Are You Willing to Experiment in the Bedroom? Pleasure Principle


It was the sound of the arm and leg restraints lifting that woke her. Everything was padded: the floor… the walls… the chair… The room had a series of trap doors only marked by the timing of released air through a small slit in the padding.

Dawn began to adjust herself in the chair, wiping her eyes and stretching her petite frame, acutely aware she was naked. She took a deep breath to calm herself. Then, a voice entered the room.

“Relax, Dawn. This is a study in pleasure points. This process will not be brief, but we hope that you enjoy your time with us.”

As the lights dimmed into darkness, Dawn sat back, unsure of what to think. The sound of air compressing and other unfamiliar echoes surrounded her. Suddenly, everything came to a climatic halt. Lights illuminated the room.

“We will now test your chair, to ensure quality of execution. Please try to relax,” said the voice from the speaker in her chair.

Dawn leaned back, took another deep breath, and tried to relax.

Simultaneously, the chair reclined to a full horizontal position. Dawn, flat on her back, stared at herself in the network of overhead mirrors that covered the canopy of the room. As she came to grips with her loss of control, she heard, “Please put your arms and legs into the locking plates.”

She did as she was instructed and rested the parts of her body gently on the plates, which snapped into a locked position.

The chair began panning in a circular motion, giving Dawn a full panoramic view of her surroundings. As the chair slowly lowered, the locking plates separate, spreading her legs to a full open position.

Involuntarily, she moaned.

[dc]O[/dc]n the other side of a one-way mirror stands Dr. Lana Sands, who stares out at her subject.

“Dawn, my name is Lana and I will be your controller for today’s session. You volunteered for this study two weeks ago, do you recall?”

Dawn nods quietly, “Yes.”

“Well, take a deep breath…now another… try to enjoy yourself. I promise this will not be a disappointment. Now let’s get you nice and wet.”

In the silence comes life. The machine comes alive, opening the floor up beneath Dawn’s chair. A selected mirror slides into view for Dawn to watch.

“Subject #1, oral pleasure.”

The chair slowly opens Dawn’s legs, her paper-thin robe riding up her stomach and her freshly shaven pucci exposed.

Dawn watches as “Subject #1″ approaches, a dark chocolate, attractive woman with a professional dancer’s body. Naked with socks on, she places her face to the chair and moves Dawn’s pucci to her mouth. She smiles while slowly running her fingers up Dawn’s upper body. She touches her breasts one at a time, rubbing her nipples. Putting her fingers in Dawn’s mouth, she directs her to “suck them.”

She complies.

Subject #1 slowly pulls her wet fingers away and rubs the moisture into Dawn’s nipples, caressing them slowly. Dawn reacts, moaning very low between breaths. Subject #1’s eyes are focused on Dawn’s facial expressions and reaction to her touch.

“Are you ready,” she whispers.

Dawn nods.

Subject #1 opens her lips to reveal a long pink tongue. Straightening her oral muscle, she moves it up and down. Her face moving slowly towards Dawn’s wet and waiting pucci. Dawn watches the mirror underneath her chair as Subject #1’s tongue approaches, vibrating up and down, penetrating her thick walls.

Creamy pre-cum soaks Subject #1’s lips and tongue.

Dawn watched in awe as the tongue tickled her clit without assistance from her busy fingers. Subject #1 strokes it over with a consistent movement that makes Dawn’s pucci explode from the inside and gush onto Subject #1’s face. Dawn screams aloud in one note that she carries until her body stops vibrating from the orgasm.

“Subject #1, retire,” Lana’s voice instructs from over the loud speaker attached to the chair. “How was that, Dawn?”

“Grrreaaaat,” Dawn replies.

“Good, we have more in store for you. Subject #2, penetration.” 

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