What Men See When They Look At Women

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[dc]I[/dc] had this idea. In an effort to give women insight into the inner workings of the male mind, I wanted to jot down all my random thoughts and observations over the course of a day. I thought of this after realizing all the crazy things that come to mind during my daily travels, be it sexual thoughts, new philosophies or just some off-the-wall idea that sometimes ends up in my Twitter stream. At any rate, I soon realized that this was a more daunting task than I initially realized, because, well, I think a lot. So what I came up with instead is this: What I see when I look at women.

As I attempted my 24-hour observation experiment, I quickly noticed a pattern. Whenever I saw a woman I would look at her in a consistent yet previously unnoticed order. For the most part, my 15-second assessment always started the same, with a direct glance at her face. In the blink of an eye I determined whether she was cute, pretty, sexy, aiight, busted, and, most importantly, if this was in fact a woman and not some man in drag or a pre-op doppelganger.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you already know I’m a self-professed ass man, so it should come as no surprise where my eyes dart next. Without fail I noticed that my line of sight always went to the exact same spot: a woman’s waist.

Just from the width of a woman’s hips I can immediately ascertain whether or not baby’s got back or the International House of Pancakes going on. Mos Def’s “Ms. Fat Booty” always comes to mind when I spot a winner as I realize what he meant when he said, “Ass so fat you can see it from the front.”

The more I think about it, I feel as if the heart of a woman’s sexuality is in her waist. It’s part of what gives a woman her shape. A small waist and wide hips, with a rack up top make for an amazing silhouette but, for me at least, my eyes spend more time below. I think it’s engrained in the male DNA and what we consider appealing.

Wide hips denote a woman’s ability to bare children, hence the term “childbearing hips.” The sway of a woman’s walk and the focal point of a sexy saunter are all in the hips. Add in a plump rump and you’ve got a killer combo. Curves are attractive to the male eye, and as a result, when I see a woman with no hips at all I feel she looks “mannish” and in most cases it’s a major turn-off.

[dc]D[/dc]uring my failed experiment, I caught myself walking behind a woman only to instinctually zero in on her waistline and study her southernmost hind parts. I unintentionally watched women on the train at an angle and studied their silhouettes. My eyes travelled from the face, then to the waist, then to the chest, but a majority of the time was spent at the waist.

If other men studied their eye line the same way, I wager most would discover the same penchant for staring at their favorite body part more than a woman’s face. Perhaps that’s why a “busted” woman with a bangin’ body doesn’t have a problem getting a man while I know plenty of “pretty” woman that are single.

As I wrote this on the train coming home last night, I caught myself over and over again going from face to waist on every moderately attractive woman within eyesight. Didn’t matter if she was sitting or standing, I tried to ascertain what she looked like from the rear based off the thickness of her thighs, wideness of her hips and found myself eager for her to exit so I could sneak a peak to confirm my hunches. My RBI (rating booty index) was spot on.

As I continued to get my booty hawkin’ on, I felt like a kid in the proverbial candy store. The only problem with that is no matter how slick you think you are most kids get caught with their hand, or in my case the eye, on the cookie jar.

Sorry, ladies, I don’t mean to stare it’s just in my genes to look at what’s in yours.

Are women surprised to hear that a man can spend more time staring at her body than her face? How often do you catch a man staring at your butt? Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us? Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention? What’s the order of what a woman looks at when checking out a man? What do women tend to focus on the most? Fellas, do you agree that a lot of a woman’s sexiness comes from the hips? Can you tell if a woman has a fatty just by looking at her hips? What’s your RBI (rating booty index)? What do you see when you look at a woman?

Speak your piece…

  • AmberYum

    Oh how I love this writer’s works @NakedWithSocks!

  • http://msblackmansbriefing.com MsBlackmanSays

    Are women surprised to hear that a man can spend more time staring at her body than her face?
    Not at all…men are very visual and physical creatures…you’re not getting it on with her face, it’s her body that turns most (all) men on so not surprised at all.

