10 Things Every Bachelor Should Have in His Pad

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[dc]I[/dc]‘m not a player I just blog a lot, but over the course of my dating years I’ve picked up a few tools to playing the game. See, getting a woman to your crib is one thing but getting her to stay the night is another altogether. A lot of times guys fail to seal the deal because of one simple thing: comfortability. A woman isn’t going to get down in dirty in an apartment that’s actually dirty. You gotta make her feel at home, and these 10 things I’ve always kept handy in my bachelor pad to get the ladies naked with socks off.


Okay, this might be jumping the gun on the list, but y’all know I’m a staunch supporter and promoter of safe sex. Whether you’re scheming on some new booty or already doing the do, every sexually active (or just plain horny) man should have protection readily available in the event of a good date nightcap. You can’t make all the right moves to get to the line of scrimmage and then drop the ball by not having condoms handy. With catching an STD and pregnancy scares always a reality, safe sex shouldn’t even be a question. So there should be no ifs, ands or butt about it.


Why? Women like them. I don’t know why they like them so much but a lot of ladies seem to be particular about towels and their thread counts. Beyond the basics, a good towel comes in handy when you’re dealing with a “squirter.” No one wants to be in the wet spot so you may need to lay one down on the bed. Just make sure you have more than two damn towels, with one always being in the hamper, because then you’re literally assed out. ThatsABadLook.com Oh, and that goes for washcloths, too, the more the merrier.


Although I’ve basically cut out alcohol as of late, a little wine (or something stronger) can help expedite your chances of scoring with a woman who’s already decided she’s going to sleep with you but is still frontin’. The hard stuff is cool for the gangsta chicks but most females are lightweights so stock up on female friendly drinks like Nuvo, Arbor Mist or Alizé (wow, that takes me back). But wine is my preferred poison (keep both stock red and white stocked) because it adds a little sophistication and romance to the evening. Plus, once you open a bottle you have to finish it. Just make sure you have actual wine glasses.


Not every woman drinks alcohol (or are hip to the ol’ get me tipsy trick) so you have to have alternatives and Kool-Aid, fruit punch and Sunny Dee won’t cut it. Step your supermarket game up, fellas, and have real juice in your fridge. Besides, you have to have something to use as a chaser to the liquor anyway. Oh, and don’t drink straight from the damn container ‘cause you live alone (we all do anyway). At least leave one unopened container that hasn’t been contaminated with your backwash but if you’re gonna be swappin’ spit later it won’t really matter.


This doesn’t include junk food, leftovers and take out menus. Have actual meal-type items and snacks that a woman would actually eat. There’s nothing worse than an empty fridge because if there’s no food then that’s more of a reason for her to want to leave. Remember, the more comfortable a woman is the longer she’ll stay. If all goes well y’all can have breakfast in the morning and if your G is strong she’s the one doing the cooking. Well, that’s unless you’re a dog and just want her to leave as soon as you’ve gotten what you wanted.

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  • KiaJD

    You hit some of my top must-haves with your list: TP, clean linens/towels, and food. I have a lot of single male friends who often have empty fridges and barren toilet paper rolls. I’ve also been out with a few dudes who just never seem to have any decent clean towels around. The ones they do have are threadbare and small. Ugh.

    I want comfort and I also want to know that you care about yourself and guests enough to make the space welcoming. If a dude doesn’t have what I consider to be basics for hygiene and, um, LIVING, then I’m going to look at him sideways. In my day I have certainly been chilly at a guy’s crib because his blanket game wasn’t proper or have used a hand towel to dry my entire body. Not gonna be doing that anymore! The guys who do put in the effort might want the rest of the males to keep slipping though because they benefit from the sheer surprise women feel when we enter their homes. Once I went to a guy’s place who had such a neat, fully stocked home I was floored. Shame.

  • laylah

    Oh whatever at that toilet paper comment! My boyfriend goes through so much TP it’s ridiculous. He also stays in the bathroom MUCH longer than I do. My brother was the same way too. I also had a male roommate once that used a shitload of paper.

    Shit was annoying as fuck.

  • http://spchrist.blogspot.com spchrist3

    LMAO @ the toilet paper comment. That is such the truth….lol. Very good list overall.

  • ivanna

    Great list and yes to the towels and real food. I can’t count times I’ve been over to my male friends house and all they have is mustard and bologna in the fridge. Then on a date with a guy and you hear: “well, let’s see…ummm do you like hot dogs or crackers? I have crackers.”

  • menluvmysmile

    I agree with everything except the toilette paper, I can honestly say men go through more than women. I can buy a super sized pack of Charmin and it last me months, but when I had been staying with my girlfirend and her brothers it was like the same sized package of TP lasted less than a month!

