When Did Light-Skin Girls Get Booty? (#Ignorant QOTD)

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Before y’all chew me out for this one, I ask that you hear me out first. Considering Monday’s discussion about light skin vs. dark skin I found this topic a fitting follow-up.

Last week while on lunch break, I went to the deli up the block to grab a salad. As I made my way back to the office I happened upon something interesting. There, right in front of me was a light-skinned sister with an ample amount of “hind pints.”

Now, living in a city like New York, where women outnumber men in droves, it’s not rare to see a young lady with some cushion. But for some reason, I was taken aback by the fact this particular derriere was attached to a fair-skinned woman.

[For the record, Beyonce's booty don't count. I'm talking about a Serena Williams caliber booty.]

As I studied the gait of her walk, I began to think about how many light-skinned sisters with back had I come across in my life. In general, there are more Black women that are well endowed than not, but when I thought of booties of the badunkadunk variety it was typically a dark-skinned sister that came to mind.

In fact, I could only think of one light-skinned girl with junk in the trunk. While I know that even White girls got booty know, part of me still saw this woman before me as some sort of anomaly. So I turned to Twitter [@NakedWithSocks] with a QOTD (Question of the Day):

QUESTION: Are guys more surprised when they see a light skinned girl with booty than when they see a dark skinned sister?

The responses from the fellas was mixed:

“Wow! Great question… I’m gonna have to say yes. I am more surprised. Booty seems like such an African trait and light-skinned women are… At least I believe, are seen as less African.”

“I don’t think they are paying attention to complexion at that moment.”


“Not at all, I usually see more light brights with booty.”

“Nope… I’m more apt to seeing that than darker sisters. #RealTalk.”

“I for one am [surprised]. It’s not that common down here in the south and when you see it it takes you by surprise & you do a double take.”

“Nope. But then again, I get the feeling this question wasn’t necessarily thought up with those of us of the Latino persuasion in mind—which, by the way, runs the gamut from alpine vanilla to dark chocolate…”

Some of the ladies chimed in with their perspective:

“They’re probably more excited but I didn’t know there was correlation between ass and shade.”

“I don’t think men are surprised anymore… Hey, light brights can have some junk in the trunk, too.”

“White chicks with booty are the surprise these days… Thanks to the doctor.”

“I hope [men aren’t surprised].”

“I hope not, too!”

“This has to be a regional issue or something. I swear I would’ve never thought of this question. Almost everybody has ass down where I’m at.”

“I think I’m more surprised when I see an ‘issue’ that honestly makes no damn sense.”

Fellas, have you found that women with darker complexions tend to have more junk in the trunk? Are you just as surprised when you come across a redbone with some backbone? Or, am I buggin’ on this one? Ladies, do you feel that complexion plays a part on your thickness? Is the first male quoted that spoke on “African” traits playing a role in this subject on point or way off the mark? For the sisters with nassatall, do the Buffy the Body’s and Serena Williams’ of the world intimidate you or give you a complex about your backside? How much of an impact does the stereotype that Black women are supposed to be well endowed have on your life?

Speak your piece…


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  • Amber

    I haven’t really noticed if dark skinned girls carry more booty…humm let me think…

    Honestly my sister (different dads) is super light and has lots of booty that is for sure! The more I think about it my aunts too(in this case I am referring to the light-skinned ones only) also have a lot of booty.

    So I would have to say that its not true the light skinned girls don’t have booty like big booty.

    Side note: the pic of delicious up top… I mean that is not genetically normal for any woman. She is unique for that small of a waist and that big of a butt.

  • msrahrah

    “They’re probably more excited but I didn’t know there was correlation between ass and shade.” — love it!

  • http://www.itsjustgoldie.com Goldie

    Iono about this. All I know is everyone has a bigger bum than I do. Butt envy like whaaa.

  • mizze

    I would have to agree with one of your responders that I didnt think ass=shade requirement. If you go to blogxilla all he try and post is light-brights with booty (even to the point a lot of his female audience said something about it.. BUT he did make a very good point when he said, “that is what I am attracted to so I notice it (light skin girls with booty) more”. At first I was like stfu but he did make sense. I dont know what YOUR preference is NWSO, but I feel that some people are attracted to certain types so they notice more about them. IDK, just a little theory.

    p.s.. I notice guys with junk too *YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS* and most of them are DARK

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    light skinned for the loss…

    Jokes, you know I loves gooooollllddddieeee.