    How often do you catch a man staring at your butt?
    Only when I wear something to flaunt, normally I try to cover it up…it’s not huge but I’ve gotten compliments on it because of my petite frame.

    Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us?
    I give dudes the side-eye all the time so I usually catch them.

    Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention?
    A glance it’s cool but not into gawkers!

    What’s the order of what a woman looks at when checking out a man?
    Very few men wear clothing where I can check out what their chest and abs look like (unless it’s a summertime weekend and they have the wife beater rocking under an open shirt)…so I check out the face first, teeth, eyes, hair, then if possible arms to see if there’s any muscle tone.

    What do women tend to focus on the most? You guys don’t wear things that flaunt your bodies (at least most of you don’t) so I say overall face and smile…and most women your height.

  • Rastaman

    You remember when you were a young child and you discovered something you had never known before and it was so enlightening you wanted to share it with everyone you knew. You felt a certain excitement relating this brand new fact, that you had seemingly uncovered by yourself to everyone and anyone you meet?

    That is very much this story. Not trying to undercut what you have written but that’s is really what you summed up in this piece. As one of my girls told me years ago, she always found her self staring directly at men’s packages whenever she met them and guess what she is gay. So any woman who feels disrespected by men checking out their physique has probably not been paying attention. All men have checked you and you should probably start worrying when we stop looking because its probably over by that time.

    Like you I too am an avowed ass man, and I am not ashamed to say it either. My level of expertise is at the level where I have been known to identify women based on just a view of their ass. Not a skill I can make money off but its been known to amaze. I have learned to determine fakes, heel ass and women who attempt to walk like they have an ass. I may be considered sexist but in my mind there is nothing more exquisite than the female form. Which explains why so many of us men don’t find lesbians off putting because we can understand the appeal. A question I once asked a woman was how if she spent a lot of time touching her own booty and breast. Because they were that kind of special.

    While I am here I guess I should apologize to all the women out there whom I have pretty much ignored due to their lack of a behind of any consequence. It is not because you are not beautiful but because I have a one-track mind. There have been those rare occasions where I have also stop to check out a woman with an exceptionally striking face or those beautiful one in a million pair of breast.

  • sunshyne84

    This was so creepy.

  • PrettyPrissyPetite

    I’m not surprised by this at all. I’ve caught plenty of men staring at my butt…..hell, I’ve caught women looking too. ;-)

    I’ve only felt disrespected once in my life — I was standing w/ a group of my sorors, and this guy walked completely around our circle staring at all of our butts. And got by me and just about had a heart attack — I guess since I’m so petite, I’m supposed to suffer from ‘noassatall’ syndrome. But I don’t.

    As a woman, I pay attention to a man’s face. Usually, I lock in on his lips — I have a thing for sexy lips, and will stare a man down with no shame if he has some.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    LOL why so?

    Welcome to the dirty mind of men. Don’t forget to wear gloves

  • YErdanos

    I hate men who stare especially in the train. It is sooo uncomfortable… Yeah I see you so quit it.
    What I first notice in a man is the shoes & if that catches my attention I am going to continue to look up.. And damn if he has a smile but men do not smile in NYC instead of a smile u get that I am going to devour u look & that sh*t is disgusting..

  • ALIG83

    How could anyone be surprised when men make themselves so obvious?

  • ALIG83

    What I notice first on a man is his overall appearance. I tend to strongly focus on how clean his hands and nails are, his teeth and lips (smokers have discoloration on their lips and that turns me off), whether or not he is physically fit and how well kept his facial hair and hair is. I also focus on how proficient he is in speaking the English language, meaning someone who speaks using a whole bunch of slang and/or Ebonics is not the one for me.

    I am not surprised that men can spend more time looking at a woman’s body than her face. I have witnessed this firsthand. I’ve seen men stop talking and/or walking to look at a woman’s body as she walked by.

    I haven’t caught men looking at my butt. I didn’t need to catch them because I already knew they were doing it. Besides, I don’t wear clothing that would overly accentuate my body.

    I wouldn’t say men are successful at ‘sneaking a peak’ because they never know how to look at women without being obvious.

