6 Worst Places to Holla at Women (Dead on Arrival)

0 Posted by - January 12, 2011 - Relationships, Love & Marriage

People always want to know where can they meet “good” people. Sorry, this post is the complete opposite of that. The fact of the matter is there are good people around us practically everywhere we go, it’s just a matter of being aware and not letting silly red flags (i.e. I don’t like his shoes) skew your vision.

As much as I wish the random street “holla” would get replaced with legitimate conversation, it’s not going away any time soon. Actually, speaking when you see someone you find attractive isn’t that bad of a thing it’s really how and where you holla. So today I’m going to address the fellas on inappropriate places to “holla.” Ladies, if you agree feel free to chime in…


If I know one thing about women it’s that they hate being approached when they don’t feel they’re looking their best, and being all sweaty after the gym or just wearing sweats on the way to the gym are usually one of those I-don’t-feel-sexy moments. However, if I know one thing about men it’s that when women are dressed down and alone that they’re the least “intimidating” to us. I for one find a (the right) woman in sweats sexy. Not only does it highlight her booty, if a woman can catch my eye dressed down she must have it going on even more when she’s dolled up. #ThinkAboutIt

Still, I wouldn’t recommend hollering at the gym, fellas. First of all (most) women are there to workout (others are there for a fashion show) so the last thing she needs is some fool trying to kick it while she’s on the treadmill. Secondly, like I said earlier, she’s probably in sweats or spandex and doesn’t feel her sexiest despite how good her booty looks to you. Thirdly, if her goods are on full display because of her skintight clothes and you’ve been ogling her while she was doing jumping jacks, she may feel you’re only after her body. All in all, the gym or pool is a very awkward place to holla because you’re both half-naked. I’d rather give a woman her space and try to catch her at the exit once her workout’s complete and the sweat glands aren’t working overtime.


This goes for people who work together and for those trying to holla at someone while at their place of business. Sexual harassment cases are big deals these days and a lot of companies don’t play that. While some offices are like extended versions of high school, generally speaking, hitting on the new girl is a big no-no. Yeah, she’s cute but she’s also your co-worker. In the event that things don’t work out because you hardly know her now you’ve got an ex that hates you that you have to see every damn day. ThatsABadLook.com.

As for hollering at someone while they’re at work that can be tricky too. One, they’re there to provide customer service and might be getting paid commission so their friendliness might not actually mean they’re into you as much as they’re just trying to get the sale. Also, some bosses might frown upon their employees fraternizing with customers so you could potentially be getting them in trouble and ultimately costing them money. Also, if you’re flirting while there’s a bunch of people on line behind you, you either have a great audience for getting shot down or a bunch of angry people waiting to be served. Keep it short and sweet, slip her your number and keep it moving. If she’s feeling you she’ll call if not, oh well, I hope you really like your purchase.


Uhm, you’re both at a medical facility presumably to get something treated. A waiting room doesn’t sound like the sexiest place to be trying to holla. The million-dollar question in my mind is: What exactly is she here for? And she’s probably thinking the same thing. Besides that, if she’s there for a mysterious “rash” I doubt she’s thinking about going out on a date with you next weekend. Just like if I’m dealing with a 105 fever on New Years, the last thing I’m thinking about is hollerin’ at some chick.

Although once I started feeling better in the ER I did start scoping to see if there were any hot nurses running around. Sadly, there weren’t. Even if there were, though, hot nurses are off limits when you’re a patient. They have way too much access to your charts and medical history. Not that I have anything to hide, but I’d much rather have her focused on getting me better than digging all through my medical charts. I can always get another chick to dress up like a sexy nurse later.


Seeing a hot girl the next car over is not like seeing a hot girl on the street. You just can’t stop her and try to spark a conversation. Y’all are both in control of two vehicles and probably have other cars behind you. Unless she’s trying to pull over, which I doubt, your chances of getting the number are slim to none. Also, turning down your music when you’re speaking would help, too. Oh, and please don’t follow her in your car that’s borderline stalkerish and a bad way to start off a relationship.

