Would You Marry Outside Your Race? (Tues. w/Tee Tee)

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Last week BET aired the season finale of The Game. After a two-year hiatus and tons of fan support, the show returned to mixed results but eventually started hitting its stride. As I was watching the show a few weeks ago I noticed that Malik’s longtime friend, Tee Tee, was always dishing out some good advice and a light bulb went off in my head: Wouldn’t it be great if I got Tee Tee to give some advice on NWSO?

With that said, I did some digging and snagged a contact for the man behind the character, Mr. Barry Floyd. More than just an on-screen sidekick, Barry has a lot of big things going on behind the sense. The Philadelphia native is head writer for the online sketch comedy series PurpleStuffTV.com and is working on securing his first feature film role before year’s end.

During the course of a lengthy conversation with Barry, I decided to pick his brain about relationships and other NWSO-related topics. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be presenting Tuesdays with Tee Tee as a way of weaning fans of The Game off the show until it returns next season. For the first installment, we tackle the touchy subject of interracial dating.

[dc]Dear Tee Tee,[/dc]

I’ve been dating my girl for about two years now but I haven’t introduced her to my family yet because she’s White and I’m Black. The reason I’ve taken so long is because my parents are real big on their Caribbean culture and have always had snide comments to say about interracial dating. Well, I really love this woman and proposed to her last week. She said yes, but now I’m worried about how to break the news to my family. What should I do?

[dc]Dear Secret Lover,[/dc]

First of all, you should have been said something to your family because now it’s just going to be worse since you waited two years until the engagement and all that, but I think you just got to come out with it and they just got to accept it. It might take a little bit of time but if that’s the person you want to be with…

See, when it comes to situations like that, first and foremost, your own responsibility is to yourself. There’s a lot of situations where you make decisions and you got to worry about how it’s going to affect other people but I feel like when it comes to choosing a person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life, you can only worry about you. You can’t worry about what your family or your friends or other people are going to say.

Having a co-sign from your family is important because you need that support structure, especially when kids start coming into the picture, but I can only speak from the perception of how my family would look at it, which is they’re my family so they’ll love me no matter what I do because even if they’re not particularly crazy about the person I’m with they’re going to at least tolerate them because of me.

Good luck,

Barry Floyd aka Tee Tee

What are your thoughts on interracial dating? Would you date someone outside your race knowing that your family wouldn’t approve? How important is it for your family to like the person you’re dating? How long do you take before introducing someone to your family? Would you ask someone to marry you or accept a proposal before meeting the person’s family? Would you get married without your family’s blessing? What did you think of Barry’s advice? Do you agree that your biggest responsibility when it comes to relationships is to yourself? What are your thoughts on this Tuesdays with Tee Tee series?

Speak your piece…


  • http://www.AConleyCreation.com AConleyCreation

    His advice is spot-on. I’m in an interracial relationship and chose a long time ago not to limit myself to someone’s race when dating. The issues one faces when dating someone of another race are nothing new to me, nor would I let my family stand in the way of my happiness.

    BUT I would not have dated someone for two years before being introduced to his family. I would have asserted long ago that meeting his family should happen. Family is important to me and if my mate is in it for the long haul, I want them to meet each other. Same thing goes with your mate’s parents. To me, that’s a big red flag if you’re in a serious relationship and haven’t met their parents or close friends.

    I’m wondering if her nt meeting his family is a reflection of any issues he may have with dating interracially…

  • Elle

    Could not have said it any better!

    I love my family and friends and they love me. But because they do they will accept & respect all of my decisions – even if they do not approve. I’m old enough not to need permission or approval. Unconditional support is more like it in a scenario such as this.

    However, this would never be an issue in my family. Maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to relate and see a problem.

    I will def marry outside of my race.

  • TC

    I’m just here to see if the girl Tee Tee lost to Malik in the first episode will spring up. Damn she was fine lol.


    Most definitely.


    1. I wouldn’t look for my family to approve of who I date.

    2. They don’t have to like the person who I am dating.

    3. I don’t purposely introduce people to my family.

    4. Would I accept a proposal before meeting one’s family? Eh, that is tough to say because I would need to experience the situation to have an answer really.

