i had the chance to just rip you up verbally i would put you in a whole other state of emotional anguish of wich you have not known before. thats how you pimp these hoes fellas. she say my average dick is tiny well chances are i say she needs to lose wweight and say her titties are too small and her ass is too droopy/cottage cheese and take every single shot i can at every single one of her flaws because pretty much thats what the women just did to the guy. men just need to quit being bitches. women fought for equal rights for a reason, men need to give them that shit and quit being so nice.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    LMAO @ the BONUS small penis links :D

  • mizze

    YES SIZE MATTERS!! There is no tip-toe’ing, tryin to protect nobody’s feelings type thing.. it does.. I say this because I have been with the rainbow of penis’ when it comes to size.. i have had just about everything. I have had small, long-but-thin, small-but-thick, average, above average and I-think-I-am-going-to-need-a-hysterectomy… And average to above average are the ones that I have had the most “fun” with and got the most satisfaction from.

    Like one of your ladies said, if you are too small then there are spots you can hit, and if you are to thin then i really cant feel you because that girth is REALLY what it is…lol.. And NO just because he has a mandingo dick does not mean that he is going to be good!! Sorry, but thats not true..There are positions you cant get into with a man thats too big because it really does hurt..(I got a hair-line fracture on my cervix because of that so ummmmm I do know what Im talking about)..

    I wholly believe in test drivin that joystick before REALLY gettin into it because I do not care what anyone says, for both sexes, sex is a big deal.. A vibrator and dildo can only go so far, you want to enjoy YOUR man and HIM gettin you know? i would understand if a man said the same thing about a woman being weak in bed and leavin her for it.. sex is a deal breaker in some relationships..thats just reality

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

      • reini

        So rude G. You attack people for stating their preference. Crawl back in the hole.

    • Landria

      I find it interesting how men get vilified when they mention they don’t want fat women. Females invariably will groan on about how shallow the men are, how they’re attaching value to superficial things (ie: looks), etc. And then you read something like this, where women are revealed to be just as shallow — even more so when you consider that height, penis size, etc. are things that, unlike weight, can be controlled — than men ever are. Funny.

  • SaveMe

    Size does not matter as long as the guy really knows how to take care of all a womans need

    • Toya


  • da ThRONe

    Its funny most females are so disappointed. Because most of the women I have slept with sex was wack. So some of you probably think your the only one who came away disappointed when the feeling was probably mutual.

    Not surprized GG have so much to say! :|

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

      • kam

        To me you sound like you must have a really small dick and/or your sex game sucks because you are attacking everyone who states their preference. 

        • Toya

          I agree w/ Kam. This was a post for women to comment anyway. Looks like the pot called the kettle

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

  • neex

    Most of of the women you slept with were wack@Da Throne? No sex is bad, but bad sex is awful!!

    Average to bigger than average is my preference. I’ve had huge…he was wack…so its more about the man attached to it than the size.

  • BangShang

    wow this pass week these post hits home…lol. I started seeing a guy i grew up with and when it came down to sex he could only give “oral delight” he was so small he looked like a newborn. So for me size matter.

  • booboonotthefool

    I did a post about this on my own blog, Forgive me for the shameless plug.

    I agree that size matters, but I think a lot of the fallout has to do with how he hyped himself. If he told you something that got you all hot and bothered and you got to the room and he didn’t deliver, he disappointed you twice. Mentally and physically. He killed a fantasy, and maybe he wasted your time. Like Momma said, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame out you. I think that can be enough for a woman not to WANT to work with you (even though some women love a man enough to look at those links and try out a thing or two).

  • MekMek

    i say hell yeah size matters!! Dont get me wrong now i like what Gods gift to earth said once you get a man that use nothing but a mag-xxl and they know what they doing (whoa)u dont want a man with a small one.If they can give good head and then they disappoint you with what he got down there y keep going.I had that disappiontment and y fake it just tell them 2 stop.Be real!!

  • NWSO

    @God’s Gift & MekMek & the rest of the ladies,

    Let me ask a follow up question:

    So is the “disappointment” of seeing a lesser man, whether that’s average or teeny weeny, what makes the sex bad? Like, you’re so used to a XXL-guy that when you see anything lesser you mentally check out or do you go into it with a open mind like maybe he can do something?

    Just seems like from your responses that no man that ain’t packin’ a Mack truck (or Titanic) has a shot at pleasing you ever.

    @Da ThRONe

    Help me out, would a guy do the same to a girl’s breasts? Like, oh man, her boobs are small, this si gonna be wack!


  • Skye Blue

    No matter what a man is working with he definitely has to have skills to get the job done right. Having said that, when it comes to a dude’s endowments my general rule is:

    He doesn’t have to be BIG, but his junk should fill me up TIGHT – with NO AIR on the sides.

    Great post Ans.


    As its been said, size does matter. But its more about girth and skill than anything.

    • The_Dude

      Ok well, what kind of size can women deal with? 6 or 6 1/2? Ya know if you can make a woman cum it doesn't really matter what size you have now does it? It's all about pleasure right?

      • Silvia

        Oooh yeah. Totally agree :)

    • Marko

      Should all smaller men kill themselves? Seriously. Imagine that feeling of shame and even in sex thinking (she wishes it was better and doesn’t even like the most precious part of me oh Im so ashamed and there’s nothing I can do). Not short lengthwise but with the amount of girls I’ve slept with who’ve volunteered anal sex, I think I’m below average in girth.
      Seriously, what should we do to feel good about our bodies? Other than kill ourselves…perhaps that is the solution.

  • butterflyylost

    Having had people brag on themselves usually is a huge let down. Big and small has been *yawn* Technique is cool but it can only get you AND me so far, the rest is um well the part itself.