Now, if you’re driving and she’s on foot the whole “can I talk to you for a second” bit is a tad played out. Most women with class don’t make a habit of walking up to strange men’s car windows like a common streetwalker. Also, you should be keeping your eyes on the road and not every chick on the sidewalk because the last thing you or your game need is to run into a light pole when you’re trying to stunt for a chick. Good news, I just saved you a bunch of money on car insurance, playboy.


I don’t care if a woman is with her brother or her priest, it’s the ultimate form of disrespect to approach a woman while she’s with another man. You have no clue of the dynamic between the two of them and you’re basically emasculating the other brother, regardless of whether or not he’s a suitor or not. I mean, even if a woman and I were truly just friends I’d still feel a way of some random dude just walked up and tried to kick game. Like, seriously, you don’t see me sitting/standing here, dude? How you know I’m not hitting this—or at least trying to hit?

A lot can be said for body language and you can make assumptions about the dynamic between a man and woman, but you never really know as an outsider looking in. If a woman that happens to be with another brother catches your eye and you feel the urge to holla, at the very least acknowledge the man first and ask if it’s his woman. If he says yes, simply compliment him on being a lucky man and keep it moving. If he says no, the gentlemanly thing to do would be to ask permission to engage her in conversation. Anything else would be uncivilized.


There’s a time and place for everything and the cold is never the spot for hollerin’. Just like my list of the 10 things every bachelor should have in his pad it’s all about being comfortable when engaging a woman for the first time. So having her stand out in the cold while you try to spit game doesn’t cut it. If you happen to see an attractive woman during the heart of winter chances are she’s focused on getting from point A to B as fast as possible.

It doesn’t matter how cute you think you are she’s not trying to freeze her butt off for some random dude on the snow-lined streets. If you’re skilled enough to grab her attention in the cold why not try to dip into a nearby store or something to continue the conversation, she more likely to warm up to you when she’s actually warm as opposed to freezing to the point her nose turns red like Rudolph.

Do you go to the gym to look cute or to actually workout? Do you feel self-conscious in your workout clothes? Do you think it’s a good idea to flirt with someone you work with or while someone is at their job? Do you think it’s tacky for a woman to talk to a guy through a car window? Would you feel disrespected if someone trued to kick it to a friend of the opposite sex right in front of you? What’s the worst place someone has tried to holla at you? Are there certain places or times that you never want someone to approach you? What would you add to the list?

Speak your piece…

  • paulette_bajan_gal

    lmao.These are all true.Also…my girlfriend told me a story about this recently

    #7 If you see her with a baby strapped to her chest in any location.Don’t start by asking the kid’s name and try to get the digits at any point.SHE JUST HAD A BABY.I know it sounds really weird but there’s an assumption in the black community that all moms are single.I get hit on with my daughter standing right next to me all the time.m.which I find very disrespectful but a newborn baby is just next level.

  • http://thecandyshoppe.wordpress.com Ronnie6676

    As I’m walking in or out of church…just don’t do it

  • carmool

    **dead ass dead**

  • giventhebest

    I feel really uncomfortable if I’m approached and its dark outside. The most awkward place I’ve been approached would have to be in walmart while I was getting tampons lmao. He was like, ” what ya got there?…ohhhh…”

  • http://www.imperfectenjoyment.com Dewan Gibson

    Reading this makes me miss my single days. You know, getting shot down, laughing about catching crabs, being arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and having makeup sex afterwards, etc, etc. The chase was so damn fun!

    But as far as a place not to holla I’m not sure it exists (other than if she’s with a guy). As long as you’re polite and gentlemanly even rejections goes well.

  • paulette_bajan_gal

    rotfl…he’s trying to get to the same destination as the tampon.lol

  • sunshyne84

    I get honked at or rolled up on by men in vehicles way too often. Please stop doing that, I’m scared for my life!!

  • http://www.silentscorpion.wordpress.com Silent Scorpion

    Loves this list!! Especially the gym on. I always put my ‘I can’t hear you so don’t speak to me’ earphones in but they don’t always do the trick.

  • Missdee

    Oh here’s the line that they kick at you “are you still with your baby daddy?” I mean really!?