  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I know I listed my type before, can’t recall in which post (tired) but in a nutshell, it’s dark-skinned, natural hair, booty, lil healthy meat on the bones… This is talking about physical of course. Low maintenance, good energy, sane, loyal, strong-willed, etc, go into the mental requirement list.

  • mizze

    AAAAAAEEEYYYY!!!!!! lol.. That may be why you FINALLY noticed a light-skin girl with booty..cuz you like the chocolate sistas..hey! just my theory..

  • Rastaman

    Naw son!! Complexion got nothing to do with the size of the booty and I speak as an expert on this area of anatomy. In the sense that I have the uncanny ability to ID women just based on their behind. But back to the question on hand, I am now seeing Asian ladies with the budunkadunk. My boriqua sistas would be highly offended at any conclusions along those lines that only the morenas have the culo grandes.

    I was having an interesting discussion with some friends over the Memorial Day weekend about increasing the cross racial existence of big booty. I attested it to the dietary integration, i.e. white girls regularly eating rice and beans while another friend thought that big booty has always been there amongst other groups of women but it is no longer being hidden, i.e. the sweater wrapped around the waist.

    Not to objectify the ladies or lessen your value if you sans a “big booty” but this is just an appreciation of one specific aspect of women that many men are very appreciative of…

    Additionally it is not the size of the booty per se, its the lift and shape that brings it home. Well would bring it home to me. LOL!!

  • R.e.D

    I mean, really, this is what you are writing now..REALLY NWSO??!!I’m not buying the ‘great follow-up’ theory but I’ll respond anyway. Mizze mentioned that u may have a preference, which as you stated before is dark-skinned women, so perhaps that is why you notice their hind parts (what the hell is hind pints anyway, I think dude who said that on the video made a mistake)more so than lighter skinned women. Honestly, there is no difference. I know countless dark skinned women with NO behind whatsoever. You know what I cannot even believe I am commenting on this, down time at work is dangerous, lol!!But really, the bottom line is: some women have behinds and some don’t and this has absolutely nothing to do with skin complexion, it’s about your genes.

  • dbaby11

    first let me say thank you for listing your type! to bad im in ky ;-) just kidding. as for the topic: being a dark skinned chick that”drinks milk” (insider joke for thick chicks wit booty), i myself am surprised when i see a light chick with it. although i dont know why. my best friend has the biggest butt i have ever seen on a human! shes biracial and when we step out men always admit at how shocked they are she posesses such traits…lmao.

  • sunshyne84

    I’m light with a booty, my dark skinned cousin unfortunately has no ass. Beyonce’s booty is flat, she just has wide hips therefore making her butt large, but like someone else said its about the curvature of the booty. lol

  • http://liferequiresmorechocolate.com Tiffany

    Hey light brights can have something to cushion their fall too. Trust me, there are many more out. It’s just most men look at the neon chicks face first and forgets about the peach.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I know “life requires more chocolate” but been meaning to ask what;s the meaning behind the signature “Peace, love & chocolate.”?

  • paulette_bajan_gal

    How many of your ex girlfriends were dark skinned with natural hair??You seem very corporate so I figured you would go for the permed,high heeled, light skinned beauty hype.

    I know…off topic…but had to ask.

  • paulette_bajan_gal

    I was under the mistaken impression I had a small booty til I glanced it in a store mirror one day.lmao.I actually don’t check my booty out in the mirror before I leave the house.That’s a man’s job.I guess men have a different “view”…I see all shades of big booty.I saw a chick recently who made my jaws drop…it was a ridonkilousbadonkadunk.Yup…that big.As they say in the Caribbean…you could sit on it quite comfortably without falling off.She was neither dark or light…somewhere in the middle.

  • Lola

    I’ve seen whooties and mooties (white girl with booty / mexicans with booty – lol) galore here in PHX. There’s been a few light skinned sisters (am I ok to say that since I’m not black? don’t want to offend no one) that I’ve seen with a booty that have made me look thrice!

