How Do You Tell a Girl She Stinks? (Scent of Distraction)

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Dear NWSO,

I’m 23 and haven’t been sexually active in four years—I’m more like the serious relationship kinda girl. My last boyfriend mentioned that my vaginal scent REALLY turned him on.

I didn’t even realize that I had one.

During the course of our two-year relationship, we had vaginal sex and did a lot of foreplay. He even used to finger me a lot before we became sexually active. My ex is the only guy I ever slept with.

But there’s a song that scares me straight. About two or three years ago, rapper Plies released a song called “Water,” where he raps about his hatred of any vaginal smell.

“I need me a b*tch that pucci smell like water/Nice tight wet pucci wit’ no odor/Before you take them panties off I gotta question for ya/All I wanna know if that pucci smell like water.”

Recently, I started dating another guy. If everything goes well, I would like to become sexually active with him several months down the line. The problem is, I’m terrified of how my vagina may smell to him. To make things worse, I’ve never even given or received oral sex. But I would love to start. Frankly, I’m scared of how his penis might smell to me when and if I decide to go down on him, too. But I’m mainly terrified of how I might smell to him!

I’ve never, ever been pregnant, had an abortion, or even an STD. I’ve never had a vaginal infection in my life, not even a yeast infection. I’ve been showering twice a day since I was a little girl, and I’ve never, ever had an odor problem, not even during my period. But I’m terrified that I may have a vaginal scent.

Ever since I heard that song, I’ve become even more obsessive with my hygiene. I’ve had nightmares of Plies chanting to me, “Pucci got a lil’ scent on it then you gotta go!”

Is it normal for women to have a vaginal scent? If so, do men consider that sexy? Have you ever dealt with a woman with a scent? Is it normal for you to smell a woman during oral sex? And how are men supposed to smell?

Please, please answer my question. I’ve been worried about this for YEARS!!! Thank you. By the way, I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since reading about it in Essence.


Water Wisher

Peace sis,

The first thing I want to say is: You said your ex LOVED the way your vagina smelled, so what exactly is the problem here? LOL. It wasn’t like he said you were rank. In fact, it was the complete opposite, he actually enjoyed your scent and it turned him on. You should’ve been happy with that and focused on all the things he was doing to you because of how much he loved your scent, rather than whether or not you smelled “funny.”

Moving right along…

Now as for your concern about your vagina having a smell, I don’t think that’s really an issue—unless it’s a bad or “fishy” smell. Unless you have a cold or something I imagine you’d be able to tell if you scent was an attraction or a distraction.

Just think about it for a second, everything smells like something, right? You know what an orange smells like; you know what chalk smells like; you know what dirt smells like; you know what rain smells like; and at 23 you’re grown so you should know what B.O. smells like—whether that’s under your arms or between your legs.

For the record, vagina has a smell, a relatively good one, that’s completely and totally natural. It’s all about pheromones and other scents the body gives off that are natural turn-ons for the opposite sex. Yeah, sometimes after a long sweaty day, you might have that “not so fresh feeling” but I figure you’d be able to tell that yourself and do a little wash up before getting your groove on.

But please don’t go overboard with the Bath & Body Works products trying to make yourself smell like kiwi passion fruit down there. Fruits are supposed to smell like fruits not people. Besides, I’ve heard that too much cleaning and douching of your lady parts can actually get rid of the body’s natural defenses against infection etc. But I don’t have a vagina and am not a gynecologist, so I’m not 100-percent on that. I’m sure some of the other female readers can chime in with more first hand accounts in the comments.

Now, the most important thing I have to tell you is this: DO NOT listen to a rapper for sex advice—especially Plies. Are you serious? Pucci never smells like water, it smells like pucci. Point blank. If it has no smell at all there’s definitely a problem.

As a heterosexual male with a healthy sexual appetite I love the smell of pucci, especially if it’s attached to a woman I care about. Ain’t nothing like a good whiff stuck to the top of your lip after going downtown, soothing you to sleep after a nice round of sex. LOL.

But seriously, if your previous mate liked your scent I’m sure the next guy will love it, too. I mean, if you can’t tell what smells good or bad yourself I’ll just have to shake my head at you.

If you’re really that unsure; why don’t you just do the old rub and sniff test. I’m dead serious, stick a finger in and see what it smells like to you and take it from there.