    I don’t secretly like the attention because it only reminds me of how being a woman, I am constantly being judged. I’ve at times felt disrespected by men staring at me because the way they leer makes me feel uncomfortable and some have made comments or noises at my back.

  • brandi

    Being that I’ve had the body of a grown woman for almost 15 years… I’ve gotten used to men staring at me! The problem is not when men just look, it is when some self centered jerk take advantage and cops a feel! (I so hate that… That’s why I don’t go to bars!)

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Kudos to my brother for noticing and recognizing the illusion of the “Heel ass.” LOL. Guess that’s why they call some heels pumps.

  • Distinguished Gentlewoman

    I’ve got news for you, Mr.: Women do the same thing—gaze, survey, assess, rate, admire. I think that’s why the subway was invented. You can get so much accomplished by just sitting in a subway car.

  • prettydrkskn

    For someone who is an ass man, you have the flatest butt pictures posted. :-)

  • blackloverules

    I love this piece! Maybe it’s wrong of me…but I don’t feel disrespected unless he’s seriously unattractive or kind of skeevy. Otherwise, it’s a compliment to have a man admire my “southernmost hindparts.” And truthfully, it’s even more of a compliment when it happens in the gym, b/c there are loads of women in great shape to look at, so when they check out my waist and hips (and yes, def Ms. Fat Booty over here) I feel like my God-given gifts, coupled with my hard work are being appreciated. For men, I love a beautiful face and always start there…if I can see physique it’s def upper torso–abs, chest, back and arms and then on to legs. I never really check “package” on random dudes. Like MsBlackman says unless it’s summer, guys don’t really wear clothes that flaunt their goodies–hmmm maybe that should change?

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I gotta save those for myself. Ha!

    Plus, these were the funniest and SFW

  • QuoteMan

    Lol……. those are the amateurs; to us the pros, there’s a science to this thing of ours – never get caught lookin’. With our peripheral vision, we don’t miss shit. Lol

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthetruthteller

    Ass is a blessing
    it’s like watching the hips and cheeks
    move to some tribal beat
    makes u feel in touch with the motherland

  • Sherell


    What else is new? Sorry Ans

  • AGK

    Are women surprised to hear that a man can spend more time staring at her body than her face?

    Uuummm, no. I doubt any woman would be surprised. Lol

    How often do you catch a man staring at your butt?

    Isn’t that what men do? *shrugs*

    Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us?

    I mean, when you see the other person checking you out and looking at you from head to toe, it’s a fact he’s waiting on you to turn around so he can complete the evaluation… So even if he doesn’t think you know… YOU DO. Lol

    Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention?

    I don’t feel disrespected, most times. It’s 100% better than getting no attention. But some men do it in a bad way – now THEN i get pissed. Lol

    What’s the order of what a woman looks at when checking out a man? What do women tend to focus on the most?

    Me, personally… Hhhmmm, face 1st (smile – lips – eyes) and then a general evaluation of his body (height – weight (i dont need no skinny man, sorry) – shoulders – ASS (lawd) – hands, etc). After checking for all that, i focus mostly on how he carries himself. If he’s confident (NOT COCKY) and i like the way he approaches me… BINGO.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Wake up. You’re missing the show. LOL

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Confused by your avatar. Is that a man looking down on a woman in her draws? Or the woman in her draws and the person looking down one in the same? And did a third person take the shot?

  • TJ

    I love that you’ve shared so honestly what most guys won’t say. A woman who knows the dynamics of man and if she’s comfortable with her body, she doesn’t have issues knowing (because we all know y’all are looking) she’s being scoped, leered, observed, etc. However, as a woman (with a beautiful onion) there may be times when we really want to know that there’s more to your attraction for us than what trails or precedes us. :-)

  • ms.virgo

    I think most. Females would feel some type if they were told men pay more attention to their figure instead of their face
    I’m lacking in the ass department but during the summer I do catch guys staring at my legs I have really long legs I take it as a compliment
    not sure if men often get caught by the woman their checking out but I do catch alot of dudes mostly because I’m checking out the same chick (I like nice asses too)
    When I’m checking out a Guy I start ay the face then notice his height physique not so much if he’s ripped but if he’s in shape I also try to look at his hands a Guy with nice hands are sexy occasionally I do tty to peep the size of his bulge

  • YErdanos

    Im ok with you checking me out and yeah I check men out too but a once over is enough for me but in a train for 45 minutes and you staring at me non-stop.. Its freaking creepy…

  • YErdanos

    Oh.. a dude cannot have a bigger than ass than I.. LMAO..

