Are You Okay With Your Partner Posting Sexts Online?

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[dc]O[/dc]h, boy! I guess it’d be wishful thinking to expect more from Cam’ron, but then again this is Cam’ron I’m talking about—the misogynistic MC leader of Harlem’s own Dipset. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing if you can separate rap from reality, but here’s what happened…

Last week before a show in Las Vegas, Cam’ron apparently sent out an Instagram pic of his girlfriend in a compromising position (see above). According to The.Life.Files, the picture depicted the pair having sex. More specifically, it was what appears to be Cam’s lady giving some serious O-face in the bathtub. Was she really reaching her climax or merely getting a good stretch? Who knows. Either way it was an intimate moment that probably should have stayed private.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for treasuring the special moments but I still don’t get why so many celebrities choose to over share like this. In this case, I don’t get why a man would expose his woman in such a manner. It’s not like this was some random fling or groupie love, for all intents and purposes this is someone Cam’ron genuinely cares about. Or, at least cares enough to give her the girlfriend title.

Maybe I’m cut from a different cloth but there’s a certain respect factor that comes with having a title in a relationship. Long before I jumped the broom and was the consummate bachelor, I’d trade sex stories with my boys about the girls I didn’t necessarily see as wifey material. But it was a given that there would be little to no intimate details about the ones that were deemed keepers.

Every man wants to have a woman on his arm that other men would covet, but I’d be damned if I’m going to give you play-by-play highlight reels of what me and my woman do behind closed doors. Some things are just sacred when you’re in a committed relationship. And my lady’s sex faces are one of them.

The idea of sharing a picture of my woman in the alleged throes of passion is perplexing to me for more than one reason. Not only is it baffling as to why I would choose to share that on social media, but what woman would allow me to do so without serious repercussions? Furthermore, if I truly am getting it in like that, I doubt very much that I’d be focused on taking pictures. I’d rather live in the moment and focus on the task at hand.

As for Cam’ron’s picture itself, I have a couple of questions. 1) What is that in the middle; a pole in the bathtub or is she a serious squirter? 2) If this is indeed a picture of the couple having sex, where exactly is Cam’ron and how is he able to hit the spot while also hitting flash on the camera—all while not getting the camera wet? 3) But the real question is would you let your partner share a picture like this on social media?

Speak your piece…

  • Tarana Burke

    well, I have some more questions…like, how are those her hands? Why are they so far away from her body and lastly what kind of weave does she have that she can let get wet in the tub…or does she just have Injun in her family? Hmmm.

    p.s. I think this is disgusting. I would be LIVID if my boyfriend did anything close to this!!

  • Lady Ngo

    Um…that “certain respect factor” should be given to everyone (casual partners, jump-offs, one night stands, whoever). Its not ok to disrespect someone just because you don’t plan on wife-ing them.

    Either way, you can’t control what anyone else does. The only way to not let this happen to you, is to not let them take pics/vids of you in the first place. And even then, someone can very easily snap a flick of you without you knowin or have a cam stashed somewhere. These days with fb/twitter/instagram updates being what they are, you can literally take a pic and upload it in 1-2 clicks of a button. So even if you wouldn’t let someone post a pic like this, doesn’t mean it won’t/can’t happen.

  • Toya Sharee

    I’m tired of these narcissistic ass celebs inviting us into their bedrooms. I blame Kim and Ray J., but seriously, we get it. You bone, now how about Camron make a hit and stop with these shenanigans (come to think of it, did Camron ever really have a legit hit?)
    Unfortunately the world of Twitter and Instagram has totally robbed people of the idea of discretion. Every moment is not a damn Kodak moment and better off not a moment to be shared with the world even if you choose to preserve it on film. Even on Facebook all I see on my Newsfeed are pics of couples hugging, kissing, babies crowning in the delivery room. It’s TMI and it needs to be stopped. Too many people just want to be seen. I’m over it.

  • Derevaun

    If you lay the pipe right, and continue to lay the pipe right, she won’t cheat on you…unless she’s just a stupid whore. Stupid whore is a term I use for women that are stupid enough to slut around with 70/30 when they have 93/7 ground meat at home in the fridge. Sexting and all this crap means nothing. If someone was contacting my girlfriend on the phone, and her actually being receptive to conversation with this person…then that’s when I’d have to take the Sonny route from Bronx Tale and …dump her, and dump her fast. cause she’s a selfish broad. lol.

  • curious

    My question is…what is that in he center of her? A pole? are getting freaky.pole dancing in the tubs.really, what is that?

  • 4REAL

    That’s not a pole that’s a stream of water coming from the ceiling. In other words they are in an expensive hotel

  • Tanika

    Isn’t that sexual exploitation?

    What person would want to do something like that–unless it is to exploit the person in the pics/videos?

    What person would want to exploit his/herself in a sex pic/video…maybe I should include audio, too–unless it’s to gain/retain some type of “status”?

    It is not okay to post sexts of anyone online without permission.

    If my man did that:


    Because that would be a problem.