As for your questions: Is it normal for women to have a vaginal scent? Yes and most men do consider that sexy. Have I ever dealt with a woman with a BAD scent? Yeah, I did but it was a one-time thing (meaning we had been intimate plenty of times before) and everyone has a bad day. It was a bit of a turn off but I was young and went for mine.

Now that I’m older and not as “eager” I’m sure I’d suggest a shower together, but the women I’ve dealt with sexually are generally on point with theirs and most women usually run to the bathroom for a pre-game check before doing the do if they’re unsure. Ain’t nothing like a baby wipe or quick washrag right before getting it on.

Is it normal for you to smell a woman during oral sex? Yes, your face is right up in it so even if she smelled like faint roses you’re bound to smell it that close. Now if I could smell her from across the room that’s a completely different story. (Peep my man Sha Stimuli’s “The Smelly Cat Song” video below for that).

How are men supposed to smell? I dunno, like balls, I guess. LOL. I’ve only smelled my own (duh) and they smell like balls. End of story. Well, except when I have sex then they smell like pucci. LOL.

I know you’ve only had one partner but y’all never had sex and the room smelled like sex afterwards? It’s a sign of a job well done when the combination of pucci and balls is in the air.

Ultimately, though you should really be able to know if you smell bad or not. Just go with the flow and move at your own pace. But I’m just a guy so again I figure the female Sock Heads should have more personal expertise on vaginas than I.

Ladies, what advice do you have for this young woman? Can you tell when you have that not so fresh feeling? Would you be embarrassed if a man ever told you were a little fishy? Do you always sneak away to the bathroom to wash up before an episode? Fellas, have you ever come across a woman that didn’t smell right? Did you still get it on with her or did you scram? Would you tell a woman that she didn’t smell right or would you just make an excuse to leave? Have you ever dealt with a woman where you loved how her pucci smelled? What do you think of Sha’s song?

Speak your piece…


“How do you tell, a pretty young lady that her coochie smells/(Heyyyy)/

Maybe you play this joint/Maybe she’ll get the point.”

  • mizze

    Im 23 as well and by now, you should know your body relatively, if not completely, well. you know when your period is coming, when something is not right down there or what was NOT there or happening “down there” last week.

    The point I am trying to make is that you know when you are not the freshest you can be without even having to have an overpowering odor. I mean, ME-PERSONALLY, I dont have to smell myself all I have to do is FEEL like i am not as fresh and its over. This is usually when i am in the same underpanties the whole day ( i workout a lot so I often take multiple showers). I cant STAND when my man asks me if he can go down and says he doesnt care if I have been sweating and melting in my underwear all day. I have to at least go run to the bathroom and douche in the sink at LEAST (but usually will just go take a quick shower).

    I feel her on having reservations on how she smells because I have them too. I will not have sex if I have not showered in the last 12 or 13 hours. Thats just me. I talk so much mess about girls i have smelled and would feel like a hypocrite if I had that same odor. I mean, there is a whole SECTION of the health aisle in walmart dedicated to female hygiene so there is NO excuse a woman should not be maintained. Im not saying smelling like roses, cinnamon or freshly picked strawberries- HELL NO. we know that is not reality. But I feel that as long as you maintain it (and not have any std’s or whatnot) you should not have to worry too much about your hygiene to be honest.

    *oh, and shave, wax or trim that hair down there.. that can carry odors as well!!!! Just food for thought*

  • lola289

    ROTFLMAO…damndamndamn….why is the cat singing? haha!

    Anyway if either person smells then don’t do it they need to see a doc….first.

    Second don’t listen to a rapper… please don’t they are already messin womens heads up w/ rubbish!
    We have a natural scent and if Plies don’t like it mayb he should be on another team! :-P

    third…EVERYBODY needs to clean up PERIOD!
    Mayb some smell goods but in the end the sweat does kinda take ova anyway!

  • sunnydelyte21

    I love the way you answered this question.

    @Water Wisher: I’m with NWSO if you can’t tell the difference from a good smell and a bad smell then thats a whole another issue.

    Sometime douching and soaking in the tub too often dries you out and that can cause a smell. So be on point when it comes to any B.O.

