Can a Woman Be Too Tight? (Minute Man Monologues)

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Damn, this is some good pucci. She warned me, but I just took it as more of her cocky banter. Just more shit-talking to get me wrapped up in her lustful web. But here I was between her suffocating walls, almost unable to contain myself after only three strokes.

I stopped.

Withdrew from her airtight haven and buried my face between her legs, making her pillowy soft thighs my earmuffs. My ears pressed snuggly against her skin as her legs tensed around my head, locking me in position. I could feel her heart rate pulsing through her flesh as my tongue grazed the edges of her bare pucci. I could taste the pasty remnants of latex inside her.

But I didn’t care.

This was some damn pucci and it deserved my undivided attention.

Slowly, I swam upstream against the current until I unearthed her magic pearl and polished it thoroughly so she could never say I missed a spot. The more I got lost in my leisure work, the tighter her legs got. I lifted her limbs so that the nook behind her knees now rested squarely on my shoulders. At this new angle I was able to insert two of my fingers inside of her, while my tongue continued to work its magic on her clit.

Damn, this was some good pucci.

It felt…

Better than I had imagined.

It tasted…

Like tangy… nothingness, if that makes any sense. Her flavor was so pristine that comparing it to any cliché substance would do it no justice, so I’d much rather label it “nothing” other than mines.

At least for tonight.

I had waited for this moment for so long. Following countless nights fantasizing about her nude frame, months of masturbating to visions of her, weeks of waiting to kiss her, days of daydreaming about caressing her breasts, hours of horny hiatus forming in my mind, minutes of undressing her with my eyes right before these seductive seconds allowed me the opportunity to reach this sweet moment of intimacy.

Finally, granted access to her threshold I was beside myself.

This was some damn good pucci and girl, I’m gonna tear this up.

Is there such a thing as being too good in bed? Fellas, have you ever been with a woman that was super tight? Did she make you into a minute man? What techniques do you use to make the loving last longer when she feels too good? Ladies, would you be upset if a man finished too soon because you felt too good? Is good oral sex a great way to make up for an early explosion? Is a woman being too tight better than one that’s too loose? What did you think of this week’s Wet Wednesdays?

Speak your piece…

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  • Bee Bee McGee

    No comment on this one. I just had to post something so I could see the follow up comments. I’m interested in hearing what the fellas have to say about this one….LOL.

  • Cherie


  • Sunshine

    As a female who knows her lady pocket very well, I think a tight one is much better than some “roomy” v-jay. There has been no penetration in my nether regions for three years and I’am the kegal master, so when the time comes to bump ugly’s Im sure there will be a round 2 compensating for the previous.

  • Starita34

    I’d *much* rather be labeled too tight than too loose, and if he busted early as long as he’s on that try, try again flow, we’re good.

  • Jackie

    LOL…I found this very interesting. I’m curious of other guy’s opinions because once a guy complained to me that I was too tight

  • JustMyThoughts

    Not a guy, but a woman, and his technique, i find works well, we can go at again in a few, just get the first one out the way. But, i have a question, how often do guys lie and tell you that you have ‘good pucci’ ? lol, im curious, b/c ive never been told otherwise, but i dont have that many references, if you know what i mean. For the most part the guys i have slept with have not been angels so I KNOW they have had great couchi b4 me, one maybe even like porn star stuff. But im also the ‘wifey’ type, im single, but to clarify, most guys i date put me in that box quickly, hwy I dunno . . i think its b/c im light skinned, lol, JUST JOKING.
    BUT the question is how often do you lie to a girl about the quality of her coochi?

  • thethrill

    I was quick on the draw when I was 16, but as I grew, I handled myself to know how to handle myself, meaning I became familiar w me to understand how to delay detonation.

    Magazines, books and internet articles offer advice and techniques to help w whatever issues. Most suggest a man level his emotions (calm down, have a drink, get rid of the 1st nut manually, think of something other than the excitement, switch positions, try different positions, etc.) but never did they advise a man to blame the “pucci”.

    “It’s too good?” I can’t go w that. That’s a cop out for men who don’t want to accept responsibility for their shortcomings and a lame compliment for gullible females who’d believe it.

    ed note: quick (time) is relative so 5mins is not quick if ur partner cums in 3mins. #staythirstymyfriends

  • Jump-on-it

    im going to go with a tight pucci (lol i like that word) vs a loose one… what man wants to feel like a hot dog in a highschool hall way.

    One question though on the topic of good pucci: If a women has all the potential to have good pucci (ie: its tight, always wet, clean and willing to get nasty) how do u turn the potential into Good product?