    5. Yes, I would get married without the blessing of my family because I wouldn’t need it in the first place.

    I say all that I have said because my family is one that is dysfunctional. Close, emotional relationships are non existent. If I were dating someone, I wouldn’t even tell my family, which consists of my mother, sister and grandmother. I am a very private person and hate to be questioned about my life.

    And as I said above, I would most definitely marry outside of my race. I am not attracted to men of my race…

  • justme

    No, I would not! But let me explain. I have dated outside of my race and I do believe in interractial dating/marriage. I really don’t care what my family would say if my significant other were white (or other) because I really do not place high regard on people’s or society’s opinion of me. I do believe that love sees no color. However, FOR ME, to come home to a strong black man everyday is something I look forward to.

  • Danielle

    I married outside my race, had a couple of kids. I too come from a Caribbean background and I was a bit hesitant to tell my father. lol The I got pregnant with the first grandchild and had to tell him. If he had anything negative to say about my relationship due to the fact that I was with a white guy, things would not have gone well with my fathers and I relationship and he knows this. I will shut you when you try to interfere too much in my life. So he loves his all three of his grandchildren to death and only talks about my ex’s personality not his race now that we’re divorced. lol

  • Naja

    I would never date outside my race. To each his own though, ultimately he will be the one who has to live with this woman regardless of his parents/ family’s approval.

    Although I don’t date outside my race, I understand you don’t control who you fall in love with. I’m sure if his family is supportive they will eventually come around.

    Lastly, he should have made the introductions long before now. People tend to accept things gradually. Not only will he introduce a new woman, that happens to be white, but he’ll also spring an engagement on his family.. Seems like a lot to take in all at once.

  • Lisa

    I would date and/or marry someone of a different race. I don’t see anything wrong or insulting about it & it also wouldn’t mean that I have a strong dislike for my own race (black). Like others have said before: love is love…why would I limit my dating/marriage prospects? Now I would introduce my guy to my family and friends long before getting engaged…some of them might have a problem but it would be their problem. The majority, well I hope they would be happy that I have someone that loves me.

  • JC

    Luckily for me this has never been an issue. My parents have always been about “what makes ME happy”…it is how the man treats me that my Dad and Sis care about not what race he is.
    That being said, of course I would like their approval but I have done a lot of things that haven’t met with their approval and they still love me…I think that is what they call love and support ;-)
    But if they were adamant about something other than race I would take heed and listen.

    I don’t really have a time frame for when I introduce a guy to my family. If I think the relationship has some merit to it and it will last then I will introduce. Sometimes I introduce because I think my Dad might like the guy and it shows him that his youngest isn’t jaded against men ;-)

    I don’t like dating for an extended period of time without meeting family. I’m not looking for Sunday dinners, but a quick intro so parties can put a face with the name is something that MUST happen before a proposal is a thought.

    I think Barry’s advice was on point. A relationship is about what is between the two people in the relationship. Yes, your biggest responsibility is YOURSELF.

    I like the series and look forward to more post.

  • Preachthetruthteller

    I’ve never played in the snow before
    I’m honestly only attracted to black and puerto rican women…thats it for me

  • VirgoVida

    This is great! I saw Tee Tee a couple weeks back on the Mo’nique show. I love his character on the game. #teamteetee lmao

  • Rastaman

    The issue here is not race but lying and deception. We too often wrap our personal failings in hot button issue like race and sex in an attempt to obscure personal responsibility. This man is proclaiming to strangers online his love and commitment for a woman but cannot express it to his parents/family. If I was his fiancée I would be concerned as he does not sound like somebody who would have your back in a tough situation. I don’t know this fellow but I would advise him to start “manning up” because you are going to have to if you want to live a happy life.
    Most of the interracial relationships on this planet are not between blacks and whites and I will continue to be amazed as to why that gets so much play. I am from a Caribbean family and I can tell you they are no different in their biases than any other families anywhere else in the world. Fellow needs to examine within himself the real reasons he his hiding his family from his fiancée, this interracial thing sounds flimsy after 2 years of dating. My parents know the kind of person they have raised so no matter what my personal choices are they trust it will be ones that makes them proud.
    I would not foresee marrying a woman without having met her friends and family unless she was estranged from that family. I have considered suspicious when women I have dated did not attempt to have me meet their family especially when they interject their family into so many discussions. People do that when they are either ashamed of the relationship or the family. Either way it is not a good look.

