What’s Your Favorite Zodiac Sign Besides Your Own?

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Zodiac astrology chart with signs and dates

[dc]A[/dc]t some point or other we’ve all been in the club with a major buzz when all of a sudden the DJ drops that classic bass line and you hear, “What’s your favorite zodiac sign?” The response is always the same: Whatever sign your drunk ass is. LOL.

The truth of the matter is it’s a rhetorical question because who wouldn’t say that they’re their own favorite sign? But let’s think outside the self-centered box for a second.

From my experience women tend to be into zodiac signs and astrology way more than men. Sure a (lame) guy will ask a woman what her sign is upon meeting her, but that’s usually some sort of (lame) come on or conversation starter. Women on the other hand, analyze your entire being based on your response to the same question and will have all these random “facts” based on what day, month and year you were born. I have no clue as to why or how women keep all this zodiacal information in their brains but they’ll know every little nuance of all 12 (or is it 13 now?) signs.

Zodiac chart with sex positionsMe, not so much. When it comes to the zodiac I barely know anything about my own sign (Capricorn in the house) let alone anyone else’s. What I tend to go by is the personality of someone else I know who shares the same sign. “Oh, you’re a Leo? My old boss was a Leo and she was…” There’s no guarantee that either of you will be the same, but if zodiacs are to hold any weight then my past dealing with someone with a similar sign is all I have to go by.

In regards to my favorite zodiac sign (besides my own), I don’t have one. However, I know that I have a lot of Scorpios and Tauruses in my life. May and November are the months where it seems like every other day I know someone who has a birthday—from family and exes to friends and associates. Is that somehow part of the traits of my zodiac sign to be compatible with people born in those months?

I have no clue.

At the end of the day, I believe everyone is an individual and zodiac signs are more about coincidental similarities than stone-cold facts about who we are or meant to be. From what I hear, Capricorns are supposed to be reliable hard workers (I know I am) but I used to work with this guy that was the most unorganized person I knew. So when I found out he was a Capricorn I was shocked.

I brought it up to a homegirl of mine and she was like, “When was he born?”

“Some time in January,” I responded.

“Oh, that explains it, he’s a January Cap, they’re different from December Caps.”


Do you find that more women are into astrology and zodiac signs than men? Have you found their to be similarities among people of the same sign? Which is the sexiest zodiac sign to you? Which signs are you the most compatible with? Which are you least compatible with? Do you find yourself drawn to certain signs? Do you believe that astrology is more about coincidences than actual celestial influence? What’s your favorite zodiac sign beside your own?

Speak your piece…

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  • http://www.AConleyCreation.com AConleyCreation

    For some reason, I’m drawn to Leos. My mother is a Leo, my ex was a Leo, a few good friends are Leos, and my boyfriend is a Leo. I do love em, even in their bossy, needing to be king/queen ways.

    I also like Aquarians. We seem to mesh well in terms of free-spiritedness and weirdness.

    I have met other fellow Libras and found a lot of personality similarities. I think I pretty much like them all, except sometimes Virgos get under my skin, lol.

  • Chrissy

    I want to add something about astrology. Astrology and the zodiac signs and all of that is more than just your sun sign(your birthday) Everyone is more than just one sign. There is your sun sign, moon sign, and your rising sign. Those are usually most important, but there is a lot more. Then there is also what house your planet and sign’s are in. To figure that out you can have a free birth chart done. I hear some people say they dont believe it because their sign doesnt describe them, but I bet if you had a chart done it would make more sense.

  • Chrissy

    Anyway Im a Gemini but my moon sign is Capricorn and those mixes describe me very well. I find that my bestest friends have been Libra’s and Aquarius.

    As far as romance goes almost all of the people that have been romantically interested in me,enough to pursue have been Capricorns and sometimes Virgo’s. However, I find while the draw is there between me and Capricorn, I usually cannot stand their personalities.

  • Chrissy

    So yea I feel astrology(numerology is also good) can tell you a lot about yourself and other people but you would actually have to understand all of it. The signs, planets, houses, time, etc. If someone wants a birthchart they can google it, but they will need to know their birth date, time they were born, and where.

  • MetLifeSnoopy

    None of them. I am a Leo, but have very, very few personality traits of a Leo.

