5 Things Men Say & What They Really Mean

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[dc]I[/dc] may be violating man law with this one, but today I’m going to break down a few common things that guys say and what they mean. I was actually thinking about doing something like this for a minute but I was inspired to finally write it up after two separate people forwarded me the following list:

5 Deadly Terms Used By A Woman

(1) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when they know they are right & you need to shut up.

(2) NOTHING: Means something and you need to be worried.

(3) GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission, so whatever it is do not do it.

(4) WHATEVER: This is a woman’s way of saying, forget you.

(5) THAT’S OKAY: She is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake.

These are all pretty spot on and I actually blogged about the dreaded “nothing” always meaning something (a man did wrong). But here’s my take, from the male perspective, on 5 Things Men Say & What They Really Mean.

(1) “I’ll Call You Later”
The problem with this statement is interpretation, or better yet misinterpretation. While men will define the word “later” as any time after now, women tend to have a specific window of time that defines “later” as meaning as soon as I reach my destination. It’s like somewhere between the words leaving a man’s mouth (or fingers via text) and reaching a woman’s ears, she adds an additional word like “tonight” after “later.” When I say, “I’ll call you later,” it doesn’t guarantee that later will take place within the next 24 hours just what it means, I’ll call you later—whenever that may be.
Translation: He’ll call when he has the time or remembers.

(2) “I’ve Been Busy”
Now this is often the first thing a man says when he hasn’t called a woman “later.” It’s actually a very valid reason when there’s major life catastrophes going on (death in the family, moving, new job, moonlighting as a superhero, etc.) but more times than not “busy” just means occupied with something (or someone) else. We’ve all heard the saying that a man makes time for the things he’s interested, right? Well, unless he’s Bruce Wayne that’s generally true.
Translation: He’s probably not that into you.

(3) “Wow, That’s Interesting”
Chances are whatever you’re talking about is actually pretty darn interesting, unfortunately only to you. However, since it’s apparently important to you he’ll play along and fake interest just for the possibility of scoring with you.
Translation: Sorry, I wasn’t listening and I couldn’t care less.

(4) “I’m Not Looking For a Relationship”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; men usually tell women where their head is at from jump but most women just tend to ignore what we say. If a man tells you on the first date that he’s not in a space where he’s looking for a relationship but you are and still pursue this man for a commitment down the line; who’s at fault when things don’t work out? Exactly, you. What some women try to do is trick themselves into believing he’ll change his mind, but most men generally stick to their guns and if you stick around after he declares his desire to stay single he’s not wrong in assuming you’re with it. When I broke up with my last girlfriend after college I told myself I needed to be single and made that clear to any woman I met. While I may have been upset at the few that walked away after a few months because they wanted more, at the end of the day I respected their decision to do so because it made sense.
Translation: He’s telling you the truth.

(5) “What Are You Talking About?”
This is my general response when I’m being accused of something that’s probably true but I won’t admit to for whatever reason. For instance, a date asks, “Why were you looking at another woman’s butt?” My response, “What are you talking about?” It’s usually a knee-jerk response that I subconsciously use to kill time so I can come up with a valid excuse. It also works well at transferring the focus from me to her by making her think she’s crazy and/or paranoid. By time she’s finished defending herself, she’s either forgotten my discretion or I’ve had time to come up with an reasonably valid excuse.
Translation: He’s lying.

How true was the five phrases women say and what they mean? If someone says they’ll call you later do you assume that means the same day? Do you buy it when someone says they’ve been busy? Do you agree that people make time for the things they’re really interested in? Have you ever faked interest in something someone was talking about just because you liked him/her? Would you rather someone tell you they’re not interested or is that rude? Do you take someone at their word when they say they’re not looking for a relationship? Have you ever tried to sway someone on that decision? How’d that work out for you? What’s your thoughts on the list of things men say and what they really mean?

Speak your piece…

  • shante

    Based on my experience with guys these meanings run true especially the I’m not ready for the relationship one. It works in movies changing a man mind so he can magically be ready 4 a relationship but not so much in real life. Just take it as hey that’s ok maybe if we like each other enough we can be friends.

