Does Size Matter? (What Women Say Behind Men’s Backs)

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Last week I reached out to my male think tank to see what men love about women’s bodies—booty or breasts? The results were very interesting, to say the least.

Early on, though, some of the female readers made a request: “I hope you do one for us…like long tongue or long dick, lol…”

I’m always up for a battle of the sexes so turning the tables on the fellas was definitely something I was interested in doing. However, tongue vs. dick just didn’t seem to be the right analogy for the T&A Q&A.

I ruffled through my thoughts about the right poll for my female think tank and it came to me when I was flipping through channels and happened upon Juwanna Mann (probably on BET SMH). I doubt many folks have seen this B-movie or remember much of the plot, but the lead character got banned from the NBA and winds up dressing in drag to make money in the women’s league.

There was this one scene in particular where Juwanna (the guy in drag) and her/his teammates were in a hotel room having “girl talk” when the conversation turned to men. Basically, Juwanna, who again was really a guy, was getting to be a fly on the wall for a no holds barred convo on the male species.

A bunch of things women found sexy and pet peeves were revealed, including stuff like why men never call when they say they will. In an attempt to keep up, Juwanna tried to chime in:

“And what about when some men like to brag about the size of their manhood? When we know it ain’t the size of the boat, baby, but the motion of the ocean… Can I get a hallelujah?”


“What you talking about, Juwanna,” someone finally responded. “The size of the boat don’t matter? I want the Titanic.”

“You got that right,” the rest of the girls chimed in.

We’ve all heard that same saying before and, for the most part, a lot of men believe it. Shoot, I’m an average man and I make it do what it do.

But wait, do I?

If there was any truth to that Juwanna Mann scene and women want the Titanic, then my luxury yacht might not be enough. **Kanye shrug** At least I don’t have a tugboat.

At any rate, I’ve never had any complaints—at least not to my face—but it got me to wondering: Does size really matter?

I hit up my female think tank and got another interesting mix of answers…

“Yes, size matters—a lot. But it’s not length that matters (as much) as it is girth. I mean, don’t get me wrong, and excuse my being blunt, but a dude with a super short but really thick one won’t do either… I think I’ve said enough.”

“Yes, size matters. I have been blessed to have blessed brothers in my life. Once you’re used to 7″ and better a smaller man just doesn’t do it for you anymore. I remember breaking up with a Mandingo and going to an ‘avi’ (average sized bro). When I looked at it I immediately thought about what I was missing! Not that the sex sucked, but I was disappointed. No disrespect to the small men, I just like what I like. Nice, thick, sexy chocolate that’s 7″ or better, please. Also, a big dick will have you doing things for no reason, like, ‘Why did I just serve him breakfast in bed? Oh, yeah, ’cause he swinging, baby!’ LOL Big guys aren’t all good in bed but automatically they feel better. Smaller guys are better for anal and might be better at oral. So if anything you can exploit each person’s talent.”

“Some well-endowed men don’t know how to use what they’ve got and some smaller than average men know how to make up for it. BUT at the end of the day, if a man is too small, anatomically speaking, there are spots within a woman’s body he just can’t reach. *Womp, womp* Which leads me to my next related point; good sex DOES matter in a relationship. Anyone who says otherwise has never been in a relationship with bad sex. Period.”

“Whatever woman says it’s not about the size of the boat but about the motion in ocean is 1) Loves her dude to death, 2) Had a dude that had some dope tongue game or 3) Was with a dude that really wasn’t THAT tiny so he got a pass made possible by 1 and 2. Now, to be clear, I was one of those who talked the motion in the ocean foolishness, too, UNTIL I got a brotha with size and then thought to myself: ‘What the fuck was I thinking?!’ Like the saying goes, ‘Once you go Black you can never go back.’ Well, once you go big, it’s super-size me from then on.”

CLICK HERE to continue reading more honesty from the ladies…

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  • I’m Just Saying

    Size matters most of the time. Recently broke up with the perfect “good on paper” guy (reasons why for another post) who had a short and thin penis. In the back of my mind, I knew there was a slight chance I’d cheat if presented with a better option. And I’m similar to Ms. Soft and Pink, I need love for sex to feel good.

    Kinda separate note, an old boyfriend told me vaginas are different sizes (at age ~30). Never occurred to me. Guess there is such a thing as goldi-cocks. Just the right fit from one person.


    • Man pov

      You can’t imagine what it feels like to be so helpless. To be the one missing out on being a man. To want to die because your a punch line in a shitty joke made by the world. Most guys wont leave a woman just because she has small tits or a flat ass. Its unfair that we get jusged in suxh a fassion yet i understand the need for pleasure ao i cant be mad at wonen for being who they are. I can only be mad that not all men are born to accommodate the average woman. We all know the truth about what women want. We need to work together the world as a whole to find an answer as to how we can fix the problem. I don’t understand why the top scientist and great thinkers haven’t put more effort into finding a way to make all men equal in the nether region. The world needs an uprising to address the issue and demand answers. As opposed to breeding out average guys by natural selection

      • Silvia

        Breeding by natural selection, lol! If I like you, I like you. If I feel good around you, it’s because I feel at ease and and happy and really if I’m in love, I’m just happy to be with the guy. So the sex wi be pleasing because we are naked and we love each other.

  • Spinster

    That Rihanna picture is fucking hilarious.

    Nothing else to say, will be lurking. :-|

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    I am a self-proclaimed size queen!!

    Once you go big, you can no longer deal with a twig!

    I have had a MAGNUM XL (mouth watering now) and I haven’t been right ever since. Meaning, no one is ever BIG ENOUGH.

    I don’t care about oral sex, I wan’t a BIG STICK and not the popcicle.

    • Blurrrr

      Gods gift to the earth? You ain’t my fuckin gift!

    • Blurrrr

      Gods gift to the earth? You ain’t my fuckin gift!

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    What would you do if you found the perfect man in every way except he wasn’t packing anything worthwhile down below?

    I met a guy that gave me THE BEST head EVER!

    When we finally had sex… yeah, let’s just say that I stopped talking to him and his teeny weeny :(

    • The_Dude

      Wonder if dudes are thinking your tit is smaller than the other, or that your pussy is so stretched out nobody wants to have sex with you because it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or fucking a glass of water? Seems too many women are ungrateful. Honestly it doesn't matter in the long run. If you like dying alone keep complaining.

      • Yepp

        Hahahaha damn! I have never heard the glass of water one before. Thats kind of fuckin funny.

      • Yepp

        She sounds like a stupid filthy whore.

        • Silvia

          Rather, she is who she is and has a different opinion.

      • little john

        What a scum bag,,,and i am i guy. I get it actually. And when women finally start telling the truth,,,men call them whores or sluts…..thats crazy. Its the one thing men cant buy lol,,,cause they can buy new hair, new cars,,,better erections with viagra,,,even plastic surgery for fat or face,,,buut you cant buy a bigger dick!!!!! Which means this guy prob has one. lmao,,,Hey secretly all women want a 5.5 inch dick,,,,really, trust me, wink, wink, lmao,,,and those that try dick enhancement thru surgery,,,,good luck,,,most dont work anymore,,,and look bad. These women will not die alone,,,,they will mate with men with bigger cocks than you,,and their offspring will also be hung…in other words,,thier son will have a bigger dick than you,,,by the time he is only 14…:)

    • Kissygirljenny

      I agree with you.  I like a guy with a lot to offer!  I am a white girl, but I am turned on by the nice bulge i always see in black mens pants!  Makes me drool, but when i am with my white boyfriend, i dont look.  (Love ya, black guys!!!)

      • Mlouanchi

        even white men are big. you white women go after blacks because u are desperate, and are not attrative to white men. u must have a black wall tunnel down there. i do not want u near me.

      • Don Dressel

        not all black guys are big as you think! My black friends have told me this but on the other hand I hear black women are a much better fuck then white women how about that?

    • thefuckingtruth

      the only reason you are even alloud to think like this is that simply men havent created our standard of a “real” women. imagine if guys just said peice out to you because you have love handles i wish i had the chance to just rip you up verbally i would put you in a whole other state of emotional anguish of wich you have not known before. thats how you pimp these hoes fellas. she say my average dick is tiny well chances are i say she needs to lose wweight and say her titties are too small and her ass is too droopy/cottage cheese and take every single shot i can at every single one of her flaws because pretty much thats what the women just did to the guy. men just need to quit being bitches. women fought for equal rights for a reason, men need to give them that shit and quit being so nice.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    LMAO @ the BONUS small penis links :D

  • mizze

    YES SIZE MATTERS!! There is no tip-toe’ing, tryin to protect nobody’s feelings type thing.. it does.. I say this because I have been with the rainbow of penis’ when it comes to size.. i have had just about everything. I have had small, long-but-thin, small-but-thick, average, above average and I-think-I-am-going-to-need-a-hysterectomy… And average to above average are the ones that I have had the most “fun” with and got the most satisfaction from.

    Like one of your ladies said, if you are too small then there are spots you can hit, and if you are to thin then i really cant feel you because that girth is REALLY what it is…lol.. And NO just because he has a mandingo dick does not mean that he is going to be good!! Sorry, but thats not true..There are positions you cant get into with a man thats too big because it really does hurt..(I got a hair-line fracture on my cervix because of that so ummmmm I do know what Im talking about)..

    I wholly believe in test drivin that joystick before REALLY gettin into it because I do not care what anyone says, for both sexes, sex is a big deal.. A vibrator and dildo can only go so far, you want to enjoy YOUR man and HIM gettin you know? i would understand if a man said the same thing about a woman being weak in bed and leavin her for it.. sex is a deal breaker in some relationships..thats just reality

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

    • Greenh05

      It goes both ways hinny. It seems to me like some of you bitches do not know what you all are doing in bed. Some girls are too fat and lazy to climb on the stick and ride!

      • reini

        So rude G. You attack people for stating their preference. Crawl back in the hole.

    • Landria

      I find it interesting how men get vilified when they mention they don’t want fat women. Females invariably will groan on about how shallow the men are, how they’re attaching value to superficial things (ie: looks), etc. And then you read something like this, where women are revealed to be just as shallow — even more so when you consider that height, penis size, etc. are things that, unlike weight, can be controlled — than men ever are. Funny.

  • SaveMe

    Size does not matter as long as the guy really knows how to take care of all a womans need

    • Toya


  • da ThRONe

    Its funny most females are so disappointed. Because most of the women I have slept with sex was wack. So some of you probably think your the only one who came away disappointed when the feeling was probably mutual.

    Not surprized GG have so much to say! :|

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

      • kam

        To me you sound like you must have a really small dick and/or your sex game sucks because you are attacking everyone who states their preference. 

        • Toya

          I agree w/ Kam. This was a post for women to comment anyway. Looks like the pot called the kettle

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

    • Greenh05

      I totally agree..these bitches sound like the nasty hoes that I would never give the time of day to. Ewww

  • neex

    Most of of the women you slept with were wack@Da Throne? No sex is bad, but bad sex is awful!!

    Average to bigger than average is my preference. I’ve had huge…he was wack…so its more about the man attached to it than the size.

  • BangShang

    wow this pass week these post hits home…lol. I started seeing a guy i grew up with and when it came down to sex he could only give “oral delight” he was so small he looked like a newborn. So for me size matter.

  • booboonotthefool

    I did a post about this on my own blog, Forgive me for the shameless plug.

    I agree that size matters, but I think a lot of the fallout has to do with how he hyped himself. If he told you something that got you all hot and bothered and you got to the room and he didn’t deliver, he disappointed you twice. Mentally and physically. He killed a fantasy, and maybe he wasted your time. Like Momma said, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame out you. I think that can be enough for a woman not to WANT to work with you (even though some women love a man enough to look at those links and try out a thing or two).

  • MekMek

    i say hell yeah size matters!! Dont get me wrong now i like what Gods gift to earth said once you get a man that use nothing but a mag-xxl and they know what they doing (whoa)u dont want a man with a small one.If they can give good head and then they disappoint you with what he got down there y keep going.I had that disappiontment and y fake it just tell them 2 stop.Be real!!

  • NWSO

    @God’s Gift & MekMek & the rest of the ladies,

    Let me ask a follow up question:

    So is the “disappointment” of seeing a lesser man, whether that’s average or teeny weeny, what makes the sex bad? Like, you’re so used to a XXL-guy that when you see anything lesser you mentally check out or do you go into it with a open mind like maybe he can do something?

    Just seems like from your responses that no man that ain’t packin’ a Mack truck (or Titanic) has a shot at pleasing you ever.

    @Da ThRONe

    Help me out, would a guy do the same to a girl’s breasts? Like, oh man, her boobs are small, this si gonna be wack!


  • Skye Blue

    No matter what a man is working with he definitely has to have skills to get the job done right. Having said that, when it comes to a dude’s endowments my general rule is:

    He doesn’t have to be BIG, but his junk should fill me up TIGHT – with NO AIR on the sides.

    Great post Ans.


    As its been said, size does matter. But its more about girth and skill than anything.

    • The_Dude

      Ok well, what kind of size can women deal with? 6 or 6 1/2? Ya know if you can make a woman cum it doesn't really matter what size you have now does it? It's all about pleasure right?

