Why I Got Married

Does Your Mother Have to Like Who You Date? – In-Law Love

My mother has always filled the role of “most important woman in my life.” There’s an unconditional bond between us that’s second to none. That is…until I got married. All of a sudden this new female figure took [...]


What’s So Wrong With a Husband Having Girlfriends?

Before I realized my wife was the one, she was just one of many. Prior to making our relationship official two years ago I had been a happily single man for just under a decade. During the course of my extended bachelordom I accumulated a sizeable amount of female “friends.” While some [...]


6 Tips for Successfully Shacking Up – Living Together Without the Sin

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the roommate from hell could actually be their significant other. Imagine being enamored by the love of your life but then they turn into a demon spawn shortly after you decide to cohabitate. This is [...]


3 Reasons Why My Wife Almost Didn’t Marry Me

Everyone’s definition of the perfect mate is different based on their own desires and personality, but it’s safe to say that most people’s ideal can’t do wrong—which isn’t realistic. As I got [...]


Why I Almost Wore a Condom on My Wedding Night

Safe sex. That’s all that’s ever been drilled in my head over the years—and rightfully so. Growing up in the era of HIV/AIDS (and a host of other STDs/STIs), staying protected was always at the forefront of my thoughts. Wrap it up. Stay strapped. [...]


Should I Love My Wife More Than My Mama?

WORDS BY THE LOVERS ROCQUE  It’s funny how there are certain questions in life that you never think about until you have to. I found myself faced with one of those questions the other day: Who do I love more my mama or my wife? At any other point in my life if I were […]


Should a Man Change His Name When He Gets Married, Too?

WORDS BY THE LOVERS ROCQUE  [dc]A[/dc]s a man I never gave much thought to the fact that many women lose their identity when they get married. Yes, it’s by choice but tradition denotes that women generally give up their surname when they get hitched in order to carry on their husband’s family name. It’s far […]


19 Inspiring Messages About Marriage & Lasting Love

[dc]T[/dc]he morning after: That’s the first chance a just-married couple gets to kick back and relax. After months of planning, preparing and paying for the Big Day, everything boils down to those waking moments the morning after you say, “I do.” All the guests have vacated the building and all that’s left is you and […]