  • Naomi

    I think in this day & age it’s difficult enough to find genuine, salt of the earth kind of people without throwing ethnicity into the mix. I’m East Indian & I really haven’t dated that many Indian men simply for the fact that I’ve yet to meet an Indian man I can relate to. Most Indian men think I’m not Indian enough (another topic for another day) so I’m hesitant to date Indian men.
    Bottom line, you should find someone you relate to & who is going to accept you & treat you right. That may be someone you never thought you’d be with. Side note: people of a different ethnicity may not relate to your struggles but give them the benefit of the doubt. We’re all here to learn from each other & we’re all in this together.
    Having said that, I would be offended if a man wanted to marry me but I hadn’t met his family. What are you hiding, are you ashamed, do you have an issue with me? These would be questions I would want answers to. As an adult I’m more than willing to take ownership of my choices regardless of what anyone says.

  • YeYo

    I have never seen this show but I was married to white man and my family are the type to say do what makes you happy. I have to say though this person should have given his family a benefit of the doubt and introduced her…now that hes proposed to her its alot for most family to handle that in general but to come home introduce the women( different race at that ) and hit them with the engagement seems alot to take in..for anyone.

  • Bee Bee McGee

    I’ve dated people within my race, that my family didn’t approve of. So I definitely think I would date outside my race. It would have less to do about their approval, and more to do with expanding my dating pool period. I have only dated within my race, and now that I am nearing 37 years of age, and am still not married, I think it may be time to broaden my horizons. Sidenote: I would never accept the proposal of someone who never introduces me to their family. As a matter of fact, I would say after 6mos-1 year of steady dating, if I have met no one in the family, the dating relationship would cease. -

  • Lonias

    I totally agree with your belief that there is more to this guy’s hesitation. And furthermore, no matter my mates race, if he proposed to me before I got a chance to see where he comes from, my answer would have, at minimum, been postponed. Meeting the S/Os family is infinitely more important than exploring sexual compatibility (which seems to be the only thing many people are concerned about).

    As for me, I prefer and am most attracted to Black men hands down. With that said, if I turned a white or Hispanic man down, it would not be based on his race.

  • StoryofaWoman

    All I got to say is one thing, if you are a black man that is dating a white woman, please PLEASE make sure that your woman knows how to do some hair, or has black female friends that can do hair. I can’t stand to see mixed children with their hair looking any kind of way, and all mixed kids do not have “good hair” lol. :)

  • R.e.D

    I definitely agree with with a lot of the comments. In this particular instance, race is the lesser issue. Who dates a woman for 2 years without family introductions? Who accepts an invitation for marriage without meeting the others’ family?? How old are these people?
    The reality is if we are close to our family, they play a huge role in our relationships-whether we realize it or not. We can go on and on about how there is only you and I in the marriage and how our love is all that matters, and how independent and grown we are, but which one of us lives on an island that comprises of ‘my spouse and I? Marriage is that much harder when the family doesn’t like your significant other. Phone calls beome less and less, visits are strained, the children do not see their grandparents as they should, and just basic new-parent advice on the hows, what and what not to do when we have newborns is all out the window.

    I too am from the Caribbean, and yeah my parents are not-so-big on the interracial dating, but if that person was good to me, this would be the only thing that mattered to them.

    “What are your thoughts on interracial dating?
    I love to see black women with men of other races, but the reverse still bothers me.
    Would you date someone outside your race knowing that your family wouldn’t approve?
    Don’t underestimate family, they approve of anyone that is good to and for you.

    NWSO you on vacay or what?? I just leave verbs out of sentences nowadays..

  • StoryofaWoman

    Seriously though, you can find love wherever and genuine love is a beautiful thing. However, I think people need to know what they’re getting into when they are dating someone of a different race or culture than they are. I live in Minnesota and my daughter’s father is Trini, which is kind of a big deal here (a black woman that dates a man from the islands), and in the 6 years that we were together we clashed so much culturally. And in regards to my hair comment, I am not that much of a hair person but even I have a hard time doing my daughter’s hair since it’s long, thick and wavy). I thought we were going to be “We Are the World,” and took our cultures for granted. Just makes sure that you talk with your mate A LOT about your families, your background, how you grew up, how you see the world, to establish a foundation with each other. After that, it’s all good!