      • Silvia

        Oooh yeah. Totally agree :)

    • Marko

      Should all smaller men kill themselves? Seriously. Imagine that feeling of shame and even in sex thinking (she wishes it was better and doesn’t even like the most precious part of me oh Im so ashamed and there’s nothing I can do). Not short lengthwise but with the amount of girls I’ve slept with who’ve volunteered anal sex, I think I’m below average in girth.
      Seriously, what should we do to feel good about our bodies? Other than kill ourselves…perhaps that is the solution.

  • butterflyylost

    Having had people brag on themselves usually is a huge let down. Big and small has been *yawn* Technique is cool but it can only get you AND me so far, the rest is um well the part itself.

    I only have one that exceeded my expectations…And that was bigger than average, but the girth was just right.

    Sigh…I miss it.

  • neex

    @NWSO I’m the type that doesn’t really like to read too many reviews before seeing the film because more than likely my expectations are going to be heightened for that reason alone it will most probably be disappointing! The same applies to men, whether they are big or small or whatever – keep the bragging to a minimum as it will increase the possibiliity of disappointment!

    I don’t think it necessarily about XXL men (not for me anyways), its about someone who knows what he is doing and knows how to use his tools no matter the size. Cos I’ve been involved with an XXL man before who laid there like just having a big one was all he needed, but been involved with others with not as big ones who much better – cos they had moves, were generous and attentive, etc – its not all about having a big wang! In saying that having a teenie weenie one is not going to stimulate most women, so that is why most of the ladies are saying size does matter.

  • Songboy3

    This is an interesting post. I’m not sure what to think.

    I’ve asked more than a few young ladies (including a few ex’s) about size mattering and personal preference. The one thing that consistently blew my mind (and still does…) is that 80% to 90% of them wanted an average sized d*ck (6-8 inches was the standard). Most of them have had at least 1 to 2 guys, built like X-Men (y’know – mutants! LOL!) and almost to a person, it always seemed to be one of the most painful and/or unsatisfactory experiences they ever had sexually. They’d limp away (literally!) One girl actually said sex should NOT feel like I’ve been in a fight and got my ass kicked! Another honey said dude was ginormous but quite possibly, the most boring lay in her life! He was gorgeous, well-spoken, paid, hung like a horse and had the the sexual skills of a newborn! OUCH!

    It seems like fit (Thank U, Skye Blue & BMW2K!) was the one thing they were in search of. It shouldn’t be too long but it should be nice and thick (actually, the popular term was ‘fattie’! :D)

    Made me feel better after all the ‘research’ (LOL!) As men, we’re always a lil’ bit nervous, hoping we can make the cut, size-wise. I’m not huge (I’m a ‘grower’, not a ‘show-er’) but I’ve never got the gas-face after an encounter so I’m thinkin’ I’m OK.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself. and I’m stickin’ to it! LOL!!!

  • BMW2K

    The fit is important – period.

    If I can’t feel it I am checking the paint color on the ceiling. If it is too large, I am gritting my teeth and pushing him off. It needs to be just right. Damn I sound like Goldilocks.

    Another factor for me, is the hang/angle/lean whatever. A guy hitting in the wrong direction can be painful – no matter the size.

  • Brandy

    Hilarity. I’ve had one the size of a midget’s arm (10″) and I’ve had one under 5″. Needless to say, thoughts of the 10 incher still give me pause. In the small man’s defense, I have found that lilliputians tend to have better head/foreplay game.

    • Goo

      Did the ten incher have a cleft lip?

    • Goo

      Did the ten incher have a cleft lip?

  • Tunde

    lol. who really believed that size didn’t matter?

    and i agree 100% with Da Throne.

  • AGK

    LMAO @ MS. SIZE QUEEN!!! Hahaha

    Okay, my experience… Says that size does matter.
    I’ve had huge and tiny. And i’d rather be in pain, than not feel that ish at all!
    There is a thing as too big too tho, so i guess i’ll second MS. SIZE QUEEN on this one.

    At the end of the day, if u dont sort of feel it in ur stomach, there’s sth missing. Lmao, i joke. Or not? :-S

  • Jara

    Funny post! (That I can’t share with anyone, sorry lol)

    Fortunately (?), I have never even seen a penis smaller than 7 inches so I can’t say that I feel some of these ladies’ pain. My last ex is 8.5” and I thought he was average before we measured him (he didn’t even know his number).

    I really do have a talent for attracting big-D men with medium-D self-esteem. :-D

    I just said no to an 11”.

    At a point, it’s too damn big to even be enjoyable. But take my words with a grain of salt: I’ve only had sex inside of relationships and went months in between partners. So…born-again virgin + new partner with a size upgrade = uncomfortable at first.

    Bottom line: I’ll leave the bigguns to the size queens.

  • shor5ty1

    Size does matter to a point. I mean too small is ridiculous. Big and don’t know how to work it is just a waste. I thought it would be fun to teach but he was just lazy. So I’ll settle for a nice fit that knows how to put it down. I really don’t know who goes around with a ruler measuring ppl but if you got that much time shit u worried about the wrong thing. But chemistry is a must and the motion in the ocean. You gotta be able to work what ya mama gave ya! Just my opinion.

  • SunMoonStars

    Size CAN matter but its certainly not all there is to it….

    I was with this guy who is thick but but not long. WHEN he was in it was good but he couldn’t stay in b/c he was a shorty. And he also couldn’t really do a lot of positiions b/c it kept sliding out. I need to mention that he’s a bit overweight. I mention this b/c if his stomach wasn’t in the way, we probably could’ve worked something out. No dis to him for being overweight because he’s still sexy and I’m not exactly bony. I’m just saying…
    His saving grace was his head game. Wowzers. It was incredible but I need more than that.

    I was once with a guy who was really big and I freakin loved it!! I seriously couldn’t get enough of this dude. He hit it right at every angle and physically, I coudn’t have asked for anything more. But he and I had a casual relationship so while the sex was good, the connection wasn’t there completely.

    My #1 dude – who I keep in reserve for when I’m between relationships – is the best. He’s long and while he’s not as big as the other dude, he’s just right for me. But more than that, he’s all about pleasing me and he knows my body. We’ve been getting it in off and on since I was 17 (I’m over 30) and its still amazing. We’re not in love but we do love each other and that makes it so much better. We have a connection.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    lmao….THIS is cute…damn funny too. I have none of the problems some of thses ladies speak of…so for me, this is hilarious. @ Mizze…DAMN, shawty……..Dude definitely don’t wanna ask you how many ppl youe been with…Get his feelings hurt QUICK like…lol The really good news is that there is a range of opinions and SOME women will work with a man, even if he’s not packing. So little dudes–take heart. U still got a shot!!!. U have fewer options that I, but you DON’T have to jump off the curb today. There is a woman somewhere, that will work with ya! And tittantic dudes that don’t have the discipline to wait for a late to “get hers” b4 you blast off: shame on Ya! But it also goes to show how God has a sense of humor too…lmao

  • Shequita

    Depends on the woman and the man. I need some girth and length. Girth alone doesn’t do much for me. But YES, you have to know how to use what you have and make up for what you dont have!! if your a man with a pinky and you still dont go down and do it well chances are women are not lining up for you. A man can be too big as well. Too big for me but just right for someone else, too small for me but just right for someone else.

    • Eric Mendonca

      we men have to love our penis and stop talking about size look what comes out of women no disrepect a baby you get it i know i love my penis his name his john brown 6inches fat and very hard lol

  • Dave

    You don’t need to concentrate on dix to know that size matters to women in EVERYTHING….dix, rings, wallets, mouths (dont believe the hype…. loud men attract more women), egos, houses, t.v.s, cars, etc. Any man who denies this is in trouble for real.

    In more ways than one to man up is to measure up.
    Now only if big boobs, big asses, and big dance moves equaled good sex. Great comment DaTrone!

  • Shequita

    I hate men that talk shyt, lets just get to know eachother and when we get to that point, either we know we found a good fit or we need to walk our separate ways. I try to keep an open mind!

  • Rastaman


    Been tha fly on the wall in a room of drunken women discussing the male enddowments they have experienced. The one thing I would say is that NWSO has probably cleaned up the responses. Probably because it made him feel better about himself after hearing all that was said on this subject matter. Because nothing can deflate a male ego like women talking about sexual disappointments.

    I have never been told that I could not match up but I am a big guy with big hands and big feet. :-)
    Plus the female anatomy is one of my favorite subjects and so I am always working on my sex game. Because you never know when you may need to dip into your bag of tricks, all women are different and any good craftsman knows which tools works best in all situations and when he may need to McGyver a chick.

    As the sports columnist Jason Whitlock noted about the recently release nude pictures of the NBA player Greg Oden it can lead to “Post Traumatic Size Disorder.”

    From some of the responses posted here, it appears to affect both women and men. I use to believe that size did not matter because all us men have seen those Cosmo type articles that spread that propoganda. But just like the NBA size coupled with skill will always get you more accolades. One of the things I learned early on about sex is to always put in your best work early on because first impressions are important. So no matter whether you are gifted or not if she enjoyed the encounter you will always be invited back for a return engagement.

    One of the things I learned by being around women all my life is that unless pressed hard they will always try to be nice. They dislike confrontations and most time would rather lie than hurt a man’s feelings. So if she kicks you to the curve after your first sexual encounter, it was about the sex, any other answer is BS. And ladies men are dogs, so if you invite us back for a return engagement and we decline it wasn’t that good like DThrone noted.

    I enjoyed this discussion though, I think its always enlightening for men to know what women think about us and for women to know what men think about them. Remove all the PC editorializing that accompanies these type of exchanges in the major media and there is something to be learned for all of us.

  • Salty Game

    I mean to a certain degree you cant deny that size does matter. its about surface area. Friction. More surface area meant more contact, which means more friction. Science, kids.

    That said, I aint gonna lie, I’m hung like an infant but i gets it on. I just work on my stroke game and women I’ve been with have been honest with me if they get off or not. Few have been disappointed. (that dang Magnum is a slippery sucker)

    I got a good record thus far, very satisfied customers, so i can see both sides of this discussion.

  • SassyNoLA

    i agree with the general sentiment that extremes on the size spectrum matter. too small or too big = not a good look. i have had average and magnum penis (but not too big). i would say the experiences were equal. sex w/ average penis was good because it was always really hot and passionate, ripping clothes off, falling all over each other, etc. every single time so he was more of a mental getting off. penetration and strokes weren’t exemplary but the sexual tension/chemistry made up for it so i always thoroughly enjoyed myself. magnum penis was enjoyable strictly because he was good at what he did. i didn’t necessarily enjoy the build up and overall experience because while he was always very intent on getting me off first and making sure i enjoyed myself, it was like he wasn’t completely uninhibited and enjoying himself. it was like overly polite/eager sex. weird because it sounds good in theory, but not in practice when i prefer wild/free sex. he gave really good head. but maybe size isn’t the be all and end all for me because i don’t cum from penetration- i need direct clitoral stimulation. so while magnum’s penis felt better in me, it was really all about stroking the clit so it kind of didn’t really give him all that many more brownie points. i’ve only had my g-spot stroked digitally while getting head (cause even w/ g-spot, i still NEED direct clit stimulation). the rest of y’all are getting penetrated and having the g-spot hit all at once? lucky dudes cause that means much less work for them. poor guys i deal with… lol

  • DC Man With a Plan

    As a man who has been around other men enuff to know that we LOVE to talk B/S, I also know that quiet aS it’s kept, it can be a blow to a fellas ego and self esteem to hear that you’re “sex game” isn’t up to par. BUT for real men, negative feedback gives you an incentive and a goal of “proving” her wrong by showing out next chance you get. I have NEVER had a woman tell me I wasn’t long or wide enuff and skilled and talented enuff to help her achieve orgasmic spasms…..I’m not braggin….I’m just sayin….BUT, I’m also man enuff to speak of the “one” exception……..I dealt with a woman a few years back who was a divorced mom, who happened to have two kids and she told me she only had like two orgasms in her entire life (at the time she was 35). I’m like “F” that B/S. I don’t know what type of knuckleheads you’ve dealt with in the past, but I’m on the case now. I worked my AZZ off. Did all the shyt I knew to do; some shyt I’d never done and other shyt she told me to do and I’ll be DAMNED if she did NOT have the big O….smdh…I was CRUSHED! lol…..I pulled out this giant flash light…bcuz I wanted to take a close up examination of her joint….and she bust out laughing bcuz she saw how seriously determined I was and saw I would NOT give up. I have heard of women who don’t have many orgasms for medical, mental and other reason’s, but MOST men and women STILL believe it’s on the man to
    “make-it happen,” so yeah, that’s a mans burden. I handle mines by contributing 110% skill and effort…But that ONE…still haunt’s me……lmao….
    <——-goes to corner to punch wall again…….

    • reinia

      You know, she might have been a lesbian. I’m just sayin…But glad to hear you do your part! It’s so much more fun to be with a good lover. Actually, I refuse to sleep w/ bad lovers again, so yeah, good is where it’s at!

