Does [Breast] Size Matter? (What Real Men Think)


Week before last I polled my female friends to answer the age old question: Does Size Matter? (What Women Say Behind Men’s Backs). The end result was a very interesting and honest discussion on what women really think about a man’s packaging.

At some point in the discussion, Da ThRONe—you’ve probably heard of him—said how the post was unfair, as it was supposed to be a response to another post dubbed, What Men Love About Women (Ass Men vs. Breast Men). He may or may not have had a point, but that conversation—coupled with the one last week about the “Angry Black Woman,” who revealed that her ample breast size was a major problem for her—got me to thinking.

Does size matter?

No, not in relation to men, but in regards to women. Do men view breasts as a sign of femininity? If so, do women who fall in the itty bitty titty committee suffer a similar fate as men who come up short in the pants?

That’s the question I posed to my male think tank, and, once again, they didn’t fail me in their honesty and bluntness. Consider this Does Size Matters, Pt. 2 (What Men Say Behind Women’s Backs).


UPDATE:15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

“The smaller a woman’s breasts the better her face has to be. I’ve dated every kind of size. A cups and double D’s. Round, teardrop, meaty on the sides, small nipples, giant nipples, two-tone and everything else. I certainly feel qualified to speak about this topic with a good deal of authority. A pretty chick can get away with not having the biggest breasts but a woman who is just alright at times has to go the extra mile to maintain the level of her femininity versus other larger-breasted women. The first thing I think of when I see a flat-chested woman is the ass better be big or the personality better be on-point otherwise she’s in trouble. I also assume that flat chested women may have some self-esteem issues and they may need to be reassured a lot that I still find them pretty. You just have to accept coming in to the relationship that you’re gonna have to put a lot of work in before she’s really comfortable.”

“Even though my girl is blessed with some 36DDs, I’ve never been a breast man. The fatty and face matter more. If a chick is stacked, my attitude is usually that ain’t my thing but since you got ’em you can bring them, too. I’ve been with a variety of titty sizes—even the chick with the two bee stings. Really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think a woman is lacking femininity if she has small breasts. Look at Aaliyah. She wasn’t stacked but was still feminine (in her later days at least). Ciara, too.”

“Honestly, I’m not turned off my the itty bitty titty committee. A flat behind would be more disappointing. Personally, I’m an ass man, so small breasts aren’t a ‘deal breaker.’ If you’re sexy, confident and cute but got a B cup? So what! That’s a mouthful—I’m good with that. Now, if it looks like you have two mosquito bites on your chest that’s a different story. We can’t be making love and I feel like I’m rubbing another dude’s chest (Ill).”

“No, I don’t equate breast size to femininity. A flat chest alone doesn’t denote a lack of femininity. Other physical attributes also play a role. She may have a flat chest, but a big booty or long flowing hair… I don’t really think anything when I see a chick with a flat chest because the first thing I’m usually drawn to are facial features. Most times I’ve already made up my mind about how attractive a woman is in my head before I even notice her chest. I’m not completely turned off by a chick with a flat chest. Actually I had an ex-girlfriend who was an A-cup but had thee fattest ass known to man. She was pretty damn sexy.”

“I can’t go no lower than a C cup. The lowest I’ve ever had were B’s, and although I’ve made it work for me, I need something to grip. If I’m dating a woman who is drop-dead gorgeous but is rockin’ A’s, she’ll look like an incomplete woman to me. I don’t need two bee stings!”

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