Have You Ever Had Angry Sex? (Break Up to Make Up)

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“My life sucks,” Kareem thought to himself. He had the same monotonous routine every day: Wake up at 6am, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, take the metro, and get to the office by 8:30.

Kareem enjoyed his job. He had his own office, made good money, but, for some reason, he just felt things were always out of his hands. Like someone else was dictating his life and he was just doing as he was told.

Shanieke was in love. She had met the man of her dreams in college. She’d always heard rumors about Kareem but those other chicks didn’t know him like she did. He was a different man. It was his idea that they move in together and she eagerly accepted. She was happy with the direction her life was going.

Shanieke sensed something had changed in Kareem lately but she didn’t know what.

She thought he was stressed so she picked up more hours at work to help lessen his financial load to no avail. They shared chores but she thought taking on most of them herself would change his attitude but that didn’t help either. The sex was good but she thought that she could make things better so she involved porn, toys, lotions, handcuffs, and whips but nothing seemed to change Kareem’s mood.

She felt helpless.

“There’s nothing else I can do,” Shanieke thought to herself. “He’s clearly not happy with me so I should just go.”

Kareem had started to pick up on how different Shanieke was acting but didn’t know what to make of it. He assumed it was just her going through some mid-life crisis that she’d soon shake off.

He came home from work like every other Wednesday and there she was. Bags packed. Holding back tears. Shanieke was ready to explain to him why she couldn’t stay.






A cornucopia of emotions hit Kareem all at once.


He snapped.

Kareem placed his laptop bag down. Then, his briefcase. He untied his tie and began removing his cuff links, while walking past Shanieke, giving no sign of acknowledging a word she was saying.

She was defeated.

Her biggest fears were just validated. They were over. She began walking towards the door.

That’s when she felt it.

A sharp burst of pain from behind as Kareem grabbed her ponytail. He pulled her into the kitchen, all while her nails were embedded in his forearms.

“Let me go,” she screamed.

He released his grip and grabbed her by the waist before hoisting her up and placing her on the island. Shanieke’s skirt rode up and the sensation of the cold granite against her bare thighs gave her goose bumps.

She was hyperventilating and tears were streaming down her face, but he was emotionless. Kareem’s eyes were empty. She was too frightened to move. All she could do was wait on his next move.

They were both locked in each other’s gaze.

Kareem inched his way up Shanieke’s thighs. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them from under her dress. She facilitated him by lifting her ass up off the island so he could remove them with ease. She was still panting, unsure of what to expect.

Kareem unbuttoned his shirt undid his slacks, until he stood there in his wife beater with his cock poking out of his boxers. The sheer girth of his dick made her pussy quiver just like the first time she saw his magnificent eight inches.

Fully erect, his veins were large and pulsating. The head was glistening with pre-cum. His balls hung just right. His shaft was chocolate brown.

Shanieke’s mind was going a mile a minute.

“Stand up now,” he ordered.

Shanieke had stopped crying but the bass in his voice made her shudder.

She didn’t move… She couldn’t.

“I said stand up.”

She stood, their eyes still locked.

“Get on your knees.”

She complied and knelt on the kitchen floor. It was cold and hard… Like him.

“Kiss it.”

Reluctantly, she took his dick into her hand and kissed it. His pre-cum stained her lips leaving an all too familiar gloss.

“Suck my fuckin’ dick!”

Shanieke was hurt.

Her inner-feminist couldn’t believe that Kareem could talk to her like this, but her inner-freak wanted to obey his every command.

The latter personality won.

Shanieke took Kareem’s balls into her mouth. She sucked each testicle one at a time, flicking her tongue across the folds in his skin seductively until he grabbed her head.

“I said suck my fuckin’ dick not my balls,” he barked. “Now suck it before I shove it down your throat.”

Shanieke swallowed her saliva, debating if she should challenge him. The truth is she wanted him to shove it down her throat, but she obliged his demands.

She took his head and enveloped it with her mouth. Shanieke stuck her tongue into his opening and tasted his pre-cum.

It was salty.