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    My name is Preach and I got a case of grenade mackin’. DOwn here in the south its game time anytime. The added benefit of people being alot more polite and receptive..that southern hospitality…
    I have done all but the hospital… my crew and my frat brothers have done about evrything.. Even slowing the traffic on the HIGHWAY to get a number from the girl in the next lane. Its all about gettin in when u fit in…

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    You know its almost easier to holla if she has a dude…

  • da ThRONe

    I never use to holla at chicks so everywhere was a bad place for me.

  • Alig83

    That happens to me a lot too. I hate when I am walking and I can see a guy turning his body all the way around to look at me through his rear window as he is driving.

    People who don’t have this happen to them a lot or at all can’t understand why some women don’t like men approaching them. I mean, when I am walking down the street and a strange man pulls up next to me I get very scared. You know, I don’t know if he is going to try and grab me, rape me, kill me, shoot me or run me down with his car ( I once had a man drive straight towards me as I was walking across a parking lot, had me thinking he was going to run me down only to have him pull up next to me and say, “You sure are pretty.”) And then you have the guys who will see you, turn down a street, come back up and then pull over to ask you if you want a ride.

    It just speaks to a high level of desperation on the man’s part. One also has to wonder that if a man sees nothing wrong with following a stranger down the street in his car, what lengths would he go if you were to actually be in a relationship with him and things didn’t work out and he couldn’t let go. Would he follow you then, too?

  • Starita34

    *faints* Paulette! –> To the corner! LMAO!

  • Alig83

    Places men shouldn’t ‘holla’ at women.

    1. Bus Stops – I HATE men who pull up to bus stops to accost women. I’ve had men follow me to bus stops, honk their horn at me and ask me if I needed a ride. Obviously I need a ride because I am waiting on the bus stop. It’s very uncomfortable knowing that some man is watching me as I wait for the bus.

    2. While I’m at work – It’s down right awkward and embarrassing for someone like me who is shy and hates to be flirted with. I’ve seen men who will flirt with you and if you don’t respond favorably then they will complain and say you have an attitude.

    3. While you’re at work – It’s unprofessional and makes me feel awkward. I have eaten at places where guys have tried to flirt with me and will discuss me with other male employees.

    4. Gas Stations – I’m sorry, well no not really but if I see you standing around the gas station near the entrance and it clear that you aren’t purchasing anything or getting gas then don’t ‘holla’ at me because I immediately tagged you as a loser. I mean, really though. Who hangs out at gas stations? Losers, right?

    It seems to me that men are very bad at reading body language and tone of voice.
    Also, when I see a man staring at me, I stare back. Why? It’s not because I am interested. It’s because I want you to stop fucking staring at me and I want you to know what it feels like to be intently watched. It doesn’t seem to work often because most men take it that I am interested and will approach me or wave at me.

    It speaks to the fact that men don’t view women as a physical threat. As a woman, I know that when men stare at me I start wondering what could he possibly be thinking and is he going to follow me.

    Some people may think I am being paranoid or making a big deal about nothing, but as a woman who frequently gets called “cute” by men on the street who have followed me into parking lots and waited for me to walk near their car, pull over up ahead of me as I am walking to wait for me to walk by their car, stare at me as I waited on the bus stop and then get on the bus after me and sit directly behind me when there are plenty of seats available, one can’t help put to be hyper vigilant.

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    There’s a ugly lonely woman on the verge of suicide that just read your comments

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO


    Flag on the play, replay the down. No insults of suicidal folks. We don’t play that round here. #LoveLife #HateHate

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    I’ll take the penalty
    I should have said there’s a lonley women that envies your problem of men approaching her

  • duepayer

    Not even if I walk by and say “Lawd Hammercy! MMM!” and keep it movin’. Sounds appropriate for the setting right…no? lol

  • MR.Mad Black

    In these times i think it You can holla anywhere as long as its respectful. Women with kids and all. Women might think its but its done. Most women of today walk with something in their ear and acts like the cant here the man trying to holla. At the hospital let me see them paper(lol),Gym we can Sweet together, after Church(I was in there too). if she wit her man thats disrespectful shows what kind of chick she is, but if the fish bites the fish gets cooked,

  • Maureen

    I don’t care if men holla at me, I will gently brush them off though because most times they’ll address me inappropriately (like that time I went to the mall with my mom and a man said I had nice juicy titties. I was 16 years old!)
    One time this man stalked me for half a day. He saw me on the street, followed me on the tram and later the bus, there he started to stare at me for the whole ride which took almost an hour. When I got off I went into a supermarket where, luckily, I managed to lose him. It was a very creepy experience.