    Like Mizze said there’s a whole Isle dedicated to feminine issues.

    We can’t always smell like Roses or Watermelon Berry. But you can smell fresh and clean!!!

  • EmpressEther9


    @ NWSO
    I was damn near rolling off the bed when i read the post on blackplanet..I expeditiously brought my behind right to your blog so that I could get the whole story.

    *regaining composure*
    @ Water Wisher
    Every real woman knows when her “hot box” isn’t on point. When I was a lil girl , my grandma and my aunts used to say…”If YOU can smell yourself..chances are someone else can smell you, too”. Made sense. They also told me and my girl cousins “Don’t forget to wash your pocketbook/coin purse”.
    If you’ve been out all day at work..or hanging with your friends..chances are you’ve started sweating or just the mere nature of movement may cause you to be a lil tart in the nether regions. It happens to the best of us women, because of issues like hair, moisture, dampness, tight clothing. Pubic hair captures sweat and vaginal fluid, if you are aroused. The scent helps for attraction..but the sweat is just that sweat. After those two liquids have been mingling for a minute, shyt happens. All those things make it conducive for things to GO LEFT if a woman doesn’t take care of herself.
    @ NWSO
    You are correct, my good man, in saying that women shouldn’t really use scented sprays or douche too often as it will strip the bacteria (i.e. good yeast, etc) that naturally lives there. This will lead to increased instances of yeast infections or vaginal irritation because those things don’t belong in or on the vagina anyways.
    No man has told me that I’m fishy. I’m self conscious as it is, let alone worrying if the poonani is pungent lol. If I know I’m about to get the business, I simply take a shower before hand. I have female friends who also keep…..brace yourselves …Hoe-Bags…yes, Hoe-bags (im sure there is a more PC name…like Overnight Dick Down Bag..but that’s too long)..which have things like baby wipes, washcloth, etc..just in case things get hot and heavy and you are away from your respective homes…or you have to “get it and go” without the luxury of a bathroom/shower.


  • EmpressEther9

    @ Mizze

    I had my composure all regained until I read :

    “….. he doesnt care if I have been sweating and melting in my underwear all day”

    *combination between laughing and snorting..wiping tears from my eyes* I love how you phrased that lol

  • EmpressEther9

    @ Mizze

    I had my composure all regained until I read :

    “….. he doesnt care if I have been sweating and melting in my underwear all day”

    *combination between laughing and snorting..wiping tears from my eyes* I love how you phrased that lol


  • Deka

    using Plies as a reference is just bad all around.

  • Aurora

    There is a canadian soap-free product called ‘SebaMed’ that has an acidic pH of 5.5 which is excellent for that specific part of a woman’s body.

    Deodorant soaps are waaaay too alkaline for the pucci area, and you actually end up smelling bad a few hours later if you use them ‘down there’

    When I use SebaMed in the shower, I smell clean (no odor at all) for up to 8 hours. I feel really comfortable knowing that .

  • Shannon

    I had one guy tell me I smelled, but keep in mind this guy was trying to get in bed with me and only said this after I shot him down. You know, the old sour-grapes thing: “Oh well, f*** you then. You stink anyway,” while walking away from me. Just pissed off he couldn’t get the pucci, so this was his way of trying to get at me for not giving in, I guess.

    Now, I had friends who were not on point in that department. I was able to explain to one friend the importance of bathing before and after sex and I told her that yes, she did smell and hell…don’t you smell yourself before anyone else does? How do you not know, unless you have a cold or something?

    The other friend…OMG, I made the mistake of letting her crash at my place for the weekend when she and her mother had a falling-out over her hygiene and laundry–she didn’t do either practice on a regular basis–and her mother was fed up with it. That weekend showed me her mother knew what the hell she was talking about. She hadn’t bathed in about 2 months, her mother told me, and the furniture smelled like her whenever she sat on it. She wouldn’t do laundry, but instead just keep wearing the clothes over and over (nasty, filthy b****) and they stunk so bad I had to put her bag in my garage.