    I only have one that exceeded my expectations…And that was bigger than average, but the girth was just right.

    Sigh…I miss it.

  • neex

    @NWSO I’m the type that doesn’t really like to read too many reviews before seeing the film because more than likely my expectations are going to be heightened for that reason alone it will most probably be disappointing! The same applies to men, whether they are big or small or whatever – keep the bragging to a minimum as it will increase the possibiliity of disappointment!

    I don’t think it necessarily about XXL men (not for me anyways), its about someone who knows what he is doing and knows how to use his tools no matter the size. Cos I’ve been involved with an XXL man before who laid there like just having a big one was all he needed, but been involved with others with not as big ones who much better – cos they had moves, were generous and attentive, etc – its not all about having a big wang! In saying that having a teenie weenie one is not going to stimulate most women, so that is why most of the ladies are saying size does matter.

  • Songboy3

    This is an interesting post. I’m not sure what to think.

    I’ve asked more than a few young ladies (including a few ex’s) about size mattering and personal preference. The one thing that consistently blew my mind (and still does…) is that 80% to 90% of them wanted an average sized d*ck (6-8 inches was the standard). Most of them have had at least 1 to 2 guys, built like X-Men (y’know – mutants! LOL!) and almost to a person, it always seemed to be one of the most painful and/or unsatisfactory experiences they ever had sexually. They’d limp away (literally!) One girl actually said sex should NOT feel like I’ve been in a fight and got my ass kicked! Another honey said dude was ginormous but quite possibly, the most boring lay in her life! He was gorgeous, well-spoken, paid, hung like a horse and had the the sexual skills of a newborn! OUCH!

    It seems like fit (Thank U, Skye Blue & BMW2K!) was the one thing they were in search of. It shouldn’t be too long but it should be nice and thick (actually, the popular term was ‘fattie’! :D)

    Made me feel better after all the ‘research’ (LOL!) As men, we’re always a lil’ bit nervous, hoping we can make the cut, size-wise. I’m not huge (I’m a ‘grower’, not a ‘show-er’) but I’ve never got the gas-face after an encounter so I’m thinkin’ I’m OK.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself. and I’m stickin’ to it! LOL!!!

  • BMW2K

    The fit is important – period.

    If I can’t feel it I am checking the paint color on the ceiling. If it is too large, I am gritting my teeth and pushing him off. It needs to be just right. Damn I sound like Goldilocks.

    Another factor for me, is the hang/angle/lean whatever. A guy hitting in the wrong direction can be painful – no matter the size.

  • Brandy

    Hilarity. I’ve had one the size of a midget’s arm (10″) and I’ve had one under 5″. Needless to say, thoughts of the 10 incher still give me pause. In the small man’s defense, I have found that lilliputians tend to have better head/foreplay game.

    • Goo

      Did the ten incher have a cleft lip?

    • Goo

      Did the ten incher have a cleft lip?

  • Tunde

    lol. who really believed that size didn’t matter?

    and i agree 100% with Da Throne.

  • AGK

    LMAO @ MS. SIZE QUEEN!!! Hahaha

    Okay, my experience… Says that size does matter.
    I’ve had huge and tiny. And i’d rather be in pain, than not feel that ish at all!
    There is a thing as too big too tho, so i guess i’ll second MS. SIZE QUEEN on this one.

    At the end of the day, if u dont sort of feel it in ur stomach, there’s sth missing. Lmao, i joke. Or not? :-S

  • Jara

    Funny post! (That I can’t share with anyone, sorry lol)

    Fortunately (?), I have never even seen a penis smaller than 7 inches so I can’t say that I feel some of these ladies’ pain. My last ex is 8.5” and I thought he was average before we measured him (he didn’t even know his number).

    I really do have a talent for attracting big-D men with medium-D self-esteem. :-D

    I just said no to an 11”.

    At a point, it’s too damn big to even be enjoyable. But take my words with a grain of salt: I’ve only had sex inside of relationships and went months in between partners. So…born-again virgin + new partner with a size upgrade = uncomfortable at first.

    Bottom line: I’ll leave the bigguns to the size queens.

  • shor5ty1

    Size does matter to a point. I mean too small is ridiculous. Big and don’t know how to work it is just a waste. I thought it would be fun to teach but he was just lazy. So I’ll settle for a nice fit that knows how to put it down. I really don’t know who goes around with a ruler measuring ppl but if you got that much time shit u worried about the wrong thing. But chemistry is a must and the motion in the ocean. You gotta be able to work what ya mama gave ya! Just my opinion.

  • SunMoonStars

    Size CAN matter but its certainly not all there is to it….

    I was with this guy who is thick but but not long. WHEN he was in it was good but he couldn’t stay in b/c he was a shorty. And he also couldn’t really do a lot of positiions b/c it kept sliding out. I need to mention that he’s a bit overweight. I mention this b/c if his stomach wasn’t in the way, we probably could’ve worked something out. No dis to him for being overweight because he’s still sexy and I’m not exactly bony. I’m just saying…
    His saving grace was his head game. Wowzers. It was incredible but I need more than that.

    I was once with a guy who was really big and I freakin loved it!! I seriously couldn’t get enough of this dude. He hit it right at every angle and physically, I coudn’t have asked for anything more. But he and I had a casual relationship so while the sex was good, the connection wasn’t there completely.

    My #1 dude – who I keep in reserve for when I’m between relationships – is the best. He’s long and while he’s not as big as the other dude, he’s just right for me. But more than that, he’s all about pleasing me and he knows my body. We’ve been getting it in off and on since I was 17 (I’m over 30) and its still amazing. We’re not in love but we do love each other and that makes it so much better. We have a connection.