What Do You Look Like Naked? (Sorry, I’m Not Impressed)

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Welcome to the perverted mind of a man.

It all started a few days ago at the pool hall. I was in the midst of a game and waiting for my shot, when I noticed a woman a few rows over bent over the table. As I took in her obtuse behind, one thought crossed my mind: “She probably doesn’t look good naked.”

I know it sounds bad but I’m just being honest. Besides, I’m sure I’m not the only one to ever make an assessment about someone’s unclothed body based on outward appearances. Or maybe that’s a guy thing.

It’s no secret that men tend to undress women with their eyes at every given opportunity. I do it all day, every day during my travels. If an attractive young lady falls into my field of vision, I instinctually give her a once-over from head to toe and back again. In those fleeting seconds I can guesstimate her cup size, hypothesize about the firmness of her thighs, gauge whether or not she has a gut/pouch and tell if she’s got a Buffie the Body booty or is a SpongeBob SquarePants body double.

For the most part, determining if someone doesn’t look good naked with socks on is pretty easy—especially when it comes to women. Generally, ladies show more flesh and wear form-fitting clothes so all their curves and dimples are on display. Men on the other hand, tend to have a few layers to their wardrobe that leaves a little more to the imagination. But a pot belly/beer gut is obvious no matter what a man wears.

During my years of seeing female nudes, I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve come across more good surprises than bad ones. As much as you try to guess what a woman will look like naked you never really know until you get her clothes off. With that said, there have been a few times where I had no idea how fine a specimen I was dealing with. Some chicks are really up on their gym game and have the washboard stomachs or just have a few more curves than you would have expected.

On the flipside, there was this one girl back in the days that all the guys at the job thought was so hot. Then one day there was a group trip to Dorney Park and to our surprise, her body did not live up to the hype of her clothes. She wasn’t bad, but that booty that looked poppin’ in jeans was super jiggly in bikini bottoms and those thick thighs were built of cottage cheese. Cute girl and dudes would probably still hit it, but the semi-nude bathing suit reveal ruined the fantasy.

For the most part, though, we’re all human and not chiseled gods and goddesses. To keep it 100, I’m no Adonis myself so I don’t expect every woman to be a Venus sculpture either. I appreciate a few imperfections because I know I have them too. I don’t have a six-pack or that little chiseled cut thingy near my crotch like the old D’Angelo. I’m just an average guy with scrawny legs, a baby pouch that I have in check and broad shoulders.

At the end of the day, looks can be deceiving. The right three-piece suit can make a skinny man look like Barack, and the right color could make a heavyset sister look like Beyoncé. They’re both great to look at all dolled up but when they lights go out and the clothes come off that’s when the real fun begins.

Are you guilty of undressing people with your eyes? Do women do it just as much as men? Have you ever been “disappointed” by someone’s body when you saw then naked for the first time? Or were you ever surprised by what someone was working with under all those layers? Are you willing to overlook someone’s physical “flaws” if you were in love with them or were amazing lovers? What do you look like naked? Are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirror naked?

Speak your piece…

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  • EmpressEther9

    Yes, I undress people with my eyes..probably more than I should lol. We women do it just as much as men do. We’re looking at the gut, the butt, the bulge (or lack therof..lol). Its human nature because the physical is the first thing we typically see from people..so its natural for the mind to wander.

    Hell yeah I’ve been disappointed with someone’s naked body. I’m no string bean..so weight isn’t a major issue if the personality is on point..but lets not go overboard. (im 4’11 145 lbs..i cant do much with a man 5’9 350..sorry fellas). I have had some pleasant suprises once the layers of clothing have been peeled off. It’s a crap shoot..50/50 chance.

    I can overlook some things if I’m really feeling the person. If the attraction is there..beyond just the physical..then I can make an exception to the rule. (“If he’s loose/lacking in the HIP..he better make up for it in the LIP..lol).