  • thethrill

    A lot. If they offer you the compliment on the humble (if you don’t ask or they’re not trying to justify y they came quick) then chances r the compliment is 100. But, under duress, we tend to b a dishonest as y’all when complimenting a male’s dyck work 0;-)

  • thethrill

    Nice! And, the name is Sunshine …haha @ Harlem Nights. #luvit

  • mamilove

    I have always been told I was tight, DH says its been that way all these years. We usually cum together or very close to each other, me always first so it is usually pretty quick for the first round.i wonder if its because I am tight? Never thought about that.

  • Klysha

    I want to comment on this so bad because this is extremely relevant right now…but I’d rather not put the details out there….I’ll just wait for someone to post some helpful advice lol

  • Older & Wiser

    No such thing as being too good in bed, it makes for real good times, wink, wink! My late husband loved my tightness it gave him work to do (breaking in his new wife) so I’m going to say it’s better to be tight than loose. :-)!

  • Also Too Tight

    not okay but having been in this position, i guess i can take some of the blame because the oral was reaaaal good.

  • Miss-E

    That was a good read! I have no comment on the minute men blaming it on tightness…although I kind of just did. And that second pic illustrates perfectly.

  • MonaLisa

    I have always wondered this! I do think most guys would lie and say it was good if a woman asked him and it was actually bad or average.
    Once when I was having sex with this guy I couldn’t really get into it at first (I don’t know why I’m turned off by daylight) and I later apologized to him for the mediocre sex. He told me that it was amazing and I kind of gave him the side eye. Later he told me that he had recently had sex with this other woman and it was average. I asked him if she would have asked him how it was would he be honest and he said he told her it was average.

  • jaclynsd

    I once had a guy say I felt so good he felt like cumming even before he entered me. I felt the same way too just because we’ve both had great sex together and our bodies were so excited before the act. He would make me laugh and tell me how growing up he had to learn to get his mental right and just talk to himself so he would bust to early lol His words “calm down, ease up man, relax” lol

    I think w/men it’s all about having your mental right and a lot of control. But I think that’s the same for everyone really. Some women dont last as long as their partners would like so you just have to get your head right and I’m sure for the right person you’ll make the exception and learn to control yourself or at least try to last longer than last time.

    How does that saying go…you’re only as good as your last hit…pun intended.

  • Rastaman

    Well it is too tight if I can’t get in, figuratively and literally. There may be women out there who can make men into “minute men”, I personally have never encountered one, and so for now I am going to put it back on the fellas. If you feel like it is going to be over too quick, one should always slow down one’s thoughts and actions. So basically going slower makes the journey last longer.

  • Jessica J

    See hmm, I don’t know how me and my boyfriend/hopefully one day husband will solve this problem. I’m very tight. Like ridiculously tight. I haven’t had a lot of sex, and have also been abstinent to going on three years. I also do legal exercises, and am naturally fit. He tried to finge me once, and I told him I wanted two fingers, and he said he was too scared to because he could barely fit the one in. He’s very big and in my history, because of my past, I’ve never enjoyed sex because it hurt everytime because of the tightness or I wasn’t into it mentally. My boyfriend turns me on easily, and I want him. But if or when we get married, how on earth are we going to solve this tightness problem? He claims he hasn’t been with a girl as tight as me. Kanye shrug. I have no idea how this will work out.

    • bc

      u could just masturbate slowly stretching it out or u could ask your man to do this for u. 

  • Jessica J

    * for
    I should kick myself for all these dang on typos.

  • Starita34

    *watches as your requests blow up*

  • torontostaar

    looooved this post! erotic writing can be done so sophisticatedly

  • Krystal Light

    What did I think if this week’s wet wednesday? I liked it except it was too short. I guess that was the irony of it since you were talking about minute men.

  • MissyE

    I am in the same situation I wasn’t sexually active for sometime its been times I’ve gone years without having sex. But this guy I am talking to right now said the same thing like its difficult for him to do anything being that im so tight I don’t know what to do about this?? help!

  • Tai

    You said that your already naturally tight so why do you also do kegal exercises???? You should do a little research and as a couple you guys can learn and explore together, but STOP doing the exercises!

  • NaeSoBitchie

    Great Read!!! I the tighter she is the quicker he is lol

  • NaeSoBitchie

    Great Read!! I think the tighter she is the quicker he is.

  • Jessica J

    Girl if you figure this one out before me, please come back to this post and let me know lol.

  • Jessica J

    Hahaha you’re right, I should just stop but I don’t want to be in the whole if you dont use it you lose it category as far as my vagina.

  • Jessica J

    Lol, you mean like my fb friend requests? And my guy is so proud of the fact that he doesn’t cum quickly, but I told him what if all that changes when we have sex? Then he might feel bad about himself.