She sucked on his head, gently and slowly. She twirled her tongue over every square inch of Kareem’s eight inches. As she took more of him into her mouth, half of his shaft passed her moistened lips. Then she teased him, slowly introducing Kareem to the back of her throat.

Shanieke let the protruding veins of Kareem’s cock massage her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She could feel his muscles contracting. She varied her suckling between hard and soft. Fast and faster.

“Fuck my face… Please!”

That’s the thought that ran through Shanieke’s mind. She wanted more of his dick in her throat and pushed down as far as she could take it. Kareem facilitated her the rest of the way.

He grabbed her head while slowly stroking into her eager orifice.

He sped up.

He moaned.

He grunted.

She gagged.

The sensation of her throat contracting did him in. She felt his explosion erupt in her mouth and trickle down her throat.

Shanieke began to retract her lips from his cock but Kareem grabbed her head again.

“Stay right fuckin’ there and swallow all of it, every fuckin’ drop.”

His wish was her command.

Shanieke’s pussy was soaked. Her thighs were moist. She looked up at him while taking in the last of his cum. All she could do is think about how much she loved him.

Kareem went flaccid. Shanieke had swallowed all that his body had to release.

All the frustration.

All the tension.

All the monotony.

Kareem was finally in total control and no one else could dictate his life but him.

Shanieke let out a sigh of relief. He was pleased. She was pleased.

She stood and began walking back to the living room to retrieve her bags.

That’s when she felt it.

A sharp burst of pain from behind as Kareem grabbed her now loose ponytail. He dragged her into the bedroom.

“Bend the fuck over.”

“WTF,” she thought. “Not again…”


Have you ever had angry sex? Would you be turned on or creeped out by a partner this aggressive? Have you ever had make up sex? Was it more passionate? Do some women like the idea of being dominated by their man? Is there a fine line between dominant and disrespect in the bedroom? Are you into hair pulling and spanking? Are you more open to orders in the bedroom when your partner knows what they’re doing? Did great sex ever keep you in a relationship that was on the rocks? Was this week’s Wet Wednesdays sinful enough for you?

Speak your piece…

Today’s post came courtesy of Sinfullyo and you can check out her blog HERE.

Bondage kitchen backshot

  • rwifey

    had a very bossy and controlling lover, and the ultimate result was worthwhile every time

    even the request for bathing before sex sometimes offended, i forgot all about it and always obliged whatever he requested

    after all, i admittedly need an instructor

  • Starita34

    Uh, you gotta finish! I swear this was written by my last dude. That is just how I like it. All of it, down to his signature line “kiss it” and pulling my hair. Oh my…
    Have you ever had angry sex? I’ve never had actually angry sex, but aggressive is my favorite by far.

    Would you be turned on by a partner this aggressive? Absolutely turned out. At one point he laid on my back and said sternly in my ear “You’re getting F@CKED now!”

    Do some women like the idea of being dominated by their man? *raises hand* that’s me!! All day!

    Are you into hair pulling and spanking? YES! YES!! And like Chris Rock says do it with authority! Don’t play, go hard or go home.

    Are you more open to orders in the bedroom when your partner knows what they’re doing? Hmmm, good question. Yeah, I guess I am. You have to trust/love a dude to truly submit to him in my opinion.

    Did great sex ever keep you in a relationship that was on the rocks? It didn’t get to that point, but I’m sure it could’ve. I know it’s been nearly impossible to get over him. I don’t think that anyone will EVER compare to him sexually.

    Was this week’s Wet Wednesdays sinful enough for you? LOVED it, but it left me hanging, I want MORE!

  • BMW2K

    Uuuhhh okay. I have definitely had angry sex, and I like it. That felt a little too angry though, almost disrespectful/humiliating. Can’t explain it, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

  • Starita34

    P.S. – that top pic is hot!

  • Mica


    I really like the Wet Wednesday series but this one, to me, felt like rape as opposed to ‘angry sex’.

    Maybe ‘rape’ is too strong of a word, but it didn’t feel like both parties were equally angry and equally enjoying sexually expressing their frustrations, this came across as one party very mad, the other very sad which doesn’t equal sexy to me, nor was it a fun read.