  • http://www.thisbugslife-in-words.blogspot.com This Bug

    First, let me say that I don’t attach a lot of merit to zodiac traits. I think compatibility (or lack thereof) really depends on the individual’s personality. That being said- I do find that women adhere more to those ideas than men. I think it’s because we have some innate need to understand the inner workings of men and that’s just another tool to do it. It’s not a very reliable one either. Because we’re mostly emotionally incoherent when it comes to reading the “signs” that truly matter, in my humble opinion. I hope the ladies don’t stone me for that one- but it’s true. I myself am a Cancer and while I can admit that I possess certain traits they say are prevalent to June babies- I know there’s much more to it than that. But I do tend to get along famously with Capricorns and Pisces for some odd reason. January and March happen to be filled with nonstop birthdays of family and friends. The sexiest sign? I don’t know if there is one. I can only say that my most undeniable chemistry was shared with more than one Pisces man but again- I think that was more about what shaped their personalities and what we related on rather that which month and day they happened to be born on.

    It’s been a minute since I’ve caught up on my Socks. Nice post.

  • torontostaar

    i honestly could give a craaap about astrology, but i always find it a little “how youuu doin” when a man is so involved with signs, i was talking to a guy and he asked me what my sign was, i replied taurus and he launched this whole tirade about his ex girl and how she was a taurus and if i share any of her personality traits…needless to say i was turned off, ex factor annnd your into astro? Double negative, how HE doin? lol

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Word, Bug. Long time. Welcome back? lol

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    The birth chart thing was interesting, I should print it out and hand to all my future ex girlfriends. lol

  • Ashley

    I am only into astrology enough to tell you that the characteristics given to my sign (Pisces) describe me perfectly (there might be ONE that’s not me).

    I can’t tell you what sign I’m most drawn to b/c I don’t know. I can’t tell you which signs I’m most/least compatible with b/c again, I don’t know.

    I know which signs my best friends are but I can’t tell you if their characteristics mimic the ones given to their particular sign.

    I follow two Pisces pages on twitter and I only RT the ones I KNOW fit me (even the bad ones).

    I don’t do the sign compatibilities or how the signs match up as far as sex drive. I do however know what sign a certain guy in my life is but I can’t really tell you if the characteristics match up b/c I’m still getting to know him

  • Rastaman

    I happen to have a few books on zodiac signs and the only conclusion I have reached over all these years is that they are an entertaining distraction. So I find it to be a nice topic to discuss and debate amongst a mixed audience but for the real aficionados it apparently requires much more deep thinking. I can’t really say women are more into astrology than men, most of my astrological discussions have been with women but I just think it is more about the nature of the topic itself not the level of interest. As to whether certain characteristics are shared by individuals with same zodiac signs there are and there are not but I am uncertain if that is a correlation or causation. I don’t know enough about astrology to draw that conclusion. One thing that I have learned though from folks who are really into astrology is that you cannot really understand it unless you have had a detailed personal reading done. The stuff in the daily newspaper is like reading USA Today to get into the real news.
    I always seem to end up in relationships with Aries, Leo or Sagittarius women, being a Gemini (setting off alarms) they seem to be the only women who do not set off running for the hills when they learn that fact. And other than my best childhood friend, I have never really connected with other Gemini’s I have encountered. But the least compatible are generally Capricorn, Scorpios and Cancer women. The men I seem to get along with reasonably well. The verdict is out on what role astrology plays in our lives, I see it more as akin to much of religious beliefs in many ways. It is an attempt by us humans to understand and explain our existence and the role of an invisible hand in our life. The world we live in is increasingly unpredictable; things are happening and changing much faster than most of us can comprehend. Astrology and religion are constants that help many of us cope with this whirlwind thing called life. I see it like I see drug use, folks need something to cope. It may not be my thing but if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it is not a problem.

  • Chrissy

    Future ex girlfriends? Oh no. But did you find it to be a little more accurate? I found when I did mine it was a lot more accurate than my sun sign alone.

  • http://www.thisbugslife-in-words.blogspot.com This Bug

    It’s good to be back. ;)

  • kat

    I don t really believe into astrology “you are what your Zodiac sign says about you” etc.

    I think these sites or books which are about Zodiac signs are functioning in a way cold reading does.A lot of phrases that a lot of people can relate to,because the phrases are pretty generic,there s a high chance that some of them apply to one.

    I once read – when I was quiet bored -the definition of my Zodiac sign.It s Gemini by the way.
    And sure,some of the stuff worked for me,some didn t and I wished some would.
    At the end , you believe what you want to believe,change negative character traits into good ones and sometimes the other way around ( theoretically).
    It s also the way you look at it,where you are in life right now.
    If your description tells you that your Zodiac sign is known for being very ambitious and hard working you might actually start to do that.
    If it says that your sign is known for being loved by everyone,no matter what , you might start behaving like a fool.