  • DC Man With a Plan

    lmbao @ Salty game, who said: I’m hung like an infant….C’mon, son! Getdafucouttaherewitdattbulshyt!

  • and she used to be the sweetest girl.

    size matters!

  • Private Dancer

    I once had a man pursue me for years across the country. We would meet up on business trips, email and talk every day. He was my friend. Handsome, educated, successful, attentive- flowers all that. But his size was wow- tiny. Like an- is it in yet- tiny. I’m thinking maybe 5 inches. I liked him though. He wanted to move to my city and make me his wife no less. But one day I had to tell him the sex (ie his overwhelming small shaft) just wasn’t doing it enough for me to continue the shenanigans with hopes every time I saw him that he had miraculously grown… So yup, size sure does matter!

    • alkalosis

      size matters with women as well..nothing worse then a woman that is like the Howland tunnel where you can be above average and still not feel her sides..

  • Mimi in the OC

    Size matters. I’m gonna have to go with Skye Blue and BMW2K:
    “He doesn’t have to be BIG, but his junk should fill me up TIGHT – with NO AIR on the sides.”

    I’ve had teeny weenies and a few big ones.
    The big ones just scare me to death because I tend to go long periods without having sex between partners.
    But man the Teeny weeny ones? They just make me feel like I’m wasting my vagina, this is not worth me spreading my thighs. I would not wanna count them in if asked how many sexual partners I’ve had.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the guts to really check a man’s package and cannot figure out size unless we’re dancing or pretty damn close to doing the deed.
    My ex was a 7″ not to mention – to quote Drake -“The Best I ever Had”, so I’ve been really reluctant to have sex with other men, because most likely it’s going to be a disappointment. So as of now if I’m not even feeling your size at this point, there is no way.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth


    It’s not that I go into a situation automatically assuming that the sex will be awful due to size. I have actually had the most orgasms with the smallest penis, but, it wasn’t fulfilling. I know the ultimate goal of having sex is to have an orgasm, however, I am different. I enjoy the act of sex; the FEELING of sex. So, if a man is not packing, something if missing. I feel short-changed (pun intended).

    I don’t need a “Mack Truck” or the “Titanic.” I gage a penis like this…if it doesn’t make me gag when I am giving it a spit shine, then it’s too small.

    Also, some ladies are replying that a number of guys that are big don’t know how to utilize their equipment, which may be true. However, it is our job as women to tell, show, and teach him how we like it. If he is going too fast…ask him to slow down. If he is goin’ hard in the paint…ask him to ease up. No one woman is the same, so you cannot expect a man to know your body. Unless you have specifically expressed to him what you like and how you like it, then you really can’t say that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    I’m aggressive in bed and I know what I like, so I’m not going to let a big dick go to waste. I will flip his over (or at least try to) and ride him until I am satisfied.

    • longandthick

      How the hell do you orgasim and not like it you are very back words your wording is stupid and confusing this isn’t about prefrence its aboutmaking as much sense as making none at all and you titeld your self gods gift to earth on top of that? Your retarded I have a 9 inch dick would never touch a retard like you

  • mizze

    Lol @ DC Man

    Its not even all the numbers I have been with but, like in other posts on here, I am open to all colors of dick lol.. I jus don’t mess with black men sexually or even in regards to a relationship..I date openly so I have been with other races so that’s another reason I have been with different sizes.. And not sayin the black men were necessarily the biggest.. You know?

  • Momof3

    @ Da Throne No woman wants to pull out all of her tricks for a guy that doesn’t “measure up”. I’m not saying, I’m just saying :)…

    Size matters, size matters, size matters…. But love will make you stay with a guy who has a tiny one lol…

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    @ Mom of 3

    Love will make you stay, but will it make you stay faithful?

  • mizze

    Oh and @DC man

    Sorry about the divorced jus shows that a man can be hung and/or puttin in work and still nothin happen..then that fall back on the woman

  • that chic

    Lol I agree most with size queen. Once u go big u never go back. You won’t be satisfied. It is like a gift and a curse. U will be doing things you don’t know why for that nigga. Like she said its cause big dicks are hard to find these days unless they are plastic.

  • Silent Scorpion

    I couldn’t read them all but Size Queen has it right. Size most definitely matters. If I can’t feel you, I can’t enjoy you. How am I supposed to arrive if I didn’t even know you started. But its also true that some large men rely on their size and that aint gonna cut it.

    I will say this, the “Best I Ever Had” was a mandigo. Not too big because yes their is a such thing as too big. He was just right in length and girth.

    But the second “Best I Ever Had,’ was average. He knew what he had and he worked with it. He kept the ocean in motion and it was sometimes too much to handle.

    Here is a tip for all men, if you think you are doing enough, you probably need to do more. If you only have 3 moves, big or small, you aren’t pleasing me.

  • Songboy3




    LORD! You funny!!!

  • Epip


    & these women that like mandingos have hula hoop pussys.

  • Da Son

    As someone who worked in the estrogen zone ( hospital) size does, has and always will matter. I swear chicks love it when you beat it up to the point of they are speaking in tongues!

    Chicks like it thick and wide ( hear this in my hear) why do you think all those broke ass brothas are getting put on? Because they are putting it down, shit I got a BMW for smashing a chick so well.

    When you got the size and the skill the shit you can pull is off the charts! Not a good look, but true I have grown over the years, but if you are bringing the bat and the game. You can make a chick fall in love ( for all of the wrong reasons)

    Sorry mr looks good on paper but it is true, just like the old joke goes, when you have a big dick you do not need a Porsche.

    For the record I agree the comments have been PC the stuff I have heard chicks say about a dudes package that was lacking was crazy!

  • Winter137

    I like my d*cks like my men thick. I’m sorry but a twiggy penis just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been blessed more often than not with a nice size remote. However, I’ve had a smaller guy who knew how to work it… :)

  • What Lola Wants….

    I think it’s a given that good sex involves someone with good technique.

    That being said, size DEFINITELY matters (particularly girth). I was once with a guy that had great technique but he was small and skinny….I couldn’t really feel anything and he slipped out a couple of times…so disappointing! His “skills” did nothing for me.

  • da ThRONe


    I never go into a sexual incounter with a preconceived idea. How fine you are doesnt factor into how good you are one bit. Sexual attraction just gets my penis up after that it’s on her skills to keep my interest. I have had some really fine girls sex be ok at best.

  • Anonymous

    Size can become a issue if he lacks in other ways like tongue action but even that gets over rated. A man should find ways to compensate if he is lacking. Ok brothers here are a few tips. Place a pillow under her which will allow for deeper penetration. Let her ride a woman is sure fire to orgasm that way and use toys. If you love your man you will make it work.

    Good Luck
    Ms. Kedra

  • Jamaica

    Length, girth, and skill matter. However, skill can be taught & learned, but nothing can be done about penis size. I would rather have a willing mate with an above average size and so-so skills than a bite-sized packaged mate with good skills.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    Fellas, if your girl has told you that size doesn’t matter, she was probablly lying and didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

    The only bad thing about a big dick, is the “big dick attitude” that comes along with it! But then again, that’s kinda sexy as well. :D

  • Momof3

    @ GodsGift

    I stayed faithful to a guy with a small one until i found out he had the NERVE to be cheating on me with his tiny self lol… He was my first though so hey… But since then he’s been engaged 4 times and everyone of them has cheated on him… One even used his video camera to record her and another dude!

  • Ms. Sylaneous

    HA! I know I’m late on this… haven’t visited in a while… what a good one to come back on though! LOL

    1) So, does size really matter?
    SOMETIMES… I agree wth preivous statement…the big paynus man may not know what the hell to do with it..the avi may have moves that blow the mind! and well..nobody wants a man with a paynus the size of a large clit…LOL yes- THAT size matters, and NO I dont’ want it!

    2) Are you a woman that has to have a man that’s large and in charge?
    Don’t have to have it ‘extra large’ I’m kinda partial to my insides being intact… In charge- YES IN DEED…that’s where that good average to slightly above average guy comes in to play… the average guy who can make me all gooey with his dominance is a winner in my book!

    3)Have you ever been surprised by a brother that wasn’t working with much?
    No- but the opposite. LOL my ‘crush’ who’ve I’ve referred to on more than one occasion surprised the hell outta me! I already liked him, but when we got to ‘that point’ and I saw and felt alllllll that- I was like MY GOSH…how did you get AAALLLL of that manly blessing… whew!

    4) Could you stay with a smaller man if he knew how to work his tongue?
    can’t base it on that..cause a small paynus with a hell-of-a tongue with nothign else to offer might as well be dead to me…

    5) What would you do if you found the perfect man in every way except he wasn’t packing anything worthwhile down below?
    We’d work on some things…and invest in some Hustler or something LOL

    6) Is guy automatically good in the sack just because he’s big? HELL TO THA NAW… refer to #1

  • Artivist

    There is nothing as sublime as the moment when a man first enters you, and you feel him filling you… The pleasure cannot be described. I can almost orgasm just based on that moment. So that being said, size indeed matters. 6 inches (which is average) is good. 7 even better. I don’t expect King Kong, but one of my best moves requires a partner to be at least average so that he does not slip out when I spin. There is also something to be said for technique and stamina too. I know someone whose boyfriend easily measures 10 inches, but he cannot last more than a few minutes. She’s currently cheating with a 7 incher who can perform like a god. So worry not if you’re average. Take some Ginko and keep it going well. And having a skilled tongue is wonderful, but it does not make up for below average size. Loved all the comments by the way.

  • da ThRONe

    1st would somebody tell Shay from L.A. she cant just be changing her name all willy nilly like that. :P

    2nd Im sure there are plenty of women who cant handle well endowed men. Just because she’s the queen of “the big dick parade” doesnt mean every other female wants to march with her.

  • da ThRONe


    It isnt about the “Tricks” the pussy is just wack. She can ride me from the ceciling fan with her legs behind her head. If the vag isnt good neither is the sex.

  • LadyFox_5700

    Hmmmm this is a funny topic because size does and doesnt matter. It matters when you just wanna be fucked good and right with no strings. Meet up get it in and be about your business. Now when it comes to that special man no. He will be able to satisfy you and hold ur attention in other ways.

    Let me say one thing though. Fellas if you know your not the biggest and lack in the head department by all means please stop the shit talking. Alot of the time you cancel urselves out of the equation by just talking shit and cant back it up.

  • my 2 cents

    The only people that think size does not matter have not had a big dick in their life. I use to same the samething when I was with my ex it was all about the love connection. But when he became my ex and I found some big dicks fuck a connection I need that connection with a big dick!!!!!!
    A big dick will have you doing somethiing strange for a peice of change!!!!!

    • bbcsukr

      Yep, even men like to have dicks as big as they can get them. I love an 8 -10 incher buried in my ass all day long!!!

  • Kimberly

    I’ve had all shapes and sizes…I agree that if he knows what he is doing or how to make up for the lack of size, a smaller man can still keep my attention…I can overlook a lack of size if he treats me like a queen…If I feel the need for some larger loving, I have a great toy for that…so my relationship will not suffer over his size or lack thereof…

  • NWSO


    Nah, homie, I didn’t clean up any of the responses I posed the question and published the answers as is, aside from any punctuation fixes. But no fluffing on my part.

    How dare you insinuate such a thing!



  • older & wiser

    Girth, size (six inches or more) and skills in that order!

  • Miss LuLu

    Yes size matters as long it is accompanied by good performance. my ex was small, and i tried REALLY tried to compromise. he bought an attachment piece to put over his dick but it didnt work cus it was hurting him and it didnt feel good to me. i could do wit average and a lil bit up. although i said size matter, i’m not tryin to kill myself with something i cant handle. but i havent reach the comfort length/girth where i can say i’m good with this, no more

  • mailman78

    I think there is a woman for every man. should it be about size, maybe! I think that’s going to be different for every woman. Do men really care, NO! For the most part men are going to be men no matter how big or small, rejection is apart of the game and some women just can’t be pleased! So the real question is what do women really want? No man is perfect, if he pleased you in the bed would that be all you require? Women just need to cut all the small talk and just say what they want from jump and save some time. If bro is up on game and he disappoints, he deserve to be put on blast right then and there.

  • Miss LuLu

    our preference over big vs small is quite similar to guys talkin about if a girl is tight enough or not. the feel is different. but if ur small… dont try to over due things that ur limited to. i dont kno about those pumps and pills but accept it and one day woman would love you (including all of u).

  • Elle

    Can’t add anything. All has been said. Especially by Ms. Technical.

    Too huge is definitely a turn off. I don’t wanna end up bleeding or something :|

    Tight, snug fit is where it’s at.

    Now what I wonder is why the tall guys seem to be on the shorter side as opposed to the short/average men? And nooo, they don’t just look smaller due to the body-penis-ratio.

  • ms stileto

    We women have 2 realize eventually we will get dusty down there one day, and the men eventuallt itsy, so being that said. I want 2 enjoy the good ligfe now. So yeah size does matter!