    I think now a days they’re being fed pedigree with extra hormones in them lol these booties are getting out of control!

  • QuoteMan

    Not surprised to see light-skinned girls with booty; they’re part of the sisterhood, too. Lol

    What raise questions as well as suspicions are white girls with booty. Because despite reports to the contrary, some white girls have big booty (without implants).

    Some say, “it’s in the water”

    I say, what water are they drinking now that they weren’t drinking before?

    I demand an investigation. LOL. Because sistas shouldn’t be competing with white girls when it comes to booty.

    Kim Kardashian, WTF

  • da ThRONe

    I totally disagree. Damn we dont watch porn anymore or visit strip clubs. And now especially with all the fake booties circulating around. Matter fact Brazilian women come to mind.

    This is totally off based or atleast in New Orleans it is.

  • Enid Wilson

    I’m a shade darker than fair skin, short and with big booty. I hope people will think me cute, rather than strange.

    Steamy Darcy

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Corporate? You truly don’t know me PBG. SMH

    Anywhoze, technically I’ve only had 3 girlfriends my entire life 2 out of 3 with natural hair, all three brown skin.

    Women I’ve dated/kicked it with, run the gamut but in general I’m not the high-heeled glammed up chick type of guy. Nice to look at but not something/one I generally look for in long run.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Mooties? Nah, never ever ever seen any of those. Generally on “low riders,” which are those non-existent booties that just go from back to knee caps in fatal swoop. That’s a booty I could never deal with. LOL. It’s like it just broke. Need some hydraulics on that bad boy.

    I’m sure there are a few exceptions somewhere but I went to Mexico last year and it was the land of SpongeBob SquarePants booties. SMH

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    No, we/I don’t watch porn and NYC strip clubs suck. R.I.P. to Club Passions on 8th & 38th #GoodTimes

  • Kitty1026

    I’m not sure what they have around the country, but in the ATL shawty (lol), everybody gotta dunk! Light, dark, whites, Latinas, hell… I even know a 4 year old with a dunk! It’s something in the water!

  • Sherell

    With all the different genes Black folks have its hard to sterotype a partiular shade. Come on Ans. SMH!!!! Hmm so you have a type??? Interesting. Let me go look at your pic again…………. Ok.
    I get it.

  • Donna

    I don’t really look at womens arzes; but, odd that you should mention this ’cause I was leaving work last night and there was woman leaving in front of me (she was a woman of color); what I thought? “What a fat butt!” I know men like big butts; but, personally, I don’t find that attractive. And, sometimes ya just can’t avoid lookin’ for obvious reasons; and, this was obvious. I like my small butt as I carry it well and wouldn’t want a large ass for no amount of money! That’s my piece.

  • Dc Man With a Plan

    @ ReD… there is nothing wrong with NWSO calling this a good follow-up–bcuz it IS! U want life altering dialogue everyday? smdh…. Anywho, I’m surprised it is not known that light skinned sista’s be packin. U know in all the mag’s they highlight the light and bright–so why any brotha wouldn’t be aware of light skinned sista’s with the badunkadunk is beyond me. U see it more times than not, IMO……For me, there is such a thing as TOO much azz. At least too much to do anything useful with but look at……gotta keep it proportional, but that’s just me.

  • RCTuri

    Natural goes well with high heels and glam! :-)

    NWSO is low key. You know how many times he’s told me to put some clothes on? ROFL!

  • Mz. Ashley

    Down here in Baton Rouge, LA…I see all different shades of big booty! Now that i think about it, it is mostly the darker sistas that have bigger bootys, or atleast that is what i see. As for your question about do bigger booty’s intimidate you? NEVER! I’m a white girl, so NO my booty aint the biggest. A woman can have the body of a Goddess, but an attitude and mind-frame that is from hell! My Black KING tells me all the time that even though i dont have the greatest shape, im sexier than any other female he has ever met because of my mind-frame and personality.

  • Shequita

    LOLLLLLLLL at whole post!!! I can’t say that I’ve noticed if the Badunkadunk was more prevelant in dark skin as appose to light skin….hmmmmm …I have to think back…..haha pun intended!!
    @DC man with a plan: there is no scuh thing as “too much azz” atleast not in the south lol!!!!