  • Classic Ruby

    I LOVE to be dominated. It’s hard to find a man who is good at it (of you’re wishy washy it doesn’t get me off, just kinda makes me want to laugh or feels disrespectful somehow) or is truly comfortable with putting themselves in that role. Especially because I only have sex with men I am in a long term relationship with, so by the time we get to the point of experimentation or of revealing fantasies and fetishes, some of them end up feeling like loving me and respecting me means they can’t be like that in the bedroom….BOY, do I beg to differ!

    I don’t do angry sex though. The last thing I want when my relationship is rocky or when I am angry is sex at all. And makeup sex I think should be somewhat more mooshy (at least for me). When things are good between us though, and I’m feelin a little bump and grind this is EXACTLY what I crave…each and every time! LOL Probably because I am such a dominant person in life in general and certainly in relationships, so it’s very exciting to so fully have the tables turned and be at somebody’s mercy (…is it getting hot in here?!?)

    This is the first Wet Wednesdays that has truly gotten me all hot and bothered (or even somewhat hot and bothered lol)! Was it a bit more aggressive/disrespectful than some people are going to appreciate? For sure! But I’m sure there are gonna be many, MANY women who are just like me and LOVE this kinda shit!!

    10 Stars and 5 Thumbs up!!

    …gotta go find my man and tell him to treat me like a whore for the night!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Angry sex? I love it but unfortunately I am not getting any at all..Fantastic story though. Got me ready for my day..blushing..

  • Songboy3

    I love aggressive sex! Best kind there is! Don’t like angry sex, though.

    I’ve had a few bouts of angry sex and it was ultimately unsatisfying. Couldn’t enjoy it, couldn’t relax and, ultimately, I couldn’t cum. Having a raging erection and not being able to achieve some sort of release is not fun! Talk about torture! Whew!

    Strangely enough, the few ladies (not many – I rarely get angry like that) I’ve engaged in it with loved it. I’ve decided angry sex is kinda like eatting p*ssy in a few ways: I’ll get off mentally on knowing it’s driving her crazy ‘cuz physically, I gets nothing! LOL!

  • The Thrill

    ::clearing throat @ swallow all of it…every fuckin’ drop:: NICE!!!!!!

    1. Angry sex? Been there, done that. Break-up to make-up was the definition of one of my relationships so, more times than not, the sex had a cocktail of emotions invested w jealousy, anger and/or rage as the motivators.

    2. A partner’s aggressiveness is a huge ego stroke so you can bet your last I’ll be turned on!!!!

    3/4. Make-up sex…? That GOOD ish…? That don’t wanna lose you ish…is amazing & more passionate b/c for those moments you don’t take your partner for granted. The time apart helped you see life without that person so you show how badly you wanna hold on to y’all life the next time y’all get it in.

    5. I don’t think it’s a thin line b/w dominant and disrespect b/c you should know the individual you’re with. And, if you don’t then a slow introduction would be nice (just a suggestion, lol). Don’t go for the jugular and start choking when you don’t eve know if she likes it rough.

    6. YESSSSS!!!!!!!

    7. It’s easy to surrender your life to a licensed pilot versus one who never flew a plane before, lol.

    8. Great sex has and will definitely have me in a relationship longer than I need to be.

    9. It was nice but you could’ve finished. That first pic is FIRE! Is it too much to ask where you get it from?

  • Winter137

    Love the pic BRB …..finishing story

  • Potato w/ Jive

    hahaha sorry that pic up top, while very hot, reminds me of a lil awkward moment i once had.

    I had been itching to link up with this girl i was talkin to and we had schedule conflicts and had to keep putting off linking up until one saturday evening when we were both free.

    I show up and with all the passion in the world, and she opens the door in a negligee looking sweeter than a mug…

    Without saying a word, i push up on her, and start kissing and groping ol girl and we end up in the kitchen where she had been cooking me a meal. (bonus) In the heat of the moment, i lifted her up by her thighs and i laid them lovelies on the counter….with her ass RIGHT on the grill!