  • Artivist

    @ DC Man. Don’t take it personally. A 35 year old woman who has only experienced two orgasms in her life indicates that she may have control issues, oir cannot relax foer some reason. You have to clear your mind and go with the moment, and that is hard for some women, especially when their lives are a bit off track. I bet the two orgasms she had were while she was on vacation and tipsy, and pre-kiddies. If you’re still in touch with her, I’d make a suggestion to take yoga 4 times a week.

  • Xana

    Okay so let me add my 2-piece.

    I have had what i call the luckiest dick luck ever. i have experienced a few perfect penises beautiful in their greater than 7 inch splendor, one of which could easily cast a shadow @ 10 inches. And then I’ve had two amazing 4 or 5 inchers who would make u wanna pull it out just to make sure it hadn’t grown on you!

    First of all what will make you cum has nothing to do with size for most women. Be honest ladies, you HAVE come a cross a C+(5 incher) peen and been so turned on by everything he does to your body that you bust back to back and forget he’s not packing! And you will come across a Big ol’ juicy good for nothin dick here or there that is totally whack. But really what makes your toes curl it when he knows when where and how to push your buttons. It’s when he knows what position works for his size, isn’t stingy with the tongue game, kisses and licks your neck collar and earlobes from the moment your Vicky’s drop till he gets that knee quivering gasp of air that pushes out his “nutt grunt” that makes your sheets soaked. Be for real. The size thiing is mostly psychological. A man sees a phat ass or some palmable breasts, he thinks of how they would feel against his body. Just like a woman who see’s a big juicy one thinks of how he is going to slay that “pum pum”! Some of the ladies got ya lips moist now thinkin of the juiciest “piece” u ever saw. A big (beatiful) dick makes you feel like “Jackpot”!!!! Almost like you just KNOW he’s gonna put it down, but only a fool would beleive this is true. Don’t get me wrong even I have turned a brother down because I cringed at the sight of what looked like I’d seen bigger while changing diapers…But U never know until u go there. Men should understand that it’s not like every woman desires a Mandingo! It’s not that we want to always have a big one, we just hate to find a small one, lol! Especially on a brotha that has everything goin on! Oh, we’ll fall in love with yo ass and everything even if you’re not packing but carry the rest of the total package, just make sure you pay attention to all of a sistah’s sexual needs before you do your post-booty “george jefferson” stroll to the fridge for that Turkey sandwich when u’re done!

    • Hope

      Something meaningful in your post. It’s nice to see that. Average is 6. That means well over 75 percent of Earth’s men are average. It feels like most here are dreaming of the big catch, but you know they go on in misery in life or miss out all together. It’s like saying you want the highest paid lottery. I can only hope, in spite, they lead miserable and materialistic lives to the grave.

  • Tim

    I think there is one aspect that is missing from these conversations. I consider myself above average sized man, but there has been times where the woman just didnt’ do enough to get me fully errected. When that happens, the sex will usually be whack. Could be part my fault for not stopping her and giving some tips but i believe some women dont’ stimulate guys enough. ON the flip side, some guys are not really ready but they jump in anyways based off pure excitement.

  • LuringU

    There are several things that “matter” in my opinion to make a relationship work.


    there must be an equal balance between male and female.

  • shor5ty1


    Thumbs up on that one, I like what you said there…

  • Sherell

    To reinterate what others have said , size amtters to a point. You can not be too small so that I can not feel you or you fall out. And too big can be painful. It is all abou the perfect fit. The best sex I had was with a medium small one. Multiple orgasms, and really intense. Also, it had a slight curve. Women come in different sizes so it truly is about matching and fitting.

  • Sherell

    To reinterate what others have said , size matters to a point. You can not be too small so that I can not feel you or you fall out. And too big can be painful. It is all abou the perfect fit. The best sex I had was with a medium small one. Multiple orgasms, and really intense. Also, it had a slight curve. Women come in different sizes so it truly is about matching and fitting.

  • ThoughtsDaughter

    Size is relative like height or beauty.

    If you’re 6′ 5″ everyone seems short. If you’ve got a pin hole down there… well… everyone’s gonna seem big. Or if you have the proverbial “hallway” ain’t no hot dog gonna really do it for you. It’s just gotta be the right fit for you as a woman. Some women can handle Porn sized stuff… and others run from it. It’s just all perceptual… relative and size is in the eye (or hand… or vagina) of the beholder. The “motion of the ocean” is an important factor – but can definitely be taught. Whereas you can’t get someone big to be smaller or vice versa.

    I’m just sayin.

  • Classic Ruby

    I actually did a post on this a little while ago in my blog so it was truly a pleasure to read through the think tank answers and then through all of these commenters.

    I find my experiences to be somewhat different… the best head of my life was given to me by a man who was hung (literally) like a horse. I wouldn’t sleep with him because I was paranoid he would “stretch me out” and honestly, even now (I’m 25) I still wouldn’t sleep with him. But this is because I don’t like huge dick…it hurts me, like its pounding into my ovaries or something, which feels like getting kicked in the balls over and over again, so men can relate to the pain). But if I am ever single, he can nestle his head in between my thighs any time. ANY time. lol

    Now, my ex was a bigger boy. over 8 inches at his most erect, and thick, and while he really cared about my pleasure, and we worked out ways to make sure ovary-pounding didn’t happen, I enjoyed sex but secretly wondered if the earth-shattering experience women talk about actually ever happens or if people were just talking shit.

    So when I found my current bf, and he was smaller, and slightly less thick, I was more than a bit disappointed. But, he eats pu$$y like a God, so eventually I decided to give intercourse a try…HOLY CRAP!! I didn’t even know where I was, couldn’t focus for like an hour afterwards lol. Seriously. It was phenomenal (and still is, 2 years later). So, I currently am a big believer in the fact that size doesn’t matter as much as what someone does with what they have.

    I think there is a lot to the whole psychological theory. Because as much as sex with my bf is phenomenal and sex with my ex was very ‘meh’, I can still envision my ex’s dick and think about how absolutely scrumptious it looks. I’d give that beautiful dick a spit shine anytime! LOL…but as much as his girth and size looked the most appealing, it really didn’t do all that much for me.

    That being said, if my bf was 2 or 3 inches I don’t think it would have happened. I just can’t see it working properly. But I am a big head whore, so if he can eat it right, we can just not bother with the intercourse part and he can go down on me all the time! lol

    And I agree with all the people who said it is up to both parties to take some accountability for their own pleasure, whether its finding good sexual positions to maximize your pleasure, doing some type of exercise (kegels, for the ladies) to make things more snug (and if you get those PC muscles real tight, it won’t matter how thin he is cause you can just clench on for all you’re worth and rarely loosen your grip), or for the men living a healthier life (proper diet and exercise promote blood flow which effects even the largests mans penis size, both length and girth).

    But for the small guys, honestly the vagina only has intense sensation in the first few inches, after which nerve endings drop off dramatically. And the average vagina is only 6 inches long. So if you’re willing to put in a bit of work, any woman (unless she’s a size queen) would be willing to give you a chance…but make sure you know what the heck you’re doing cause you’ll only get one for first impressions…and the bias begins AGAINST you lol

  • nymphette

    someone else mentioned this too, but when that intial penetration happens there are no words to describe the feeling. The feeling of being filled up, of being taken, entered…penetrated. I can come right now just thinking about it.

    when men grab a handful of my ass they love it they say its so fat round and juicy. it becomes addicting to want what feels best to you.

    i am the kind of girl that most men go after caramel skin, tiny waist, big t big a, and thick thighs. but best believe i can’t rock with a little nigga because he couldn’t handle it.

    my homegirl on the other hand who is also thick prefers to keep her men at about 6″. she feels she has the advantage and loves anal so it works out.

    ladies don’t be afraid of mandigos they don’t necessarily have to pound you out. they can take it nice and slow, get it nice and wet, and it will be the best u eva had!

  • j starr

    I have c cups i will not carry a double d bra in my bag to trick you to beleive I have a set of double d’s because when the bra comes off the truth will be revealed.
    Men: Please stop carrying magnums you can’t fit. It is a cruel trick, it just ain’t right!

  • Epip

    lmao@j starr

    stop it! i have barley B cup breasts, i wear two bras and fillets to make them look DD

    i love this cruel trick

  • Da Son

    From the number of comments, if you don’t believe size matters you are not paying attention. A lot of good information here.

    Plus one major confirmation if you are coming up short life is going to be hard ( pun intended)

  • msde

    two bras! really!? on that nicki manja huh? lol not nice.

  • j starr

    @ epip – dude! seriously? lmao. my homegirl tried that trick in miami and almost lost her filet in the atlantic.

  • HelloMyNameIsVita

    For me size do matter —- Whats the point of having sex if a guys coming up shorth—-having sex with a guy iwith a shorth dick is like having sex with no one =] there’s no pleasure no enjoyment .

  • Caribeza

    lol @ “eats pu$$y like a god” and the “born-again virgin”… roflmao … if he fingers you at the same time, there’s absolutely no need for size or girth… just pure skills…. jk-ish.

    But on a serious note, eventually there has to be some dick! I think average (approx 6 inches) with some thickness, and loads of skill – mental play and physical play is best. For the bigger dicks, even if the sex is great/awesome during, it’s no fun being physically reminded (sore) of it every day for an entire week after.

  • HelloMyNameIsVita

    But then again small penises do come in handy when your trying to breeak your virginity =]

  • InNeedofJamison

    Size definitely does matter but so does duration. Those ‘1’ minute men are a waste of time no matter the size.

  • Nise

    Size does matter, but I agree, I hate when a man can’t last. When I was married my husband was married and average size. He could work it at first, then during the later years, he had ED and the sex was whack every time even with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. (you get the picture). Now that I have been with a man that is well endowed and can work it. I just can’t imagine having a small or an average guy.

  • Chauncey

    Some of you women commenting, sound like str8 up sexual objects. No lie. So it’s no wonder why, you get cats who beat it and then literally beat it lol. I heard one female say that the size factor depends on, whether or not you actually want to settle down with the guy. So basically what she’s given a pass-to-the-ass to any well-endowed brother. Mind you, endowment is a feature like any other, such as height for example. So ANY MAN can be well-endowed and i mean any. That is why there are so many dogs running wild out here, cause ya’ll females are the ones who breed them! I know a dude who makes it no secret that he is well-endowed and you should see the shit that these chicks let him get away with. It made me look at females in a whole different, negative light. I mean if you thought dudes do some crazy shit for some ass, than you ain’t seen nothing! Now at the same time i understand that everybody wants to be sexually satisfied. So when it comes to size, i think it only matters when it comes to the opposite extremes. Wow if it’s really big and “Dammit Nooo!!!” if it’s too small. But i’m just saying a dude should treat you the same no matter what he’s packing.

  • Spinster


    This shit right here, especially this part:

    “That is why there are so many dogs running wild out here, cause ya’ll females are the ones who breed them!”

    is complete and utter bullshit. If there’s anyone else who thinks this way, SMMFH.

  • da ThRONe


    I thought Chauncey brought up in excellent point. And I thought that line was spot on. If women are treating big penis like there gold. Dudes with big penis attitude will match there penis. I believe GG already spoke of the “Big Dick Attitude”.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    Big Dicks ARE gold. Haven’t you seen the condom wrapper?

  • da ThRONe


    Nope. :(

  • Miss LuLu

    If small dicks felt just as good as big dicks then there wouldnt be an issue. But they dont. I’m sure there are women who dont like big dicks or it doesnt matter for them… but they havent made their comment here yet. Go Find Them.
    We are talking about size and pleasure(feeling, timing, skill) of a penis… not about respect from the man who own it or whatever. It’s about sex. So dont get all moral and psychological in here about that.

  • ms. j starr

    it’s true a man who is packing has a certain “can’t tell me shit ” way about him. He knows what he is working with and knows that women will do damn near anything for it.
    However, this doesn’t mean he should treat people like they are beneath him. At the end of the day people are treated the way they let people treat them. If you stand for disrespect you fall down disresepected.

  • Da Son

    These are the facts, when you have an item/thing/’person with a high desirability in the marketplace, that item/thing/person when command a higher premium that is how it is. Meaning if you swinging you can get away with a lot of shit!

    The shit is the same for a dude, a woman that is pretty enough can get houses, cars, whatever and the dude KNOWS he is not the one, he is just trying to get in where he fits in. Sad but true it is a fact of life.

    Folks can get mad all they want, but sexual pleasure is a very motivating force. Shoot some women here even profess it was not the biggim that got them off, it was a medium size dick that did the trick!

    But the slight of a big dick made them lose their minds! Just had to spit shine it. As for the close built chick, dude just did not get you excited enough….

  • da ThRONe

    @Ms LuLu

    The point wasnt about settling for someone who doesnt fulfill you. It’s about letting a person get away with more then they should just because he can fulfill you. I dont wanna settle for a chick with sub-par pussy. But Im not going run myself crazy for a broad with grade A pussy either.

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    @ Tron

    You need to stop frontin’! Yes you would!

  • Da Son

    @Da Throne men have gone to war over grade A is just that important!

  • NWSO

    @Da ThRONe you grown and if you can’t handle lil ol’ GGTTH then GTFOH. LOL

  • da ThRONe

    @Da Son

    I was talking about me specifically.