  • Shequita

    @ Kitty….Im in GA too, and everybody got a big azz!!! lol I saw a white woman yesturday at Walgreens, I was 2 secs from asking her if she was biracial…cuz I’d never seen such!

  • LovinMe

    Shoot with all these implants, injections, butt pads and bootypop panties any/everybody can have a big booty! Who knows what’s natural anymore.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    What does that mean? What do you get and what does my pic have to do with it? LOL


  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    That sounds all types of wrong. That’s generally in relation to her twitter avatars, which are random body parts.


  • Anike Love

    I am first generation straight outta the Motherland, and I, Anike Love, suffer from a SEVERE case of nassatall and nobreastatall, which is perfectly fine with me! So that “African trait” comment definitely doesn’t hold water in my case.

    No one has ever teased my about my lack of breastiness or bootybump, but my mother has tried to lay hands on my bee stings to pray some growth over them lol. No luck there! I think one of the major things that has been a protective factor for me though has been my involvement in sports. It’s easy to spot the non-athletic chick because she’s the one whose booty you can see from the front as she’s struggling down the track cuz it’s.that.big, and whose trying to stuff her boobs into three sports bras 2 sizes too small. Talk about wind resistance! I’ll take my narrow hips and 34 A/B chest size any day, thank you very much!

  • B.Better

    I’m dark skin and African with a donk and it never surprised me because my family is ALL shades and all the women have booties. But for me I do get intimidated because when your whole family got ass and yours is the smallest compared to them it can be intimidating…but then I have more than most American girls so I guess its good too…I dunno I get more shocked when I see white women with booty, cuz something just don’t seem right with that to me.

  • RCTuri

    I’m #Lost also because I’m that type. O_o

  • Sherell

    See your type generally likes that type.

  • da ThRONe

    While we are on the subject of butts. LMAO!

    I have to tell you I saw this Asian chick with a big butt. That really through me for a loop. I was at a seafood store owned and operated by mostly Asians. And I went in to get crawfish for the fam(I think I’m the only person in the N.O. that dont eat crawfish). She was working behind the counter. I told her the amount in pounds ,and when she turned around to get my order. Thats when I it. I was like dammmnnnnn! And she was wearing jogging pants. I look for that booty everytime I go back to the store. LOL

  • dbaby11

    @ da throne: wow… lol smh…

    i agree with the others that a big butt shouldnt intimidate another female simply because theres more than just the physical. i consider myself attractive but when i see pics od deelishes and trina for example im like damn i wish i had that but for what? a big ass will get em but it wont keep em.
    plus this may be a bit much but some chicks got ass and still cant use it right! im just sayin
    so light, dark, white, asian, or black as is ass its how u use it, work it, and what else u bringing with it( mind set)
    (humming juvenile “back that ass up”)giggle

  • http://spchrist.blogspot.com spchrist3

    As I think back on my ex-girlfriends…the darker skinned ones had better booties…go figure. lol.

  • Sherell

    Yeah its not just the size but the shape and the lift and the size relative to the rest of your body. Alot of big booties are not a good look. I always got comments regarding my booty and it’s not huge, but high and round and it stands out. Lol!!

  • TJ

    LMAO. . .too hilarious. The whole conversation has me rolled over with laughter as I think about the fact that in my family I’m known as “Moon” (given by my little sister) because of the ampleness I’ve been blessed with. There was once a time when I was concerned that I didn’t represent well as black woman because I was such a stick of a girl, but true heritage has certainly prevailed. All I can say is that I am indeed Deborah’s daughter ;-) Thank you mama.

    Anyhoo, I think it’s irrelevant the shade of the carrier. Our genes certainly play an integral role in what we are blessed with. Men are so funny when you look at their faces or hear their comments on the onions, badunkadonks, etc. on any woman. I just love this. Thanks for providing my morning laughter.

  • B.Better

    I don’t know why its a surprise its a lot of Asians with booty. My best friend is Korean and she has ass for days. But thing about it is she hates it, but her whole family has booty though. I call her lil J.Ho cuz she’s like 5’1 110lbs and has an ass like buffie…LMAO

  • R.e.D

    @ DC, you can’t take me too seriously, I was just joking w/ him. someone has to give him some lip sometimes, lol… I just wrote down the 1st thought that came to mind, that’s all. no harm intended….