    • kylie

      Yes that’s rite finaily someone agrees with me

  • Distinguished Gentlewoman

    Do you buy it when someone says they’ve been busy?
    It depends on the person. But for the most part you’re right, it means he’s/she’s not interested.

    Do you agree that people make time for the things they’re really interested in?
    100%. If someone wants to spend time with a person, he will make time to do so. If he makes excuses after excuses as to why he cannot, he’s just not that into you.

    Have you ever faked interest in something someone was talking about just because you liked him/her?
    Yep. And silly me, I’d probably do it again. But I don’t see it as not being interested, I see it as giving myself a chance to learn about something I know nothing about or had no interest in. If after some time I still have no interest and that’s all that he talks about, gotta fess up and tell the truth.

    Would you rather someone tell you they’re not interested or is that rude?
    It’s not rude. It’s better to be up front from jump. We never want to hurt someone’s feelings, but I would rather he told me he wasn’t interested than beating around the bush with b/s excuses like he’s busy.

  • Belve10

    This would be a Man Law violation but the fact is any woman has a male friend that will decipher these for them anytime.
    Women like to listen to their hearts but forget that your heartbeat is always going to be louder to you than what he is saying in your ears.

  • T

    Definite man law violation, but I will say that #5 is ambiguous at best… What are you talking about…? Can be an honest to goodness defensive reaction to the “craziness” that is she. Similar to the statement “really”. Like when you are accused (sight unseen) of anything when you are innocent.

  • MetLifeSnoopy

    What’s with women always being labeled as ‘crazy’, but not men.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jake.sander.5 Jake Sander

      Reality duh!

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Who labeled anyone crazy? I missed that part

  • Preachthetruthteller

    What are you talking about?

  • Deka

    “What are you talking about?” puahahaha good one.

  • http://www.twitter.com/eroticatales Miss-E

    I love it when guys break guy code. And I must be exercising my inner man because I have been guilty of #1 many times. When I say I’ll call you later, I usually mean between now and 3 months *shrugs*

  • Elle

    Hilarious. Typical woman response, “You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

    Translation: Don’t (you) play crazy. You know good and well I have been wanting to argue this unrelated point for months. Lol.

  • JC

    Both men and women are guilty of all on both list. I’ve copped a few “fine’s” in my time. But now I am more aware and I’ll say what is exactly on my mind. Including a very blunt “F- you”

    I’ve learn long ago that with men, depending on what is said I need to take some to heart and some with a grain of salt.
    “I’ll call you later.” “We should hangout.”—grain of salt.
    “I’m not interested in a relationship.”—to heart.

    No matter “I’m busy” will always say “I’m not interested” because you do make time for the things/people you are interested in.
    Again both men and women are guilty of the “fall back person”…They know they aren’t interest in anything yet they will keep them dangling. Some for the attention it will bring…others because you never know.

    I will show interest in a topic I know nothing about a) to learn and b) to be respectful. But I don’t pretend to like something I don’t just so a guy will like me.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    I think this is the first time in the history of the internet that I’ve completely agreed with a list of reasons men do something, well atleast black men.

    The only thing I could possibly find error with is “not looking for a relationship.” Relationship simply means how you relate to someone, meaning, we’re all looking for a relationship, the issue comes in what type of relationship you’re looking for. A friendship? sexual relationship? committed monogamous relationship? etc…

    When a woman tells me “I’ve been busy”…I delete her #.

  • http://www.nwso.net Gemini

    “What are you talking about?” That’s my fight starter right there. I been speaking English all this time and you’re asking me what am I talking about? Ok! I wait for the smoke to clear push up on the Ding- Ding, (angry sex is the best)get the Ding-Ding then put his ass out cause I have to meet my mother (my story). I’ll call you when I think you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. I couldn’t care less about what men say and think because they are always coming up with the recycled BS never nothing new.

  • richsgurl

    Thanks for sharing. I definitely identify with the “I’ve been busy” line. It surely means just what you stated, the guy’s definitely not into you.