    Yea it pretty much killed the mood. We had a good laugh though, between eating dinner and applying burn ointment.

  • ~C.

    I haven’t had angry sex yet…but I’m looking forward to the first time! : }

  • http://sinfullyo.blogspot.com/ Sinful?yo

    Glad most of you enjoyed it :] To those that didn’t, I understand [knew I'd ruffle some feathers].

    The Thrill hit the nail on the head: I don’t think it’s a thin line between dominant and disrespect because you should know the individual you’re with. And that’s where I wrote the story from, two people in love with a history that know one another!

    @Classic Ruby ;)

  • Shay

    Well me personally Ilove it when my partner takes control in the bedroom, it gives the sexual relationship some excitement, I love to use handcuffs and alot of different toys, oils, and other sexual things, I also like to role play it keeps the relationship from getting bored so in my opion don’t knock it before you try it.

  • HotNBothered

    i love the pictures and the story!!

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    If every time I had sex in this lifetime it was “angry sex” I’d be a VERY pleased woman.

  • http://spinsterstravels.wordpress.com/ Spinster

    Yeah, gotta agree with BMW2K. That didn’t sit too well with me. :-|

    (However, that 1st picture on the top of the page….. I need a moment. *COLLAPSE*)

  • Rastaman

    I can see how some folks can be turned on by “angry sex”, not really my style though. I am more alongst the line of the smooth operator in bed. i like that subtle slow build kind of sex. The angry dominant style just doesn’t go with my personality.

    Probably one of the reason I always got in trouble whenever I attempted the “friends with benefits”. Ladies always wanted more, should have worked on my dominant hard and fast style. Oh well!!

    Have had past lovers asked me to pull their hair, pinch them or slap them really hard but I have to admit I have a problem gauging my strength and i have often caused more pain than pleasure with my efforts. not a BDSM man.

    Depending on my mood I am known for my running commentaries, lotsa trash talking.

    Other than good sex is there any other reason to stay in a relationship going nowhere fast?
    DAMN!! They still check in every now and then to test temperature.

    I learned pretty early on in my relationship life that I don’t ever feel good having sex when I was upset. Primarily becuz if I am not feeling that person in the moment I really have no real desire to sex them. Its like work and I don’t work in bed. Sex afterall is adult recreation and about pleasuring the other person. I for one get off on being able to pleasure a person and have me associated in their memories with mind blowing sex.

  • http://thecocoaluvchronicles.blogspot.com Miss Cocoa Luv

    this one made me feel some kind of way lol.

    Have you ever had angry sex?
    No, but I hear it’s awesome lol
    Would you be turned on or creeped out by a partner this aggressive?
    I would probably feel both of those emotions simultaneously.
    Have you ever had make up sex?
    Nope, that’s how babies are made…HEHEHE
    Was it more passionate?
    Do some women like the idea of being dominated by their man?
    YES! I take control in my everyday life, it would be nice to have someone boss me around in the bedroom.
    Is there a fine line between dominant and disrespect in the bedroom?
    A part of me wants to say yes but then again I think about the times i am in a sex haze and would say yes to ALMOST anything.
    Are you into hair pulling and spanking?
    ALL OF THE ABOVE *blush*
    Are you more open to orders in the bedroom when your partner knows what they’re doing?
    Indeed I said
    Did great sex ever keep you in a relationship that was on the rocks?
    Great sex had me in a non relationship waiting in the wings.
    Was this week’s Wet Wednesdays sinful enough for you?
    but of course

  • The One Miss V

    Oh yeah! Pull my hair, smack my ass….I’m in heaven! LOL!
    That’s not for everyone though. You really need to be on that level with your lover/S.O.

  • KFri

    I must say that I have had angry sex and make-up sex. It happens to be so GREAT!!! This week Wet Wednesday was a little bit more than what I’ve experienced but it sounds good to me.

  • older & wiser

    Didn’t read like angry sex to me, but domination. I’m not really into that so this did nothing for me

  • channa

    All i can do is just fan myself:) I love how you write erotica, it is really a big turn on for me.

