Do You Know How to Stay in Your Lane?

[dc]I[/dc] came across this hilarious video on Facebook last night that I had to share. It’s by a brother named “Zeus” who breaks down one of the biggest problems with dating: people not staying in their lane. If you’re not an official couple and haven’t had clear discussions about being exclusive, then you shouldn’t make assumptions—no matter how much time you spend together or how great the sex is. The fact of the matter is, a relationship can not develop if it only exists in the mind of one person. Both people have to be on the same page for anything substantial is to develop.

What Zeus does to break down the rules of engagement for the uninformed out there is compare dating to a car insurance plan with different packages. If your boo thang doesn’t let you spend the night or doesn’t appreciate you just “dropping by” the crib unannounced, then maybe you don’t have the boyfriend/girlfriend package and need an upgrade. That is if you don’t get denied due to a high “ho-fax” score.

You just have to see the spoof for yourself, so just fast forward to about 0:54 if you’re impatient and watch the magic happen. Then, let me know your thoughts.

Do you think a big problem with dating is that some people don’t know how to stay in their lane? Have you ever thought you were in an exclusive relationship but your boo thang had a different idea? Would things work out better if people were just honest and upfront from the start? What’s your ideal “package” for when you start dating someone? Could you date anyone that’s smashed one of your homies? Do you allow people to drop by your home unannounced? What did you think of the spoof?

Speak your piece…

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