  • http://whatsonmymind09.blogspot.com Marcia H.

    Man was that 5 things women say on point and oh so the truth! And the one for the men I’ve used some of those also and meant the same thing! I sometimes feel like I act like a man at times (and this is way before Steve Harvey wrote his 1st book). I ESPECIALLY agree with #4! I’ve said it other women I know and I know for personal experience! That was dead on!

  • MetLifeSnoopy

    “Can be an honest to goodness defensive reaction to the “craziness” that is she.”

  • liza

    The “I m not interested in a relationship” is true – for men and women.I know too many women who then think that as soon as he gets to know her better (whatever that is for her) he ll want a relationship with her.Wrong.Made the same experience when I as a woman said “I m not interested in a relationship” – men can also trick theirself into thinking as soon as she ll gets to know me …

    And a relationship means n that context anything that has to do with responsibility,sharing very personal stuff,public affection,commitment.

    And women like the “Go Ahead” – phrase.It s like “No,honey,I don t mind” which means if you do it I will make you suffer.

    I m also a “what are you talking about?” – user.If I can t be sure the person means what I think she/he means I act like I don t have any clue.

  • http://twitter.com/Jazzzyone Jara

    How true was the five phrases women say and what they mean?


    If someone says they’ll call you later do you assume that means the same day?

    No. I understand the purpose of vague-talk is to leave things undefined in order to give you room to maneuver “later” – for whatever reason…to be determined “later”.

    Do you buy it when someone says they’ve been busy?

    It’s time for follow-up questions.

    Do you agree that people make time for the things they’re really interested in?

    Yep! “Actions express priorities.” – Ghandi

    Have you ever faked interest in something someone was talking about just because you liked him/her?

    No. If I’m bored then I’m not longer interested in the person. Time to cut the convo or association short if they won’t move off topic.

    Would you rather someone tell you they’re not interested or is that rude?

    Tell me! Gently. For example: “We’re not compatible.”, “There’s no spark.” Etc. People need to learn how to be delicately honest. The earlier the better – before feelings, time and energy are invested.

    Do you take someone at their word when they say they’re not looking for a relationship?

    I always take people at their word – until their actions prove otherwise. Then it’s time for some follow-up questions and closer inspections.

    Have you ever tried to sway someone on that decision?

    Hell no. I am that someone. And the point of a(ny kind of) relationship is meeting both people’s needs. If the needs don’t match, then there shouldn’t be a relationship.

    How’d that work out for you?

    I’ve been the person who tells people I’m casually dating and then get pressured into long-term commitment. It works out horribly. Like you wrote, people trick themselves into thinking you said/meant what they wanted to hear. Reality fail.

    What’s your thoughts on the list of things men say and what they really mean?

    I loved it. Most of them I already suspected/knew, but the “What are you talking about?” was great confirmation of how people (not just men) use the “you’re insane” defense when they know that they are BUSTED.

  • jaclynsd

    I liked this piece; it was pretty right on for woman. How funny that I tested myself before reading what guys really meant and I was right on too lol

    If someone says they’ll call you later do you assume that means the same day? No, but I know a girlfriend who hated when her man told her this. I’ll call you later (even when said by me) usually mean I got to go or I’ll call you back when I have time.

    Do you buy it when someone says they’ve been busy? Nah, no one does. I’m a true believer that you def make time for what’s important. If someone cant take 5min to text/call you in their “busy” schedule then you should know you’re not that important. Everyone has 2-5min.

    Have you ever faked interest in something someone was talking about just because you liked him/her? Um if I faked interest it was probably because I wasn’t trying to be rude. But because I liked the person not so much.

    Would you rather someone tell you they’re not interested or is that rude? Yes, but most people cant do that, that’s why you have to listen to actions. You can generally tell when someone is not interested.

    Do you take someone at their word when they say they’re not looking for a relationship? Oh yeah!!!!! But for some woman that’s a challenge and think they’ll win a price or their “the one” if they change your mind. They face their value/ worth on changing your mind. Sad.