    Its all about feeling comfortable, if I am not comfortable in a man’s house then the goods aren’t given up!

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO


    You said it was an apartment with TWO women, of course it ran out quicker. LOL. But seriously you did say brothers, as in plural, so a house full of 8 people would def run through TP quicker, especially if y’all were eating a lot of Mexican food. Ha!

  • Southern Poise

    Great post. Cosigning!!! Everything was on point. Men take note… Make a list and check it twice…Or we wont be naughty or nice…

  • Shayla

    So true!! My bf goes through toilet paper like it replaces itself magically. We constantly go at it because it bugs the shit out of me. I figured out why though, when they do their business they use up a bunch of paper to make sure they are extra clean and that’s cool with me because I would much rather have to replace tp constantly instead of seeing those unfriendly marks in his draws if u catch my drift. Sorry if I disgusted anyone lol.

  • menluvmysmile

    True, however the quantity they consumed was UNNATURAL, it was just her two bothers and seriously who goes throught THAT much tp?!!!

  • http://liferequiresmorechocolate.com Tiffany

    LOL, the guy I was with last year bought a heater for me because I was always cold, he even got a coffee maker because he knew I had to have my coffee in the morning. That made it sooooo much easier for me to want to stay with him. Like you said, it made me comfortable. Good post.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • AD

    Look at you NWSO…ALL good points! But the number one on my list is CLEAN! I don’t expect a guy’s place to be all spotless but please sweep, do the dishes (or at least hide in the dishwasher), put the clothes away (or at least hide in the closet), and Mr. clean the bathroom. One of my homeboys in undergrad always had me double check his spot b-4 one of his girls come thru. LOL. Oh and another tip, have some smell goods too…candles, scented oil. Can’t get comfortable when I’m smellin’ balls and feet!

  • Rastaman

    TP consumption triples at my crib when I am in a relationship, always makes me wonder if it is a dietary supplement for women. I am not much of a drinker anymore but I have a fully stocked bar, do miss my liquor drinking ladies though; they are usually more fun than these teetotalers nowadays.
    Women claim I am domesticated because, I got a stocked refrigerator, good linen and sheets and blankets up the wazoo. But I must admit I just benefitted from growing up in a woman dominated household so I thought all those things were normal. Yeah, even the medicine cabinet is stocked, every now and then I have to go through and get rid of stuff because they do expire folks.
    The toothbrush thing is easy to keep stocked upon, just make a habit of buying those brush and toothpaste sets they have at the grocery stores. You kill 2 birds with one stone and don’t have to think about it too much.
    No GLove No Love, I live by because I am damn sure not looking to die for it. Plus some of us have to make sure we buy the right size, can’t leave it to chance now…..
    Truth is women are better socialized to think about most of this stuff and fellas have to make an effort but I am always reminded of that line from the Heineken commercial: “The ladies love Cetera, you love Cetera.”

  • English Cream

    Why are women always so damn cold? So you guys can keep us warm :)

    What the hell are women doing in the bathroom that they finish toilet paper so fast? I invoque the fifth amemdement

    What must-have items do you need to have in your crib for company of the opposite sex?

    Basically everything needed for all the senses:

    – Good food (I agree meals and snacks)

    – Good movies (Romantic or funny no Rambo!!)
    – Proper war attire LOL

    – Good playlist..smooth music

    – Candles
    – Essential oils

    – Clean Blankets & towels are an everyday must
    – Extra toothbrush? Good idea I’ll go buy some LOL


  • R.e.D

    Funny how you felt the need to state you aren’t a player. What strikes me is that you sure do know alot about what women like/want- and in detail. So I guess we’ll chalk that up to experience.
    Nice list though, you’ve covered most of the ‘must-haves.’
    A HUGE ‘must’ for me is a shower.This is so basic and simple, but believe me some men just don’t do this. I cannot tolerate a man next to me without knowing he took a bath first. Even if you don’t smell like sweat, I prefer that shower-fresh scent and nice, cool breath.

  • http://www.gangstarrgirl.com GangStarr Girl

    *Raieses eyebrow*

    Mmm hmmm.

  • Britt

    This is a good list and I agree with everything on it, but I just want to say that not all girls like Nuvo, Arbor Mist or Aliz (i’m one those girls) that mess is too sweet and it just hurts my stomach. I much rather have a Jack and coke, so figure which kind of girl you’re dealing with.