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Vacay? What does that mean? How can i be on vacay if there’s a post up that I wrote, introduced my celebrity guest, transcribed, tweeted, made a logo for the series and still read all the comments for? #CmonHon

    Even when my name isn’t on a post (like yesterday’s) there’s still a LOT of behind the scenes involvement on my part from editing, getting images, setting up the questions to spark the conversation, promoting the post all day.

    With that said, I actually need a vacation. In fact, everyone thank R.E.D. I’m canceling #WetWednesdays.


  • StoryofaWoman

    And to Mr. Tee Tee, I love you so much on The Game, I think your character was much underrated, I cant wait to read more on Tuesdays with Tee-Tee! Muah! :D

  • Lisa

    Noooooo, you can’t cancel Wet Wednesdays…well you can but please don’t….thank you :)

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Send on #WetWednesday requests to R.E.D. as I’ve been told I’m on vacay and I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a liar. LOL

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    And apologies in advance to R.E.D. if my comment came off abrasive it’s just a pet peeve of mine when people assume I’m not working behind the scenes just cause my name isn’t up top.

    So just had to vent #Woosah

  • YeYo

    A bit testy? huh.. I think she just implied that the readers here would like to hear your sentiments on the topic every so often.. Take a chill pill .. LOL

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO
  • jaclynsd

    My thoughts on interracial dating are these…

    About a year ago a co-worker knew I was dating a black man and asked “So you’re a Latina (a light complexion Latina) and he’s black do people look at you funny?” My response: I mean I guess they do, I’ve dated black men before and yeah we get looks but since none of those people are paying my bills I could care less what they think. Before I would get mad and say something but as I’ve gotten older (and wiser I hope) I’ve come to care less and less. Look I love this man and yes of course I know his black but to me he is just Tony, I love Tony and he just happens to be black. I’d love him just the same if he was Latino, white or purple. At the end of the day you fall in love w/the person’s character and how they treat you and respect you. So all the physical, you just tend to stop seeing, only peoples’ stares and ignorant remarks remind you what color they are.

  • R.e.D

    Wow, NWSO, you think you had to come down on me sooo hard?? I was just asking, that’s all.
    But ok, we’ll add this to NWSO’s ever expanding list of ‘Pet Peeves’, so I will keep a running tab in my head- as if this is all I do- of what to say to NOT piss you off.
    Luckily, my skin’s thick. Enjoy your day. Perhaps you do need a vacay, I know I do.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Always poking at me I’m liable to poke back every now and then, right?

    Still didn’t get what you saying with the vacay comment, though.

  • Starita34

    “Sidenote: I would never accept the proposal of someone who never introduces me to their family. As a matter of fact, I would say after 6mos-1 year of steady dating, if I have met no one in the family, the dating relationship would cease”

    Right!?! I can’t say never, but I’m hard pressed to conceptualize a situation in which this would be tolerated. I can’t meet your family? Yeah, it was nice meeting you… I’ve stopped dating guys after 2 dates because of troubled/nonexistent relationships with their families. iCan’t.

  • R.e.D

    OK, first the vacation comment was just a simple question, not a statement. It was meant no different than me asking any other question like, “Is today Tuesday?” so I can’t understand the hostility. I most certainly did not mean, “oh, so you’ve gotten lazy” or “hey, you don’t do any work at all.” We all know you work hard, we all know you have a day job, we all know you are pulled in many different directions, we all know you do a lot behind the scenes, WE GET IT. But this is the choice that you make.I don’t understand how me asking if you are on vacation meant that you don’t do any work, I just thought you were taking a/an hiatus from writing. And it would be well-deserved. It’s just that you didn’t write a piece in a while, and that must be a bit more taxing, so I wanted to know, genuinely-not in a disrespectful way-if you had taken a breather.
    And sure, I do poke at you, but you know it is never disrespectful. I found your response quite harsh to tell you the truth (and obviously so did others) and I didn’t appreciate it, especially since I didn’t come at you with that tone.
    Sometimes in the written form, thoughts get misconstrued . By nature, I am observant, so perhaps next time, I’ll keep my observations about the blog/you to myself.