  • http://liferequiresmorechocolate.com Tiffany

    You are so right about the gym. I hate it so much when someone will try to talk to me. Not because I don’t feel I am looking my best, but for the fact that I am goetting my workout on and I don’t want to be bothered. I am in my zone and trying to get my 45 minutes in or reach my caloric burn goal, not trying to listen to you say , “sup beybey, what you workin out so hard for?” I makes me want to take my sweaty hand rub on your face. And if I and working out, no I don’t want to grab a bite to eat afterwards. I am trying to get fit not get fat.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    Church mackin is actually easier
    just don’t be too obvious:

    “praise god…sooo what you reading gorgeous Word…I read that too ..it’s crazy the guy comes back at the end…well I’m bout to get some crackers and juice..u want some?”

  • Dave

    Through personal experience I know all of these are conditional. I have hollered at women in all of these spaces and been successful. The right guy with the right ingredients (for the particular target/woman) can get away with most things in an approach.

  • JC

    With the exception of work, the car window (seems so childish) and when with a guy I am pretty open about where guys approach me…it is more about the HOW. Cat calls will never ever work, getting in my face when walking towards me, almost causing me to trip will never work. Reaching out to touch me to stop me AND then touching my arm, with the “Listen, Ma” never going to work.

  • http://hobdragon.com Greg Dragon


    Tell this to the women grabbing my crotch at the Club… is this the new hotness? Granted it’s not all the time but lots of girls get off on you disrespecting their dude by attempting to take them. It’ll surprise you, awesome list btw and I agree wholeheartedly… seeing those ducks at the gym try to push up on sweaty leg-press girl always amuses me.

  • http://www.twitter.com/youngNblackNYC whitleygillbert

    Don’t holla at a chick when she’s with her kids. I see men doing it all the time

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    Beyound the hospital imma say the CLINIC
    my mentor worked at one and times I would visit u see men and women in there ordering tests like it’s the Mcdonalds menu

    ” yeah let me get a number 5 anddddd a number 6″

  • Rastaman

    Plus women are always looking to relate some cute/romantic stories about how they met their “boo”, so all those inappropriate places are only inappropriate if she don’t think you all that attractive. Don’t be Steve Harvey and stop feeding women’s ego!!

    Fact, the workplace is statistically where most people meet their significant other. At least you know where they work and they do have a job.
    I have had women holla at me in traffic, at the gym, at the Drs Office and when I was accompanied by another woman…so if all those areas were so off limits I doubt they would do it. The chick at the Doctor’s office checked out my chart, saw that I was single and started to give me her run-down…I was cordial but not interested…if she was banging I may have responded positively…

    Women’s magazines also would disagree with you as they tell women to be open at all times because their dream guy could be anywhere…DUH!
    I am not big at the hollering at random women, never really been that way but I have a lot of friends who are like that and I can say that there are no rules per se. It is all about if she attracted and that where it starts and ends.

    One of my boys said he hollers at pregnant chicks, because he knows they fcking.

  • Rastaman

    What you are writing is the official woman line about when and where they would like men to holla. Like most rules women have, it has loopholes big enough to drive the hot looking guy in the cute ride through.

  • JC

    Please @ Preachthecomedian and @ QuoteMan post photos of these men so woman all over can know to avoid these douchebags…

  • JC

    Don’t worry to both Preach and QuoteMan I don’t think either of you do or would…but to know that there are men out there…Posting a photo online with a simple caption would be a PSA…and get a few laughs ;-)

  • da ThRONe

    It must be nice to set rules when and where you should be approached. You would turn your back on somebody that could potentially be special just because it’s not your ideal setting. Yeah that makes sense to me.