    I like my body naked. After 2 kids I’m back at the same weight I was in high school. Maybe a lil softer and fluffier in some areas..but I love what I’m working with..what I dont like, then I can change. What the next person doesnt like..they can kiss my dimpled ass cheeks *muah* (savor it) And when I look in the mirror, I love what I see everyday more than the day before.

  • TBoogie

    you know I used to get this all of the time because I didn’t wear fitted jeans in HS/college – I was on my afrocentric thing then – and so when I got my first pair of Girbaud (is that how it’s spelled?) button fly jeans in the 11th grade AND a pair of riding boots for Christmas, much to my surprise at the little dance at school MY name was called out when they “doin’ the butt” came on “T….. got a big ole butt – oh yeah!!” WHAT? Me?

    I always feel like dudes are undressing me first. But I do it too. Mostly in the way a man walks and carries himself. I have been accused of watching a man’s swagger on the court and then turning to my girls like ” damn…I bet he gotta…” or watching a dude do something simple like carry groceries or drive a car and think about how he would look over me ;-)
    Also had the let down of a guy who it didn’t look like on the outset, but found out he had a beer gut. I don’t mind it so much if it’s proportioned, but if your a basically slim dude with a gut filled with 10 years of 40 oz Ole E. I can’t. It’s SUCH a turn off.

    I recently was with a very, very, well built guy and all the ladies swooned, but it didn’t mean much to me. It was kinda weird actually. I like an average lean/slimmish body or a nice big cuddly body – but honestly it’s only one body part that is a total deal breaker based on size alone ;-)

    and I clock that through clothes too.

    It took a while, but I like how I look naked now. I used to feel like men only wanted me for my body, but now that I have a better appreciation of my body and I’m older and settled in my flaws – I’m cool with my body curves and all: 38-29-43, LOL…yeah those are some odd numbers…but hell they are mine!

  • Anike Love

    My body naked…hmm…looks pretty much like I just finished a hard bout of some P90X, with weight lifting included. I can lift up a can of crushed tomatoes and BAM, there goes my bicep growing like Popeye’s. I’m not very curvy or hippy, and am a proud owner of two Barely There A/B cups (aka bee stings), but I love my body!

    I try not to be too judgmental of a man’s body because I know mine might not meet all men’s desires, but if I run my hand down a guy’s stomach, and it feels like I’m touching my friend’s pregnant belly, then we MIGHT just have an issue. I’m not going to dismiss him straight up, but we might need to address why he’s got, especially if he’s young.

  • ItsJustMe

    i undress guys with my eyes that i find attractive. dont want to say its a natural thing cuz staring hard isnt cute regardless if you alone or taken.

    i used to be insecure about my body size because of little things like clothes that i couldnt wear or the attention that i caught from guys. i couldnt stand being asked if i loved cornbread and all that other ish. but after awhile i embraced my body. naked and all. lol.

    i learned to accept that parts of me that wasnt going anywhere and now im much more confident and i will check a guy if he tries to get my attention by using my body parts as a nickname or my skin color for that matter.

  • http://sinfullyo.blogspot.com/ Sinful?yo

    lmfao! i don’t undress men with my eyes…i like more of a surprise when the moment comes. i don’t expect *perfection* but this one experience the man of interest had man boobs…a solid A cup…that was the ULTIMATE turn off. i don’t care how much passion there could have been, his tits distracted me :/

    as for my own body i love it. i prance around semi-nude most of the time [college dorm days included]. i’m pretty solid as far as any jiggle factor is concerned. my tummy is usually flat or can be when i suck that bitch in lol. i guess my biggest flaw would be my stretchmarks on my thighs and hips *tiger RAWR*

    p.s. tboogie you must be my long lost sistaaaa because i’m 38-29-42 smfh!