    Have you ever tried to sway someone on that decision? We’ve all been there once in our lives. Wanted more than the other person.

    How’d that work out for you? I cant really remember but I think I got what I wanted and realized I really didn’t want it after all.

    What’s your thoughts on the list of things men say and what they really mean? Rings true.

  • YeYo

    NWSO.. awesome post… right on point

  • Private Dancer

    I have a ‘problem’ with #4. Because sure they may say they don’t want a relationship but then WHEN THEY THEN GO AHEAD AND HAVE ONE- meaning they spend a majority of their time with you- for months into years- then that right there is the reason why women stay and don’t believe the man doesn’t want a relationship- because they’re having one. For real. Whatever happened to ‘actions speak louder than words’?!


      totally agree, because my guy friend hs said the same thing, but yet and still his actions are proving waay different, say what you mean, mean what you say, but I will not be that dangle person to hang around and see if you will make up your mind!

      • Pimp Master G

        They want to have sex; they don’t want to marry you. You are not at their marrying/relationship worthy to them. Deal with it.

        • red 1

          Wht is it whn u both have intrest and he acts overly intrestd short of ksng ur feet.Evry rip but dnt comunicte or dnt knw hw 2 sht on ideas but questn my leave he wants me arnd but now mad becz I said no. Is it intrst or not. I can get a phne call when I leave it whre its at. Wsup with tht need a mans n-put.

    • Pimp Master G

      That is why you are a private dancer. Just that. Nothing more.

  • JC

    I agree with that one. Many men have said they don’t want a relationship but their actions are showing a different side of their words.

  • Rastaman

    Those “… five phrases women say and what they mean?” is what men mean when we say “she crazy”. It is basically someone saying to another “guess what is going to happen next.” Even when I suspect what they truly mean, I refuse to play along; it sets a bad precedent in my book. I am notorious for making women clearly state what is on their minds as I don’t read minds or speak in code. I got no times for games.
    Since I have legitimately been too busy to follow up with folks, I can only go with what you tell me. I think getting upset is a sign that they have already over invested in feelings long before there was any reason to. Those things happen and you may be legitimately feeling the other person but life is not like the movies. Relationships do not unfold because “you really like them”.
    I don’t know about faking interest, I take the approach that if I like you then I am interested in what is on your mind. It is not always as interesting for me as it is for her but I accept that is part of the sacrifice to being in another’s life. You take the good with the bad.
    I have had people tell me they were not interested and it stung to be rejected. It is always better to know that earlier rather than later. It is rude to string someone along if you have no interest and I have been guilty of that in the past too. It was flattering to know that someone desires you and you did not have to reciprocate. I have tried to re-connect but never tried to convince someone to have a relationship when they expressed no interest. I am too damn proud to beg.
    I have probably uttered every one of those phrases and I doubt the meanings stated are exact. I have been legitimately busy and legitimately not busy. You need to have enough info to make that call. I tell everyone I will call them later and generally I do even if it is to say I am not interested. I tell women I date that if there is something they really want me to know try to tell me in a place where they have my undivided attention. Otherwise I may not hear or even be listening. There is no doubt in my mind that some of my relationship failures are directly tied to my not playing the games. I am going to force people to confront, discuss and explain. No shortcuts, code or mind reading. If you cannot verbalize it properly do not expect me to interpret.

  • Lonias

    I always laugh a little when women go at NWSO about the perceived theme that women have it all wrong/need to adjust/wise up to “get a man” (or maybe just understand them). I usually wave it off…NWSO is just trying to give us insight.

    I still think that’s true, but something occurred to me today when I read #1. If men know that women expect that call/text within (roughly) 24 hours of the “I’ll call you later…” and women know that men use this phrase for some arbitrary time in the future, whose responsibility is it to make the adjustment? Surprise, surprise! This one falls on the guys because YOU made the statement! You don’t have to say ANYTHING, but you chose to say “I’ll call you later…” soooo…just do it! I consider myself a very reasonable person, and as such, don’t need to hear “I’ll call you later…” unless you mean it. I’d just as soon not hear the phrase at all, and then he can call “when he has the time or remembers.”