  • Breezy

    Yes i would and yes i have! I am a black female who dated a hispanic male. He was the first and only person i dated outside my race. He was the best and most thoughtful considerate man i have ever known. After a while the color difference disappears and all you see is the heart. That was over 20 years ago and we are still friends

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I think it’s a matter of perception and/or interpretation of what we both feel is a written one and what is a while. Even though Barry answered the reader’s question I still felt like I co-authored it as well with the transcribing and long intro. Aside from that, it depends on whether you also consider when I answer reader mail as me not writing. If you do, then I could see you saying i haven’t written in a while but to me those count and aside from yesterday with Preach, i wrote 2 out of 3 last week, and 3 out of four the week before. So in my mind to say I was on vacay was like, huh, what you talking about Willis. And I took it as a “poke” that I was somehow slacked off or wasn’t still doing a host of other things here, at work and in the real world. That’s my own misinterpretation.

    What I wrote was my raw thoughts and I considered deleting it altogether but, personally, I feel like I’ve been biting my tongue with things in general so let the words/feelings/thoughts live as is. Wasn’t anything personal towards you, because other than I one meeting at the Paul Brunson’s panel last year, we don’t know each other aside from words exchanged here on screen. Outside of you I sometimes get this outside pressure from folks to do what they want when they want it as if I’m a machine. You ever feel pulled in a million different directions other than the one you want to go in? That’s what it feels like sometimes, but like you said it’s the box I’ve painted myself into—for better or worse.

    But no hiatus, although i did finally start the book but stopped to do a post like this which actually took longer because I had to transcribe. I loathe transcribing, especially a good interview because those are usually longer. Since the person that usually helps me out with that was unavailable.

    But a breather for me would be no content what-so-ever because even the posts without my name on it require a lot of my time.

    Anywhoze, I apologize for using you as a reason to vent and meant no disrespect but hopefully we both feel better clearing the air and can return to a regularly scheduled programing. #Woosah

  • msedi

    This is always an interesting subject! I have dated within my own ethnic group and outside and have had the same results. I have been treated like a queen and dogged by both equally. I now realize, that it doesn’t matter what the person looks like on the outside, it really has to do with broughtupsy, and the heart condition. Are they dating you because the want to experience the blackness, or is it something that’s built on something a bit more concrete?

    I have thought that the other group’s family would treat me different and hide the good china, but I was received with open arms! So maybe it has to do with how you present yourself, if you’re a regular on YKYDAW, and then if you’re treated with suspicion and derision can you really be surprised?

    I love my people but I am open-minded enough to hold on to love when it comes my way no matter the colour of the package.

    Much love (a Canadian reader!)

  • Lonias

    I am SO excited that you started your book!

  • QuoteMan

    Whoa!! R.e.D, hold up, why does the reverse still bothers you? So sisters get a pass and brothers don’t……………… Lol

  • QuoteMan

    I think interracial dating is a beautiful thing – esp. among today’s youth – and it goes to show how far we’ve come. As it’s been mentioned by others, love has no boundaries. So no knock on interracial dating at all. But what I do take exception to is, when a sister dates outside of her race and cast aspersions on the brothers, and vilify us as “we ain’t shit”. That easily gets on my fighting side. lol

    Now, for the past 5yrs or so, I’ve found myself in the company of more white folks than I’ve ever been. From where I live to where I work. So my circle of friends has evolved and broadened, as a result. And I’ve been able to hang with my white friends, meet their families and so on. But for some obscure reason that’s where it stops for me. My affinity for the opposite sex has always been limited to the sisters. They drive a brother crazy though, but that’s my peoples…………………… Lol

  • YeYo

    QuoteMan… Yeah I saw that comment from R.e.D and thought that’s a double standard. I myself was married to a white man but I have to confess that sometimes I felt bothered when I saw a brother with a white woman & I never understood why I felt that way in all honesty.. It no longer bothers me ..