  • Shay

    I’m definitely guilty of addressing men with my eyes but thats natural to me. Everyone does it in my opinion because everyone wonders how an attractive person is in bed. I do get a lil nervous when guys stare at me too long because I keep wondering what they are thinking but its whatever. I personally think I look good with clothes on and off and whoever gets the chance to see kudos to them lol

  • wasabi29

    I think my body isn’t too bad when I’m looking at my naked self in the mirror. The only thing I care about would be my massive stretch marks on the hips area and luckily only there. Nothing much I can do about it, I’ve tried everything. My boyfriend says it doesn’t really bother him so I guess it shouldn’t really bother me too. But maybe if I worked and is able to keep up a sum of money, I’d go for laser. haha. That’s just a maybe. But all in all, I don’t think I’m too bad. Sure I’m no Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian but it’s not like I’m Fat Albert either.

  • Juniebug

    dont care about the body. ive dated a 400 pound man before, so thats pretty much at the bottom of my list. and no im not fat or ugly lol. just more important things to focus on…

    but i do love me some eye candy….

  • nova nova

    With all of these body-shaping products out, who can tell anymore. Padded bras, booty-popping panties, spanx, hell now they even have spanx 4 men! Hair weaves, wigs, magic make-up… A whole lotta fraudulent folks trotting around. Just setting people up for disapointment.

  • mizze

    @NOVA- THAT IS SO TRUE.. some women set themselves up for failure messing with all that..

    I think everyone undresses everyone else in our perverted society..lol.. I usually only do it with men who have their arms exposed and they are RIPPED.. I then imagine what their abs, chest, and that V- thing that goes down to their private areas looks like..In no way do I expect my man to HAVE to look like that because I know that is a hard, dedicated look to achieve and I feel that most men dont look like that.. so its all good..

    I am glad that you were honest enough to admit that since your body is average you dont have to have a woman with a great body (it is a bonus though).. I know people who are 250-300 pounds that want their mate to be damn near Reggie Bush or Kim K when it comes to body image.. I think that is highly unreasonable to have those expectations

    I have gained a little bit of weight over the past couple years and my man still loves me the same. HOWEVEr, I still go to the gym to tighten it back up and get back in shape because I am very adamant about looking good and being fit.. so i think i look good naked, just need it tightened back up =)

  • Elle

    Nah, I do not undress men with my eyes. But it’s just because I don’t pay them any mind to begin with. Something that doesn’t exist in “my world” can’t be undressed. Right? Right.

    Quite frankly I don’t care much about a guy’s body. It’s all about the face for me, eyes, smile, teeth, dimples, hairline, skin…things like that. Oh, and the hands. What good is a guy with the body of a Boris Kodjoe if he is cross eyed?
    As we’ve established in another topic, non-naked time is more important simply because it makes up most of the day. I have to be able to look into his face and feel like “ahhhhhhhh, he is so hot” – once that’s down, I don’t care about a gut, manboobs or skinny legs.

    My weight fluctuates a little every once in a while. Not really up, more like down but then it bounces right back up. I guess my body has decided on a certain size – no matter what I eat or how much I work out. It’s hard to change that. But I don’t stress it. I’m fine with my size 12/14. And that usually comes with stretch marks and the like. But as Katt Williams said: Men still want to hit it. At the end of the day, I don’t think men care too much. Besides, they are not dumb (harsh truth). They know what to expect when looking at a size 0 woman as much as they have an idea when looking at a size 10. If they are still interested, they have calculated the “risk” beforehand.

  • Sherell

    I do and can appreciate a nice male specimen. ( I am a thigh woman) But I realize although I have managed to maintain well over the years (size 6), perfection is not a requirement or reality. I do like a nice face and a warm smile!

  • That Guy

    I don’t undress women with my eyes 9they can fool you), I’m old fashioned and use my lips to get me to the point where I can use my hands so my eyes and mind can make an informed decision.

    Guys (should) know that women are good at highlighting the good (push up bra’s), and hiding the bad (spanx, etc)… I’ve had pleasant and not so pleasant surprises, that at my age, I just gotta see for myself… I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for whats real…

  • da ThRONe(on vacation)

    Ofcourse I undress women with my eyes. I’ll take it a step futher and say fantasize. I agree we as men have a huge advantage in that the department.

    Early on in my life I was a lot more shallow physically. But as I have gotten older females dont need to be as tight as I would perfer.