    Pretty eyes catch my attention..

  • da ThRONe

    Oh God another situation where people don’t know just how good they have it.

    I don’t really try to hide checking woman out. I think there’s a clear line between flattering glances and creepy staring. Pretty much all men I have seen(self included) stay with-in the confines of flattering glance.

    Ladies I don’t care how attractive you are if being admired by random guys is a problem you can conceal the curves. So if you are wearing the outfit that’s flaunt said curves don’t act like an asshole when guys look(a lot).

    • Rwig2

      I’m a married women mid 40’s and I noticed I get more stares now than ever especially from White males and they don’t play they compliment you while the black males just check you out or maybe will even say hello. I graciously say thank you and appreciate that they even notice or care to acknowledge me. It feels strange somtimes because I don’t see what they like so much but I can’t stop them from looking. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the attention but love my hubby and would never act on any advances. Ladies let the men have there fun you can’t stop them anyway.

  • da ThRONe


    Come on man your better than this!

    “Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us?”

    If a dude is successful at sneaking a peak than the chick would never know.

  • YErdanos

    I will do no such thing.. I love my curves(hour glass)no big ass that you can see from front but toned. I appreciate a man that has finess when doing so but those are few in between..The majority are just plain ole preverts… I mean why you gotta stare and lick your lips over and over again.. ..LMAO

  • da ThRONe

    For the record we are all being judged at all times. Even you admitted to judging males’ by certain characteristics.

  • da ThRONe

    ” I mean why you gotta stare and lick your lips over and over again”

    Do you really want me to answer this? :D

  • YErdanos

    My question is lets say theres a woman staring at you non-stop in a confined place( train) wouldnt you after a while feel ..damn stop it already.. and assume you dont find the woman attractive but home girl is all on your spot..

  • da ThRONe

    Ladies this may come off as insensitive ,but oh well.

    Who are you that I should have to exert more energy to “look without looking”? I refuse to feel guilty or perverted because some of you gals have subconscious insecurity. I don’t play games. You know I’m looking, I know you know I’m looking, hell everybody near or either looking themselves or know people are looking.

    I really can’t wrap my brain around why some people go out of their way to get something ,only to pretend like they don’t want it or they want it in really small doses. Get over yourself.

  • YErdanos

    Again there is a differnce between looking and LOOKING.. and thats what Im talking about.. so I gotta be ok with bad behaviour? Hell Nah…

  • Distinguished Gentlewoman

    Yeah, that’s an interesting pic.

  • http://preachthetruthteller.blogspot.com/ Preachthetruthteller

    We look because genetically we are one of the few mammals that mate face to face…most other mammals mate from behind..Men are generically disposed to checkin your ass out…

    Now here’s the thing..u know if u got a feature men like to gawk at…either cover it or let it pass..as long as they not touching u or making lewd comments what does a look hurt?

  • jaclynsd

    Are women surprised to hear that a man can spend more time staring at her body than her face? No, it’s a sec on the face and then straight to chest or as$ depending on the man’s preference.

    How often do you catch a man staring at your butt? Not often I dont pay attention. But unfortunately my daughter does and she is pure comedy in telling me so.

    Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us? If a guy catches my eye I’ll notice other than that I go about my business.

    Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention? Depends on the woman. Some women are all about attention. To me, if your constantly worried about people looking your never your real self. Being looked at and appreciated when done in a subtle way is ok. But when men are sleezy about it and most of all when I have my daughter and you still do it its not only pathetic but SO disrespectful.