    How do you know? Is it my “Big Dick Attitude”? LOL

  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    I’m not even going to put you on blast about “That Bitch”

  • da ThRONe


    GG is getting off subject feel free to silence her!

    *Yes Tron just snitched

  • NWSO

    @Da ThRONe

    Arms and abs? I have neither but i got balls and a pecker. LOL

    But there’s a simple way to solve this, since you’re an official contributor to the site why don’t you draft your own battle of the sexes post and state your case?


  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    @ Chauncey

    What it all boils down to is this:

    We ALL have our sexual preferences, so you can’t knock anyone for liking what they like.

    Just like some women like big dicks, some/most black men love big asses.

  • da ThRONe

    Looking at this from a women perspective. I would say a more desirable sex organ trumps a desireable body part. A nice ass may turn you on but outside of that it doesnt improve the sex.

  • da ThRONe


    Way to have a brothers back. This sir is why women keep the upper hand now. No damn U-N-I-T-Y thats unity. *Queen Latifah style*

  • da ThRONe


    While Im on the subject of correcting you! How is this the female equivalent of “T&A”? T&A is nice to have but doesnt stack up to a sex organ any day. Our question should be how important is good sex. Or there question should have been whats more important nice arms or a nice abs. As is this is completely unfair!

  • Elle

    Actually I think Chauncey is dead on. (Some) women will go bonkers for a guy simply because he is packing and let him get away with all kinds of BS. Why? I have no clue but then again I’m not really into big dicks to begin with so I should keep my mouth shut.

  • Labella

    I recently re-joined Black Planet and a guy with the screen name, Size10shoe, sent me a note requesting a hook up. His profile picture is his lower half wearing red briefs in which you can see the outline of his penis. I sent him a note back asking him where is the picture of his face and did he use protection. He responded by telling me he felt I and other women on BP de-masculated him by asking him those type of questions because he only messed with certain types of women. WTF, is he serious? SMH

    Needless to say, I am not interested in hooking up with him, no matter what size he is.

  • Elle


  • God’s Gift to the Earth

    @ Elle

    It’s no different than women who “put up” with men who are rich.

    It’s all about supply and demand.

  • Elle

    True indeed. True indeed. @ Shay

    But hey, they can at least keep the cars & the gifts once the rich dude is gone … can’t say the same about a big dick :P

  • God’s Gift to the Earth


  • B.D

    Size does matter; however, the guy involved needs to know how to use his god given tool or it is a waste of time and energy.

    Personally, I cannot deal with anything small.. I love big breast, asses, and penises…. I’m just greedy.

  • Monay

    I really don’t think size matters. I say that because there are guys that are small (less than 7 inches) whose stroke games are on point; then there are guys who are big (more than 8 inches) & don’t know what to do with what they got, but gives amazing head!

    Then there is the guy who sucks in both the stroke & the head game, but THANK GOD i’ve never met one of those. (and I NEVER plan to lol)

    For me though, it all comes down to the chemistry between the two people. If I am sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually attracted to you, (damn near in love with you & you with me) then your size will not matter whatsoever.

    I prefer a man with a thick penis rather than long. You could have a short penis but if its thick (and hopefully your stroke game is on point) then length will not matter.

    It also comes down to how well a woman knows her body sexually. I think I am very (maybe abnormally) inclined with my sexually so I know that any man that beds me will KNOW what the hell to do with what he’s got.

    I’m into energy & vibes. If I’m feeling your vibe & I can interpret what his body is saying to me, then I’ll know from that that the sex is going to be spectacular & one to remember forever regardless of size.

    • alkalosis

      you ladies are throwing terms around such as the word small and saying small is under 7″ the average cock size on all men, the aggregate AVERAGE is 6.5″ you realize that men over 9″ total about 2% of the planets over 10″ make up about approx 0.5 % of the population ..I am 8″ by 6″ around and I am considered in the top of substantial length are the exception not the rule and men below 4″ are considered small..I can tell you that a man at 7″ does not feel he is below average. I agree that size matters somewhat but you know what matters more..terms that are accurate…words have meanings and words can help or hinder.; Yes , I am talking about he fragile male ego but you know those with fragile ego’s words hurt..I am not one of those, however, I have conducted studies on words and their meanings and you need to be mindful of what you are saying.

  • Ms. Parker

    I don’t think size really matters alll the time; you can be hung and not know what to do in bed! So to me it’s the SKILLS that count :)

  • TriniQueen

    Love this…lol

    Size matters…plain talk bad matters.
    I was with a guy once real sweet, intelligent conversations and very thoughtful and we were really good friends, then one night we jus decided let’s do this…mind u he did tell me he wished he had a bigger d!ck but I thought he was jus being insecure…neways things got heated and I got the shock of my life…he was so tiny, the condom didn’t even want to stay on…

    I was so outta there but we remained friends, lmao.

  • westcoastcutie

    @Gods Gift – you got it right

    I used to think size didnt matter until I met my current man….he is lovely :) Never, ever, ever, had it this good before . A big boy who knows how to use it will leave a lasting impression and keep you faithful. We are in a long distance relationship and cheating wouldnt even be worth it.

  • textibitionist

    Again, couldn’t read all the comments, but

    1) Agree with Ms. Technical like a muhfucka

    2) I’ve had a long relationship with a small penis. and you’re right, if we’re in a relationship, I’ll forgive you for it. but if I’m calling you for sex, it’s not happening.

    3) I really can’t do the huge dick anymore. I appreciate it, but to be in a relationship with it is mad obnoxious. It is the girth that matters, and its also the confidence that allows your hips to do the right things and reach the right reach.

    And you know what? huge dr. mandingo only brushes up against the g-spot. you’re all invading and stretching out my cervix. It’s terrible when sex begins to feel uncomfortable.

    4) Girls.. really? The “average” dick isn’t un-do able.. Kegels is a really wonderful thing. It keeps you tight for any kind of size, honest. Do it often and it will happily embrace the littler ones too. It’s not all the men’s job to make it fit.

  • DC Cookies

    In my opinion, size does NOT matter. With the exception of shrimp dicks. I’ll pass on that one.

    “Large and in charge” dicks don’t do too much for me. I feel like big dicks are trying to poke a hole in my stomach. The biggest man that I been with was OK in bed but he couldn’t stroke with ease.

    I could definitely stay with a smaller man if his tongue was on point. One of my ex’s were smaller than the average. I think about 4 1/2 inches. It worked for me but his tongue game was damn near perfect.

    This so-called perfect guy you are speaking of, can he give good head? If so, I could deal with him.

    Personally, I prefer a dick on the smaller side. 5-7 inches is good for me. I think I just have a tighter vaj, though.

  • A Realist

    I always joke that men with 3in dicks should be genetically weeded off the face of the planet lol. With that said size matters but to an extent. I keep reading about hype, that’s so true, if you’re hyping me up about how good you are but when we get in the bedroom you’re fumbling around??? that’s just inexcusable. I prefer a humble man. He doesn’t have to be a beast in bed, he just needs to have an open mind, trying new things, exploring all our desires. Not to mention, this is a two party thing, I am not the type of woman to get my orgasm and go, no, I need you to come too. It’s important.
    My personal preference in size is 7 and 8 but unless you actually ask a man up front what you get is what you get when the moment of truth arrives lol. Is it a deal breaker if he’s too big or too small. Well, if it hurts to have sex, yes. In fact such an incident occurred, I was with a man, where he couldn’t even get half way in me, it was a disaster. I tried to give him a bj, another disaster, I felt bad and so did he.
    On the flip side I was with a man that was slightly smaller than average, and not only did I not walk away with any satisfaction, he complained about his dick is not as big as a black man.
    I’m a lady, I’ll never sit there and complain about your penis but that said to me that if we were gonna stay together, I’d have to do A LOT of reassuring.

    So, does size matter? yes. But other things are at play. fun, exploration, confidence, and humility. But that’s just my opinion.

  • bogart4017

    Another point–it seems to me (from experience)that bigger women (size 16+) have trouble with larger dicks while the smaller, skinnier women can roll and ride the whole thing right to the base. I wonder if thats something medical or physical.

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  • Rick

    I have a VERY small penis, depending on what statistics you believe anywhere from 60-75% below average. I have found it to be a serious obstacle but thank god for online dating. By coming right out with it, so to speak, I have been able to find women to whom it truly does not matter. I imagine, probably, these women have tiny vaginas so we are well-matched, tho I cant prove that. Bottom line: there IS someone for everyone…there are REAL issues in life and to me this isnt one them

  • Short DIcked

    I have 3.5 inch penis. Reading comments on this website is just another proof that size matter. Can I be angry at women who feel that way? No, hell no. I can’t really blame them for their preferences. Actually it’s sad to aknowledge that you will be (almost) no good for most women. I know that they might settle for what I have to offer, but they surely don’t want it. I will be a Beta Male Provider at best. Which is sad.

    I’m 19.

  • Da Son

    Short Dicked

    I am not trying to be funny, so take it for what it is worth. Date Asian women, they are “smaller” than any other ethnic group I was fortunate enough to share the sheets with. Waaaaaaaaay smaller, so dude you will be in the house!

    If you are fat lose weight, I dropped 45 pounds and my dick got bigger, it makes a difference. Good luck man!

  • xfp

    @Salty Game If that were true, the ideal penis shape would be a radiator lol.

  • Short DIcked

    Da Son ,

    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. And yea, I indeed am morbidly obese (working on it, I hit the gym 3 times a week, mainly to avoid many illnesses). I actually have searched about how much my “equipment” could increase and the results were not satisfying. Well, yes, 0.5 inch is surely better than nothing, but still… Let’s be honest… 4 inches? That would be “impressive”.

    And speaking of asian women… They are hot! Yea, they really are and their attitudes towards family and marriage are highly acceptable, but you see… I live in Lithuania (eastern Europe, former Soviet block, 2nd World country), therefore my access to asian girls is practically non-existent and the quality of life here in Lithuania is not high enough to, shall we say, go abroad. I simply have no money for this, so… :)

    But hey, thanks for at least trying to gimme some tips. That’s much more than most of people through internet, who always make sarcastic and/or insultive comments. :)

  • Epip

    Short Dicked, trimming pubic hair also makes it look bigger.

    And please know how to use what you have been given, my ex was about 4inches hard and would just lay there and let me ride, like dead lay there wouldnt move or flinch just make faces.

    Please if your penis is smaller than average dont take it out on your girlfriend, its not your fault or my fault and if im not complaining, so dont make me. Me and my ex split up because of his insecurities concerning ‘satisfying’ me i was happy, fufilled 80-20 rule. but he ended it because he couldnt perform

  • Short DIcked

    Hey Epip!

    Wow, a girl tries to make me feel better… Thanks! :)

    I have a couple of questions for you, girl: how long have you been together? Was it more than 6 months? Maybe 8? When you were having sex, would you say that sex was like a preplanned event?

    The reason I am asking this is my mother’s friend. I heard when she and my mom were talking about her friend’s ex-boyfriend. He had a 9.5 cm penis (that is about 3.75 inches). At first, as said by mom’s friend, she did not mind his “shortcoming”, even thought she was severely disappointed after she saw his “tool” after this first time. The sex, according her, was acceptable as well. He also was an expert at giving oral and his skills were pretty decent, too. Do you know the reason they broke up? She cheated on him with her well-hung ex. (dunno ex’es size, though…) Well, she decided not to say anything to her partner, but, after that, she would no longer feel satisaction from her then-current BF… therefore, after 2 months of relationship, she ended it. Knowing how that guy was suffering after this accident, it really repulses me from making any advanced to the girls I like as well… Now, I don’t blame that woman, no I really don’t, however, when you see that that man did nothing, but was punished for something out of his control, it really saddens me…

    Now what you’ve said is indeed right. Confidence can partially make up for this inadequacy and I, when I manage to get a girl to like me enough that she would agree with doing “it”, really shouldn’t push her into convincing if we “came”, ya know and I never do it. These girls themselves usually get their heads hurt and never call again and, which is worse, if you have a lot of common friends, tells this to her girlfriends… A simple question in order to know what accommodates her should be enough. That is a very good advice, even though I already knew this. :) But you see… I’ve been reading a lot about women, girls and their relationships… Considering things like that women usually have that special bond with her girlfriends and talk their secrets and concerns out, so all of her friends already know how you are equipped and after breaking up with the girls you had sex with, when all common friends also know what you have… And that look… Ya know, that stare of disappointment you usually get when you are about to have sex… And the way girls try to hide that stare of disappointment and not to giggle in order not to offend us… To acknowledge that you do not get this girl excited the way other men did… This knowing that you are inferior sex-vice… To see their faces after… when not laughing, not smiling, but kinda sad and serious… Or, when you go to the bathroom, come from it and when she goes there and at that time, a SMS comes from one of her friends, saying that she (her friend) was sorry for this awefull “waste of time”, as she put it… To know that you will never be someone who she will dream about… or lust for… And when you come to school and meet her with her friends in the canteen, they suddenly stop talking… and, worst of all, knowing that you can’t do anything significant about this even if you desire… And knowing that all this aren’t their fault… nor mine… It hurts, ya know… It really does… It really does…

    I’m sorry for this long rant… I let my emotions let out, which I’m sorry about. No one really cares about this, honestly. I need to man up and deal like a man. I apologise. To myself, firstly….

