4 Ways to Keep the Spice in Your Relationship

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[dc]I[/dc]n preparation for Tuesday’s episode of the Naked Radio Show, I tweeted out a message over the weekend for folks to submit questions for the Dear NWSO segment. It’s similar to how I handle reader letters here on the blog except for my co-host and I address the issue live on air. If you have a question you’d like answered privately, on the blog or on the show, feel free to hit me up at NWSO@NWSO.net.

I received a couple possible questions for the show, including the following:

Dear NWSO, how do you keep the spice in your relationship? I’ve been with the same person for six years and we’ve been married for almost two. I think the joke that once you get married the sex stops is true, because I don’t feel sexy anymore. How do you keep the spice in your relationship?

Since that was such a good question I decided to tackle that one here with my own personal tips for keeping things spicy in a relationship. I won’t necessarily call them “rules,” and for the most they should be common sense tips, but here are a few things that have worked for me.


I’m not talking about sex (although that would be nice, too) but simply touching your partner on a regular basis can be a simple way of keeping things hot. Even if holding hands in public isn’t your thing, you can express a lot of affection through simple skin contact. Place your hand on your partner’s leg when you’re out to dinner or at the movies; give each other massages after a long day at work; don’t just kiss each other hello and goodbye but random moments in between; and don’t be afraid to playfully slap his/her butt when they walk by. Physical contact just solidifies and reinforces the emotional.


After years of being together it’s only natural to get comfortable but that shouldn’t come at the expense of your sex appeal. If you’ve had the same hairstyle or wardrobe for several years that can make things stagnant, so don’t be afraid to switch things up every once in a while by making your partner feel like they’re dating a new person at least outwardly. As we get older our metabolism slows down and staying as tight as we were in high school isn’t always easy so staying fit is vital in not only looking sexy but feeling sexy as well. Staying physically active gives you confidence and endurance that can help keep you sexually active and attractive. And I’m not just talking to the ladies, all of the above goes for the guys as well.

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  • Kimijones

    Thanks :) good tips. It seems hard though. Once you get into a routine. Work. Cook clean. Sleep. Work. I think the man really has control here. It’s a circle..kind of like the riddle ‘what comes first the chicken or the egg’. My hubby thinks if i sex him up he will want to buy flowers and do this or that. I think if you buy flowers and help w the chores I’d be more inclined to swing off the ceiling fan for him ;) I just think the key is making her still feel as sexy as she did when you were pursuing her. That was the best part to me..the cat and mouse of it all. The anticipation of the first kiss, etc. good tips though! Congrats to you and thanks!

  • Ms. Tee

    Letting yourself go is huge. But you can’t let the
    mundane things get in the way: laundry, cooking, checking homework.
    Or let one person carry all of the weight, because that is a recipe for burnout.
    It’s okay to order in, let the dishes pile up or buy brand new thongs because you
    haven’t done laundry in a week–if it means face time/or swinging from the ceiling fan.
    I hate the stereotype that you have less sex after marriage. Go that way with that bullish >>>>. Your freak um dress will see less miles when you let everything else get in the way of being a hot, horny couple. Stop mopping and get it popping.

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