    With being less than a year away from 30(and dont even consider dating under 25) I understand that finding the tightest body probably isnt going to happen. But I still need to be able to be sexually attracted to a female for it to work.

  • Stasha

    @ mizze

    but would you rather them walk around w/ all that gut untucked? hell, let them folks have their spanxs, body magics, etc’s. less mess for the rest of us to look at

  • http://musicmakesmehigh.wordpress.com Reecie

    I do address people with my eyes. I have been disappointed with seeing a guy naked. I did over look that because I was in “love” but I don’t think I can overlook it in the future, lol. I’m glad my current REALLY does it for me–now if things begin to sag/shift with age that’s one thing, but right now we are both still young and active.

    I think I give a good perception of how I look naked in my clothes, I guess. I have been told that provided a few “good surprises” in my life though–when I was really skinny, I had “thicker” thighs that one expected.

  • Rastaman

    I am a body man myself…so i am always undressing women with my eyes until I get an opportunity to undress them with my teeth. LOL!!

    But my boys had a name for the women who looked great in clothes but were disappointing without,”shape shifters”. Clothes are like camoflauge for most of us and the better the clothes the better they are hiding many of life’s physical imperfections.

    I think I have a way better body than a face, no six pack abs but I can take my shirt off unashamedly in public. I got the long legs, broad shoulders and nice butt that women like in their men and on a 6″2″/200 lb lean frame will garner me some looks undoubtedly.

    I was raised around enough women to see women bodies for what they really are and they are a far cry from what Men mags and porn may insist they should look like. There are certain things you can tell from what a woman wears and her carriage that reveals how she may truly look naked and more importantly feel about her body.

    No doubt there are a few who fall outside our expectations, I remember a really thick sista a few years ago who naked was a sight to hold because even being 5″5″ and about 180 was solid and firm. In clothes she appeared overweight and potentailly flabby but turned out to have no jiggle in person and was extremely limber. She was a dance instructor.

    What I concluded over the many years is it is about distribution. Like where someone carries their fat deposits, its attractive in a woman if its primarily in the breast and buttocks otherwise it may not be as attractive whether they are slim or heavy. Proportional with the proper distribution will always get the prize IMO.

    @NWSO not nitpicking but WTH is an “obtuse” behind and what does that look like?

  • mizze


    No, I feel where you are coming from. I was referring to the extreme.. My thing is that a body shaper can only do so much, so if you have one on and appear thinner you probably aren’t THAT big! I feel if that person goes to the gym and tightens it up it would be better than jus trying to hide it.. I feel that if you put on fake butt pads, body shapers, push up bras, ect you are only setting yourself up for a WTF moment when you take it off in front of dude..but again, that’s just my opinion

  • Shannon

    I never undress men with my eyes. His body isn’t what I’m interested in getting a closer look at anyway, but I know men do it to me. At one time I was a size 16, but once I got back to the gym, I went back to my size 6–I never thought I’d get my waist back after having two more-than-10 lb babies–and even though now I’m getting soft, I know once I get back to the gym, I will get it together.

    @Mizze I know what you mean about people who weigh like 300 lbs and want their SO to look like Jennifer Lopez or something. I once went out on a date with a guy who told me he was about 195 lbs on his online profile, but when we met at the restaurant, it was obvious the pictures he posted weren’t his; he looked like he was about 300 lbs off from that mark. When we ordered and got our food, he actually had the nerve to make comments about everything I ate. “You think eating cheesecake is a good idea?” “Maybe you should just have the salad.” “You know, they serve Diet Coke too.” I got so fed up I got up to leave when he said to me, “I don’t mean any harm, but I like my women firm and in shape and it starts with diet.” I stood and looked at him and shouted, “WTF…you have more rolls than the neighborhood bakery, you could barely fit in the booth and your boobs look bigger than mine–and that’s saying a lot–and you have the nerve to check me on my diet and exercise habits and appearance?! Are you serious?!” I was so furious I threw the rest of my dinner in his face and walked out. I mean this dude could make Fat Albert look like Barack Obama and he’s saying he has to have a woman who is fit and in shape, no bigger than a size 8? What woman who is a size 8, fit and in shape would want a man who is well over 400 to 500 lbs anyway?