  • Epip

    Hey SD,

    8months, it wasnt ever preplanned unless i stayed over and even then it wasnt preplanned it was just obvious.

    His head game was WACK.WACK.WACK.WACK. His father was a preacher and he was heavily involved with the church, he’d had one partner before me and never gave head before, he couldnt follow ‘guidance’ & he didnt masturbate all this made for very short sessions.

    i know what you mean by the stare of disappointment, i gave my ex that look once because i felt like he didnt care about my pleasure was just trying to get his & roll over
    like i said 80-20 rule, i was getting most of what i needed so i wasnt complaining

    i can empathise with you, if it makes you feel any better girls that crave big dicks have hula hoop pussys :) dont let your ‘short’ comings make you upset with everyone else and dont let it make you feel inferior.

  • westcoastcutie

    lol I always find it interesting that women (who have never stuck a dick in a puzzy) suddenly become experts on how tight a puzzy is depending on whether another woman likes big or little dick. Puzzy comes in many different lengths and muscle tones. A woman could have poor muscle tone, but a very short length or she may have good muscle tone and a long length. It’s usually the length that makes big dicks uncomfortable and last time I checked, hula hoops are wide…..hmmmmmmm just a thought

    Another thing is the pain factor….that is if you are into pain. It may not be your bag but a lot of us enjoy painful sex. I love big dick because it hurts so damn good. Sadistic men who leave me sore for weeks are definitely ok in my books

    Don’t hate because a girl can handle a big dick, we do it because we love it, not because we don’t have a choice :)

  • Ravena

    Size MATTERS. It does. It does. It does.

    I prefer 7-8. Eight is purrrrfect lol.

    I’ve been with a guy that was small and he had me damn near on top of my head and I still couldn’t feel it. Enough of that shit, BIG DICKS rule.

    AND lol, no I don’t have a hula hoop pussy.


  • Epip

    @westcoastcutie it was a joke, im British its in our humour.

  • Sweet_apples

    I use to go out with many different guys. I have seen small dicks (within a few inches erected) to big ones. The other nights me and my boyfriend finally decided to have sex. He was huge. Actually bigger than I have seen and it HURT. I thought bigger is better but in my condition it hurt. It all depends on the size of the woman and how much they can take. Not everyone is the same. Knowing he is big but that it hurt I am not really looking much to the sex part. But now it finally sunk in why he wanted to please first before removing undies.

  • rob

    well i have a 5 inch and my wife has had 7″ and up but she said that i make magic happen. i had to make up for being so small. but she has an orgasm every time because i take care of her needs first. still not sure why she is with me and loves me so much

  • rob

    i cant get her off by penertration at all and wonder if i do anything for her when i penetrate at all. but oraly she said i am the best

  • jeffro

    To all the guys with little guys out there:
    What that assholes aren’t telling you is that this is the one area of your life that you need to be tough as nails about. You can be as big a pussy as you feel the need to about everything else, but man up on this. You can’t let anyone affect the way you feel about it but you. Now some of you can see where I’m going with this — You’re likely 99% there right now. The problem is you’re telling yourself the wrong things. Take what you can get guys, make no excuses or apologies, because it is dog eat dog for everyone.

    bitches: If you are seriously dumping a guy that can get you off and will put up with you because he’s not big enough for your insane ego, you’re unreliable or you’ll never be satisfied with anything. Don’t think for a second that slightly less insecure and socially awkward big dick guy doesn’t make you for what you are in less time than it took me to type this.

    Love, Jeffro

  • raa

    So wen u say ur not rel in to big dicks well wats big to u

  • rob

    one question good tounge to off set a mans toy is also good?? i am better with my tounge than the joy stick but i do know how to use it but i love to have her heated and explode because 10 min of fun isnt fun for the woman

  • Gabe

    My penis is 4 1/2 inches, and not thick, all though the head tends to be swollen but I have never had a complaint. I 5`8 145 pounds, defined body so I dont look too bad, nor does it look really small due to my thin frame. I had sex with over 20 women and have always been satisfying, maybe not the best but definetly good. I imagine if my penis was larger would I be better? probably so but I will never know. Plus I have had 2 relationships where we lasted so long cause the sex was great… So even though I wish i had a bigger one, it could be worse…..oh the complaints I had is it was too quick or no foreplay, shoot sometimes Im tired and want to get to the point!!! and yes other times I last forever or I go about 4 or 5 times in the night. Depends on the mood I guess..One thing as ive gotten older it bothers me less to the point where Ill joke about it, but only with girlfriends or lovers…nobody eles needs to know…

  • Gabe

    case in point;;

    last week I slept with a girl who I know for a fact shes been with many men, she admits that. with that being said, I made her cum 3 times in one session, the second time I got lazy and made her cum twice, but it was some good sex, i was in control and she loved, and wants more. But i know that I was smaller than at least 70 % of her past lovers yet we had a blast…. any way Im out…

  • Lachatnoir83

    In my studies on the subject, size doesn’t matter. It’s all about skill and finesse for me.

  • Austin

    Im 2 inchs soft and 4 hard and 3/4 of an inch thick. Am i small?

  • Austin

    Im 2 inchs soft and 4 hard and 3/4 of an inch thick. Am i small?

  • Moonlight_Lucy

    Size definitely matters along with skill. No two pump chumps. I’ve never been with anyone under 7 or 8+ who was also thick and knew what he was doing (white guys only, not into black guys). Honestly I’ve been lucky and spoiled so I’m a bit picky when it comes to sex. I don’t like oral and am one of the rare few who don’t need anything other than dick to get me off. 

  • Moonlight_Lucy

    Size definitely matters along with skill. No two pump chumps. I’ve never been with anyone under 7 or 8+ who was also thick and knew what he was doing (white guys only, not into black guys). Honestly I’ve been lucky and spoiled so I’m a bit picky when it comes to sex. I don’t like oral and am one of the rare few who don’t need anything other than dick to get me off. 

  • Moonlight_Lucy

    Size definitely matters along with skill. No two pump chumps. I’ve never been with anyone under 7 or 8+ who was also thick and knew what he was doing (white guys only, not into black guys). Honestly I’ve been lucky and spoiled so I’m a bit picky when it comes to sex. I don’t like oral and am one of the rare few who don’t need anything other than dick to get me off. 

  • Moonlight_Lucy

    Size definitely matters along with skill. No two pump chumps. I’ve never been with anyone under 7 or 8+ who was also thick and knew what he was doing (white guys only, not into black guys). Honestly I’ve been lucky and spoiled so I’m a bit picky when it comes to sex. I don’t like oral and am one of the rare few who don’t need anything other than dick to get me off. 

  • Da_bohl

    im taking a poll: ok ladies imma lil brotha 6×6 exactly and  my girl i can tell she aint happy it pisses me off she aint happy and i dont want her to cheat so im thinking bout gettin dis 10 inch male strap on it goes around ya penis so my first question is how would yall react if ya man introduced this in the bed 2nd question is if you could only choose between a 6 inch real penis and a 10 inch fake one which would you choose? only serious responses please

  • Da_bohl

    im taking a poll: ok ladies imma lil brotha 6×6 exactly and  my girl i can tell she aint happy it pisses me off she aint happy and i dont want her to cheat so im thinking bout gettin dis 10 inch male strap on it goes around ya penis so my first question is how would yall react if ya man introduced this in the bed 2nd question is if you could only choose between a 6 inch real penis and a 10 inch fake one which would you choose? only serious responses please

    • Carassa1976

      Honestly, I prefer a small penis. My ex husband of 14 yrs was ridiculously big & it was painful almost always! We had 3 children, but I only had c-sections & I have always done kegels. My fiance now is smaller than average & while I wasn’t used to it at first after being impaled by my ex’s mammoth penis…I love smaller penises!
      No more pain during sex! My fiance says my vag is perfect, cause my kegels keep it in top performance. My fiance gives awesome oral sex too. My ex couldn’t get me off, I always had to do it before we had intercourse. Now, I am having tons of orgasms through my clitoris & my fiance can cause massive orgasms with his finger on my g spot! I never knew sex could be so fulfilling!
      So small penis is perfect, especially when the penis’ owner has mad skills!

  • Da_bohl

    im taking a poll: ok ladies imma lil brotha 6×6 exactly and  my girl i can tell she aint happy it pisses me off she aint happy and i dont want her to cheat so im thinking bout gettin dis 10 inch male strap on it goes around ya penis so my first question is how would yall react if ya man introduced this in the bed 2nd question is if you could only choose between a 6 inch real penis and a 10 inch fake one which would you choose? only serious responses please

  • Da_bohl

    im taking a poll: ok ladies imma lil brotha 6×6 exactly and  my girl i can tell she aint happy it pisses me off she aint happy and i dont want her to cheat so im thinking bout gettin dis 10 inch male strap on it goes around ya penis so my first question is how would yall react if ya man introduced this in the bed 2nd question is if you could only choose between a 6 inch real penis and a 10 inch fake one which would you choose? only serious responses please

  • WildeOscar

    As a guy who was cruelly shafted by nature (under 4 inches hard, and maybe one inch soft), I think I’ll just give up the game after reading this.

    • Marlene

      You shouldn’t give up.. One day you going find somebody that you can please in some many ways even in bed.. I like to say a lot “It’s not what you got, it’s what you can do with it”… Nothing is wrong with being small..

  • Marlene

    Size don’t matter to me. I had a nice big one before and he didn’t please me at all. I always use to think size matter until I got what I wanted and he wasn’t no good… I find somebody not so big or not so small, he was just right.. He was the best I ever had.. He was the first guy to please me.. I believe if you don’t feel nothing don’t fake just tell him he wasn’t good.. It’s pointless to lie or fake the sound or the climax, if he not good tell him it will spare him in so many ways.. I love my not so big or not so small penis..

  • justaloser

    well i havent been on a date in over 6yrs..  tried strippers n gentlemens clubs instead.. it’s pretty much the only way to ever have contact with a female.. unless u somehow luck out and find some crazy sweetheart.. too bad they don’t exist in this day n age.. just sucks to be in your mid twenties.. seeing yourself turning Asexual due to knowing and feeling your nothing but a waste of fucking time to females…  and its not like im micro lol.. but quite obvious a dog will be my only life companion

    • Petrina

      = (

      I’m a sweet woman in my mid-twenties. I’m  not flirting with you but I want you to know we’re not all dead and gone.

    • worthless man

      man if it makes you feel better iam black with a small dick witch means everytime i talk to a chick is espected of me to be big i got 5 years without no female iam in my 30,s and havent with a woman since ive been in my 30,s  as much as i hate to but i some times puck up a prostitude  cause even when they lie it makes me feel good

  • ChuckieCharles

    Love doesn’t make you do anything, you CHOOSE to do thing sout of love. I guess

     I would be a little over “average” and went through the same “worries” every male has. Hell, I knew I was pornstar packing. BUT, since I am competitive  by nature and didn;t want to be left behind, I started to read and “study” to try to compensate for what I thought I was  “lacking”. Needless to say,my current girlfriend had only experienced an orgams twice in her life (27 years and one kid later) with previous guys who were packing more. (Yeah, I asked wondering what was going on in her love life) Our first time she had 5!!! (Yeah, Im proud, and I love my BABY and usually once you get the first one out the way, its easier for her to get more) 

    Point is, if you really want to be good in bed, the “size” is not the biggest detemining factor. You gotta have some idea of what you are doing in general, tan you have to understand everything you did for a girl in the past will not work for the one you are with now. If you pay close attention while you doing your thing, HER BODY will tell you if you are doing it right or at least headed in the right direction.


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  • Bray32641

    you’re all a bunch of sick people who will never be happy because all you care about is sex, find one person you can love and live with for the rest of your lives or just burn in hell for all I care, you’ll always float around in life like a used piece packing tape, what I’m saying 90 percent of you may have STDs, Thats what you get for sleeping with the most disgusting people in the world. Bath in your SIN. God have mercy on your souls come judgment day.    

  • Goddamn

    just 1 thing to say no hard feelings but you are all noobs stop talking about penis’s and women that are obsessed with 10 inch cocks go to a f*cking porn station and i hope you get rejected cause ur puccis to loose. So chill the fuck out.

  • Shitontoy

    Also again for you guys that are pathetic if your penis is under 8 inches you better be a good tongue licker

  • skills4

    size dont matter as long as you know how to work it, im 5 and at first i dont feel comfortable with my size but now i can make any girl cum under 10 min

  • Ghostgirl93x

    Well in my opinion I think it is possible to be too big. Like my husband is about 8 or 9 inches that’s an estimation but really really THICK in the girth dept. I had sex with 3 guys  before I met  him and I thought I would be able to handle him dead wrong. It was like trying to fit the  fat end of a baseball bat inside me. He is thicker then my wrist for sure. 
    Needless to say it took months of practice to get it to where it did not hurt.  But when I got use to it I started to have vaginal orgasms which i never had before. I have had tons of clitoral orgasms but never vaginal. Its really intense and when I get to be on top I can usually get both at the same time which is earth shattering.
    So if you meet a guy with a girth giant use lots of lube, foreplay and make sure he learns to use his toungue. And take breaks in between sex sessions. Oh by the way he is a white guy go figure

    • alkalois

      there is nothing to go figure about..Black men do not have the largest cocks as you ladies seem to think..It is Turkish men followed by black men followed by white men and the difference is all of 1/4 inch on average..Sorry to bust your myth but is is true.