    Have i ever had angry sex….. yes i have, i think that is like the best sex ever…. i love it when a man is aggressive with me in bed, it brings out the nasty in me.

  • Amber

    Agree with BMW2k and Spinster!

  • Soulyn

    Domination/submission…ummmmm yummy. Love it!

  • HelloMyNameIsVita

    good story!
    angry sex–nope not yet but wllin to try it!!!! =]

  • QuoteMan

    For as much as I wanna be in control during sex, I must admit this www is a bit much for my conscience. Aggressive sex occasionally? Yes, but this total dominance does not stroke my ego; like we live in some eastern civilisation world. IMO anger never produce anything great anyway.

    Not to knock anyone who partake in such act, whatever float your boat.

    Now, make up sex? I’m all for it, that validates the whole making up. On make sex I might go the aggressive route to let shorty know what she was about to miss. Lol

  • SaveMe

    It was a great story. I wish I could have angrey sex but every guy I meet likes me to be in control so I have fun with it

  • Sherell

    I think angry sex is a misnomer. I like to role play so being dominated works!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Elle

    I’m with BMW2K and Spinster. That didn’t sound right. Dudes eyes were not empty but he was also being disrespectful in his approach. I wonder how the story continued. Did he kick her and her bags out after he got what he wanted?


    I am not for angry sex. When I’m angry I do not want to be touched, I want to clear up whatever issue we are dealing with. If a man touched me when I was angry he’d lose a limb. Not kidding.
    Makeup sex however is more my cup of tea.

    Being dominated isn’t for me either. It just wouldn’t sit well with my personality. Rough sex is one thing and definitely fun. But being dominated always has that aftertaste of disrespect to me personally. And Elle doesn’t take too kindly to disrespect.

    I’m boring. *shrugs*

  • Jessica J

    You know, I haven’t had sex with my bf. We’re waiting till marriage whether it’s with one another of someone else. This….this ish right here…..don’t help at all. #Getagrillwhenyougetyourownhouse. I am definitely one of those women who’s are used to being control everywhere. I mean hey, who can do it better than me. But shoot my bf came around and he’s all wanting to be the man and put his foot down and in the beginning it was amusing and I laughed at him but shoot, that night he pushed me against that wall and said “You my woman,” and kissed me like he was making love to my lips….Well let’s just say I shut up after then. Some days are for making love. Some are for give it to me before I take it sex. As long as you got a good mix of both, you will be very happy.
    P.S.-Good angry sex or not…..nothing compares to one long slow night of making that love Az Yet used to sing about. That’s soul shattering.

  • Mz. ashley

    yes indeed…i love to be dominated….story was great! Tell me what you want…i like to be a sex slave!

  • HelloMyNameIsVita

    Now that I think about it….What if she resisted? What if she felt he was being disrespectful? I mean in the story it states she has tried to make him happy and etc….and he simply just take his anger out on her??!! I mean the angry ACT was fine….bbut orallly thats disrespectful. When he says Suck my fuckin dick that was some mess right there. AND what about afterwards….after the act….does he go right back to having issues or was the whole time him feeling like someone dictacting his life he needed to nut?????????

  • thekitschsidekick

    wow, a lot of you really like the rough stuff, huh?

    yeah, that is really NOT me.. whether it be ‘angry’ sex or just plain aggressive, call me old fashioned but sex can be passionate and fun and even kink, but i would hate to think of my partner EVER ordering me to do something like in the story, let alone physically hurt me! i would be out that effin door!

    as one respondant said it reminds me too much of rape; they might both be consenting adults, but you’re getting into one mighty grey area…

  • God’s Gift…

    Have you ever had angry sex?
    -Can’t say that I have.

    Would you be turned on or creeped out by a partner this aggressive?
    -This story kinda creeped me out.
    -I like for my partner to be agressive, but I don’t about this agressive. Only if there is a “safe word” involved, lol.

    Have you ever had make up sex? Was it more passionate?
    -Yes I have hade it. IMO it was like normal sex.