  • Starita34

    Yup or Twitter follows or requests for phone numbers, whatever ;-)

    I really don’t know why a man would feel bad about cumming quick…as long as he doesn’t cum quick and quit, I take it as a supreme compliment…just show him what that mouth do and get back in for Round 2 *ding ding*

  • Just sayin

    What if you go to the gynocologist every year and they “open you up”? Wouldent that contribute to getting you to “loosen up”?

  • Keep it right

    I love this article. I think its funny how all the woman that responded said they were super tight. I’ve had the last two men in my life tell me that I am tight and its because I keep it right, do kegals and I have benwa balls.

  • Wmofyr

    No the muscles bounce back, especially for those who do kegal. Those who do no kegal and don’t exercise… well never mind.

  • Krystal Light

    I thought all of the women saying that was funny too. Wish more dudes would weigh in. I do kegels when it occurs to me which isn’t often. My husband says it goes back and forth. Some days tight, some days not as much. I guess that’s just how things go naturally.

  • Wmofyr

    Men who strategize might… let the woman work it until she exhausted, then he gets serious and stroke it right. I think they do a mind thing on themselves so they can withstand it. So is this how most men do it?

    I once knew a guy who took breaks, 10 minutes or so. Maybe even a 30 minute nap, lol. So we would end up at it for hours. No exageration. I would just let him do all the work: bec he knew everything there was to know, seems like.

    But the minute man is frustrating. I figure such a man aint trying enough to make it last. A man over 30 shouldn’t be a minute man.

  • Wmofyr

    Yall ever had a gynocologist tell you, you too tight for the exam instrument. I was way celibate that year. lol

  • Older & Wiser

    To Missy E and Jessica J, try lubricants to ease the penetration until you are “broken in” that worked for us!

  • Joolz68

    Is ‘tight pucci’ a bad thing? (Bad= un-good, not worthy) Who would NOT want a ‘tight pucci’? I was always told, ‘tight is right’!

    The vagina IS a muscle- it stretches with use. If the ‘tool’ is bigger than the ‘hole’, it should ‘loosen’. ‘Tightness’ is also relative to the ‘instrument’ being inserted: the bigger the screw, the tighter the fit.

    I don’t believe a man EVER told a woman she didn’t have ‘good pucci’. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t come back, PERIOD. My father said, ‘all pucci is good’. My brother says, ‘the only thing better than pucci is NEW pucci’. My cousin says, ‘the best pucci is the last’. My male friends say, ‘the worst is NO pucci’.

    I guess it’s like burgers: everyone knows a Whopper is the best burger nationwide. But you’ll eat a Big Mac or a Smashburger if that’s what’s hot. And White Castles are the ‘last-call-get-it-get-it-before-it’s-gone’ of the New World. Is there REALLY a bad (un-good, not worthy) burger?

    I agree with Rastaman’s comment that if a man claims a ‘pucci’ is ‘too tight’ to perform, he’s compensating for his, uhm, ‘lack of finese’. If being ‘too tight’ made a man cum, women ALL OVER THE WORLD would give ‘a hand job with the G.I. Joe Kung-fu Grip’… 1-2-3: OVER! It’s the same as saying a woman is ‘too loose’, rather than admit that he may be ‘size-challeged’).

    ‘TOO tight pucci’ is not to be confused with JUST ‘tight pucci’ (like me ;> ). It’s like a little hug- and everyone likes hugs.

  • Roxanne Rhooms

    Believe me when I say I did not want to comment on this post, and put it out there but when it struck so close to home, my fingers reacted faster than my brain did and by time I knew it I had reached this far lol. Anyway after 3 years of being celibate I decided that I was ready to start dating again. I started talking to this man who I knew from back in the day, after about 4 months I was intimate with him for the first time, and it was amazing! He licked kissed sucked all at the same time and just did the damn thing, and left me with no regrets about coming off my penis strike. 3 weeks later I was intimate with him again and this time I got 90 seconds! I mean 90 damn seconds that was all I needed to call things off with him, so I told him that I think we should just be friends. Was I wrong? NWSO members I need some advice.

  • Jessica Jacob

    “Broken in.” Lol, that made me giggle. Sounds like tight vaginas are a wild horse or something that just needs consistent riding.

  • Older & Wiser

    Yep! Wink, wink!

  • Spinster

    Sorry I’m late. Time to grab my popcorn. *sits next to Bee Bee McGee*

  • uhmmmmm…

    Being too tight is NOT the move. I hated sex when I was virginal and trying to get it in…pun intended. When a woman is too tight there is no joy or pleasure. The only way to relax your muscle is to…use it. On the other hand, I jumped for joy when I had to have c section to deliver my daughter. I’ve had men who I’ve dealt with in the past tell me they can tell when a woman has had a vaginal birth — or has abused the Pucci. If you are not going to deliver vaginally any time soon, get a dildo and use it on yourself, get your man to help, and don’t get one too big– this is what post op transponders must do in order to stretch out their newly shapen puccis–and I don’t believe there can a Pucci tighter than a newly shapen one. Good luck.