  • wemon so lazy

    The names of the commenters here is just out of hand and if Wemon are too lazy to work with what there man has no mater size that’s just there fault .men can get off no matter the size pussy why can’t wemon? Here is a tip ladys stop being lazy and clinch your vag why not rub your self while he screws you your to dam seems half of you barely know how to make do with Edgerton rather just complain sad realty

  • Shawncoquin

    It goes both ways,, some women are really loose and hollow and they need a big dick,, Some women are tight, so tight in fact that they run away from anything too big, So really, it’s something that should be discussed before you get too involved.. You can’t tell by looking at a women if she is tight or not, could be fat, skinny, fit or average and a guy who isn’t large needs to find a tight pussy and then they are both happy.

  • 3cats

    When I was young, I never knew there was anything different until the other boys made comments when we had to all take showers together. On top of that, I would get hard and stay that way for hours at a time.  I had to wear loose pants a lot, so people wouldn’t notice that much. When people see that you are turned on, they think that is what you are all about. I think when you’re young, things like that are embarrising. When you get older, it’s not so bad, plus I changed and I didn’t walk around in public hard all the time. There is always the problem that when you sit on a toilet, you have to watch that you don’t fall in. Some toilets are worse than others.
    You hear some women with big boobs complain about not being taken seriously, maybe it is sort of the same for men that are bigger. But then again, I think times have changed and maybe it’s different now. I think some women that like men bigger, tend to have deeper feelings a little too fast when they find a man like that.

    On the up side, some women like men that are big and thick (and some do not, so you can’t go all the way in and this is a problem because it feels better to go in as much as you can).
    I guess a lot of women are different like some of the posts on here. There are different types of women. I always tried to please whoever I was with in any way I could; I am still that way.
    Some women have trouble talking about this with a man they are intimate with, but not with other women. I had trouble talking about such things when I was younger.

    In the end, everyone has something specal to offer even if it’s not sexual. Being with someone you care about is the best feeling in the world, even if you are just sitting there watching TV.

  • Juwei

    People…are so damn stupid. I know people think your vagina is so damn deep but anatomically speaking it’s only 4 inches deep. Any average sized man can reach and guess what… world wide average size, german size, us size, even Japan size is around 5 inches average. It’s just that the vagina can stretch up to around 300% more. So it’s not so much about length as it is about girth.
    I can’t even stick 4 inches into me without it hurting REALLY terrible. The thicker the worse the pain but the more the clitoris gets stretched. Oh yeah. Your clit is more than just that nub. It’s surrounding your vaginal walls as in underneath all that tissue which is why girth matters far more then length. 
    People lie so much but less than 10% of men have anything above 5.4 inches. Africa’s average penis size is actually only 5.5 to 5.9 inches. Your vagina being 4 inches deep with the capacity to stretch….a lot well… five inches is enough.
    I’m sick and tired of women who claim they know what average is and they think bigger penis is better. Yet when they are psychologically tested their bodies don’t respond any differently to a lengthier penis than a short one if they are the same girth. I mean people already did ultrasounds of an orgasm.
    Asian men actually are about the same length  (except Korea…their average barely reaches 4 inches) as American, german, all men worldwide, but they aren’t as thick as someone of African descent.
    Women are so deluded to thinking huge size is a good thing (while ending up tearing their vaginal walls, having less orgasms because most of those men are cocky and can’t work it). “Well he can’t reach!” Honey, if he’s more than 4 inches than he’s already stretching more than 100% of your vagina. I don’t know why women think it so remarkable that having the penis reach into your fallopian tubes is so great! It’s uncomfortable as hell.
    A little over 80% of women don’t reach orgasm DURING sexual intercourse with a man. A great deal of women who have sex choose larger penises because of the stereotype of it being better- leaving several men out of the chance to prove themselves good in bed. While the ten percent of men hound these women often being playboys and cheating and taking as many women as possible-the majority of women have never actually met the average man in bed. Surprising no?
    Guess what? Mr. 6 inches or something like that…maybe even smaller was better (and a virgin at that- he was a childhood friend I basically did a huge favor for-poor boy’s mother was such a hawk-eye. But childhood friend is trustworthy… >:D) than the nine-inch douche I had and had a lot more “experience” than the smaller virgin. Still the smaller virgin was better and he was actually pretty damn good considering it’s pretty tough to get past the 4 inches for me. I’m known to be so tight that it hurts their dicks.
    The only reason I would think size matters is if the woman’s hole is so loose tampons fall out.

    • reina

      The vagina expands during sex.

  • Smaller guy

    I’m a small guy but I’ve only fallen out when I lose my erection ie I am tired and done.  But I don’t get how all you other girls have experiences with small guys who “keep” falling out.  How do you not know how to stroke knowing he’s a smaller guy? I am super hard when I am up and falling out just doesn’t happen at that point.

  • Reggie Richmond


  • Lady Belle

    My husband has a big thick dick, and he told me it was mine.  That is all.!

  • Joy

    Do you know how I found this website? I typed in ‘I prefer average sized dicks, is that normal?’ I’m surprised almost all of the women posting here like big dicks. The largest guy I had was 8 inches (normal girth) and I almost never enjoyed having sex with him. The guy I just left and was with for 4 years he was almost 7 and a 1/2. There were many times I wanted sex to be over so badly that I was crying and he didn’t know it (I left the relationship because I knew that couldn’t keep happening). The best sex I ever had, was with a less than average length and width penis back when I was 22. I’m 29 now and that’s still the most memorable sex I’ve ever had. I like average penis sizes. Don’t worry men, there’s NOTHING wrong with your penis size! If the ladies aren’t doing their kegal exercises, maybe their loose vagina’s are the problem.

    • Joy


    • 996griggs

      I can tell u one thing. all my life i never knew what was considered small medium or large. accept for what i saw in porno s. but in real life women lie. but candidly they tell the truth. i guess they don t want men to feel too good about themselves. and women like that have given me a complex. but if i go wit what was said here and in other forums im swinging. but because of insecure women not wanting to build up anyone but themselves. i will always think im inadequate. even though im though im im the top 9-5%. Stupid lying women.

      • alkalosis

        let me tell you..i am a good sized man of 8″ by 6″ around and what I find sometimes is that the women do not know jack about sex. Do not get me wrong, a lot of men are worthless in bed no matter what their size. The thing that i always remember is that you get out of it what you put into it so boys and girls alike do not dis your partner because you may be the problem

    • Anonymous

      We’re not worrying about that concern in particular, Joy. Whether we are a 6″ average or a 10″ killer, women seem to have the need to insult men this way. Like I have said in my own post, when people have sexual (or other) insecurities of their own, they (in this case many women) attempt to gain their power back by saying hurtful things, just to enrage their male audience. There isn’t a more powerful feeling in the world for an insecure woman to achieve than when she gets a man angry. They laugh at a guy’s angry reaction because this proves to them that they have hurt the feelings of the opposite sex. Even above-average men of more than 7.5″ don’t like hearing that kind of garbage! It hurts many of them, too, because it so often seems that women are always unsatisfied with penis size. We men are really tired of it! Why don’t you all find the love of your life, but, before you do, make sure he has a really huge penis. Based on this extremely important requirement of yours, while neglecting everything else that makes a relationship work (Marriage, anyone?) I wish all of you large-penis worshipers a very happy and successful search for a match! Let’s see where you are when you are old and no longer attractive, and single, and dateless, just because you always wanted to have your cake, and eat it, too. Anyway, Joy, thank you for the positive swing here on the subject, but the only things we mainly worry about are the lack of consideration and the lack of maturity that women have plagued men with for all too long. We all know this debate will never end. Millions of uneducated, albeit stubborn, “ladies” of the U.S. need to change their crazy (and opinionated) ideas by picking up a nice, NON-TRASHY women’s magazine, such as Redbook or any other reputable magazine that gives great tips on relationships, men, and women’s concerns. Better yet, try reading at least 50+ pages from an anatomy and physiology text (obviously the amusing chapter about male genitalia and their functions). You are all wasting your time and effort talking trash about men. There is a lot for you to catch up on…get busy!

  • josh

    this kind of talk turn men gay

  • josh

    for MS. HAPPY MEDIUM to your comment handgun versus a rifle
    rifle more recoil
    handgun less recoil

  • F-FACE

     Yup.  Women (for the most part) are liars when their identity is exposed.  They talk all this bullcrap
    about wanting someone that is respectful, funny and listens. Yea
    right.  That’s why every chick that is attracted right away, grabs my
    stuff within a few hours or meetings.  Size is the most important thing
    on their slutty minds and it is incredibly shallow but the height one is
    most laughable “because I (woman) wear heels.”  Stupid biches.  Women
    are way more shallow than men and the way you get over having less than
    average junk is having a fat, thick wallet.  They want a porn star’s,
    two hander that will hurt them and they can brag about to their friends.Yea, I’m average and so self
    conscious my average junk fears the judgement now that I’d just rather
    go into retirement and get hookers.  Unless I am hard at the time the chicks
    grab, I’m not even getting to the bedroom so screw it.  Hookers are always hot, cost less, go
    away and screw the way a man wants to screw.  There’s just as much risk with those whores than the ones you find on the internet or bars but I would never risk no protection so it’s even safer. Only trouble is, I only
    see them on vacation. Thanks ladies, good man loning it here nightly,  laughing my ars off every time I hear one of
    you stupid broads cry about the last guy that cheated on you but you got
    what your shallow ass deserves.

    I’ve been married and engaged again so I’m not clueless in the sack but the rejection and realization of the above is just too much to go through over and over and over again for once in a decade successes.  The other good ones I like with chicks these days are tats.  Tats and trucks but tats are such a joke.  “Art” for the insecure but you dumbarses eat that garbage up.  Mindless. People so insecure they need “look at me” marks all over their bodies for attention or to look hard.  Posers.  At least my insecurity is justified. The rest of these posers are just psychos.

  • Kalbertini

    I don^t know why people here have IQs of laundry detergent.Anyways when you look that nature placed all sexual pleasure nerve endings for men & women upfront & the vagina when aroused can fit snug on a finger,with the first 2 inches only sensitive you have to be on crack cocaine to make a issue on size.Women do you really want to take that route ? how about a big clitoris ? I as a man need a big one to rub on my abdomen when the women is on top( the clitoris has to be at least 2 1/2 inches long,no peas shape will do.If your vulva is too long sorry,I don^t want to see a Sting Ray on a woman,those are ugly sea creatures that look like a vulva in many ways.If your vulva is too big well all my desire goes out.It don^t matter how clean you are or have a beautiful smile,it don^t matter.Also It gives me a bigger Orgasm just imagining a big clitoris with a nicely tucked vulva. Breasts with d cups only please + wide nipples(fake baloons need not apply).Everyone knows big full rounded breasts are a sign of female virility,Good health.So yes size does matter—Big Breasts(must be natural),Big wide nipples(better enjoyment when I suckle them & if she^s to be the mother of my children better nutrient feeding),Big clitoris(it gives my penis head more pleasure when i rub it). Yeah ladies I confess your right size as I described does matter

  • Miss 3 sex partners!

    I read most of these comments and all I can say is “WOW” people are really full of their-self.. Some women are so worried about size that they might never find someone to love them cause they always  judging men about their size.. But most of these people on here are probably had more sex partner then me.. The biggest I had was 12 inches and it hurt-ed.. Then I had 10 inches and still didn’t please me but My third and final one was 7.5 inches and I was every pleasuring and I loved it.. So to me size really don’t matter useless you love pain during sex..     

    • 996griggs

      Marlene even though some women act like this its not really their fault, but that doesn t mean they have to act on it. let me explain. in the garden of eden eve was basically told the grass was green on the other side. but thn she found out it wasn t. well not only has sins and death been passed down but also some these other traits. so most women are a a perpetual state of the grass is greener on the other side. but the truth is that there really aren t that many 9″ and10″ inchers out there. so they do get to experience it. therefore the other trait passed down rears it ugly head wanting what you can t get you put those together no she loosing her mind. but when they finally get it their the ones that finally say SIZE DOESN T MATTER!

  • Huu Jay

    I don’t get this. If women think its sexist for men to talk about women’s body (because they feel objectified) then why do they talk so openly about a man’s body. You’d think they’d have a high moral standard. On another note, if women persist that their breasts are only for reproductive purposes then why would they question a mans penis size since its natural purpose is for reproduction as well?