    I like the way I look, though. I wish I could get rid of my stretch marks, but they really aren’t all that bad. I hit the treadmill everyday and with my schedule, I stay on the go so much, that’s how I get my workout. Maybe unorthodox, but it works for the busy. Being the conservative person I am, I never wear bathing suits unless I wear a big dark shirt over it; I’m very shy when it comes to my body. I think I look good in my clothes, though.

  • da ThRONe(on vacation)


    The nerve of some people.LMAO

  • mizze


    LMAO!!! Im really laughing out loud..Girl, thats a damn shame..

  • DC Man With a Plan

    I don’t undresss women with my eyes any more bcuz I have learned to appreciate the look of sexiness SOME womens outfits bring about. A banging body in some tight, sexy clothes is more than enuff for me to appreciate a random woman walking down the street. If we’re dating and we get to a point where I know I have a chance to get with that, NOW I’m seeing her naked and appreciating her in a more serious way. I try not to be overly weight conscious bcuz I have seen great looking women in all sizes. As long as your healthy and know what to wear to get the most out of what you’re working with, I ain’t madatcha. And I don’t expect perfection, just a positive attitude about whatever you’re not that keen on regarding your body. Self confidence goes a long way and is reflected in how you carry yourself. I’m happy with my appearance and I get compliments on the regular, so I’m a’ight with ME!

  • http://ihatethewayyoueatcereal.wordpress.com/ Silent Scorpion

    Are you guilty of undressing people with your eyes? Do women do it just as much as men? Have you ever been “disappointed” by someone’s body when you saw then naked for the first time? Or were you ever surprised by what someone was working with under all those layers? Are you willing to overlook someone’s physical “flaws” if you were in love with them or were amazing lovers? What do you look like naked? Are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirror naked?

    So many questions so little time…

    Yes I sometimes undress men with my clothes but its definitely mostly a guy thing. I am the type of woman that believes more is more, and by more I mean more clothing. So some of the men I date or don’t date are shocked when they feel my “hard” stomach. I gave my guy friend a hug this weekend and this was his response, “Wow, has your stomach always been that tight?!” I’m like uh yes, I don’t drink, I hardly eat sweets, and I work out 4 times a week so this is me.

    And unlike a lot of women, because being physically fit is a double standard women are held to, I hold men to the same standard in that I will look over a man’s flaws but he can’t be lazy. I work hard to maintain my figure and I expect my man to do the same. He doesn’t have to look like the old D’Angelo but he can’t look like the new one either.

    I’m shallow, yeah I said it.

    I look great naked so I’ve been told.

  • Shannon

    @Da Throne and Mizze

    You know, the worst part was he ordered the T-bone with a loaded baked potato and had the nerve to tell me, “Men don’t have to watch their weight like women do. Women are supposed to keep up their appearance and watch what they eat; that’s why you only see women in weight-loss commercials like Slim Fast and NutriSystem and gyms and stuff. As a man, I know I can get any woman I want and it doesn’t matter how I look or what I weigh.” Hmmph, I wish a few people would burst his bubble. He actually had the nerve to say he looks HOT in a bathing suit and he could be in Playgirl. OMG, we’ll go blind looking at a man that big. How does a man that big–he was about a 56 in the waist–even get with a woman?