    And I agree with the ‘TOO much azz’ theory, but in reality (not video chicks), most of those women try to conceal their butts, b/c the attention is so unwanted…

  • http://hobdragon.com HobDragonDotCom

    My girl is “red” and she lacks an ass (whines about it all the time too… not sure why… well I know why but to me ass is overrated). I co-sign to the shade/booty deal because I’m from your generation, its what we are used to seeing, not what is happening right now. Hell I still am amazed that white girls have booty, it’s like when the hell did that happen? When people ask me why I find it odd, just pop in any movie from the eighties, go ahead. Look up Scarface and look at the women that Manny Riviera was admiring “that ass” on… none whatsoever.

    Similarly I find it odd when I see a dark-skinned lady sans “backage”, it happens but its always different to me.

  • Jara

    I’m disappointed by this topic.

    That said, booty and shade aren’t correlated, scientifically speaking. :) Melanin and booty are not on the same DNA strand, bruh.

    As someone already noted, many Southern chicks across all shades are blessed with ass. You should visit there more often, NWSO.

    The most prominent ass I’ve ever seen on a woman belonged to a CALIFORNIAN WHITE GIRL and, yes, it’s real. Her nickname was Donk. Her (black) boyfriend used to place his plate on her “back”. She ate like a Southern girl. Cornbread and fried chicken will do it…

  • Just Sayin…

    Wish i had a nice size butt. I dont think i have one. Maybe a booty but not an azz. Trust me, there is a difference!

  • Mz. Ashley

    NO CRAWFISH… WTF?!?!? I love me sum mud bugs lol.

  • Kemz

    I co-sign this comment about ATL

    I was there recently for ATL carnival and I noticed the same. A barrage of ass everywhere. I swear it’s in the water. I eventually had to make a comment about it to one of my gfs and she said “I’m glad it wasn’t just me noticing that craziness, must be in the water” lol

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Sorry to disappoint with my unfiltered diversity. As we discussed on twitter (@nakedwithsocks) it’s a thought I brought to the table. I know booty comes in all shades but still tend to see more pretty brown mounds than light chocolate delights. Lol.

    And truthfully I tend to travel outside the US more than within it. Vacation for me is no cell phone service and speaking a foreign language badly :)

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    What’s my type and where are you seeing my pic at? #hmmm

  • Crystal G.

    :-D Your topics are sometimes the highlight of my day; you’re hella funny man. Anyways… whether dark or light skin; we all black dude! My family is mixed up-down-and all around and we all have booty. But for a minute there I thought the voluptuous booty gene missed me- then i went to a black college in the south and “BAM” my bottom portion finally began to spread :-D … all i needed was a little southern push ;-) . I know ample booties dont vary with complexion (it is a funny thought though) but ‘body’ types might vary from coast to coast. I don’t know much about the east coast, but the Mandingo folks in the south are built more sturdy and thicker than the people over here in cali :-D ! What mainstream use to call exotic is now becoming the norm; i aint mad at em’. America has finally caught on ;-)

  • Sherell

    Your type: Cute, chocolate, caribbean decent, pensive, intense, afrocentric, slightly neurotic in a good way, intelligent, introspective brother.

    Ans you know your picture is on the internet.

  • T-Mellow

    Man this is some funny ish! Ive lived in NY, ATL, and now in Texas. Growing up for me, I was always accustomed to the dark sistas having the big booties and this was discussed amongst me and my boys in school. However, I went to the ATL in the summer of 1995 right before my senior year and OMG. The booty there was ferocious and everybody had them. Something in the water must have been cornbread extract. My girlfriend at the time was from Manhattan and she was like, “Man, aint this about a b*&^h. I don’t stand a chance here.” We both just started laughing because it was unreal. Now that I’m in Texas, it seems like I see white girls with booties too. It seems a little weird, but as I told a couple of friends of mine….booty is in and everybody has gotten on board. Black men have always loved it, but white men here are jerking their heads around looking harder than we are. Great topic man.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Uh, huh, like how you cleaned that up. whomp, womp. lol

    And there ain’t many, but you made it seem like it was right there and easily accessible. SMH

  • Lola

    Lol like SpongeBob! That’s all kinds of wrong!!! It’s sad to say that I know that kind of “low riders” booties you’re talking about, they’re flatter than a piece of board! But I digress, there are some mooties here, and I can actually say that I belong that exclusive club (since we’re so non-existent lol)along with a few other mooties… maybe you need to go to Mexico again, or come to AZ it’s close enough!

