Are Big Butts on Men a Turn Off? Hips Don’t Lie

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[dc]If[/dc] you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know that I have no shame in admitting that I’m an ass man. Not sure why I’m drawn to this particular part of the female anatomy—and truthfully it doesn’t matter—I like big butts and I can not lie. Why would I anyway?

While it’s expected for men to be into derrieres, I always found myself stumped when a woman revealed a similar fetish. Not to be crass, but I can clearly see where a woman’s cushion can come in handy when it’s pushing time. But the other way around? Not so much. But, hey, I’m probably biased.

Still, I have been in conversations on the other side of the spectrum where a woman said a man’s but was too big. It was to the point where it was feminine. When it comes to what’s visually attractive to both sexes, it’s universally accepted that men are attracted to shapely figures and curves, while women are more drawn to more streamlines silhouettes like broad shoulders and slim waists.

I decided to test this theory by polling several of my female friends with a simple question: Do women like men with big butts or is a man with a booty a turn off? Why, because it’s a bit too feminine?

Here’s what the ladies had to say:


I HATE men with big butts, but I’m disgusted by men with flat butts. If I had to pick one, I’d choose the big butt. My ideal is something that falls just under a big one. A nice toned football player-looking type of butt. I love it! Also need my men to have some type of thighs. Once again toned. No Nicki Minaj lookalikes LOL.


No way Jose! Don’t you remember the joke on Girlfriend about “Girly Hip Marcus?” I am  a no butt zone kind of girl. I don’t want a big butt on my man, don’t want to see it, and no, no, no… If God gave it to him, he can’t help it but I definitely prefer a flat bro.


I adore men with healthy booties, it’s part of the reason I love my fiancé. He’s got a fatty and I love it. But I’ve always liked a nice, round ass that sits up on a guy, have since I was interested in boys. In high school I ranked them by fruits, pineapples, watermelons, coconuts and so on. Watermelons are obviously too big but if you can find a guy with some nice coconuts, you’re living the good life. Nope, don’t think it’s too feminine, everyone has a butt! Now if we were talking about man boobs, then yes, too feminine, but butts are universal.


At first I thought that it doesn’t matter. Like I’m not going around checking out men’s butts to decide if I find them attractive or not. But then I started to think about it. And the truth is, that I am not attracted to men with really large shapely butts. Like a bubble butt. It just isn’t my preferred aesthetic. It’s not that I think it makes them look feminine. I just don’t like it.


My guy has a big booty and I love it. It sits up but not like a girl’s though. He hates that it’s big. doesn’t like it—period. I just like it because I can grab it.


OMG, I dated a guy that was SO fine, SO put together—driven, great career, totally had that “I’m from DC and proud I went to Howard” confidence. Everything looked great—then he turned around and BAM! His ass was huge! Could I get past it? Yes. Although I had feelings about his butt being bigger than mine. The kicker was I don’t know if the opposite side was small, or of his huge ass overshadowed his you know what. My friends and I nicknamed him BBLD. Big butt, little… To answer the question though, no. I’d prefer a proportionate behind.


Not big butts, but healthy ones. Women want something to hold onto in bed. If your ass is bigger than mine, you’re definitely not an option. It’s not so much feminine as it is it just doesn’t fit the idea of a man’s body. Lean and mean.


A total turn on! I LOVE a man with a big booty but no bigger than mine though—c’mon now! But seriously, I think it’s a total turn on because it’s something to hold on to. When we hug, I grab it. When we make love, I slap it, squeeze it. Oh, yeah I try to get all up in it too, but he kinda doesn’t like the fact that I’m so into his booty like that though. He won’t let me get between the butt cheeks at all, but I’m still working on it! LOL But, nah, I don’t think it’s too feminine, I feel like God made his body like that and he’s a man so it’s masculine period. Maybe I’m a little masculine for liking his booty #ShoulderShrugs But, hey, it’s not like I’m not on the prowl for a man with a booty, it’s not that serious, but if he got a donk that’s what’s up!

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  • RunDedeauxRun

    firm, medium sized, narrow

  • Jennifer E. Thomas

    A proportioned butt to his body is great. I am not into flat butts, but it is not a deal breaker either.

