Have You Ever Had a Blind Date Nightmare?

Today we’re going to try something a little bit different. In case you missed the memo HERE, isn’t just about me and my perspective. I’d like to believe I’ve built a little online community where we all get to talk/write about different things and share our experiences together. Well, since day one I’ve left […]


MILF Awards 2009 (Celebrity Crush Special Edition)

Being that Mother’s Day was yesterday I figured I’d do some sort of tribute to all the moms out there. At first I was going to do a standard “I Love My Mama” post, but that just seemed way too cliché. See, we do things a little bit different over here on So in […]


Why Do Black Women Think Every Man is Gay?

I was reading my homegirl …Says the Single Girl’s blog the other day (CLICK HERE to check her out) and she had a post called “Your Man is Gay! (Video)” that featured an episode of some show called The DL Chronicles. Based on the title alone you can infer that the show revolves around the […]


Awkward Moments at the Doctor’s Office

In case you didn’t hear/read, I was laid off from my job week before last. If you’ve ever been unemployed before you know that one of the first things you should do is set up a doctor’s appointment ASAP because God knows how long it’ll be before you get health insurance again. Sorry, $400 a […]


Dude, Where’s My Towel?

I’ve had some crazy things happen to me before but yesterday took the cake. Some of you may remember that I’ve been taking swimming lessons to get over my hydrophobia. I haven’t talked about it in a minute because things are going pretty good and nothing really interesting had happened until now. Since only myself […]


Tan Timb Memorial 2K8

Fans of my old MySpace blog may recall me making this proclamation before; but tan Timbs have got to have the shortest lifespan of any footwear known to man. On average, they usually live for about one to three years tops before going to the footwear graveyard—you know, the back of your closet and become […]


Jamie Foxx > Terrence Howard, Rd. 2

Back during my 30-day fast, I wrote a post comparing Jamie Foxx and Terrence Howard (Wayne Brady too, but he’s not the focus this go round) because they were both actors/singers. In my humble opinion, Foxx is the more talented of the two. Well, it appears Mr. Howard was on CNN a while back and […]


The Bathroom is Not a Bedroom

Writing about the day I got fired yesterday reminded me of this story. My firing came just two weeks before Christmas and my 26th birthday, which is the day after baby Jesus. Faced with the prospect of no steady income for the coming New Year, the holidays were almost cancelled that year but the same wouldn’t […]