    • Selena

      I’ve had 3 vaginal births and im really tight, in fact i think im tighter now than i was before.

  • uhmmmmm…

    Post op transgenders, damn auto spell check.

  • Ray.

    I hate reading comments to topics like this bc during my sexual career I’ve come across ( no pun) 1 Pucci that was super super tight, and reading these comments I just found like 20 more. But anyway, during the sessions with the aforementioned pucci I had to go mad slow. At first bc it was painful for her and be the time she was comfortable and ready to get it in (roughly 2-3 min) I was ready to let off. But no matter I did I only manage to last about 5-7 min. When it was time for a round 2 or 3 or 4 which was like 5 mins later (I was 19 and on my marathon man ish) she was just as tight as the 1st time. I told her she made me feel like a little kid but she was cool with it. We were fxcking for like 6 months, so it must have not mattered to her that much. And please don’t get it twisted just bc ya puddin is good, that does not mean its super super tight! I’ve hit virgins that was not as tight as she was, and she had a son…natural birth…that still baffles me..

  • Natalie

    I thought I was cursed to only sleep with minute men. I never understood why men never lasted long during sex. Two/three pumps and done. I cheated on my significant other b/c he lasted about 30 seconds, to go to a man who laughed at him and boasted about his stamina, only to last 1 minute and a half longer than him. Don’t get me wrong this does wonders for my ego, but I often wondered was it really them or me?

  • Kristen

    Well I have to say this because it’s a question I have had for quite a long time. I am a girl. I’m really tight but I’ve never been able to orgasam and or cum/squirt with a guy no matter how much they try they get close but it just dosnt happen. Idk if I need to get something right in my head or what but if someone could help me that would be great :)

    • Brittany

      explore your body babe….can u make urslef cum on your own? if u can, do wutever u do to make urself cum while ur being penetrated by ur man. if that dose not work, just keep trying DO NOT GIVE UP! every women has the ability to cum u just need to work at it and find wut works 4 u. we r all diff and for women its mostly in our heads. find out what turns u on wut gets u going, and dont be ashamed of it. wear that shit proudly and if someone has an isssue with it thier not right for u! keep keepin on!1 youl get their! good luck

  • NWSO

    While I’m not a girl and wouldn’t know firsthand all the inner workings of a female body I’ll assume it’s more mental and comfortability. Not sure but sounds like you’re still younger and there are grown women that still haven’t achieved certain levels of pleasure yet. From most women I’ve heard it’s a mental thing and overall comfortability with your body that comes with age.

    If you are in fact young, I’d suggest exploring your body yourself. I mean, how can you direct someone to pleasure you if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself? Through your own exploration you can discover what does and doesn’t work for you, what your sweet spots are and even get that orgasm/squirt your partner almost gets you to the brink of and actually push through it. Then, in theory, you can be more confident in your own body and what that feels like to get there with your lover as long as he’s patient and willing to get in tune with your body’s rhythm.

    That’s my suggestion.

  • BigNoe

    Can’t go wrong wid a tight ting…

    A friend introduced me to NWSO and I must say I’ve become a Sock-er

  • NWSO

    Sounds like a pretty darn good friend. LOL

  • BigSnugz

    Ok, so I’m a new Sock-er. But as a man I have to say that too tight isn’t enjoyable for me. My fiance is extremely tight and while it doesn’t slow down our intimacy, having her wince and tense up everytime I penetrate isn’t the exalting feeling most men claim it is. Never been a minute man, but I have cum quick b4. It was just the excitement and chemistry I had with the person. Also for the women who say their men complain about them being tight… practice makes perfect. And I believe the whole natural birth equals loose pucci is a stereotype. Like tall dudes with big feet are packing. HAHA. Laugh at females who’ve fallen for that. But seriously every female I’ve encountered who gave birth naturally, didn’t have loose pucci. For those men who are first to finish… beat ya meat, think about something unrelated to sex, learn breathing techniques. That is key. U control your breathing it slows your heart beat down.



  • Wwww Bbbb

    i slept with a girl once and she was so tight that when i pulled out to cum on her tits my cock was bleeding ouch tabernack !!!!

  • bk

    cant go wrong with a tight lady, but hate to let u down, unless its a guy that actually wants to be with you he is going to lie an say your tight, cause in the back of his head he is making a back up plan to make u feel good insight of getting a piece again some same.