Do You Know How to Stay in Your Lane?

[dc]I[/dc] came across this hilarious video on Facebook last night that I had to share. It’s by a brother named “Zeus” who breaks down one of the biggest problems with dating: people not staying in their lane. If you’re not an official couple and haven’t had clear discussions about being exclusive, then you shouldn’t make […]


Are Men Afraid of Rejection? Why Yes We Most Certainly Are

[dc]S[/dc]omewhere along the evolutionary scale, it was determined that men approach women—end of story. While this sounds like a perfectly great system (mostly to women), there is one major flaw: it leaves men open to rejection. Unfortunately, it’s just part of the game. The problem is—whether most men are willing to admit it—this fear of […]


Could You Ever Respect a Woman Who Accidentally Dated a Married Man?

[dc]Dear NWSO,[/dc] I was in a relationship with a man who was married and didn’t know it. He didn’t tell me he was married until four months into the relationship and I immediately ended it when he told me. He was actually engaged the first two months and then married her. He pursued me for […]


How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Breakup?

[dc]I[/dc] want to try something different. As y’all know, I do the Naked Radio Show every Tuesday on and I’ve incorporated the Dear NWSO portion of into each show. Basically, the crew and I answer a reader’s relationship or life question live on air. While I diligently share the full podcasts with y’all […]


Are Independent Women Destined to be Alone Like Tyrese Says?

Looks like Tyrese is causing trouble again. The singer/actor/author/Twitter-relationship-advice-giver got women of color up in arms a while back for some asinine response about why he didn’t cast any dark-skinned models in his latest video: “So I’m getting tweets… Why aren’t any “Black women” in your video…


Hit or Miss? Common “Blue Sky” [Video]

[dc]S[/dc]ince I mistakenly reposted an old Wet Wednesdays I figured I’d treat y’all to a bonus post. I just got this new Common video sent to me in my inbox and figured I’d post for the ladies’ listening pleasure. The only catch is it’s not the official clip, but a stylized lyric-only version of Common’s new […]


Can Idris Elba Sing? Enter his “Private Garden” [Video]

[dc]L[/dc]ooks like perennial ladies man Idris Elba is expanding his portfolio and adding singer to his resume. I already knew he DJ’d on the side under the name Driis and was dabbling in rap, but singing is something totally knew. I spotted his debut video for “Private Garden” over on Necole Bitchie and the song […]


What’s It Like Being Born in the Wrong Body?

I’m a writer. Interviewing people is part of the job. After 13 years of asking people—some famous some not—questions there’s not much that phases me or anyone that gets me super-excited to get a chance to talk to. The most recent was when I spoke to Nia Long a few months ago, but that was […]