    What’s the order of what a woman looks at when checking out a man? I’m usually in my own world, too much to do and little time. For me it’s the voice that’ll make me look and it goes face, chest, arms, and then overall look at built…awe could just get lost on men’s backs too. Beautiful sight to see, men are great.

    What do women tend to focus on the most? Cant speak for most women, everyone is dif. I’d say I get lost on the built of a man and big beautiful brown eyes and gorgeous arms. Oh and chest…I could go on lol

    I’m not the kind of person that checking to see who’s checking for me. I think if your constantly worried if your being looked at or have a need for attention its just a little sad. Its nice to be glanced at but stared and gawked at not so much. My advice to men is this when you do it just glance and do it in a subtle way that makes you look like a gentleman, your human and we all look but most men take it too far. Especialy when I’m w/my daughter. She even asked me in the past is all men are that gross? My response was no you just notice the sleazy ones because they get most of the attention for being so crude. But most men, real grown men you wont really notice and if you do it’ll be subtle and just a glance. Nothing wrong w/looking just remember some of us are mothers and most important if we’re w/our children please please respect that.

  • Chrissy

    Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention?

    I usually feel disrespected because most men do not know how to look in a respectful way or have a look that is flattering. Most of the looks are disgusting to me. I like it when I find a man that knows how to look without it being uneasy. But Ive never been the type to like a lot of attention, so I try not to bring attention to myself.

    • http://internal-hemorrhoids.blogspot.com/ Gwendon / Internal Hemorrhoids

      I am almost sure you do feel disrespected when a man check you out, but I am 100% sure it doesn’t have that much with the way they look at you, than with how they look like, if they are handsome you don’t mind even if they stare at you!

  • jaclynsd

    “I really can’t wrap my brain around why some people go out of their way to get something ,only to pretend like they don’t want it or they want it in really small doses. Get over yourself.”

    Yeah I’ll agree w/you there that some women are doing the most when they go out dressed like a stripper and expect to be treated like a lady. We know most men weren’t raised right, its not about showing respect for the woman but about men respecting themselves enough to remember they’re not little boys anymore. If all your doing is looking. Then yeah I feel we do have to get over it but gawking and making comments…not so much. If I’m dressed appropriate and just in the grocery store w/my kid mind you. Then no you should not stare and be disrespectful because come on I’m at the grocery store and I’m not looking for attention only groceries, PLEASE believe me!

    I think that’s the point most women are making.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Well good, sir. We often THINK we got away with the peep but even when you think your slick women always seem to know or catch ya off guard like they have a booty security system installed in there or something. LOL.

    Worse is when you hold the door to let her pass and you look down and that’s right when she turns around to say thank you. AFTER she already said thank you. SMH

  • da ThRONe

    Clearly I think there is something wrong with a guy looking at a chick while touching himself or something similiar to that. We’re talking about looking “too” hard or not trying to hide the fact that your looking.

  • da ThRONe

    Yeah I don’t try to sneak. I’m a damn adult if you see you see. But I’m sure every women can’t notice every guy checking them out. Law of Average.

  • TheThrill

    Nice (Fab voice) @ Sorry, ladies, I don’t mean to stare it’s just in my genes to look at what’s in yours.

    Q = Fellas, do you agree that a lot of a woman’s sexiness comes from the hips?
    A = Yessir! A female’s walk is an aphrodisiac, and the thrust or sway of her hips is the main component. But, I love thick women so my eyes gravitate towards the hips/waist b/c of what I envision when/if we’re intimate (i.e. handlebars)

    Q = Can you tell if a woman has a fatty just by looking at her hips?
    A = I’d like to think I can tell but some (a lot of Spanish women, no offense) hit you w the okey doke and have monster hips but an ass that doesn’t match. #kanyeshrug

    Q = What do you see when you look at a woman?
    A = My scan is similar to yours so I was ctfu while I read the post, but I’m a breast man for the most part yet I dart from the face to the hips/thigh area then back to the bust but settle in and analyze everything, if time permits.