  • Historywb

    sure , you can have sex all you want with a big one…….but that’s not love….it’a only sex you not too smart woman…….or men….love is what you want……those big ones aren’t gonna support your short  lived youth arer they ?  probably not…….they usuallly go for younger boys……in their twentys……….You’re lucky to have not gotten a virus of some sort…………not all of them …but should I say some of them…….dont’ feel special…… aren’t….. Go for love…. YOu may be happy today, but sorry tomorrow…………go for the happpiness in a man……..greed and selfishness gets you no where……….even the money thing don’t work………you have to sleep with someone you love and cherish…………

  • Houston Texas Baby

    Size will always matter well in terms of girth anywayz!! Personally I prefer to get with a guy that has a short fattie over a slim 8 incher one! Skill is also important; I only had a vast experience in dudes, but from what I remember  lazy dude relying on what they are packing with novice type skills can exit the building and that applies to dudes with smaller slim packages diggin for gold OH THE BURN!. 

    Every women has her preferences as like a guy has his. Advice to mature adults would be not to get stuck in a relationship that has failed in the sex department you end up resenting each other and if she doesn’t moan regardless of your size the chemistry aint there that’s all.

  • discumbobulated

    women have to realize that men (most) do not like air fucking or fucking a bathtub, they should excersize muscles to make a man happy. Seems like women get so hung up on this, what about the women, grand canyon may be a great view but not a place I want to live. If you are unhappy with your man’s penis size, try excercising (not on a treadmill) you could be the problem

  • Shit

    Ok you retarded sluts. Penis size has nothing to do with breast or ass size or preference. If your man has to be a certain size for you, ur a dumb shallow bitch. Everybody has a set of physical characteristics and personality traits. Male or female. Its funny how average dick size is 6-7inches and average vaginal depth and width varies even more. Listen if an average cock wont fill up your large ass pussy then go ahead and be a dumb shallow slut.. Cheat on your boyfriend or husband, tell him hes not good enough or keep it a secret whatever your sick heart desires.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting, one-sided viewpoints from the females on here, I must say, albeit warped. Speaking from an above-average guy’s perspective, I still do not like your attitudes. First of all, “look it up” in any reputable science magazine or Anatomy and Physiology textbook. Clearly stated, the “average” penis size is four inches when flaccid and six inches when erect. Next, if it’s not the length of the penis that disgusts you women, it’s now the girth, the size of his testes, whether a guy can “last” inside of you for more than 20 minutes in the heat of his passion (for an otherwise ungrateful and selfish female), the amount of semen that he ejaculates, etc. Wow! So, I am guessing that a guy with all of those fine sexual qualities is going to keep you happy forever, regardless of everything else that defines a LOVING relationship? I guess you are really aiming for Mr. Universe here. Although a lot of guys like myself are truly happy with our lives and our sexual performance, it looks to me like so many women see it differently on this issue.  Obviously, most of the ones who posted on this forum are single. You’re never going to find anyone, believe me, at this rate. You say you have been with “all types…” Why aren’t you with them now, even the ones you liked? If you ARE with someone with your choice of penis size now, and you are both enjoying being sexual with each other while doing everything else that couples do besides sex, then maybe you “got lucky,” lol (and you also are totally ignorant and/or immature to see the value in everyone else besides your type). A lot of you women have to mouth off to make yourselves look better and feel better about yourselves. Try getting a better understanding of yourselves and your insecurities. The REAL women out there know all of these things and practice them because they don’t feel the need to make such ridiculous judgments. Try to read some factual literature about this “issue” of size and, also, try to open those confused and self-centered minds of yours.

  • Samsander14

    So you all seem to agree women prefer big dicks. So good luck in finding one. I guess all us average and smaller guys should stop looking for women and go with other men who seem to appreciate us since we are inferior. That means all women will be fighting for a few men with big dicks.

  • Caribbean Man

    Well where I am from [the Caribbean ] many women actually say that size matters.[Why else would they talk /giggle about it?].
    Look,many women [tourist ] come here just for the sun,sand and of course,the sex. And I know for sure they ain’t leaving France and Germany for any  ” size doesn’t matter sex .” Hell man they paying lots of money for hard chiseled bodies and the size that goes with it.

    Just sayin……..

  • Charisma4seasons

    Sorry but 99% of the “women” posting here are not women at all. Just guys posting as women

  • Luiz Miranda

    daam it is true i think iam gona kill my self for real  i can never keep a woman  and ive been told is because of my short dick 5 years i havent even had a kiss  am half way to 40 fuck 

  • AmyS

    Surely its not so much the size but what you do with it that counts…

  • AmyS

    Surely its not the size that matters but what you do with it that counts.

  • Swagger

    I thought this was all sort of funny. Especially having a very average sized member. (6 inches) but every girl I bang goes absolutely wild. So, Either size really does not matter, or I’m amazing.

    • diablo

      youre 6 inches  but were below 5 

  • Anonymous

    No matter what size, if the girl is happy with the sex, that’s the perfect size for her.

  • bkdude

    This was an incredible thread. With opinions like these, it’s not too believe that so many black women are single these days.

    As a successful black man in a big city, I need only put my hand out as if hailing a cab and women damn near line up to go out with me. I’m talking all races and penis size has nothing to do with it.

    Some of you girls need to get your heads on straight. Or you’ll soon find out that the physical is fleeting, but loneliness can last forever. 

  • SlightlyAmused

    I find it hilarious that men can talk about women in an “objective” manor but if women talk about men that way, prepare for a hate storm. 

  • Anonymous

    I really wish men stopped getting the blame. It’s tired and old now. Vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes too. If a whore has had one too many dicks and she has a huge gaping hole down there..not our problem. If an average sized dick can’t please a woman, its her.

    Of course they will say and do anything to shift blame onto men..

  • Brandom

    Seriously, why doesnt anyone write an article about the guys talking about that one really beautiful well trained Ms. Hotstuff who had a vaginal opening where the walls where nowhere to be felt? I`m talking about that one time you had sex with a casserole. That`s right BTP-loving gals, ever thought that maybe you have an excessivly huge vagina, therefore you crave le huge sausage?

    • Anonymousblackswinger

      I hear you on this I’ll write that article…I have delayed ejaculation its rare I get pleased from just sex alone so I agree with this guy, its all about if the girl is going to leave because the guy isnt big enough..theres guys out there like me that dont get enough stimulation period from sex….

  • Anonymousblackswinger

    There are many size queens you just deal with again many of the guys with 15 inchers some of them think thats all they need. I’m not a small guy either but not super large either. I think its more about pleasing the womans every need and you can do that if you are attentative to the woman and not your own ego. For some women not even ten inches is enough just know to stay away from those types of women.

    • alkalosis

      15 inches..what does the guy mate with…cattle?

  • Jeana

    Size matters. Something about 7 to 8 inches that just hits the spot. :) AND I like them curving down a little. :)

  • kelvin

    I find it funny how this post came out and majority of women made it clear big dicks are a must and degraded men with average dicks. But when the breast one came out allthe women were saying men are hypocrites when in reality more men were content with small breast. Though there were a few jqckqssa who made it a priority I do think women are more demanding and disrespectful about size you here. More insults about penis size than men do towards women about ass and breast size. Bottom line both genders need to be more rrespectful. Towards each other over genetics its to hard to find good people and if eliminate candidates. Based on side of appendiges is stupid.

  • rgd

    i see why, most of you big queen-sized women have gashes the size of the grand canyon to start with thats well padded. it takes 4-5″ of penis just to guide its way through the woods to get to the door of your cave! have you ever seen what a sausage does when you throw it down a hallway? bounces around like a pinball! you don’t want that big dick, you got to have that big dick. no man of normal size could ever satisfy you. and you couldn’t very well do anything for him either. it would be like fuckin a mason jar!!

  • I’m a chick and i cheat on him

    All my girlfriends cheat , so what, we love huge cocks.And nothing will stop us from fucking around behind our boyfriends backs..

    • He who thinks before he speaks

      So, I hope you don’t mind him fucking big ass and tittied women behind yours.

  • dude

    I suppose all lesbians and bi-wemon are pretty much shit out of luck then.

  • Charleen Conner

    ok i need someone to help me but im not sure if im asking the question right so help me please.
    Can and man and a woman have sex {fuck} and she fills him inside her but he says he fills nothing at all . he gets nothing from it.
    I dont understand how that is posable. But i do know that sence he has told me that i have no desire at all. he will masterbate and expect me to as well but i dont fill the desire and i have make myself play with my self. I really dont see why he wants me to. Im not doing anything for him and I know he not even gonna touch me at all. Sence hed informed me of that i have no desire at all NONE!!! I need to know how i can fill him fucking me but he dont fill me.. I need to know how is that possable

  • MissSharon4

    I think that size don’t matter. Come on girls if you’re having sex, you should be doing
    it for a better reason!
    The only time I would really consider size an issue would be dealing of a micropenis,
    which is a medical condition where the adult erect penis is just over 2 inches long. But honestly who could deal with that?? not even Minnie Mouse!
    Bless me I have never encountered such oddity… so for the rest of you all have your chance. xoxo

    • Irish dude

      Statistically only 0.7% of men were born with a micropenis so that makes such an encounter highly improbable. Just curious, has any women on this board ever came across one? And what were your reactions?

      • Miss300i

        Believe me or not it happened to me literally 2 weeks ago… I was so sad! Little dicks work with skinny chicks. I’m not going to diss them. One hump and that shit would be out. I guess we need length not little or to wide.

      • Miss300i

        Sorry if I offended anybody. I know you pinkie size men can’t do anything about it, but remember… there’s a nut for every screw. just know your place -and please don’t ever cheat- and you’ll go through life just fine.

  • 7inch

    The answer to this is not tohave sex and wait for the woman who just wants you and not a nut. Having a woman is gd and sex is too but there’s coins that come wit it disease children, and if your small sex is gona be a issue if the person.doesn’t love women need to stop being whores u fuck all the guys that don’t wanna be with and then treat lil dick guys like dung. Smh

  • Marko

    So it seems that size matters greatly to women and most women want a big dick in the 95%. It’s just better apparently. Sure, a smaller man can “overcome” his less than huge size, but who wants to be shamed into doing things during sex because they’re normal, but not good enough to most women? So my question is…how long until there’s a surgery that can make every man a thick 8 inches? Men want to satisfy women and have sex with them, and apparently anything less is unsatisfactory. …… 7 inch dude here but of no bragging rights with girth….

  • six seveneighty

    Just one completely honest answer from a mans point of view. We don’t really care what the woman thinks, as long as we get ours off, who cares. I mean we will try and make sure that its pleasurable for you as much as it is for us, but in all reality we don’t really care. If you give it up, and we get ours, we don’t really care what you think after that, we already got it. Not being mean, just being honest. A lot of women say they want bigger, but when they get it, they can’t take it anyway. Maybe if a lot of these women were not so loose, they could find a man to please them, and wouldn’t be worried about size. Then maybe you could focus on finding a good man that pleases you in other ways.

  • Don Grantzki

    I once busted a black woman for stealing a 16 ounce bowling ball by shoving it up her cooze. I don’t doubt that she feels the need to have anything larger than a softball bat in order to be pleased. LOL

  • jennifer

    I dated this tiny dick wimp he was so tiny I laughed so fucking hard I pissed all over his tiny little dick & made him cry then Itook photos with my cellphone & showed all my girfriends & we laughed our asses off til we cried that little tiny 2inch mini fingersize pindick faggot crybaby sissy weakling pansy wimp douglas t. Gugel is only good for being a lil bitch for a real man & that’s it period !!! LOAO

  • Jake Carson

    I sure hope that this will be a great opportunity for everyone to see
    some of “Don’s Scenes” from his productions of his classic hits “Tales
    From Kutcharitaville”. You know that Rickles and Johnny Carson together
    produced those comedy hits about their friend “Mr. Kutchie Pelaez” and
    their wild and crazy exploits of Kutchie’s Key West and The World of Key
    Lime Pies from the perspective of (Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Kutchie
    Pelaez and Steve Martins Eyes!) What a Hoot Those Classic Hits Surely
    Were. Don’t miss them, be sure to tune-in next month. We Laughed Until
    We Cried Watching Those Funny Movies. “The Tales From Kutcharitaville”, I
    Think That They May Still Be Available In A Boxed Set. Maybe Try Looking On Amazon….

  • Don Dressel

    my dick is big as I have been told but I think love is a bigger thing not just the sex thing and size of a dick!

  • eliza

    Small cocks are pointless! When I am confronted with a small cock I just think “oh how fucking great, ive gotta fake it . . . again!” I love masturbating more than tiny dicked sex, infact I love licking toilets more than tiny dicked sex! I cant say anything coss its “evil”. Ive had 10 sexual partners and only 3 big cocks. My faveourite was the length and width of my forearm, he was one ugly ass minger, with the personality of a shrew but I stayed with him for months anyway due to him fucking ACE cock. Great fuck guaranteed!

    I dissagree about small dicked men having low self esteem sexually. All the small dicked fuckers ive had have been convinced they actually have large cocks!!!! fucking deluded fucking twits. suppose I dont help the situation by nodding and jumping on them….TO GET IT OVER WITH QUICKER!


  • Talk about equality

    If men are expected to be somehow BORN with a bigger penis, then women should be doing keagels every day for the rest of their lives. Small penis or loose vagina?

  • mikado

    this conversation isnt exactly ‘current’ is it?!