Do Men Find Muffin Tops & Pouches Sexy? (I Love Curves)

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Perhaps you missed the memo, but week before last I did a post for MadameNoire called “5 Things I Love/Hate About Women in the Summer.”  I made a passing comment about finding a woman with a slight muffin top kinda sexy that caught the attention of one of the commenters, who found that quite odd.

Well, today I decided to elaborate on that bold statement and explain why I can appreciate a woman with real curves—even when it’s a small pouch like the woman pictured above. Maybe I’m alone in this quirky turn-on, but maybe I’m not. #KanyeShrug.

Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts on the cute factor of pouches and muffin tops, as well as whether or not men go through the same physical critique in the media. So CLICK HERE to read today’s post for MadameNoire.

Speak your piece…

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  • goldie

    Love the photos you used.

  • Rastaman

    Muffin tops are never cute, especially when a chick is sporting one without any noticeable hips to compensate. A chick with some hips can always pull off the paunch cause your eyes will be drawn to her hips but without them its not a good look.

    I think the ladies would agree on that because unless she got some spanks on most clothes don't cover the muffin very well. An even worst look is that muffin top with broad shoulders, then she look like she got football pads on too…ugh!!

    I am from she has a bigger butt/smaller waist school of attractiveness!!

    • Nikki From Canada

       I have teeny  muffin top….i’m 5’1 too!…and i DEFFINATLY have HIPS cuz im pear shaped! (which  sometimes can be a curse and  blessing). I am also broad shoulders   :/. SO you saying THOSE paired TOGETHER look bad???… :/ Well anyways tho…I never noticed the two looked that bad…

  • Glendon Cameron

    The first pic that lass is fine as hell! So yeah I guess I like it.

    • NWSO

      LOL @ use of the word "lass". but yes she is foin, been waiting to use that image for a long time
      My recent post Do Men Find Muffin Tops &amp Pouches Sexy I Love Curves

      • lola289

        Yea that 1st chick don't count! lol!

        • NWSO

          why you hating on my inspiration? thumbs down for you
          My recent post Do Men Find Muffin Tops &amp Pouches Sexy I Love Curves

          • lola289

            Please… if you think thats a 'muffin top' then u need to see an eye doctor! Her jeans are too tight! :-P
            And nobady is hating…shes a beautiful young lady…pffft!

            • NWSO

              no, that's not a muffin, it's a lovely pouch. MMM MMM Good

              • lola289

                lmao! ok I'll give u that! she's a kangaroo! :D

            • Nikki from canada

              it IS a muffin top…i mean it COULD be if she had her jeans bottoned up LOL you would beable to tell.., i KNOW so… cuz she looks like a pear aswell!…our bodies are similair… and she’s got HIPS. AND yeah i admit…she looks very LOVELY <3 

  • GoDiva

    NWSO, I read your entry on MadameNoire. It was interesting to learn what a man does find attractive beyond the simple T&A. I also must say that this whole muffintop thing did throw me a little bit. I'm a 6' lady and safely thick in the necessary places. I've "earned" my muffintop from motherhood, but always found it unattractive. It's kind of cool to know that men are actually drawn to it, especially during intimate moments. Thanks for opening a new perspective to what's attractive.;)

    • NWSO

      I think it's more pouch than muffin in retrospect. lol. But I can appreciate realness in doses. Just no bakeries. HA!
      My recent post Do Men Find Muffin Tops &amp Pouches Sexy I Love Curves

      • crystal g.

        hmmm… you said you thought jill scott was pretty (she is very beautiful), and she has a bakery with little-to-no bootie or hips. Do men really know what they like? I guess swagger can camouflage a number of things

        • NWSO

          What does her face have to do with her body? She has a pretty face, IMHO. Never gave mention to what role her shape played in that categorization.

          Men can separate the face from the body in a heartbeat. If a girl got a bangin body, she got a bangin body. That same woman could have a butterface, that wouldn't stop her body from being bangin. Same is true in reverse. Could be real pretty/beautiful etc in face/looks-wise, but body might be shot to all hell.

          My recent post How Do You Like to be Seduced Sexual Eruption

  • Chellz

    That's nice to know. I have picked up weight, and my boyfriend tells me it's sexy. I thought he was just trying to make me feel better.

