How Do You Get Pregnant By Accident? (It’s Your Fault)


I was watching a documentary on the history of the bikini the other day (I love learning things LOL) and I thought it was fascinating watching how something as simple as swimwear could impact culture worldwide. That got me to thinking even deeper about why society is so determined to place stigmas on people.

Now, obviously religion plays a huge role in our history and how we view our sexuality. Also, a lot of our double standards and/or sexist beliefs are anchored in ignorance from a male dominated world; but are some of these stigmas a good thing?

I know I can think of one stigma that was probably better left in place and I think our society is suffering because we have moved passed it. This is a stigma against single mothers. Now before all the single mothers become irate hear me out. I’m aware a lot of single mothers had every intention to be with the father of their children (whether married or not) and there are those who have been raped, but most single mothers are so due to their own damn negligence. Today, there are so many methods (too many to name) that allow females to go wild without becoming pregnant.

So if modern medicine/technology isn’t the problem then what is?


When a female/male can reproduce with little to no repercussions clearly putting on a condom becomes “too much work.” Sure mistakes will happen but not at the rate it’s happening now. If you want to set your own life back then that’s your business, but when you start factoring in kids to me there’s a problem.

Now that young girls aren’t given the “Scarlett letter” treatment it seems like it becomes a cycle of babies having babies. Young girls seem to make babies as some sort of fashion statement. In a short time it seems like this stigma has been completely reversed. What was once frowned upon is now praised. It’s like if you’re a person without a kid pass 25 there must be something wrong with you.

I know the incredible rate at which single mothers are being made is so much deeper than just placing stigmas on young females, but we have a serious problem when the attitude towards unwed pregnancies is this nonchalant. I would be so disappointed in my daughter if in this day and age she allowed herself to become pregnant by “accident.” What happened to the days of holding people accountable for their actions? Between all the contraception available for females, coupled with the use of a condom, unplanned pregnancies should be under 0.00000001%.

What are your thoughts on teen pregnancy? Do you think Da ThRONe is right about putting a stigma on unwed mothers could be a good thing? Is it a double standard that men/boys that get someone pregnant and leave usually get off the hook Scott free? Is there really an excuse for an unwanted pregnancy with all the means of contraception we have nowadays? Are you generally surprised when you meet someone over 25 that doesn’t have kids? Do you think people should only have kids in a committed relationship? Would you tell your kid if he/she were an accident? Do single mothers get more of a bad rap than deadbeat dads?

Speak your piece…

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