    A man who asks what Zodiac sign I am irritates me in some way.It s the same when people say “everything happends for a reason”.Uh yeah?Then why got your mobile phone stolen last week?
    I don t have a problem with people like that,I just made the experience that I can t be around them too long.

    I never thought about which sign is the sexiest and which I m most drawn to.

    I would say more women are interested in it.Maybe because more women believe into fate than men do.

    On one side I don t believe in it.On the other I know it kinda can…One of my girlfriend`s sister went to an augur and she told her that she would have trouble concieving and marital problems.And boom she couldn t get a baby for 3 years and had problems with her husband.That s why I don t do that – if you have a picture of your future in your mind,heart and soul you might start believing and it actually happends.
    So I guess I m just a bit superstitious.

  • http://www.nwso.net Gemini

    I have to know what sign he is. I’m a May Gemini and I can’t stand a Sagittarius man, they are the worst. Stroke me, ride me, I’m a horsey. The most egotistical, selfish, manipulating, lousy lay I have ever spent 7 years with. I would rather eat a bowl of boogers rather than deal with another.

    Capricorns are hard working tight wads. I always tell my mother you ain’t never seen a brinks truck behind a hurst spend some money. She’s a Dec. Capricorn, January Caps are nicer. I seem to always meet another Gemini, Aries or Cancer. I cant be bothered with the bragging Leo who always has it and does it better and seems to need to be told how great they are.

  • swingwood

    I am an Aquarious man, and there is just something about Leo women.. I’ve never been let down by a Leo.

  • Paulette_bajan_gal

    I’m a Leo woman …I attract Gemini and Scorpio men like flies to honey ….but they are my least compatible mates.Sex is all they think about.I get along great with Cancer and Taurus men.

    I have to say…all the Leo females I know are scarily similar.We get along great.Leo men are very similar too…can’t date a male versin of myself though.lol.We would butt heads on everything.

    I don’t go on what’s written…I go on character and the zodiac signs are pretty on point.My daughter is an Aquarius and she reminds me of adult Aquarians that I know.

    I take it seriously …from experience it’s pointless for me to date a Gemini, Leo or Scorpio man…it’s guaranteed to fail.Our personalities aren’t compatible.I have 9 other signs to choose from though.lol.

  • http://Www.twitter.com/sunsetsarefree Sunset

    Libra here. Recovering astrology junkie. I’m into leos and saggitarians. All that fire. They take charge, I fan the flames. Aquarians are cool too.
    I can’t see myself in relationship with an Aries. They’re just too much. I also don’t know if I could date another Libra. I need balance.

  • http://randomastrology.tumblr.com Jara

    This post made me laugh. Anslem, our “zodiac sign” is a general description of our core values and ego. You have to go beyond your “zodiac sign” to account for the nuances of why Capricorns are dissimilar. The disorganized Cappy you know may have a Pisces (haphazard, free-flowing, relaxed) Rising (approach to life) or Mars (work, energy level), for example. Astrology is more than the 12 zodiac signs, and all of us have all 12 of the signs represented in our true horoscopes.

    What most Capricorns do have in common? Writing off things that they don’t understand as “silly” (because they like to be the authority on any subject). ;-)

    To answer your main question, my favorite zodiac sign is the one that has enough curiosity to look deeper than Sun signs before discussing dismissing an entire subject.

  • NaeSoSweet

    I’m a Cancer! And I like Leo’s and Pisces (my bf is a Pisces). Scorpio men turn me all the way off ugh -__- Caps r kool and Feb Aqurius Rock!

  • http://randomastrology.tumblr.com Jara


    There are more women who are superficially interested in astrology, but in the actual astrology field, there are just as many esteemed male scholars as there are female scholars. Many of them are well-respected in other fields, as well. People just don’t think to consider how their knowledge of astrology helps them win Grammys for musical production, launch a rocket into space or predict economic cycles on Wall Street. ;-)

  • http://randomastrology.tumblr.com Jara

    “One thing that I have learned though from folks who are really into astrology is that you cannot really understand it unless you have had a detailed personal reading done.”

    Exactly. The less you know about astrology, the more outlandish it seems. But the inverse is true, too. The more you know about it and understand how it applies/describes life, then the more it makes sense. The art and science of astrology requires a great deal of open-mindedness (and an ability to start with “I don’t know”) to comprehend, which is why you’ll often see more women receptive to it than men. And people with an emphasis of certain signs in their charts are more likely to be open to learning about it, which is why certain points of view are underrepresented amongst the astrological scholars.