    Do some women like the idea of being dominated by their man?
    -Yes, I do. I’m a control freak in my everyday life and I like to relinquish control in the bedroom.

    Is there a fine line between dominant and disrespect in the bedroom?
    -Yes; a very fine line.

    Are you into hair pulling and spanking?
    -When I had hair, yes I enjoyed it to be pulled. Not really a fan of being spanked, but if it isn’t too hard and my partner enjoys it, I’m cool with it.

    Are you more open to orders in the bedroom when your partner knows what they’re doing?

    Did great sex ever keep you in a relationship that was on the rocks?

    Was this week’s Wet Wednesdays sinful enough for you?

  • Gemini

    Yes I have had angry sex. It was excellent and I went about my day after. I was angry. I didn’t have anything to say to him. I just needed to clear my head.

  • http://www.mythoughtsonblast.wordpress.com Monay

    This post turned me on something terrible!

    I used to date this guy that used to like to choke me during sex (I guess it could be viewed as kinky or whatever)

    It turned me on VERY MUCH….

    Something about being abused during sex (choked, spanks, hair pulled, aggressive talk, etc) just turns me on….

    I like to be dominated…

    Especially when a guy tells you in your ear “this is your dick. give it to me like it’s yours”

    oh me oh my!


    makes me wanna get it in soon (been celibate for 3 months now) lol

  • The_Other _Woman

    This story was F’n Awesome!!!! I must admit this is like the first time I actually read one of these “Wet Wed'” but it certainly won’t be my last.

    1. Yes. Actually grunted with my teeth clinched, and face soaked with tears that “I Hate U!” during sex. And once all was said and done I realized just how muched of a love/hate relationship we had.
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes but very thin
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Hell YEA!
    9. Fuggin “A” man, Fuggin “A”!!!

  • JPeaslee

    That was hot, but I haven’t had sex like that. I don’t think I would like it…?
    But I’ve had aggressive sex before. Just last night, in fact, I had what was possibly the most aggressive sex of my life. I wasn’t really in the mood, he was, and he basically held me down, forced my legs open, and didn’t even wait to see if I was wet before plunging inside me (I was, by the way. The way he took control instantly had my panties soaking).
    I loved it! I “fought back” but he kept shoving me down, biting me, choking me, etc. Possibly the best sex of my life.

  • SinfulLyo

    i just came back to re-read this. damn i loved my story lol. i miss blogging :(

    • Anonymous

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  • Chiefredelk

    I was a country boy raised to stay a virgin until marriage.. At 19 I was in the military based in Bermuda.. I met a lady who was much taller also big and strong. She and I had a few drinks and lay on the beach one night. I was not thinking about sex..Soon she was touching me and I kept saying no but my cock was getting harder.. Then she got on top of me and sat down on it. I pushed her off a few times but she kept saying I am gonna fuck you and got back on top of me and sat down with it inside of her..Finally I stopped fighting and she screwed me almost an hour since I was so upset and angry I cold not cum.. She was a big pretty woman and I remember her big white ass in my hands when I lifted her off me. Now I wish I could feel it again..I did not want to give it up but I could not stop myself from wanting her and at the same time being angry for what she was doing to me..Years later .I had a girl friend who would make me mad then get on me during the night while I was sleeping .Sometimes she would sit on my chest and put her p*ssy in my face and demand I eat it.. I hated her doing that  but I loved it at the same time. I found that when I am angry at a woman I get harder. After I ate it she would sit on me and hold my hands so I could not push her off…Eventually I would give in and she would rape me..One night I did not want sex with her and told her so. She lay in bed mad at me. Then she said she had screwed a guy one time before because her X had refused to have sex with her. She began to tell me the details, how she had licked his dick and sat on it..That made me so mad I could not control my penis. I  was mad and hot at the same time..I made love to her like a grizzly bear according to her and she loved it. After we broke up she called me to say she had the best sex ever with me..Now I am alone but no woman I meet makes me have sex with her.. I just need an aggressive woman to take me and make me screw her good..My counselor said I imprinted on being raped and that is what I consider normal for me…I never try to have sex with a woman at all.. I just wait for one to make me eat her pussy to make her com a lot then insert my penis inside of  her.. I will do it as often as she makes me do it because the madder I get the more I can do it..If she won’t make me eat her pussy I simply can’t enjoy sex..This has ruined my life. Most women I meet are not aggressive like that..I hope I can find another lover who will force me to have sex her and tell me stories about how she screwed other guys. Sorry If I seem messed up, maybe I am.. But that is how I am. When my X wanted it, she knew how to get it. She would say, Well I sucked Bills dick and rode it for a while last week..I hated the idea she may cheat on me but it made me hot..She would say, my pussy is still wet thinking about how good it was fu*kin bill. She would say, he did not fu*k me I fu*ked him…..I would get so mad I could die. I was angry, hot, and jealous too but my cock was already to please her..I must be a sick bastard but I got off making her cum as much as I could.. I would lick her for hours on end even after we had screwed. I’d lick,, then fu*k a while then eat her out a while. This went on for hours. I loved every minute of it because I knew she did too. She was my Goddess..I felt like I was worshiping her not having sex. The experience became spiritual to me..Eventually I worshiped her so much she could not take it any more and left me. I think women don’t love a man who is submissive. Sigh..