  • Rastaman

    Throne, I am with you on where you going with this. I think you have clearly stated that checking her out is within bounds and leering, commenting or touching is out of bounds.
    You look good and you have all your assets on display, I will damn sure be taking a look and why do I need to be subtle those too tight jeans you wearing are not subtle.

  • ToniSyncPR

    @NakedWithSocks SMH at almost every word of that post. Might prove that men are really dogs. U should try 2 c if u can avoid looking 4 a day

  • YErdanos

    I keep hearing Im a man and thats what men do.. but with some men there is a lack of respect. My dad( funny man) got caught looking at a lady by my mom and his response was god gave me the gift of sight so Im using it..lol. I got his point but some take it too far and some say I cant help it because of what you are wearing .. smh

  • ALIG83

    Yea, I am quite aware that we are all judged, and I didn’t admit to judging men because I never denied doing so.

    What I was saying is that, as a woman I will be judged solely on my appearance before anything else as opposed to men who don’t deal with being judged by their physical appearance as much.

  • thethrill

    To acknowledge, admire and appreciate a female’s body is woven into our DNA like a female’s need to buy shoes.

  • Brina

    I agree. I dont mind guys looking, but I’ve never been a fan of the “boys will be boys” or “guys will be guys” phrases because whenever I hear them they are being used as excuses to be rude, disrespectful, and deceitful. I dont give a crap what your gender is. It doesn’t give you the right to be rude.

  • Caribeza

    Thank God! A bust man — All of the odes to the ass were killing me :)

    International House of Pancakes :(

  • ALIG83

    It’s in my DNA to buy shoes?

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO


  • helloimdonna

    Anslem, i sent you a ? over on Formspring ~ (?) just in case you didn’t get it:
    How you meet someone is how they’ll leave you… WHAT does that mean?

  • Lyndon

    Well, why do you all get so annoyed when we DON’T look?

  • Brina

    I’m not into shoes. I tend to wear the same 2 or 3 pairs all the time.

  • http://www.gangstarrgirl.com GangstarrGirl

    Um, thanks for telling us something we already knew. Women know that men stare at our asses. Men are so obvious but oblivious to how obvious and creepy they can be when they have their zone out moments, smh.

    It’s really funny when y’all do what I like to call “seeing the future.” A woman is approaching from one way and you see what might be a phat ass so you turn the other way ahead of time so you won’t look so obvious but really, we know what you’re up too.

    And for the record, men are funny when they claim to be an “ass” man or “breast” man. Truth be told, men like vaginas.

  • http://www.magz725.blogspot.com Maggie

    First I will say ladies do this to each other as well lol and then (sometimes) we talk about it to each other lol. To answer your questions;

    Are women surprised to hear that a man can spend more time staring at her body than her face?
    Not surprised at all.
    How often do you catch a man staring at your butt? Depends what I’m wearing that day …I’m not usually on the look out lol.
    Are guys ever successful at sneaking a peak or do women always catch us?
    I want to say no because unless he is jaw on the floor drool all over I don’t notice guys staring
    Do women feel disrespected when a man checks her out or do y’all secretly like the attention?
    I think I secretly like it because that means I’m doing something right.
    What’s the order of what a woman looks at when checking out a man?
    1.face 2. smile 3. build 4. posture 5. persona /what is he wearing.
    What do women tend to focus on the most?
    I tend to focus more on will I laugh within 5 minutes of talking to you?

    *this is a very cute light post :) love it.

  • Chrissy

    Well it’s not that women dont want attention, they just dont want the wrong kind of attention.

    Plus some women get mad because they want you to notice their attractiveness but in a way they like. Which is usually not what most men do.

    Or the woman is a tease

  • AGK

    Hahaha, that’s me :)
    I’m sitting in the chair looking down. One person, the picture is just taken from somewhere high above… Lol
    And uuummm, not that it makes a major difference, but it’s a bathing suit. Hahaha

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Okay now. Should do a best avatar contest. Lol.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I hit you back by the way on Formspring

  • http://whatsonmymind09.blogspot.com Marcia H.