  • http://thecandyshoppe.wordpress.com Ronnie6676

    Well if you put alot of effort and energy and enthusiasm…well then maybe I’ll give you a pass…maybe

  • QuoteMan

    Oh you think that’s next level? Lol

    “One of my boys said he hollers at pregnant chicks, because he knows they fcking”

    A while back, me & my boys had a convo on whether trying to bag a pregnant chick was going too far or a fair game. Cuz truth be told, pregnant chicks have some of the best stuff ever. Lol

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    I’ll see that and raise you
    there’s a dude I know who tries to pick up women at abortion clinics
    he said because u know they need some male reassurance

  • Danielle

    Back in the day I got hollered at and now I live in Maine where it never happens. And I am SO OKAY with that. Because sometimes duded wanna get outta line with stuff and I don’t have time for that. Just reading this post makes me cringe and wanna check to see if that cattle prod is still $45. Actually I’m going to check now.

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    Now let’s be clear I DO NOT endorse what he does
    actully we really aren’t friends at this point…some stuff just reeks of contagious stupidity

  • VirgoVida

    Can we add jail to the list? (DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NEVER BEEN, NOR DO I PLAN TO GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!! LMAO) I watched some judge show the other day. Think it was Divorce Court. The couple there said that they met while in jail! Exsqueeze me? Behind bars? Aren’t men and women on separate sides? Did they meet up in the middle of the yard during recreation? Yeah right, prison is the bestest place to find your mate! :)

  • R.e.D

    Interesting list NWSO…
    In reference to women: I get this general sense sometimes that some women think they are just too hot for themselves. When you are approached by multiple men on a regular basis, take it as a compliment and leave it there, b/c it does not happen to everyone as I have come to learn. Ex. A friend of mine was visiting and we pulled up at a gas station. This guy drove up at the same time and proceeded to ‘holla’/ speak with me. Of course I spoke to him politely, laughed, but was uninterested. This scenario is most natural to me, however when we left, my friend said, ‘I never get approached by men….’ Now, I thought that ALL women got approached by men, just some more often than others, but I was sadly mistaken.

    So to women, as long as you are not blatantly disrespected by a man, as long as he is not stalking you ( yes this does happen) what is the problem with saying hello back, whether you are interested or not, regardless of the setting? Listen, it took some amount of courage for a man to walk up and speak in the first place, why do women treat them so poorly by ignoring them or being nasty, etc.?? It is simply not called for. And really, half the time it’s b/c you don’t like how he looks. Right looking dude at ANY place, during ANY time will get play..so women stop the foolishness. It takes nothing but God’s given breath, to say ‘Hi’ back…hell you ain’t trying to marry him, so just have some manners.

    And this spiel is not coming from some ‘unfortunate-looking’ woman, I am relatively easy on the eye, but some women just have to relax with the ego…

  • R.e.D

    Strangely enough I agree with this one. Only b/c church is a tricky place to do this ‘right’ and the irony is, I want a church man. But really, at the end of the day, it is all in the approach.

  • R.e.D

    The abortion thing is wrong on all levels…It’s a woman at her most vulnerable..The vulture that would do that..unbelievable.
    And pregnant women, I actually know some males that find them incredibly sexy. Of course this must be b/c they are obviously sexually-active (and fertile) as Rasta said.

  • http://thecocoaluvchronicles.blogspot.com miss cocoa luv

    When it’s after 10 o clock at night!!!!!!

  • AD

    Dude..spot on…spot on with all of these!

    Gym: I’m hot, funky, sweaty, and tired (and not in a GOOD way) so NO I don’t want your number.

    Work: Men PLEASE don’t try to holla at the policewoman who is putting you in handcuffs, back of a patrol car, or booking you into jail. Talk about THATSABADLOOK!!

    Now, for us women even if it’s the worst of times for a Brother to get his holla on, you can still be firm but nice. I know its cold as hell and you wearing those thin slacks (but they look so good on you) and your late getting back to work and out of all the days Mr. Smooth Operator wants to holla. Just keep your let down classy not nasty!