  • desparatley want sex like this

    I really want a lover like him this kind of sex would feel great

  • needaloverlikethistomarryme

    I am a woman who needs sex from a guy like this now

  • reallyneedthis

    a lover like this would really get me out of my depression.  A man like that would have my respect

  • greatlover

    I want to become pregnant.  This kind of lover would be wonderful

  • YouDontKnowMe

    That was really HOT. But I kind of don’t like the hair pulling. I wouldn’t like my boyfriend pulling my hair. Well, it’s just me. But I’m kind of like her. I tend to be submissive in sex. And really love it when having rough sex with my boyfriend. 

    I had an angry sex with my boyfriend before. My boyfriend and I always fight over the smallest things. It was always he was the angry shouting one, and I did some sarcastic talk that actually made him even angrier. We kept talking back at each other that the other party is immature and unreasonable and all the talk about leaving and changing our phone numbers. He did say some hurtful stuff to me. He really curses a lot. And that really made me angrier.
    I said to him “if you wanted to leave so much then leave already!!” And he said “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??” I just stayed still and not replying him. (I thought if he doesn’t love me anymore then he should leave) Then he started going closing all the windows and curtains. I thought ‘what the hell is he doing?’ And he walked straight at me and stripping his shirt got my heart racing. He pulled my skirt and my panties, I tried resisting and he just kissed me. Hard. And fingered me while doing that really got me aroused and moaning. He got his pants off and I can see his big buldge. He said “BEND OVER” I hesitated. “BEND OVER NOW” he said firmly. I did what he said and bent over the kitchen table. He spread my legs and took me from behind. He said “I’m gonna fuck you senseless!!”  He got his whole length inside me with a single thrust. He was long and thick it was painful and it got me screaming but as he goes with his sharp thrust and his balls keep slapping my butt, I gotten wetter and wetter and really moaning so hard. He got me shouting yesses. He even ask me to dirty talk. (I’m a bit shy at dirty talking) He asked me to say ‘fuck me hard’ loud. I complied and he got aroused even more. He picked up his speed and both of us reach our orgasm. He released his load in me as I screamed in pleasure. My body gave out and slumped on the kitchen table. He still haven’t pulled out. We stayed still like that for a moment until I felt he was getting hard again and started moving and got me to orgasm again, but he just kept going. That really made me crazy like hell. I really screamed a lot. (I know I’m a screamer in bed, and I can’t help it) After we’re done he just carry me to bed and we both rest awhile. He kissed my forehead and I just hugged him til I fell asleep. (Of course I woke up about an hour later to go wash up) 

    Really that was the hottest sex we ever had. Well, I couldn’t stay mad at him after all that. 

  • This would be great

    I need to be Fucked really hard. I going out and getting it. Even if it a one night stand. I want the man to go fast and hard.