    What the hell did I do that for? She had such a strong fish odor that every cat in the damn neighborhood was hanging around my house, particularly my garage and it took until the following Wednesday before I could investigate the reason. I had to throw out her clothes and schedule a cleaning and steam-cleaned all the furniture. I had plastic on the mattress in the guest room and it stunk so bad I had to remove it and throw it out. She got mad when I told her she stunk and needed to bathe and wash her clothes and she actually said to me, “Damn, Shannon, you sound just like my mama. Why can’t everybody just leave me alone?” So I told her she had to get out of my house smelling like that and she went and got her own place, only now her neighbors complain about how bad she smells. She’ll put on deodorant and the men she can get into her bed with don’t seem to care and she does not bathe afterward, which is why they usually don’t come back again.

    First of all, relax. Everybody has their own natural scent; you have pheromones and it’s a secondary sex characteristic. The purpose of pubic hair is to trap and concentrate the smell to make you more desirable and attractive to men–and even some women–and men have the same thing with their testicles.

    I’ve always used Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash after my monthlies, but the vagina is a self-cleaning system, so you really don’t need to do more beyond keeping the externals clean; the internals take care of themselves. Keeping the externals clean is actually more effective and safer than douching, which can push a present infection even further into you.

    Make sure your partner is clean; I cannot tell you how many of my male friends will sleep with one woman and then go to another without even stopping to wash it off. As we all know, smell does travel and it can become embedded in fabrics and surfaces as well as the body. As long as you change regularly during your monthlies, you should have no problem there; menstrual and vaginal fluid has no odor until it comes into contact with air and bacteria. As long as you practice good hygiene and health, you will be fine.

  • GinaMarie


  • GinaMarie

    Like everyone mention above a woman has a natural scent and from my experience men love that. You know what smells good and what smells bad…if it were true that in order for our p***y to be clean it should smell like water should men balls smell like water too?? smh lol

    @Shannon I have also had a friend that was not so clean and that department. Now she wasn’t as bad as your friend (2 months without bathing?? EWWW) But it was still bad. Sometimes she would go days and just spray perfume and think no one would notice that she didn’t hop her nasty ass in the shower. It would be so bad that you would smell her just being around her. smh…and get this…the chick had the nerve to get mad at me for telling her to do better with her hygiene…so yea we don’t hang anymore. I can’t be around someone that do not take care of themselves and don’t take the time to wash they ass! smh Now that is a BAD scent.

  • Ravena

    I have a problem with this post being directed only at women.

    As a comedienne once pointed out, “Ya’ll BALLS ain’t always spring time fresh either.”


    And taking advice from PLIES?? Plies NWSO??

    Stop it.

  • Amber

    @NWSO I really liked the way you answered this question. Young women often have this question (always a q&a in seventeen magazine). Your right putting bath and body works and douche is not good AT ALL. As long as you wash properly on a regular basis I am sure she is fine. Going to your OBGYN and asking if it smells “funny” is also very appropriate.

    What I didn’t realize is that men like this scent.

    Oh and balls can definitely have a smell.

  • mizze


    Girl Im sorry but I just had to lay it plain and clear… I mean natural discharge and walking from class to class, across campus in the TEXAS heat will make you soak thru your victoria secrets.. girl aint nothin sexy about no sweat stained lace boy shorts.. NOTHING!!

    *oh and balls DEFINITELY have an odor IF they are not properly mnaintained..seriously.. its really no laughing matter- WASH YO BALLS*

  • nwso


    A woman wrote in asking about a woman issue so I addressed that. Plus, I answered her questions about men in my reply. Maybe in less detail (sorry I’ve been around my vag than peen in my life LOL) but I just stayed focus on the main concern. Floor is always open to add other people’s perspective.
    And are you implying that I told her to listen to Plies? I specifically told her NOT to take sex advice from Plies or any other rapper.

    You skimming? Smh

  • missy

    I’m trippin off the women who don’t bathe!! I have serious bathroom issues, like not touchimg the walls in the shower and wearing flip flops in my own shower (yeah it’s bad). I don’t take showers in my families’ and friends’ bathrooms, but I never miss a day of cleaning my butt! That is jaw dropping news to me. I hate the smell of the Beast, but I never got any complaints. I just don’t like it. Therefore I (only externally) clean it often; I wear pantyliners daily so after I get home I wash after taking them off. And I LOVE getting fresh before a date or hanging with my man; I thought that was a girly thing. I have to get the shower (flip flops and all) done and get on my smell goods (which I only put between my breasts and on the back of my neck). I hate bathrooms and shower stalls, but I love getting fresh. Catch 22.