  • jaclynsd

    Its rare when I’ve dealt w/men that dont have the basics. Things like towels, tp, good heating etc. I think it has to do w/age. Most men know what women will need to be confy once they get a little older and more mature. If you’re past a certain age I’d say over 27 and you’re still pulling this no TP bs then you have bigger probs then woman trying to leave your spot. =)

    Does being comfortable at someone’s home make you more likely to stay over? I wouldn’t say over but def make me feel more likely to stay longer

    Have you ever turned down sex because of someone’s apartment? I wouldnt say it was the apartment but overall the man and the bad apartment.

    Have you ever fallen for the “let’s have a drink” technique? Sadly yes lol

    If so, did you use the liquor as an excuse for having sex or did you want to anyway? Wanted to do it anyway

    Have you ever had to sleep in the wet spot? Ah yuk, no.

    Do you hate going over to someone’s house and they have nothing to eat or drink in the fridge? God yes, hate it!

    Why are women always so damn cold? Why do men like to have the AC blasting? Lol Nah never had that problem.

    What the hell are women doing in the bathroom that they finish toilet paper so fast? Go in there and find out…otherwise stop wondering =)

    What must-have items do you need to have in your crib for company of the opposite sex? Not just for the opposite sex but for guest in general. I’d say extra towels, blankets, an extra tooth brush is a good idea and w/men always always have food.

  • Me

    I’ve been lurking for a minute and this is my first comment.

    I just wanted to say that this list is ON POINT!!!

    Men: Please take note.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/jerseychris1 jerseychris1

    I have to add one thing. Please, please, please have a trash can in the bathroom. I hate being over a guy’s house and having to search for the trash can to find out the only one he has is in the kitchen.

  • bogart4017

    All men who must take note should be ashamed!(Lol)A ghrown man with his own place knows food is essential. What are you eating every day McDonalds??
    You should always have a fully stocked bar whether you drink or not–for company of any sex. Know when to hide that stuff if you know the type of booze-hounds that used to come around my place. (You know the kind that hollow out their leg for extra swill storage).
    Also febreze makes a plug in oil that works real well (women seem to love clean laundry scent).
    Also with the towel—you should try to buy from store that specializes like Home Goods. Those NFL towels ain’t gettin’ it!

  • Starita34

    “Can’t get comfortable when I’m smellin’ balls and feet!”

    *clutches chest* I’m coming Elizabeth!! It’s the big one!

    Cosign on the smell goods if we’re in an ongoing thing (i.e. you bought them for me)…because if you have lots of scents on my first visit, I’m going to think a woman bought/influenced/left them there. #twistedbuttrue

  • Preachthecomedian

    Let’s be real women can suck paper dry too… But women buy real real soft to though..so soft. It feels weird

  • Preachthecomedian

    Plus for the smokers.. Papers, incense, quality weed…nothing cheap from Paco outside the abandoned Winn Dixie store

  • Webb

    My own personal item I’d love to see in the mans house would be some body/wet wipes. Lol maybe it sounds silly but I carry them in my handbag & they come in handy in case I need to quickly freshen up. Plus, it’s better than using toilet tissue anyway! AND if the woman wears make up, wet wipes are great for gently cleaning off make up so they don’t dirty up your fine wash cloths and towels.

  • SweetCree

    Thank you for letting the men know this! If he wants me that bad be needs to provide the simple things that I can get at home with my BOB :)

  • Shari

    Funny as hell, but sooo true! I can’t respect you as a man (let alone adult) if it’s too difficult for you to keep soap, towels, and food!! As for the alcohol, don’t assume we all drink alize and Nuvo. I’ll pass. Gimme a great glass of riesling or pinot grigio, and I’m happy (and most girls who drink wine, those are staples to drink).

    Last but not least, to answer the big question: why are girls always so cold? It’s because our delicate reproductive organs are all internal. So when the temperature drops, heat is redistributed away from our extremities and towards our core. Men, on the other hand, have their reproductive organs arranged externally. So heat is distributed evenly in their bodies because Mother Nature provided for a neat little trick called “shrinkage”!

    Just your friendly science lesson for the day! :-)

  • QuoteMan

    Guilty!………..for one thing, I don’t wanna collect trash in my bathroom – sorry. I’ll try to remember putting down the toilet seat before a chick comes over, but a trash can in the bathroom? I don’t know about that……….

  • QuoteMan

    Lol………my cousin has baby wipes at his crib; I mean a grown ass man with baby wipes. Smh

  • QuoteMan

    All the trouble a dude has to go thru just to get some. Lol

    In all, good list and I’ll add cab money to the list as well – gotta have that on deck.

  • Older & Wiser

    Because we have to wipe our VJJs as Oprah calls it and the softer the better! OK?

  • Webb

    Full on baby wipes isn’t what I meant lmao I’m talking about some Cottonelle fresh wipes or something!

  • Webb

    pshhh you should see what a woman goes through!