  • AD

    All I wanna know is the location of this church so I can be there Sunday! Haaa!

  • AD

    What by watching his and her actions then doing the opposite of what he does? I need an explanation Preach…

  • AD

    I just can’t with your comment….just can’t!!!

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    Noting their body language…words pale to body language…once u see an opening you approach with confidence and based off her body language..be smart direct and let her know what u want…..dudes give all the info u need..he loud be quiet..he a thug be a gentleman…etc..

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthecomedian

    Church time mackin

  • AD

    ReD, girl I sooo agree with you on your comment. Plus, you never know when you might see the guy again. I remember interning at the Federal building and there was this janitor who was nice and tried to holla. After turning him down nicely (I was dating someone at the time)we were still cordial with small talk. He always made sure my floor bathroom was spotless and stock with tissue. Hey, that counts more than you know!!

  • Shannon

    I’ve caused car accidents; some dude is driving and turns to look at me and hits a pole or another car or something. Even worse, when a dude is watching me and runs into a wall or trips over something on the sidewalk.

    The worst place I ever got hit on: at a friend’s house while I was in the bathroom on the toilet. I kid you not; this dude had followed me and was actually trying to holla at me through the damn door. WTF?!

    The second worst place was the foodstamp office; I had to take a client in for recertification and there was this dude who was waiting for his own interview appointment who had the nerve to ask me how much I was getting and if I got a housing subsidy so we could “join forces and screw the system together.” I had to walk away from that one. SMH

  • http://thecandyshoppe.wordpress.com Ronnie6676

    Ha! Starting to sound like the makings of a singles function

  • http://whatsonmymind09.blogspot.com Marcia H.

    *Currently listening to “Ride It” by Ciara ft. Ludacris* <— How appropriate! Anyway I agree with the list. And I've managed to be hit on in all the scenarios! Maddness right? I do have a big problem with workplace flirting… it leads to diasters all the time! I mean I felt like I was still in high school at one of my jobs! I don't care where a man hits on me at just as long as it's not while I'm coming out the restroom! #weird

  • R.e.D

    I know what you mean, a clean bathroom at a busy workplace accounts for alot…but the overall point is just like you said, one should always be at least cordial to folks b/c you really do never know.
    This janitor where I work now put together all my furniture for me without my prompting, b/c I am always nice to him.

  • dared1

    I am a nurse and I am approached all the time by patients. Ummm you’re sick dude! I’m not interested!

  • Chanel

    I’m a new driver and native New Yorker so I honestly didn’t know about the car game. Some dude cut me off in traffic once to beat me to a red light. Asshole. Anyway, I’m mean-mugging him and I can clearly see his face in the mirror so I know he sees me. The light turns green and we both head out. I saw him turn into the gas station on the corner — and when I kept going, he actually raised his arms in disbelief like “WTF?!” I didn’t realize what happened until I told a friend about it later. Ooops.

  • http://theworldoftiffany.wordpress.com/ Tiffany Stewart

    I am a teacher so at Parent Teacher Conferences I want to scream when dads come in and say silly mess like, “If she was my teacher I would have an A” then they elbow their sons. EEWWWW. I would not and do not want to talk to you because I would have to deal with your kid when I am not getting paid to deal with him. LOL

  • Lyndon

    I’ve noticed that women get agitated when you go at them during awkward circumstances. BUT….

    If they are interested in you it does not matter. I’ve seen women get off at Interstate exits to meet my brother.

    Moral to the story is, if they are in the right frame of mind and they find the guy worthy, there is no such thing bad timing.

  • Lisa

    You are right, the earphones at the gym don’t always work. Then I feel rude if I don’t take them off and listen to what he is trying to say.

  • Lisa

    LOL, so true…most of the time we have a certain amount of time that we are at the gym and we aren’t trying to waste any time listening to some dude trying to get his mack on.