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I liken “I’ll call you later” to the same as when someone says “How are you doing?” Does that person who said that truly care how you are doing in life or are they merely just saying a common phrase as a greeting? I think there are some phrases that are just that phrases and not by the letter statements/questions. If the man means later as in down the line why should he change the sentence? Now if he’s straight lying that’s something totally different.

  • CK

    Excellent point, Lonias! I would rather someone just not say it at all! That’s also how I feel about #5 – what are you talking about? Perhaps that’s because I always state very clearly exactly what I’m talking about – “Why were you looking at another woman’s butt?” – is pretty straightforward. Please don’t insult my intelligence by asking me what I’m talking about like you and I both don’t know what’s just happened. If I were unsure as to whether or not my man was checking her out, I would ask him – “Are you looking at that woman’s butt?” Lol!

  • jaclynsd

    Because he wants the same advantages (sex, companionship)of a relationships but NOT the commitment.

  • MonaLisa

    100% cosign all five of the phrases that women say because I am guilty of all of them. I’m especially guilty of saying “nothing” is wrong when there is obviously something wrong. My reasoning for this is that you (dude) should know something is wrong and if you care enough you will try to find out what that something is.
    I have heard most of the phrases that men use except the “that’s interesting” and “I’m not looking for a relationship”. I wish I could actually find a guy that was honest about not want to be in a committed relationship instead of trying to trick me just to get in my pants. I must say that guys sound very guilty when they ask you what your talking about because CLEARLY you just heard every word I said and you sound guilty as sh*t. But I can’t lie, I’m guilty of this too but mine is more like, “what?!” and I proceed to look at dude like he’s half past crazy.

  • Lonias

    Reasonable explanation. I am sure you’re right. Just a turn of a phrase…
    But isn’t it just as reasonable that a woman who hears “later” thinks he means “in the next 24 hours”?

    The main point I am trying to make is that someone has to make a concession…it’s true for any of these and any number of other “rules of thumb” for the sexes. Let’s assume both concessions are extremely difficult (just for argument’s sake). The man wants the woman to “understand” what he means by “later” and the woman wants the man to “understand” that there is a time stamp on “later”. Which of them should take one for the team?

  • peajez

    This was a simple yet a very accurate list. Well done.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Ok, see it, I searched for “crazy” not “craziness” so missed it. If the fictitious she is acting “crazy” she can only be what she appears to be. If it don’t apply let it fly

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    At end of the day he only has his word to fall back on. He said he wasn’t looking for a relationship yet she let him have one with no strings attach, resulting in him having the proverbial cake that he ate too (I never got why you can’t eat your own damn cake LOL)

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    The one that opens their mouth and either says I’ll call you at a specific time or as soon as they get home. Any other time later means later.

    So if I say see you later does that mean see you tonight when I’m just now leaving your company? I’d assume see you later would translate to sometime in the near or distant future.

  • http://www.AConleyCreation.com AConleyCreation

    Nah, I don’t think you’ve broken any man code. All of the things on this list should be common knowledge to us women who pay attention and observe the other gender. Of course, that takes some unbiased thinking, and when you find yourself digging him more than he does you, it’s hard to see clearly in the situation of #2 or 4.

    With #4 though, while I completely agree us women have responsibility in getting involved with a man who doesn’t want to commit when we do… blame should also go to the man taking advantage of that. Or “shoplifting the pooty” as quoted from one of my favorite movies. BOTH parties are to blame.

    And with #5, that’s should be public knowledge for anyone, regardless of sex. “Answering” a question with a question is dishonesty red flag #1.

  • http://www.AConleyCreation.com AConleyCreation

    As a woman, I have also found myself saying some of the “deadly terms” when my words truly matched my feelings. I think you have to consider the tone of voice and shortness (if applicable) instead.

  • justme

    You hit the nail on the head when describing us women.