    I’m not at all surprised that men stare or “glance” at women’s bodies. Men are visual creatures it is literally in their nature. I haven’t caught a man staring at my butt b/c they don’t notice it until later b/c my ample chest takes up their line of sight. Some men are extremely good at glancing at women and not getting caught and then there are those who fail miserably. I’ve never felt disrepected by a man looking, it’s when a man tries to cope a free feel when I feel disrespected and therefore have to tell you about yourself! I notice his height, face, his shoulders, his package, his outfit, and if possible his backside. Hey, I’m an ass girl!

  • Monique

    I am not surprised. While down south I dont ride the train that much I catch men staring when Im walking, or you hear a horn blow, even pass a construction site and you hear cat calls…or perhaps the craziest in some parts of town men will say in their best southern slang hey shawty! Anyhow, I like to take a side glance at a nice pair of big arms, or a tight chest. I also like to watch a man with confidence walk…it makes you wonder what hes so confident about.

  • AGK

    LOL, i’m down ;D

  • FirstLustyBlackLaddieBrett

    Songs about runaway booties are one reason rap blows.Anyway,as a
    boyishly handsome black 57-year-old black Canadian lad who ogles chesty
    ladies with the best of ‘em-and who’s had buxom blonde girlfriends,from eight to 108-I’ll be 58 July 6,thus at the mid-point of the century age range-it’s we boys’ birthright to gaze at girls’ spuddy silhouettes!!!

  • FirstLustyBlackLaddieBrett

    And,ladies,you LOVE it when a good-looking guy such as Yours Truly eyes you,or you wouldn’t be literally bopping about in snug or transparent tops AND OFTEN BRA-LESS!!!

  • SC

    This article is a perpetuation of the exploitation of the female form……We all know men will be men, another insult only to the intellectual biological make up of a man…women today are so damn needy…they need to be bought they need to be looked at they need to be validated constantly by a man’s attention to their detail…….growing up and yes by social standards, an attractive lady I don’t ever recall ever wanting a man to notice my T&A before he noticed me…maybe that was due to having a good father….

    Today’s woman is made up of nothing more than social standards….and men, I won’t even say men Pigs are pigs..there are real men who can appreciate the female form in it’s beauty big small petite with big butts flat butts whatever and move on …but these men who drool and act as though they never had a** or maybe just have had too much a** too much porn in your diet have these unrealistic expectation about what a real women should look like….this is a real women 36 D 30 W 40 Hps/ 34 B 28 W 36 Hps…we come in all shapes and sizes…it is shallow views that keep stereotyping men…..yes they all look, we all look but some and I say some are stimulated by more than a passing ass…and for those women who bag on other women your just pitiful …..and self absorbed….there is nothing more LESS productive than a world full of women who hate women..and it’s only getting worse….the women of Yesterday that Maya Angelou spoke about is gone….there are very few Phenomenal Women

  • John C

    So in other words, you have to be hot for people to stare at you? Isn’t that a bit shallow? Please lol. If you publicly expose yourself, everyone has a right to stare. Cover up if you don’t want attention.

    • Ella

      I don’t agree with that.
      A woman has a right to dress as she wants without being disrespected.
      Do not blame women for the lack of restraint in some men.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mwclyburn Monique W. Clyburn

    I am not surprised at all that men spend more time staring at women’s bodies than faces; it seems to be in their benetic make up lol.  I always catch men staring at my ASSets; ive been told i have one of the big ones that you can see from the front.  I am 29 and it seems my hindparts have always been a spectical; so by now I am so used to men eyeing it that it doesnt bother me at all. I take it as a compliment.

  • Praycir

    Actually, there was a study on this that was REALLY surprising. When a man looks at a woman the first thing he looks at is her face, then her hips then her bust.  He spends the MOST time looking at the hips, closely followed by the face and only then the bust.  No real surprise there, right?  But when a woman looks at a woman, SHE GLANCES at the face, then looks at the bust, then the hips.  A WOMAN spend the MOST time looking at another woman’s bust, distantly followed by her face and thridly her hips.  The study showed that contrary to popular belief MEN in general are more interested in faces then women, and MUCH less interested in boobs then women.  In fact your unscientific survey bears this out.  You looked first at the face, then the hips, then the boobs.  I’m willing to bet you spend the most time considering the women’s asses, followed by the time you spent looking at their faces with the least time on the bust.  A typical woman in a similar situation would look at boobs, face, ass, with the greatest amount of time contemplatig the boobs.