    PS: is pucci pronounced like gucci, or it is what it is??

  • Righteous Mama

    “How are men supposed to smell? I dunno, like balls, I guess. LOL. I’ve only smelled my own (duh) and they smell like balls. End of story. Well, except when I have sex then they smell like pucci. LOL.”


    Plies is either ignorant as hell or a misogynistic pig. I need pucci that smells like water? smdh.

  • bogart4017

    …and seriously—-the ladies should NOT have to tell us to apply soap and water to the nether regions on a daily basis. You know its closed up all day and crotch sweat is just the worse!

  • Miss Conception

    I just had to say to listen to a rapper in order to know what men really think is like listening to a Methodist preacher for a Baptist doctrine. Some people may be Baptist and like the Methodist preacher, but the likelihood of the Methodist preacher speaking for all Baptists isn’t a very high probability. To get back to Plies referring to all men and his opinion about how a woman’s pucci smells is not likely a high probability. If that was the case, I wish that all men’s balls smelled like oxygen… that way I know what I am breathing in and it is good for my respiratory health. However, that is not how the world works, and his balls won’t smell like oxygen.

    @NWSO, I agree that a man who is truly into you will love you regardless. I don’t quite understand if one man says that her vaginal area appealed to him that this will also apply to the next. Everyone is different, so if the first guy likes whatever odor she had, the next could completely hate it because that odor doesn’t appeal to him. Kind of like Black people and Chinese food. It is a general statement that all Black people order the General Tso from a Chinese restaurant. However, I particularly don’t care for Chinese food, so I guess I don’t stand behind that statement. With that being said, I am not disagreeing completely to building a woman’s esteem, I just contradict telling a woman that if one man says it, than all will feel that way. If that was the case, than perhaps Plies is correct to say that if the pucci doesn’t smell like water than it has to go.

  • Jessica J

    Ah stinky people. I myself don’t have sex and haven’t had any in almost two years but I have had oral sex (the good Lord forgave me for slipping up) and the be honest my ex acted like there was no place he’d rather be than between my legs, tongue inside, etc. It’s was like his dinner if you wanna go there. Now I don’t let anybody go down there but for my own peace of mind I like to keep Kitty (that’s her nickname) very clean and aired. An actually for those who’ve been taught if you can smell yourself others can smell you too, that is actually not correct. I’ve read up on it and we all know our own specific scent and our noses tend to get a whiff of it when no one else around can smell it (unless your really stinky). Keep it clean and trimmed and if your really worried about smell keep it trimmed or shaved because hair holds odor but at the same time that hair growing back feel doesn’t feel good at all so i suggest just trimming.

  • SunMoonStars

    Great post! I was just having a discussion about this with a male friend.

    I think the best thing to do is to take time to know your body. You should know your natural scent so you know when its different. You should also know what amount/consistency of discharge is normal for you so, again, you know when its different.

    I don’t douche or use any particular products. I do clean myself thoroughly with mild soap and water.

    I keep the hair trimmed as well. When you sweat, your odor can intensify and be trapped in the hair. I also drink plenty of water – urine can also be trapped in the hair so if your urine is less….concetrated, the odor won’t be as strong.

    I have also been known to carry a fresh pair of panties and my own wash cloth for “just in case” situations. LOL

    I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Your vagina should smell like a vagina. As long as its clean and healthy, you’re good. Since when does water have a scent anyway??

    As far as men – yeah keep your balls clean if you want a BJ. Don’t come over after running ball with your boys and start pulling down your shorts. Hello? You need to make a pit stop. I left a wash cloth on the sink for you.

    And one final thing on men – not to be nasty but make sure your underwear is clean and that there are no skid marks. If I see or smell that, you’re cancelling this BJ and every other BJ I would give you in near future.

  • Rastaman

    My mama is a germ-a-phobe, so I grew up with my 2 older sisters being constantly lectured on the need to be clean. Growing up in that atmosphere probably turned me from a regular dirty boy to as some of my former ladies have commented, one of the cleanest man they know. But I was spurred by the desire to never be told I stink and I tell anyone out there its really simple, frequent contact with soap and water on all areas of your body will do wonders.