  • my2cents

    Ok so I see so far no one on this site has any love for the big girls. Well I have a muffin top and I am proud of it. Do I walk around with my shirt up no well at least not in public maybe in the house. But I have been in contact with plenty of men that feel like the stomach or muffin top is very sexy. One day you will see a big girl is were it is at!!!

  • sweetsexxybrown

    I definitely have a pouch and I am not a fan of it at all. While my friend has no problem with my curve it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I no longer want to be naked around him (and that was never me). The problem for me was that I've always been thin, but in my late 20's I started to pick up weight in places that were visually pleasant to the eyes, but also in the mid section as well. I didn't want to lose the weight because it's also going to leave in places that I don't want it to leave. :( But I can't care about that, heart healthy is what I'd like to be and when it's too much in the midsection for a woman, that can be dangerous. So, off to the gym. In the end, even if he does like the pouch you must be happy with yourself. Oh, what is it about a man's body that I love (aside from the obvious abs, arms, ass & "tool") I love a man with a strong jaw line. If you're wondering what I mean-love it when the jaw line is lean and defined. (Trey Songs, LL, R. Kelly) Very sexy

  • lola289

    Muffin top…fat…luv handles whateva! In the end, I still get dudes and mayb its my face, curves, or personality but they still "Holla!"
    Women get so down, but we should instead get healthy and go to the gym. Not to attract others, but for our own sake!
    We are even more beautiful when we are confident in that fact!
    Thats why 'fugly' chicks get the fine dude cuz they have confidence!

    • The Duchess

      AMEN LOLA!!! Some women need to check themselves ASAP!! It is all about the energy & vibe you put out that brings that same energy & vibe back at ya :)

  • Ronnie6676

    I tried to leave this comment over at MadameNoire to show my support but for some reason my comments don't show up over there. So I will just show my love here :)

    And yes I agree that women's natural curves are sexy…even if they are more than just a little muffin. Some men love women who have curves and lots of them lol.

    I recently wrote about my own struggle with reconciling my personal beauty with what is shown in the media, as well as the way that the video vixen image affects our self esteem as women.

    So its nice to hear that you appreciate a little meat on your women.

  • @MultipleHeart

    :( link not working but I have the site bookmarked…just wanted to point out for those that might not.

  • @lantanagurl

    Ladies, read Queen of Your Own Life by Kathy Kenney & Cindy Ratzlaff & you really won't care beyond the health issues. Be happy with you & leave the shallow boys behind because a REAL MAN loves you fr WHO you are & btw, I am fine as any model!

    • Organized Chaoz

      Love this comment! I am a natural, healthy plus-sized chick, cute in the face and thick in the waist lol. Seriously, though, it is totally about the vibe and energy you put out there. I am constantly struggling with my weight BUT I have always been hella confident and just dealt with it. I know that I'll never be a size 10 'dime piece' (I hate that phrase, by the way) or whatever the media pimps to be what's in and I'm okay with that. If someone of the male species is not okay with that, then they can keep it movin'….I am who I am and that's that. There are many that dig it :-)

      • @lantanagurl

        you go girl!!

  • ATLsMarcofExcellence

    Lately this year as I entered my "late" twenties (27), I've been taking notice of somewhat more curvaceous women. Now i've always like em thick (Bills, Bills, Bills – Beyonce, not Video Phone Bey), and can marginally appreciate a slimmy, long as she working with somethin' out back. But lately it's been the women that are a tad more round. This interest first peaked with a good friend of mine who is close to 185 lbs, but is only like 5'3". Mind you she has very (very – damn near invisible) muffintop. and her ginormous boobs (DDD) do more than compensate, but she is not small by any means, but she is gorgeous by almost any defintion. Even my current GF is more lovably round than what I used to be attracted to. 5'2", 160 lbs., and she has a bit of a belly, that she can make vanish depending on what kind of top she has on <or when she's on her back ;) > But she's cute, sweet, so corny it's adorable, good conversation, and loves to buy me things, so I can't lose. I say get to know people. As long as you find them attractive who cares what anybody else thinks they look like.

  • QuoteMan

    Truth be told, it gets no sexier than a chick with a flat stomach and a belly ring. But the fact of the matter is, I’m yet to down some couchie because of a pouch

    In short, I say with or without a pouch, for as long as you got some good couchie underneath that, we’re f*ckin’ LOL

    • Ronnie6676

      Had to give you a thumbs up based just on realness…LOL speak the #truth
      My recent post “Animal” by Neon Trees

    • lola289

      wow…sooo shallow! kudos!