    But THANK YOU for your enlightenment with the phrase “I will call you later!” I give my man a hard time because to me “I will call you later” means in about an hour or two. But to him, it means anytime later, 10 minutes, 3 hours or tomorrow. You just saved a brother from hearing this sister nag. Your blog does help relationships mature!

  • Mommy T-Rex

    Loved this!! Being newly single its hard to navagate sometimes but like I have been saying for yrs, being honest is probably the best thing to do. If your not feeling it say it right off the bat as opposed to dragging something out, and matching actions up to words. If you say your going to do something do it. And by the way no one, is that busy, so that statement is a smokescreen.

  • Just sayin

    haha…Men and women…wow we def communicate differently. Guess that explains so much “Miscommunication” between us folk!

  • TigerLily

    I think what she’s saying is … mean what you say and say what you mean. If you’re not going to call me later, there’s no need to say that you will when you know you definitely won’t. We can’t always liken one phrase to the other because they often fall under different circumstances.

  • ChloeRayne516

    “When a woman tells me “I’ve been busy”…I delete her #. ”

    o__o Why is that? she may have generally just been that….. Busy (wok/school/life, etc.)

    • BLX

      Same goes for woman that goes for men……if a woman is interested, she will make time in her schedule.

  • http://theworldoftiffany.wordpress.com Tiffany

    MMMM… what about…”When I look into your eyes I see trouble.” Lame right?? Heard it many times and now I am concerned that maybe, just maybe, my eyes give off a different vibe. Anyhoo, moonlihting as a Super hero was downright hilarious!!!

  • http://christinawrotethat.com Christina White

    thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk you. seriously. bookmarked.

  • Mia

    What does this translate to when a man tells a woman “We will have lunch soon, been busy”.?

    • sunshine

      he don’t want you

      • sunshine

        what is it when a man say that we see different side of the room
        but wants to flirt want to know where you been and wants you to
        open up and talk to him but shows signs that he like you

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Translation: I’m actually interested in you to see what’s up in some way or other unfortunately I’m slightly more interested in someone or something else at the moment. When time permits and/or that other thing doesn’t pan out (or she’s acting funny) I’ll squeeze you into my schedule. Thanks in advance for your patience. I hope these random text can keep you on the line. LOL



  • amya

    what does it mean if your man has a co-worker female* extra fiendly asian girl..who makes me uncompfortable with her tex’s to my man wicth is her boss every morning text him shes on her way…? really why would neone need to do that, so i told him to tell her she doesnt need to alert him evry morning with a tex. i check his phone n she has stopped texting and he told me he told her to stop…but dumb dumb diddy forgot that he has a call log tht shows incoming and outgoing calls and yep busted i see her number on there everyday since hes suposivly stopped the bs, neways..havent confronted that yet..gna wait a little bit n snoop somemore..however we have discused her freindly behavior..and he comented..if i was gonna cheat on you it wouldnt be with her!! wtf does that really mean ???!! and about the whole situation…im uneasy…advice wud b apriciated

    • BLX

      Truth is he probably enjoys the attention and it makes him feel important that someone feels the need to check in with him.  By snooping around and getting neurotic about this girl, you’re only going to make things uncomfortable between the two of you.  The best way to ruin any relationship is to become petty, possessive and jealous.  These are traits that ALL men find pretty unappealing…..hence the phrase, “psycho chick.”  Sorry to be so blunt, but if all he’s doing is talking to her during the week and seeing her at work; then I’d say let it go.  You’ll gain a lot more points in his book by being laid back and trusting.  If he is wanting to hang out with her on the weekends or alone after work, then that’s a whole different story. 

  • pissface

    I have to say…as a man… people SUCK.  Say what you mean. I do. “I’m busy” means i’ve been busy.   If I’m not interested I say “I’m not interested, sorry”…I’m an adult..the women I would persue or that would persue me would be adults. ACT LIKE IT. leave these childish games at  home.  JUST TRY BEING HONEST. it really makes things sooooo much more simple.

    • Mistressofthesea11

       Amen to that! :)

      • libralady

        And I second that!

    • RissyPo

      Amen to that!! Be HONEST! that goes for both parties!!!