    I have had friends regale me with stories of women with smelly cats, one dude tells me he almost threw up in his mouth when she dropped her draws. And all I have to say to the fellas is wash, not just the balls, everywhere because the ladies talk and you don’t want to be “funky butt”, it decreases your chances of getting laid. Musk is sexy, funk is not!!

    On another level there are some folks who enjoy each other’s funk. I know a few crunchy folks who exclude deodorants from their day to day and no they not using the oils they bought from the African dude either. But to each his/her own.

    Part of getting to know someone before we sex them can actually help one avoid being embarrassed. If they not keeping the pubic region clean, 9 out of 10 times they exhibiting the same level of hygiene in other areas of their lives.

    Sometimes when they don’t call you back after that initial encounter, its as simple as you just too funky.

  • Siante J

    You say it str8 up, but using discretion. Don’t broadcast that shit in public-that is unless you really hate them.

    I’m not gonna be embarrassed if someone tells me I stink, especially if I know it. I know what I can bring and when I bring it, I’m not gonna act surprised when people hit me up and run away or even say, you kinda pungent or worse.

    And if she’s just smelling it, a lot of other folks done already SMELT it.


    Not to sound mean, but it seems that @Water Wisher is a little immature. I don’t care what age you are, if you are having sex you should know and understand your body. The fact that you get anxiety from a song from Piles is very suspect to me. I am 22 and I know very well what my “pucci” looks and smells like.

    It seems to me that you are just uncomfortable with the body in general. I say take your time with this new relationship and air out (no pun intended) your anxieties to your new boo and together you both can explore the pleasure of oral sex together.

  • MadScientist7

    this woman can’t be serious. at 23 years old you should know your body. sexually active or not. you should know if something smells right or it doesn’t. and no woman’s pussy smells like water.

  • da ThRONe(from L.A.)

    This blog makes me question our nations future.

    Baby where is your mama to teach you this kinda stuff? When male rappers(especially shitty ones) are teaching young ladies how to treat themselves WE ARE ALL DOOMED.

    If you are asking this question your good. Because trust if your vagina had a bad odor you would know.

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Seriously? Plies need to make sure his upper lip don’t smell with all them goofy ass grills in his mouth. Pucci dont smell like water and it isnt supposed to.

    Its supposed to smell like that delicious, mischievous smell of…well…PUCCI!. There’s a reason it smells that way, and that reason is to attract a mate. I wish there was a way to describe it in general but even if i could, most women smell slightly different. One girl i dated i swore kinda smelled like citrus. It was a bugged out surprise.

    Anyway, you will know if it smells bad. Even a little bit sweaty is ok. From here on out though, try not to take rappers lyrics as advice. These are the same fools that swipe credit cards in girls asses, remember? Not exactly Rhode scholars, ya dig?

  • lola289


  • greatful

    Great post! I’m going to forward it to someone who could really use this information.

    Thanks to you who have made it clear to the fellas that just “DICK DIPPIN” in the the sink is not good enough. Please wash THOROUGHLY! Take your balls in your hands… lift, separate and wash them WITH SOAP! Wash your ass too while you’re down there!

    Nothing worse than a brotha smelling like YESTERDAY!

    Bathing is your friend…. if you don’t do it for others, do it for yourself!
    When your crotch is so STANK, that your pee is afraid to come down, there is a problem.

    When you have flop down in a chair and the air around you is SUDDENLY foul, please go address that! The others of us around you would really appreciate it.

  • DC Man With a Plan

    This is a case of a wanna be woman going too far with an over active imagination. Get a GRIP, honey. U have made the proverbial mountain out of a mole hill, unless there is more to this story than you’re telling (like, someone told you you’re kitty-kat is whack…or you smell stinky aromas when you’re alone…lol) other wise, it’s all in your head. Play with that thang–it’s yours. Touch yourself and then lick your fingers…sheesh. It’s not like you’re still a virgin. When you get with your next dude and decide to go oral, if he has any unusual odors, something’s wrong, end of story. Get a few XXX DVD’s and learn to be a porno star in the privacy of your home for the entertainment of yourself and your future man.