  • Afrochic

    Someone tried to Holla at my moms when she took me to one of those 24hr ER places….
    So add: don’t holler at someone in the ER especially if they have a child

  • sexxybrown

    Its all in the approach. Dont get me wrong Im not a fan of the car holla. Funerals and when Im with another man all inappropriate. You gets no response with those. But for the most part you can holla anywhere I am. Its all in how you approach me and or the situation. Let’s face it ladies, if you’re physically attracted to dude at that moment and he approached you respectfully, you’d probably hear him out. I know I have. While I may shoot you down still, I know it takes courage to step to a lady. What Im not a fan of is the disrespectful noise dudes give when you do shut them down.

  • Rastaman
  • jaclynsd

    lmao “what ya got there?” Um really this guys.

  • jaclynsd

    Worst place ever to get hit on…while at the park w/my daughter. He was there w/his nephew and he said “so you come here often?” Um yes but after today…never again. SMH

    I have to agree w/most people that said its all in the approach. When i’m at the gym I’m there to workout. I have my hat on and make no eye contact so if a dude has the nerve (balls) to come up to me then you know what if he’s friendly/respectful I’ll talk to him. I may not give him my number but we will see each other again and chances are if i’m feeling you we may end up talking. Work is dif for me, that’s my career we’re talking about and I’m focused about that. I do think that’s unprofessional.

    As for the opposite friend thing that’s a no no too. NSW is right, you dont know the dynamic of the relationship. If i’m out w/my boy I dont make eye contact w/other dudes or try and talk to someone else. I’m w/my boy and lets be real people probably think we’re a couple and I’m not going to have my boy look like a sucker. So far my guy friends have given me the same respect.

  • http://whatsonmymind09.blogspot.com Marcia H.

    But what about those fathers who are just ohhhhh so fine. I work at an after-school program and one of the kids uncle is TOO sexy! I’m want him to flirt with me! #seriously

  • AD

    “Holla at me *itch don’t ya hear me”. This soooo made me laugh today! Thanx Rastaman!

  • http://theworldoftiffany.wordpress.com/ tiffany

    That is too funny. I haven’t seen any worth it as of yet.

  • uhmmmmm…

    I can agree this post to a certain extent. If I was feeling a guy and he approached me anywhere with maturity and class I would at least be (((open))) to the possibilities. I met my husband at work and I believe ppl can date who are coworkers however both parties must be mature and follow the play book even if it does not work. No, I would not want a man to holler at the GYN office or while I have a baby in my belly, but when I was just looking to f@ck and NOT looking for a relationship (bc they are two different things and this is why ppl get it twisted) I ahem (((dated))) my nephew’s barber and yes, ahem (((dated))) my coworker who turned out to be my husband. Yes, it was very awkward once everyone started noticing the pattern that we were taking sick days on the same day especially one day when we were both playing hooky in the Village and we were busted by a third colleague who was also playing hooky with HER girlfriend but she was still in the closet, lol. Before getting married I always said life was too short for self imposed restrictions–or games.

  • Maureen

    Oh, and I’d like to add: don’t holla at me while pissing on the street..

  • MzCee

    I actually have the worst story so far I’m sure. Walking through the CEMETARY after visiting a loved ones grave. A car rolled up and stopped. When the window rolled down I assumed the driver wanted directions…WRONG. “Hey girl let me holla at you.” Are you effing serious? Of all the disrespectful b.s I’ve encountered that was the worst.

  • Jo

    Please do not holla at me at 9am in the morning when I am on my way to work. No boo boo. I’m trying to get my hustle on and you standing on the street corner trying to spit games at me? Like really?

    One saturday morning, I rolled outta bed at 9am in the morning, still wearing my scarf and sweat pants with my bedroom slippers. I’m walking to the store to pick up some milk and this dude is trying to holla on the street corner. Can I at least eat breakfast first. Damn homie. Dudes please try and holla after 12pm or later not at 9am in the morning. I’m just sayin’.

  • DH

    OMG. I hope the vast majority of your memories of the single life are fictional. LOL I am rolling laughing over here! :)

  • Edgar

    The truth is anywhere is a bad place if she isn’t giving you any positive signs at the first place !