    • Anonymous

      interesting! thanks for sharing 

  • Jane

    I am a Filipina and not like other race fortunately have….. big butts…front soul lol just sayin.

    SOME of us when someone is staring us we feel disrespected and unconscious of our actions.
    however; most of us we definitely stare to guys if they have a cute SMILE ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jackie-Debs/1330149028 Jackie Debs

      haha why would you include a picture in this post? You look like you just fell out of a strip club in the jungle.

  • Arianalove

    I feel so disrespected and cheap wen a guy looks at my butt coz it makes me think that he just wants me 4 my butt,not me for me and that hurts but i guess men will always be men.
    I like a man with a strong personality and a big heart and loves me the way i am no matter what though i kinda do care about his appearance mostly his neck,fingers and teeth but as long as he loves me, i dont think ill care.BTW I KNOW AM OLD VERSION BUT THATS WAT I WANT FOR MYSELF.

  • Vanilla

    There is a man who works at the same place as me, I’ve only talked 2-3 times to him but I have started to like him, he is friendly, intelligent, handsome… When we cross in the corridor or he holds the door for me, he gives me very intense looks in the eyes as if saying that he is interested but I notice as well that at least half of the time looking at me he stares at other parts than my face! He does not start to talk to me either (except for a hello), I have to do it, so I do feel more like an object than a person to him, which makes me disappointed and confused! He is a bit shy, that might be the reason, but please dear guys, if you obviously flirt with a woman and arouse her interest, don’t do it just because of her looks without thinking of her personality and hurt feelings after she notices you don’t have a genuine interest.

  • Cris

    Yes. We always know and it gets really uncomfortable.

  • HandsomeRandyBlackLadBrad1953

    Brina,we boys wil ALWAYS be boys about ogling busty girls,and I’ll bet if I eyed your assets-if you’re spuddy,that is-you’d likely return the compliment because….(read my name below!!!!)

  • HandsomeRandyBlackLadBrad1953

    Actually,Brina,my name is ABOVE,but you get my point!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=597131654 Grieg Pedersen

    Wrong on every single count, at least in my case. My vision starts with the eyes, then draws back far enough to watch everything at once. I am interested in form, balance, grace, and most importantly, attitude. Three seconds of eye contact and a little time watching how the whole affair moves will tell me everything I need to know about that.

    It is incumbent upon people – male, female, neither, and both – to appreciate beauty, especially in the human form. To do less is to do disservice to your kind, but to restrict that appreciation to one body part is, for me anyway, an equal if not greater disservice.

  • hpl

    I dated a guy who loved staring at women’s asses. He didn’t “see the future” for childbearing; he’s imagining his penis inside their asses. I learned that long time after. He’s so charming and normal that I didn’t notice he had this creepy thought.

  • S.C.

    Disgusting. Most men in the world think their “genes” are a good enough reason to sexually harass a woman.
    It’s creepy creepy creepy.

  • Alisha

    I don’t feel offended usually when I get stared at. it only bothers me when guys start gawking, ie. bunch of guys with their jaws on the floor, whistling, etc. Not all guys are particularly subtle either. With some guys I have to question whether they’re looking at me, others it’s so obvious I can tell from across the room. So I guess it all depends.

  • modelandcheerleader

    I loveee when boys look at my lady parts. If it is a little kid look’in on me, I will bend down to let him see my boobies, but older men can handle a little lift of the skirt if you know what I mean. Once at a baseball game I was in line for a hotdog and I noticed a man staring at my ass, so I took him to the restroom and we got REALLL dirty. I don’t wanna give yall too much details though… You can just imagine it.

  • Jess

    Ew. That’s freaky, just.. stop.

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  • MC Burgess


  • MC Burgess