      • QuoteMan


        Can a brother let his honest truth be known without being called shallow. Smdh.

        Real recognize real, Ronnie gets thumbs up, lola gets nothing LOL

        • lola289

          lol! don't worry.. thumbs i don't need! :)

  • da ThRONe

    While it's not cute(Sorry it's not) it's not going to change much either.

  • msrahrah

    And here I am trying to get rid of the kangaroo pouch (mine looks a lil like the first pic), and only now discovering that there are men out there that like it!!! I think I need to move!

    Great photos, so nice to see some non airbrushed shots. We need to see more of these in advertising! Got 18 y.o. girls here in Aussie paying A$30,000 to fly to Malaysia to have cosmetic surgery to get rid of the kangaroo pouch, bigger boobs, etc! KMT!

  • R.e.D

    I am not sure about a muffin top being 'sexy,' but I think it matters less depending on your size. I am pretty small and short for that matter,so if I had a muffin top, I would look disgusting. So women that are size 3 or less cannot pull off that muffin top look. When you look down in the shower and cannot see your vagina, this is a problem. Now on the other hand, thick girls look quite fine with muffin tops.. in fact it is expected. I know we black folks like to talk about our 'thickness,' but please understand that obesity is a real health problem, and if you have abdominal fat then this is an issue, health wise. Differentiate between 'thick' and 'obese' and we can decrease the incidence of heart disease in our community.

  • R.e.D

    Oh, I have the same problem as RONNIE with trying to post comments over there.. and a minor issue with the new settings over here…my name never saves.. like before my name and email would always be here b/c it's my laptop, but I always have to keep putting it in whenever I comment. Not a big deal at all, just something I wanted to mention..

    • NWSO

      well, even I have to rewrite my info as well, so join the club.
      My recent post Do Men Find Muffin Tops &amp Pouches Sexy I Love Curves

      • red

        ok. it is just something that didn't happen with the old site, so I thought I would mention it.

  • Shannon

    Well, I've picked up a lot of weight since my husband passed away and now I have the beginning of a muffin top, but since I don't dress up anymore, I'm not and never have been bothered by it. Most of the men who do take notice of me are always telling me I need to work out and lose weight and I always tell them off and show them the door.

    My weight and appearance doesn't bother me; it bothers other people, namely men. If my weight and appearance bothered me, I'd get up and do something about it, but I'm happy and okay with how I look. I'm not smooth and slim, but I'm not carrying more rolls than the neighborhood bakery, either. I think I do just fine; it's my boobs that give me hell. I have to get pedicures for one reason: I can't reach my toes with my boobs in the way, at least not comfortably. I know I have picked up at least 26 lbs. since last year and while I probably need to lose it, I'm not in any great hurry nor am I bothered by it. I'm not sexually active and I've given up on love and relationships anyway, so I don't care what men think about my body. It's not like they will ever get a shot at doing anything with it anyway, plus I like being free to eat whatever I want whenever I want and not caring where the extra weight goes. Besides, I know of women who are a size 32 who can get any man they want and most of them are married, so it really doesn't matter. I'm happy with who and what I am.<3

  • Kemz

    Hmm not sure about it being sexy *shrugs*

    I turned 25 last year and started "spreading" (like we say in the islands). In a good way though. Rounder where it matters but the "pouch/pooch" gotsa go. I can't go home and play carnival looking so lol

  • Elle

    Um, what are muffin tops? I get what a pouch is but muffin tops?

    Fill a foreigner in please :)

    • NWSO

      Well a quick Google search will fill you in but you'll probably just see the extreme, which I'm NOT talking about. LOL.

      Basically muffin top is when a woman's stomach/waist line overflows over her jeans/belt line and mushrooms out like a muffin. Def not cute, but like I was saying a SLIGHT one—really the pouch like the ones in these flicks—can be kinda cute in the beginning. Just gotta keep it in check and my humble opinion.
      My recent post Do Men Find Muffin Tops &amp Pouches Sexy I Love Curves

  • Jason Drvmz

    im sorry but the muffin top/pouch is NOT fly at all. i wish people would stop using the term thick and call it what ut really is, overweight. i like slim women (zoe saldana ect.)