    For example, there aren’t as many Capricorns and Taureans (or people with these signs emphasized in their charts) at the top of the astrology fields because they tend to only invest time in something that can make them money and/or they tend to like established “religions” and don’t see astrology as a socially acceptable school of thought.

    On the other hand, you will see people with Aquarius (rebellious), Gemini (likes to consider different points of view), Libra (how does astrology help me find my soul mate?), Pisces (understands symbolism), Cancer (intuitive), Scorpio (astrology = understanding people’s psychology = power), Leo (astrology says they are associated with the center of the Universe, so it appeals to their ego) etc. who are into astrology.

  • http://randomastrology.tumblr.com Jara

    Add: Notice Anslem’s point of view: “Sure a (lame) guy will ask a woman what her sign is upon meeting her, but that’s usually some sort of (lame) come on or conversation starter. ”

    Without knowing the details of his chart, I would guess him to be an earth sign because he sees things in practical terms. The more I read this post, I would be able to pinpoint which earth sign (Capricorn) by the fact that he wants to know how astrology can be useful. Capricorn’s keywords are “I use”. They tend to not value anything that they can’t see as a means to an end (which is usually to elevate them to the next level of whatever achievement ladder they’re climbing). So the inner value is projected onto others in the form of a lame guy has to USE astrology to get sex from a woman (unwritten: whereas I have so many other great qualities to use to pick up a woman so astrology is not useful to me).

    The Capricorns that tend to be open to astrology have Aquarius emphasized in their charts (so those born in late January) or Sagittarius emphasized in their charts (those born in early December). That is, if they don’t already fall into the “I know everything there is to know about anything important” trap of Capricorn, Aquarius AND Sagittarius.

  • Chrissy

    I agree 100% with this post.

  • Jasmine

    I wanted a (Leo)man like my father. I dated my current (Leo) boyfriend. He’s very much like him and his birthday just happens to be 2 days before my father’s. I use this to kind of predict his reactions to things and I’m mostly correct. I take astrology with a grain of salt because the stars tell me that Scorpio/Leo are not compatible. WTF! I don’t want to hear that my relationship with my man is going to be bad and won’t last long. It all boils down to how badly 2 people want to be together or not.

  • http://theworldoftiffany.wordpress.com Tiffany

    Girl, I too, am a Cancer and those Scorpios eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. I like Pisces men personally :)

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    No, it actually appeared to describe me until it got confusing with all these other houses etc. The way to decipher everything was too confusing, but the first half was good until that twist.

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    Was actually just talking about real-life lame guys who use “what’s your sign” as a pickup line in lieu of actual conversation. I wouldn’t have used the same descriptor to describe a woman who asked a man about his sign because most women are more genuine in asking that question and like yourself have some sort of breakdown to analyze based on the answer. MOST guys, not so much.

    Just figured most women appreciate more than an insincere pickup line

  • http://nwso.net/ NWSO

    I disagree, my intent wasn’t to dismiss/write off zodiacs with the post merely spark a discussion on fav zodiac signs. I partly see where you inferred that but I don’t dismiss zodiac signs as I noted their are plenty of similarities between signs but I also notice the contradictions so look at it more as coincidental than stone cold guides based on what I’ve seen/heard. Just my perspective. I won’t deny that most Tauruses are strong willed and that I fit the workaholic nature of Capricorns just won’t look at it as a universal character guide.

  • RC Turi

    Oh yesss! A topic I love!!

    Disclaimer: My responses about astrology are in reference to men unless otherwise specified.

    #teamLIBRA here!

    Do you find that more women are into astrology and zodiac signs than men?


    Have you found there to be similarities among people of the same sign?


    Which is the sexiest zodiac sign to you?

    Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Libra… Was that too many? lol

    Which signs are you the most compatible with?

    Well, my besties are Libra, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio.

    Romantically, I’m compatible with Aquarius, Leo, Virgo and Libra. I suspect compatibility with Capricorn, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

    Which are you least compatible with?

    Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio.

    Do you find yourself drawn to certain signs?

    Taurus, Leo and Libra.

    Do you believe that astrology is more about coincidences than actual celestial influence?

    I’m not sure but I’m usually on point with my astrological assessments.

    What’s your favorite zodiac sign beside your own?

    If I couldn’t be a Libra, I would be an Aquarius.

  • RC Turi

    That’s funny. My bestie is a Scorpio and she abhors Leo men. I LOVE Leo men.

  • RC Turi

    I CANNOT handle an Aries man. WAY too emo for me. They exhibit something like arrogant emotional behavior. I can’t.