  • mizze


    girl, I truly believe that a big reason is that women outnumber men and that some women will settle for a “potential husband” before a man will ever settle for a “potential wife”.. You know what I mean? If he treat us right and all that jazz, looks will take a second to that..but some of the convos I have had with my best guy friends allows me to believe that looks come first before the personality because men are much more visual then women are (NOT saying this is true for all men or all men think like this- just from MY experiences)…

    Girl I know that men truly think that women are supposed to be fit and trim before a man has to be.. I think society is to blame as well for that mentality–ie. women being in the weight loss commercials much more often than men, but he took that as a way to justify a double standard… Sad to say but it is more socially acceptable for a man to be overweight than a woman, whether its wrong (which it is) or right thats just life.. =(

  • tuitui

    yes i undress guys with my eyes at least until i get to what looks like he’s in his 1st trimester of pregnancy. then.. well i just smile and move on to the next guy. Now if he has a 6 pack.. it then turns into more than just undressing him…. with my eyes that is..;)

    Now on the other hand, i love the way i look with and without clothing.. especially without.. i have plenty of curves smooth. angles and no strech marks.. at almiost 4o yrs old.. i’m doing pretty good.. I’m glad i dont have to stuff myself into a pair of spanks or girdle in 90 degree weather.

  • TBoogie

    i LOVE all of these brothers that say they don’t mind few imperfections…bc we DO stress about gravity getting at our tig-o-bitties and stretch marks crawling up our thighs. WE seem to worry a bit more than the brothers do (if they are brothers about something) This actually made me feel better…

    and @ Sinful?yo we have a bit more than just measurements in common it seems. I saw your picture on your blog – same haircut – same blouse…different ages though lol!

    Hello sista!! let me find out ;-)

  • http://musicmakesmehigh.wordpress.com Reecie

    clearly I meant undress earlier *doh* but I’m glad to see I’m not the only woman that does it. I also peep penis prints aka trouser thunder. LOL

  • Just Once

    O-M-G… I had one of the WORST experiences with this. When I was a freshman in college I used to fiend (sp?) for my professors assistant. We’d talk, text, and kick it every once in a while but he said he couldn’t be/do more than that until the semester was over with… Flash forward to spring semester 05 and I run into him at an oil spill (he was an Omega). He calls me the next day and we go out that night dinner, movie, his place. The prerequisites start, they’re on point, then the clothes start coming off and YUCK! I was officially turned off. So I “couldn’t do it, it didn’t feel right” lol. How he hid all that belly is STILL a mystery to me. My girls were shocked. We used to have this term, ‘take one for the team” , when we all wanted to know what someone was like in bed and he chose one of us. Needless to say that rule was abolished shortly after that lol…

  • QuoteMan

    Like the old spice commercial “ladies look at me, now look at your man, look at me again, then you look at your man…..lol

    I’m a fool with mine, I do not hesitate to take off my shirt at any given time; 5days a week in the gym, shoot I’ll be selfish if I don’t share with the world the guns I have to offer, my mama raised me to be generous.

    Summertime, my shirt is always waiting in the wings to come off, my boys hate me for that, but it always feel damn good to hear all that compliments from the ladies, y’all the reason why a brother is going this hard. Plus, the game come at ease. Ok maybe I’m feeling myself a little bit too much but hey forgive me for my narcissism I was always a skinny kid. BTW Is it me or it’s hot in here, something is coming off. Lol.

    Though, looking at DeAngelo now scare the shit out of me.smdh

  • zulu elhubon

    @ Da ThRONE,

    This is off topic.

    But I want to ask why you wouldn’t consider dating any woman under 25.

    I don’t understand, as long as she isn’t underage what’s the issue?

    Reason being is when I was 22 met a guy who was 28 going on 29.

    We really connected, and well…..

    When he gained knowledge I was 22 (it was not a secret, it just didn’t come up) he pulled away.

    Said exactly the same thing as you, I don’t date under 25s.

  • http://nwso.net NWSO


    An obtuse is a WIDE ass. You know, like an obtuse angle which is more than 90° but less than 180°. LOL

  • DC Cookies

    I rarely undress men with my eyes. I only imagine the size of the dick. I have never really been disappointed with someone’s body. I know what I am getting into. Flaws are really nothing to me. It makes me more comfortable. We aren’t perfect but we are feeling each other right now.

    I look pretty good naked. Pretty flat stomach. I could lose a few inches around the waist for my personal comfort. I have a nice cute ass as I stated before! Not huge but not small.