  • Syreeta

    My dude… Smh… Great guy, works hard but he’s such a weirdo! No bed, he sleeps on the floor, in sleeping bags & I’m right there with him once in a blue

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Nah, not weird, I picked that up from a chick too. They come in handy, i keep them in the bathroom for guests and myself. Enjoy! LOL

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Riesling is my favorite wine. A little to sweet for some, but that’s my preferred poison

  • SweetSexyThang

    Lol @ the balls and feet comment. You’re right, smell goods are a plus though!!

  • SweetSexyThang

    Moscatto is great. Im on that. Sweet and gets that buzz going :)

  • Nikki

    Food is essential b/c especially if we are even semi-serious I will be cooking breakfast in the morning w or w/out lovemaking on the previous night. I can do without all of the smell good b/c of my allergies one or two candles( I don’t need it to look like Yankee Candle Shop) or a nice plug-in in a central place is good but nothing to strong b/c my allergies will have me out of there in a matter of minutes.

  • Nyota Vargas

    Like alot of articles from NWSO love it
    Ok the washcloths yes a must have,(seems like im the only person that still uses a washcloth) I went to a guys house that had a washcloth that was hanging in the bath ,but it was stiff and dried out and was the only one he had!! And for towels he had none, just one ragged one,that was green, didnt match anythinbg in the bathroom. I like to drink but Id rather have a mixer, rum/ vodka and soda, wine is good I like shiraz. The bottom line as far as Im concerned if a man cant take care of his home, fully stocked with soap,( have been to homes with literally a tip of soap, not even enough for a handwash,let alone a shower) and tp, and who in the hell doesnt have a stock of tp, male or female?? I think issues like keeping yourself clean and your home go to deeper issues like low selfesteem,and why wouldnt you not want to impress someone reguardless of the relationship but im just saying.

  • http://www.AConleyCreation.com karmagini

    What is so hard for men to comprehend about the ratio of TP usage from women to men?! We use it EVERY time we go! Not just once a day, if that, for men. Hello!

  • TC

    Word up on the extra toothbrush lol.

  • TC

    Ay. If y’all broads wouldn’t shop around for the best deal all the time, maybe things would be a lil’ more “steady.” Mmmmhmmm

  • Womanofyr

    Okay, here’s an idea.

    11. He should have a steady girlfriend, so that he’s not daily trolling in heat for a partner. lol

  • Amber

    I agree with everything you said that a guy should keep in his place. Me and my friends are always joking about the first time going to a guys place “you just never know what the heck your going to get.” I would like to add clean linens. Hate for guys to make it that far and your sheets are not clean or your pillows smell..gross!

  • Shannon

    I don’t sleep over at anyone’s place, no one ever sleeps at mine, I don’t drink and I don’t do the sex thing.

    Okay, now that’s out of the way, I just want to say something to the fellas: please clean the damn toilet. Just because you don’t have to sit on it every single time is not an excuse to have a mini-ecosystem of mold and mildew (I swear that’s a true story) growing on it. Ditto for the shower and please be decent and pee in the toilet and not the sink; believe me, we can tell when you do that and it’s not cool when we brush our teeth, especially when you don’t even bother to chase it with water afterward.

    Another thing: what in the hell is wrong with going to the grocery store? Not all food comes with the instructions:

    1. Remove from package.
    2. Set on high in microwave for 2 minutes; let cool.
    3. Enjoy

    There is nothing wrong with a dude that can cook; learn how to cook something more than canned soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and bacon and eggs.

    And please have more than one pot and pan in the house. Some utensils wouldn’t hurt, either. Don’t look at me all crazy when I ask for the colander or a paring knife or give me a blank look, which tells me you most likely don’t have one.

    Men need toilet paper too, so buy some. Stock up on it. And no, the napkins from McDonald’s don’t count. Get some real toilet paper.

    If your plants are dying and in need of water or your fish are floating in the bowl because they are dead from starvation, chances are pretty good that I’m going to think I may be next if I live here with you. Women like it when men pay attention to details. Same goes for that dead fly that’s been on the sill since you moved in and the leftovers that were served when Washington was in the White House. Keep up with that stuff and clear it out or otherwise take care of it. Women will thank you, especially if your place smells like it’s been fresh-cleaned.

  • Corey

    I would think if YOU live there some of this stuff would be mandatory just for your own comfort. Who the hell doesn’t have tp and more than one damn towel? Now as far as some of the other stuff….I don’t pop pills so you’re out of luck there. I hate tea and if you’re that concerned with your oral hygiene I suggest you do what I do and leave a toothbrush and some floss in your vehicle. I’m really not trying to make things too comfy because some people can’t take a hint and post their asses up like they own the joint.