  • RC Turi

    I don’t mind the “what’s your sign” pick up line because I LOVE talking Astrology.

  • Marie

    My Sign:
    I’m a Leo to my core.

    Absolutely, but for every rule there is always an exception!

    Sexiest Zodiacs:
    Gemini, Taurus, Libra. From my experience, the physical chemistry has been explosive with these signs. They have the swag (for lack of a better word) that piques my interest.

    Most Compatible:
    Virgo, Pisces, Cancer. These signs have the laid back personality I need because they have no problems letting me shine and they are affectionate enough to give me the attention I crave. Also, their personalities help to keep me grounded.

    Least Compatible:
    Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorns. I’ve found these signs to be arrogant, controlling and headstrong. I can’t deal with these traits because I have them. Two people with the same traits just causes tension and drama.

    Drawn to:
    Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Leo. I’m attracted to arrogant, controlling and headstrong people *smile* I love the challenge, but eventually it gets on my nerves.

    I don’t know. If you look at the signs there are definitely personality trends, but then again, there is always an exception to the rule. No one fits into one rigid box, we’re so many different things.

    Favorite Sign?:
    Pisces. They love unconditionally and really hard. When the love you, they mean it and will do anything for you. I am the same way and need people (friends or lovers) that can give me what I give them.

  • Maya Aeyde

    i put more stock in the mbti the four temperaments && the ennegram than in horoscopes. i tend to think that horoscopes are merely forer effect.

  • Jules

    LEO’S are exceptionally passionate about everything. They are my favorite.

  • Jessica J

    So I am a Taurus and proud to be one. I’ll break it down into my dishes on the signs I’ve been with.

    Scorpio- Gave me my first hickey. Taught me to hop fences. Scorpio is my exact opposite so it can go really right or really wrong. But the passion is intense, the fire is consuming. My bf is a scorpio. All he has to do is kiss me and I’m lost. But when we fight, we Fight.

    Capricorn- I love them. The sweetest, most affectionate kind I’ve ever dated. I always thought in the back of my mind that I would marry one of them but my bf got me hooked to Scorpio again.

    Gemini- Bi polar. Left them quickly.

    Aquarius- Usually gay and feminine. Typically aren’t man enough for me.

    Pisces- liars. They lie, a lot lol.

    Libra, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius- No experience

    Taurus- Super annoying. I cannot be with someone like myself.

    I think I covered them all.

  • Marcia H.

    I myself like Leo’s because Libras (that’s what I am) and Leo’s act similar (except we’re not bossy or overly confident). I also like Virgos. One of my best friends is one and a man that I admire from afar is one also. They are so freakin’ stable and all that jazz it makes no sense! I also have a love/hate relationship with Geminis. Oh and I do not at all care for Sag men! I’ve ran into 2 in my life and all have ended badly!

  • sarah

    guy “whats your sign”
    girl “names ANY zodiac sign”
    guy “oh i heard you (fills in the blank) are freaky”
    thats all i know about star signs lol

  • http://amberyum.blogspot.com AmberYum

    I hate the Zodiac and Astrology. Yes it may have scientific and historical support, but I just don’t fall for it. I’m not easily moved. I feel that these horoscopes and personality traits are very generic. At some point in our lives we are all going to experience more or less personality traits associated with a particular sign.

    I have dated 2 Libras and I only knew that because their birthdays were close to mine. Oh yeah, I’m a Libra. I don’t like for people to make judgments about me based on my birthday because chances are, its not true.

  • Soso

    I’m a Capricorn rising & sun, Pisces moon, Venus in Sagittarius, Libra in Mars (yuck!)& I LOVE you Virgo females! Most of my female buddies are comprised of both Cap & Virgo girls. We gel together so nicely and both have level heads. We both understand that its give and take. As far as dating, I’ve dated all of the male signs & been burned by all (not literally). My on/off guy is a charming yet womanizing soon-to-be dumped Taurus. I do not get along with air signs at all especially Aquarius.

  • sunshyne84

    I’m a Pisces and we’re not supposed to be blend well with Leos, but they are my favorite people. Besides my one Taurus friend…. And I’m supposed to get along well with Cancers, but my brother is a Cancer so the thought just grosses me out. lol

  • Sage

    Being the sign I am. I scanned through the comments, looking for mentions of my sign. Not finding it mentioned often enough, I quickly lost interest in reading what others had to say! Does that give you clues as to my sign?

    • http://twitter.com/SarNobz Sarah Noble


  • leyla

    ill have sex with any bloody star sign!!