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I’ve been to Arizona. Unfortunately it was for a producer’s conference, which meant there was like two girls in the place. Lol.

    One, I’ve seen in NY as a rapper/producer. Just my “type” too but she don’t count cause she was from out of town. The other was a slim local DJ chick. She was cool people’s and hella cute. Don’t think she was mootie status though. Lol.

  • Tha Truth

    I agree totally. I’m also light skinned with much junk in tha trunk and my cuzin is dark with no behind. Color doesnt have anything to do with butt. I do believe what u eat may take a part in it. I’m from the South love good country cooking lol

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    to be honest, it is much rarer to see a red bone with supreme measurements. I don’t if the darker skin relates to some sort closer relation to some African DNA, but chocolate sisters bodies are a pleasure. I think I’m so used to light skinned women being generally cute that at this point, I’m more turned on by a beautiful dark skinned woman. That smooth chocolate (or light brown) skin does something for me. Yet in still, a lot of my male associates generally only call light skin women “bad”…so when that light skinned woman has a big stupid booty to accompany her pretty face, it’s something of a gift.


    Shades have nothing 2 do with it. In the south, u are more likely 2 recognize a woman WITHOUT booty! Lol! Texas made! We are all packing down here! Lol!

  • imjustme

    im light skinned and i have a nice ample amount of booty. most times ppl think im 13 in the front and 20 something in the back. i dont think shade has anything to do with booty. im in the deep south [ga] and i see a lot of lightskinned chicks with booty.

  • bogart4017

    I never ever gauged it like that before. Hmmm—something ELSE to think about. Yawll gon get me in trouble!

  • sweetsassyfox

    honestly as a light skin female from the south – i had so much booty it use to hold the traffic up and my father shot at people with double barrel shot gun when i was in high school if i tried to date to early- in high school and he kept bars on the window -by me being the only girl and regardless of how i try to lose my booty god gave me mind, it is still there -so they tell me i can see that booty through the front of your pants i don’t have to look at your back- men they see other things also, the more i try to lose it it aint going no where- since god gave it to me its always calling people , hey how you doing- so i try to stuff it in jeans – but that doesnt work either

  • MimiPumpkin

    Fellas, have you found that women with darker complexions tend to have more junk in the trunk?Well, I am not a dude, but I am going to answer the question anyway. Yes, I have notice plenty of chocolate-drops walking around with big asses.
    Are you just as surprised when you come across a redbone with some backbone? No, not really. The only time I stare at a big booty, it's more like I am jealous/curious.

  • Tejan

    The color is not important to me, although I love carmel color, whether that be a lighter “black” women or a darker hispanic woman. Curves are always nice. Of course, I don’t care what race they are. They all have their benefits.

  • Cece25

    Why do most people like lightskinned tone women when most don’t have butts or curvature bodies?
    I mean many people put lighter skintone on the pedestal, but most of the time they aint that curvy compared to a chocolate sista! Now yea you got some sistas that are brown skin and dark skin who is real skinny as well, but even then, they still have a lil sumthn sumthn to them to back them up! Come on what is all this crave about lightskin tone women, it don’t even makes any sense at all! What happened to the term if you have the body you just have the body! Not depeciting on what color you are! I am serious many people put lightskin women on the pedestal, and I still don’t see whats all the hype is all about! They look like average people to me! You see lightskin women everyday so I aint got time to be saying, an ooooooh or an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! No they just look like average everyday women to me period! So what is all the hype all about lol? Because for the most part chocolate women carry the booties, redbones carries most of the average type butts compared to a chocolate sista and I am not kidding! Its pretty obvious who carries the most booty! Because most of the time light skin women they either have average to no booty or they buy their booty! Point blank and simple!