  • Alice



    • Anonymous

      It means he’s a fool. Lol. Every man knows the answer should be “there’s no woman more beautiful than you.” But truthfully why does it matter what someone you don’t even know looks like? Has your husband given you just cause to assume he’s cheating? If not what does it matter if she’s younger than you? I won’t address the “prettier” portion because beauty is relative. End of the day you need to believe in your own beauty and look to compare yourself to anyone else.

    • BLX

      It means she probably is prettier and younger…..If she wasn’t, he would probably respond rather quickly with a simple “No.”  To be honest, this is your fault for putting him on the spot.

  • Sorinaaafff


  • Robert

    Here is something women SHOULD know but usually don’t – most (not all) men will say whatever they think you want to hear in order to have the honor of peeling your panties off.
    Whatever it takes.  Fore warned is fore armed (or however that phrase goes . . .)

  • Mistressofthesea11

    I like your article. It’s really good to know that information. But, it’s kind of difficult to know when some guys are saying the truth or not. If men lies in some aspects why should I think that they’re also saying the truth in another. Unless I know him personally and his degree of honesty it’s kind of hard to tell either way. Specially if he is courteous, friendly and polite. Also some guys don’t know how to say the truth. They’re either too strong and come across as rude, hostile or a jerk. Or the way around they present their truth in such a weak manner, that sounds more like an excuse or a lie. Maybe guys are so use to lie that when it’s time to be honest they don’t know how to sale it.

  • Mg

    i love you means ” i horny gals come giv it to me”

  • Martyshajohnson

    What does it means when a man say he go make a woman his when he first have sex with you?

  • gaanh

    I am currently dating a guy whom I been with 3 times and he tells me chat with you later after he left on a second date ..  I called him 2 days after our last date and then he said chat with you later…. and its been 3 days since I have spoken with him….   I agree mean what you say…. stringing someone along isnt appropriate  at all… i d rather be told from the get go .that you arent interested instead of leaving me hanging… and getting upset…. so the question is how long do you wait for him to call you???

    • BLX

      When you say, “been with,” I’m assuming you are meaning “had sex with.”  If he is interested in more than just sex, you can expect him to call you EVERYDAY.  If he’s really interested in you, you can even expect multiple calls a day.  Unless he is truly ultra busy completing a college degree, running some sort of business, or planning a family member’s funeral, etc., chances are he’s not looking for anything too serious.

  • nantik

    This just shows the truth which is that when men lie its to keep from hurting someones feelings while women lie to set a trap so they can later hurt a person as much as possible.

    There were a few things that were wrong though.

    When a woman says FINE it means that she wants to childishly get the last word in after being proven wrong and having no more comebacks.

    WHATEVER can sometime mean the same thing as fine.

    When a man says “What Are You Talking About?”:
    Most of the time it means youve said something so stupid, hypocritical, childish, selfish and ignorant that it would literally take him hours to actually put into words just how truly wrong your statement was.

    Or it could just mean youre batshit crazy.

    Not a bad article aside from that though.

  • M Illerfreda

    The first 5 are all true..i am a woman.

  • foxglow

    But what about when a guy didn’t say from the start, he was not looking for relationship??

    This is what has happened to me been going out with him for 2 years.

    Few months ago (June 2012) my boyfriend and I broke up because he said he needs space and he is not looking for a relationship. He sees me as a good friend. We have been sleeping together since and I was angry at myself with this so I stopped calling. Not heard from him in 3 days.

    I am very upset and I feel he also has symptoms of depression.

  • Brp

    What does it mean when u ask a guy if I have a chance in hell with u or just want to be friends. He tell u well we can see where things go. What does he mean.

  • ZomGirl

    I have to add to the ‘not interested in a relationship’ portion. I am actually a woman, and have told guys I am not interested in a relationship, and I had a guy assume that we were still exclusive in some way. He turned out heartbroken when I let slip there were others. This is another detail that women (and men) should know. If it’s not a relationship, it is also likely not exclusive.

  • Designed

    What do you think when a Man, says over and over I will be good?