    To be honest, I am not happy with what I see in the mirror. I need to hit the gym.

  • channa


    i first wanna start off and say that I’ve been reading your post for a while, and say that i really like your posts, every nite before i go to bed u are the last thing that i read, with that being said this is the first time that i ever responded to any of your post, so here i go:)

    have i ever undressed men with my eyes, in a way i have, i like picturing what it would be like to have sex with a guy,a play out role scences in my head:)

    As far as women undressing men with their eyes, i say we probably do it more than men.

    Have i ever been disappointed with a guy physique”yeah i have”, but no biggie,he was sexy as hell with clothes on. i just thought it was cute and funny at the same time.

    Am I willing to overlook someone physical flaw…. If GOD made me perfect than “heeeeelllll no” but ‘being as though he didn’t” then of course”
    One thing i dont think i would be able to overlook is his mouth, that’s one flaw i dont think i can settle with”sorry”

    What do I look like naked”hmm” well for starters I am my biggest critic, when i look in the mirror i am satisfied until i get to my stomach, it’s not nasty looking its just not the way that i would like it. I’ve actually been told that i have a sexy shape for my size, and i think i do, but i can still do a little more improvements for me to be all the way satisfied. But what do i know, im my own critic i will always find something wrong.

    when i look in the mirror over all “yes i am happy”

  • candice

    If he looks good then I’m looking for a dick print. I’m a perv lol. I like to work out and right now I’m trying to knock off the baby weight but I’m not picky about a mans body. I use to never look at myself and never took pictures after I had my son my size went from 12 to 16 and I hated the was I look. Now I see the lbs dropping and I feel a lot better about me and look at myself. I love and miss my size 12. I’m almost there

  • http://www.itsjustgoldie.com goldie

    I love this these comments!!! Good, brutal+hilarious. Love it.

    I don’t undress men. I’m more… action-oriented. I imagine ‘what’ they can do+don’t think so much about the details. It’s worked out well. Haven’t been bamboozled.

    I’m re-learning how to love body after having my kid. Things just aren’t the same. Some men haven’t seemed to mind. One in particular did. :/ I’m in better shape now than I’ve been since having my daughter.

    I might look better with clothes on, but I kinda just don’t care.

  • Songboy3

    I always thought EVERBODY undressed everybody else with their eyes! LOL!!!

    But I’m with Katt Williams on this one. If you get me to the point where I WANT to get you naked; unless you have an extra arm or something else equally unusual, it’s AAAALLLLLLLLLL good!

    Women and men can be quite odd. A woman could be drop-dead gorgeous, limber, freaky and all that good ish and she will STILL think she is a troll because of a birthmark blemish that only GOD and her gynocologist can see. Men on the other hand can be 500+ pounds, sporting a comb-over and wearing pants in the patented ‘I’m the plumber’-style and still think any woman on the planet should thank Jehovah that she got a crack at him.

    People are QUITE hilarious! :)

  • Andrialynn

    I look better with clothes on of course.

  • Siante J

    I’m well put together and I’m a big man with muscle coming out to balance. I can walk around naked and look in the mirror and feel no shame, even if someone tells me I look like shit.

    And that’s not arrogance. It’s being convinced w/o being pretentious.

  • hellifiknow

    I’ve undressed the entire NFL with my eyes on any given Sunday…and quite a few college football players as well as the NBA and a few college basketball players as well. God, I LOVE football! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing an NFL player naked…and he was built like an Adonis.

    Ahhh, memories.

    I do love bodies and I have a type – tall and lean. Even the football player I dealt with was a safety and therefore lean and cut. I never look for a dick print – you can always guage that by just getting up on a dude when he’s clothed and letting nature take its course. I have been surprised by a short dude I tell you that! They are often overcompensated. Never yet had a tall, slim man who disappointed in size.

    The most recent – I loved his body. Loved it. Tall, slim, cut, a little pooch but nothing major, and he looked great in and out of clothes. No tatts, either, which is nice. Oddly enough, though I usually date younger, I’ve never dealt with a man with a lot of tats. I have 5, so go figure.