  • R.e.D

    Quoteman, don’t chew me up for this one, just read.. It is sort of difficult to explain in writing, but it is what it is.
    First of all, I know I’m wrong for feeling this way and I won’t sit here and try to ‘prove’ that this feeling is justified, but I’d be telling a lie if I said it didn’t bother me. A couple of years ago I was at this talk/panel and one of the panelists stated that statistics show that black men are the ones that date/marry the most outside their race. WHY? Quite a bit of thoughts go through my head, but a lot of black men still view white women as ‘trophies.’ See I’ve meet black men that ONLY date non-black women and I’ve meet the ones that just happened to fall in love with a white woman. The latter doesn’t bother me as much. But why is it that our men have such a propensity for other races, especially Caucasians? Or is it just that I’m mad (I’m playing devil’s advocate here b/c I couldn’t care less) that other races don’t find me attractive? Which leads me to my other thought. In the whole scope of things, the only people less desirable than black women are Asian men. Thankfully it is after 9pm so I won’t catch too much flak for that statement, but really, other races don’t chase me down. I can’t count the number of black men that come on to me (don’t take this as conceit please) but I can do that for other races and not reach 10. At the top of the ‘beauty’ pole is the white woman, who everyone wants and the black man/white male fight for second place. Granted, the black man is in 2nd place only b/c of the perceived size of his penis, but he is in second place nonetheless. NO one wants an Asian man except perhaps another Asian woman and so we are right above the Asian male in terms of our attractiveness to other races. So yes, it bothers me that my brothers always want to dip in the lily white pond, especially the ones that are more affluent. I mean even Tiger Woods’ sweethearts were white. NOT ONE BLACK WOMAN….really Tiger?? Not even an Asian one, seeing that his mother was this?? And sure black men like to talk about how crazy we are, and yeah, I am crazy, but dammit ALL women are, especially when pushed to the limit. Hell, even white Ellen (tiger’s wife) chased him w/ a golf cart and caused him to get in an accident. Granted, if it was me, I would’ve chased the bastard with an ax, but the bottom line is we can all get to this point sometimes. So for me, we already have this shortage of black men and then to top it all off you want to date someone else?? When did I stop being ‘good’ enough for you? Beautiful enough? Intelligent enough? Strong enough? When?
    This has nothing to do with being single. I’ve always felt this way, even in my depths of being in love with my black man. So hey, maybe my problem is that I put a limit on who I date b/c of race, so sure perhaps I need to work on this. But again, I don’t find other races attractive at all. For me to even notice a white guy, he has to look like Brad Pitt, otherwise, he is just as inconsequential as a fly on the wall. Whereas a black dude who is a 6, I can still find attractive.

  • QuoteMan

    Nah, I didn’t take exception to what you said, it’s just funny to me. Cuz I’ve heard that before and it never ceases to crack me up……………………… Right or wrong, to some extent, I get why as a sister you’d feel that way.

  • http://www.yesweretogether.com Tinu

    Funny answer.
    I would listen to my family’s opinion about the person’s CHARACTER, but no, not their race.


    check out these 20 responses on our FB MIXIS LIVING PAGE, we reposted the question!

  • http://www.nwso.net Gemini

    I have never nor would I ever date outside my race. My love comes in every shade of BLACK!

  • Tiff

    I’m surprised to see some many people of Caribbean descent whose families have issues with dating other races. I’m from the Caribbean myself (Jamaican) and my family is extremely multiracial, and I would never have an issue introducing someone to my parents because of their race. They are more concerned about me choosing someone that has strong moral values and will take care of me and what not.

    How important is it for your family to like the person you’re dating?
    – It doesn’t matter unless I would be willing to marry them

    How long do you take before introducing someone to your family?
    – I’ve been single for a while so I generally don’t introduce anyone I date to my family unless we’ve been in a committed relationship for a while.

    Would you ask someone to marry you or accept a proposal before meeting the person’s family?
    – Not sure. Marrying someone would bring a whole new bunch of people into my life and it just makes sense that I would at least meet their immediate family over time before we get to that stage.

    Would you get married without your family’s blessing?
    – Not sure, but I doubt it.

    What did you think of Barry’s advice?
    – Very short and to the point. I think he gave solid advice on this issue.

    Do you agree that your biggest responsibility when it comes to relationships is to yourself?
    – Ahh yes. I can be somewhat arrogant and pig headed so I usually need to step back and look at a situation from another perspective.

    What are your thoughts on this Tuesdays with Tee Tee series?
    – I’ve never seen The Game but he gave some pretty good advice on this issue and I look forward to reading more from him.

  • LadyLovely

    Well, never dated outside of my race. I LOVE black men. So, do I see that happening? Not ever. Unless of course like said above, Brad Pitt or otherwise, no. I’m fine. And yeah, it does bother me when I see a balck man with a white woman. I really don’t know why…well yes I do but I won’t get into that. But when a black women date a white man, I’m fine. It has no affect on me I guess and I am genuinely happy for them. Same for hispanic and black but maybe because I know many hispanic and black couples.