    • The Duchess

      You like anorexic looking chicks.. Poor thang! Hope you never gain weight cause I will call you FATTAY LOL!

      • lola289

        I kno right…and most times the chicks they want don't want them! lol
        But thats all good everyone has a preference!

  • Miss Conception

    I like seeing how men can openly express whom attracts him, whether a muffin top, pouch, or a slender woman such as myself. I know I will prolly never have a very curvy figure, but I won't pout for not being something I am not naturally for me. I remember hearing my friend about Megan Good's Brazilian surgery where they place the fat in certain areas like your breast and ass and wanted to do this myself, but then I realized that if I wasn't meant to have that much breast or ass, then God willing I won't put it there. Here is to all the men who can appreciate real women..

  • undressingHER

    I like a little pouch. I'm sitting here thinking about some of the ladies I felt were the most attractive and most of them had beautiful faces and a little pouch. I DEFINITELY am not into sz 1's and all that and I like thickness. I don't know why I like it (although I like skinny girls with curves too), but a slightly chubby chick who is cute can definitely get love from me.
    My recent post Anytime- Anyplace- Underwater Passion

  • Carmen Parton

    i like your blog.

  • God's Gift to ThRONe

    Hmmm…to each his own.

  • Elle

    LoL so essentially you like chicks who wear their jeans a size or two too small … gotcha

    People's weight is just that…weight. For most of us it fluctuates. To some it is more important than to others. I wish folks were less concerned about others than about themselves.

    Personally, I find women with a hint of meat on their bones much more attractive than your average skinny runway model. IMHO women are supposed to have boobies, hips/ass and a nice, firm set of thighs. So yea, those women may end up having muffin tops if they do not face reality and buy their pants a size too small. And as a fashion victim there is nothing worse in my opinion than badly dressed folks. Please wear clothes which actually fit you and compliment your shape. There is absolutely no need to wear super low rise jeans when you know you're working with a little extra. Go for mid-rise jeans instead.

    So yea…a lil meat is sexy. Fashion faux pas are not.

  • HappyWife

    My daughter is now 4 and I still have a little pouch from pregnancy because that’s the ONLY place I gained weight..Im petit-5’3,125lbs..but I have a little belly..My husband never makes me feel self-conscious about it..Its just a stomach-its cliche but if somebody is totally into you they dont even think about/worry about that..99% of guys think a washboard stomach is hott on a girl..but a guy that loves you and loves being with you will think your pouch/muffin top is just as sexy because its your stomach..

  • formadmirer

    I am physically fit, and personally find that I like women with a little muffin top thing going on. Just as I am attracted to a little roundness in a woman’s belly, and slightly thicker girls in general. A small little pooch – just so she’s not perfect and flat – very nice.

    Tight jeans, especially low riders or a tight skirt with a bit of midriff showing is great with or without a muffintop.

    Don’t get me wrong, there can definitely be too much muffintopedness. But a small amount of muffin showing – I think it’s hot.

    PS – for the record, low riders with a bit of thong showing when she bends over – super hot as well!!

  • Luna

    But what you need to understand is that not everyone’s weight is distributed like that. Some people have genetic problems. I eat right, and exercise probably more than I should and I still have a slight double chin. Nothing I do will get rid of it, and as much as I hate it, I (and everyone else) will have to deal with it. It’s the biggest turnoff to guys, I’m thinking about getting my chin fat sucked out because my whole family says that it wont go away even though I have a good diet.

  • Clint Brantley

    Ha! Ha! Ok…

  • Agranney

    I am so with you I like girls with a little pouch.  I don’t like the girls with nothing there its just not exciting.  I felt weird liking girls who have a little muffin top on them.

  • Bmw535

    I think there seXy!

  • phil

    Ummm, yes please!

  • kittygomah

    someone told me that ideal female tummy should be round and not look as a square six pack.of course too much fat is never pretty.

  • muffin top lover!!!!!

    i love pouches and muffin tops. ….not bbw really just kinda chubby! i love a nice SEXY softsqueezable belly ass and thighs! and hell no stretch marks aint a turn off at all
    !!! love em ladies! i aint no brad pitt or nothin myself. im 27 and. i got a small belly myself but even if i had a 6pack u muffin tops, pouchez, and chubby beautiful ladies are my kryptonite!!! so eat up an fuck these barby doll bitches! let them muffin tops show proud! dont b embarreaed! show them whale tales off too! i love em