    Now me…well, top-heavy. Bottom – well, age and sitting at a desk have taken it’s toll. I’d be tempted to get the booty shots if I didn’t think they’d poison me down the line. I’m “thick” more in the Queen Latifah/Jill Scott way than in the Gabourey Sibide way LOL. Fortunately, slim dudes don’t have a problem. It may be a double standard, but I do not do big dudes. I had one experience and unfortunately that scarred me, probably more that he had ummm, some ED issues more than the weight. Someone up above said they dated a dude 400 pounds. I could never, ever. I am not mad at dudes that have a specific body type, if I’m not it, please move on. I like what I lilke, too.

  • http://sinfullyo.blogspot.com/ Sinful?yo

    yeah men seriously don’t care what they look like. my ex whom i’ve dubbed PREDATOR is walking proof. i was menstrual aka bloated one day and this nigga put his hand on my stomach and said “if this was flat OMG with your butt. your body would be…AHH!” really predator? REALLY? and if you lost 20 pounds, gained a 6 pack, invested in some proactiv, and threw a bag over your head you’d be AHH too ;]

    omg tboogie even down to the haircut?! sheesh, who’s yo pappy?! lol well HEEEYY online sister!

  • http://liferequiresmorechocolate.blogspot.com Tiffany

    I know my mind is always in the gutter, so I am always undressing a man in my mind.


  • Shannon


    I know what you’re saying, but speaking for myself, damn, if I’m going to settle for a husband, I have to at least be able to look at him without losing my lunch; you know, if you have to keep the curtains closed and the lights dim and drive separate cars on a date–well, that’s extreme. My sister told me about her coworker who married this man last year who was just a total train wreck. Get this–she married him at the courthouse so no one would see him and makes him hide when they have company or when they go out to the club with my sister, she makes him sit at another table so no one will think they’re together. I wonder why is he taking it and why is she with him? I mean, doesn’t this seem insane?

    I totally get that whole women-have-to-be-thin shtick. No one really makes a big deal about overweight men, but everyone is abuzz about overweight women, like Gabourey Sidibe. I can’t offer an opinion about black men–I don’t really know any–and I know white men like to keep active; a lot of them look like they’re four months pregnant, but I have noticed that some of them like to work it out and pump iron and keep themselves up and that is a good thing; I always believed anyone out of shape and overweight had no business expecting or demanding their SO go to the gym or diet all the time, so there are some men who keep themselves up and they can expect the same from their women, but women like my sister get the brunt of things; she really gets the worst of it and I think my sister is very pretty, one of those big women who still look good with their weight, but men don’t think she’s worth getting to know. I wonder how men would fare if the double standards were turned on them.

  • mizze


    I feel you 100%!!!!! I feel that looks are not everything but I am not going to have to put a paper bag over your head in order to be with you. I think that there is a level of having to be physically attractive to your partner.. and your coworker- -DEAD-

  • nikki k

    @Rastaman. sooo are you saying if a woman isnt perporsonate its not attractive??…): I’m a pear shape and well tiny..lol 5’1 and I’m offended )): 32 26 37… yeah I have a big butt and a bit hippy… .I pretty much look totally skinny..kinda every else upperbody looks so skinny compared to the lower part…and my collerboe sticks out like I’m anorexic… if I manage to lose a few more inches I’de look mega freaken hot if I do say so myself ^-^ ( I get alot of guys drooling over my body already tho).. I hardly have any chest…so your saying thats unnatractive to be unproportunate?? ( sorry if I spell it wrong)…. I would never want to trade my body shape ever tho over any other body shape. Pears tend to have that athletic type body more then anything…hmm I love my small boobs….so poo on you mister !…lol many men like my body too…

  • nikki k

    Ohh and to anser the post Yeah I suppose I undress guys with my eyes…IDK…well…umm to be honest…I zone in on thier ****in those tight jeans…..lol I’ve been out of a relationship for 3 years…I cant help it .lol…