  • *Lilac*

    Firstly, “Pucci” will never smell like water even if it had the bloody river Nile passing through it!
    Secondly, if you haven’t noticed anything different about how you smell ‘down there’ and haven’t developed a funk (if you have, best believe you will know)…then you are fine. Just keep your wash regime on point and you’re good to go! If your hygine is on point and you still smell iffy then go see your doc pronto…might be something worse than just offputtings your partner!
    Just for information purposes; there actually is a disorder by the name of Trimethylaminuria a.k.a fish odour syndrome which occurs when you liver can’t metabolise trimethylamine properly. The symptoms are just as the name suggests and other things…look it up peeps.
    Don’t be using this as an excuse is you are just plain stank and nasty though…it’s a privilege to have running water in the western world so lets use it(i’m not saying waste water though!) ;)

  • A.D.

    O-k NWSO….the Smelly Cat song was HILARIOUS!! Had my co-worker come and check on me cuz I was crackin’ up at this post. To everybody who’s getting on to the girl for not knowing her scent…..chill! Hell, we all at least once wondered “Damn what I smell like down there?” I’m happy she is very conscious about her body and who she let’s ‘hit it’. I’m not going to repeat what the majority of people said b/c their responses were good and informative. Hell I even learn a thing or two from this post! But once again NWSO…..just plain funny! This right here has prepared you for your future talks with you daughter!

    – A.D.

  • karmagini

    A woman (or man) should definitely know if their nether regions are smelling off, but apparently not all of us have been taught this. My mother taught me to be very in tune with your body in general.

    One thing I hate is going into a bathroom stall after a woman whose smell is so strong it lingers. And I’ve known people who you can smell it from without their pants even being off.

    But aside from that, there is a natural smell that shouldn’t be done away with. If you’re not truly funky then ditch a man who’s concerned with your natural smell. Or just rub his drawers in his face to make a point.

  • Anonymous

    Omg so my phone sucks and just erased my entire comment and i had some good ish to say ugh! But basically at 23 old girl should no her body and smells. Shaving helps with odors on the outside and regular check ups and safe sex definitely helps the inside. Showers on the regular definitely helps both. My mom and grandma have major complexes about a woman bein tart so i had no choice but to be clean lol as far as a mans scent. They dont have one like women but they do have one. It drives me wild but nothing like the TASTE. I am definitely one who loves to please orally and have had my bad experiences where he wasnt smellin right but you better believe i got outta those situations quick lol

  • Ravena

    @NWSO…yea I’m guilty..I skimmed. Lol.

    @Rastaman. Musk is sexy, Funk is not? Whats the difference??

    If a dude is MUSKY, MUSTY or FUNKY whatever..its a wrap.

  • RTiculate

    “y’all never had sex and the room smelled like sex afterwards? It’s a sign of a job well done when the combination of pucci and balls is in the air.”

    LMAO! Here here!

    Daymn you give good advice, dude. Even for not having a vagina, this post seems right on point with sexual-hygenic practices.

    Well done.

  • Cocoa Fly

    @ Window Washer
    First off, why would you base your body on a man who says:
    “I need me a b*tch that pucci smell like water/Nice tight wet pucci wit’ no odor/Before you take them panties off I gotta question for ya/All I wanna know if that pucci smell like water.”

    The fact he’s referring to a woman as a “bitch” obviously tells me he doesn’t respect women and he doesn’t have any sense. Like NWSO said, we all have a natural odor that arouses us when we’re about to intimate. So Plies doesn’t know what he’s talking about Instead of listening to this fool, talk to your OBGYN. Good diet, drinking a lot of water, wearing underwear with cotton in the crotch area to allow your vagina to breathe are all things that contribute to fresh vagina. But don’t take my word for it. Talk to your OBGYN.

  • AGK

    LMAO @this song!!! Hahaha xD
    Verry funny.

    To the lady with the problem… Like we all have diff DNA, we all have a diff body smell, but if we are healthy and take care of our hygiene, it’s never a bad one. I dont think u should worry that much girl, i’m sure he’ll like it :)

  • Gemini

    Water Wisher…unless your nose is broke or you have a cold there is no way you can’t tell when the snackbox has gone bad.

    1). Buy a personal douche bottle at your friendly neighborhood Duane Reade and mix and a real vinegar and water douche like they did back in the days (Goya vinegar and warm water). Those disposables are cool when you are going away for the weekend, but there is no telling how long they been on the shelf.