  • Ms AllAboutherpaper

    I think that a man should not have a butt bigger than mine. If a guy walk pass me with one I would laugh at him. Smh

  • Musique P

    Thank you for writing this post. Interesting views from the ladies

  • k

    does the size of dick matter

  • tracy neeley

    I dont really like big butts on men but I guess its ok as long as thats not whats holding all the weight if you know what I mean and as long as they know what their donig

  • Weyni

    Interesting article Anslem. Hell no to a Bbm (big booty man)!!!

  • naysue

    A friend of mine and I have had several funny conversations about male “juicy” and “sloppy” booties. They do exist and they are a serious turnoff. “All that ass” should not be a quote used to reference a man. That’s just my opinion. (BGLiB –

  • Trixit

    and women complain when guys have uber preferences to women….. bloody hipocrits.

    i like big butts ;)

  • JD

    You seem to be under a misconception that ass man means you like big butts. It’s all about quality not quantity. Unless you’re the type who eats Big Macs every other day and if so why are we reading you at all?

  • Payne Well

    i definitely like a little bubble on my man! but he cant have an ass that is as big as mine and trust, mine is large!!!!

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  • StarryMountain

    I love big butts. The bigger a guy’s ass the better. Unlike most girls I’d like it to be at least somewhat soft though, I am not saying not muscular I just mean all hard rock makes me think, “What is the difference between that and a rock?” Men who have larger asses than mine are attractive to me. I don’t really care if it is fat or muscle – just as long as it doesn’t feel like a rock and just as long as it is large compared to the rest of his body. Most girls are turned off by body fat on a guy, I mean if he is overweight…for me I only am if his ass is not very big. It needs to be at least as big or bigger than his belly, and then i don’t care how big he is everywhere else it is attractive. I know that is strange though. I have seen some guys with amazingly big asses but unfortunately they were just passerbies, I wanted so bad to go chase after them and say “Just come home with me now” but I would never actually do that so I control myself, haha. Not saying the face doesn’t matter but it is amazing how good his face can look when his ass is big enough…haha funny how that happens… So I definitely have a “thing” for the rear end. I do not think a big butt is feminine. It looks different than on a girl anyway. I feel like saying it is feminine is more like saying “Butts are feminine” or “Legs are feminine.” It is another shape and usually a guy has no control over what shape God gave him, so no it is not feminine. Also I do like big thighs too, but the butt is most important to me. I would not turn down a guy ’cause his ass wasn’t large enough, but i would prefer a guy who had a big butt and definitely appreciate it when I see it. I also don’t care if he has “hips” or not from the butt. That does nothing to me, it is not a turn off or on. I guess maybe because I don’t think a man’s body is “supposed” to be any way except how God made him as an individual, so I am not really ranking, “Does that look man enough?” Mostly I think, “Does that look like fun in bed?” but personality is more important, I hope I’m not making myself sound shallow girls. God bless everyone.

    • Snowgirl

      you described exactly what I’m into. I don’t find it comfortable cuddling with a rock hard body and like something soft to grab on bottom. I don’t care so much if he’s overweight just as long like you said, his butt is as big or bigger than his belly. If he’s fat with no butt, that’s a turn off. I know its strange too but whatever, other girls’ loss is my gain.

    • Johnnie S

      I got what you want. Really.

  • DreaMoS

    I love a big butt on a man. However I have not gone looking for them specifically but I can’t have any guy with a flat butt. That’s definitely a turnoff for me. I like something to hold onto in bed. He slaps mine, I slap his. Butts are fun to play with. I’m just a different breed of woman. Unlike the woman who sees a big ass and let’s it pass her by, I would go up to the guy (if the face was also cute) and get the number. ;)

    • Johnnie S

      Where can I find you. Finally someone who appreciates a big butt on a man. I’m good looking too. Just have a bubble butt that some find unattractive.

  • Hunter

    I feel like I have the unnatural booty because it appeals to girls and guys. But at my school there’s like one gay dude but he’s attracted to my face. But the other guys and girls can’t keep their hands off, like dude can you not

    • joe

      lol u lying liar

  • rocket boosters

    Do boys need a big butt

    • marco

      do girls need a big butt

  • dam shame

    My friend im dating have a big ass with hips, im not use to this’ im so turned off by this’ im trying to figure out a way to tell him and let him go easy’ when he get out the shower all I see is hips and ass’ what a turn off’ he gets upset with me because I dont like having sex with him’ shit thats part of the reason why and on top of that his dick little’ please help me’ check please!