Are Your Friends Cute? (They’re Not Stop Lying)

Wanda Shocked

We’ve all been there before: One of your single friends has been on the market for longer than he or she would like and they turn to you for the hook-up. Now not everyone is down for mutual friend hook-up, but for argument’s sake let’s say you are. After running through your mental Rolodex a name pops in your head and then comes the pivotal question:

“Is s/he cute?”

No matter how many times I’ve heard or asked this question the answer always seems to be the same: “Yes.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but there are unattractive people in this world, right? So how is it that no one ever has any ugly friends?

I’m not buying it.

There’s nothing wrong with self-confidence because, at the end of the day, that can be way sexier than outward appearances anyway. But let’s be real for a minute, not everyone is as cute as they think they are and neither are their friends. I’m sorry, but some people need to be called out for false advertising.

We’ve all been caught out there at some point or other—either a blind date hookup or online dating—and the person described themselves as an official dime. You show up to for your date and are greeted by a rusty nickel. It’s like that scene in Friday when Smokey was phone Jonesin’ with that chick who said she looked like Janet Jackson and when she pulled up in the whip it turned out she looked more like Freddie Jackson. (Peep the 5 min mark).

I don’t care if we’re in a recession and the value of American currency is on the decline, I know what a dime looks like when I see one and I refuse to get shortchanged.

This conversation came up the other night over dinner with a group of friends. My homeboy Nick was tired of going out with the same chicks and asked Tricia if she had any girlfriends she could hook him up with.

“You know all my girls,” she replied.

“Yeah, but I know you gotta have one or two stashed away somewhere.”

“Oh, there is Tanya, but she lives in the Bronx.”

Then Nick asked the million-dollar question: “Is she cute?”

Tricia’s answer of course was a resounding, “Yes.” That’s what opened the floor for the group to discuss the odd phenomenon of everyone always having cute friends.

I understand that no one wants to cock block on their friends by saying they’re just “aiight,” but there’s no reason to lie. Far be it for me to rate my male friends’ attractiveness but I’m not going to tell someone my homeboy resembles Reggie Bush when he actually looks more like Dennis Rodman.

That’s just wrong.

I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has their own varying degrees of cuteness. What I liked most out of that entire night’s conversation was this one sister who confidently announced, “I’m too grown to be cute.”

No one at the table was mad at that response at all, but Nick wanted to know how this sister referred to her friends when someone asked if they were cute.

“I just say my friends are beautiful because they are.”

Do you always describe your friends as cute/attractive when someone asks? Is it actually true or are you just being nice? Would you be mad if someone asked if you were cute and your friend said no? Have you ever hooked up your friends on a blind date? Did things work out or was it a disaster? Have you ever been on a blind date or met someone online that didn’t look like they said they did? Are you and your friends really as cute as you think you are? How come no one ever has any ugly friends?

Speak your piece…

Ugly Lineup

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