    2). Watch what you eat, for instance I can’t eat too much seafood, shrimps, blue crabs, snow crabs and stuff like that or I’m ruined for 3 days. I always keep me a little bag of tricks in the trunk of my car. FDS, Disposible Douche, Panties, flip flops, Washcloth, Lotion and purse sized perfume. For the just in case….just in case I get that call at work tellin me not to take my sweet ass home come meet me after work.

    Just chill you’ll be fine.

  • maybeilltell ya

    Okay, so the best way to go about it is to suggest that she ”freshen up” in the shower before you get down. You can even make it more appetizing by getting in there with her and making sure she cleans the kitty (during steamy foreplay – of course). If that doesn’t work then take her to Walgreens to get a douche (but make sure its not the perfumy kind because those can cause an infection later – all bad). If she’s grown and sexy she’ll appreciate that you called it out and didn’t get scurred of by the inappropriate funkness. Otherwise, a better diet (wheatgrass shots), lots of water and pure cranberry juice will weed out the bad musty in the long run. But if its an INFECTION, then stop, drop and roll your way to the doctor to get it checked out.

    p.s if you decide to go about it anywayz, use protection (either way), and hit it from behind, that way she wont notice the noseplugs.

  • b.better


    ok ok

    1st at 23 you should know what your cookie smells like. second bahahahahahahahaha….okay okay okay. No seriously just make sure you wash your cookie with lukewarm water no douching or soaps and your stuff will always smell like magic ;)

    And if you don’t believe me do a sniff and taste test…works for me :)

  • sherquetta

    if you smell down there no man should have to tell should know about your body

  • FrequentPhly-er

    First of all don’t listen to Plies. LOL.

    With that said water is good.

  • westcoastcutie

    this is a great topic

    As many other ladies have mentioned, if you are in touch with your body you can tell if you are “off” or not. A healthy va-jay-jay should smell some what like red wine, not fish.
    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned that a big cause of a fishy odor is when your man bust’s a load inside you.
    Our vaj-jay-jay is acidic and his body produces an alkaline substance to help tone down the acididty which prevents sperm from dying. This is helpful for reproduction but not so good for keeping our healthy bacteria in our va-jay-jay balanced.
    This can cause a fishy smell…ecspecially if you haven’t had sex in awhile and it’s a new partner….or if you are having sex with multiple men.
    If this happens to you here are some at home remedies:
    *wash right after sex
    *have a bath with a cup of Apple cider vinegar in the water
    *dip a tampon in plain unsweetned yogurt and insert into your va-jay jay

    Do these for a few days to get your body re-balanced. However, f the smell does not go away in a week, go see your doctor as you may have an infection or a bigger problem.

    hope this helps :)

    ps Ladies we should be having a soak in a tub at least once a week to help keep ourselves clean and smelling fresh (on top of daily showers)

  • lola289

    dip a tampon in yogurt? thats a new one…

    dammit we go through sooo much!

  • brokenkey

    Ladies, what advice do you have for this young woman?
    LOL, none at all. Her ex liked it so another dude will.

    Can you tell when you have that not so fresh feeling?
    YESSSS!! I’m constantly checking my odor. I carry travel size personal stuff all the time!!

    Would you be embarrassed if a man ever told you were a little fishy?
    Uhhh yea!! A grown woman walking around with her head in the air, thinking all her shit together, but she stink?!? Oooo no!!

    Do you always sneak away to the bathroom to wash up before an episode?
    Not while we’re together. RIGHT b4, tho.

  • ED

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the rapper. A lot of them are stupid and immature. As a male and rap fan I mean this. I love performing cunnulingus and I, along with many males, love the taste AND the smell. P*ssy wouldn’t be p*ssy without it.

    That was an isolated case of one rapper, so don’ trip. Oh you may hear another idot like him from time to time, but most men love their women and all the beautiful scents their bodies hold.

  • flyby

    Do not ever use soap on your “Pucci”.   Water only.   You will naturally experience a bad day here and there.  But your body cleans itself with “discharge” that is healthy and natural.  Don’t use douche or soap.   You have a natural balance that takes time to develop, using soap destroys this and ruins the natural, beautiful scent that god gave you.